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赣州包皮过长手术费用赣县第二人民医院看男科医院China and Brazil have criticised the amount of money wealthy countries have pledged to help poorer nations deal with global warming in a sign that sealing a climate treaty next year still faces serious snags.中国和巴西抨击富裕国家承诺帮助较贫穷国家应对全球变暖问题的资金规模太少,这表明明年签署气候条约仍面临巨大障碍。Speaking on the eve of this week’s UN climate talks in Lima, Peru, top negotiators from both countries said the nearly bn that the US, Japan and European countries have promised in recent months was far from the 0bn in annual climate financing that developing nations are expecting from 2020.联合国气候变化会议本周将于秘鲁利马召开。中国和巴西的最高谈判代表在大会前夕发表讲话时表示,美国、日本和欧洲国家最近几个月承诺的近100亿美元援助资金,远低于发展中国家期望020年起每年获得000亿美元应对气候变化资金。The criticisms came as Oxfam said that Brazil should also start channelling money to poorer countries, despite being deemed a developing country by the UN. However, the aid agency which based its calculations on income distribution, poverty levels and greenhouse gas emissions since 1990 did not include China.中国和巴西提出批评之际,乐施Oxfam)表示,巴西也应开始向较贫穷国家提供资金,尽管它被联合国认定为发展中国家。然而,这家援助机构没有将中国包括在内——乐施会的计算是基于收入分布、贫穷程度以及自1990年以来的温室气体排放量。Oxfam said the pledged annual 0bn climate fund would not be enough to both curb global warming and help countries adapt to a changing climate. “Sub-Saharan African countries alone will need bn per year to invest in climate adaptation,it said.乐施会表示,承诺的每000亿美元气候基金将不足以既遏制全球变暖,又帮助各国适应日益变化的气候。它说:“仅撒哈拉以南非洲国家每年就需要投20亿美元来适应气候的变化。”José Antonio Marcondes de Carvalho, Brazil’s chief climate negotiator, said the money pledged so far was welcome. “But we are also mindful of the commitments [OECD] countries made to bring 0bn a year from 2020 onward into fighting climate change.”巴西首席谈判代表何#8226;安东尼奥#8226;马孔德斯#8226;德卡José Antonio Marcondes de Carvalho)表示,迄今承诺的资金规模受人欢迎。“但我们也要提醒的是,经济合作组OECD)国家曾承诺从2020年起每年提供1000亿美元来应对气候变化”。Xie Zhenhua, China’s chief climate negotiator, said: “The number is not ideal because bn is still far away from 0bn.”中国气候谈判代表团团长解振华表示:“现在的资金规模并不理想,因00亿美元离1000亿美元还很远。”Their comments are a jolting reminder of the hurdles that remain ahead of a global climate deal due to be signed in Paris at the end of next year, despite the excitement generated by the US and China when they jointly announced plans to combat global warming nearly three weeks ago.他们的言论强烈地提醒人们,明年年底在巴黎签署全球气候协定依然存在障碍,尽管近三周前美中联合宣布应对全球变暖计划令人兴奋。A stand-off between the two biggest greenhouse gas emitters has blocked years of effort to produce a meaningful international climate treaty, along with squabbles over the level of aid from developed countries deemed most responsible for global warming.两大温室气体排放国的对峙,再加上围绕发达国家援助水平的争吵——发达国家被视为全球变暖的罪魁祸首——阻碍了签署有意义的国际气候协定的多年努力。The UN Green Climate Fund said on Friday that it had raised .7bn from 22 countries in its first fundraising drive this year. This is one of the biggest amounts raised in such a short period.联合国绿色气候基UN Green Climate Fund)上周五表示,今年的首轮筹资活动从22个国家筹集了97亿美元资金。这是在如此短的时间里筹集的最大金额之一。来 /201412/346226赣州包皮环切费用多少 China is the “leading suspectin recent cyber breaches at the US government’s human resources arm that affected millions of current and former federal employees, James Clapper, director of national intelligence, said on Thursday.美国国家情报总监(DNI)詹姆#8226;克拉珀(James Clapper)周四称,中国是近期针对美国政府人力资源部门的网络入侵的“头号嫌疑人”。这起黑客攻击影响到数百万现任和前任联邦雇员。The comments made Mr Clapper the first US government official to blame China publicly for breaches at the Office of Personnel Management, which has files on employees working at nearly every federal agency.