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韩国主管北韩政策的主要官员说,他认为北韩近来对国际社会的一系列挑衅行为目的是要在国内巩固权力。目前旨在使北韩最终放弃核计划的谈判陷于停顿,韩国为了应对北韩最近的威胁正在强化和伙伴国家的外交联系。North Korea's official Rodung Sinmun newspaper described the country as a "proud nuclear power" Monday, and warned it would be a "great mistake for the ed States to think it will not be hurt" in the event of military conflict on the peninsula.北韩官方报纸劳动新闻报星期一说,北韩已经是“自豪的核大国”,并警告美国不要在韩半岛发生军事冲突时认为自己不会受到攻击,否则会铸成巨大错误。That latest example of shrill rhetoric from Pyongyang comes as the U.S. Navy tracks a North Korean vessel which may be carrying missile parts or other weaponry. Such items are prohibited under the latest ed Nations Security Council resolution passed after North Korea's nuclear test last month.北韩这些最新的恐吓是在美国海军舰艇跟踪北韩船只之后发出的。被跟踪的北韩船只可能运载有导弹部件和其他武器。联合国安理会在上个月北韩核试验后通过的最新决议禁止这些物品出入北韩。South Korea's main 24-hour cable news channel network cited intelligence officials Monday as saying the North Korean vessel was probably destined for Burma.韩国主要的24小时有限新闻频道星期一援引情报官员的话说,北韩船只的目的地有可能是缅甸。South Korean Unification Minister Hyun In-taek told the Reuters news agency Monday, Pyongyang's recent provocations appear to fit a pattern.韩国统一部部长玄仁泽星期一告诉路透社,平壤最近的挑衅符合北韩的行为规律。Hyun says social instability has increased in North Korea, so leader Kim Jong-il needs to continue to reinforce his domestic power base.他说,北韩社会不稳定的状况加剧,所以,领导人金正日需要不断稳固自己的国内势力。Those comments echo earlier assessments by analysts here in Seoul, who say Kim Jong Il's apparent stroke about a year ago challenged perceptions of his complete command of the North's government.这个和此前一些首尔专家分析一致。有分析认为,金正日一年前的中风令他的领导能力受到挑战。Hyun adds, the North Korean leader also has to think about possible power succession, whether it happens right away or some time later-- that is another reason to reinforce his power base.他说,北韩领导人还考虑到可能的继任人问题,不管是在现在进行,还是稍后解决接班人问题都是金正日需要巩固权力的另一个原因。South Korea is intensifying diplomacy to contain North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons. President Lee Myung-bak travels to Tokyo this Sunday to discuss North Korea with Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso. Seoul's main envoy on the nuclear issue, Wi Sung-lac, is scheduled to meet with his Russian counterpart in Moscow later this week. A South Korean envoy is also traveling to a gathering in Poland for the South's first formal participation in a U.S.-led anti-proliferation cooperative.韩国正加紧外交努力来阻止北韩发展核武器。总统李明上周日前往东京,和日本首相安倍晋三讨论北韩问题。首尔核谈判首席代表魏圣洛本周晚些时候将在莫斯科和俄罗斯代表会面。另一名韩国特使将前往波兰,代表韩国第一次出席由美国发起的反核扩散合作会议。06/75400。

How U.S. targets hackers CNN's Barbara Starr reports how the military is considering establishing offensive cyber war tactics and procedures. In the thriller Live Free or Die Hard, Bruce Willis takes on an Internet-based terrorist organization, trying to shut down the ed States, starting with traffic signals. It's a scenario that the US military worries some day may be real. The next war may also find US troops on the offence in cyberspace.But I think we need to get y and get set to be able to allow our forces to essentially leverage the cyber world. Cyber warfare is so sensitive / the Pentagon refused to provide any official to speak on camera. The Air Force is considering establishing a seperate organization just to handle it.Some people are talking about the things