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2017年10月17日 15:55:47 | 作者:当当大全 | 来源:新华社
Google is building two smartwatches that will use its AI voice assistant feature, a source close to the top-secret project has revealed. The devices, which are likely to be Nexus branded, are expected to hit shelves sometime early next year.据一绝密项目的知情人士透露,谷歌正在研发两款使用其AI语音助手功能的智能手表。这两款设备将作为Nexus旗下产品发售,预计将于明年早些时候与消费者见面。The top-secret specifications were revealed by #39;multiple sources#39; to gadget rumour site, Android Police. Code-named #39;Angelfish#39; and #39;Swordfish#39;, each offer a different wearable experience, the sources said.“多名消息人士”都在小道消息网址“Android Police”上透露了关于这一绝密项目的信息。据消息人士透露,两款设备分别代号“天使鱼”和“剑鱼”,分别提供不同的穿戴体验。#39;Angelfish#39; is rumored to be a larger, sportier, and app with LTE, GPS and a heart rate monitor, as well as the Google Assistant integration. It looks similar to the Moto 360 and LG#39;s Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.其中“天使鱼”将会更大、更运动,装载有LTE、GPS和心率监测仪等应用软件,还有一体化的谷歌助手。这款设备看起来很像Moto 360和LG的Urbane2代LTE。It will have a smooth circular shape that curves where the watch band touches the wrist and just three buttons. Possible colours include a dark matte grey branded #39;titanium#39;.它的形状将是一个光滑的弯曲圆形,用表带绑在手腕上,只有三个按键。有可能的配色方案包括一款名为“钛”的深灰色。The second watch, dubbed the #39;Swordfish#39; caters for gadget lovers looking for style over substance.第二款手表绰号“剑鱼”,迎合了粉丝们注重款式胜于材质的需求。It comes in silver, titanium or rose gold, the source disclosed. Smaller than the #39;Angelfish#39; it has a diameter of 42mm and thickness of just 10.6mm, making it almost 10mm thinner than the current Moto 360. Its straps are compatible with Google#39;s MODE bands too, unlike the #39;Angelfish#39;.据知情人士透露,这款手表的配色方案有银色、钛和玫瑰金。“剑鱼”比“天使鱼”略小,直径42毫米,厚度仅10.6毫米,比Moto 360要薄大约10毫米。和“天使鱼”不同,这款手表的表带型号和谷歌的标准表带一样。Both watches will offer Google Assistant integration, although details on exactly how this differentiates from current Android Wear devices is unclear.两款手表都将搭载一体化谷歌助手,但是目前在细节上尚不清楚它们和目前的安卓穿戴设备有什么不同。Following Apple#39;s Watch flop, many will be surprised that the search giant is making the investment in its own device when there are several Android wearables on the market.在Apple Watch已经失败的情况下,许多人都对谷歌感到惊讶,这家公司在市面上存在着多款安卓穿戴设备的情况下,仍然在发明自己的Android Watch。 /201607/454897不可不知的好莱坞新词好莱坞明星的分分合合引人关注,但是你是否知道明星的分合居然也能够创造新词呢?starter wife \stahr-ter wahyf\ n: long-suffering woman who marries and emotionally supports a man through his lean years—maybe paying his way through medical school, or holding his hand while he auditions for non-speaking roles. Once he's reached the pinnacle of success and is making millions pumping lips full of collagen or gracing the silver screen, the starter wife is kicked to the curb in favor of a younger or more famous new mate. In Los Angeles, this often happens right before the 10th anniversary, as California law states that after 10 years, a husband can be made to pay alimony indefinitely.LEFT BEHIND Starter husbands Chad Lowe and Ryan Phillippe got dropped by their more successful wives.有负心汉就有薄情女。头号前妻 【名】 坚忍的已婚女性,心甘情愿地全力持丈夫度过消沉岁月——比方说资助他完成医学院的课程,或者在他出演龙套角色的电影试映会上握着他的手。