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一图告诉你:钱都花哪儿啦 --3 :35: 来源: According to a new survey, a lot of Americans are blowing their budgets by eating out too often. Surveying 00 US residents and using data from the USDArsquo;s Cost of Food at Home reports, Hloom;a company that makes templates resumes, invoices, and the like;dug into what people feel theyrsquo;re wasting their money on.最新调查显示,许多美国人过于频繁地将金钱;挥霍;在外出就餐上一家制作简历、发票等模板的公司Hloom调查了00位美国居民并使用了美国农业部《家庭食品开报告的数据,探究人们认为自己把钱都浪费到哪儿去了While the answers varied based on age and gender, across the board, people listed eating out as their top money-waster (of the expenditures they'd be willing to cut back on). Almost 69 percent of all respondents said they spent too much money on restaurants.尽管不同年龄和性别的人群回答有所不同,总体看来,人们把外出就餐列为自己最愿意削减的第一大浪费性出约有69%的调查对象表示他们在餐馆花了太多钱A quarter of respondents admitted to wasting their cash on alcohol, and almost a fifth admitted to throwing money away on credit card interest. More than 30 percent said they wasted money by letting food expire or otherwise go uneaten, though few were willing to try to change that.四分之一的受访者承认把钱浪费在饮酒上,约五分之一承认花费在信用卡利息上超过30%的人称自己将食品放到过期或是剩下不吃而浪费了钱,尽管几乎没有人愿意试着改变However, more than percent of respondents said they werenrsquo;t wasteful with their money, to which we say, who are you, and do you know about online shopping?然而,有超过%的受访者说他们并没有浪费钱对此我们表示:你是谁啊,你知道网购不?More women admitted to wasting money than men: Almost percent of men consider themselves nonwasteful, the study found, compared to percent of women. But that may have a lot more to do with societal pressures to spend money on beauty and personal care (one study found women who wore makeup to work got paid more) and the higher prices women face purchases like hair cuts and dry cleaning;not to mention cultural stereotypes that women are bad with money and love to shop til they drop;than the reality of people's budgets.比起男性,有更多女性承认自己浪费金钱:研究发现,近%的男性认为自己并不浪费,而持此观点的女性只有%但这很可能与社会压力迫使女性在美容和个人护理上花费更多有关(一项研究显示化妆的职场女性薪水更高)并且较之实际预算,女性在理发和衣物干洗等项目上要承受更高的价格,更不必说;女性总管不好钱,热爱lsquo;买买买rsquo;;的文化成见了What you think of as a waste of money also varies by generation. Most Millennials aren't worried about wasting money on cable bills, but do say they're spending too much on streaming services.不同年代出生的人对;浪费钱;的理解也不相同千禧一代中的大多数不担心有线电视费钱,却表示自己在流媒体务上花了太多Itrsquo;s important to note that this is a self-reported survey, meaning that itrsquo;s not about what people are actually wasting their money on, but rather what they perceive as a waste of money. One person may think 0 a month spent on restaurants and bars is a huge waste of money, while another may consider it a normal part of life. Just because Millennials don't list cigarettes as one of their money-wasters doesn't mean they're not smoking, necessarily;just that they don't think it's a waste of their cash.