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Q It has a quality difficult to explain and that which must be personally felt one to genuinely appreciate it true nature.这是种很难解释的品质,需要人真心去感知其本质U It has an understanding nature in that it blankets itself around you and comts you and nurtures you in that private moment when you are with just yourself.其本质是理解,围绕着你,给你安慰、给你滋养,在你独自一人的私密时光I It ignites a special place inside of you that can create and develop any internal ideas that only you can give birth to when you are alone.可以点燃你的内心,可以在你独处的时候创造发展只有你能想到的内心思想E It enhances our understanding and appreciation of the endless possibilities as we contemplate on the real meaning of our lives and how we should live them.我们思考生命真正的意义、思考如何过好日子的同时,宁静可以提升我们对无限可能性的理解与欣赏T It offers tranquility to just be in the moment and to absorb oneself in this being and to be mindful of it throughout.使人宁静、活在当下,全心投入眼前的一切,至始至终都关注眼下更多美文请关注-微信公众号良声英语 微:@里昂之声 91Charlize: You wont get that were going over to the Wong dinner tomorrow night, will you?查理兹:你没忘记我们明晚要去王家吃晚饭,对吗?Pete: It etched in my brain. I wont get.皮特:已经刻在我脑海里了我不会忘记的Charlize: It slipped your mind last week that we were meeting Donna at the movies, remember?查理兹:上星期我们约好在电影院和堂娜见面你爽约了,还记得吗?Pete: I was preoccupied last week, but I wont get about tomorrow night.皮特:上星期我很忙,但我不会忘记明晚的约会Charlize: Im reminding you because the week bee that, you got to cash that check at the bank. Remember that?查理兹:我提醒你是因为上上个星期你还忘记去兑现票记起来了吗?Pete: I didnt get. I was just a little wrapped up in work that week. Im not usually absentminded, you know.皮特:我没有忘那次,我只是把全部精力都投入在工作上了你要知道,我通常不会心不在焉Charlize: Right. Do you want me to send you an email tomorrow morning to jog your memory?查理兹:对要不我明早给你发封邮件来提醒你?Pete: That wont be necessary. I have the day, time, and even their address committed to memory. Do you want to test me?皮特:没那个必要我已经记住了日期,时间甚至是他们家地址?你想不想考考我?Charlize: No, I dont, but I just want to make sure we dont have a repeat of what happened last month. You were supposed to meet me at the Donnelly at 8:00 and you never showed up. Remember that?查理兹:不,算了,我只是想确保你不会重复上个月发生的事情我们本来约好8点在唐纳利见面,可是你却从未露面还记得吗?Pete: No, I dont. I have amnesia. I wont remember any other incident you want to throw in my face. I thought last week you said you would stop giving me a hard time about my bad memory. Remember that?皮特:不,我不记得我有健忘症我不记得你当面责问我的任何事件我想起你上星期说你不会因为我健忘而难为我记得吗?Charlize: Uh, no, I dont.查理兹:啊,不,我说过Pete: I guess Im not the only one who scatterbrained!皮特:我猜我不是唯一那个健忘的人!原文译文属! 5500席慕容(193..— )女,蒙古族,著名诗人、散文家、画家席慕容全名是穆伦·席连勃,意即大江河,“慕容”是“穆伦”的谐译她写诗,为的是“纪念一段远去的岁月,纪念那个只曾在我心中存在过的小小世界”一个“真”字熔铸于诗中而又个性鲜明在她的诗中,充满着一种对人情、爱情、乡情的悟性和理解著作有诗集、散文集、画册及选本等五十余种,读者遍及海内外近十年来,潜心探索蒙古文化,以原乡为创作主题这首诗成功地突出了抒情主人公与开花的树、物与我的关系,凝聚成传情达意的意象群落,以及将感受视听化的艺术效果,读之不由人不叹息尤其是,一棵树,“阳光下慎重地开满了花”,极具画面感,极具视觉冲击力,几乎开在读者心里,让人过目难忘全诗体现的总体风格是宁静、执着在看似平淡的语气下,是波澜起伏的心的大海这心海的波澜将一直为着爱而潮起潮落——尽管这爱也许是绝望的A Blooming Tree—Xi Murong一棵开花的树——席慕容May Buddha let us meet,如何让你遇见我in my most beautiful hours,在我最美丽的时刻I have prayed it,为这我已在佛前求了五百年 five hundred years.