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In Turkey, the plan was to land high in the mountains.It quickly went wrong.在土耳其时 计划降落在山区的高地上 很快就失控了Two thousands foot,time to deploy.Oh, mountains just true.两千英尺高 该开伞了 真实的高山with boulders and big rocks.Below there is a lake,just down beneath me.巨砾 大岩石 底下还有一条河 就在我下面Thats where Im going land for Say taking a diving and getting wet or probably break an ankle.我打算降落到那 我可能掉到水里变成落汤鸡 或者可能会摔断脚踝This is gonna be tight.Jumping into water is full with potential risk.情况紧急 跳到水里也有很多隐患But the main one being the rigging lines can just wrap around you,lug and lock the persistence cords and in fact to ground you.主要的原因是绳子会将人给缠住 螺帽 锁线 这些会把人给困住Quite a hairy that, look In Sumatra, I was heading for a desert island.真是惊险万分 看 在苏门答腊岛 我正朝着一个沙漠岛屿前进This time with all the dry land covered in weage vegetation.My only option was to land in sea.沙漠一圈 有着稀疏的植被 我唯一的选择就是跳进水里Facing strong rip tides and big surf,going with chute attached could be disastrous.面对这些翻滚的潮涌和大浪 身上绑着降落伞入水很危险I had to ditch the canopy before I hit the water.But release in too high,and the fall would be just dangerous.进水前我得卸掉降落伞 但是卸掉得太早了 跳下去也很危险Luckily this time,I got it just right.Wherever I go, cameraman Simon is closed behind.但是这次很走运 我拿捏得刚刚好 无论去哪里 摄影师西蒙总是紧随其后I like to push it to the limit,but sometimes it has concerns.我喜欢挑战极限 但有时候情况特殊Hovering over 40 foot up just out of the skeleton coast of Namibia,I was about to jump.But Simon wasnt so sure.盘旋于40尺高空 在纳米比亚的骷髅海岸外 我准备要跳了 但是西蒙有所疑虑Everytime when he jumped out the helicopter into, into any kind of water,Ive always had a gulp and gone.每次当他从直升机跳入水里 我都会先深吸口气再跳And Bear rehearse the signal be high, be high. I dont think it... I really wanna jump that.But ok, if hes gonna go, Ive got go.贝尔会示意 拉高高度 但我真不想从这么高跳 但是没啥 他跳我就跳201605/446283TED演讲视频:你的网络踪迹将会如纹身一样伴随你终生安迪沃霍尔说“我们每个人都将有十五分钟举世瞩目”——如果他说错了呢?我们有没可能只有十五分钟默默无闻?在这个短短的演讲中,璜·安利奎斯谈及数字共享技术对我们的个人隐私产生的影响,而这影响令人惊异而持久。他与我们分享了他从古希腊人身上汲取的智慧,相信可以帮助我们对付新起的“数字纹身”现象。201704/504009TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441495

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481059

These wars were the crucible of our modern history,这些战争育了现代历史for out of the fires of these wars came eventually a genuinely parliamentary monarchy.因为正是经过这些炮火的洗礼 真正的议会制政体浴火而生Of course, no one understood that at the time,当然了 那个时候没有人意识到这一点no one was ing from a script which commanded ;Go forth and be democratic.毕竟没有人有现成的剧本 ;命令人们;向着民主前进吧;So when the 24-year-old Charles became king,因此当24岁的查理一世加冕时no one in their right mind could possibly have imagined a war between parliament and the Crown.没有人能想象到 议会与王权会发生战争No succession in over two centuries had been as settled or as unthreatened.两个多世纪间 从未有君主受到讨伐和威胁Charles may have been smaller than life, long faced, painfully formal,查理一世有可能 身材瘦小 长脸 病态地拘谨private to the point of being secretive,a stickler for decorum,as cool, as still and as pallid as marble,孤僻到鬼祟的程度 过于拘泥礼节 如大理石般苍白冰冷 沉默寡言but to many this was rather a welcome contrast with his father, James,但对很多人来说 这和他先父詹姆斯一世形成了有趣的对比whod been loud-mouthed,pedantic and uncouth.詹姆斯一世声音洪亮 顽固不化 粗暴无礼From the beginning, for those paying attention,从一开始的加冕大典开始there was something ominously distant about this small man on a big horse,稍加注意便会发现 国王身躯矮小却要骑上大马too lofty to bother with a coronation procession.这便隐隐预示了不祥A man who believed that kings were little gods on earth.认为国王是上帝派到世间的最高权威Charles saw himself as the father of the nation,and like any 17th-century father,查理一世视自己为国父 与十七世纪的其他普通父亲一样he thought he was responsible for the well-being of his family,他认为自己担有家庭幸福的责任but in return he expected to be strictly obeyed.作为回报 也希望子民无条件从自己的统治 /201702/492820

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