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China’s coal use this century has been significantly underestimated, according to analysis of new Chinese data by the US Energy Information Administration, adding to climate change negotiators’ problems ahead of December’s UN conference in Paris.据美国能源情报署(EIA)对中国最新发布数据的分析,本世纪中国的煤炭消费量被显著低估,这使气候变化谈判代表们在今年12月巴黎联合国气候大会前面临更多问题。Based on revised data released by Beijing this summer, the EIA has concluded that the world’s largest polluter and consumer of coal burnt up to 14 per cent more of the fossil fuel between 2000 and 2013 than previously reported. It said this meant China’s energy consumption and production were also much higher.根据北京方面今年夏天发布的修正数据,EIA得出结论,在2000年到2013年间,全球最大的污染国和煤炭消费国燃烧的煤炭量高出之前报告的数值至多14%。该机构表示,这意味着中国的能源消费量和产量也要高得多。The EIA’s analysis squares with the supercharged economic growth of the decade before 2013 and much slower growth now but throws into confusion the calculations on which climate change negotiators rely to determine the level of emissions produced by each nation. Talks this December in Paris will attempt to rein in those emissions, in the hopes of preventing dangerous global warming.EIA的分析与中国的增长情况相符:2013年之前的10年期间,中国经济高速增长,现在则缓慢得多。但这项分析也让气候变化谈判者赖以确定各国排放水平的计算陷入了混乱。今年12月的巴黎气候谈判将试图遏止这些排放,希望防止危险的全球变暖。The fact that China has made GDP figures a political target has resulted in a remarkably smooth growth path, which critics say obscures the real cycles in the Chinese economy. Higher energy consumption from 2000-2013 would tally with other indicators of an economy that grew more quickly than official figures over that period suggest, including high commodity prices, a boom in coal mining and the proliferation of private mines and smelters.中国将国内生产总值(GDP)数据设定为政治目标,这种做法让中国的增长轨迹极为平顺,批评者称这掩盖了中国经济的真实周期。2000年至2013年间能源消费量更高,与其他一些表明中国经济在此期间比官方数据增长更快的指标吻合,包括高昂的大宗商品价格、煤矿业的繁荣以及私营煤矿和冶炼厂的大量出现。Similarly, the motivation to hit targets may mask the extent of the current economic slowdown. A reported drop in China’s coal output in 2014 has cheered environmentalists, including Greenpeace, and raised hopes that the country’s emissions might peak and begin to decline before the official target of 2030.类似的,达到目标的动机也可能掩盖当前经济放缓的程度。2014年中国报告煤炭产量下降,曾让绿色和平(Greenpeace)等许多环保主义者感到振奋,令人期待中国的排放量或许能够早于官方提出的目标——2030年之前见顶回落。The EIA’s analysis also concluded that growth in coal use was slowing dramatically. “In 2014, energy-content-based coal consumption was essentially flat”, while coal production fell by 2.6 per cent, it said.EIA的分析还得出一个结论,煤炭消费量的增长正在大幅放缓。该机构称,“根据能量含量来计算,2014年中国的煤炭消费量基本持平”,同期中国的煤炭产量下降了2.6%。Last month a study in the journal Nature argued that Chinese emissions were actually lower than estimated by international institutes, because of incorrect assumptions about the quality of Chinese coal. The authors said emissions were overestimated despite assuming the country’s actual coal consumption was 10 per cent higher than Chinese government data showed.上个月,科学期刊《自然》(Nature)的一篇论文主张,因为对中国煤炭品质的假设有误,中国的碳排放量实际低于国际机构的估算结果。那篇论文的几名作者表示,即使假设中国使用了比官方统计数字多出10%的煤炭,中国的排放量依然被高估。However, the revised Chinese statistics on which the EIA’s analysis is based indicate that energy released through coal consumption edged up slightly in 2014 compared with 2013, reflecting a greater proportion of higher-quality coal in the mix as dropping prices cut out the lowest-quality suppliers.然而,EIA的分析所依据的修正后统计数据表明,通过燃烧煤炭所释放出的能量在2014年同比小幅上升,反映出随着煤炭降价淘汰了一些最低品质煤的供应商,高品质煤在能源结构中的比重有所提升。 /201509/400015London is the fifth most expensive city in the world in which to live and work, but its workers are not among the top 10 average earners globally.在全球生活成本最昂贵城市的排名中,伦敦位列第五,但伦敦劳动者的平均收入却未能在全球跻身前十位之列。The findings, from UBS, the Swiss bank, show that the widely held belief among Londoners that the city is painfully pricey to live in has some basis in reality.