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2018年06月19日 18:25:13

Now it's not a disability but a way of life. That's how some people with autism are challenging the conventional view. As new research suggests as many as one in fifty-eight children may have the condition. Now autistic people are using the Internet to fight for their rights to be accepted as they are, rather than be treated or cured. Jenny Clainman reports.Who's got a bank account. Everybody got a bank account?Truly, yes. Yep.At this workshop in Surrey, people with autism are learning social skills that will give them the confidence to participate in everyday society. Autism is a developmental disability which affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them. The National Autistic Society runs workshops like this so that autistic people can deal with the non-autistic world. But some people with autism are saying they shouldn't have to fit in with mainstream society. They claim that autism is just a different way of being, rather than a disorder to be treated and cured, and say they shouldn't have to change for all benefit. Amanda Baggs is an autistic campaigner from Vermont. She is profoundly autistic and can only communicate with words by using a computer. Amanda posted this on YouTube to show up the assumptions non-autistic people make when they see people with severe autism.The way I naturally think and respond to things looks and feels so different from standard concepts or even visualization that some people do not consider it thought at all. But it's a way of thinking in its own right. However the thinking of people like me is only taken seriously, if we learn your language.Amanda's is a YouTube hit. 300,000 people have seen it since she posted it in January.It is only when I type something in your language that you refer to me as having communication. I would like to honestly know how many people if you met me on the street, would believe I wrote this.Amanda uses the virtual online universe "Second Life" to meet up with other autistic activists. They call their group the Autistic Liberation Front. Amanda is proud of her autism. In a world where you can choose to be whatever you what to be, she has spent months giving her avatar the same ticks and mannerisms that she has in real life. New research says that as many as one in fifty-eight people in the UK are born with autism. The Autistic Liberation Front fear that as science increasingly understands the causes of autism, this may lead to prenatal genetic engineering and selective abortion, which they brand as genocide.I tend to liken it to it to Martin Luther King in the sort of Black Pride's Movement.Joshua Muggleton is 17, and has Asperger's Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. He has his own blog and recognizes how the Internet has empowered autistic people. The Internet has been to the autistic community what sign language has been to the deaf community, a channel of communication that allows them to speak for themselves.What I and l and a few other people tend to use, is the word disability which basically, is about, is not disability, it’s a difference of ability. I am happy being who I am. If I was cured, I wouldn’t be who I am. I know a lot of my friends who are Asperger's autistic who wouldn't want to be cured of their autism and their uniqueness, just fit in with society's norms.But the National Autistic Society worries about the implications of redefining autism as a cultural difference rather than a disorder. There is a real concern that if it is seen as just a personality trait, extreme shyness, a different way of functioning, then individuals won't be able to get the support and the help that they need so badly. It takes the emphasis away from their very complex needs and the fact that they need funding they need support and they need assistance to be able to live the sort of life that most of us would, would expect.The people who look most set to benefit from the autistic rights movement are those who have constant access to the Internet. Autistic Liberation may mean that people with autism become dependent on computers for their freedom. But for campaigners like Amanda who spend most of their waking hours online, it's a prize worth paying to be understood on their own terms.200805/39710闵行区中医医院做丰胸手术价格费用Friday's US Presidential Debate Remains in Doubt麦凯恩奥巴马对暂停竞选各有立场  Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama are taking a rare break from the campaign trail to join President Bush and congressional leaders at the White House for a meeting on the U.S. financial crisis. McCain and Obama are scheduled for their first debate Friday, but that event is now in doubt.美国总统候选人参议员麦凯恩和奥巴马罕见地暂停竞选活动,和美国总统布什以及国会领导人一起参加在白宫举行的会议,讨论美国的财政危机。麦凯恩和奥巴马原定于星期五举行他们的首场辩论,但这次辩论是否能够如期举行目前尚存疑问。Before returning to Washington to deal with the financial crisis, both candidates spoke to former President Bill Clinton's annual meeting of his Global Initiative Project in New York.在返回华盛顿处理金融危机之前,两位候选人都在美国前总统比尔.克林顿在纽约举行的全球倡议项目上发表了谈话。Senator McCain said he is confident Congress and the Bush administration can agree on a financial bailout plan within the next few days.参议员麦凯恩说,他相信美国国会和布什政府能够在未来几天内达成一项救市计划。