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33. Homesick 33.想家A: Are you okay? You look really sad.A:你还好吗?你看起来很伤心。B: Im homesick. I feel so out of place here.B:我很想家。我在这里很没有归属感。A: But this college is so awesome.A:但这所大学很棒。B: I know, but I really miss home.B:我知道,但我真的想家。A: How far do you live?A:你家离这多远?B: Far. Lets just say I need an airplane to get there.B:很远。要搭飞机才能到。A: Its almost winter break. Hang in there.A:快到寒假了。再坚持一下。B: I dont think I can handle it anymore.B:我想我快坚持不住了。A: Try calling your friends and family from your hometown.A:试着给你家乡的朋友和家人打个电话。B: I dont want them to worry about me.B:我不想让他们担心我。A: Just call them. Dont you want to stop feeling sad?A:给他们打一个吧。难道你不想不再伤心吗?B: Okay, Ill call them now. B:好的,我这就给他们打过去。 /201511/40680010. Asking about the Hotel Gym 10.询问酒店健身房A: Is there a gym in this hotel?A:这个酒店有健身房吗?B: Yes, the fitness center is located on the third floor.B:有,健身中心位于三楼。A: Is there a charge for me to use it?A:我使用它需要收费吗?B: No, its free to all of our guests.B:不用,对所有客人免费。A: Wonderful! Can I go use it right now?A:太棒了!我可以现在去用吗?B: Unfortunately, the gym is only open from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. and its 10 p.m. Now.B:不幸的是,健身房只在5点到7点开放,现在10点了。A: I guess Ill use it in the morning then.A:我想我将在早上使用它。B: Just use your room key card to get in.B:用你的房间钥匙卡进去。A: Are there weight machines?A:有重量器械吗?B: The gym has weight machines, some tmills, and some elliptical machines, too.B:健身房有重量器械,一些跑步机和一些椭圆的机器。A: What about a personal trainer?A:一个私人教练呢?B: No, there are no personal trainers, just the machines.B:没有,没有私人教练,只有机器。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/4319228. Accepting a Job Offer 8.接受一份工作A: Hello, may I speak to Susan, please?A:你好,我可以和苏珊说话吗?B: Yes, this is Susan.B:是的,我是苏珊。A: This is Mr. Jones from the A Company.A:我是A公司的琼斯先生。B: Hello, Mr. Jones.B:你好,琼斯先生。A: I have a job offer if you are still interested.A:如果你仍感兴趣,我有一份工作提供给你。B: Oh, thats wonderful. Is it for the customer service job?B:噢,那太好了。它是为客户务的工作吗?A: Yes, we would like you to start next Monday. It pays per hour.A:是的,我们希望你下周一开始。付每小时15美元的工资。B: Next Monday? Sure. Ill take it.B:下周一吗?当然。就是它了。A: Super. Ill email you some literature you can about our company.A:太棒了。我会发个你一些有关我们公司文化的读物。B: Oh, thats great news, Mr. Jones.B:哦,这是个好消息,琼斯先生。A: Welcome to the A Company. Well see you Monday.A:欢迎来到A公司。我们周一见。B: Okay, Monday it is. See you then. B:好吧,周一。到时候见。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/441197

Syllable StressSyllable Count Intonation PatternsIn spoken English, if you stress the wrong syllable, you can totally lose the meaning of a word:;MA-sheen; is hardly recognizable as ;ma-SHEEN; or machine.At this point, we wont be concerned with why we are stressing a particular syllable— that understanding will come later. /201508/394973

Behave yourself 老实一点;表现好点;规矩点例句:A:Mom,Can I play ball for a while outside?妈妈,我可以在外面玩一会吗?B:Your father is in the study working hard.You cant make any noise or you might make him angry.He has some important work to do and he needs to get it done.你爸爸在书房工作呢,你不能制造一点噪音,否则他会生气的,他有很重要的工作要做,而且需要尽快完成。A:I promise Ill be quiet.Please!我保不会出一点声音,求您了。B:Behave yourself!Dont make any noise.Have you finished your homework?老实点儿,不要吵,你作业完成了吗?A:Yes,Ive finished.是的,我已经做完了。背景音乐:Tony Ferrari—by my side更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201701/487070

32.Its about time I left我该离开了Useful Expressions常用语句1.Ive been waiting for my order for a long time.我点的菜已等了很久了。2.I ordered a lunch about half an hour ago.我的午餐半个小时前就点过了。3.What happened to my green salad?我的青菜沙拉有问题吗?4.Its time we must go.时间到了,我们要走了。5.I must be going now.我现在就要走了。6.Can I cancel the order?我可以取消点菜吗?7.Will you serve anything quick?请你务快点好吗?8.How much longer do I have to wait?到底我要等候多久呢?Practical Conversation实用会话A:Excuse me.Ive been waiting for my main dish for quite a time.对不起,我的主菜我已等候了很久了。B:Yes,sir.Just a minute,please,Ill check with the kitchen.是的,先生。请等一下,我就到厨房检查一下。B:Thank you for waiting.It takes another ten to fifteen minutes,Im afraid.谢谢你的等候,我恐怕要等10到15分钟。A:We have an appointment in half an hour.半个小时内我们有约会。B:I see.我知道。A:Do you have anything else I can have instead?你还有别的其他东西我可以吃吗?B:Well,yes.How about beef stew?We can serve you at once.哦,是的。牛排怎样?我们可以立刻务。A:Ill take beef stew,then.那么我就要牛排。 /201502/355406

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