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If we imagine that the cat is putting down a Post-it note,如果把这想象成猫猫们贴的随意贴it says what time it was there, who it was,那上面写的是 什么时候 谁来过and then it leaves that area.之后将它留在那里Now, the nice thing about leaving a chemical signal留下化学信号的好处在于is that you can physically leave,你不必时刻待在这里but you have left a message for another cat,但你却给其他猫留下了信息so when that other cat comes along当其他猫经过的时候and s that message, or that Post-it note, if you like,读懂了这条信息 你也可以叫它随意贴its gaining information about who is using that space,他们就能知道谁来过这片地区and how long ago they were using it.他们是什么时候离开的Sarah and John have believed for a while that cats time shift,一直以来 萨拉和约翰相信着轮换机制to share space and avoid fighting.是为了共享领地以及避免争斗But this data is the strongest evidence theyve gathered so far但这份数据是目前为止明这一点的that its really happening.最有力的据The week progresses, and the data continues to flood in.时间在流逝 数据源源不断被收集起来重点解释:1.put down 放下例句:Make sure that you put down every word she says.切实要记下她说的每一个字。2.leave a message 留个话例句:May I leave a message?我可以留个口信吗?3.flood in 涌进(流进)例句:The surges of green leopards flood in everywhere. 绿豹形成的汹涌巨浪,淹没所有地方,201608/460337twine pester on the top.Hang on.Into this,a bit of web of vine.Gonna be like, a net.固定好顶部 等等 让藤蔓交织在一起 形成一张网The idea is to then smoke these bats out我的计划是 把蝙蝠熏出来and as they fly out, Im gonna try and whack them and catch them.等它们飞出来时 我就试着猛拍 就能抓到它们了Its kinda of a little bit like a little bit like tennis racket.这回就有点像是 像是网球拍Lets get this torch right in there deep,and then were y for some bat tennis.把火把扔到洞里深处 然后就准备着打蝙蝠球吧Where did that one go?Got it. Got one there.刚才那个跑哪儿去了 打中了 这边打下来一个Lets try and get us another.You cannot be serious.40-15!See if we can get one more.试试能不能再弄一个 不是在开玩笑吧 40比15 看看能不能再打下来一个Game set match, Bear.Lets get these picked up and stowed.Thats such a result!比赛结束 贝尔赢了 让我们把这些蝙蝠都捡起来打包带走 收获可是不少Ive tried just so many times to catch bats in caves.捕洞中蝙蝠这事我以前试过很多次Ive never managed yet.So this is good news.不过还从来没成功过 所以这回算是大获全胜了Thats gonna be really good, good dinner.晚上会有一顿丰盛的晚餐了The chinese word for bats is happiness Thats exactly what Im feeling now.汉语中蝙蝠象征着福气 用来描述我现在的感受再恰当不过了Absolutely, flipping nora brilliant.这回绝对是太走运了Ive got food but in my next challenge,Im back on the move though the jungle.食物已找到了 而我的下一项挑战 是要继续这穿越丛林之旅Steady, steady, steady, steady.Its a chinese cobra.小心 小心点 是条中华眼镜蛇201607/455231That skirt is horrific. Can we unroll it, please?你的裙子真是太可怕了。你能把裙摆展开吗Are you talking to me? Yeah, I am talking to you. Yeah.你在和我说话吗?对,就是你Head teacher Neil Strowger has been keeping a close eye on progress.教学主任尼尔·史端乔一直密切关注着进展Hi. So, Miss Li asked me when objective clause is following prepositions.你好。李老师问我,宾语从句中什么时候接介词Theyve had a difficult beginning, the Chinese teachers, but things are improving.中国老师们虽然出师不利,但情况正在好转Now is when we will see whether the students respond to that接下来就得看学生们的最终表现and whether that will show us that this really is the best way.明这是否真的是最好的教学方法Turn to page 16, please.请把书翻到第十六页If you dont have any questions, well move on.没问题的话,我们就往下讲I think, as Head Teacher, I hate to lose.