克拉珀由此成为首位公开指责中国侵入美国人事(OPM)的美国政府官员。该局保管着在几乎所有联邦机构工作的雇员的档案。OPM disclosed the first breach, which exposed personal identification information for at least 4m people, about two weeks ago. A larger breach, only discovered through a probe of the first hack, compromised background investigation data for federal employees and contractors who need security clearances.大约两周前,人事透露了第一起网络入侵,那起入侵导致至少400万人的个人身份信息泄露。在对第一次黑客事件进行调查的过程中,又发现了另一起更大规模的入侵,后者泄露了需要通过安全审查的联邦雇员和合同工的背景调查数据。Experts say that information could be used to blackmail government officials or launch additional hacks. Lawmakers have asked whether the breaches could affect as many as 32m people, but OPM has said it cannot yet confirm an exact figure.专家们表示,这些信息可能被用于勒索政府官员或者发动更多黑客攻击。国会议员对这些网络入侵是否会影响多200万人提出疑问,但人事称,目前无法实任何准确数字。China has been linked to other incursions at US government agencies and companies, and people familiar with the OPM incidents have pointed to hackers in China. But US officials had not previously named any suspects for the OPM breaches in public.中国曾被指与其他几次针对美国政府机构或公司的网络入侵事件有关,而熟悉人事遭到侵入事件的人士早已把矛头对准中国黑客。但美国官员此前从未公开指认人事网络入侵事件的嫌疑对象。Chinese officials have denied the country is behind the hacks.中国官员否认中国是此次黑客入侵的幕后黑手。“You have to kind of salute the Chinese for what they did,Mr Clapper told an intelligence conference, referring to the sophisticated scope of the OPM breaches.“对于中国人的所作所为,你不得不在一定程度上表示敬佩,”克拉珀在一次情报会议上称,他指的是这两起网络攻击人事事件的技术含量。来 /201506/383349To help stay on top as global No. 1 maker of luxury automobiles, Germany’s BMW is redesigning the way its dealerships operate, a process that will include more “geniusproduct specialists and fewer sales personnel.为了保住全球头号豪华汽车制造商的宝座,德国宝马公司(BMW)正重新设计其经销商的运作方式,将增设更多“天才”产品专家,同时减少销售人员。The concept, popularized by Apple AAPL 1.19% with in-store specialists who explain the company’s laptops and other products, is a softer and more relaxed approach. Shoppers can pose questions to a trained expert without the pressure of price negotiation; once they’re y to buy, a sales person takes over.这是一种更柔和、更轻松的务理念,因苹果(Apple)而普及开来。在苹果门店中,有专门的产品专家向顾客解释苹果公司的笔记本电脑以及其它产品。顾客可以向训练有素的产品专家提问,而无需有议价的压力;一旦他们决定购买,将由销售人员接手。Lexus, which has ambitions to catch BMW one day, is thinking in the same direction. Greg Penske of Penske Motor Group has been employing “Lexpertsat Longo Lexus in El Monte, Calif., and Lexus of Stevens Creek in San Jose, Calif., for about three years.渴望有朝一日赶超宝马的雷克萨斯(Lexus),与苹果的思路大同小异。潘世奇汽车集团(Penske Motor Group)的格雷格o潘世奇,在加州艾尔蒙特市的Longo雷克萨斯店以及圣何塞的Stevens Creek雷克萨斯店雇佣“雷克萨斯专家”(“Lexperts”)已有近三年之久。“Even though it’s derived from the Apple Genius concept, we have been able to recruit college students who can learn about the business, see the career paths they can take—it’s a very similar income as an Apple Genius starting out—and drive cool cars,Penske said. “You are seeing all manufacturers looking at doing this because as technology is getting more intuitive, we want to make sure customers get the best guest experience.”潘世奇表示:“尽管借鉴了‘苹果天才’(Apple Genius)这一理念,但我们招募的大学生能了解汽车行业,看到自己可能的职业道路,而且还能开好车。他们的起薪也与‘苹果天才’非常接近。如今,所有厂商都在考虑这么干,因为随着技术日趋变成直观感受,我们希望确保顾客获得最佳的客户体验。”It’s not exactly a secret that conventional automotive retailing, in which customers visit showrooms clutching the Sunday newspaper and either are ignored or fast-talked by high-pressure sales people is vanishing quickly. Most successful retail operations are employing new tactics. The Internet is playing a bigger and bigger role in automotive retailing. Shoppers spend hours doing research and often are extremely knowledgeable about the vehicle and the price at which it should sell.