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淮安清河区妇科在线咨询淮阴区男科挂号Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has warned that there are 9,000 Russian troops in the rebel-controlled area of eastern Ukraine and warned the country must be on alert for a large-scale attack.乌克兰总统波罗申科警告说,乌克兰东部分离分子控制区内有9千名俄罗斯军人。他警告说,乌克兰必须警惕大规模袭击。Mr. Poroshenko made the comment to parliament Thursday, saying there exists a ;colossal; threat of major new attacks.波罗申科星期四在议会讲话时说,乌克兰面临新的重大攻击;巨大威胁;。He spoke a day after a major battle flared outside a main separatist stronghold in eastern Ukraine.在此前一天,乌克兰东部分离分子的主要据点顿涅斯克附近爆发战斗。Firefighters scrambled to put out a fire at an open air market near Donetsk following a suspected rocket attack.顿涅斯克附近的一家露天市场疑遭火箭炮弹袭击,消防人员紧急扑灭火灾。The Kremlin insists it has no direct role in the crisis, and has repeatedly denied supporting the rebellion with arms and fighters.俄罗斯当局一直否认直接卷入乌克兰危机,并一再否认向乌克兰反政府武装提供武器和战斗人员。The truce signed by Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany in February required both sides to withdraw heavy weapons from the line of contact.俄罗斯、乌克兰、法国和德国今年二月签署的停火协议要求冲突双方从接触地区撤走重型武器。But international observers say those provisions have been routinely violated.但是国际观察人员说,这些规定经常被违反。来 /201506/379596金湖县妇幼保健所挂号网 In a week that has seen three major air disasters, just days before the busiest weekend for airports over the summer holidays, questions are being raised about the safety of air travel.一起重大空难。还有几天就是最繁忙的暑期航空高峰了,人们不禁开始怀疑坐飞机出行是否安全。After a Swiftair flight crashed today, killing 119 people on board, a TransAsia Airways jet fell from the sky yesterday with 47 dead, and the Malaysia Airlines jet that was shot down over Ukraine last week with 298 fatalities, travellers are asking whether it is safe to fly.今天,Swiftair公司的客机坠毁,119人死亡。昨天,复兴航空的客机从空中摔下7人死亡。马航客机在乌克兰被击落98人死亡。出行的人们会问,坐飞机真的安全吗?Aviation experts claim 2014 is one of the safest years in air transport history in terms of the number of crashes, however, figures reveal fatalities from air disasters have soared by 300 per cent from last year, including the three major plane crashes in the past week.航空专家声称,从坠毁的航班数量上看,2014年是空运史上最安全的一年之一。但是,包括上周3起重大空难在内,死亡人数和去年相比暴00%。There have been 763 passengers and crew killed in plane disasters so far this year - 498 higher than the 265 people that died in 2013.到目前为止,今年共有763名乘客及机组人员在空难中丧生,比去年65人增加了498人。It also makes July the fifth worst month in aviation history in terms of aviation disaster fatalities.从空难死亡人数上看,7月已经成为航空史上第五危险的月份。However, air travel experts are urging holidaymakers that it is still safe to fly.尽管如此,航空专家告诉外出度假的人们,坐飞机还是安全的。Harro Ranter, president of the Aviation Safety Network, described 2014 as ‘among the safest years in modern aviation history since 1946航空安全网总裁Harro Ranter指出014年是“航空史上自1946年以来最安全的年份之一”。He added the number of fatal plane accidents this year including today’s Algerian jet is 12 five below the ten-year average to July 24.今年的重大空难共2次,包括今天的阿航事件。要比过0年(计算到每年的74日为止)的平均数少了5次。‘The recent accidents do not suggest that there is a specific common underlying safety issue.’“近期的空难事故并不代表航空安全有什么隐患。”However, figures by the network, which tracks crashes and fatalities worldwide, reveal the number of people killed in air travel disasters has increased significantly aly this year, due to the two Malaysia Airlines disasters.尽管如此,记录全球空难和伤亡记录的航空安全网显示,今年死于空难的人数显著增长,原因是两次马航事故。Ranter said: ‘It has been an exceptional year because of these two high-profile accidents, which really mark the safety profile of this year.’Ranter说:“这两起特别引人注目的事故让今年成为异常的一年。它们严重影响了今年的安全记录。”‘[The number of fatal crashes is] quite significantly below the 10-year average, although the number of fatalities is markedly higher because of these two high-profile accidents.’“(致命的坠机事故数)比过去10年的平均值要少的多。但因为这两起事故,死亡人数却非常高。”According to International Air Transport Association, which represents 240 of the world’s airlines, more than three billion people flew safely on 36.4 million flights last year.据国际航空运输协会消息,去年有超0亿人次旅客和3640万航班安全抵达目的地。该协会拥有全球240家航空公司会员。来 /201407/315433The terrorist attacks on France were a shock. The ensuing wave of mostly uninformed foreign opining about France was not. Even more than other countries, France has a distorted international image.