作为教学主任,我不希望输So, I will be absolutely gutted if we find out that the Chinese method is, indeed, the best way.如果我们发现,居然中式教育才是最好的教育方法,我会非常失望That will be a bitter pill to swallow.我很难接受这种结果Yes, excellent, very good. Excellent.对,非常好,非常好But with the kids now buckling down,孩子们开始用心学习之后the rigid Chinese teaching seems to be having an effect.严格的中式教学法似乎有了成效Can you tell me how to say, have, has, or had in Chinese?谁能告诉我;有;的中文怎么说;You.; ;You.; Yes. Can you repeat it?有。;有;。对了,能再说一遍吗;You.; ;You.; Well done. How about you?有,有。很好,你来Its all about repetition and copying notes from the board.中式教学法的精髓在于不断重复和抄板书Please repeat after me.跟我读Four weeks ago, Mandarin teacher Zhao Weis pupils didnt know a word of Chinese.四周前,普通话老师赵维的学生一句中文都不会说So, which one? C!选哪个?CC. Yeah, just circle C. Understand that?C,对了,把C圈上,懂了吗The Mandarin teacher, shes what I expected a Chinese teacher to be like...普通话老师和我想象中的中国老师一样because shes strict and shes to the point and shes...Shes scary.因为她很严厉,说话简明扼要,而且...还很吓人Does anybody remember how to say ;elder brothers?;有人记得;哥哥;怎么说吗I think she expects a lot more of us.我觉得她对我们有更高的要求Oh, yeah, on my homework once she wrote, ;Could try harder.;有一次她给我的作业评语是;尚需努力;I got one thing wrong.其实我只错了一处Rosie, the third sentence...罗茜,第三句Remember, in your exam on Thursday, you also need to write a composition.记住,周四的考试中,你们也要写一篇作文We will have very, very typical Chinese lesson preparing for the exam.我们要上一堂很典型的中文复习课来应付考试We will do a lot of revision.我们将进行大量复习You know, writing, and everything, exercise.做写作和其他方面的练习They need to know, do they really learn something during this one month他们需要知道,这一个月来他们是真的有所收获or they just wasting their time and doing nothing?还是虚度光阴一无所成Now, your homework.现在留作业Write a short composition to introduce yourself.写一篇介绍自己的小作文Oh, thats all so complicated.好难啊201605/443605TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201606/441520Hello. My name is Emma, and in todays lesson, I am going to teach you my top tips for the IELTS listening module. Okay?大家好,我是Emma,在今天的课上,我要教你们一些我专门为雅思考试听力部分准备的顶级技巧。So, before I teach you these tips, you might be wondering: ;Whats the IELTS listening module?;在我教你们这些技巧之前,你们可能会想知道:“雅思考试听力部分是什么?”Well, the IELTS is a test and one part of the test is listening.雅思是一种考试,而这种考试的其中一部分就是听力。So, in the listening section, youre going to have 40 questions where youre going to listen to some conversations for about 30 minutes,在听力部分将会有40道题,你们将会听到几段总长为30分钟左右的对话,and then youll have 10 minutes to transfer your answers over to another sheet.然后你们会有10分钟的时间把誊写到答题卡上。So, in total, its 40 minutes; 30 minutes for listening, 10 minutes for writing down your answers.所以,听力部分总时长为40分钟,30分钟用来听录音,10分钟用来写下。Okay, now this part of the IELTS is very possible to get a high mark, especially if you follow my tips. All right?雅思考试的这一部分是很有可能得到高分的,尤其是你们按照我的技巧来答题的话。Now, before we get started, I just want to let you know: I know you can do the IELTS.正式开始之前,我只是想告诉你们:我知道你们能搞定雅思。I know you can pass, I know you can get a great mark, a great bandwidth - you just have to have confidence in yourself and you have to practice.我知道你们能通过,能取得很棒的成绩,一个很棒的分数,你们只要相信自己并且多加练习就可以了。Practice, practice, practice; it really pays off. So lets get started.