求佛让我们结一段尘缘Buddha made me a tree,佛於是把我化做一棵树by the path you may take,长在你必经的路旁In full blossoms Im waiting in the sun,阳光下,慎重地开满了花every flower carrying my previous hope.朵朵都是我前世的盼望As you are near, listen carefully,当你走近,请你细听,那颤抖的叶the quivering leaves are my waiting zeal,是我等待的热情As you pass by the tree,而当你终於无视地走过without noticing me,在你身後落了一地的My friend, upon the ground behind you is not the fallen petals,朋友啊,那不是花瓣but my withered heart.那是我凋零的心  0

Peter: Look at this! I just won ,000 smackaroos!彼得:看这个!我刚才赢了两千块大洋!Angela: Where did you get all that money?安吉拉:你怎么赢到这些钱的?Peter: I won it betting on the game last night. I placed a small wager with high odds and won big.彼得:我昨晚比赛赢来的我投了个高风险的小赌注,然后就大赚了一笔Angela: Wow, I always put money in the pools at work, but Ive never won anything like $,000.安吉拉:哇,我上班时总是跟别人赌钱,但从来没赢过两千美元的东西Peter: Ill introduce you to my bookie if you want to do some serious betting. But I warn you: he only deals in high-stakes wagers, not penny ante bets.彼得:如果你想正儿八经玩一回的话,我可以把你介绍给我的赌注经纪人但是我得提醒你:他只喜欢玩风险很高的赌注,而不是零碎的小赌注Angela: You bet through a bookie? You must do some serious gambling. I dont think that me.安吉拉:你是通过赌注经纪人赌钱?那你肯定是玩真的我觉得那不适合我Peter: You cant win big, if you dont play big. Ive just placed a bet on this weekend game.彼得:如果你不玩大一点,怎么赢大钱呢?我刚刚在这周末的比赛上押了一注Angela: But the Minnesota McQ are the favorites by a wide margin.安吉拉:但是明尼苏达州的 McQ 队广受欢迎啊Peter: There a -point point sp. Come on, what do you say? Are you in or out? Ive just put 0 on it.彼得:只有十分的分数差加入吧,你意下如何?你是要加入还是退出?我刚押了500美元Angela: That too rich my blood. I think Ill stick to the minor leagues.安吉拉:对我来说太多了我想我还是会坚持小联盟吧原文译文属! 519The First Ball Games最早的球类运动The first interesting thing sports use was the ball.球是最早的有意思的体育用具In ancient Egypt, as in everywhere,在古埃及,和其他地方一样,throwing stones was a favorite children game.丢石块是孩子们最喜欢的游戏But a stone could hurt a child.但是石块会伤到孩子Looking something less dangerous to throw,为了找到可以降低危险的玩具,the people in Egypt made,perhaps,the first balls.埃及人做出了第一个球At first,balls were made of grass or leaves held together起初,人们把草或树叶塞紧做成了球Later they made balls with animals skin.后来,他们用动物皮做球,They put the pieces of animals skin together with th他们用线把动物皮缝起来,and put in some birds feathers or grass.再把鸟的羽毛或草塞进去This kind of ball was soft and not heavy.Everyone liked to play with it.这种球又软又轻,人人都爱玩Although the people in Egypt liked fighting and wars,尽管埃及人喜欢打架,征战,they tried to save time sports games.但还是找时间参与体育游戏Bee long they could play a lot of new ball games,each with its own rules.不久他们能够玩很多新鲜的球类游戏,各个游戏有自己的规则Perhaps they thought或许他们认为the games were useful to help the young men run faster in wars.这些游戏能使他们在战场上跑得更快 397TechnologyA: What attracts me most is its powerful functions, such as 3G, a 3. megapixel camera, recording, music player, FM radio with RDS, memory card slot…B: Oh my god! It seems that there’s nothing impossible with the little mobile phone.A: Yeah, I can’t agree more, my man! You never know what is waiting you.B: It’s the magic of science and technology.A: Wait. You remind me a famous a from rest Gump, “Life is just like a box of chocolate. You never know what’s in it.”【注】megapixel n. 像素;memory card slot 储存卡可可在线背单词 — 中考英语单词

