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For countless thousands of Scots,signing the covenant was just an extension of the vows they took in Kirk, banding them with God.而对于成千上万的苏格兰人而言 签署这份公约仅仅是他们 在教堂誓言的延伸 是常伴上帝左右的见But very rapidly,the document assumed the status of a kind of patriotic scripture,但好景不长 该文件也一肩扛起了爱国圣典的职能determining who and who was not a real Christian,who and who was not truly a Scot.对真正的基督教徒给出了定义 当然也对真正的苏格兰人下了定义For Charles, there was no question of negotiating.对于查理来说 根本没有协商的余地They were all rebels, they must all be punished.他们都是反叛者 必须受到严厉惩罚There was just one snag.It wasnt Charles who had the formidable army, but the Scots,但问题在于 查理的军队并非战无不克veterans of the wars of religion in Europe.苏格兰人早已在欧洲宗教战争中身经百战Facing his first really crucial test,Charles, the British Charlemagne,而查理 英国的查理曼大帝 面对的第一个严峻的考验就是found he couldnt raise money and he couldnt raise men.资金人手全都不足It took one bruising skirmish for Charles to see the folly of further fighting.查理直到付出了惨痛代价 才认识到战争的愚蠢性A truce was hastily signed.But he wouldnt back off.最终他还是草草地签署了停战协议 但他并没有打算退让By now, Charles was desperate enough for men and money之后 查理为了筹集足够的资金和人马 几欲绝望to do what he must have hoped hed never have to do again:Call a parliament.不得不硬着头皮做了一件事 召开议会After eleven years of gathering dust,the House of Commons would once again下议院在大门紧闭了11年后 终于又迎来了be full of passionate argument and legal fury.充斥着的辩论的一天 /201703/497077TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470013

栏目简介:Parents often have to wait for hours to see a doctor when their kids are sick. Thats because many insist on only going to big hospitals, which have the best doctors and advanced equipment, while refusing to visit smaller medical centers. To help improve the imbalance, Shanghai Childrens Hospital today established a network with 16 district level hospitals in town. Song Wenjing has the story.201702/491709

In fact, you know what?事实上 你知道吗The remains of this paraglider and a bit of breeze that there is out in the lake,降落伞剩下的部分 加上湖面上的徐徐微风theres no reason why I shouldnt make something much cooler to cross this with.我可以弄出点辅助工具 让横渡行动变得轻松些Yeah, lets get this going.Im gonna try to make a kite.说干就干 我要做个大风筝First job is to modify the shape of the chute and attach the control lines.首先要调整一下降落伞的形状 再接上控制方向的丝线Leaves stuffed into each corner create a solid point to secure them.在伞盖的各个角落塞点小东西 用来固定它At the end of this, just put a clove hitch in it one turn, two turns and then in front of themselves.在这头打一个双套结 绕一圈 两圈 然后把它套进去The good thing about this is itll tighten on itself,and that then cant come undone.这种结绳法的优点在于它的两圈之间 可以相互压紧 而不会松开The lines are in place,next I fashion a makeshift control bar to help maneuver the kite.搞定绳子以后接下来要做个简易船舵 用以控制风筝的方向With the kite positioned downwind just off the shoreline,its time to get it airborne.把它安置在顺风方向的海岸线上以后 就是时候乘风而行了Lets see if we can try and get this thing launched from the water.看看能不能让风筝从湖面上飞起The wind is out, and the lines are tight.Give it a good pull.起风的时候 适时拉紧绳子 拉一把试试But the first two attempt dont work,on my third try, it catched just right.前两次尝试都没有成功 第三次它终于迎风而上Success.There we go.Up it goes.成了 好了 扶摇直上啊201608/459256