一定要练习,练习再练习!多加练习真的是有效果的。那么我们就开始吧。So, my first tip: write no more than three words.What do I mean by this?我的第一个技巧:不要超过三个单词。什么意思呢?I dont mean for the whole thing, write no more than three words.我指的并不是整张试卷,不是所有的题目都不要写超过三个单词。On the IELTS, you will have to the instruction of what to do.参加雅思考试的时候,你们一定要阅读考试说明,弄清楚要如何答题。Often times, the instruction, before you listen, youre going to see: ;Write no more than three words.;很多时候,在播放录音之前,你们会在考试说明中看到:“不要超过三个单词”的字样。This is an example of an instruction you must follow.这是考试说明中一个你们必须遵守的例子。One mistake a lot of students make during the IELTS is they dont instructions properly.很多学生参加雅思考试期间经常会犯的一个错误是,他们没有好好阅读考试说明。Theyre nervous, theyre stressed out, they write whatever, they dont... they dont follow the instructions.他们很紧张,压力非常大,写了什么且不论,但是他们并没有按照考试说明的要求答题。If you see something like: ;Write no more than three words.; Do that.如果你们看见像“不要超过三个单词”之类的要求,请一定要遵守。You cant write four, dont write five. Write three or less. Okay?你们不能写四个单词,也不要写五个,只能写三个或以下的单词,知道了吗?So my main point here: follow the instructions carefully.所以这一点的主要内容就是:认真按照考试说明答题。Point number two: get used to British English.第二点:要习惯英式英语。A large part of the IELTS, you will be listening... For... For... Sorry, for the listening, you will be listening to British accents.在雅思考试的听力部分中,有很多时候你们都将会听到英国口音。Sometimes you might hear Australian accents or Canadian, you might hear a range, but a lot of the accents will be British.偶尔你们也许还会听到澳大利亚或者加拿大口音,也许会听到很多不同的口音,但大部分都会是英式英语。So its very important to get used to listening to British accents.所以习惯听英式口音非常重要。And also, listen to other accents like Canadian, Australian; thats a good idea too.另外,听一听像加拿大和澳大利亚之类的其他口音也不错。Where can you find British accents to listen to? I recommend the B.你们在哪里能找到英式英语用来训练听力?我推荐B。They have a lot of great s there and most of its with British accents, so its a very good idea so you can practice listening.B上有很多很棒的视频,而且大部分都是英式英语,所以对你们来说会是很好的练习听力的材料。The more you practice listening with British accents, the easier it will be to understand British speakers.你们练习听英式英语的次数越多,要听懂英国讲话人阅读的内容就越容易。Especially if youre used to American English, this is a very good thing to do.尤其是对那些习惯了美国口音的人来说,这是很有效果的。Related to this point: British vocab. You should learn British vocabulary.下一点跟这一点也有关系,那就是:英式英语词汇。你们应该学习一些英式英语中使用的词汇。For example: in American English and Canadian English, we say: ;truck;.比如说,在美式英语和加拿大英语中,我们说“卡车”时用的是;truck;。In British English, we say: ;lorry;.但是英式英语中用的却是;lorry;。So its good to know some of these British expressions, some British words.所以了解一些这样的英式表达,一些英式英语单词,还是不错的。One idea where you can practice these is if you check out our website: www.engvid.com,你们可以练习这些的一个办法就是,你们可以去engvid网站上找到我们一个新来的老师,we have a new teacher who is British and who will be talking about British English, so check out her... her s.她是英国人,讲课的内容也是关于英式英语的,所以你们可以去看看她的视频。It will also be good to help you with practicing listening to British accents.这也能帮助你们练习听英式口音。Number four: spelling counts. Okay? Very important.第四点:拼写也是要算分的,知道吗?这一点很重要。The listening part of the IELTS is not just listening; youre actually using other skills like writing and ing.