Hire very carefully—youre creating an enduring culture. Bezos would rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person, Why?公司用人非常谨慎——你想创建的是一种持久的文化贝佐斯宁愿面试50个人也没有找到合适的人,也不愿意录用一个不合适的求职者,为什么呢?;Company Cultures arent so much planned as they evolve from that early set of people. New employees either dislike the culture and leave or feel comtable and stay,; says Bezos.“公司文化从最初的职员开始并不是一成不变的新来的雇员要门不赞同这种文化而离开要么在这种氛围下感到舒适,”贝佐斯说道Be stubborn and flexible. ;If youre not stubborn, youll give up on experiments too soon,; Bezos says. ;And if youre not flexible, youll go against the wall and you wont see a different solution to a problem youre trying to solve.;既要固执又要灵活“如果你不执着,你会很容易放弃实验,”贝佐斯说,“如果你不灵活,你会碰壁,并且找不到你可以尝试解决问题的办法”Focus on customers, not colleagues. ;There are many ways to be externally focused that are very successful,; Bezos says. ;You can be customer-focused or competitor-focused.;专注于顾客,而不是同事“有很多种成功地集中精力专注外部的办法,”贝佐斯说,“你可以去专注顾客,也可以专注对手”But he warns that ;some people are internally focused, which may hurt the whole company.;但是他发出警告,“有些人喜欢关注内部,这样做会对整个公司产生不利影响”Be simpleminded. Bezos loves making decisions based on hard data, but when that not possible, he believes in the power of being ;simpleminded,; relying on common sense about what would be in the best interests of his customers.保持头脑简单贝佐斯依据复杂的数据来做决定,但是当没有必要的时候,他相信“简单头脑”的力量,依据常识来推导什么是对他的顾客最有利的东西Dont chase the quick buck.不要太看重眼前利益;Sometimes we measure things and see that in the short term they actually hurt sales,; says Bezos. ;But we do it anyway, because we believe that the short-term results probably arent indicative of the long-term.;“有时我们通过短期的收益衡量事情会对销售不利,”贝佐斯说,“但是不管怎样我们都会这么做,因为我们相信短期结果并不能体现出长期的效果” 5673‘Let us walk round the gardens until you have to go home,my pretty cousin.’“在你必须回家之前,让我们在花园里转转吧,我的漂亮表!”Tess wanted to leave as soon as possible,but the young man insisted.虽然苔丝想尽快离开,但这年轻人坚持不让He took her to the greenhouses.他带她来到温室‘Do you like strawberries?’he asked.“你喜欢吃草莓吗?”他问‘Yes,’said Tess,‘when they are y.’“是的!”苔丝说,“等它们熟透了的时候”‘These are y now,’and so saying,d’Urberville picked one and held it to her mouth.“它们已经熟透了”说着,德伯就摘了一个,准备塞到苔丝嘴里‘No no!’she said.‘Id rather take it myself.’“哦,不!”她说,“我宁愿自己来”But Alec put it into her mouth.但是亚历克还是把草莓放进了她嘴里He put roses into her hair and filled her basket with strawberries and flowers.他还采了玫瑰别在她头上,并在她的篮子里装满了草莓和鲜花He gave her food to eat,and watched her,while he quietly smoked a cigarette.他拿东西给她,自己就静静地抽着雪茄看她吃She looked more adult and womanly than she really was.苔丝看起来比实际上的她更成熟也更具有女人味儿Alec could not take his eyes off her.