对法国的恐怖袭击令人震惊。随之而来的一波外国人对法国不着边际的却并非如此。相对于其他国家,法国的国际形象更为扭曲。Perversely, that’s because foreigners tend to feel they know France. After all, it’s the world’s most visited country. It used to foist its “civilisationon other people. It still takes up disproportionate global mindshare. It rejects many international shibboleths on how to run a country. Many foreigners speak a bit of French. So the temptation is to feel that they understand France, and disagree with it. Hence the phenomenon that the French call le French bashing (something at which they themselves excel). I live in Paris and collect misunderstandings about France. Here are a few:变态的是,造成这种状况的原因是外国人往往觉得自己了解法国。毕竟,法国是世界上游客到访最多的国家。它过去常把自己“文明”强加到其他民族。它在全球意识中仍占有重要一席。它拒绝很多国际上通行的治国套路。许多外国人能说一点儿法语。所以,他们忍不住觉得自己了解法国,但不与其苟同。于是就出现了法国人所称的“敲打法国”现象(其实法国人自己也擅长此道)。住在巴黎的我,收集了一些有关法国的误解。以下列出其中一些:“France is sliding back into anti-Semitism.”Many French Jews are rightly scared. This month’s murder of four people in the kosher supermarket was only the latest anti-Semitic attack here. But it’s the anti-Semitism of a small jihadi cluster, a tiny minority within French Muslims. Meanwhile mainstream anti-Semitism looks weaker than ever: 89 per cent of French people polled by Pew Research last year expressed positive attitudes towards Jews. France today is neither Vichy nor Eurabia.“法国正在倒退至反犹太主义。”许多法国犹太人有理由害怕。本月发生在巴黎一家犹太超市的4人被杀事件只是最新一起反犹太袭击。但这是一小撮圣战分子的反犹太主义,他们在法国的穆斯林中只占极少数。与此同时,主流反犹太主义看起来空前虚弱:在皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Centre)去年调查的法国人中,89%表达了对犹太人的积极态度。今天的法国既不是维希政Vichy),也并非“欧拉伯Eurabia)。“France is a museum, stuck in the past.To the contrary, just before the terrorists attacked, France was having a very creative moment. Fed up with economic stagnation, the French were borrowing ideas from abroad.“法国是一个物馆,被钉在过去。”与此相反,在恐怖分子发动袭击前,法国正处在一个很有创造力的时期。受够了经济停滞的法国人,正在从国外借鉴经验。People across France have become “open to the world argues French economist Robin Rivaton. The Pisani-Ferry report, commissioned by the government to set national targets for 2025, obsessively benchmarks France against other countries, notes Helen Drake of Loughborough University. The report’s aspirations for instance, for France to have 10 “world-class multidisciplinary universitiesreflect the national belief that France should always be number one and cutting-edge.法国经济学家罗宾#8226;里瓦Robin Rivaton)认为,法国人已经开始“对世界开放”。拉夫堡大学(Loughborough University)的海#8226;德雷Helen Drake)指出,法国政府为了设025年国家目标而委托制定的皮萨费里(Pisani-Ferry)报告,念念不忘地将法国与其他国家进行基准对比。报告列出的各项抱负——例如,法国要拥0所“世界级的综合大学”——反映了一种国民信仰,即法国应该永远是第一,永远站在最前沿。International thinking is changing France: les start-ups in the tech sector venerate Silicon Valley; restaurant chefs have brought home ideas from stints in the Anglosphere; and, as French schools wonder how to emulate Finland, there’s a national debate about dumping France’s brutal grading system. Or French novelist Patrick Modiano’s speech accepting the 2014 Nobel Prize for literature: it’s a eulogy to foreign role models from Osip Mandelstam to Alfred Hitchcock.国际上的思维正在改变法国:法国高科技初创企业膜拜硅谷;餐厅厨师从英语文化Anglosphere)的工作经验带回了创意;而且,在法国学校研究如何模仿芬兰时,该国开展了一场关于取消残酷评分制度的辩论。或者,读一下法国小说家帕特里克#8226;莫迪亚诺(Patrick Modiano)接受2014年诺贝尔文学奖时的演讲稿:那是一篇对外国榜样——从奥斯#8226;曼德尔斯塔姆(Osip Mandelstam)到阿尔弗雷德#8226;希区柯克(Alfred Hitchcock)——的颂词。Is France a museum? Economist Jean Tirole just won a Nobel too, Thomas Piketty is changing the global economic debate and on January 11 million marched for freedom of expression.法国是一个物馆吗?经济学家#8226;梯若Jean Tirole)刚刚也获得了诺贝尔奖;托马斯#8226;皮凯Thomas Piketty)正在改变全球经济辩论1日,数百万人为捍卫言论自由而游行。“The French reject change because they want to hang on to their privileges.It’s true that whenever any government timidly proposes a reform, some group shouts it down: farmers, notaries, pilots, trade unions, etc. But these are small privileged interest groups. Only 8 per cent of French workers belong to a union fewer than in the US. Ever more French people are unprivileged outsiders on temporary contracts. Most of them want change.“法国人拒绝改变,因为他们想保住自己的特权。”没错,每当政府(无论由谁主政)胆怯地提议一项改革,总会有一些群体强烈抗议:农民、公员、飞行员以及工会等等。但这些都是小范围的享受特殊待遇的利益集团。只%的法国工人加入了工会——比例小于美囀?越来越多的法国人签订临时合同,成为享受不到特权的局外人。他们中大多数人希望改变。来 /201504/367506淮安中山医院咨询

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