需要注意的是,此研究是一项自陈报告,这意味着结果显示的不是实际花费情况,而是人们自己认为的浪费有人可能觉得每月在餐馆酒吧花上500美元非常浪费,而另一个人或许将其看作是正常生活的一部分千禧一代没把香烟列为浪费金钱的项目并不见得他们不抽烟,他们只是觉得买烟算不得浪费罢了Letrsquo;s not get, though, that going your daily latte will never make you rich. As financial experts and sociologists have pointed out, most people in America arenrsquo;t bankrupting themselves buying luxuries like fancy coffee or meals out. Over the past few decades, while the prices of education, housing, healthcare, and gas have risen significantly, salaries have gone down. So yes, paying your credit card bill off in full every month should be a big priority, but living like a hermit and never buying a meal out is a poor substitute meaningful public policy that makes necessary purchases like health care and rent afdable.尽管如此,别忘了,放弃每日的拿铁咖啡永远不会使你富有金融专家和社会学家已经指出,美国的大多数人并不会因为买些昂贵的咖啡和外出吃饭而破产在过去几十年,教育、住房、医疗保健和汽油的价格显著提高,薪水却降低了所以是的,每月全额付清你的信用卡账单应当是头等大事,但也不要像隐士一样生活,从不在外吃饭有效的公共政策应能确保人们能够付医疗保健和租房等必需开。

  • 胖妞进选美决赛 主办方取消其资格(图 -- :8:37 来源:   A beauty pageant contestant who labelled herself 'terribly ugly' has been disqualified after being voted through to the final because organisers thought she had tampered with the vote.  俄罗斯一项选美比赛的一名自认为“长得很丑”的参赛者,在被选进决赛后却被取消了资格,原因是大赛主办方认为她以不正当手段干预了投票结果  Maya Shelkovaya from Sochi was shocked when she ousted more than 00 other girls in Russian contest Miss Games to make it through to the last five.  玛雅来自索契,当她得知自己从参加俄罗斯游戏选美大赛的00多名女孩中脱颖而出进入五强的时候,非常吃惊   She said she didn't expect to win a single vote and only entered the pageant because she wanted to win some of the Allods Team games offered to the finalists, according to Vocativ.  她说自己参加比赛根本没期望能获得哪怕一张投票,只是为了能赢得大赛为决赛选手提供的一些Allods Team  But organizers suspected she had cheated and sent her an email which did not set out a clear explanation her disqualification.  但是主办方却怀疑玛雅以欺诈手段获取投票,并取消了她的资格,但在给她的邮件中并未给出具体明确的原因  She uploaded a photo to enter the competition, saying she thought she was 'terribly ugly' and received an onslaught of online abuse.  玛雅参加比赛时上传了一张照片,称自认为“长得很丑”,之后就收到了网友们的攻击和谩骂  Many commented saying she was 'fat' and 'should go to the gym', but others praised her bravery and voted her to stay in the competition.  有人说玛雅“胖”“该去健身房”,但也有一些人称赞她的勇敢并投票给她希望她不被淘汰  'Mostly people write that I'm brave and honorable. But, to be honest, I don't know where they got that from. I'm completely average,' she said.  玛雅说:“中有很多人说我勇敢、诚实但说实话,我不知道她们这么说的依据是什么我真的只是个普通人”   'In general, me personally, all kind people are beautiful. Kindness adorns their faces, and it's impossible to call them ugly no matter what their appearance.'  “总的来说在我眼里,所有的人都很漂亮只要心地善良,不管长成什么样子都不可以被称作丑陋”  The organizers of the pageant, run by Russian email service, Mail.ru, have now announced the winners, one of whom was given a trip two to a five-star hotel in Egypt.  比赛的主办方目前已经宣布了获胜者名单,其中一位还得到了入住五星级酒店埃及双人游的机会  They said: 'We are pleased to announce the completion of the contest. As we warned all the votes obtained by dishonest means, when calculating the results have been removed.'  主办方称:“我们非常高兴,大赛圆满落幕之前我们曾警告过参赛者,任何通过不诚实的手段获得的投票在计算最后结果时都将被排除在外”。
