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抚顺正规男科医院在哪抚顺市矿务局老虎台矿职工医院包皮手术怎么样无论是意志刚强的战时总统罗斯福,还是零九年焦点人物奥巴马,美国总统展现给世人的总是威严庄重的形象。然而私底下他们也有不为人知的柔情的一面,白宫种类繁多的宠物就是最好的明。从聪明的拉布拉多犬到可爱的小猫崽,让我们来看看白宫的“第一宠物”如何“叱咤风云”。 When Barack Obama won his bid for the presidency, he promised his daughters that they could choose a puppy. One of the concerns is that Malia Obama has allergies. The family chose a hypoallergenic Portuguese Water Dog with encouragement from Senator Ted Kennedy, who presented the first family with the dog as a gift. The puppy received his current name from president Obama's two daughters, Malia and Sasha, in part after their cousin's cat and Michelle Obama's father's nickname Diddley; the dog is a manesake of deceased singer Bo Diddley. 贝拉克#8226;奥巴马赢得总统大选后,答应两个女儿领养一只小。考虑到玛莉亚#8226;奥巴马有过敏症,第一家庭选择了一只不易引起过敏的葡萄牙水犬,这是参议员泰德#8226;肯尼迪送给第一家庭的礼物。小现在的名字是奥巴马总统的两个女儿玛莉亚和萨沙取得,一般取自她们表的一只叫“波”德猫,另一半取自米歇尔#8226;奥巴马父亲的绰号“迪德利”,于是这只便与一位已故的歌手同名,叫做“波#8226;迪德利”。 /201108/146738顺城区人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱 Planing on a trip abroad? Perhaps your summer holiday? Take note of Olivia Sterns’ Top 5 Travel Myths. Here they are in bold, and my comments to each.Myth No. 1: Change Money At HomeOlivia says that carrying a large amount of cash makes you vulnerable to pickpockets. Agree. She says it’s better to rely on your ATM and credit cards. Er, I would say it depends. In a lot of places in Asia, ATM machines are hard to come by and may not accept all ATM cards. In some resorts and hotels in Asia, credit cards are also not accepted. The exchange rate may also be far worse, depending on the location. Unless you’re staying in a posh destination, never assume that e-transactiosn will work. Do your research before departure and prepare accordingly.Myth No. 2: Deals on Last-Minute BookingLast minutes deals are indeed becoming more and more rare. Better to watch out for sales and promotions (which regularly comes up anyway) to save on airfares and hotel bookings.Myth No. 3: Locals Are ExpertsAbsolutely not. In fact, in a lot of cases, locals are foreigners to their own territory. In fact, if you’re heading off the beaten track, locals can’t even understand why, out of all the possible places in the world, you would be interested in their locality.Myth No. 4: You Get What You Pay ForNo, particularly in Asia, there are really good deals to be had, some worth far more than you have paid. And vice versa: some expensive digs aren’t just worth the top dollar they ask for. Do your research, and look for online reviews.Myth No. 5: Buy Extras AheadWhen buying packages, you will always be lured into getting a “package”, agents telling you it will come out cheaper that way. But, sometimes it pays to be prudent and cross the bridge when you get there. 正在计划你的出国之旅吗?也许正在筹划你的暑假?那就来关注一下Olivia Stern的《旅行五大不得不说的事》吧。看见下面的粗体字了吗?,同时我的也一并附上。不得不说之一:在家换好钱Olivia说身携巨款的你很难让你不吸引到小偷的注意。个人完全赞同。她说比起现金来,你的自动取款机和信用卡更值得信任。嗯,个人认为这应因地而异。在亚洲的很多地方,自动取款机并不是总能与你擦肩而过,而且也并非你所有的卡都可以在这些自动取款机上使用。在亚洲的一些旅游胜地和饭店,信用卡是不可用的。而由于地区的不同, 利率的兑换问题更是令人头痛。除非你的目的地很现代,很繁华,否则永远不要假想那里的网上交易平台运转良好。在出发之前一定要做足相应的准备。不得不说之二:坚持到最后一秒再预定最后一秒预定这个方法现在已经开始显得越来越重要。为了节省机票和住宿费,最好时刻注意哪些打折或是让利的信息(基本上,不论如何,他们总是很有规则地出现)不得不说之三:当地人才是真正的专家。这是完全错误的。事实上,在很多的情况下,对于自己的土地而言,本地人才是真正的外国人。当你被一件对于当地人来说极其常规的事阻扰时,当地人甚至不会明白这个世界上有这么多的你可以去的地方,为什么你会对他们的地方产生兴趣。不得不说之四:付了钱,你就是老大。