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Well,congratulations,nice to meet you first of all.恭喜你 首先很高兴见到你Really nice to meet you,Im excited.很高兴见到你 我很兴奋And congratulations on the success of the show,its doing very well.还有 祝贺你节目获得成功 反响很好Its doing,Its doing well.反响很好And Peoples Choice of best comedy,right?而且被人民选择奖选为最佳喜剧 对吧Best new Comedy.Best,favorite new TV comedy.最佳新晋喜剧 最受欢迎电视喜剧Thats,thats a big deal,its from The People.很了不起 人民选择奖选出来的And you have a nice trophy to look at,that kind of stuff?有奖杯之类的东西吗Ellen,you think I would.You think we all would in the television show 2 Broke Girls,Ellen 你觉得会有 你感觉每个出演《破产花》的人都应该有Because,because you won it.因为你们赢了So here is what happens,I did not konw this,事实是 之前我也不知道I just found this out two days ago,and I emailed,asking Grayer where our awards were?两天前我才知道 我发邮件问Grayer 说 咱们的奖杯在哪儿So we won because the people voted,as you know,你知道是大家把我们选出来的thats amazing and its pretty much the highest award to get,people want the show.这非常好 而且可以说是最高的奖项了 说明大家喜欢这个剧But if you want the actual award,you have to buy it.但是如果你想要实质性的奖杯 你得自己掏钱买Because I,Ive never had to buy mine,they just gave me one.因为 我从不需要买 全是他们给我的But its because Im one person.because you are Ellen.Well,no,not because Im Ellen.但是因为我只是一个人 因为你是Ellen 不是因为我是EllenSo because its an unsumable,so does one person have it,you have to share it?因为不可以合计 所以只有一个人有奖杯 你们必须共享I believe its in writers room,which is where it should be,应该是在剧作者那儿 这个没错However,we did win.And I want one,but I dont have one.但我们确实赢了 我想要个奖杯 但我没有 /201705/510127迷你对话:A: Our house is too small. We had better have a big one.我们的房子太小了,最好能有座大的。B: How could we ever manage to buy a big house when we are always living beyond our means?像我们这样靠薪水过日子的人家,怎么可能买栋大房子呢?A: Shut up. You should think how to make fortunes, not look for a squabble.闭嘴吧,你应该考虑如何多挣钱,而不是找茬闹架。地道表达:live beyond one’s means解词释义:means的原意是“方法,手段”,引申为“金钱,收入”。例如:a man of means(富人)。这个短语的反义词是live within one’s means(量入为出)。持范例:Eg. When you first start working, you should organize your spending so that you dont live beyond your means. 你刚参加工作时,要安排好你的开,这样你就不会入不敷出了。Eg. It is wrong for a man to live beyond his means. 不按自己的收入过日子是错误。 Eg. No matter how much money you have , living within your means is vital if you want to avoid stress .不管你有多少钱,还是要按照自己的方式生活,自食其力,这对减少压力是很重要的。词海拾贝:1. had better:最好Eg. In any case you had better hear what your wife has to say. 总之,你最好听听你妻子的话。 Eg. This fellow is very crafty. we had better be on our guard. 这个家伙诡计多端, 我们可得小心点儿。Eg. You had better have thorough examination. 你最好作一次全面检查。 Eg. You had better settle down and study the lesson. 你最好安定下来并开始复习功课。 2. manage to do sth:设法做......Eg. I wonder how he could manage to possess himself of that secret. 真不知道他是怎样把那个秘密弄到手的。 Eg. However does he manage to write music when he is so deaf? 他聋成这个样子, 究竟是怎样从事作曲的呢? Eg. Do you think you can manage to get us some tickets?你看你能想法给我们搞几张票吗?Eg. How on earth did you manage to get the car started? 你到底是怎么把汽车发动起来的? 3. shut up:闭嘴Eg. Shut up ! You re just talking nonsense. 住嘴!你简直是胡说八道。 Eg. Shut up and do as I tell you. 少废话,我怎么说你就怎么办。 Eg. Shut up, children——I cant hear the radio! 孩子们,别说话了,我都听不见收音机了!Eg. If you dont shut up, Ill belt you. 你再不住嘴,我就要用皮带抽你。 4. make fortunes:挣钱致富Eg. Many people make their fortunes through hard work in our country. 在我们国家,很多人通过辛勤劳动致富。 5. look for:寻找Eg. Its my father who came here to look for me this morning. 上午来找我的是我父亲。 Eg. The searcher fanned out to look for the missing boy.搜寻者散开去找那个丢失的男孩。 Eg. He called on his sister to help him look for his lost wallet. 他要他的帮他找遗失的皮夹。 Eg. Relax with the family and then look for some work.与家人轻松一段时间 ,然后找个工作。 /201212/212894