一旦他爬上事业高峰并且开始制造成千上万富含胶原质的饱满嘴唇或者在银幕上风度翩翩的时候,头号前妻就将被一脚蹬开,取而代之的将是更为年轻的或者更有名的新伴侣。在洛杉矶,以上情况通常发生在锡婚到来之前,因为根据加利福尼亚的法律规定,要拖到结婚十年之后的话,前妻就能要求一笔数目不定的赡养费了。 to be Cruised \crooz-ed\ vb: to be canned just shy of one's 10th anniversary, in the manner of Nicole Kidman, who wasdiscarded by Tom Cruise shortly before the decade mark. 10-YEAR DITCH Nicole Kidman, you got Cruised!妮可·基德曼,你被克鲁斯了!被克鲁斯了 【动】 在10周年到来之际被抛弃,就像妮可·基德曼一样,在离结婚十年纪念之前没多少日子的时候被汤姆·克鲁斯蹬了。 /200803/31441

The Federal Aviation Administration, citing fire hazards, has warned against using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on aircraft. 美国联邦航空(Federal Aviation Administration)以火灾危险为由警告不要在飞机上使用三星盖乐世Note 7(Samsung Galaxy Note 7)智能手机。Three Australian airlines and the German carrier Lufthansa have outright banned their use onboard.三家澳大利亚航空公司和德国汉莎航空公司(Lufthansa)则明确禁止在机上使用该产品。But the threat of airliner fires is not limited to Samsung devices, which the company has offered to replace. 不过,飞机上的火灾威胁不仅限于三星的电子设备(三星已提出调换)。And the hazard is far more than theoretical.这些危险也不仅是理论上的。Qantas, one of the Australian carriers, had an onboard fire during a trans-Pacific flight this year when a passenger’s cellphone was crushed in the mechanism of a business-class seat and the phone’s lithium-ion battery ignited.今年,澳洲航空公司(Qantas)的飞机在一次跨太平洋飞行中发生火灾,一名乘客的手机被商务舱座位的机械装置压碎,锂离子电池起火。In January as a Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta arrived at the gate, crew members discovered that a carry-on bag containing two laptop computers had burst into flames, according to the FAA The smoke prompted some passengers to use the emergency exits and wait on the wings until help arrived.今年1月,美国联邦航空报告,一架从明尼阿波利斯飞往亚特兰大的达美航空公司(Delta Air Lines)客机抵达登机口时,机组成员发现一件装有两台笔记本电脑的随身行李起火。烟雾迫使一些乘客使用紧急出口离开,在机翼上等待,直至救援人员到达。The problem is lithium-ion batteries, which have become the standard for portable consumer electronics, including phones, tablets and laptops, because of the power they can pack into a small package. 问题出在锂离子电池身上,它已成为便携式电子产品的标配,包括手机、平板电脑和手提电脑,因为一块小小的锂离子电池能存储大量电能。They are also highly volatile.但它们也非常不稳定。Battery fires were considered a contributing factor in the crashes of three cargo planes in the last 10 years: an Asiana 747 in 2011, a UPS 747 in Dubai in 2010 and a UPS DC-8 in Philadelphia in 2006.电池起火被认为是过去10年中三架货运飞机坠毁的一个诱因:2011年韩亚航空公司(Asiana)的747飞机;2010年UPS的747飞机(在迪拜),以及2006年UPS的DC-8飞机(在费城)。In January, the FAA issued a warning that lithium-ion batteries in a cargo hold carried the risk of a catastrophic hull loss on an airplane.今年1月,美国联邦航空发布警告,货舱中的锂离子电池对飞机具有灾难性壳体损失风险。So far there have been no airliner disasters specifically attributed to passengers’ digital devices. 到目前为止,还没有明确因乘客的数码设备而造成的空难。But experts worry about the sheer mathematics. 但简单统计一下数字,就足以让专家担心。The Royal Aeronautical Society in Britain estimates that even a single-aisle jet with only 100 passengers might have more than 500 lithium-ion batteries aboard. 英国皇家航空协会(Royal Aeronautical Society in Britain)估计,就连一架仅能搭载100名乘客的单通道飞机也可能装有500多块锂离子电池。Those numbers, and the attendant fire risks, could eventually catch up with the air-traveling public.