雅思考试的听力部分考察的不仅是听力,实际上你们在这个部分还会用到像读写这样的其他技能。Now, with writing, when you write down your answers, you sometimes have to spell something out, so you have to be very, very careful with spelling. Okay?说到写,当你们写下的时候,有时候必须把单词拼写出来,所以你们在拼写单词的时候一定要非常非常仔细。This is something you should really study and practice before you take the listening part of the IELTS.这是在做雅思考试听力部分之前,你们应该好好学习并练习的内容。Practice your spelling. Learn spelling rules.练习你们的拼写,学一些拼写规则。We have a lot of different s on how to spell on engVid, so I would come and check those ones out.我们在engvid网站上有很多关于如何拼写单词的不同视频,我希望你们能去看看。Number five - this is the thing that always gets my students and I always warn them about when we practice...plural versus singular. Okay?第五点,在我们练习的时候,这一点经常难倒我的学生,而且我也不断提醒过他们,那就是:单数和复数形式。You have to listen carefully on whether youre writing down the plural with an ;s; or the singular.你们要仔细听录音,分辨出自己要写下的是带;s;的复数形式,还是单数形式。If the question wants me to write down: ;cat;, someones talking about their cat and I write down: ;cats;, its incorrect.比如说,这一题需要我写的是;cat;(猫),录音里有人在谈论他们的猫,而我写下的是;cats;,那就不对了。I would get an ;X;.我会得到一个;X;。Okay, so its important to be careful, to really listen: is it a singular thing, is it a plural thing?所以,仔细听,好好听录音里讲的是单数的名词还是复数名词是很重要的。Are they saying ;store; or ;stores;? Okay?比如仔细听他们讲的是;store;(店铺)还是;stores;。Number six - this is probably the most obvious tip, but... very important to do practice tests.第六点,这一点可能是最明显不过的技巧了,不过我还是要说:做练习题非常重要。There are many, many books out there on the IELTS that have practice tests with a CD.市面上有很多很多书都是关于雅思考试的,里面有练习题和CD。You can listen and you can practice.The more you do, the better, and the better your mark probably will be.你们可以听CD,然后练习。你们做得越多、越好,成绩可能就会越高。Okay? So do as many practice tests as you can for the listening.And again, maybe when you start, it will be very difficult.所以,请尽可能多做一些练习题来训练听力。还有,在你们刚开始做题的时候,也许会觉得很难。Maybe youll do a test and youll do very poorly on it - a practice test - its good to keep going.也许你们做了一套练习题,然后做得非常差,但是一直做下去就会变好的。Even if you do bad at first, Im sure the more you practice, the more you get used to these accents - youre going to do fine. Okay?即使你们一开始做得不好,但是我相信练习得越多,越习惯这些口音,你们到时候在考场上的表现就会越好。Just keep practicing, practicing, practicing.Number seven: prediction, very important on the IELTS.只要坚持练习、练习再练习就可以了。第七点:预测,这一点在雅思考试中也很重要。During the listening, at the end of each section, you have some time to check your answers and to the questions that are coming up.在听力考试期间,每个小节结束后,你们都有一些时间可以检查和阅读下面的题目。Very important that you look ahead.提前看题目内容非常重要。Okay? Any time you have a chance to stop and to... to ahead on the IELTS, the... the listening part, its very important to do this.无论什么时候你们有机会可以停顿一下,可以提前阅读雅思考试......听力部分的话,做到这一点非常重要。The reason is you can make a guess, you can predict... its not exactly a guess, but you can predict what an answer is going to be,这么做的理由是,这样你们就能猜一下,进行一下预测......说猜不太准确,不过你们可以预测一下可能是什么,and your chance of getting that answer right is going to go up.这样你们听到正确的几率就会增加。So, for example, maybe this is one of the questions: ;The woman will travel on _.;举个例子来说,也许这是其中一个问题:;The woman will travel on _.;(这位女士将乘__旅行)Okay, so Im going to have to listen to the CD.