  The lyrics for this chest-thumping song were written by two Scots这首震撼热心的歌词由两位苏格兰人写的for a play about King Alfred the Great,最初谱词是用于一部戏剧and they were sung lastly by merchants and businessmen who saw Britains future lay with the blue water empire of trade.《阿尔弗雷德大帝》 最终却为商人和企业家所传颂 他们预见到了英国将称霸蓝海的未来But someone was in the way of this prosperous future 然而通往繁荣的康庄大道上 却盘踞着一头拦路虎and that someone was Robert Walpole.这只拦路虎就是罗伯特·沃波尔Merchants felt Walpole was concerned and his cronies cared too much about land and not enough about business.商人们认为沃波尔及其党羽 太过关注领地 而忽视了商业So they were not amused when Walpole raised the taxes on the kind of things that made money for them,beer and coal 商界一片哗然 不满于 沃波尔提高他们赚钱生意的税率 比如提高啤酒 煤矿税while making damn sure to keep the land tax low.而同时降低土地税Now, what would be the only thing that could raise those land taxes?Well, war, of course.究竟怎样才能够 让土地税增加呢 当然就是战争So no wonder Walpole, unforgivably,pussyfooted around the Spanish所以当沃波尔竟然 在西班牙人试图干涉我们商船舰队时when they presumed to interfere with our ships.不可原谅地采取了观望态度When he signed a treaty with Spain that was seen as an unpatriotic sell-out,当他与西班牙签订了 被视为卖国之举的协议后the merchants were even more incensed.商人们更加勃然大怒Walpoles effigy was burned in the streets by crowds roaring for his political head.沃波尔的塑像在大街上被人群付之一炬 人们对他的政治头脑破口大骂Walpoles allies and time-servers in parliament were suddenly nowhere to be seen.沃波尔的盟友和趋炎附势的议会党羽 瞬间不见踪影His political enemies closed in gleefully for the kill.他的政敌步步紧逼 欲置他于死地 /201705/511856

  Yeah! Show your love! Lev and Sophia!耶耶!为列弗和索菲亚鼓掌!Come on over here and have a seat.来,过来坐这边。Wow, congratulations. That was out of sight! One more time for Lev and Sophia!祝贺,祝贺。太棒了!请再为他们的精表演鼓掌!How long have you been dancing? Ive been dancing for three years.你们跳了多久了?我跳了三年了。And Ive been dancing for five.我跳了五年了。And both of us were dancing for two years. Yeah, together. Together for two years? Yeah. Yeah.我们在一起跳舞有两年了。在一起跳了两年了?是的,是的。So how did the two of you meet?你们是怎么认识的?We have both our own versions.我们可能说的不一样。Okay, well, let me hear yours first, Sophia, cause thatll probably be the truth.好吧,索菲亚,让我先听听你的,因为你讲的有可能是真话。Yeah, it will. Thats what I guessed. Really? Yeah, yeah, guys blow it up a little bit.哈哈,肯定是,我也是这么想的。真的吗?因为男孩可能会夸大一些。Youre a guy, too. I know. Thats why I know what Im talking about, yeah.你也是男孩。我知道,所以我才这么讲的。Okay, Sophia. So tell me how you met.索菲亚,你说说你们是怎么认识的。Okay, I saw Lev dancing with another partner.有一次我看见列弗正在和其他舞伴跳舞。Lev was dancing with another girl. Yeah, and I was dancing with another partner. Okay.列弗正在和其他女孩跳舞。我当时也在和其他舞伴跳舞。Another boy. Yeah. Yeah, another partner. Another boy.另一个男孩。另一个舞伴。另一个男孩Yeah. Okay. Go ahead and say it. Another boy. Yeah.是的,是的。你继续说。其他男孩,是的。And then both of our partners left, and we were left without partners.之后我们的舞伴都走了,然后就剩我们两个没有舞伴了。And something with the grown-ups said ;no way;, and they decided that were gonna be partners.然后大人说“不可能”,然后他们就让我们做了彼此的舞伴。And thats how you met. Yeah. Now, Lev. Yep?这就是你们相识的过程。是的。该你了列弗。恩?Youre two years older. Youre a guy.你比她大两岁。你是个男孩。Youve got that beautiful blonde hair. You pull it back.你有帅气的金色头发。你向后缕头发。Whats your version of how you met?你的版本是什么?Its basically the same until the end.大体是一样的,但结局不一样。So me and our girl broke up.我和我之前的舞伴“分手”了。And then she and her boy broke up.她和她的舞伴“分手”了。And then Sophia was like, Mom, I want to try with Lev.然后索菲亚就说,妈妈,我想和列弗试试。Oh! She was pushing up on you.啊!她正在向你施加压力。But he was a good partner. He was the boy of the studio that some people said. Proof.但他是个好舞伴。有人说,列弗是排练厅跳得最好的。的确如此吧。No, but I didnt ask cause I thought I couldnt, but whatever.但是我没问,因为我认为这不可能,不管怎么样吧。Are you just shy or something? No. No, Im not. No, Im not. No, Im not.你是害羞还是怎么样?我才不是,不是。I also have a theory that she might like me.我想她可能是喜欢我。Ill tell you the real theory. You like me!我告诉你是怎么回事。其实是你喜欢我!So can I tell you what I think happened? What?我能说一下我的看法吗?什么看法?You broke up with that girl that you was dancing with cause you saw her.你和你之前的舞伴“分手”是因为看见了她。Yeah. Yay, thats a good proof. Thats a good proof. Yes, I know, Sophia. I got this.哈哈,对,说的好,说的好。索菲亚,你知道吗。Lev, take that look off your face cause thats just what happened.列弗,不要显露出这样的表情,这就是事实的真相。And, bang, here we are on Little Big Shots. Good, good, good, good!看现在,我们正在“小小达人秀”的现场。对对对对对!201706/513030。