传统汽车零售,即客户握着报纸走进汽车展销店,然后要么被晾在一边,要么被强行推销的销售人员忽悠的销售模式,正迅速消亡,这一点已经不是什么秘密。大多数成功的零售商正采用新战术。互联网正在汽车零售中扮演日益重要的角色。消费者会花很多时间去研究[自己想买的车型],他们往往对相关车型及其正常售价了如指掌。Dealers in the U.S. are privately-owned franchises. Experts and geniuses, therefore, are employed by the dealers, though often trained by the automaker.在美国,汽车经销商都是私有专营企业。因此,[产品]专家和“天才”是由经销商雇佣,虽然他们通常是由汽车制造商进行培训。BMW said it’s closing in on a goal of having 500 geniuses employed at 339 U.S. dealerships by the end of the year. The idea was rolled out at BMW dealerships in Europe a year earlier. Some of the larger dealerships employ as many as ten; and a quarter of the personnel are women, BMW said.宝马表示正在接近达成目标,即到今年年底,宝马339家美国经销商雇00名[产品]“天才”。一年前,宝马在该公司欧洲经销商中推出了这一理念。宝马表示,有些规模较大的经销商雇佣的[产品]专家多达10名;而且四分之一的[产品]专家是女性。Ian Robertson, BMW board member for marketing, said, “the automaker is changing the entire retail experience, and the geniuses are the front line to make it more informative and friendly for our customers.More than 1,500 are working in dealerships in 43 countries, including one in Tibet.宝马负责营销的董事伊恩o罗伯森表示:“汽车制造商正改变整个零售体验,而[产品]天才们是我们为顾客打造更有内容、更加友好的客户体验的第一线。3个国家的宝马经销商,共雇佣了1500多名[产品]“天才”。其中有一名是在中国西藏。Following a meeting of geniuses in Munich this month, Robertson said, “they’re excited, they like the new role, and they especially like seeing how much customers enjoy an atmosphere of information and no sales pressure.”本月,宝马“天才”们在慕尼黑聚首,罗伯森在会后表示:“他们很兴奋,他们喜欢这个新角色,而且他们尤其高兴的是,顾客非常喜欢这种能获取信息,且没有购物压力的氛围。”The next chapter in the future of automotive retailing aly in unfolding, allowing customers for some car brands to examine the inventories of vehicles at specific dealerships, place an order and arrange financing without a visit. AutoNation, the biggest publicly-owned chain of dealerships in the U.S., said it would unveil in December an online system that will allow buyers to select and reserve vehicles from dealer inventory.汽车零售业未来的新篇章已经展开,有些汽车品牌的顾客,足不出户就能查看特定经销商的库存、下订单并安排融资。美国最大的公营连锁汽车经销商AutoNation称,该公司将于今2月推出在线系统,使买家能从经销商库存中选择并预订车辆。BMW, perhaps anticipating the future, is making its geniuses available online as well.也许是预见到未来的发展趋势,宝马已开始在线上提供“天才”务。(财富中文网) /201412/346012定南县人民医院正规吗怎么样

于都县中医院看泌尿科怎么样Time magazine has named German Chancellor Angela Merkel its 2015 ;Person of the Year,; noting her leadership during the Syrian refugee crisis, the Greek economic bailout, currency turmoil in the European Union, and Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.时代周刊将德国总理默克尔选为2015年的“年度人物”,指出她在叙利亚难民危机、希腊经济救助计划、欧盟货币动荡以及俄罗斯干预乌克兰问题上起到了领导作用。The magazine said Merkel “stepped inevery time Europe faced a serious crisis.时代周刊说,欧洲每次面临严重危机,默克尔都会“挺身而出”。It said while much of the world is debating the balance between safety and freedom, Merkel is asking Germany and the rest of the world to believe that great civilizations build bridges, not walls. She says wars are won both on and off the battlefield.时代周刊说,世界上大多数人都在讨论如果在安全与自由之间寻找平衡的同时,默克尔却要求德国和世界其他地区相信,伟大的文明要构筑桥梁,而不是设置围墙。默克尔说,战争不光是在战场,也是在战场外赢得的。Time editor Nancy Gibbs wrote Wednesday, ”Leaders are tested only when people dont want to follow;... and Merkel provides ;steadfast moral leadership in a world where it is in short supply.时代周刊编辑吉布斯星期三写道,“领导人只有在人民不想跟随的时候才会受到考验”,默克尔展现了“坚定的道义领导能力,这种能力如今在国际社会上十分欠缺。”Merkel became Germanys first female chancellor 10 years ago and one of the leading figures of the European Union.10年前,默克尔成为德国第一位女总理以及欧盟的重要领导人之一。来 /201512/415496全南县陂头镇陂头卫生院前列腺炎多少钱 赣州市赣南片区不孕不育收费好不好