that belong in the movies not at the Pentagon.But this recently declassified national military strategy for cyberspace operations spells out the Pentagon strategy: superiority in cyberspace, and says troops must be able to conduct the full range of military operations in and through cyberspace. It's more than just shutting down the other guy’s systems. Experts say the idea, use cyber attacks to disable aircraft, make radars go blank, and even plant false intelligence in the enemy computers.It's never gonna take the place of hot steel on target.The Pentagon is aly concerned about Chinese and Russian cyber tricks. It's thought Moscow was behind recent attacks on Georgian government websites. Real cyber war, however, may not look very Hollywood. Well combat in cyberspace is mainly gonna look like a bunch of people sitting at keyboards and staring at screens. It is probably not going to be as exciting as it is in the movies.200811/54672。

Americans waste more energy in the food they throw away, than Switzerland or Sweden consume in a year.Researchers at the University of Texas, Austin say that points to a painless way to save energy: stop wasting food. 美国德克萨斯大学奥斯丁汀分校的研究人员发现了一个不费劲的节能途径,这就是停止浪费食品。According to a new study in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, food waste and the energy required to produce it, represent an unrecognized opportunity to conserve energy and reduce climate changing emissions.环境和技术杂志新发表的一篇报告说,食品浪费以及生产浪费掉的食品所消耗的能源是人们尚未意识到的节省能源、减少温室效应气体的途径。Scientists at the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy set out to answer three questions about the relationship between food and energy use: how much energy is in food, how much food is wasted and how much energy is in the wasted food. 德州大学国际能源和环境政策中心的科学家们最初是探寻三个有关食品和能源消耗方面的问题。该中心的副主任迈克尔.韦伯说:“我们必须弄清楚食品里面到底包含多少能源,有多少食品被浪费掉,被浪费掉的食品包含多少能源。”Wasting energyMichael Webber, the center's associate director and co-author of the study, says between eight and 16 percent of U.S. energy consumption is tied up in food production, transportation, preservation and disposal. "And then we throw away at least a quarter of that food. Some people say even 50 percent." 韦伯是新发表的研究报告的作者之一。他说,研究报告提出一些令人意外的。“我们这个国家有百分之八到百分之十六的能源消耗用于食品系统,食品生产、运输、储存和处理。我们拿出美国百分之十的能源用于食品,然后,我们又扔掉这些食品中至少四分之一。有些人说,我们扔掉了百分之五十。”What Americans spend on food has declined in relative terms for decades. And, because food is so abundant and cheap, Americans are not as concerned about tossing it out. 几十年来,美国人用于食品的消费相对来说下跌了。由于食品如此丰富,如此便宜,美国人也就不太在乎,随便丢弃。So, Webber and his colleagues calculated how much energy was needed to produce the trashed food. "We found that there's at least two percent of the nation's energy consumption is embedded in food we throw away. And that ends up being a pretty big number because of how much energy we consume overall as a nation."韦伯和他的同事计算了生产被丢弃的食品所需要的能源。他说:“我们发现,美国能源消耗量当中至少百分之二是用于被扔掉的食品中。这是一个相当大的数字,因为美国的能源消耗量非常大。”201010/116109。

