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哈尔滨市医科大学二院看病怎么样Business商业报道An intellectual-property exchange知识产权交易Marketplace of ideas创意集市A new financial exchange hopes to make it easier to trade patent rights愿新型金融交易让专利买卖更容易THE technology industry is at war over intellectual property.科技产业就知识产权的问题一直纷争不断。On May 7th the first round of a three-part fight between Oracle and Google over patent and copyright claims relating to the Java programming language ended in a decision that denied outright victory to either firm.5月7日,甲骨文和谷歌就与编程语言Java相关的专利和版权声明进行了多回合的首轮较量,结果双方铩羽而归。Apple, Samsung and others are fighting over smartphone patents.苹果、三星及其他厂商在智能手机的专利权问题上拼得焦头烂额。Facebook and Yahoo! are at loggerheads over internet patents.脸谱网和雅虎也因互联网专利闹得很不愉快。Accusations abound that innovation is taking a back seat to litigation.官司铺天盖地,逼得创新给诉讼让位。Only the lawyers are smiling.唯独律师喜笑颜开。All of which makes this a good time to launch a new approach to trading intellectual property, says Gerard Pannekoek, the boss of IPXI,这些纷争为知识产权交易创造了良机,国际知识产权交易所公司联席主席拉德·潘涅库克如是说到。a new financial exchange that lets companies buy, sell and hedge patent rights, just like any other asset.像处置资产一样,该交易所的新型金融交易可以让公司购买、出售并保有专利权。The idea is to offer a patent or group of patents as unit licence rights, which can be bought and sold like shares.该公司的构想是将专利单个或打包成授权的专利组合提供,这些专利可以像股份一样买卖。A ULR grants a one-time right to use a particular technology in a single product: a new type of airbag sensor in a car, say.一个授权专利组合允许在单件产品上一次性使用某个技术:这就是说,一个新式的安全气囊传感器仅能用于一辆轿车。If a company wants to use the technology in 100,000 cars, it buys 100,000 ULRs at the market price.若一家公司想在十万量轿车上都应用该技术,它就得按市场价购进同等数量的技术许可。ULRs are also expected to be traded on secondary markets.授权的专利组合也可在二级市场上交易。This is simpler, faster and cheaper than the lawyer-intensive process of negotiating bilateral licences for intellectual property, the high cost of which discriminates against small companies, leaves patents unused on the shelf and hampers innovation.用这种办法交易知识产权,要比采用律师密集型的双边专利授权协商来的快,也更简单、更廉价。司法协商费用高昂,对小企业不公,也会让专利受束高阁,从而有碍创新。IPXIs approach does not work for all types of intellectual property—it does not allow exclusive licensing, for example—but should make it easier for companies to make money from their inventions.然而,国际知识产权交易所公司的这种专利交易方式并不对各类知识产权通通适用——打个比方来说,它就不允许独家授权—但这种方式让企业通过发明创造来获利更加容易。Its a great form of non-dilutive funding for start-ups, suggests Mr. Pannekoek.对刚上市的公司来说,这种筹款方式能够很好地规避股权收益的减损。潘涅库克先生这样表示。The exchange has signed up 30 members including Philips, an electronics giant, and several universities and research laboratories.目前该交易所公司的加盟成员已达30个,其中不乏电子巨头飞利浦,此外,数所大学和研究实验室也投身其中。IPXI was set up in 2008 by Ocean Tomo, a merchant bank that specialises in intellectual property, and its investors include CBOE Holdings, the parent company of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.国际知识产权交易所公司由Ocean Tomo于2008年组建,后者是一家专业务于知识产权领域的商业,芝加哥期权交易所的母公司芝加哥期权交易控股集团是该的投资方之一。On May 4th IPXI published the rulebook that governs how the exchange will work, and it expects to open for business later this year.5月4日,国际知识产权交易所公司公布了一份规范,用以指导产权买卖,以期于今年晚些时候开放商业性产权交易。Its novel approach is ideal for the open, non-exclusive licensing of smartphone-related patents, says Ruud Peters, chief intellectual-property officer at Philips.飞利浦的首席知识产权官路德?彼得斯称这一新举措将不断开放与智能手机相关的专利、进一步破除独家授权,形势一片大好。Good news for innovators, perhaps, but bad news for lawyers?对发明家们来说,这或许是个利好消息,可对那些律师来讲呢 /201307/249414大庆让北医院妇科检查怎么样 Don, why are you slouching?唐,为啥你无精打采?Dont you know its bad for you?你不知道这对你不好?Did you know that about 200 tons of debris strike the Earth every day?你知道每天大约200吨的碎片来到地球?So I was thinking!所以我在思考。Although most of this stuff burns up in the atmosphere, the resulting dust still settles and adds tothe Earths mass.虽然这些东西中的大部分在大气中烧掉了,但是烧完后的灰尘仍然沉淀并增添地球的质量。Thats about half a million tons per year!大约每年有50万吨。All right, but what does all this have to do with your posture?好的,但是所有这些与你的仪态有啥关系呢?So if the earth keeps accumulating mass, doesnt that mean that the Earths gravitational pull hasbeen increasing?所以如果地球持续累积其质量,那不是意味着地球的引力也正在增加?After all, gravity is directly proportional to mass.毕竟,引力与质量是成比例的。Are you saying you cant sit up straight because gravity is stronger now than it used to be?你说你不能笔直端坐是因为地球引力比以前更强了?Admit it, Yael;l–its a good one.承认这一点吧,这是件好事。Earths mass in metric tons is approximately six followed by twenty-one zeroes.地球的质量按照公制吨位来衡量大约是6后面加21个0。So assuming thatyour estimate is correct, and the Earth accumulates a half a million tons of debris every year.所以假设你的估计是正确的,并且每年地球积累50万吨的碎片。This means that in the sixty million years since dinosaurs existed the Earth would have accumulatedapproximately thirty trillion tons of meteoric debris.这意味着自从恐龙存在以来的6000万年,地球已经积累了大约30万亿吨的流星碎片。Thats thirteen zeroes.那是13个0。The point is that a number with thirteen zeroes is minuscule relative to a number with twenty-four zeroes.关键是13个零相对24个零而言是非常小的。While thirty trillion tons sounds impressive, it is nothing compared to the Earths total mass.虽然30万亿吨听起来很震撼,但是它与地球总的质量相比还是微不足道的。So it s definitely not all that extra gravity thats making you slouch所以很明确的是额外的重力不会使得你无精打采。 201408/321643哈尔滨哺乳急性乳腺炎

哈尔滨第四人民医院是正规医院吗?the river slowly winds its way around the bank, known as Echo Corner.河水慢慢在河岸蜿蜒,因此这里被称为回声角。Right, lets test out the name of Echo Corner.是的,我们看看回声角是不是名不虚传。HELLO! Not bad!你好!不坏啊!Echo Corner is where the Angrabies Gorge starts in earnest.回声角是安格拉贝斯峡谷的开始处。Upstream towards the Falls, valley tightens on the cliffs rise up,在瀑布上游, 悬崖上的山谷开始变得陡峭,so this might be the last chance to see the Orange River in such a peace state.所以这可能是最后一次机会在这样一个和平的国家看到橙色的河。201311/263041 哈尔滨市六院做人流好吗哈尔滨无痛人流好的医院



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