然后我要听CD里的录音。Now, what I can do is in pencil, I can just write in what I think its going to be.我现在能做的就是,用铅笔写下我觉得可能的。Well, I see the word: ;travel;, ;travel on;, so maybe shes travelling on a bus, or maybe a plane.我看见了;travel;这个单词,题干有;travel on;,那么也许她将乘公共汽车旅行,或者可能是飞机。Okay. Think of some... some thing she might be travelling on.想一些她也许会乘坐的交通工具。And then you can just write quickly what your prediction is.然后你们就可以直接迅速写下你们预测的。And then, when they actually play the... the tape, listen, see if your prediction was correct, its not, you can just write in the correct answer.接下来,当他们真正播放录音的时候,你们就可以看看自己的预测正不正确,如果不正确的话,就直接把正确的写下来。But youll have a good chance of getting the answer right.不过这样做你们能写出正确的机会就更大。The listening goes very quickly so its very good to do this prediction so you can prepare yourself.录音的播放速度很快,所以做预测是很有用的,它能帮助你们做好准备。Know what theyre looking for.请弄清楚自己该找什么信息。Okay. Prediction, very important.好了,要做预测,这一点很重要。Now, lets learn some other tips to succeed on this part of the test.现在我们继续学习一些,能帮你们在考试的这一部分取得成功的其他技巧。Okay, my next tip is about predicting again.我的下一个技巧还是关于预测的。But if you cant predict the word - maybe theres not enough information - at least you can predict if theyre looking for a noun, adjective, adverb, or verb.但是如果你们无法预测出这个单词的话,也许试卷上信息不足,至少你们可以预测他们要找的是一个名词、形容词、副词还是动词。Okay. So whats an example of this?关于这一点有什么例子呢?I come over here. For the fill in the blank questions, maybe it will say something like: ;She has three _.; Blank.我到这边来。在填空题中,也许会有像这样的一道题: ;She has three _.; (她有三个__)She has three, what? I have no idea; she could have three of anything.Well, what I do know is this is going to be... What is it going to be?她有三个......什么?我不知道,她可以有三个任何东西。但我明确知道的是,这会是个......你们知道它会是个什么吗?Is it going to be a verb? No. Adjective? No.Its going to be a noun.它会是个动词吗?不是。形容词?也不是。它会是个名词。Keyword: ;She has;, theres aly a verb here, I know its going to be a noun.So that can help.请看关键词:;She has;,这里已经有一个动词了,所以我知道它会是个名词。知道了这一点也是有用的。Next tip. This is one of the challenging things about the IELTS, youre listening and writing at the same time.下一点,雅思考试很有挑战性的原因之一是:你们要在同一时间听录音和写。Okay? So, again, the listening is not only a listening; its also listening, writing, ing, not speaking.再说一次,听力部分考察的不只是听力,还有听、写、读,没有说。So its important that you practice these skills together.所以你们把这些技能结合起来一起练习是很重要的。What you can do is you can maybe go on the B, listen to what theyre saying, take notes.你们能做的是,也许你们可以去B网站上,一边听视频里的内容,一边做笔记。Get used to writing quickly while youre listening.I think this is one of the most important skills you can learn.在听的同时,你们要养成快速书写的习惯。我觉得这是你们能学到的技能中最重要的一个。Number 10 - this is the trick on the IELTS - be aware of changes.第十点是关于雅思考试中的陷阱的,你们一定要注意录音中出现的变化。Often times, they have a phone conversation in the listening and somebody says something like: ;Oh, the number, its 2078.;很多时候,他们在听力部分会播放一段在电话里进行的对话,里面某个人可能会说: “哦,号码是2078。”And so you write: ;2078;, but then they say: ;Oh, no, wait. Im sorry. Its actually 4078.;于是你写下了“2078”,但是就在这个时候他们又说了:“不,等一下,不好意思,号码实际上是4078。”So you have to be very careful because often times, they will give information and then they will change it.