亚历克无法将视线从她身上移开She did not know as she smiled innocently at the flowers她不会想到,就在她天真无邪地对着那些鲜花微笑时,that behind the cigarette smoke was the cause of future sorrow in her life.坐在雪茄烟雾后面的,正是会给她未来生活带来痛苦的冤家对头 96Make Room Happiness 为快乐腾点空间If you want something new and different in your life, you must first make room happiness by moving out the old. 如果你想体验新鲜的东西,首先必须腾出空间The question is Where do you start to begin to make room happiness? 挪出旧的东西,为快乐腾点空间问题是:你该从哪着手为快乐腾出空间?You may find the answer right here at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, and Im Faith. 马上你就可以找到这里是Faith主持的Faith轻松电台节目Time 时间How do you spend your time? Is it wasted time, or refreshing time? 你的时间是怎么度过的?你是在浪费时间还是在充分利用它?Does it take you toward your goals, or away from them? Are you consciously spending time, or just letting it happen? 它让你更靠近目标还是让你更加远离目标呢?你是自觉安排时间还是只是顺其自然? Environment 环境What no longer is working you in your environment? 在你周围什么东西已经没有价值了?Are there unfinished projects that were important at one time, but no longer intrigue you? 是否有曾经很吸引你,如今却不再能激起你兴趣且尚未完成的工作?When you look around, does your environment make you feel good? Make you smile? 环视四周,环境是否让你感觉不错?让你微笑? Relationships 关系What relationships are no longer effective to your happiness? 什么样的关系已经让你不再感到快乐呢?Do the people in your life support you? Are you proud to introduce them to others? 生活中身边的人持你吗?你会很骄傲地向别人介绍他们吗?Do you learn from them? 你从他们那儿学到什么? Thinking 思考 Do you talk to yourself like your best friend? 你是否像朋友一样与自己交谈呢?Or do you talk to yourself like the neighbor you despise? 还是像和你讨厌的邻居那样谈话?Do your thoughts inspire and motivate you, or hold you back from your best self? 你的想法会赋予你灵感、激励你还是阻止你做最好的自己? Work 工作 Do you feel fulfilled and happy about your work, whether that a domestic engineer, or CEO?无论你是家庭保姆还是执行总裁,你能从工作中获得满足和幸福吗?or do you d doing the work, and just count the minutes until time off? 你是否对工作充满恐惧,并且只是熬时间等下班呢? Once you have made the room success, adding what you really want will give you pleasure and fulfillment. 一旦你为成功腾出了空间,并且加入你真正想要的,那便会给你带来快乐和满足感If you try to add it on top of what you aly have, it will become just another source of aggravation. 如果你想在已经拥有的基础上再追求成功,它会变成另一种负担First, you must set up your life to support success. 首先,你必须为获取成功做好准备 This is Faith from Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, thank you listening, goodbye.这里是Faith轻松电台,感谢您的收听,再见 7388

As you sit in silence当你陷入沉默Wondering why不明所以Ill be your shoulder to cry on我的肩膀给你哭泣Until your tears run dry直到没有泪滴When youve been hurt当你受到伤害And cant believe what theyve done你无法相信他们做了什么If you need someone to talk to如果你需要倾听Ill be the one我会静静听If a close friend hurts you如若朋友让你伤怀And you dont understand你很无奈Remember Im here记住我的存在Ill lend a helping hand我会伸出我的援手Burdens are lighter重担会轻一些When carried by two当两个人分担时And I just want you to know你别忘记Im here you.我陪你同累更多美文请关注-微信公众号良声英语 微:@里昂之声 573968

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