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广州省妇幼医院客服咨询广州长安治疗支原体感染昆明石林景点英文介绍 石林英文导游词 -- ::51 来源: 昆明石林景点英文介绍 石林英文导游词昆明石林距昆明市80里远,石林的形成是地质学现象,古生代时期(.7亿年前)是一片汪洋大海  The Stone est lies about 80 miles to the southeast of Kunming. A geological phenomenon, the Stone est was a vast expanse of sea during the Paleozoic era——some 70 million years ago. Later, the movement of tectonic plates altered the earth’s crust, causing the sea to recede and its limestone bottom to appear, thereby ming land.Due to the constant seeping ofrain through the cracks in the limestone, some of the stone mation dissolved and the fissures broadened, producing a group of great sculptures of different shapes, all molded by nature.   In the midst of the est, there is a huge rock screen on which two words——Stone est——are engraved in official script (in a calligraphic style typical of the Han Dynasty, B.C.- A.D.). Among the scenic sights is the "Sword Peak Pond" with jadeite-colored water so clear that one can see the bottom of the pond. Other astonishing sights include "Figure of Ashima," "Shi Ba Xiang Song" (its name originating in the Chinese love story, "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai"), and "Lotus Peak."  The splendor of the Stone est is enhanced by the local customs of the native Sani people (who are part of the Yi minority). Sani people are industrious and hospitable——and unconstrained. Sani women are expert at spinning, weaving, and embroidering. They like to wear rainbow-colored headgear and bright-colored dresses. The young people especially are very good singers and dancers. Every day at sunset, under the moonlight, boys and girls gather at the village platm. While the boys play the three-stringed plucked instruments, the girls clap their hands and dance the strong-rhythmed traditional "A’Xi (Ah-shi) Dance in the Moon" with great enthusiasm. If you happen to witness the event, you will be invited to join in the festivity.   Note that every lunar year, on June th, the Sani people celebrate their national festival——the Torch Festival. On that day, the entire Stone est is permeated with a celebratory atmosphere. There are traditional permances of wrestling and bull-fighting. Finally, when the land is enveloped in the curtain of night, the young men (holding torches in their hands) run after the young women to propose marriage in the light of colored lanterns. 石林英文导游词广州天河打胎到哪个医院好 电话英语很轻松-- :7:31 电话英语很轻松Phone call ettiquette  Student:Could you tell me some useful sentences that I could use on a phonecall?You know my English is poor. I'm afraid I can't follow you.  学生:你能跟我讲讲打电话时有用的句子吗?你知道我英语不好我怕自己听不懂  Teacher:No problem.Basically,there are 3 situations in which people like you can't follow the eign teacher.1:I may speak too fast.So you can't understand.In this case,you could say "You speak a little fast,slow down,please"  老师:没问题基本上,有三种情况,你可能会听不懂外教的话第一种:我可能会说得很快所以你听不懂这种情况下,你可以说"你说得有点儿快,请说慢点儿"  Student:Wait a moment. I'll have to take down what you said.  学生:等一下我得把你说的记下来  Teacher:Ok  老师:好的  Student:Then what's the second point?  学生:那下一点呢?  Teacher:The second is maybe you can't hear me clearly.In this case,you could say "Excuse me.Can you speak up,please?"or "I beg you pardon?"  老师:第二点是也许你听不清我说的话这种情况下你可以说"对不起你能大点儿声吗?或是请再说一便";  Student:I see.What's the last point?  学生:我知道了那最后一点是什么?  Teacher:The last one is you may miss or you don't understand what I just said.In this case,you culd say "I'm sorry,I don't understand what you're saying.or simply I don't get it"  老师:最后一点是你可能没听到或是没听懂我说的话这种情况的话,你可以说"不好意思,我不懂你说的是什么或者简单的一句我听不懂"  Student:Is there more?  学生:还有别的吗?  Teacher:You'd better practice them bee you know more.  老师:你还是先把它们练好吧  Student:Thanks.I've learned a lot today.  学生:谢谢今天我学了很多东西  Teacher:My pleasure.  老师:很荣幸  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音  [1]打电话的时候会有许多功能句像:你能再说一遍吗?或是你能大点声吗?等等这里举几个例子Ie:Slow down,please.[请说慢点儿]look at time.Shall we call next time?[看看表吧下次在聊]I'm happy to hear you again[真高兴能听到你的声音]等  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***" mean? "***"是什么意思?]  Hello. speaking. How may I help you?  Keeping busy. What have you been up to?  I won't keep you any longer. Nice talking to you.  注:书中对话仅作参考,重要的是拿起电话,就自己喜欢的内容与老外反复练习轻易不出口,出口必砸人一年级英语作文:An Outing to the East Lake) --1 01:1:31 来源:   yesterday my mother and i went to the east lake about 0 kilometreseast of the city. i had a good time there.  we left home at seven o'clock in the morning, and it took us about an hour to drive there. then we got to the lake. oh, how large the lake was!there were many green trees and red flowers around it. we got on a small boat and rowed it. the sky was clear and the breeze touched our faces softly. i sang while rowing the boat.after we had lunch in a small restaurant, we returned home. i really hope to go there next ring!广州长安妇科医院客服咨询

