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1.What's the “first custom” in the international society?  被国际社会公认的“第一礼俗”是什么?  “Lady first”。  女士优先。  2.What is the “Three A” principle in social communications?  社交中的“三A原则”指的是什么?  Accept, Appreciate, Admire  接受对方,重视欣赏对方,赞美敬佩对方。 /201003/98802。

An American science writer is set to release a book, in which he enlists all sorts of tricky questions, riddles and several devious interviewing techniques that would enable one to land a job at Google, as well as possibly anywhere in the ed States.美国一位科技作家将出版一本新书,他在其中列举了各种稀奇古怪的面试问题、谜语、以及多种偏离常规的面试技巧,帮助应聘者在谷歌公司、以及美国的任何一家公司找到工作。William Poundstone, author of the new book, ; Are you Smart Enough To Work At Google?; says that interviewers while recruiting today ask more bizarre and vague questions such as #39;Can you swim faster in water or in syrup?#39; or #39;How would you weigh your head?#39; than normal questions pertaining to the job.这本新书《想进谷歌工作,你够聪明吗?》的作者名为威廉#8226;庞德斯通。他表示,如今面试官的提问更加稀奇古怪,也更加模糊,比如“你在水中还是糖浆中游得更快?”或者“你怎样称自己头部的重量?”,而不是问和工作有关的问题。The reason Poundstone says he#39;s offering this guide is because firstly ;there are more people than there are jobs and a potential employer can set the bar to entry high and still be assured of a waiting room full of desperate souls;. Second, ;HR departments are running scared, asking themselves #39;How can we make sure our questions have predictive power for how well someone will do on the job?#39;; he says.庞德斯通说,自己编写这本指南是因为,首先“现在就业机会与劳动力市场处于‘僧多粥少’的局面,面试官可以在招聘时提高门槛,这样也能保有足够的应聘者入围。”另外,“人力部门非常谨慎,问自己:如何才能保我们的面试问题能预测到应聘者可以把工作做到多好?”Many of Google#39;s questions, says Poundstone, are intentionally open-ended. Example: #39;How would you devise an evacuation plan for San Francisco?#39; In most instances, there is no single correct answer. The interviewer#39;s goal is to see how the thinking process of the applicant works, and to gauge his or her creativity in problem-solving, the report said.据报道,庞德斯通称谷歌公司的面试问题很多都故意设为开放式的,比如:“你如何为旧金山设计一个疏散计划?”大多数问题都没有唯一的正确。面试官的目的是考察应聘者的思维过程,并且评估其解决问题的创造力。The book#39;s most useful features include A Field Guide to Devious Interview Questions, which divides questions into categories (e.g., classic logic puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles, insight questions, tests of divergent thinking, etc.), then offers strategies and tips for answering each type, it added.报道还提到,这本书最有用章节包括《五花八门面试问题实战指南》,作者将这些问题分类,并给出应答每类问题的策略和小技巧。问题分类包括经典逻辑难题、横向思维难题、深度问题、和发散思维测试等等。Interviewers at Google invest effort in coming up with ever-newer and more-devious questions. It#39;s, therefore, more valuable for the applicant to understand the strategy for answering a given type of question than to have a canned answer y, Poundstone concluded.庞德斯通总结说,谷歌公司的面试官尽力想出更新奇、更古怪的问题。因此,与准备好的固定相比,应聘者理解解题策略更有价值。 /201209/202336。

Enrollment in college is still climbing, but students are increasingly saying no to graduate school in the ed States.美国本科入学人数仍在上升,但本科毕业生对研究生教育越发敬而远之。New enrollment in graduate schools fell last year for the second consecutive year, according to a report from the Council of Graduate Schools.美国研究生院委员会(Council of Graduate Schools)发布的一份报告显示,去年美国研究生入学人数连续第二年下降。The declines followed surges in enrollment in 2008 and 2009 as many unemployed workers sought a haven during the recession. Financial considerations probably played a role in the shift. Students may be dissuaded from continuing their education in part because of the increasing debt burden from their undergraduate years.在2008和2009年,美国研究生入学人数一度猛增,原因是许多失业者把研究生院当做了经济衰退期间的避风港。经济方面的考虑可能是情况发生改变的原因之一。由于本科学业带来的债务负担越发沉重,学生们可能对继续深造望而却步。Additionally, state budget cuts are forcing public institutions to reduce aid for graduate students, who in some disciplines have traditionally been paid to attend postgraduate programs.此外,各州削减预算迫使公立高校降低了对研究生的持力度,而此前部分专业的研究生一直可以领取补贴。The number of students enrolled in master’s and doctoral programs (excluding law and certain other first professional degrees like M.D.’s) declined by 1.7 percent from the fall of 2010 to fall 2011.2011年秋季硕士和士课程入学人数比2010年秋季下降了1.7%(不包括法学以及医学士[MD]等其他第一专业学位[first professional degree])。Among American citizens and permanent residents, matriculation fell by 2.3 percent. In contrast, temporary residents increased their enrollment by 7.8 percent.在美国公民和永久居民中,攻读研究生学历的人减少了2.3%。与之相反,美国临时居民的研究生入学人数增加了7.8%。Temporary residents made up 16.9 percent of all students in American graduate schools, and that figure has been growing as foreign governments pay for more of their citizens to obtain education in the ed States, particularly in technical areas. Temporary residents represented 45.5 percent of all students enrolled in engineering graduate programs in the ed States, and 42.4 percent of those in American mathematics and computer science graduate programs.临时居民占美国全部在校研究生的16.9%,这个数字一直在上升,原因是其他国家和地区政府出资让更多本地公民赴美国接受教育,特别是在科技领域。在美国,临时居民占工程类研究生入学人数的45.5%,占数学和计算机科学研究生入学人数的42.4%。The changes in 2011 varied by discipline, with education having the biggest drop-off in new graduate enrollment at 8.8 percent.2011年入学人数的变化因专业而异,教育类研究生入学人数降幅最大,达8.8%。 /201210/204263。