  The block chain is really the revolutionary part of Bitcoin.区块链可以说是比特币最具有革命性的一部分Whats really unique about it is its all public它的独特性在于区块链是公开的so you can run the Bitcoin algorithm on your computer因此你可以在自己的电脑上运行比特币算法and your computers inspecting every single transaction你的电脑可以检查每一笔交易to be sure that it actually followed the rules,来确保一切都是遵循规则的and the rules are really what Bitcoin is.而比特币的本质正是规则You know, thats the rules of the system, thats the algorithm.这是个有规则的系统 是算法It says things like,比如它说;You can only send money to one person at once,;;你一次只能向一个人转账;and we all agree to those rules.我们都同意这个规定And Bitcoin has one other characteristic比特币还有另一个特点which it shares with cash.这点和现金一样It can be very hard to trace.难以被追踪Well, whats controversial about Bitcoin is that比特币备受争议的一点是it goes back to something quite like cash.它很像现金Its not like a bank account但不像那样where a government investigator can just call up the bank政府调查员直接打电话给and get all the records of who Ive ever transacted with就能轻松地拿到without any effort at all.我每一笔交易的记录You know, if they want to go and find out where I got my Bitcoins,但如果他们想查出我在哪得到的比特币theyre going to have to ask me.他们就要来问我本人Theyre going to have to investigate.还需要调查重点解释:1.agree to 同意; 答应例句:We must agree to differ on this.我们得承认在这一问题上有分歧。2.share with 分享例句:I have very happy news to share with you.我有很高兴的消息要告诉你。3.at all 完全例句:Its not at all that bad.这根本没有那么坏。201703/500447

  These are the main entrance to the temple.Kind of quite eerie in here.这是通向寺庙的主要入口 感觉有些怪异This would be a good place for a signal fire.Got a little bit of height.这里很适合点火放信号 要到高一点的地方We also have a view out over the top of the canopy.Lets get this thing lit.同时我们也能 将丛林上空的情况一览无余 赶快把木头点燃Im protecting the ancient ruin by placing lots of fresh, damp palm leaves under my fire.我把新鲜潮湿的棕榈叶一起点燃 这样可以对古迹起到保护作用And piling damp jungle vegetation on top of the fire will make lots of smoke.同时把成堆的植物一起点燃 可以制造大片烟雾As with any signal fire,its only any good if the rescuers can see it.如同其它的烽火信号 让救援者看到才会起作用So have enough material at hand to be able to keep it going.我有充足的燃料能一直制造烟雾Here comes the chopper!We need to get higher! weve got to get higher! Come on!直升机飞来了 要再爬高点儿 再爬高点儿 快The chopper cant land here.The jungle vegetations just too dense.直升机无法在这里降落 从林的树木太茂盛了Theyre dropping a rope down, then Im out of here.他们扔下了一条绳子 我成功逃生Guatemalas been one hell of a roller-coaster ride.Its taken me to the edge and nearly pushed me over.危地马拉危险重重 凶险异常 它把我推到崩溃的边缘 我几近绝望Its been tough but exciting.But Ive come through.虽困难重重 却令人无比兴奋 但我仍然成功逃脱And if you apply a little survival knowledge,如果你运用一些生存知识keep your spirits up, and have a little luck,then youll survive, as well.Hasta la vista, Guatemala.并保持积极的心态 再加点儿运气 你也能安然归来 后会有期 危地马拉201609/467482