广州长安不孕不育医院治少精小舞台 大角色 -- :: 来源: 小舞台 大角色Small-theater productions may not command headlines, but they m the most artistically daring and commercially vibrant part of Beijing's theater scene, writes Raymond Zhou.The crackdown on wasteful government spending has monkey-wrenched the permance market, causing a to 30 percent shrink in its size as large numbers of government-backed shows face the chopping block. But there is a silver lining to this cloud of austerity. Plays (the spoken kind) have seen a -percent increase in market share as the upward trend continues in the past year. In Beijing, plays added up to 5,000 to 6,000 permances in . Of this number, 3,600 to 3,700 were presented in small theaters. The genre eluded the bust because audience members paid their seats, vis-a-vis singing-and-dancing shows that were disproportionately supported by institutional buyers. Better yet, most of these theatergoers come from the enviable demographic ranging from ages to 0. This is according to the Beijing Small Theater Alliance, which was med in March . When it comes to the perming arts, Beijing is not just another town in China. It is the equivalent of Broadway in the ed States.Outside of Beijing and Shanghai, the production capacity plays is very limited, says Mao Xiubing of Dao Strategy, a consulting firm the culture industry. Some theaters in Wuhan, Hubei province, record an average of 30 shows a year, and Hangzhou in Zhejiang province has an annual total of 600 shows, of which roughly half are touring productions originating in Beijing, he says.Small theater was not found in China until 198 with Absolute Signal, a play written by Gao Xing-jian and directed by Lin Zhaohua. It was produced by the Beijing People's Art Theater, which is a bulwark of traditional aesthetics.Even though these State-owned organizations have built small venues as part of their permance complexes, the bulk of the city's small theaters-or rather, the productions that rent these intimate spaces-belong to private organizations with no government subsidy and little access to funds or grants.In , some 70 to 80 percent of Beijing's plays were presented in small theaters that dot the capital city. (Unlike the Great White Way of New York, they are not concentrated in one district.) But official data is grossly insufficient. There are only privately owned small theaters registered in Beijing and one more in Shanghai, reveals Wang Xiang, creator of Beijing's Nanluoguxiang Theater Festival. This belies the vitality of the sector.Last year's citywide repertory was made up of some 0 to 300 plays, says Fu Weibo, general manager of Pioneer Theater, a venue of the National Theater of China. The Beijing Small Theater Alliance organized a monthlong exhibition program by year-end that showcased plays from companies, with a total of permances and ,000 patrons. Divorce, adapted from a Lao She novel, and Below the Surface of Water, a love story, emerged as the most acclaimed.Lin Kehuan, a renowned stage director, saw plays in the lineup. He praised the passion and innovation of the young people behind these works."When I graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 1965, I could never imagine Chinese theater would come this far. And likewise, I cannot imagine how far it will go in another 50 years."He sensed a theme running through most of these small productions, such as dashed dreams and aspirations and the conflict between ideals and reality-typical concerns of today's Chinese youth. "What is lacking in all the excitement is a contrast of calming down and meditation," he adds.However, behind the rosy facade lies a big minefield and some mind-boggling paradoxes. example, theater venues across the country have very low occupancy rates, yet because of their State ownership they generally do not operate in accordance to free-market rules. And the capacity is growing each year with a dozen new ultramodern facilities at a cost of some 8 billion yuan, says Mao of Dao Strategy.But a private company that produces a play has to have a healthy run to recoup the cost. "Currently the average run is shows a play, which is not enough, and most productions have to tour several cities to make the money back," Mao says.And if you thought venue operators would bend backward to lure producers, you'd be dead wrong. Last December, a play in Trojan House, a popular venue in an office complex, was staged in frigid cold because it had failed to pay rent.Workers in theater can barely make a living from