But McCain stood by his decision to suspend his presidential campaign and a call to delay Friday's first presidential debate at the University of Mississippi.不过麦凯恩坚持自己暂停总统竞选活动的决定,并呼吁推迟周五在密西西比大学举行的第一次总统辩论。"A great deal is being asked of the American people, and great care must be taken to ensure their protection," he said. "As most of you know, I am an old Navy pilot and I know when a crisis calls for all hands on deck. That is the situation in Washington at this very hour when the whole future of the American economy is in danger. I cannot carry on a campaign as though this dangerous situation had not occurred or as though a solution were at hand, which it clearly is not."麦凯恩说:“我们向美国人民提出了很多要求,因此我们务必要小心谨慎,以确保民众得到保护。众所周知,我是一个老海军飞行员,我知道当危机来临的时候,所有的人务必同舟共济。目前的华盛顿正处于这一非常时期。整个美国经济的未来正处于危险之中。我不能继续从事竞选活动而只当这种危险的局势好像没发生,或者好像手头已有解决方案那样。实际情况显然并非如此。”McCain's Democratic Party opponent, Senator Barack Obama, also addressed the Clinton conference by satellite from Florida, where he is preparing for Friday's debate.麦凯恩的民主党对手、参议员奥巴马通过卫星从佛罗里达州参加了克林顿总统的会议。奥巴马正在那里准备星期五的辩论。Obama echoed McCain's call for swift congressional action on a bailout plan that includes safeguards for taxpayers and homeowners.奥巴马响应麦凯恩要国会就一项包括保障纳税人和房主利益的救援计划迅速采取行动的呼吁。"It is outrageous that we find ourselves in a situation where taxpayers must bear the burden and the risk for greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street and Washington," he said. "But we also know that failure to act would have grave consequences for jobs, for savings and retirement for the American people."奥巴马说:“这是令人不能容忍的,我们发现自己处于这样的境地,即纳税人必须承担华尔街和华盛顿的贪婪和不负责任所导致的风险。但我们也知道,不采取行动将对美国人民的就业机会、储蓄和退休造成严重的后果。”Obama and McCain also want to prevent Wall Street executives responsible for the financial crisis from benefiting from the bailout plan.奥巴马和麦凯恩还表示,要防止那些造成这次金融危机的华尔街高层主管从救助计划中获益。But Obama also made it clear that he intends to attend Friday's scheduled presidential debate in Mississippi.奥巴马也明确表示,他打算参加星期五在密西西比州的总统辩论。"Our election is in 40 days, our economy is in crisis and our nation is fighting two wars abroad," he said. "The American people, I believe, deserve to hear directly from myself and Senator McCain about how we intend to lead our country. The times are too serious to put our campaigns on hold or to ignore the full range of issues that the next president will face."奥巴马说,“我们在40天内要举行选举,我国的经济正处于危机之中,我们的国家正在国外打两场战争。我相信,美国人民应该直接听取我和麦凯恩谈论我们如何带领国家的计划。目前正处于关键的时刻,我们不能停止竞选活动,也不能无视下一任总统将面临的各方各面的问题。”McCain's surprise call to delay the first of three presidential debates appeared to catch the Obama campaign off guard and has added a new element of uncertainty to the presidential race.麦凯恩令人惊讶地要求推迟三次辩论中的第一场辩论,似乎让奥巴马的竞选班子有些措手不及,并为这次总统大选增加了新的不确定的因素。Many Republicans have praised McCain for suspending his campaign, saying it shows he is willing to put the country's needs above politics.许多共和党人都持麦凯恩暂停竞选,并说这表明他愿意把国家的需要置于政治之上。But many Democrats have criticized McCain for what they say is a political stunt that will do little to bring about a compromise bailout plan in Congress.但是,许多民主党人批评麦凯恩说这只是一种政治表演,并无助于在国会达成妥协并产生救助计划。200809/50502上海华山医院切眼袋手术多少钱This morning on our continuing series, On the Couch with Dr. Gail Saltz, our Today contributor and psychiatrist helps you cope with some serious relationship problems. Hostess: Gail, good to see you. Gail: Good to be here. Host: Ok, let's go right to the emails, coz' we've got some really interesting stories here. First email we've received: my sister is infatuated with my boyfriend and constantly flirts with him. I've ignored it to keep the peace in our family. My mother says I should forget about it. But what she's doing is hurting me. What should I do? Gail: You know sister rivalry is so common, and even when you grow up, it's common still. But there are a couple of people involved in what's going on. You need to talk to the boyfriend: I don't appreciate you flirting back, coz' let's face it, it takes two to tango. You need to talk to the mom and say: Hey, peace at any price? This is really hurting me. Why would you support this? But mostly you need to talk to your sister and say: Look, if you're still feeling rivalrous with me over something, we need to talk about what that is. Because stealing my boyfriend is not the sisterly way to go. We need to talk about what's in your qua that you're acting out here. Hostess: And the culpability as mom to say keep the peace (at any price), as there is the thing that makes me feel, you know, uneasy about that. (It's, Of course it's very hurtful to her.) Gail: It's not uncommon, unfortunately, to have one parent feel that somehow one of their children is more fragile than the other and support that child more and that might be going on here. Hostess: ok, let s look at the second email: My boyfriend is constantly looking at other women. I see him gaze, and they smile back. It's like, "Boy, I'd love to be with you, but I'm stuck with her." It hurts me, and when I talk to him about it, he says that he is a man, and that's what men do. My female friends tell me not to worry-that he's just looking. I'm young, in great shape , I love him. But why am I so unhappy?Gail: You're unhappy because he is RUDE. And he's not taking your feelings into consideration. You know, you hear this