那些电池以及伴随的火灾风险可能最终伤害搭飞机旅行的公众。The question is: What to do about it — besides issuing advisories?问题:除了发布警告之外,我们还能怎么办?The FAA administrator, Michael P. 美国联邦航空局长迈克尔#8226;P#8226;胡尔塔(Michael P. Huerta, said in an email statement that the agency recognized that the batteries posed risks and that it was tracking all incidents in aircraft cabins to help us determine what we can do. Huerta)在电子邮件声明中称,该机构认识到电池具有风险,正在研究所有机舱事故,帮助我们确定能做些什么。Huerta urged passengers to put their devices in a carry-on bag or other safe location when not using them.胡尔塔强烈建议乘客把不用的电子设备放入随身行李或其他安全的地方。But the FAA is in a tough situation. 不过,美国联邦航空处于艰难的境地。Under the regulatory rules, it cannot ground the Galaxy Note 7 until the Consumer Product Safety Commission orders a recall. 按照管理规定,它不能禁止盖乐世Note 7上飞机,除非消费产品安全委员会(Consumer Product Safety Commission)命令召回。On Friday, the safety commission said it was working with Samsung on the terms of a recall and urged owners of the phones to stop using them. 周五,该安全委员会称,正在与三星协商召回事宜,并敦促那些手机的所有者不要使用它们。On Saturday, Samsung offered new guidance to owners: Turn off your phone and bring it in for a replacement.周六,三星给顾客们提供了新方案:关掉手机,拿来更换。Congress has limited the FAA’s ability to place restrictions on battery-powered devices on airplanes beyond the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization, according to Laura Brown, an FAA spokeswoman. 据美国联邦航空的发言人劳拉#8226;布朗(Laura Brown)称,国会限制美国联邦航空在国际民用航空组织(International Civil Aviation Organization)的建议之外,对机上电池供电设备进行更多限制。The organization, a U.N. agency, says the devices should not be transported on passenger planes as cargo or in checked baggage. 后者是联合国的下属机构,它表示,这些设备不应该在客机上作为货物运输,也不应在托运行李中运输。As for in-cabin use, the organization defers to each country’s rules.至于在机舱内的使用,该组织留给每个国家自行规定。Any attempt to seriously restrict or even ban devices powered by lithium-ion batteries would probably face an outcry from travelers, who have come to consider them an indispensable part of modern life. 旅客们已经把手机视为现代生活不可缺少的一部分,任何严格限制甚至禁止这些以锂离子电池设备的尝试都可能招致强烈抗议。There would also be the question of who would enforce such rules, and how. 另外,还有谁来执行以及如何执行这些规定的问题。Airport security check-in processes are aly long and tedious, without adding a new layer of scrutiny.机场安检托运过程已经很漫长无聊,更别提再加一层审查。Until a few years ago, before the in-cabin use of phones and other electronic devices was allowed below 10,000 feet, it was widely known that passengers surreptitiously defied the rule. 几年前,在1万英尺以下的机舱内使用手机等电子设备不再被禁止。在那之前,众所周知,乘客往往偷偷地自行其是。Flight attendants complained that it was impossible to police.乘务员抱怨说,他们无法管束。So the goal is to contain the hazard. 所以,目标是控制危险。In the event of a lithium-ion battery fire in flight, FAA standards may help minimize the damage.当飞行中遇到锂离子电池着火的情况时,美国联邦航空的标准也许可以帮助把损失降低到最小。Seat covers, carpets, curtains and dividers are made of special materials that are flame retardant, even against a lithium-ion battery fire, which burns in the neighborhood of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Isidor Buchmann, an engineer who runs the informational site BatteryUniversity.com.座套、地毯、窗帘和分割帘由特殊的阻燃材料做成,甚至能抵挡锂离子电池引发的火情。