  • 我国将加快培养“一专多能”教师 -- ::7 来源:chinadaily 日前,在国务院新闻办公室举行的新闻发布会上,教育部副部长刘利民表示,乡村教师队伍建设是补齐农村教育这块短板的关键之一,未来将定向培养能够承担多门学科教学任务的教师,“一专多能”,解决乡村教师结构性的缺员问题请看新华社的报道:China wants versatile teachers who will be able to perm multiple roles, just like general practitioners in the medical field, Liu said, citing a guideline the State Council issued on keeping the development of compulsory education in villages commensurate with that in cities at county level.刘利民就《关于统筹推进县域内城乡义务教育一体化改革发展的若干意见介绍了有关情况刘利民表示,中国需要的是像全科医生一样的“一专多能”教师,能够承担多门学科教学任务刘利民提到的“一专多能”教师英文可以用versatile teacher来表达刘利民表示,在乡村教育的硬件逐步解决和基本解决以后,最大的问题是教师缺员问题(a shortage of teaching staff)如果乡村教师可以像全科医生(general practitioner)一样“一专多能”,就可以有效地解决乡村教师结构性的缺员问题《意见提出,将提高乡村教师的收入水平,把边远艰苦地区的乡村教师优先纳入住房保障体系(Housing Security System)同时,《意见还明确,城镇学校、优质学校教师,特别是骨干教师(backbone teacher)到乡村学校去交流轮岗,且要加大比例(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮)。
  • 背负万众期待的窦靖童能成为下一站天后吗? --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:她的母亲是乐坛天后王菲,她的父亲是摇滚怪才窦唯,卓越的音乐基因让人们对她抱有非同一般的期待现在“整个华语乐坛都在等她长大”的窦靖童终于正式出道了专注自己的音乐,不迎合主流,偏爱小众,窦靖童是否能复制父母昔日的辉煌? many years, Leah Dou’s biggest claim to fame was being the daughter of musicians Faye Wong and Dou Wei. Only recently has the 19-year-old stepped out of her parents’ shadows, by starting her own career in the Mando-pop world.多年来,窦靖童的名气来自于她的父母——歌手王菲和窦唯不久前,这位19岁少女正式进军华语乐坛,开启了自己的歌唱事业,逐渐摆脱父母的光环Her debut album Stone Café, released on April , features songs that Dou wrote in English – an artistic choice seemingly aimed at shirking mainstream acceptance in her native China. And yet, Stone Café has succeeded in attracting widesp attention, in part thanks to Dou’s musical pedigree.月日,她发行了自己的首张专辑《石头咖啡馆,该专辑收录了窦靖童创作的首英文歌曲选择英文歌似乎出于艺术方面的考虑,试图逃避融入中国主流(音乐)可是《石头咖啡馆还是成功吸引了大众的广泛关注,成功的部分原因可能要归功于窦靖童的身份Critics and listeners alike have praised Dou’s creativity and vocal range, but still, she undisputedly owes some of her popularity to her pop diva mother and her rock star father, both legendary in their respective fields.乐评人和乐迷们一致盛赞窦靖童的创造力和音域,但是不可否认,她之所以如此受欢迎和她的天后老妈和摇滚老爸不无关系他们都是各自的领域里的传奇人物Dou has struck out on her own musical path though, leaning heavily toward niche genres. “Her music merges together the characteristics of alternative pop in the 1990s and the elements of modern indie pop,” a music critic wrote under the pen name Aidiren in his review the Beijing Times.尽管如此,窦靖童却选择了属于自己的音乐之路,风格偏向于小众音乐笔名爱地人的乐评人在《新京报的一篇上写道:“她的音乐融合了世纪90年代另类流行音乐的特点和现代独立流行乐的元素”She has also been uncompromising when it comes to her artistic vision, at least publicly. Her songs are not designed to be earworms, tailor-made heavy rotation on the radio and online.在艺术视野上,她毫不妥协,至少对外表现出是这样她的歌不以成洗脑歌为目标,更不去迎合电台、网络热门金曲风格Even Dou’s mother focused on traditional, plaintive love songs such as Vulnerable Woman (《容易受伤的女人) to build her fan base early in her career, bee she transmed into an eccentric songstress. Dou skipped this process altogether.就连她的妈妈王菲在转型为特立独行的歌手之前,也曾专注于传统的伤心情歌(如《容易受伤的女人)为自己建立粉丝基础窦靖童完全跳过了这一步“I only care about conveying what I feel like in my music,” she told Southern Metropolis Daily. “If something I want to write happens to be widely accepted, that’s good. But if not, I just don’t care.”