Hi, ladies and gentlemen. Nice to meet you. 嘿,大家好,欢迎收听独家专栏节目”E聊吧”,我是Ukki,这一刻,我最想说一句话,那就是:谢谢你们,爱我的每一个人。因为没有你们也就没有今天的我。Thank you those who love me, because without you, I can't be here today. “谢谢你们,爱我的每一个人”,可能很多人都听过这句话,而且听过这首歌,没错就是大家现在听到的这首背景音乐,这首歌来出自于台湾当红组合S.H.E中的S,Selina,任家萱,这是她在上个月末,也就是10月份的最后一天步入幸福的婚姻殿堂的时候演唱的一首歌曲。 Selina Jen (任家萱), 30, ChinaThe injured singer Selina Jen has finally found blissful relationship. After she recovered from burns last year, she *walked down the aisle with her fiance Richard Chang on October 31, also her 30th birthday. Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou *presided over the wedding held in Taipei. Ma admired Jen for her kind heart, beauty and bravery. Former members of the S.H.E. band, Ella Chen and Hebe Tian, were Jen’s bridesmaids. The accident happened when she was shooting the TV drama I Have a Date with Spring (《我和春天有个约会》).”走出烧伤阴霾的艺人Selina终于携未婚夫张承中走入幸福的婚姻殿堂。马英九亲自婚,还对她的善良和勇敢表达了最真诚由衷的钦佩。泪水浇筑的幸福之花终于绽放。 文中的Bliss表示“极其快乐的,幸福洋溢的”,比如说:Jennifer was immersed in the blissful memories of the sea side vacation.近义词有cheerful, delighted。 最近几年,港台圈的各路明星纷纷步入了婚姻的殿堂,在这里Ukki代表各路粉丝团祝愿他们永远都是那么blissful,幸福,快乐。 So much for today's program, see you next time and have a nice day, bye~~ /201111/160163

Subject:There is going to be the devil to play. 迷你对话A: I have a question that I cannot understand. I want to ask the professor for an explanation.我有一个问题弄不懂,我想去问问教授。B: I think you had better not; there is going to be the devil to pay.我想我还是最好不要去问,这将会给你带来很大的麻烦。 地道表达 the devil to pay 1. 解词释义Devil的意思是“魔鬼”,the devil to pay的字面意思是“魔鬼付账”。发挥一下想想,让魔鬼付账给别人确实是个大麻烦,而且还有点恐怖。所以,这个短语的意思就是“很大的麻烦”。其英文解释为:trouble to be faced as a result of an action。“There is going to be the devil to pay.”是个习惯用语,字面意思是“如果你和魔鬼做交易,你最终会自讨苦吃。”引申义为“你敢的事情将会给你带来很大的麻烦。” 2. 拓展例句e.g. There ll be the devil to pay if you scratch my car !你要是划坏了我的汽车你就有麻烦了!e.g. And when we start digging there’ll be the devil to pay.咱们一开挖,那就要命了。e.g. There’ll be the devil to pay if you allow him inside the house.如果你让他进入房子就会有很大的麻烦。e.g. Youd better persuade him not to do so, otherwise, hell have the devil to pay.你最好劝他不要这么干,否则他会出漏子的。 Ps 1:ask sb for an explanation在对话中的具体意思是“向某人请教不懂的问题”“弄清楚不懂的或存在疑惑的问题”。 Ps 2:had better的意思是“最好”,表达“最好不要做某事”,在better后面加上not,即为:had better not do something。例如:We had better inspect the premises first, and examine the servants afterwards.我们还是先到现场踏勘,回头再向佣人进行调查。Im not clear about this matter, so I had better keep quiet.我对这个问题不清楚, 只能不置一词。You had better not count on an increase in your salary this year.你今年最好别指望长工资。The weather is such that we had better not plant out the flowers for some time.这样的天气,我们还是暂缓把花移种出去。 /201312/266738