据信息网站BatteryUniversity.com的运营工程师伊西多#8226;布克曼(Isidor Buchmann)称,这种材料在周围温度达到1000华氏度(约合538摄氏度)时会燃烧。Some experts say those standards could suffice.有些专家称,这些标准已经足够。It’s damned near impossible to propagate a fire on an airplane, said George J. Ringger, an aeronautical engineer with his own consulting company who specializes in cabin interiors. 在飞机上,火势几乎不可能蔓延,航空工程师乔治#8226;J#8226;林格(George J. Ringger)说。他自己的咨询公司专门提供机舱内部设施方面的建议。Could a passenger get burned? Yes. 乘客是否有可能被烧伤?有可能。Would there be smoke that would propagate in the cabin? Do crews have protocols? Yes.烟雾是否有可能在机舱蔓延?机组成员是否有应急方案?是的。But some other fire and safety experts are not as sanguine. 但是其他一些火灾和安全专家不这么乐观。A laptop battery fire could take hours to burn itself out. 如果手提电脑的电池起火,可能要在数小时后才能烧尽。And the smoke emitted would be abundant and toxic.可能释放大量有毒烟雾。Michael Gilchrist is an engineer and co-owner of PlaneGard, a maker of a case meant to contain the fire and smoke if a battery starts to malfunction. 工程师迈克尔#8226;吉尔克里斯特(Michael Gilchrist)是PlaneGard公司的联合所有者。该公司生产一种箱子,电池功能失常时放进去,可以限制火和烟雾蔓延。Customers include Air Tahiti Nui, which carries the PlaneGard case on transoceanic flights.它的客户包括塔希提航空公司(Air Tahiti Nui),后者在跨大洋的航班上配备了PlaneGard盒。With a full-blown laptop, you see what happens, Gilchrist said. You have a 35- or 40-minute event. 对于一台完整的笔记本电脑,情况会是这样,吉尔克里斯特说,那会是一场持续35至40分钟的事故。That could cause a lot of problems.会导致很多问题。 /201609/465987

San Francisco Restaurant Serves Food on iPads instead of Plates旧金山饭店用iPad当盘子上菜Technology is seeping into everything, even restaurant tableware. Quince, a Michelin-starred restaurant in San Francisco has recently swapped ol#39; fashioned porcelain plates with Apple iPads for a couple of its most popular dishes.科技已经渗透到我们生活的方方面面,甚至包括餐馆的餐具。旧金山获过米其林之星的Quince餐厅就开始用iPad代替瓷盘做餐盘,盛放自己的招牌菜。Restaurants have been using tablets instead of classic s for years now, and some have even introduced app-powered ordering and payment options, but until not too long ago, plating seemed to be immune to this high-tech trend. They#39;re feeling the heat now, though, as more and more restaurants swap them out for futuristic tablet-based dishes, in an effort to attracts tech aficionados with and appetite for fine cuisine.饭店用平板电脑代替传统菜单已经有些时日了,有些甚至还有专门的点餐和付手机应用。但餐具似乎还没有受到这种高科技趋势的影响。而现在,他们终于开始向餐具下手。越来越多的餐馆开始使用充满未来感的平板电脑盛放菜肴,以此吸引科技爱好者,同时增强顾客对美食的胃口。The latest to join the exclusive restaurants where tablet plating is actually a thing is Quince, a San Francisco eatery run by Michael and Lindsey Tusk. They are serving a dish called ‘A Dog in Search of Gold#39; on an Apple iPad that#39;s playing a of a dog hunting for truffles. If you#39;re wondering about the connection, the dish is composed of white truffle croquettes. And in case you#39;re not into truffles, Quince also serves frog legs on top of iPads playing s of frogs in a pond.最近,旧金山一家由Michael 和Lindsey Tusk合开的Quince餐厅也加入了他们的行列。他们用iPad盛放一款名为“寻找黄金的”的菜,而iPad里正在播放一条搜寻松露的视频。想知道为什么要放这个视频吗?因为这道菜里包含有白松露炸丸子。如果松露不是你的菜,Quince还可以提供盛放着青蛙腿的iPad,而iPad里正在播放青蛙在池塘里嬉戏的视频。