安远县妇幼保健院男科专家MOSCOW (Reuters) - A prominent opponent has warned Vladimir Putin his days in power are numbered, as Russia awaits the presidents response to the dramatic decline of the rouble.莫斯科(路透社)——一个主要的反对者对普京说他执政的日子不多了,俄罗斯正等待普京对卢布的衰退将作何回应。Putin has been silent as the currency collapsed against the U.S. dollar this week before making up some of the lost ground on Wednesday, but he is sure to be asked about it at his end-of-year news conference starting at noon (0900 GMT) on Thursday.本周卢布对美元急剧贬值,而普京却一直保持沉默,周三卢布短暂回升,但是在周四中午举行的年终新闻发布会上他势必会被问到这个问题。Former Prime Minister MikhailKasyanov, an ex-ally who is now an opposition leader, blamed the growing financial crisis on economic mismanagement by Putin, as well as Western sanctions over the Ukraine crisis and a fall in global oil prices.前外交部长MikhailKasyanov(他之前是普京的盟友,现在成了反对派领导人)将俄罗斯不断加深的经济危机归咎于普京的经济管理不善,以及西方的制裁和全球油价的下降;Russia is going into decline,;Kasyanov, 57, told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday evening. ;2015 isa year in which Putin must make a principle decision.;“俄罗斯正在衰退,7岁的他对路透社说。015年是普京需要做出“原则性”决定的一年。“Warning the president would face protests,he said Putin could choose a ;further squeezing of the political environment;, meaning a tightening of the screws on critics, or accept;he needs an exit strategy; and agree to hold free elections early.他警告道总统将面临人们的抗议,他说普京可能会进一步的管控政治环境,即对批评者进行更加严格的控制,或者他会接受“退出战略”并同意提前举行大选;As a result of that, (he should have)just a quiet departure through presidential elections. I dont believe he willwin presidential elections if they are free and fair,; Kasyanov said.“导致的结果是,通过总统选举,他应该会安静的离开。如果选举是自由和公正的话,我认为他将无法赢得总统大选。”来 /201412/349462 As the government evacuates thousands of Chinese from Vietnam following deadly anti-Chinese riots, Chinese tourism to the country is also taking a hit.在越南爆发反华暴乱后,中国政府已经将数千名在越南的中国人接回囀?与此同时,中国赴越南的旅游活动也受到影响。Both travelers and local travel agents appear to be taking heed of the Chinese governments Sunday warning against travel to Vietnam, with many abandoning previous travel plans. Multiple airlines have also canceled flights.游客和中国国内的旅行社似乎都注意到了中国政府周日发布的越南旅游预警,许多人放弃了之前的旅行计划。多家航空公司也取消了往返两国的航班。Qi Yehua, a Shanghai-based advertising firm professional, had been planning to enjoy a five-day beach vacation in central Vietnams Da Nang City with a friend in early June, when China celebrates its three-day Dragon Boat holiday. But the package was canceled by the tour operator, much to Ms. Qis disappointment. Some things are getting exaggerated--the riots didnt impact the whole country, she said.在上海一家广告公司工作的齐叶华(音)已订月初端午节假日时与一位朋友到越南中部岘港市享受五天的海滩度假。但让齐叶华失望的是,该旅行团被旅行社取消了。她说,有些事情被夸大了,暴乱并没有影响到越南整个国家。The tour operator that Ms. Qi had planned to use, Super Ocean International Travel Co. Ltd, said it was offering passengers refunds or options to fly to other vacation destinations in Asia, including Thailand and the Philippines, following the cancellation of all Shanghai-Da Nang flights operated by Vietnam Airlines.齐叶华预订旅游线路的上海仲盛国际旅行Super Ocean International Travel Co. Ltd)称,由于越南航空(Vietnam Airlines)取消了所有上海至岘港市的航班,客户可以选择退钱,也可以选择包括泰国和菲律宾在内其他的亚洲旅行线路。