瑞银(UBS)的研究结果表明,伦敦人对于伦敦是一个生活成本高昂得令人痛苦的城市的普遍看法,是有一些现实依据的。“This suggests London isn’t a highly priced labour market in terms of the purchasing power of goods [and] labour remains quite competitive from a business perspective,” said Bill O’Neill, head of the UK investment office at UBS Wealth Management.“这表明,就商品购买力而言,伦敦不是一个高价的劳动力市场,而从商业角度来说,其劳动市场的竞争依然相当激烈,”瑞银财富管理(UBS Wealth Management)英国投资办事处主管比尔攠尼尔(Bill O’Neill)表示。Excluding rent, London is the sixth most expensive city in the world, and workers’ gross earnings are, on average, the 13th highest.剔除房租,伦敦是全球生活成本第六昂贵的城市,而伦敦劳动者的平均总收入则在全球排名第十三位。UBS compared prices, wages and earners’ purchasing power in 71 cities worldwide in nominal US$ terms. It found that, based on the prices for a standardised basket of 122 goods and services, Zurich, Geneva and New York City were the most expensive cities in the world. The cost of living was lowest in eastern Europe, with Kiev the cheapest city in which to live and work.瑞银按名义美元比较了71个城市的物价、薪资和劳动者购买力。根据由122种商品和务组成的标准化篮子的价格,瑞银发现苏黎世、日内瓦和纽约市是世界上生活成本最昂贵的前三个城市。东欧的生活成本最低,其中基辅是全球生活成本最低的城市。UBS also found that, since the financial crisis, there had been marked divergence in relative labour costs within the eurozone. Since 2009, gross hourly wages have fallen by 2 per cent in Dublin, by 15 per cent in Lisbon, but had risen 11 per cent in Milan.瑞银还发现,在金融危机之后,欧元区各国的相对劳动力成本出现了明显分化。2009年后,都柏林的总时薪降低了2%,里斯本降低了15%,而米兰则上升了11%。Workers in Zurich, Geneva, and Luxembourg earn the highest gross wages. In Nairobi, Jakarta and Kiev, workers receive only about a 20th of average gross earnings in Zurich. Salaries went furthest in Luxembourg, Zurich and Geneva, whereas those in Nairobi and Jakarta had the lowest purchasing power.苏黎世、日内瓦和卢森堡的劳动者的总薪资最高。内罗毕、雅加达和基辅的劳动者平均收入仅为苏黎世的5%左右。卢森堡、苏黎世和日内瓦的购买力最高,而内罗毕和雅加达的购买力则最低。It would take workers in London more than 41 hours to earn enough money to buy an iPhone 6, compared with less than 30 hours in US and Swiss cities. A Big Mac costs almost three hours of average earnings in Nairobi, compared with just nine minutes in Hong Kong — the lowest — and 12 minutes in London.伦敦劳动者需要工作逾41个小时才能赚到足够买一部iPhone6的钱,而美国和瑞士城市的劳动者只需不到30个小时的工作时间。在内罗毕,买一个巨无霸几乎需要三个小时的平均收入,而在香港仅需9分钟——香港的这一数值是全球最低的——在伦敦则需要12分钟。But the affordability of a Big Mac in Hong Kong came at a price. People in Hong Kong work the longest hours, four more a day than workers in Paris, who spend the fewest hours at work.但香港人对巨无霸的购买力是有代价的。香港劳动者的工作时长是全球最长的,平均每个工作日比巴黎劳动者多4个小时,后者是工作时长最短的。On average people worked over 2,000 hours a year in 19 major cities, most of them in Asia and the Middle East.有19个城市——其中大多数位于亚洲和中东——的劳动者平均每年工作时长超过2000个小时。The shortest work schedule and highest number of days of paid vacation are enjoyed by workers in western Europe.西欧劳动者则享受最短的工作时长和最多的带薪休假天数。The UBS study of wages and prices has been running since 1971. The last one, in 2012, found that London was the 10th priciest city in the world, and wages were the 19th highest.瑞银对薪资和物价的研究从1971年持续至今。上一次瑞银发布研究结果是在2012年,当时伦敦在全球城市生活成本排名中位列第十,其薪资水平则排在第十九位。 /201509/399855

Thousands of residents in Hong Kong rallied Sunday to protest what they see as waning press freedoms in this Chinese city.数千名香港市民周日举行了游行示威活动,抗议他们所称的新闻自由遭打压的现象。According to organizers, more than 6,000 demonstrators--including reporters, college students and retirees--rallied under blue skies by the edge of Victoria Harbour. Police put the number at closer to 2,200 at its height. Crowd estimates from police and organizers usually vary widely in Hong Kong.组织者称,有超过6,000人参加了在维多利亚港边上举行的游行活动,其中包括记者、大学生和退休人员。香港警方说,最高峰时游行人数接近2,200人。警方与示威组织者对游行人数的估计通常有很大差异。The rally is part of continued unease in Hong Kong about the influence of mainland China, which controls the former British colony under a one-country, two-systems agreement. In a report earlier this month, the Committee to Protect Journalists said that Hong Kong#39;s traditionally freewheeling press was under attack, citing past violent incidents against the pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily, and rising rates of self-censorship.