这是错误的想法。特别是在亚洲,有许多的很好的交易。有些的确是物超所值,但反之也亦然。有些贵的离谱的东西并不一定值那个价。先研究一下,并且上网做好准备工作。不得不说之五:事先用完你的额度。当你买着大包小包时,你很有可能会被引诱着买更多的东西。经销商们会告诉你如果你怎么怎么买就可以获得更多的实惠。但,当你买东西的时候最好谨慎些,最好能够逃出他们的魔爪。 /200804/34782So I promised a closer look at baking soda. It seems to be a huge resource for a lot of things. And you don’t get much cheaper than for a powerful cleaning agent. So here is my list of the top uses for baking soda. Some will seem familiar as we have talked about them before.  所以希望我们再进一步了解小苏打的用处。它似乎是很多东西的主要成分。你不会买到比一美元还便宜的优质的洗涤用品。所以这里我将罗列出小苏打最常见的用法。一些似乎是我们以前提到过的为人所熟知的用法。  In the Kitchen:  厨房里的用处:  1. Make a paste with water to clean up your sink that isn’t very abrasive.  用苏打水清洗洗碗池可使其更加光亮。2. Stick a box in your fridge to keep the smell gone.在冰箱里放一小盒苏打可以清除冰箱异味。  3. Mix 3 tsp with hot water to soak and remove tea and coffee stains from thermos’ and tea cups.热水里加三勺小苏打可以溶解掉咖啡壶和茶杯上附着的顽渍。 4. Use it on your counters to get rid of Kool-Aid stains off.可用它来清洗你的桌台的污垢。  5. Rinse your fruits and veggies with baking sod. Make sure you rinse well.用小苏打来清洗水果和蔬菜,保你洗得很干净。  6. Did you know it will tenderize meats?你知道它能使肉变得更嫩吗?  7. If you like fish but hate the smell, soak your fish in water and baking soda for an hour in the fridge.如果你爱吃鱼但又不喜欢那惺味的话,不妨将鱼浸泡在小苏打水里然后在冰箱里放上一小时。  8. A pinch of baking soda added to tomato recipes can help cut down the acid in the recipe.一撮小苏打加到西红柿菜里可有助于减少菜里的酸味。  9. When you make baked beans, add a pinch of baking soda to the beans to help rid them of their gas producing ability.当你烤豆子时,加一小撮小苏打到豆子上可防止烘烤时气体的产生。  10. 1/2 tsp of baking soda added to 3 eggs makes a light and fluffy omelet.二分之一勺的小苏打加到3个鸡蛋里可以做出既清淡又蓬松的炒鸡蛋。  11. Baking soda is just as good as lemon juice for getting rid of foul smells on your hands.小苏打也可以去除你手上的异味,效果与柠檬汁一样好。  12. I boil my baby bottles with baking soda to get them clean.煮婴儿奶瓶时加点小苏打可以使奶瓶更干净。  13. Just as with your laundry detergent, adding baking soda to your dishwashing detergent is a great idea.与衣物洗涤剂一样,加一些小苏打到洗碗剂里也是个不错的想法。  14. Boil a little water and baking soda to get burned on food off your pots and pans.用小苏打水煮一下盆盆罐罐可以去除上面的食物渍。  15. Use it to clean your oven as well.也可以用它来清洁你的烤箱。  16. Make your own baking powder.你自己可以做发酵粉。  17. Keep an extra box near your stove in case of a fire.靠近火炉旁放一个装有苏打粉的特殊盒子以防火灾。 /201008/112268新抚区医院男科医院

抚顺市望花医院包皮手术哪家医院最好导读:坐免费班车回家,还能结交朋友?近日,一辆名为“爱在三环”的交友班车(dating coach)出现在晚高峰的北京市三环路上,提前在线预约的上班族可以免费乘坐。据悉,组织者的灵感来自晚高峰时青年男女们扎堆等车的情景。Chances are you spend a lot of time waiting for or riding the bus, alongside dozens of strangers in often uncomfortably close quarters. Ever spent that time wondering about the lives of those fellow travelers or even whether you may be compatible with that handsome stranger or pretty passenger?你或许常常需要花许多时间在拥挤的陌生人群中等公车,或者和一群陌生人挤公交。你是否会忍不住去猜测那些陌生乘客的生活,甚至是想象自己可以和这些俊男或美女有一段难忘的邂逅?其实真爱可能就在其中。Now a new service, dating around the Third Ring Road, answers the question of romantic possibilities by offering passengers a friendly atmosphere in which to meet other singles over the course of three-hour journey, starting every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm at Gongzhufen.现在一项名为“爱在三环”的全新务正好可以制造这样的浪漫邂逅,该交友班车每周二、四晚六点与公主坟站发车,在三个小时的车程中,活动组织者为那些单身乘客营造了一个很好的交友氛围,这样他们便可以结识其他的单身一族们。The trip offers a relaxing space for busy office workers so they can make friends while efficiently using the service to commute home, the organizer Zhangpeng explained, saying they were inspired by seeing hundreds of people waiting to catch buses home in Guomao.