所以你们一定要非常小心,因为他们经常会给出某个信息,然后又换一个信息。They will say: ;Oh, Im sorry. Thats the wrong information. Its actually this number instead.;他们会说:“哦,不好意思,刚才的信息是错的,实际上后面这个才是正确的号码。”Okay. So be aware of that, the first time you write something down, they might change it, so keep your ear out for that, listen for that.所以一定要注意这一点,你们第一次写下某个信息之后,他们也许就会换一个,所以一定要竖起耳朵好好听。Number 11. One thing to practice is listening to groups of numbers.第十一点,你们还要练习的一件事就是听一大堆数字。Maybe youre good at listening to the number one, if I say: ;five;, ;seven;, you understand that.也许你们很擅长听单个的数字,如果我说“五”,“七”,你们都能听懂。But if I say a lot of numbers at the same time like: ;My phone number is 971-225; - its not this, by the way, so dont call this number - ;1-877-43298;.但是如果我同时说很多数字的话,比如:“我的电话号码是971225”,顺便提一下,我的号码不是这个,不要乱打啊,再比如“187743298”。Okay. I hope nobody has this number, but if I say something like that, were you able to write down all those numbers?希望这个号码没有人在用......不过,如果我说了这样的号码,你们能把其中每个数字都写下来吗?All right? Youve got to get used to listening to large groups of numbers in sequence.你们要习惯听连续的一大堆数字。Again, about the numbers because you often have to listen to something about numbers in the IELTS.下一点还是关于数字的,因为你们在雅思考试中经常要听关于数字的内容。Its also important to listen for the difference between ;13; and ;30;, ;14; and ;40;, ;15; and ;50;, and so on.注意听;13;和;30;, ;14;和;40;, ;15;和;50;等等这类数字之间的区别也是很重要的,Okay? So the trick here is: ;13;, ;teen; is usually louder, ;thir; is quieter and shorter, versus: ;30; where ;thir; is longer, ;ty; is shorter.做这类题目的技巧是:“13”(thirteen)这个单词中,读;teen;的时候声音通常更大,;thir;的声音更小更简短,而“30”(thirty)这个单词中,;thir;的读音更长,;ty;更短。So get used to listening to these numbers so you can actually hear the difference, because you might hear that on the IELTS.你们要习惯听这些数字,这样就能真正听出它们的差别了,因为你们在雅思考试中也许会碰到这种题型。Number 13, this is also very important, your handwriting must be clear.第十三点,这一点同样很重要,你们的书写一定要清晰。All right? If they cant what you write, youre not going to get the marks for your answer, even if its correct, if they cant it - thats a problem.知道了吗?如果评卷老师看不清楚你写了什么,你的就没分了,即使是正确的也没办法,因为关键在于他们看不懂啊。So if you have bad handwriting, this is something you should work on, practice writing.所以如果你们书写很差的话,这就是你们应该努力的方面了——练习写字。Start off slow and then work on speed, get better and better and better, and faster at writing.刚开始的时候慢慢写,然后提高速度,争取写得越来越好,越来越好,同时也要写得更快。All right? So write well.Number 14, this is my last tip of the day.都听到了吗?要好好写字。第十四点,这是我今天要讲的最后一个技巧。With... Again, this is with spelling because its so important on the IELTS for the listening section.这一点仍然是关于单词拼写的,因为在雅思考试的听力部分,单词拼写特别重要。One thing they often do is theyll have somebody spell something out.经常会出现的情况是,他们会让某个人在录音里拼读某个东西。So maybe theyll... someone will be on the phone and theyll say their last name.也许某个人正在打电话,然后他们会讲出自己的姓氏。;My last name is Tattoli.; Okay?And then theyll spell it. ;Thats T-a-t-t-o-l-i.;比如他们会说:“我姓Tattoli。”然后他们会把这个姓氏拼读出来,“那是T-a-t-t-o-l-i。”Now, one thing to be careful of is often times they do these double lettering thing where when theyre on the phone, theyll say: ;Its T-a- double t-o-l-i.;值得注意的一件事是,他们在电话里经常会用“双写”的说法,他们会说:“那是T-a-双写t-o-l-i。”