香港人对中国大陆的影响一直感到不安,游行凸现了这种担忧情绪。保护记者委员会(Committee to Protect Journalists)本月早些时候发布报告称,香港一向都很自由的新闻界正在遭受压制,报告列举了针对亲民主刊物《苹果日报》的暴力事件以及新闻界日益上升的自我审查频率。Karen Kwok, a cable-television reporter at the rally who attended alongside at least 10 colleagues, said the future of freedoms #39;depends on what kind of fight we put up.#39;与至少10名同事一起参加游行的有线电视记者Karen Kwok说,未来的自由取决于现在进行什么样的抗争。#39;If we don#39;t speak up, of course it will only get worse,#39; she said, as she stood before a wall of blue ribbons that protesters had tied to the fence surrounding the government#39;s office.她表示,如果不抗议,情况只会越来越糟。抗议人群在香港政府办公楼周围的栏杆上系满了蓝丝带。A government spokesman said the city was committed to continuing to guard freedom of speech and freedom of the press, as the two are #39;major elements in sustaining Hong Kong#39;s status as an international metropolis.#39;香港政府一位发言人说,香港致力于继续维护香港言论自由和新闻自由,这两项自由都是维持香港国际大都会地位的主要元素。Hong Kong#39;s global press-freedom ranking this month slipped three places to No. 61 this year, according to the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders. Anger in Hong Kong has also been simmering since the start of the year over the ousting of a top editor at the well-regarded Ming Pao newspaper, which many staff believed was politically motivated.根据总部设在巴黎的无国界记者(Reporters Without Borders)的报告,香港在全世界新闻自由排行榜上的名次今年下降三位,至61位。而今年年初香港《明报》(Ming Pao)总编辑被撤换一事也激起了香港人的不满,该报许多员工认为撤换总编辑背后有政治意图。One local magazine reporter who marched on Sunday said he believed Chinese authorities were increasing pressure on Hong Kong publications as calls for political reform mount in advance of 2017, the year that Beijing has said is the earliest local residents can begin directly electing their leader.一位参加周日游行的香港杂志记者说,随着要求政治改革的呼声在2017年到来前不断高涨,中国当局加大了对香港新闻刊物的钳制。中国政府表示香港最早可于2017年直接选举特首。In particular, he said, he had been personally pressured by his editors to ensure that any print references to #39;Occupy Central#39;--a plan to occupy the city#39;s financial district to demand full universal suffrage--were accompanied by language emphasizing the potentially destructive impact of such a movement.他特别指出,他自己就受到过编辑的压力,编辑让他务必在提到“占领中环”的新闻报道中附带强调这一行动会造成的破坏性后果。#39;I definitely see more censorship,#39; said the reporter, who declined to be named out of fear of jeopardizing his job.他说,他遇到的审查肯定是更多了。这名记者因为担心自己的工作受到影响而不愿透露姓名。 /201402/277287


  Are you addicted to your smartphone?你对你的手机上瘾吗A new study from Iowa State University has identified some of the central aspects of nomophobia - that#39;s ;no mobile phone; phobia.爱荷华州立大学最近总结出;无手机恐惧症;的主要特点。The four basic symptoms of nomophobia are: not being able to communicate, losing connectedness, not being able to access information and giving up convenience.;无手机恐惧症;的四个主要担忧是:不能交流、与世界失去联系、不能获取资讯以及不能享用智能手机带来的便利。;iPhones are capable of becoming an extension of our selves such that when separated, we experience a lessening of #39;self#39; and a negative physiological state,; Russell Clayton, a doctoral candidate and the study#39;s lead author, said in a statement.本次研究的主要负责人、在读士罗素·克莱顿在声明中表示:;我们已经把iPhone视为身体的延伸,一旦与它分开,我们会觉得#39;自我#39;少了一部分,感到生理不适。; /201505/377723。

