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西安什么是浅表性胃炎乐宁外教口语天天练No.66This new BMW is a "top of the line" model."Top of the line" 意指it is the best in its class.This new BMW is a "top of the line" model.这辆新的宝马汽车是最新型号。谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200611/9620西安市精神卫生中心肠胃科多少钱听讲美国口语 /200607/8047Lets just look at something like, you know,我们不妨看一个具体的问题solving problems with making airlines safer.比如如何让飞行变得更加安全Yeah, Im a million-mile flyer.没错,我自己就经常要坐飞机I do lots and lots of flying,我飞过的里程超过一百万英里and if I was at the FAA, what would I be doing a lot of direct observation of?假如我是在法国航空联盟,我会特别留意去观察什么呢?It would be their airplane tails.我会看他们的飞机机尾You know, five fatal wrecks in the last 20 years,过去20年里发生了5次带来严重生命损害的坠机事故the tail either came off or steering stuff inside the tail broke in some way.要么是机尾断落,要么是机尾内部的一些控制装置失灵,具体形式各不一样Its tails, pure and simple.飞机机尾本来很简单And when the pilots walk around the plane, guess what? They cant see that stuff inside the tail.但是飞行员却没有注意到机尾里面有些什么东西啊You know, now as I think about that,看到没有,我在讲述这个的时候,我会Im pulling up all of that specific information.拿出最细致的数据Its specific. See, my thinkings bottom-up.非常的精细。大家可以看到,我的思考是自小往上的I take all the little pieces and I put the pieces together like a puzzle.我会收集所有的部件,而后像拼图一样将其拼起来Now, here is a horse that was deathly afraid of black cowboy hats.这匹马是非常害怕黑色的牛仔帽的Hed been abused by somebody with a black cowboy hat.因为它曾经被一个戴黑色牛仔帽的骑手虐待过White cowboy hats, that was absolutely fine.而对于白色的牛仔帽,它就感觉很自然Now, the thing is, the world is going to need事实上,我们这个世界需要all of the different kinds of minds to work together.各种各样的心智,需要不同的人开展合作Weve got to work on developing all these different kinds of minds.我们必须培养不同的心智And one of the things that is driving me really crazy,其中有一件事让我感到最为不安as I travel around and I do autism meetings,我经常去参加一些自闭症的会议is Im seeing a lot of smart, geeky, nerdy kids, and they just arent very social,我看到很多聪明的自闭症孩子,他们不善社交and nobodys working on developing their interest in something like science.也没有人去启发他们发展他们的兴趣,比如在科学方面的兴趣And this brings up the whole thing of my science teacher.这就让我想到我的科学老师My science teacher is shown absolutely beautifully in the movie.在电影里,我的老师的形象太美丽了I was a goofball student.我上中学的时候是很捣蛋的When I was in high school I just didnt care at all about studying, until I had Mr. Carlocks science class.根本就不思学业,直到我遇到了Carlock先生的科学课He was now Dr. Carlock in the movie.在电影里,他就是Carlock士And he got me challenged to figure out an optical illusion room.因为他把我带到一个充满视觉虚幻的房间This brings up the whole thing of youve got to show kids interesting stuff.这就是说,我们需要把那些有趣的东西带给这些自闭症的孩子You know, one of the things that I think maybe TED ought to do我想,有一件事TED也许可以做到is tell all the schools about all the great lectures that are on TED,那就是告诉所有的学校,在TED这里有那么多精的演讲and theres all kinds of great stuff on the Internet to get these kids turned on.在互联网上有那么多精的东西,这些东西都有可能激起这些孩子的兴趣啊Because Im seeing a lot of these geeky nerdy kids,因为我经常在美国中西部以及其他地方and the teachers out in the Midwest, and the other parts of the country,看到这些很机灵又很古怪的孩子when you get away from these tech areas, they dont know what to do with these kids.那些地方远离高科技区,那里的老师不知道该怎么教导孩子And theyre not going down the right path.而且他们现在所走的路正好是错误的The thing is, you can make a mind to be more of a thinking and cognitive mind,有一个不争的事实是,你可以让每一个孩子变得更加爱思考or your mind can be wired to be more social.也可以让孩子变得更加合群And what some of the research now has shown in autism is there may by extra wiring back here,现在有些关于自闭症的研究显示,那些非常出众的人脑中也许有着in the really brilliant mind, and we lose a few social circuits here.更多的连线,只是少了一点社交的线路Its kind of a trade-off between thinking and social.