课程笔记: 23. Hair [hε#601;]Basic need 音形义Everyday Expressionsn. 毛发(不可数)My hair used to be very long.n. (人或物)毛发(指单根)(可数)There's a hair in my soup.衍生词语hairy (多毛的); shave my leg 剃腿毛hairless (无毛发的)复合词语hairbrush (发刷);hairpin (发夹);haircut (理发);hair oil (发油);hairdo (发式;the style or manner of arranging or combing); ['k#601;umi#331;]hairstyle (发型;the design of coiffure);hairdresser (美发师);hairdryer (吹风机)常见搭配 Useful Phrases梳头 to brush/ comb hair做头发 to set/ do one's hair吹干头发 to blow-dry hair卷烫头发 to curl hair ; curly hair 卷发;straight hair 直发;straighten hair 拉直头发留长发 to wear/ keep one's hair long习语与俗语 Idioms amp; Slangsmake hair stand on end 毛骨悚然tear out one's hair 气恼,焦急get grey hair from 发愁;被什么......把头发弄白by a hair's breath 以极短的数量/极短的距离get in one's hair 给某人惹麻烦hang by a hair 千钧一发生活用语 Street Talks(1)A: I wish I hadn't married Harry.B: Why? A: Well, he's always getting in my hair. (惹恼某人)(2)A: I have been fearing my hair out over this math problem. (觉得......很困难,犯愁)B: Don't worry about it, it's no big deal. (没什么大不了的)(3)A: My daughter gets me grey hair. She does drug a lot; sleeps with many men.B: A typical fallen angel.(4)When I heard the strange cry, my hair stood on end. /201107/146390

大家好,我是Rose。每个人都有自己的秘密,也总会碰到需要保守秘密的时候。保守自家的秘密,为了保全自己,保护家人。能替别人保守住秘密,也算一种品德。英语中表达保守秘密,隐藏秘密的短语有不少,今天我来了解其中的几个。 Keep something under wraps / your hat 保守秘密把某样东西放到披肩下,或者帽子下,不让别人看到。这两个短语表示相同的意思;隐藏;遮盖;。比如:The director warned us to keep our plan under wraps before it was carried out. 主任告诫我们,在执行该计划前必须对此严加保密。Itrsquo;s a top secret, so keep it under your hat. 这是绝顶机密,所以你自己知道就行了。 Sweep something under the carpet 把;;掩盖起来I wish we could sweep that difficult question under the carpet, but thatrsquo;s impossible. 我希望我们能把那个棘手的问题蒙混过去,但这是办不到的。The corrupted mayor tried to sweep his scandals under the carpet by paying the journalist a lot of hush money. 那个腐败的市长为了掩盖丑闻给了那个记者一大笔封口费。这个短语还有;忘记不堪往事,不愿再记起;的意思。比如:Letrsquo;s sweep the whole unfortunate incident under the carpet and never refer to it again. 让我们完全忘却那件不幸的事件,永远不再谈起他。 Dont wash onersquo;s dirty linen in public. 家丑不外扬Linen, 亚麻布,从前欧美人的内衣裤常用亚麻布制作。这句谚语还可以用Wash onersquo;s dirty laundry at home. 来表示。不在公共场合洗自家的脏内衣。也就是家丑不可外扬。比如:My uncle has been to prison three times for theft. Father often warns us not to mention his name in the presence of strangers so as not to wash dirty linen in public. 我叔叔因为偷窃曾三次入狱。父亲常常警告我们在陌生人面前不要提他,免得家丑外扬。以上我们了解了几个关于保守秘密的习语。不过,据说天下没有真正的秘密,这边忙着隐藏的时候,那边可能已经开始着手揭露。下期,我们就一同了解几个;揭秘;短语吧。 /164662

嘿,大家好欢迎收听独家专栏节目;E聊吧;,我是Ukki,不知道大家还记不记得第15期的;E聊吧;我们聊了一些什么样的内容呢?其实呢,第15期的;E聊吧;我们聊了;睡眠负债;,sleep debt,大家还记得;睡眠负债;到底是什么意思吗?其实讲的就是有些人长期不睡觉,导致严重的睡眠不足,其实我觉得吧,有睡眠负债的人呢一般都是一些夜猫子,所以呢,本期的;E聊吧;我们就一起来聊聊;夜猫子;的英语表达。夜猫子night owl,o-w-l,owl,夜猫子。Owl就是猫头鹰。猫头鹰晚上很活跃,它还发出一种特殊的叫声。Night owl就是形容一个人象猫头鹰一样,晚上不想睡觉,很清醒,很活跃,也就是我们经常说的夜猫子。也许你认识某个人喜欢白天睡觉,到了晚上他就开始忙了,等大家睡了,他就开始工作了。下面说话的人似乎就是一个夜猫子。例句:Yes, Im a regular night owl. So if you want to talk business with me, the best time to phone is from 10 at night until two in the morning. Thats really the time when Im wide awake and y to work. Yes sir, Im a real night owl.对,我经常是一个夜猫子。 所以,要是要跟我谈生意,最好在晚上十点到清早两点之间打电话给我。这是我最清醒,真正工作的时间。没错,我确实是一个夜猫子。如果你是个夜猫子的话,一定要记住;夜猫子;这个表达,night owl,owl,o-w-l.夜猫子。OK, so much for todays program. 今天的;E聊吧;,我们聊了;夜猫子;,night owl. 那我们下期节目再见咯,bye~~ /163742

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