;The idea was simply about taking the guest on a voyage to being out truffle hunting then having a moment when the truffle is dug from the ground,; Michael Tusk told Inside Scoop SF. ;Living in San Francisco for over twenty years I have witnessed the tech boom, and I wanted to combine a little bit of gastronomy with technology and a little bit of education.;Michael Tusk告诉Inside Scoop SF网:“我们的想法很简单,就是让客人们体验一遍搜寻并挖掘松露的经历,然后再尽情享用美食。在旧金山生活二十多年来,我目睹了科技的繁荣,我想将些许美食与技术和少量教育结合在一起。”Interestingly, Quince is reportedly the first U.S. restaurant to use tablets as plates, but definitely not the first in the world. The Daily Mail reports that restaurants in the UK have been using them for the last two years, and the Arzak restaurant, in San Sebastian, Spain, is famous for its unique glass plates with iPads encased in them.有趣的是,Quince据说是美国第一家使用平板电脑作为餐具的餐厅,但却不是全球第一家。据《每日邮报》报道,英国的餐馆两年前就开始这样做了,而位于西班牙圣塞巴斯蒂安的Arzak餐厅,也因其独特的内嵌有iPad的玻璃餐具而闻名。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201701/487810

幸福婚姻有助于缓解女性压力A new study has found that all women need to lower their stress levels is a strong and happy marriage.A new study has found that all women need to lower their stress levels is a strong and happy marriage.A team of researchers led by James A. Coan, a University of Virginia neuroscientist has found that women under threat who hold their husbands' hands show signs of immediate relief, which can clearly be seen on their brain scans.Coan, an assistant professor in the U.Va. Neuroscience Graduate Program and the Department of Psychology, and his team conducted a study involving several couples who rated themselves as highly satisfied with their marriages.The researchers designed a functional MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) study in which 16 married women were subjected to the threat of a very mild electric shock while theyby turnsheld their husband's hand, the hand of a stranger (male) or no hand at all.They found that the MRI was able to show how these women's brains responded to this handholding while in a threatening situation.The researchers noted a large decrease in the brain response to threat as a function of spouse handholding, and a limited decrease in this response as a function of stranger handholding.Moreover, spouse handholding effects varied as a function of marital quality, with women in the very highest quality marriages benefiting from a very powerful decrease in threat-related brain activity."This is the first study of the neurological reactions to human touch in a threatening situation." said Dr. Coan.The study is published in the December 2006 issue of the journal Psychological Science. 一项最新研究发现,牢固美满的婚姻有助于缓解女性的压力。弗吉尼亚大学神经学家詹姆斯·A·可恩负责的一个研究小组通过脑部扫描发现,女性在受到威胁的情况下如果抓住丈夫的手,压力会立刻缓解。可恩是弗吉尼亚大学神经系统科学硕士项目和心理学系的副教授,他所负责的研究小组对几对婚姻很美满的夫妇进行了一项研究。研究人员设计了一项功能磁共振成像研究,他们让16名已婚女性在受到弱电击时分别握住丈夫的手、握住一位陌生男性的手以及不握手。结果发现,功能磁共振成像可以显示出这些女性在受到威胁的情况下,握住不同人的手时的大脑反应。研究人员发现,受到威胁的女性抓住丈夫的手时,脑部反应明显减弱;而抓住陌生男性的手时,脑部反应的变化则没有那么明显。此外,这种握手所起到的效果受到婚姻质量的影响,婚姻很美满的女性握手时压力明显缓解。可恩士说:“这一研究首次对人在受到威胁的情况下进行身体接触所产生的神经学反应进行了探究。”这项研究结果在《心理科学》的12月刊上发表。Vocabulary:by turns: 轮流;交替 /200803/30489

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