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  • Where did all the water on the Venus go?金星所有的水去了哪里?And what else lies hidden under her veil?还有什么别的隐藏在她的面纱下吗?In 1989 the space shuttle Atlantis launches the Magellan Probe toward the Venus.在1989年,亚特兰蒂斯号航天飞机向金星发射麦哲伦探测器。After a journey of 15 months Magellan uses radar eyes to peer through the clouds from orbit.在为期15个月的旅行后,麦哲伦探测器使用它的雷达眼从轨道穿过云层。Watching from earth is Allen Stoll fun.从地球上观测是一种乐趣。When you have that you picked up a image and say I wanna the first 3 poeple I wanna 5 people to ever look the piece of ground on another planet .当你想象,你看到一幅图片,说我想首先想要3人,之后是5人在另一个星球上观察其地貌。Its such a sense of awe and a sense of discovery.这是一种敬畏和发现的乐趣。Magellan radar strips away the thick clouds.麦哲伦雷达穿透条状的乌云。For the first time ever we see all the Venus lay bare.有史以来第一次我们看到金星就是这个样子。Welcome to lava land.欢迎来到熔岩土地。There are volcano of all sizes from kilometer across to hundreds kilometers across.这里各种各样的火山从百公里宽度到数千公里宽。The naissance is not that all different from some area on the earth.不是所有的产生都像在地球上的一些地区那样。But on the other hand it is of course a dry world with no vegetation at all.但另一方面,这的确是一个干燥的世界而没有任何植被。Its the sheer number of volcanos that sets Venus apart.这是全然的火山将金星分开。This is the world that has been tortured by fire.好像这是经受过火的折磨的世界。Over 1600 giant volcanos puncture the surface.包含超过1600个巨大的火山穿透表面。Its possible some are still active.很有可能其中的一些仍然活跃。Mark Bolock enjoys spending time on Venus at least the virgin he found马克;布鲁克喜欢花时间在金星上至少他有所发现。 注:听力文本来源于普特201203/174727。
  • The recession is much bigger than anybody in the troika ever foresaw, we have a humanitarian crisis in Greece, yes I totally agree with that, the problem with Mr. Tsipras, that he believes that there is a magical way to bring the situation back to what it was three years ago without making any changes, but this is not possible, we need a structural change in the economy.这一危机比troika公司任何人预见的预见的都更为严重。希腊目前正处于人道主义危机之中。今天,我和Tsipras先生的看法完全一致,他认为只有神秘的力量能够在不做任何改变的条件下,让局势回到三年前的样子。但是这是不可能的,我们必须进行经济结构性变革。Cancelling debt, we are talking about restructuring part of the debt see it was aly done as you know, there is a talk going on that maybe this is needed, its the IMFs position, we will see if it is needed, but anyway whatever is needed must be done in the decision making, must be made now, Greece cannot wait any more, what i said yesterday in another interview was that we cannot wait for the bailout money, because it was due yesterday, it was due in June.我们正在谈论债务重组的问题,它的进展情况如你所知,目前必要的谈话正在进行,即IMF的立场,我们将看到这一会谈是否有必要,但是无论如何,必须做出决定了,必须现在做出决定。希腊不能等待,我昨天在接受另外一个采访时说,我们等不起救市资金了,因为救市资金昨天就该到位,6月就该到位了。Whats your alternative? you have to wait if you put everything in the hands of the Brussels.那您的方案是什么呢?如果把希望完全寄托在那些布鲁塞尔人手中(欧洲委员会),你只能等待。Well i know we have to wait, thats why we are asking our European partners not to delay, it is very important that our European partners understand that we cannot afford any other delay, we need the money and we need the whole of the tranche and we need it now.我知道我们不得不等待,这也是为什么我们要求欧洲同伴不要拖延的原因所在。让我们的欧洲同伴知道我们等不起,我们需要钱,我们需要IMF全部救助款、我们现在就需要,这将非常重要。Should Greece stay in the Euro zone?希腊还应该呆在欧元区吗?Yes of course, thats why we fought very hard, there was two election campaigns fought over that, because practically for us it is a very very important target to stay inside the Euro zone, we understand that this is the biggest crisis the Euro has faced since it exists, and it shows also that the Euro was not well prepared for crisis, but from this crisis we must learn, we need new tools in Europe, we need another way of thinking, we need more solidarity, we need a quicker decision making, and i think that this is the lesson for all of European partners which we will have to take from this crisis.是的,当然。这就是我们努力抗挣的原因,过去的两次选举都为此抗挣过,因为对我们来说,实际上,继续保留在欧元区非常重要,我们知道这是欧元区有史以来的面临的最严重的一次危机。此次危机也显示出欧元区在危机面前措手不及。但是我们必须从危机中汲取教训。欧洲需要新手段,需要新的思路,需要团结,需要更快的决策。并且我认为,这是所有欧洲盟友都必须从危机中学到的经验。201211/211421。