An international aid flotilla is continuing with plans to sail to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip despite a series of setbacks.一国际救援船队在遇到一连串挫折后,继续遵循驶向哈玛斯控制的加沙地带的计划。Pro-Palestinian activists organizing the aid flotilla say they still intend to challenge Israel's blockade on Gaza, a day after an American boat was intercepted by the Greek coast guard and turned back to Athens. American Greta Berlin, who was on board the vessel, blames Israel and the ed States for the setback.组织这个救援船队的亲巴勒斯坦活动人士说,他们仍想突破以色列在加沙地带的封锁。就在一天前,一艘美国船被希腊海上防卫队拦截,返回雅典。美国人柏尔林当时在船上,他把这次受挫归咎于以色列和美国。"The Greek government is under a huge amount of pressure from the Israeli government and probably our own government as well," said Berlin.柏尔林说:“希腊政府承受了来自以色列政府、可能也有美国政府的巨大压力。”Israel and the U.S. have urged the flotilla not to violate the Gaza blockade, warning that the mission is dangerous and provocative. Last year ago, Israeli naval commandos intercepted a Gaza aid flotilla, and in the botched raid, nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed. The incident sparked international outrage and raised regional tensions.以色列和美国敦促这个船队不要违反对加沙地带的封锁,并警告说,这项任务是危险并且具有挑衅意味的。一年前,以色列海军突击队拦截一艘驶往加沙的援助船。在这次拙劣的突袭中,九名亲巴勒斯坦活动人士丧生。这起事件激起了国际社会的愤慨,加剧了这个地区的紧张关系。The ed Nations and European Union have backed the Israeli and U.S. position, which calls for the flotilla to dock in Israeli or Egyptian ports and transfer their cargo to Gaza legally over land.联合国和欧盟持以色列和美国的立场,这一立场就是,要求船队停泊在以色列或埃及港口,从陆路将货物合法地运到加沙。But activists reject that, charging that the blockade is illegal and immoral. Speaking from Athens, Greta Berlin says the mission to Gaza will go ahead.但活动人士拒绝接受这一主张,指责封锁是非法和不道德的。柏尔林在雅典表示,前往加沙的任务会继续进行的。201107/143068。

平时,贪吃的朋友们总是觉得多吃一点没有关系,满足自己的嘴馋最要紧。然而,你们知道吗?贪吃、吃得过多有可能会导致死亡。所以,大家还是要合理饮食。Yael: Hey Don, do you know why over-eating can be lethal for a squid? Don: Obese squid are prone to heart disease, Yael? Y: No. In fact, it would only take a single oversized meal to kill or cause brain injury to a squid. D: Brain injury? I'm stumped. Y: Squid are part of a diverse group of highly evolved invertebrates called cephalopod mollusks. Cephalopods, which also include octopus and cuttlefish, have the largest and most complex brains of all the invertebrates. Like all invertebrates, squid don't have a bony skeleton. And squid even lack a hard outer shell like many other mollusks have. But squids' brains are protected by a capsule of flexible cartilage. D: Yael, what does this have to do with over-eating? Y: Oh right. Well, the squid's digestive system passes right through its brain! D: Whaaaaat? Y: Yep. Although the cartilage surrounding the brain is flexible, it doesn't stretch. However, the esophagus running through the middle of the brain does stretch. If a squid tried to swallow too large a piece of food, the esophagus would expand, squashing its brain into the sides of its head. But squid are well adapted to avoid this problem. They have hard chitinous beaks, sort of like parrots' beaks, that break up even hard-shelled food into manageable pieces. The food is further broken down by strong enzymes in their saliva, and a hard, raspy tongue-like structure called a radula. The radula is covered with rows of small sharp teeth specially adapted to grinding and shredding. So the squid's dinners are reduced to tiny particles before swallowing. D: An esophagus through the brain! Who knew squid were so fascinating!?05/70710。