a lot, men are visual and they can't help it. I say that's kind of ridiculous. Everybody is visual. And everybody likes to look at what attracts them. But people stop looking at other things that attract them in an obvious way because they don't want to hurt the person they are with. So he's not listening to how you feel. You need the basics to explain to him how would you feel if I checked out the tush of every guy that I thought was attractive. That wouldn't make you feel good either. It really should be the same for the sexes and while everybody wants to look, people control that out of consideration for their partner. Hostess: Ok, great advice. Ok let s look at email No. three: I often repeat a pattern in my romantic relationships: I get close to a boyfriend, feel emotional pressure, start to see his faults, and then break up with him. Then once the pressure is off, I reconnect with him. This is driving me current boyfriend crazy. I can't figure out if he is just wrong for me, or if I have commitment issues.Gail: Well, this is a very good question and a common scenario. One way to help you tell the difference is: if this is your MO, meaning if in past relationships you've tended to do this, I get close, I want you ,I want you; oh, now you are here, now go away, then probably you do have a commitment issue and a fear of intimacy. On the other hand, if that's not being your past history, you've had long relationships, they've worked out, but now it s happening just with this guy, it may be more that this guy isn't really working for you, but you are afraid of being alone. Many women are afraid of not having someone with them.Hostess: With a fear of intimacy, right? Gail: Well, if you've been able to be intimate in the past, (You should be (like) it.)that's less likely. But if in fact it is only with this guy, then sometimes it's: I wanna be with a guy and even this not good guy is better than no guy at all, which I would say, is not the way to go. If you keep having problems, it's probably time to move on. Hostess: Ok, let s look at the fourth email: My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years. His mother kisses my boyfriend on the lips just before she goes to sleep. I have never been comfortable with it. When I recently mentioned it, he said that it was not a big deal, and that she's always done that. She has three daughters and does not kiss them on the lips. Is this weird?Gail: Well, probably a lot of people are going eek. But let me say this, for a mother and a son, they' re sort of each other's loves for a long time. It's very normal for mom to be your first love when you're a little boy. And hopefully one day you grow up and you'll pick up a girl that reminds you of mom in the positive ways but is not mom. On the other hand, unfortunately, some moms have trouble letting it go and so they keep some sort of connection going and this may be one of them. If this is the only one, I'd say, all right, tell him you don't like it. But I wouldn't do worry too much. But if there are other things, like he listens to everything she says, she calls all the time, she's there all the time, he just may not be available for you, which could be a big problem. Hostess: Gail, excellent advice, as always. Gail: My pleasure. Hostess: Thank you so much.200807/44409glandaceous ——— 淡黄色的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Having the color of an acorn; light yellow-brown.例句 The floors in my sisters luxurious apartment are covered with costly, glandaceous carpeting.我的豪宅里的地板上铺着昂贵的淡黄色地毯。 /201607/453207上海玫瑰整形美容医院鼻小柱手术怎么样

上海隆胸医院去哪里好上海复旦大学附属浦东医院韩式隆鼻多少钱Tom? Here.汤姆? 这里。Anna? Here Denise.安娜? 我在这里,丹尼斯。And Paul? Yes, yes Im here and theres no need to panic. That was just a fire drill – a practice.保罗呢? 我也在,大家不要惊慌。刚才只是消防演习。Phew, Tip Top Trading is safe – for now. It was just a fire drill.Tip Top Trading暂时安全了,刚才是消防演习。What a busy day this is turning out to be.这一天可真是忙啊。Hey Anna, remember next time it could be for real so are you happy about what to say if you have to take charge?安娜,记住,下一次可能就是真的了,如果到时候让你主导整个局面你会高兴吗?Oh, not really.才不会呢。Just keep calm and say things like: Theres no need to panic.只要保持冷静,然后这样说就可以:大家不需要惊慌。Please leave the building and meet outside.请离开室内,到外面集合。Use the stairs not the lift.请走楼梯,不要用电梯。And when youre outside, you could say: Is anybody missing?当你到了外面之后,你可以说:有谁还没到?OK, thanks, but I hope Ill never need to use them.好的,谢谢,但是希望我永远不会用到它们。Well done everyone. Hopefully you all know what to do in the unlikely event of a real fire.大家都做得很好。虽然真正的火灾发生几率很小,但还是希望大家都能知道到那时该怎么做。Now, to celebrate, Im off to buy some really nice biscuits for all of us – you know, those special double choc ones with the little orange bits. Back to work everyone.好的,为了奖励大家的表现,我去买一些特别好吃的点心来分给大家——就是那种特别的双层巧克力点心。好了,大家回去工作吧。 /201702/491079上海祛斑的价格to jerk someone around ------ 愚弄(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) To deceive, thwart, or take unfair advantage of someone例句When I arrived at my hotel, the dishonest hotel manager tried to jerk me around by saying that my reservation had been lost and I would have to purchase a more expensive room.当我到达酒店后,阴险的酒店经理想愚弄我,说丢失了我的预订信息,我必须买一间更贵的客房。 /201611/471242上海长征医院祛疤多少钱

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