她告诉《南方都市报:“我在乎的是通过音乐传达我的感受如果我写的东西碰巧被大家接受,那很棒如果没有,我也不在乎”Even her public image is at odds with the mainstream. Large swaths of the Chinese public hold conservative opinions about gender, but Dou nevertheless dresses in a bold, androgynous fashion. She cropped her hair and dyed it pink, and both her arms have tattoos.她的公众形象也和主流毫不沾边大部分中国公众的性别观念还很保守,但窦靖童的衣着却走的是大胆中性时尚风她剪了短发,还把头发染成粉红色,她的双臂上都有纹身Dou’s album is named after a college canteen named Stone Café, which was located upstairs from one of her classes when she was enrolled in a Calinia arts school in . She spent her time there exploring various types of music. Most of the songs on her album were composed during that time. Writing in English was more “comtable”, she told the newspaper.窦靖童的新专辑取名自一家名为石头咖啡馆的大学餐厅,这家咖啡馆在她年入学的加州艺术学院的教室楼上她在这里花了不少时间学习各种类型的音乐专辑中的大部分歌曲也是在这一时期创作的用英语创作更“舒”,她告诉《南都记者However, listening to English might not be as comtable Chinese listeners. It remains to be seen whether Mando-pop fans will embrace Dou’s unique brand of music, with the same level of enthusiasm that propelled her parents to stardom.不过对中国听众来说,听英语可能就不那么舒了华语乐迷会不会像推崇她的父母那样接受窦靖童独特的音乐风格,还有待观察。
  • 首个欠债不还的发达国家——希腊(双语) --01 3::1 来源:   Greece has missed the deadline a。
  • “草原天路”收费引争议 -- ::19 来源:chinadaily 河北省张家口市张北县草原天路5月1日起开始收门票,在网络上引发热议网民普遍认为,当地政府巧妙地把公路变成了风景名胜区,是在“拦路收费”近日,河北省物价局首次向媒体表态,称河北省向张北县下放部分行政权限,张北县有权制定草原天路的门票价格Police officers wait to check tourists’ tickets to Grass Skyline, a scenic road in Zhangbei county, Hebei province, on May , . [Photo by Wu Jiang China Daily]请看相关报道:The tourism bureau in Zhangbei county, Hebei province, said on Tuesday that the 50 yuan (.70) per-person charge introduced on May 1 is both reasonable and lawful.河北省张北县旅游局周二(5月日)表示,5月1日起实施的每人次50元的门票收费合理合法It said money collected from tourists driving Grass Skyline, which is known as "China's Route 66", will be used maintenance and environmental protection.该旅游局表示,从“草原天路”游客身上收的钱将用于景区维护和环境保护“草原天路”被誉为“中国的66号公路”“草原天路”(Grass Skyline)全长.7公里,是连接崇礼滑雪温泉大区和张北草原风情大区的一条重要通道蜿蜒的道路,配上湛蓝如洗的天空,以及路两侧的村庄、梯田、沟壑、山坡,让旅游爱好者蜂拥而至图片来源于网络#0;此次张北县旅游局决定对这条公路照景区(scenic area)标准收取门票(charge admission fee)引来众多网友热议争议的焦点在于,“草原天路”到底是一条普通的道路还是一个景区?如果只是一条通行用的道路(normal road),因为沿途有风景就收费,不合理因为二级公路以下的都是不能收费的但是,在张北县旅游局看来,草原天路属于风景名胜区(scenic spot),需要根据运营和维护成本收取一定的费用据悉,张北县“草原天路”旅游开发有限责任公司,联合北京宏美龙脊旅游发展有限公司进行注资扩股,开发建设拟投资.98亿元,在“草原天路”建设游务中心(tourists center)、观景台(observatory)、务营地(service camp)、停车场(parking lot)、星级卫生公厕(star-rated public restroom)等项目【注解】66号公路(Route 66),也叫威尔·罗杰斯公路(Will Rogers Highway),美国主干道(Main Street of America)或者“母亲之路”(Mother Road)这条路建成于196年月日,是美国公路系统中最早建成的道路之一66号公路全长390公里,横贯芝加哥、伊利诺伊、密苏里、堪萨斯、俄克拉荷马、德克萨斯、新墨西哥、亚利桑那,到加州圣莫尼卡结束由于66号线跨越了许多著名景点,如画布沙漠(the Painted Desert)、大峡谷(Grand Canyon)、以及亚利桑那州的陨石洞等,大战过后的五十年代,从原以运送物资为主,摇身一变成为美国人由东部到加州度假的主要干道(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)。
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