Football fans attending the World Cup risk permanent damage to their hearing from the vuvuzela horns which are the must-have accessory at the tournament in South Africa, a study said Monday.The din emitting from the tuneless plastic horns is louder than that from a drum or a chainsaw, according to the survey by hearing aid manufacturer Phonak.It said tests had shown the sound emitted by a vuvuzela was the equivalent to 127 decibels. The sound from a drum was put at 122 decibels while the sound from a referee's whistle registered 121.8 decibels."Extended exposure at just 85 decibels puts us at a risk of permanent noise-induced hearing loss," Phonak said in a statement on the SAPA news agency."When subjected to 100 decibels or more, hearing damage can occur in just 15 minutes."While the horns have gone down a storm among South African supporters, players from rival teams have been less enthusiastic.Spain midfielder Xabi Alonso has called for it to be banned as it impedes players' concentration but FIFA chief Sepp Blatter has defended it as a part of South African football culture.【Notes】hearing aid: a small device that fits inside the ear and makes sounds louder, used by people who cannot hear well 助听器decibel: a unit for measuring how loud a sound is 分贝(声音强度的单位)referee: the official who controls the game in some sports, such as football, basketball and boxing 裁判;裁判员go down a storm:受到热烈欢迎201006/105978。

Turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa in the past few months has driven the price of oil on the world market to more than 0 a barrel, causing a spike in fuel prices in the ed States that is putting a crimp in transportation budgets for families and businesses alike. For the moment anyway, people are taking it in stride.过去几个月以来,中东和北非地区的动荡导致全球市场上的石油价格上升到每桶100美元以上,美国的燃油价格也因此上涨。许多家庭和企业交通预算因此受到影响。不过,从目前来看,大家还是能够坦然应对油价上涨的事实。Filling up at the gasoline pump has become much more expensive in recent weeks as the sharp rise in crude oil prices comes down to the ordinary consumer.原油价格的剧烈上涨最终会让每个普通消费者来分担,最近几个星期,到加油站加油变得更加昂贵了。Most people, including this woman, are not happy about it. “I am a college student and I have to drive 45 minutes to college, so it [is terrible].”大部分人对此都感到不开心。一位女士说:“我在上大学,每天不得不开车45分钟到学校。这太糟糕了。”Many people are making adjustments, driving less or using cars with better fuel economy if they have that option. Richard, who owns a gas-guzzling truck, said he may start leaving it at home more often.很多人都在做调整,少开点车,或者尽可能提高汽油的使用效率。“I do work a ways from where I live, so I will have to drive the other car. We have a smaller car, a Ford Fusion, and that gets good gas mileage.”这位男士说:“我工作的地方和我住的地方距离很远。所以,我必须开另外一辆车。我们有一辆小点的车,是福特的Fusion。它的油效很好。”Most U.S. drivers are reacting calmly to the rise in fuel prices, partly because prices have not yet gone as high as they were in 2008, when oil went to more than 7 a barrel.美国大多数开车族对这次油价上涨反应平静。部分原因是油价还没有像2008年的时候那样高。当时每桶原油价格高达147美元。201103/127743。

Regulating the internet监管互联网Google's enemies谷歌的敌人The search giant’s antitrust headache gets bigger搜索巨头的反垄断之困日渐增大Jun 30th 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO | from the print editionSINCE the start of this year, Google’s share price has fallen steadily as investors have begun to fret about its longer-term prospects. Now they have another reason to worry. On June 24th the company revealed that America’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had opened a broad investigation into its online-search and online-advertising businesses to see if it has abused its dominant position. Some pundits predict that the trustbusters’ tussle with Google could turn as bloody as their battle with Microsoft in the 1990s.