  Large technology companies will experience the same collapse in reputation as banks have endured in recent years unless they rapidly change their policy approach, business leaders have cautioned.大型科技公司恐将重蹈近年来的覆辙,遭遇声誉危机,除非他们迅速改变经营策略,商业领袖警告称。Their warning was directed at the influential heads of technology companies, such as those in Silicon Valley, who were told they needed to recognise that self-regulation would not be sufficient to stave off public alarm about issues such as privacy.他们的警告针对有影响力的科技公司负责人,如硅谷的企业家们。他们指出,这些企业家需要承认,自律措施不足以避免公众对隐私等问题的恐慌。“Self-regulation, no matter what you do, is just not going to be good enough [for tech companies],” said Paul Achleitner, chairman of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank. Addressing the Davos economic forum, he pointed out that a self-regulatory approach had been previously employed by banks — but notably failed to quell the political backlash against their over-reach.“不管你做什么,自律(对科技公司来说)都将是不够完善的,”德意志(Deutsche Bank)监事会主席保罗#8226;阿赫莱特纳(Paul Achleitner)说。他在达沃斯经济论坛的演讲中指出,自律方式先前已被所采用——但很明显这未能平息政治上对过度行为的强烈反对。His comments come as opposition grows, particularly in Europe, to the cultural dominance of US tech giants such as Google and Facebook, fuelled by concerns about widesp US internet surveillance and corporate tax avoidance.他发表此番言论之时,反对美国科技巨头如谷歌(Google)和Facebook文化主导权的声音正在增加,尤其是在欧洲。对无所不在的美国互联网监控以及企业避税的担忧助长了这些反对声音。Google became a target last month for the European Parliament, which backed a motion calling on regulators to consider breaking up the company. The European Commission has also reopened an antitrust probe into the search giant. Uber, the taxi app company, has also faced protests from incumbent groups across Europe.谷歌上个月成为欧洲议会(European Parliament)的目标,后者持一项呼吁监管机构考虑分拆该公司的议案。欧盟委员会(European Commission)也重新启动了针对这家搜索巨头的反垄断调查。出租车应用公司优步(Uber)则面临来自欧洲各地传统企业的抗议。“Never assume that because something has been common practice [in the past] it will not be judged harshly in the future,” Mr Achleitner said. He argued that just as bankers had been surprised by the speed at which political attitudes towards them had changed during the 20th century financial revolution, tech leaders could be shocked by a similar shift in the “technology revolution” of the 21st century.阿赫莱特纳说,“永远不要因为某些事情(在过去)已经成为惯例,就以为它不会在未来受到尖锐的批评。”他认为,正如在20世纪金融革命中家惊讶于政治态度的快速改变,科技业领袖也会在21世纪的“技术革命”中被类似的转变所震惊。Fadi Chehadé, president of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the main entity that organises web domains, said that the collapse of trust in technology companies could be “just as big” as it had been for banks. “It’s real [as a threat],” he said, adding that most tech leaders had been far too complacent about the reputational risks.互联网名称与数字地址分配机构(ICANN)总裁法迪·切哈德(Fadi Chehadé)表示,对科技公司信任的崩塌可能与的遭遇“一样严重”。“这是真实的(作为一种威胁),”他说,大多数科技公司负责人都对声誉风险过于自满。The comments are striking because in recent years the level of trust in technology companies has been extraordinarily high, relative to banks.由于近年来对科技公司的信任程度相对于已经处于相当高的水平,所以这些颇为引人注目。 /201501/356551

  More than 60 percent of travelers reported they will take short-distance trips during Qixi Festival, or the Chinese Valentine#39;s Day, which will fall on August 20, according to travel website qunar.com. Grasslands, islands and hiking spots have become popular destinations this year, according to a Beijing Youth Daily report.据旅游网站去哪网调查显示,超过60%的旅行者会在8月20日,也就是即将到来的七夕节期间选择短途旅行。七夕也被称为中国的情人节。北京青年日报还报道,草原,岛屿和远足地点成为今年最受欢迎的旅游目的地Starting last week, ;Qixi; and ;romance; have become top key search words on qunar.com. Trips lasting for two to four days make up their highest sales, said Gao Xing, CEO of the holiday department of the website.去哪网旅游部CEO高兴表示:“从上周开始,#39;七夕#39;和#39;浪漫#39;成为了去哪网搜索量最高的两个词,这一势头甚至一直保持了两到四天之久”The top three national destinations for Qixi among Beijing users are Qinhuangdao (Hebei Province), Sanya (Hainan Province) and Beidaihe (Hebei Province).去哪网的北京用户最青睐的三个国内旅游点分别是秦皇岛(河北省),三亚(海南省)还有北戴河(河北省)The top three outbound destinations are Phuket in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia and Seoul in South Korea, Gao said.而最受青睐的三个国外目的地分别是泰国的普吉岛,印尼的巴厘岛和韩国的首尔 /201508/393881

