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武汉华夏医院治疗早泄怎么样咸宁市中心医院治疗阳痿多少钱孝感市大悟县看泌尿科怎么样 The Claim: Qigong, a Chinese health practice based on gentle movements, meditation and breathing, has wide-ranging benefits, including improving balance, lowering blood pressure and even easing depression.主张:气功,中国的一种健身运动,动作轻柔,注重冥想和吐纳,功效广泛,比如改善身体协调能力,降血压,甚至还有缓解抑郁的功能。The Verdict: Increasingly popular in the U.S., qigong (pronounced chee-gong) has been found in recent studies to improve quality of life in cancer patients and fight depression. Other studies have found improvements in balance and blood pressure. But so far, there aren#39;t enough large, well-designed studies to constitute solid proof of any benefits, scientists say.定论 :气功在美国越来越流行,近来不断有研究发现,气功能够改善癌症患者的生活质量,抗击抑郁。还有研究发现气功能改善身体协调能力、降低血压。不过科学家说,迄今为止,尚没有规模足够大、设计足够严密的研究来可靠地实气功的任何益处。Qigong, with its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, is a close cousin to the better-known tai chi. Unlike that practice, qigong isn#39;t based in martial arts. Instead, it uses a variety of gentle movements, says Stanwood Chang, who teaches qigong classes at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Because its motions are simple and repetitive, qigong is more accessible to many people than tai chi, which has long sequences that need to be memorized, Mr. Chang adds.气功的理论基础在中医学,与更为知名的“太极”关系密切。与太极不同的是,气功并不以武术为基础。相反,波士顿麻省总医院(Massachusetts General Hospital)本森-亨利身心医学研究所(Benson—Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine)教授气功课程的Stanwood Chang说,气功运用的是一系列舒缓的动作。他还补充说,因为动作简单,多有重复,气功比太极更适合多数人修习,太极套路很长,需要记忆。Traditionally, qigong is described as a practice that cultivates #39;qi, #39; or life energy. Qi can#39;t be measured objectively, says Shin Lin, a professor of cell biology at the University of California, Irvine. But his studies of qigong and tai chi practitioners have found a boost in both alpha brain waves, suggesting relaxation, and beta waves, indicating strong focus. #39;It has the dual benefit of relaxing you, but also sharpening your mind, #39; says Dr. Lin.从传统上来说,气功是一种聚“气”(或曰生命的能量)的功法。加州大学欧文分校(University of California, Irvine)的细胞生物学教授林欣说,气无法客观地观测到。但他通过对气功和太极修习者进行研究发现,气功不但能提振脑α波(表明放松),还能提振脑β波(表明专注)。林欣说,它有双重功效,既能让你放松,还能增强脑力。Some studies have found improvement in balance from qigong. At least one cites the fact that participants are taught to take a wider, more stable stance when standing.有些研究已经发现气功能改善身体协调能力。至少有一项研究引述了这样一个事实:气功修习者被教导在站着的时候要采取双脚距离更大、更稳定的站姿。Earlier this year, a three-month, 14-person study of depressed Chinese-Americans, who were offered one-hour qigong classes twice a week and encouraged to practice at home, found that 60% of those who took at least 15 classes saw a significant improvement in depression based on a standard rating scale. #39;One theory is that qigong helps people to relax and combat stress, #39; which tends to aggravate depression, says study co-author Albert Yeung, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School in Cambridge.今年早些时候,14名情绪抑郁的美籍华人参加了一项为期三个月的研究项目,这些人每周上两次气功课,每次一个小时,并且他们被鼓励在家也进行气功练习。研究发现,那些上了至少15次课的人当中,60%的人的抑郁情形有显著改善(按照标准等级衡量)。这项研究的共同作者、剑桥市哈佛大学医学院(Harvard Medical School)的精神病学助理教授Albert Yeung说,一个理论是,气功能帮助人们放松,对抗压力,而压力往往会加重抑郁。The study was too small to be conclusive, adds Dr. Yeung, a senior consultant at the Benson-Henry Institute. But he#39;s excited enough about the potential that he aly recommends qigong to patients with mild and moderate depression, and in combination with medication to patients with severe depression.Albert Yeung也是本森-亨利身心医学研究所的资深顾问。他说,这项研究的规模也是太小,得出的结论也不具有决定性。但他对结果感到很兴奋,他已经向中度和轻度抑郁患者推荐气功疗法,并建议重度抑郁患者可以在用药物的同时练习气功。For cancer patients, qigong can be done sitting and lying down if a person has physical constraints or is in pain, says Yang Yang, a kinesiologist and researcher, who teaches qigong at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.