Over the weekend, the official microblog of state news agency Xinhua reported that Chinese low-cost carrier Spring Airlines was suspending all charter flights from Shanghai to Vietnam until June 19. Reached by phone, an employee at the Beijing office of Vietnam Airlines said the airline was canceling some of its regularly scheduled flights to Vietnam , as such bookings from China have dropped by up to 90% since the weekend. Neither airline could be reached for comment.官方媒体新华社周末在其微账户报道称,中国廉价航空公司春秋航Spring Airlines)暂停9日之前所有从上海飞往越南的包机航班。越南航空北京办公室的一名雇员接到记者的询问电话后称,周末以来预定中国飞越南航班的乘客数量减少了多达90%,该公司已经取消了部分飞往越南的定期航班。While Vietnam is often a connecting point for Chinese travelers going to Cambodia, Burma and other Asian countries, it hasnt been as popular a vacation destination as countries such as Thailand and Mauritius. There are many alternatives for Chinese travelers, said Ge Lei, a marketing manager at China Youth Travel Services, one of Chinas largest travel agencies, adding that the disruptions wont cut too much into industrys business.越南通常是中国游客前往柬埔寨、缅甸和其他亚洲国家的中转点,但并不是像泰国和毛里求斯等国那样受欢迎的度假胜地。中国最大旅行社之一中国青年旅行China Youth Travel Services)的市场推广经理葛磊表示,中国游客有很多替代性选择。他还说,此次事件不会使旅游行业的业务减少太多。A Chinese company said Tuesday that four of its workers were killed in anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam that damaged foreign-owned factories last week. Numerous Chinese have continued streaming out of the country, with hundreds who suffered injuries in riots having aly returned via plane.一家中资公司周二表示,在上周破坏外资工厂的越南反华暴乱中,有四名工人被杀害。不断有许多中国人撤离越南,而在暴乱中受伤的数百名中国人已乘飞机回国。Casey Guo, a public relations professional in Shanghai, is among those who decided to skip Vietnam, though shed previously seen the country as her first-choice destination for the June holiday. Since the riots, she opted to buy a ticket to Saipan, an island in the Pacific Ocean that belongs to the U.S., instead. I dont know much about the situation in Vietnam, but I dont think its safe, she said.在上海从事公关工作的Casey Guo是决定不到越南去的人之一,尽管她此前曾将越南视为6月份度假的首选目的地。在越南发生暴乱后,Casey Guo转而购买了去塞班岛(位于太平洋上的一个美属小岛)的票。她说,自己对越南的局势不太了解,但认为那里不安全。Meanwhile, some Chinese travelers aly in Vietnam are being careful not to stand out. One Chinese woman visiting the country recently told a Hong Kong television station that she and her companions speak Shanghainese when theyre out in public, because fewer people understand it and theyre less likely to stand out.与此同时,一些已经身在越南的中国游客都在注意不让自己惹人注意。一位在越南旅游的中国女士最近对一家香港电视台说,她和她的同伴在越南的公共场合都讲上海话,因为懂上海话的人更少,这样他们可能就不太显眼。China estimates that more than 10,000 of its citizens are still in Vietnam, according to a Tuesday briefing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At least 3,000 had left by Saturday, according to Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua.中国外交部周二在新闻发布会上表示,估计目前在越南仍有超过一万名中国公民。新华社称,截至上周六,至少已有三千名中国人撤离越南。Reached by phone, one Vietnamese hotelier said that the conflict was between governments and wasnt likely to affect tourists venturing into the country. We are people, said the owner of Cocosand Hotel in the coastal resort town of Mui Ne in southeast Vietnam, who asked to be identified only by his last name, Li. I still welcome you to come here. People here are still thinking the Chinese are our friends, he said. After the Vietnam War, even Americans are our friends.通过电话联系到的一名越南旅馆老板表示,这是政府之间的矛盾,不太可能影响到来越南的游客。他说:我们只是老百姓。这位在越南东南部的海滨小镇美奈(Mui Ne)经营着Cocosand Hotel的旅馆老板不愿具名,要求只用他的姓氏Li来称呼他。他还说:我仍欢迎你来这里,这里的人仍认为中国人是我们的朋友,在越南战争之后,即便是美国人也是我们的朋友。来 /201405/300380瑞金市治疗男性不育哪家医院最好信丰县骨伤科医院怎样预约



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