  With Greece out of the spotlight, global investors have returned to worrying about a future rise in US interest rates and the volatility that could bring to markets. They appear to be supremely unconcerned by the stagnation in world trade this year. But that could turn out to be a costly mistake.随着希腊淡出人们的视野焦点,全球投资者重新开始忧虑美国何时加息及其可能给市场带来的波动。他们似乎对今年全球贸易陷入停滞无动于衷。但这可能酿成一个代价高昂的错误。The latest World Trade Monitor showed the volume of world trade falling in May, by 1.2 per cent. It has slid in four out of five months in 2015 and risen just 1.5 per cent in the past 12 months — less than the growth in global output and far below the long-term average of about 7 per cent a year.最新一期的《世界贸易监测》(World Trade Monitor)表明,今年5月全球贸易量下滑1.2%。2015年的头5个月中有4个月都出现下滑。过去12个月里全球贸易量仅增长1.5%——这不仅低于全球产出增长,也远低于7%的长期平均年增长水平。The problem has been getting worse for some time. Trade bounced back fairly well in 2010 after the global recession but it has disappointed ever since, growing by barely 3 per cent in 2012 and 2013. Now it seems the world cannot manage even that.这个问题不断恶化已经有一段时间了。全球经济衰退后,贸易在2010年出现相当不错的反弹,但此后就一直令人失望,在2012年和2013年都仅增长了3%,现在似乎连这样的增长水平都达不到了。The prevailing view is that we do not need to worry about this weakness because it is largely structural. According to this argument, exceptional forces that conspired to make growth more trade-intensive in the 1990s and 2000s are now coming to a natural end.普遍看法是,我们无需忧虑这种疲弱的状态,因为这主要是结构性问题。根据这种说法,在1990年代和2000年代促使经济增长“贸易密集度”较高的多种特殊力量正迎来自然终结。Those decades brought a historic decline in trade barriers and global transportation costs together with the dramatic entry of emerging market economies into the world trading system — notably China. All that, in turn, helped produce a much deeper division of international labour which sent different parts of a single production chain to far-flung parts of the world.在那二十年,贸易壁垒和全球运输成本出现历史性下降,同时新兴市场经济体戏剧性地进入全球贸易体系——特别是中国。这一切进而在国际间推动了更深层次的劳动分工,使单一生产链的不同环节散布于世界的不同角落。A recent study by the International Monetary Fund calculated that in the 1990s, every 1 per cent rise in global income generated a 2.5 per cent rise in global trade, much more than in the past. But not any more. Obviously, global growth could not become more trade-intensive forever. In fact, the volume of trade in services is still going up. But in manufacturing, rising costs and greater self-sufficiency in emerging markets and changing production techniques around the world have led many of those intricate global value chains to be unpicked. Since 2013 every 1 per cent of global growth has pro搀甀挀攀搀 a trade bump of just 0.7 per cent.国际货币基金组织(IMF)最近的一项研究计算出,在20世纪90年代,全球收入每增长1%,全球贸易就会增长2.5%,比以往多得多,但这样的情况不再出现了。显然,全球增长的贸易密集度不会永远增长下去。实际上,务贸易量依然在上升。但在制造业,新兴市场成本上升和自给自足程度提高,以及世界各地生产方式的变化,已导致不少复杂的全球价值链不复存在。自2013年以来,每1%的全球增长只能产生0.7%的贸易增长。China is the great case study. In the mid-1990s as much as 60 per cent of the value of the country’s goods exports came from imported parts and materials. That has now fallen to about 35 per cent. In the US, manufacturing imports have not risen at all as a share of gross domestic product since 2000. In the decade before that they nearly doubled.中国是一个很好的案例。上世纪90年代中期,中国出口的产品多达60%的价值来自于进口零部件和原材料。如今这一比例已经降至约35%。在美国,自2000年以来,制造业进口占国内生产总值(GDP)的比重一直没有上升。而在之前十年,这一比重几乎翻了一倍。For some, this is perfectly natural and nothing to be concerned about. But structural forces can explain why trade is growing more slowly — they cannot explain why it is barely growing at all.对一些人而言,这是再正常不过的了,根本无需担忧。但是,结构性力量可以解释贸易为什么增长得更慢,却解释不了贸易为什么几乎不增长。In fact, there are three more short-term explanations for the weak trade numbers, which should demand the attention of policymakers.实际上,对于贸易数据疲软,还有三个短期解释应该引起政策制定者的注意。The first is that global investment demand continues to fall short. For several years, emerging market economies bucked the trend but capital spending has now slowed in such countries as well. This translates into lower trade growth because capital goods are more trade-intensive. It matters because it does not just dampen growth today but could also limit growth in the future by further slowing growth in productivity.第一,全球投资需求持续不足。