人体运动学专家、研究人员杨洋(音)说,对于癌症患者来说,如果患者身体方面存在局限,或是剧烈疼痛,可以采用坐姿或卧姿练习气功。杨洋在纽约的斯隆-凯特琳癌症中心(Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)教授气功。In a study of 96 women getting radiation therapy for breast cancer, published earlier this year, a team of Chinese scientists and researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston found reduced depression in women who took five weekly classes of qigong, compared with a control group that didn#39;t take the classes. Among those depressed at the start of the trial, fatigue was lessened and overall quality of life improved.在今年早些时候发表的一项研究针对96名因乳腺癌接受放射治疗的女性。休斯敦的得克萨斯大学(University of Texas)安德森癌症中心(MD Anderson Cancer Center)的一组中国科学家和研究人员发现,每周上气功课上了五周的女性患者相比没有上气功课的对照组患者来说,抑郁程度有所减轻。在那些试验伊始就有抑郁症状的病人当中,疲劳程度有所减轻,整体生活质量得到改善。Many people take qigong group classes, which typically cost to an hour, or practice at home after learning the exercises in a class or from a qigong DVD or online .很多人参加集体气功课程,费用一般在每小时10美元到20美元之间,或是在课上学了之后回家接着练习,也有人跟着气功DVD或在线视频学习气功。 /201310/259882这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:以牙还牙,还是以德报怨,用针尖对麦芒的结果,自己往往也陷入其中……!译者:koogle内容来自: /201305/239316武汉龟头炎医院

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武汉华夏医院可以做包皮手术吗GAYLE KING: But when you look at it, Condoleezza Rice, what is your take on it as to why the numbers don#39;t match up in terms of what women have done?主持人盖尔-金:赖斯,说说你的看法吧。你认为为什么女性做了这么多,但是在各界担任领导地位的女性数量还是那么少呢?CONDOLEEZZA RICE: I do think the numbers are getting better. If you look at the Senate, we have new women in the Senate, if you look at the fact that three of the last four secretaries of state, or three of the last five, were in fact women. So things are getting better. But I see it in the classroom, even at a place like Stanford. It#39;s very important that women feel that they are fully accepted in the workplace and that women put themselves out there. I found when I was a young specialist in international security, had I been waiting for a female, black, Soviet-specialist role model, I would still be waiting. And indeed the people who advocated for my career were white men; in fact they were old white men, because they dominated the field.美国前国务卿赖斯:我认为实际上情况是在越变越好。如果从在国会的女性数量来看,我们在国会中一直都有女性议员。而且在过去的三四年里,美国国务卿都是由女性担任的。所以,情况是在变好。但是如果从学校的情况来看,即使是斯坦福大学这样的名校,非常重要的一点是,女性必须完全相信自己能够在职场上有所作为,并将自己放到那些重要位置上。当我还在学国际安全政策时,我能等待有一个女人、黑人、学习前苏联政治经济的人来做我的榜样吗?如果是那样的话,我到现在还只是在那里等而已。事实上,在我的事业上指导我的人都是白人男性,而且是老年白人男性,因为他们在这个领域占有统治地位。KING: I#39;ve been hearing that things are getting better for such a long time.主持人:可是这些年我一直都在听人说情况在好转。RICE: But they are. And I do think that women – there are barriers, we still have gender definition. When a woman walks into a room, people see certain aspects. My good friend, the late astronaut Sally Ride, often talked about the degree to which if a woman puts herself forward in science and math, maybe she#39;s not quite y. So it#39;s a combination, as Valerie said. It#39;s women putting themselves forward and it#39;s also men being more accepting.赖斯:事实的确如此。现在确实还有各种对性别认同的障碍。当女性走入房间时,人们就会看到她身上一些女性的特质。我的好朋友,女宇航员萨莉-莱德经常说,在科学和数学方面,女性要把自己看得更高,即使她们还没有完全准备好。正如瓦莱丽-贾勒特(另一位嘉宾,白宫高级顾问)所说,现在的情况复杂。一方面女性要把自己看得更高,另一方面男性也在越来越多地接受女性。KING: What would you tell women today that you wish someone had told you back when you were starting?主持人:你现在想告诉女性朋友们哪些话,这些话是你希望当初在你刚开始工作时有人告诉你的?RICE: I wish someone had told me that my own sense of unease about whether I really belonged was shared by everybody in the room, including my male colleagues, but they hid it better, they covered it better. And not to be afraid to put yourself out there. I tell young women, if you get to the place that we are and someone treats you badly because you#39;re a woman, that#39;s your fault, not theirs, because you have plenty of arrows in your quiver by this time. But with young women, find someone who can help you navigate and understand the cues, because it is a little unnerving particularly if you are in a field that is male-dominated like the one I entered, international security policy.