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Batman vs. Superman. Captain America vs. Iron Man. This year, this year#39;s cinema is packed with several superhero showdowns.蝙蝠侠和超人,美国队长和钢铁侠。今年的影院充斥着好几位超级英雄的雌雄对决。Which superhero is the strongest? Study tries to answer heated debate.哪位超级英雄是最强的?研究试图回答这一大热辩题。Now, students at the University of Leicester have taken a more analytical approach to the whole discussion, performing a series of simple calculations to determine just how feasible the powers of our favorite heroes are. As they reported in a series of paper appearing in the Journal of Physics Special Topics and the Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics, the researchers have found that DC’s iconic Man of Steel, Superman, is the best-equipped superhero of all, followed closely by Marvel’s Wolverine, Mystique, and Thor, based on an evaluation of each individual’s set of special powers.现在,对于这场全球性的大讨论,莱斯特大学的学生用了比较分析法——他们执行了一系列的简单计算,来确定我们最喜欢的英雄所拥有的能力有多大的可行性。他们在《物理学特殊话题》期刊和《跨学科科学话题》期刊上发表了一系列的论文,研究者发现惊奇标志性的“钢铁超人”、超人是所有超级英雄中装备最好的;紧随其后的是漫威的金刚狼、魔形女、雷神托尔,评估是基于每个人的特殊能力而进行的。Fans of Batman may be distressed to learn that the Gotham Knight scored last, earning the title of the least well-equipped superhero. 蝙蝠侠的粉丝可能陷入绝望,他的得分是最低的,只得到了装备精良的超级英雄称号。As the authors explained, while his cape has proven to be a tremendous asset when gliding in the movies and in comic books, in reality, Batman would reach velocities of nearly 80km/h while doing so, which would likely prove fatal when he attempted to land – meaning that his efforts to save the day would probably end quite tragically.作者解释说,当在电影和漫画书中滑翔的时候,他的披风被明是一个巨大的优势,但在现实中,蝙蝠侠的速度将达到近80千米/小时,而这样做的后果很可能是致命的,当他试图着陆的时候—这意味着他努力拯救的一天很可能以悲剧收场。 /201606/450752

The Beginning of Summer立夏The Beginning of Summer will bring abundant rain and lead directly to the harvest. Thus an agricultural adage is that ;no rain, no rice,; and ;no rain,we will hang up the hoe.; In imperial China the emperors would perform a special rite to greet summer on that day. As the hot weather would cause people to lose weight and become exhausted it became the custom to weigh and drink tea as this was considered a guard against the torrid weather.立夏将带来丰富的降雨,并直接带来丰获。因此,一句农业的格言是,“无雨,无米下锅”,和“无雨,我们将挂上锄头”。在帝制中国的帝王那一天将举行一个特殊的仪式来迎接夏天的到来。由于天气炎热会导致人们为了减肥而变得疲惫,这使称重和喝茶成为对炎热天气的防护。 /201606/445709

It#39;s easy to find an eye-catching pair of sunglasses and decide immediately that they#39;re the ones for you. Unfortunately, sunglasses shopping is a lot more complicated than ;meets the eye; . In addition to finding a pair you L-O-V-E at first sight, you need to find a pair that complements the unique shape of your face.找一副既好看的墨镜很容易,而且你也容易认为这副墨镜跟你很搭。但不幸的是,买墨镜比仅仅挑一副好看的要讲究得多。除了要第一眼就喜欢上之外,你还要挑一副与你的脸型互补的框型。A) Heart-shapedA) 瓜子脸If you have a heart-shaped face, you should be wearing aviators. The silhouette of the aviators mimics the structure of a heart-shaped face — broad top that tapers into a narrow bottom. Just make sure you choose a pair that doesn#39;t overpower your features.如果你的脸是瓜子脸,那你应该戴飞行员墨镜。飞行员墨镜上宽下窄,和瓜子脸的轮廓很像。不过不要选择形状太夸张的,否则就会喧宾夺主了。B) OvalB) 鹅蛋脸If your face is oval, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to frame selection. You can pull off basically any style as long as it#39;s proportional to your face — keep in mind, you#39;re not a Powerpuff Girl.如果你的脸是鹅蛋脸,那你选择镜框的时候就有很多选择了。基本上只要符合脸的比例,任何款式都可以选,只要不是大得像飞天小女警就行了。C) RoundC) 圆脸If your face is round, choose square frames or wayfarers. It#39;s a balancing act between your face shape and your sunglasses#39; frames, so a rounded face looks best when paired with an angular frame.如果你的脸是圆的,可以选择方形墨镜或者旅行者太阳镜。这种反差可以平衡你的脸型,所以圆脸配上有棱角的镜框最好看。D) SquareD) 方形脸If your face is square, you should wear rounded frames. Again, balance is key — an angular face needs a rounded frame to even it out.如果你是方形脸,你应该戴圆镜框。同样,平衡才是关键——有棱角的脸需要圆镜框来协调。 /201606/448528

A confession: I am one of the maybe six people left who have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones. Just existing in the world and on the internet means I have, over the years, indirectly absorbed a rough working knowledge of the show, enough that I can sort of follow along with friends’ conversations about it.我坦白:我就是大约六人里面那个连一集《权力的游戏》都没看过的人。我是说,只要活在世上而且上个网,过去这些年,我对这部剧的粗略了解也够我跟得上朋友们的对话了。One study suggested that spoiled stories were actually more enjoyable possibly because they’re easier to process while a later investigation found the precise opposite.有研究称,剧透的故事情节其实更令人愉悦,大概因为这样的故事更好理解吧,而后又有一项调查的结果与之截然相反。But the answer may be slightly more nuanced than “spoilers good” or “spoilers bad” — maybe, as a new study in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture suggests, it depends on your personality.“剧透“”到底“是好是坏”,或许还有些微妙,《大众媒体文化心理》期刊一项新的研究发现,这取决于你的个性。The study authors, professors of communication at Albany State University, in Georgia, and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, focused on two personality elements: “need for cognition,” or how much a person likes to use their brain for challenging mental activities, and “need for affect,” or the tendency to seek out emotional situations.研究的作者是通讯方向的教授,来自美国纽约州立大学奥尔巴尼分校和阿姆斯特丹自由大学,他们重点关注两大个性元素:“认知需求”,即一个人需要多大的脑力活动挑战,和“影响需求”,走出情感局面的倾向。In the first part of the study, a group of 358 college students “previews” of short stories, including some that contained spoilers, and then reported which previews made them most interested in ing the full stories. When the volunteers then took personality tests, the researchers found, the same people who had scored low on need for cognition were also the ones who said they’d rather the stories that’d aly been spoiled.在第一部分的研究中,358名大学生读了小说的“预告”,包括部分剧透内容,然后报告他们对整篇故事里哪部分情节最有兴趣。然后,这些学生志愿者参加了性格测试,研究人员发现,“认知需求”分数低者同样也是称愿意读剧情透露故事的人群。The study authors then gave their subjects copies of a handful of stories that had been included in the previews — some that they’d spoilers for, and some where they still didn’t know what would happen. When the volunteers rate how much they’d liked the stories, another pattern emerged: The people who had scored higher on the need for affect enjoyed the unspoiled stories more.研究人员继而给了实验参与者一批故事看,这些故事在预告中已经有所涉及,有些已经剧透,还有些故事的情节尚不知如何发展。后来这些实验参与者评价他们对故事的喜欢程度时,又一个模式出现了:影响需求分值高者更喜欢读未经剧透的故事。 /201608/457600

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