新兴市场经济体曾在数年时间里顶住这一趋势,但如今这些国家的资本出也放缓了。因为资本产品的贸易密集度较高,这就压低了贸易增长。这关系重大,因为这不仅抑制当前的增长,还会进一步减缓生产率的提高,从而抑制未来增长。Another warning from the trade data is that the recovery in domestic demand in the US and Europe this year is not being seen elsewhere. Latin America appears to have contracted between the end of March and the beginning of July, and JPMorgan estimates that Asian emerging market economies — excluding China — grew by just 1.4 per cent. China is doing better but not nearly as well as it was. This weakness is worrying at a time when many governments in such countries have less room to ease policy than they did before and are aly dealing with weak commodity prices and a stronger dollar.贸易数据发出的另一个警报是:今年以来美国和欧洲出现的国内需求复苏,并没有在其他地区出现。拉美在3月底至7月初似乎出现了萎缩,同时据根大通(JPMorgan)估计,除中国以外,亚洲新兴市场经济体仅增长1.4%。中国表现更好,但远不及过去的水平。这种疲弱令人担忧,因为这类国家中许多政府放宽政策的空间比过去更小,同时它们还正在应对疲弱的大宗商品价格和美元走强。Last weekend, Beijing announced new measures to revive demand through stronger exports — including a slightly more flexible currency. I doubt the Chinese authorities are about to engineer a big depreciation in the renminbi when they are also trying to develop its role as a reserve currency, and Chinese companies have borrowed so much in dollars. But the pressures are clearly there.最近北京宣布多项新举措,通过加强出口来重振需求——其中包括采用略微提高人民币汇率弹性。考虑到中国政府正努力推动人民币成为一种储备货币,且中国企业借入了许多美元,我认为中国当局应该不会策划让人民币大幅贬值。但压力显然是摆在那里的。That highlights the final lesson: in today’s global economy, governments should not be trying to reflate their economies on the back of a weak currency alone. Since coming to power in 2012, Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, has done much to help his country’s economy, but one thing Abenomics has not accomplished is to increase exports. Many European policy洀愀欀攀爀猀 think the weak euro has been the making of the eurozone recovery. But it has not yet. Net trade made a negative contribution to eurozone growth in the first three months of 2015 and trade’s contribution is likely to be barely positive for the rest of 2015.这就凸显了最后一个教训:在当今的全球经济中,政府不应仅靠货币贬值来推动本国经济再膨胀。自2012年执政以来,日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)为促进日本经济做了很多工作,但安倍经济学没有做到的一点就是增加出口。很多欧洲政策制定者认为,欧元走软推动了欧元区复苏。但实际情况并不是这样。2015年头3个月,净贸易对欧元区增长的贡献为负,而在2015年余下时间里,贸易对增长的贡献也很可能只能勉强达到正数。For all the talk about the euro, the single most encouraging aspect of Europe’s recovery since the turn of the year has been the strength of domestic demand. But private capital investment in the eurozone is still flat and has been even weaker than in the US since 2010.尽管各方对欧元念念不忘,但今年以来欧洲复苏最鼓舞人心的一个方面是国内需求强劲。但是欧元区私人部门资本投资依然表现平平,而且自2010年以来一直比美国更加疲软。If consumption and investment firm up on both sides of the Atlantic, we should start to see global trade pick up as well. But policymakers should not kid themselves that trade is going to rescue them from their domestic economic travails as in the past.如果大西洋两岸的消费与投资都上升,我们应该能开始看到全球贸易的回暖。但政策制定者不应自欺欺人地认为,贸易能像过去那样让他们从国内经济的阵痛中解脱出来。 /201508/389958Over 1M super rich in Mainland大陆千万富翁人数超百万There were more than 1m high net worth individuals in China#39;s mainland last year - double the figure for 2010, according to the China Private Wealth Report 2015 released Tuesday by China Merchants Bank and management consultants Bain amp; Co. The mainland#39;s private wealth market reached RMB112 trillion last year, the report said.招商和管理咨询公司贝恩公司26日联合发布《2015中国私人财富报告》,报告显示,2014年末,中国大陆高净值人群规模突破100万人,相较2010年年底已经翻番;大陆个人总体可投资资产达到112万亿人民币。The number of high net worth individuals exceeded 50,000 in 7 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions last year, including Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Sichuan.2014年末,大陆共有7个省(市、区)的高净值人群数量超过5万人,分别为广东、上海、北京、江苏、浙江、山东和四川。Guangdong took the lead with 130,000 high net worth individuals, and it#39;s the first to exceed 100,000.其中,广东的高净值人数率先超过10万人,达到13万人。 /201505/377601


