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Norman Vincent Peale, Japanese internment camps, straightward, to tap into, made by versus made of versus made in Words:Protestantdenominationsaffiliationinterplaytechniqueaffirmationscivilianto betrayancestryto mitigateinternment campsmemoirstraightwardto tap intomade bymade ofmade in 3759。

Why Americans dont use the metric system, how to dress in Los Angeles versus New York, yutz, to go back to square one, what to call your cousin son, Im done with youWords:signatoryto establishcommissioncompetitivedress codeto crack the codeunderdressedto try too hardto look smartthe Industryfinancial sectorflyover countryfirst cousindistant relative 37。

G.0)Fydf_jPq_6)IavLFPX%Wy83@Henry d Founds The d Motor CompanyHenry d founds a company that will revolutionize industrial production methods.In 19, Henry d and business associates signed the d Motor Company s of incorporation.Established with just $,000, the company sold its first car, a ;Model A d;, a month later to a doctor in Detroit.In 19, the company developed a new production method called the ;assembly line;.It had each worker staying in one place and perming the same task on each car as it passed by.This revolutionary new production method greatly improved efficiency and was soon being used in factories around the world.A@qotr.Ge[cs#WrlEX|N)^BO!pp98e%S]8TdY[E1A!ZYe;j9i5RQxu^ 3985。

Miranda v. Arizona; Famous Americans: Rube Goldberg; to heal versus to cure; to give up versus to give in; no wayWords:to take into custodyto interrogateto confessdefenseprosecutionjusticeto overturnsewercomic stripescalatorboxing gloveeditorial cartoonistto healto cureto give upto give inno way 67。

Nancy:Isnt this a great time of year?南茜:这不是一年中很棒的时间吗?Families get together over the holidays.家人节日时聚在一起Yasmani:Maybe it nice some families, but I d my family get-togethers.娅斯玛妮:也许对一些家庭来说很不错,但我担心我那一家人Nancy:How come?南茜:怎么说呢?Yasmani:I have a big family and there has always been a lot of sibling rivalry.娅斯玛妮:我有一个大家庭,而且兄弟间一直争来斗去的Nancy:Im sure that was true when you were growing up, but youve all grown out of it, havent you?南茜:我相信你们在成长过程中难免有些磕磕绊绊,但你们长大了就不闹了,对不对?Yasmani:Not us.娅斯玛妮:我们可不这样The firstborn still thinks he in charge, the middle children still act up to get attention, and the baby of the family is still rebellious.长子仍然认为他独大,老二则用手段希望获得关注,而最小的仍然叛逆Nancy:That true in a lot of families.南茜:很多家庭现在都是这样Yasmani:Yes, but when we get together, we compete to show up the others.娅斯玛妮:是的,但是当我们聚在一起的时候就会互相争斗We brag, argue, and nitpick.我们自夸,争论,吹毛求疵It rather pathetic, actually.实际上真的非常可怜Nancy:How do your parents handle all that?南希:你的父母会怎样处理?Yasmani:Theyve always left us to our own devices.娅斯玛妮:他们总是让我们自己解决We just fight it out amongst ourselves.我们只是这样亲生手足之间相互争斗Nancy:So, there no loving bond between the siblings.南茜:其中根本就没有兄弟间的那种关系Yasmani:Oh, we love each other, but we compete with other, too. It complicated.娅斯玛妮:哦,我们彼此相爱,但又争来斗去太复杂了Nancy:Then I should be glad to be an only child?南希:那我应该很高兴是家里的独子吗?Yasmani:That right. Count your blessings!娅斯玛妮:很好知足吧! 03。

#6579;Part . Language Study and Language Appreciation.Listen to the following statements you have learned in the previous and present s.Pay special attention to the parts in bold type. Learn to appreciate and use the language.1. to turn around to get on top of.It great to see someone really turn their life around and get on top of a problem that they thought they never could deal with.. to get through.As a camp counselor, it difficult to find a way to get through to kids with problems and win their trust.3. to make a difference.I dont really care if I make a lot of money or not, but I do want to work somewhere where I feel I can make a difference.. a good head math.We can always use a good head math around here.5. to be cooped up.That part I think I would like cause I dont like being cooped up.6. to look over one shoulders.Because were out there on the street, and we dont have anybody looking over our shoulders.7. to renege on.In a study done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, only % of employers surveyed said they reneged on job offers, and only 30% of colleges claimed some of their students were hired then let go.They have also reneged on job offers made to college grads, offering the suddenly unhired apology bonuses instead. 50。

Part 3. A radio debate.Keywordsmoral, aborted fetal tissue, medical.Vocabularyabort, fetal tissue, Reverend, graft, alleviate, abortion, fetus, grave, flip side, full-fledged, condone, legality, Organization of Physicians Responsible Research.A. Listen to a radio talk show which is on the topic of using human fetal tissue medical experimentation.The debate takes place between a leading scientist and a religious leader. As you listen the first time, try to answer the following questions.Good morning, and welcome to today broadcast of ;Seeing both sides.;Today we have something very interesting you, a very controversial topic.Is it a moral use of technology to take advantage of aborted fetal tissue medical experimentation?Our guests today are Dr. Jasmine Farnazeh, head of the Organization of Physicians Responsible Research, and the Reverend William Cooper.They are here to discuss the moral and medical implications of this new area of research.Good morning, Doctor and Reverend. Good morning.Good morning. Dr Farnazeh, Let begin by hearing the arguments in favor.Well, scientifically speaking, it clear that aborted fetal tissue is quite a gold mine.It is been proven to be extremely successful in grafting new tissue use with burn victims.Research is being done into other potential uses as well.Reverend Cooper, how do you respond to that? What about these benefits?Well, of course I see the doctor point, and it is extremely important to do everything possible in terms of research to alleviate human suffering.however, you cant ignore the fact that fetal tissue is a product of abortion, which many consider to be an act of murder.Just as we hope you would not kill another person to benefit yourself, it is immoral to use the life of a fetus in this way.Yes, Reverend Cooper, I suppose some people could say abortion is an act of murder, but it really important to clearly seperate issues here.You cant ignore the fact that abortion is legal in this country at this time.Certainly while we can recognize that as a grave human tragedy, it is a fact that it happens frequently, thousands of times every day.If this is the case, it makes good medical sense to derive any benefit from it that we can.Isnt the tragedy perhaps minimized if this tissue can be used to further human life?And, indeed, in terms of using this tissue to create new, living healthy skin burn victims, are we not in some small way allowing that life to continue?That one way of looking at it.However, another way of looking at it is to say that the life of that fetus deserves every opporty to grow and develop as an individual, that using these victims is simply adding insult to injury.And really, Dr. Farnazeh, can you seriously mean to imply that the benefit this tissue provides skin grafts burn victims balances the fact that a human life and all its potential has been taken without its consent?Maybe you have a point there, and Im sure many people would agree with you.But the flip side of the tissue is that our greatest moral obligation is to the living.As long as abortion is legal, as long as those fetuses are not developing into full-fledged human life, it seems we must devote our energies to concentrating on and helping in every way possible those who are alive and suffering.What exactly do you mean, Dr. Farnazeh? Are you condoning abortion?It doesnt matter whether or not I condone it.On one hand, we could spend a great deal of time arguing about the moral implications of abortion.On the other hand, this would be a waste of time since our opinions dont change the fact that it legal. We may as well simply accept the legality and go from there.Youve both raised a number of very interesting points.Im sure youve given our listeners a lot of food thought about this complex and controversial issue.Let take a short break now and when we return, well take some calls from our listeners. 5537。