赖斯:我希望有人能告诉我,我的那些格格不入的紧张感其实每个人都有,包括我的那些男同事们,只不过他们隐藏得比较好,比较会掩饰。还有就是不要害怕把自己置于更高的位置。我要告诉年轻女性们,如果你身处高位,别人却因为你是女人而无礼对待,那么错不在他们,而在你自己,因为这个时候你大可挺直腰板明自己。但是我还要告诉年轻女性们,给自己找一个可以帮助你、指引你理解行业规则的人,因为如果你身处一个男性占主导地位的领域,就像我当年加入国际安全政治领域学习时那样,你需要有个人指引才不会过于紧张。JARRETT: But you can#39;t let the fear of failure stop you from trying. And I think so many times women are waited been given permission – you can#39;t do that. You have to put yourself out there, you have to have a tough skin, you have to be able to accept rejection and get back up and bounce back in the game.白宫高级顾问贾勒特:但你不能因为害怕失败而停止尝试。太多时候,女性会在那里等着别人允许自己做某事,这样是不行的。你必须把自己的位置摆得高一点,你必须要厚脸皮,你必须要敢于接受拒绝,然后在哪里跌到了就在哪里爬起来。 /201303/229697 If you#39;re rubbing your hands with glee at the thought of playing an April Fools#39; prank on your co-workers, through my list of things not to do in the office. You may be able to pull off some of these jokes, but it probably won#39;t be funny to your co-workers. Remember, although April 1 is a fun holiday, there is a professional protocol in the office that you still need to take heed of.如果一想到愚人节可以作弄同事,你就拳擦掌,跃跃欲试时,请先通读我的办公室忌讳事项。或许你正准备开一些玩笑,但对你的同事来说那些并不有趣。记住,尽管愚人节是个欢乐的日子,但我们还是要遵循一些办公室的职业操守。Send in a Resignation Letter: Sending your boss a resignation letter is serious business, and when she finds out that your letter is a gag, I don#39;t think she#39;ll find it very funny. If you want to hang tight to your job, you might want to avoid playing this prank in the office.递交辞职信: 向老板递交辞职书是件很严肃的事情,当她发现你的申请不过是个玩笑时,我想她也不会觉得可笑。如果想牢牢地保住你的工作,你就应该尽量避免这样的恶作剧。Say You#39;re Terminally Sick: I#39;ve actually had a friend who claimed he had a short time left to live among his friends, and seeing as it wasn#39;t very funny to my friends, it#39;ll be even more inappropriate for the office.宣称患绝症:我真的有个朋友和大家说自己活不久了,可这事对朋友们来说真不是件欢乐的事情,因此这种提法就更不适合办公场合了。Free Lunch For the Office: Announcing some freebies for the office such as a free fried chicken lunch for everyone then suddenly taking it back and claiming it#39;s a joke would lead to many unhappy campers. People might skip lunch and spend their morning anticipating the fried chicken.请同事吃免费午餐:如果你在办公室宣布请客,比如每人一份炸鸡饭,而回来时却告诉他们这只是个玩笑,那么你只会看到非常沮丧的表情。也许好多同事会因期待着你的炸鸡饭而不吃午餐。Confess Your Love For a Co-Worker: It might be OK to do it to a friend, but it#39;s not a joke that#39;s suited for the office. That#39;s because office romance is a tricky situation, and you don#39;t want to get into trouble and get accused of sexual harassment.向同事示爱:这对于你工作以外的朋友本是没什么问题的,但对于你的同事来说就不太合适了。办公室的风流韵事是很复杂的,如果你不想陷入麻烦,不想遭受性骚扰,就别这么做。Destroy Work Items: Anything that involves destroying work property such as permanently screwing up the copier machine or ruining office chairs is a huge no-no. First of all, it#39;s not your property, and you#39;ll be liable for any damages. Second, your boss might have a lower opinion of you and she might think that you#39;re the type of person who doesn#39;t think twice about destroying or defacing public properties.损坏公共财物:与损坏公司财产有关的任何事情,包括彻底弄坏复印机或办公椅等事情都是绝对绝对不能干的。一方面,这些不是你的私人物品,你必须对损失负责。另一方面,你的上司会因此对你产生不好的印象,认为你是那种不经大脑就损坏公物的家伙。You work hard to make a good impression on people at the office, so don#39;t erase your record in just one day! Even if you want to pull a harmless prank, you need to suss out the culture of your company to gauge if an April Fools#39; joke is appropriate.你好不容易通过辛勤工作给同事们留下了不错的印象,可别在这一天打破了你的良好记录。即使你真想来点无恶意的恶作剧,也需要弄清你的愚人节玩笑与公司文化是否相宜。 /201304/233041武汉蔡甸区治疗睾丸炎多少钱武汉怎么样才能让性生活时间长




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