该活动组织者张彭表示,交友公车之旅一方面为那些平日忙忙碌碌的上班族提供了一个放松的交友空间,另一方面也为他们提供了便捷的乘车方式,节省了时间。他称该创意来自一群人在国贸扎堆等车的场景。 /201009/113156抚顺曙光医院做包皮手术需要多少钱 A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself. 一般朋友到访, 客气得就像个客人,而好朋友来了打开冰箱自己想吃什么就拿什么。A simple friend has never seen you cry. A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears. 一般朋友从没见过你流泪,而好朋友的肩头留有你的泪水。A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. 一般朋友不知道你父母的名字叫什么,好朋友的电话本上有你父母的电话号码。A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean.一般朋友参加你的派对会带一瓶葡萄酒,好朋友会早来帮你准备食品,而且会晚走一些帮你收拾。A simple friend hates it when you call after he has gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call.一般朋友在他睡觉时接到你的电话会感到不悦,而好朋友被吵醒后会问你怎么这么长时间才给他电话。A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems.一般朋友会和你议论你遇到的问题,而好朋友会想方设法帮你解决你的问题。A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail you with it.一般朋友会对你的罗曼史好奇,而好朋友会以此敲诈你。A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument. A real friend calls you after you had a fight.一般朋友认为你们的友谊在争吵后就结束了,而好朋友会在吵架后给你来个电话。A simple friend expects you to always be there for them. A real friend expects to always be there for you.一般朋友总是指望你能为他做点什么,而好朋友则愿意随时能为你做点什么。 /201102/126627抚顺最好的男科医院哪个

抚顺矿务局职工医院怎样预约夏天快要结束了,它的结束就意味着你的好心情也要结束?诚然,那些慵懒的假期快要结束了,但季节的变换也会带来很多的期待,这里有一些建议使你适应新的季节的来到。1. Snapshot of summerCuring yourself of the summer blues doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your summer memories. Put your favorite picture from this summer in a frame, set summer photos as the screensaver on your computer, or create a summer scrapbook. Not only will this make the transition easier, but it will also be a nice keepsake to look back on.夏天的拍照治愈你的夏日忧伤并不是说你就得摆脱夏天的记忆,把你喜欢的夏天照片摆上书桌,或者设置成你的电脑屏保,还可以制作相册簿。这不仅使你更好的应对季节的变换,更是你回忆夏天时的纪念品。 /201108/149471 McDull is a male pig who can be distinguished by a birthmark on his right eye. He has a heart of gold, but he isn't very smart and ordinary in every way; nevertheless, he has many dreams. However, every time he tries, he fails; he is disappointed, but tries again, exploring other dreams. In this way he creates his own colourful world. He lives his life simply and naturally. He is not perfect, but his attitude towards life, namely of never giving up, makes him a popular character。The name McDull actually has a story itself. When Mrs Mak was going to give birth to McDull, she saw a magical plastic basin (pronounced roughly as "dull" in Cantonese) flying over her head. Believing it a sign from the gods, she named her son as "Dull"。 麦兜系列主要人物中英文名对照: 麦兜 McDull 麦唛 McMug 麦太 Mrs. Mak(麦谭玉莲 Mak Tam Yuk Lin) 麦炳 Mak Bing 大爱麦兜!!不知道有没有T友和我一样喜欢麦兜啊~~想当年我和同学张嘴闭嘴“鸡包纸、纸包鸡”“马尔代夫……椰林树影,水清沙幼……”,不亦乐乎~~最近新的麦兜又要上演了呢~~我的小心脏美滋滋的~~那阵我弟弟、同学、秦苏珊英语的好朋友过生日,我几乎都送画着麦兜的东西,到最后我同学都无奈了,哈哈~~他为什么叫麦兜呢?相信看过动画的人都知道,但是可能也有的人没看过,为了让麦兜被更多人知道,我给大家介绍一下~~下面还有找来的英文哟!麦兜是一只右眼上有个胎记的小猪。傻乎乎的,过着平凡而又温暖的小生活。每一次他尝试着达成自己的理想,都会失败;他会感到失望,但依旧进取,追逐着自己其它的梦。生活十分单纯,虽不完美,却积极向上的生活态度和永不放弃的精神,就像一只小蜗牛,爬的虽然慢,但是却一点一点的爬,冲着自己的小幸福努力~麦兜名字的由来有一个故事。麦太临盆去医院准备生麦兜的时候,她看到了一只神奇的塑料盆(粤语中叫做“胶兜”)从她头顶飞过。由此她向塑料盆许了一系列的愿望,希望将来的儿子能很聪明、读书好,长得帅,像梁朝伟或者周润发,还有运气要好,最后塑料盆终于落地。麦太认为这是老天爷传递的异象,而麦胶这个名字不好听,于是决定取名麦兜。麦太也是很可爱的,哈哈 /200910/85935抚顺曙光泌尿医院包皮手术哪家医院最好抚顺男姓院医



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