自今年初以来,由于投资者开始对谷歌发展远景感到担忧,其股价稳步下跌。如今他们又有了新的担忧理由,该公司在6月24日透露,美国联邦贸易委员会为确定谷歌是否滥用了主导地位,对其在线搜索和在线广告业务展开了广泛调查。一些专家预测,联邦反托拉斯检察官与谷歌的角力可能会变得非常残酷,其激烈程度可能与1990年代对决微软不相上下。The regulators’ move comes at an awkward time for Google, which faces a growing threat from Facebook, the world’s biggest social network. Facebook aims to supplant Google as the main conduit via which people access the web. On June 28th Google hit back, unveiling Google+, a social-network platform to rival Facebook.世界最大的社交网络Facebook意欲取代谷歌成为人们上网的主要媒介,对谷歌的威胁与日俱增,可是恰在此时监管者又对谷歌展开了行动。在6月28日,谷歌还以颜色,发布了社交网路平台Google+,以与Facebook一争高下。Google’s new offering, which is still in trial form, boasts some handy features. It makes it easy to set up separate groups, thus sparing your boss from seeing your semi-clothed and inebriated party snaps. It also lets up to ten people hold a chat together. But this will probably not be enough to get people to abandon Facebook, which benefits from a powerful network effect: people join it because most of their friends aly have.谷歌的新产品(仍处在测试阶段)具有一些方便的功能。它让创建不同的群变得容易,因此不会让你的老板看到你的半裸和醉态熏熏的派对快照,同时它最多还能容纳十个人在一起视频聊天。但Facebook从强大的网络效应受益良多,这可能也不足以让人们割舍它:人们加入Facebook是因为他们大多数的朋友已经加入。Still, Google’s determination to keep innovating has served it well in its core business of search, where it commands nearly two-thirds of the market in America and an even higher share elsewhere (see chart). It is this dominance that has attracted regulators’ attention in America and abroad. Last November the European Commission announced a similarly sweeping review of Google’s operations.然而,谷歌不断创新的决心对其核心搜索业务帮助很大,在这项业务上谷歌几乎占据美国市场的三分之二,而在其他地区甚至拥有更高份额(见图表)。正是这种优势地位吸引了美国和海外监管者的注意。去年十一月,欧盟委员会宣布对谷歌的业务展开类似的全面调查。201107/144255。

Italy Quake Victims Mark Somber Easter Holiday意大利地震灾民度过悲伤复活节  Thousands of people made homeless by Italy's deadliest earthquake in 30 years celebrated a somber Easter on Sunday. Six days after the quake struck and with the death toll now standing at 294, masses were held in makeshift chapels set up in tent cities. The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi traveled to the devastated area again on Sunday. He has promised not to abandon the people affected by the quake. 意大利上星期一发生30年来死伤最严重的地震,数千人无家可归。这些人星期天度过了一个悲伤的复活节。地震已经过去六天,死亡人数达到294人,人们在帐篷区设立的临时教堂举行弥撒。意大利总理贝卢斯科尼星期天再次前往地震灾区。他承诺,不会丢下地震灾民不管。In the more than 30 tent cities hosting thousands of people made homeless by last Monday's 6.3 magnitude earthquake, priests offered communion wafers at makeshift altars. The mood this Easter in the Abruzzo region was somber as many prayed for relatives and friends they lost to the quake.  上星期一发生的里氏6.3级地震使得数千人无家可归,他们现在住在30多个帐篷区里。神父们在临时设立的教堂里为灾民分发圣餐薄饼。阿布鲁佐地区今年的复活节沉浸在一片悲伤气氛中,许多人为自己在地震失去的亲朋好友祈祷。Aid workers distributed brightly wrapped chocolate Easter eggs to cheer up the children and their distraught families. Traditional Easter meals of lamb were organized in the camps and Italian dove-shaped Easter cake was also handed out.  救援工作人员发放包装鲜艳的巧克力复活节蛋,让孩子们和他们心烦意乱的家人高兴起来。人们在帐篷区安排了传统的复活节羊肉餐,还有鸽子形状的意大利复活节蛋糕。Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Sunday declared the emergency phase over but said it would be months before most of the people displaced will know if they can go back to their homes.  