  A top official from the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region confirmed for the first time on Tuesday that Xinjiang residents have joined the radical group Islamic State。3月10日,来自新疆维吾尔族自治区的一位高级官员首次实,新疆确有人参加极端组织“伊斯兰国”(IS)。;Some Xinjiang residents have crossed the border illegally to join IS. The group currently has a growing international influence, and Xinjiang is affected by it, too,; said Zhang Chunxian, the region#39;s top leader。新疆自治区党委书记张春贤表示:“目前确实出现了新疆人非法越境参加IS的情况。这个组织国际影响力很大,新疆也不会置身事外,也受到了影响。”;We recently broke up a terrorist cell run by those who returned from fighting with the group,; Zhang said at a news conference on the sidelines of the annual National People#39;s Congress session。张春贤在十二届全国人大[微]三次会议新疆代表团开放日上说:“最近新疆破获的一些暴恐案件中,有些人是直接参加(IS)回来的。”He said IS, which has seized large areas of eastern Syria and northern and western Iraq, is a threat to countries worldwide and joint international efforts are needed to fight it。他表示,IS已经夺取了叙利亚东部和伊拉克西部的大部分地区,对世界各国来说都是一种威胁,对抗IS需要国际社会共同合作。Xinjiang has been hit by religious extremism, leading to an increasing number of terrorist attacks in the region and elsewhere in China in recent years。近年来,新疆受到宗教极端主义侵蚀,导致当地和中国其它地区的恐怖袭击事件呈现上升态势。Last year, Chinese authorities arrested some of those attempting to cross borders illegally to join terrorist or extremist groups。去年,中国政府逮捕了一些试图非法越境参加恐怖组织或极端组织的人员。In southern Xinjiang#39;s Hotan prefecture, some people have been influenced by IS, but measures taken to eliminate religious extremism can handle the new situation, according to Eziz Musar, the prefecture#39;s commissioner。在新疆南部的和田地区,一些人已经受到IS的影响。但和田县委的Eziz Musar表示,当地已经采取措施应对新形势,以消除宗教极端主义的侵蚀毒害。Zhang said Xinjiang has been working hard to end religious extremism while dealing with inroads made by new groups, but this takes time。张春贤表示,新疆一直致力于消除宗教极端主义,抵御新组织的入侵,但这需要时间。;Xinjiang also has to pay the price when extremists fight back. The region has done a lot to ensure social stability in China,; he said。“在与极端势力的斗争中,新疆也付出了代价。为保障中国的社会稳定,新疆付出了很多。”他说。Adudulrekep Tumniaz, president of the Xinjiang Islamic Institute, said the region has more than 12 million Muslims, making up 52 percent of China#39;s Muslim population. Guiding them in the right direction and keeping them away from religious extremism is a matter of national security。新疆伊斯兰学院主席Adudulrekep Tumniaz表示,新疆地区有1200多万穆斯林,占全国穆斯林人数的52%。引领他们走向正确的方向,让他们远离宗教极端主义的威胁,是一个国家安全问题。Shohrat Zakir, the newly elected chairman of Xinjiang, said there have been terrorist activities in the region due to the international situation。新当选的新疆自治区主席雪克来提·扎克尔(Shohrat Zakir)表示,新疆地区之所以出现恐怖活动,是因为受到国际形势的影响。But there will be fewer violent terrorist attacks because authorities have been striking hard against terrorist and extremist activities in accordance with the law, he said。但他认为,政府一直在依法严厉打击恐怖活动和极端主义活动,暴恐案件只会越来越少。;The overall situation in Xinjiang is stable and controllable,; he said。“新疆社会大局处在稳定和可控的状态。”他说。He also spoke of the importance of Mandarin education in rural areas of southern Xinjiang, which have seen the most terrorist attacks in the region。他还提到了加强南疆农村地区普通话教育的重要性。而新疆的恐怖袭击事件,大都发生在南疆地区。;Many villagers in southern Xinjiang still cannot speak the national common language, which has affected their employment chances. They are also more easily manipulated if they live in closed communities,; he said。“在南疆地区,很多村民仍不会讲普通话,这影响了他们的就业机会。此外,住在闭塞社区里的他们更容易受到外部势力的操纵。”他说。 /201503/363741。