staging plays. Cui Wenqin, a producer with Ming Theater, says they make money from staging corporate parties even though they've had a string of hit plays. Some have day jobs in the more lucrative television business.Those who have attended festivals in Edinburgh or Avignon cannot stop oozing with envy their Western counterparts who are given generous subsidies from their governments yet face no intervention in artistic decisions.In China, only State-owned companies get such support and lavish grants are available only to white-elephant-type extravaganzas that have no paying audience.Overall, word from the first symposium of small-theater professionals, held in 9 Theater known its rich offerings of small plays, points to a dichotomy between those with projects and those with capital. One complains about insufficient funding and the other about a lack of quality projects. And those responsible marketing and ticket sales are under constant pressures of finding more ticket buyers.If a project is difficult to evaluate bee it meets the audience, a theater's dark days should be easy to calculate. Ideas were floated at the small-theater powwows that aggregate all theaters' dates availability, plus all technical inmation, and make the continuously updated statistics accessible to all producers. That may reduce waste in capacity by matching supply with demand.Another goal is to strive nonprofit status these private entities, which will narrow the gap between State-run and private companies and help level the playing field."A smart government should join hands with artists to fight against over-commercialization of the art m. As it stands, commerce and the lowest m of art have become partners," laments Wang.He could be referring to Mahua FunAge, a show similar to Beach Blanket Babylon, the longest-running musical revue in the ed States. Undoubtedly the biggest hit on the Beijing stage in terms of money-making potential, it has spawned several versions that are now staged simultaneously in four venues across the city. The show, presented in big houses, can be seen as a culmination of Chinese-style comedy clubs. In China, small theater has an inadvertent predecessor in standup and skit comedy, the ms now dominated by Guo Degang and Zhao Benshan. a while, this kind of slapstick comedy flourished in small theaters as a variant of Western-style plays, or ones with Chinese characteristics so to speak. But operators like Wang disdain such "dumbing down" of this theatrical art, which many perceive as experimental and cool."We theater people need to know business and entertainment, but fundamentally we must look into our souls and have our art reflect the society we live in," Wang says. 小舞台 大角色广州妇科检查哪里医院比较好 小学英语作文:My Favorite Season -- :39:56 来源: 小学英语作文:My Favorite SeasonAmong the four seasons in the year,i like spring best.一年四季中,我最喜欢春天As the old saying goes,a year's plan starts with spring.In spring, everything is new and fresh. The plants start to sprout,grasses turn green,and flowevers begin to burst into bloom.What a beautiful view! It rains sometimes in spring,and it makes the air fresh. 古语说,一年之计在于春春天,一切都是新的,新鲜的树木开始发芽了,草儿变绿了,花儿开始绽放了,多么美丽的景象啊!春天,有时候会下雨,空气变得新鲜了!I think,spring brings hope to people. Everything will revive in spring.我觉得,春天给人们带来了希望,所有一切都在春天复苏了广州天河哪家医院可以做无痛人流

广州治疗多囊去哪好铅笔盒(pencil-box) --01 18::1 来源:  铅笔盒(pencil-box)  i have a pencil-box. it’s very beautifu. i bought it in a shop. i’ve kept it one year. it cost me teenty-u yuan.i like it very much.  this pencil-box is made of metal. it’s rather exquisite. oh the face of the pencil-box, there are two pigs.one is “miss pig”. the other is “mr pig”.they look like being good friends. they get on very well with each other.the female is looking at herself in a mirror. she is in a red skirt and she looks very beautifu.the male is looking at her with a smile on his face. it seems that he’s happyity proud to be her best friend.  open the pencil-box, you can see some ball-pens, a ruler,an eraser and other sta-tionery. usually, i usu them.sometimes, i lend them to my classmates. i like them very much, you know. they’re my good friends. 铅笔盒(pencil-box) 铅笔盒(pencil-box) 一个繁忙的星期天(a busy sunday) -- :: 来源: 一个繁忙的星期天(a busy sunday)  hi, i'm shao ying. i'm going to have a busy sunday.  in the morning, i'm going to the zoo by bike. i want to see the monkeys. then , i'm going to the bookstore. i'm going to buy a new english book. in the afternoon, i'm going to visit my grandparents with my mom.  it is far, so we are going by bus. in the evening, we are going to watch tv together.  how about you?广州去哪间医院试管生男孩最好广州番禺人民医院靠谱吗



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