意大利总理贝卢斯科尼星期天宣布紧急阶段结束,不过他同时表示,绝大多数无家可归的灾民还需要几个月的时间才能知道他们是否能够重回自己原来的家。Prosecutors are investigating why so many modern buildings were flattened by the quake and whether flawed construction materials were to blame. 检察官们正在调查地震中为什么有那么多的现代建筑倒塌,罪魁祸首是不是伪劣的建筑材料。Mr. Berlusconi attended a mass for rescuers and volunteers at a police academy in L'Aquila on Easter Sunday and complimented them for their work.In this occasion, he said, we certainly took a step forward to make all of us feel we belong to the same country and we can be proud of our generosity and the assistance we have provided to all these people. I believe I can speak for the whole nation when I say this and compliment you for your work.  贝卢斯科尼出席了星期天在拉奎拉警察学院为救援人员和志愿者举行的复活节弥撒,并对他们的工作表示敬意。贝卢斯科尼说:“在这次事件中,我们的确付出了努力,让我们大家都感到我们同属于一个国家,我们可以为向全体人民提供的慷慨帮助和救援感到自豪。我相信,我可以代表全国这样说,向全国感谢你们的工作。”Berlusconi added that everything possible would be done to get people out of tents in the shortest possible time. 贝卢斯科尼还说,政府将尽一切所能,尽可能在最短的时间里让灾民搬出帐篷。The search for possible quake survivors has now ended and officials said that no one remains officially missing. But the possibility that dead bodies may still emerge as the rubble is cleared is not being ruled out.  搜寻地震幸存者的工作现在已经结束,有关官员说,从官方角度,已经没有失踪人员。不过随着瓦砾被清除,并不排除发现死者遗体的可能性。One person died in the hospital Sunday, raising the death toll to 294. And six victims were being buried, two days after a collective funeral was held for more than 200 people. 星期天有一人在医院死亡,使得地震死亡人数上升到294人。两天前,意大利为200多人举行了集体葬礼,目前有6名死者将被埋葬。People prayed on Easter Sunday and tried to find comfort in religion. But the aftershocks in the region continue and residents remain nervous. 人们在星期天作复活节祈祷,试图从宗教信仰中得到慰藉。不过,阿布鲁佐地区的余震还在继续,当地居民仍然紧张不安。In his Easter greetings to Italians, Pope Benedict urged survivors not to lose hope. He has said he would visit the stricken area after Easter Sunday. 罗马天主教皇本笃十六世在向意大利人民发表复活节致词时敦促幸存者不要失去希望。他说,星期天复活节过后,他将探视地震灾区。04/66892。

HTC's patent problemsHTC的专利问题Android alert安卓系统,要当心了Using Google’s Android software has given HTC a boost, but it may now make the Taiwanese handset-maker vulnerable to costly lawsuits 使用谷歌的安卓软件推动了宏达电(HTC)的发展,但是现在它可能变成弱点,令这家台湾手机制造公司遭遇昂贵的诉讼Jul 21st 2011 | TAOYUAN, TAIWAN | from The Economist print edition UNTIL a few years ago HTC was pretty small and relatively obscure. But the Taiwanese company’s recent growth has been remarkable. In the second quarter it sold 11m smartphones, more than doubling its revenues in the same period last year. HTC’s main rivals, Nokia, Samsung and Apple, still sell around twice as many smartphones. But its rapid growth, especially on Apple’s American home turf, has made it a competitor to reckon with.几年前HTC还只是一个规模很小、相对不知名的公司。但是这家台湾公司最近的业绩增长却有目共睹。今年第二季度它共出售了1100万部智能手机,收入比去年同期增加了一倍多。HTC的主要竞争对手诺基亚、三星和苹果公司卖出的智能手机仍然是HTC的大概两倍。但是它的快速崛起、特别是在苹果的美国老家的迅速发展,已经使它成为不容小觑的对手。One reason for HTC’s surging sales is the relentless pace of its innovation: in the past quarter, in which Apple had no new iPhone to launch, HTC introduced ten new models. Another is Google’s Android operating system, on which most of HTC’s smartphones are now based, which has proved a hit among consumers.HTC手机销量猛增的原因之一是它源源不断的创新:上个季度,苹果公司没有发布任何新款iPhone,但是HTC却推出了10款新机型。还有一个原因是谷歌的安卓操作系统,现在HTC智能手机的大部分都以此系统为平台,它在消费者中间非常受欢迎。201107/146452。