  In the winter of 1902, an Alabama woman named Mary Anderson visited New York and was appalled by how the weather slowed down streetcars. Snow and sleet obscured the trolleys’ two-paneled windshields, forcing drivers to open both panes and peer through the gap between them. In her notebook, Anderson sketched out a solution: a squeegee wiper on the outside of the windshield, connected to a lever on the inside.1902年冬天,阿拉巴马州的一个名叫玛丽·安德森(Mary Anderson)的女人来纽约旅行,糟糕的天气令行车如此缓慢,她感到大为震惊。雪和冷雨模糊了有轨电车的两块挡风玻璃,司机们只好打开玻璃,透过两块玻璃之间的缺口向前张望。安德森在笔记本上画了一个解决方案:在挡风玻璃外面装一个橡胶刮水器,与车里的一个杠杆相连。Anderson patented her invention the following year, but so few people owned automobiles that it attracted little interest. Motorcars were open-air in those days, and windshields were an optional accessory. “The reaction to rain on the windscreen was just to take off the windscreen,” explains Leslie Kendall, curator at the Petersen Automotive Museum. By the time Henry Ford’s Model T took motoring into the mainstream a decade later, Anderson’s “window cleaning device” had been forgotten.次年,安德森为自己的发明申请了专利,但那时候很少人有汽车,所以她的发明没引起人们的兴趣。那时候的汽车是敞篷的,挡风玻璃只是个可选的配件。“下雨时,人们就把挡风玻璃取掉,”彼得森汽车物馆(Petersen Automotive Museum)的策展人莱斯利·肯德尔(Leslie Kendall)解释说。十年后,当亨利·福特(Henry Ford)的T型车让汽车成为主流时,安德森的“窗户清洁装置”已经被遗忘了。Unto the breach stepped John Oishei, an aspiring playwright who operated a vaudeville theater in Buffalo. While driving his National Roadster on a rainy night in 1916, Oishei hit a cyclist, a “harrowing experience,” he later said, “that imprinted on my mind the definite need for maintaining vision while driving in the rain.” (The cyclist was uninjured.)后来约翰·奥森(John Oishei)又进行了尝试。他是一位有抱负的编剧,在水牛城经营一个轻歌舞剧院。1916年的一个雨夜,他开着国家跑车(National Roadster)撞上了一个骑自行车的人(那个人没有受伤)。他后来说,“那个经历太可怕了,让我深深觉得在雨中开车一定要有清晰的视野。”By then, others had come up with windshield-clearing devices similar to Anderson’s, but none were in wide distribution. Oishei found a locally made, hand-operated wiper called the Rain Rubber, which slid along the gap between the upper and lower panels of the split windscreens that were then in use. He then founded a company to market it. The device required a certain amount of dexterity — drivers had to operate it with one hand while shifting and steering with the other — but it quickly became standard equipment on American motorcars.那时候,其他人也想出了与安德森的设计相似的挡风玻璃清洁装置,但都没有流行开来。奥森找到当地生产的一个手动操作的刮水器,名叫雨胶(Rain Rubber),当时使用的挡风玻璃分为上下两部分,雨胶沿着两块玻璃之间的缺口滑动。然后他成立了一个公司推广它。这个设备需要司机身手敏捷——一只手操纵它,另一只手控制方向盘——但它很快成为美国汽车的标准装备。Oishei’s company, which was eventually called Trico, soon dominated the windshield-wiper market. While not an inventor himself, Oishei was relentless in his pursuit of patents, purchasing whatever technology he couldn’t develop in-house or litigate out of existence. After William M. Folberth patented a vacuum-powered windshield wiper that ran on suction from the engine’s intake manifold, for example, Trico spent three years battling him in court before buying his company in 1925 for million. A later patent war, between Trico and rival windshield-wiper company Anco, stretched from the mid-1940s until 1971, making it one of the longest-running lawsuits of its day.奥森的公司最终命名为特瑞科(Trico),很快主导了雨刷器市场。虽然奥森本人不是发明家,但他坚持不懈地追求专利,购买自己公司不能开发的所有技术或者为了生存提起诉讼。例如,在威廉·M·弗尔伯思(William M. Folberth)为真空动力雨刷器(它以引擎进气管的吸力为动力)申请专利后,特瑞科花了三年时间与他在法庭上较量,直到1925年以100万美元买下了他的公司。后来,特瑞科和竞争对手安科雨刷器公司(Anco)之间的专利争夺战从20世纪40年代中期持续到1971年,成为当时持续时间最长的诉讼之一。Over time, windshield wipers have been re-engineered again and again, in response both to changing windshield designs and to automakers’ desire for enticing new add-ons. But the basic concept remains true to what Anderson sketched aboard that New York trolley in 1902: a squeegee that wipes water from the glass. As one early windshield-wiper advertisement explained: “A Clear Sight Ahead Prevents Accidents. An Undimmed Vision Makes It Easier to Drive.”经过这么多年,雨刷器被再三改造,以应对挡风玻璃设计的变化以及汽车制造商对迷人新配件的渴望。但是基本的概念仍是1902年安德森在纽约电车上画的草图:一个从玻璃上刮水的橡胶清洁器。就像早期的一个雨刷器广告所说的那样:“清晰的视野能预防事故,让驾驶更轻松。”Number of windshield-wiper-related patents issued per decade.每十年与雨刷器相关的专利个数:1920s: 43020世纪20年代:430个1940s: 26020世纪40年代:260个1960: 65020世纪60年代:650个1980: 41020世纪80年代:410个2000s: 66021世纪前十年:660个2010 to present day: 3902010年至今:390个 /201411/339910


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