  • A colossal iceberg is born. This single block of ice, many hundreds of meters across, would toss the biggest mankind buildings. Every year, tens of thousands of icebergs are spooned by Greenlands glaciers and the number is steady increasing as the climate continues the warm. The breakup of the bergs fails the base of the Arctic with exquisite ice sculptures. It also releases great volume of cold fresh water into the sea. Greenlands melt water influences the course of the ocean currents which in turn has an effect on the weather around the world.巨大的冰山形成。这单一的冰有数百米宽,甚至和最大的人类建筑相媲美。每年成千上万的冰山由格陵兰的冰川及持续稳步变暖的气候形成。冰川融化分裂,在北极四处可见精湛的天然冰雕。大量的冷水被融化流进大海。格陵兰岛融水影响洋流,反过来作用于世界的天气。The Arctic is closer to home than many of us realize. It can conclude the northern most parts of the three continents on which most of us live, Europa, Asia and North America.北极比许多人所意识到的离家更近。它可以终结北部的大部分地区,即三个大洲,我们大多数人生活的欧洲、亚洲和北美洲。The first barren land we reach our journey south is a bleak treeless wilderness known as tundra. Each spring, animals travel up from the south to be y for the rich grazing that will be unveiled by the spring melt. To the calibo, the timing is critical. Arriving earlier and winter storm could kill you.Delay too long and you may fail to lay down the fat needed to survive the polar winter.我们的旅程到达第一个不毛之地,南边是一个荒凉没有植被被称为苔原的旷野。每年春天,动物从南方旅行等待春天的到来。时间至关重要的。早些时候到达,冬季风暴可能会要了你的命。拖得太久,你就不能储存需要在极地冬季生存的脂肪。注:听力文本来源于普特201201/168602。
  • How dumb, or smart, are birds? Calling someone a birdbrain is usually meant as an insult. But many birds are quite clever. Take, for example, the mockingbird. To you and me, one mockingbird might look pretty much like any other. But from the birds perspective, the same isnt true of humans.鸟类究竟是愚蠢还是聪明呢?称某人为“鸟脑”通常意味着侮辱。但很多鸟儿其实非常聪明。例如知更鸟。对于你、我来说,所有的知更鸟可能看起来都一样。但是从鸟的角度来看,这一理论却不适用于人类。Mockingbirds can tell one person from another with great skill, especially when that person poses a threat. In one experiment, scientists had volunteers approached and touched mockingbird nests once a day for four days. By the second day, the birds began their warning calls and attack runs sooner than they had the day before. By the fourth day, the birds appeared to be able to spot the human intruders as soon as they began to approach the nests.在分辨不同的人方面,知更鸟技巧高超,特别是有人威胁它时。在一项试验中,科学家们让志愿者们去接近、触碰知更鸟的窝巢,每天一次,连续四天。第二天,鸟儿们便鸣叫警告、突袭来者,反应比前一天更迅速。到第四天,一旦志愿者们开始接近鸟巢,知更鸟便能辨别出那位人类入侵者。On the fifth day, however, a new person approached and touched the birds nests. And the birds were slower to react. So in other words, the birds werent simply protecting their nests with the same ferocity no matter who approached.然而到了第五天,换一位陌生面孔的志愿者去接近、触摸鸟巢。知更鸟的反应又慢下来。因此换句话说,鸟类对入侵者也会区别对待,并不会一味地气势汹汹。They quickly recognized repeat intruders and were quick to target them. Because the new intruder wasnt familiar, the birds took longer to size him up. Mockingbirds might not be the only bird species to distinguish between people. Other species that have adapted to human environments might be good people spotters, too. In fact, this ability might be part of what allows some birds to thrive in urban environments.他们很快地识别重复入侵者,并快速攻击他们。因为对新的入侵者并不熟悉,所以知更鸟要花更长时间来做出判断。知更鸟可能并不是唯一能够区别人类的鸟类。其它一些已经适应了人类环境的鸟类,可能也十分善于识别人类。事实上这种能力会帮助鸟类在现代环境中生存下去。原文译文属!201212/213627。
  • Do cats eat spiders?猫吃蜘蛛吗?Our answer? Yes, they do. And that’s not all cats will eat. Cats, both domestic and wild, are obligatory carnivores, meaning that they don’t have the chemical tools in their bodies to access nutrients from plants. They have to eat material from other animals to meet their nutritional needs.我们的是“是的,猫吃蜘蛛”。但不是所有的猫都吃蜘蛛。不论是家猫还是野猫都是食肉动物,这就意味着它们不能从植物当中摄取营养。因此它们必须吃其它动物来满足这种营养需求。But that doesn’t mean your cat won’t try to eat something non-animal. Cats will try to eat plants, and when they have difficulty digesting them they’ll vomit them onto your carpet.这也并不意味着你的猫只吃肉。猫会尝试吃植物,如果吃的东西不好消化,可能会吐到你的地毯上。Some plants are in fact poisonous to cats and should be kept out of their reach. Kittens like to play with string and yarn, but if you don ’t watch them they may accidentally swallow some of it, which can lead to gastrointestinal obstruction and a need for surgery.有些植物猫吃了会中毒,所以不能让它们接触到。小猫喜欢玩绳子和纱线,但如果不小心看管,它们也许会吞下一些绳线,从而导致肠道阻塞甚至需要做手术。Yes, many cats will eat insects and spiders. Typically this appetite won’t cause them any harm, unless it’s a poisonous spider they’re batting around and dragging with their teeth. Cats do get bitten by poisonous spiders, and they suffer from the consequences of the toxins.是的,有些猫会吃昆虫和蜘蛛。这通常不会造成伤害,除非是它们用牙齿吃的毒蜘蛛。猫会被蜘蛛咬伤,并会受到毒素的伤害。If you think your cat has been poisoned, whether by a spider, a plant, or a chemical like a household cleaning product, you should seek veterinary attention immediately. If that’s not possible, call a poison hotline that specializes in cats and dogs. They can also advise you in the matter.如果你的猫中毒了,不论是由蜘蛛,植物或是化学植物引起的,你应该马上找兽医。如果不可能的话,给专门医治猫的地方打电话。他们可以提供相关帮助的建议。 /201303/232029。
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