也许两者是此消彼长吧And then you can get into the point where its so severe youre going to have a person thats going to be non-verbal.假如到了极端的话,那个人也许就变成不会说话了In the normal human mind language covers up the visual thinking we share with animals.在正常人的大脑里,语言的区域是覆盖了视觉的区域的,后者我们跟动物一样享有This is the work of Dr. Bruce Miller.这是Bruce Miller士的论文And he studied Alzheimers patients that had frontal temporal lobe dementia.他专门研究老年痴呆症患者中的额颞叶痴呆症患者And the dementia ate out the language parts of the brain,这些患者他们的语言区域是被吞噬的and then this artwork came out of somebody who used to install stereos in cars.这是一副画的作者以前的工作是在车里安装了音响设备201604/438369安康市市中心医院胃病胃肠正规的吗

庆阳市人民医院肠糜烂肠囊肿肠套叠肠梗阻肠扭转肠溃疡平凉市中心医院消化病怎样预约And thats why, for the past eight years, Ive worked to put the fight against terrorism on a firmer legal footing.这就是为什么在过去的八年中,我致力于将坚决打击恐怖主义的行动合法化。Thats why weve ended torture, worked to close Gitmo, reformed our laws governing surveillance to protect privacy and civil liberties.这就是为什么我们终结酷刑、致力于关闭关塔那监狱并变革与监管相关的法律以保护公民隐私和自由。Thats why I reject discrimination against Muslim Americans, who are just as patriotic as we are.这就是为什么我坚决反对针对穆斯林美国人的歧视,他们同我们一样热爱这个国家。Thats why we cannot withdraw from big global fights, to expand democracy, and human rights, and womens rights, and LGBT rights.这就是为什么我们不能从全球化中撤身,我们应该发扬民主、人权以及对女性和LGBT群体(LGBT是女同(Lesbians)、男同(Gays)、双性恋者(Bisexuals)与跨性别者(Transgender)的英文首字母缩略字。)权利的关注,No matter how imperfect our efforts, no matter how expedient ignoring such values may seem, thats part of defending America.即使我们现在所做的工作并不完善,即使当面临现实问题时,我们总无暇顾及这些价值观。For the fight against extremism and intolerance and sectarianism and chauvinism are of a piece with the fight against authoritarianism and nationalist aggression.对极端主义、排斥异己、宗派主义和沙文主义的反抗是反对专制、反对国家主义的一部分。If the scope of freedom and respect for the rule of law shrinks around the world,如果在全球范围内对自由和法制的尊重减弱,the likelihood of war within and between nations increases, and our own freedoms will eventually be threatened.那么国家间和一国内爆发战争的可能性便会增加,我们自己的自由也就会因此受到威胁。So lets be vigilant, but not afraid.所以,我们应该保持警觉,而不是充满恐惧。ISIL will try to kill innocent people.企图滥杀无辜的伊斯兰国But they cannot defeat America unless we betray our Constitution and our principles in the fight.永远不能战胜我们,除非我们背离了我们的宪法和基本原则;201701/488717No graduating class gets to choose the world into which they graduate Every graduating class faces unique challenges. 没有哪一届毕业生 能够选择自己要踏入的世界 每一届毕业生都面临独特的挑战Every class enters the history that up to this point has been written for you But few enter at a point. 每一届都会进入到之前已经写好的历史中 但很少有人能够Where they genuinely have a chance to write a new chapter to bend history just a little bit. 完全有机会书写新篇章 并改变历史哪怕一点点I would suggest your class has that chance and I acknowledge it creates anxiety, probably more --. 我认为 你们这一届拥有这个机会 我承认 这会导致焦虑 也许你们的家长And I mean this seriously -- among your parents than you I understand. 比你们本人更焦虑 我是说真的 我能理解Because my generation faced the same kind of questions and uncertainties All you have to do is look at the headlines. 因为我那一代人面临过相同的问题和不确定性 你们只需要看报纸头条When I graduated in 1968, and now And today you see headlines in the Washington Post, January 2, 2013 saying. 我1968年毕业和今天一样 今天 你们看到华盛顿邮报2013年1月2日头版头条说;The world is baffled by the fiscal cliff sees it as a sign of American decline; ;世界正受阻于财政悬崖; ;这可以看成是美国衰落的信号;The July after I graduated in 68, the same publication declared ;Pollsters report decline in US standing abroad; 68年7月我毕业时 这份报纸也宣称 ;民意调查显示 美国在海外的地位下降;201610/470329陕西省人民医院治疗老胃病多少钱中级英语口语闪电速成[19] /200703/10745西安医学院第一附属医院消化病收费贵吗

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