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连云港灌云县治疗妇科多少钱赣马班庄城头城西宋庄沙河墩尚镇体检多少钱Many people switch to a vegan diet to help with cancer prevention. Every year in many countries across the world, millions of people die from different forms of cancer. While women battle with cervical and breast cancer, for men, the highest number of deaths comes from prostate cancer.为了预防癌症,很多人选择吃素。每年全球成百上千万的人因为各种癌症而死。当女性与宫颈癌和乳腺癌抗争时,男性致死率最高就是前列腺癌。Many men are wary of doing the digital rectal exam, which can be used to detect abnormalities in the prostate gland. There are cultural issues that prevent them from doing regular checks. In addition to this, many men do not want to find out that something really is wrong.很多男性怕做直肠指检,该项检查可以检测到前列腺的异常。很多文化因素阻止他们去进行常规检查。除此以外,很多男人也不想知道自己真正的问题。Doctors have now started to train spouses to do the test. Many women have had lumps in their breast detected by their husband or partner. Men may be able to catch abnormalities in the prostate gland early by having their wife do a check.医生已经开始训练配偶作检查。很多胸部有肿块的女性是被丈夫或者伙伴发现的。如果男性的妻子给他们做检查,男性很有可能早点儿发现前列腺异常。People may fear the results of this test but an enlarged prostate is not necessarily a sign of cancer. The PSA is an even more accurate test than the digital rectal exam.人们也许害怕检查结果,但是,前列腺增生并不一定是癌症的标志。PSA就是一种比直肠指检更精确的检测方法。Seeing your doctor at least once a year, getting regular exams and following a healthy lifestyle can help you to keep this illness at bay. Men who keep themselves y to fight this disease are more likely to survive prostate cancer. There are a number of procedures that can be done to preserve life if the disease is caught early.每年至少看一次医生,进行常规检查,遵循健康的生活方式,这些都可以帮助你远离疾病。做好准备与疾病抗争的男性更有可能存活。如果疾病发现的早,可以采取很多手段延长生命。Studies show that a vegan diet helps fight cancer. This is because plants contain phytochemicals, which help to fight cancer. A vegan diet has many other benefits too. It can help to reduce your cholesterol. It can also help you to manage other conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease.研究表明,素食有助于抗击癌症。这是因为植物中含有的化学物质有助于抗击癌症。素食还有很多其他的好处。它可以降低胆固醇。它还可以帮助你管理其他身体状况,比如高血压和心脏病。The death rate from cancer in people who follow a vegan lifestyle is less than 75% that of the rate in people who have food from both plant and animal sources. People with several different types of cancer can benefit from switching to a vegan diet. For example, vegans are less likely to develop colon cancer than people who eat food from animal sources.素食主义的癌症患者的死亡率比食肉患者要低75%。身患几种癌症的人可以从素食转变中获益。比如,素食主义者比食肉的人更不易患结肠癌。 /201603/430018连云港妇幼保健院在线咨询 连云港海滨康复医院做孕检多少钱

连云港刮宫需要多少钱连云港灌南县治疗尿道炎多少钱 连云港国泰妇科医院治疗早孕多少钱

连云港血HCG检查需要多少钱 The first quality standards for pollution filter masks will take effect on March 1 in a bid to regulate the rapidly growing domestic market.今年3月1日,首个空气过滤器质量标准将会生效。该标准将会规范快速增长的国内市场。The Group Standard on Protective Masks against PM 2.5 was released on Jan 18, with the goal to regulate filter efficiency. The standard will also ban the use of cancer-causing aromatic ammonia in the fabric and list the details of domestic producers.1月18日,PM2.5防护口罩团体标准已经正式发布。该标准旨在规范过滤器的有效性。此外,该标准还将会禁用工厂致癌物质芳香胺,并且将国内生产的细节一一公示出来。The China Textile Commerce Association conducted research on facial protective masks and initially drafted the regulations in February 2014. Li Jianhua, head of the association, said the domestic market has grown quickly due to the frequency of severe smog blanketing many cities.中国纺织品商业协会开展了关于面部保护面罩的研究,并于2014年2月首次起草规范。商会负责人李建华表示,由于国内很多城市频繁收到严重雾霾的影响,国内市场需求增加迅速。Of the 37 tested masks from major brands in China, only nine were adequate in filtering air borne pollutants and enabling smooth breathing, said a survey conducted by the China Consumers Association in March 2014.2014年3月,中国消费者协会展开的一项调查表明,在37个中国主要品牌的测试面罩中,只有2个品牌可以有效过滤空气中的污染物,使得呼吸顺畅。Data from newrank.cn, an analysis agency, showed mask sales outstripping condom salesonline on Nov 23, according to a report from the South China Morning Post.《南华早报》的一份报道称,11月23日,来自newrank.cn分析部门的数据显示,面罩的线上销量已经超过了避套。 /201602/426191徐圩新区流产多少钱连云港人流哪家好点




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