This means there are two ;t”s, so if you hear the word: ;double;, ;double t;, ;double m;, ;double n;.也就是说里面有两个;t;,所以当你们听到“双写”这个词的时候要格外注意,比如“双写t”,“双写m”,“双写n”。My name has a double ;m;. Be aware of that.It means you have to write down two of those.比如说我的名字要双写m。一定要注意这一点。意思就是你们要写下两个同样的字母。All right? So I know you are going to do well on this test.Its... Its... You can do it. Its all a matter of practice, practice, practice. All right?清楚了吗?我知道你们考试的时候会表现得很好的。你们能做到的,只要不断练习就可以了。And just constantly practicing to improve.So you can do it, I know you can, and you need to know you can do it.而且还要不断练习以提高自己的能力。你们能做到的,我知道你们可以,你们自己也要知道这一点。Its very important to be confident yourself.对自己充满信心也是很重要的。So, for a lot of extra language learning material, you can come visit our website at www.engvid.com.那么,想获得更多语言学习资料的话,你们可以去我们的网站上看看,网址是www.engvid.com。Also, theres another great website: www.GoodLuckIELTS.com.另外还有一个很棒的网站,网址是www.GoodLuckIELTS.com。On our website, I will have a quiz to test you on some of these tips to see if you remember them.我会在网站上上传一个小测验,你们可以用它来测试一下自己有没有记住这些技巧。So, until next time, take care.那么,下次再见啦,保重。201707/517014

Nobody will only live by themselves.没有人能够脱离他人而独活All of us live in a community.我们每个人都生活在集体当中Its very important for us to communicate with each other in a proper way.学会正确与他人共处对我们来说是非常重要的The subject is taught from kindergarten to university,这门课从幼儿园到大学一直都有by members of the communist party who work in every school.由各所学校的共产党员进行教授Im going to have breakfast/lunch.我要去吃早饭了,也可以说是午饭14-year-old Josh has been one of the most troublesome kids in the Chinese school.十四岁的乔什在中式学校可以说是最难管的学生之一Keep quiet! No.安静。不要During the second week, he brought in a kettle to make tea in protest against the long hours.在第二周的时候,他带了个电热水壶来泡茶以消磨漫长的学时This is not on.不许带这个进来No. You cannot take this to classroom. Totally not allowed.不,你们不能把这个带进教室。绝对不准Im normally super hard working and Chinese school, it just hasnt happened.我不是那种特别用功的学生,在中式学校里,就更不可能了Its just, sort of, a complete personality change,他们试图完全改变我们的个性that you can... rebel against something and be different.这让我有逆反心理,我偏要与众不同We are talking about communication qualities.我们在说的是交流质量So, in Bohunt, in Social Education,在航特的社会教育课上youre encouraged to form your own opinions, far more than in Chinese school.学生可以有自己独特的观点,这点和中式学校很不一样Youre dictated at all the time.你每时每刻都在受人摆布This is typical of a Chinese lesson.这就是典型的中国课堂Youre told these facts and they will be right你被告知这些事实是正确的because its come from more authoritative position因为它们来自权威人士so a teacher, then headmaster, then government.比如老师,校长,政府Do you think equality is very important?你们认为平等是非常重要的吗Well, communism was about equality and that worked out well.共产主义就是为了平等,效果还真不错呢I think the Chinese education system, it seems like sort of an industrial process to me.我感觉中式教育体制就好像是某种流水线作业You get batches of really intelligent kids who have the same work ethic.生产出很多非常聪明的学生,这些学生拥有一致的职业道德And I think it has its place,我认为它们自有适应其生长的土壤but Im not sure whether its place is fully in England or not.但是我并不确定英格兰是不是这样的土壤I accept myself as who I am - a bit of a dick.我接受我本来的样子,有点混201605/446363

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