  TED演讲视频:我如何捍卫法治每一位公民都应该获得她所居住的国家的法律的保护——即使是在该国的法律被遗忘或者是被忽略的时候也该如此。金伯利·莫特里分享了她在阿富汗以及其他地区参与国际法律实践的三个案例,说明一个国家自身的法律如何可以带来公义以及公平,而具体的做法就是回顾法律本来的目的,也就是保护人民。201706/512175Plowed out, the track will be just like summer snow That has thawed and refrozen,Hard and slippy.开路 开出的道会像夏季的雪 那会融化然后再结冰 又硬又滑Whenever Ive glissaded before,Ive always had some means of arresting myself.以前每当我滑落的时候 我总是有些办法控制自己But the reality is most people who fall dont have that.但现实是绝大部分人没有这些办法And Ive witnessed that firsthand before,with my wife and son.以前我亲眼目睹过 跟我妻子和儿子一起I took a fall on a big mountain,only just stopped short of a cliff, very nearly died.我从一座大山上摔落 恰好不是峭壁 几乎快死了You know, you cant underestimate just how fast,you pick up speed on these sort of slopes你不能低估这种斜坡上的 加速度有多快unless you know what youre doing,Youre not gonna beat gravity.除非你知道你在做什么 你无法打败重力To see how fast I go,the team have set up a speed camera on the slope为了检测我下滑的速度 队伍在斜坡上设置了一台测速摄像机and marked a line in the snow where Ill start my arrest.并在雪上标记出一条减速线Then well measure how long it takes to stop.这样便能算出减速过程的用时And stopping fast can sometimes be critical.及时制动至关重要The slopes y. The camera crew are in position.雪坡已经铺好 摄像人员也已就位Time to get up to the top of the mountain.该上山顶了Okay, well, this is the top of the slope.到了 这是坡顶As is often the case with mountains, though,you get up the top and look down,it often looks much steeper.正如所有山峰一样 你从山顶往下看 会觉得山坡十分陡峭Well, you see Dave halfway down with the radar gun.看见路中拿着测速雷达的戴夫了吧And I reckon this is gonna be quite fast.速度一定很快To make it even faster, Im gonna ditch the rucksack Thats only gonna act as resistance为了更快 我就不背包了 它只会增大阻力And then also tuck my jacket into my trousers.再把外套塞进裤子里Okay. I kind of suspect this is gonna get quite fast.好了 我有点怀疑速度够不够快201703/497435

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452248

  I want to get to shore fast and without taking a plunge in the icy waters.我想尽快到岸上 我可不想在冰水里待着There is a cargo net hanging over the water up head.有一个装卸网吊在水面上方This gonna be a big leap. But I think I can make it.这必须要跳很远 但我想我办得到The key thing is not try to grab the net, but to punch through it.关键是不要想去抓住它 而是穿过它Aly on the net.Just get out of this thing.已经在网上了 只要从这东西上爬出去Cargo nets like this are made of core twisted twine,that super strong but that hard to climb.像这样的装卸网是由并捻麻绳制成 耐受力非常强 但非常难以攀爬Oh, grand!Not to tend further. Weve been on top of this.哦 太壮观了 不能再往前去了 我们到顶上了Lets get out of this.Just get ourselves safer.咱们离开这儿 让我们到一个更安全的地方It feels a little bit like...out of the frying pan in the fire.感觉有点像 离开了火上的煎锅一样I want to find the way across to the crane.But thats a problem.我想找到到达起重机身的方法 但这是个问题There is no wire gona likewise to All of that is just so greasing, slippy.上面就没有绳索了 那些东西都太滑 很滑Maybe need some of these guide guidelines.可能需要一些 一些导索One can swing across Like a vine swing,I want you to check, Im gonna turn my way.我们就能荡过去 就像是荡藤蔓一样我需要你看好 我准备出发了Double check it when you cope it, you just gotta a command to it.仔细检查 确保你能掌控绳子And the diffirence is that this time my foot is strike on the concrete.Ill go. Its good to go.这次的区别是我的脚 要砸到水泥上 好了 我要过去了201609/468149。

  The message is then sent through a series of computers信息接下来发送给一系列计算机which have volunteered to act as relay points.这些志愿机充当中继点的角色As the message passes from computer to computer,随着信息在计算机之间传递a layer of encryption is removed.一层加密被剥开Each time it is removed,每次去除加密时all the relay computer can see所有中继点计算机能看到的is an order which tells it to pass the message on.只是传递信息的指令The final computer relay decrypts the innermost layer of encryption,最后一个计算机中继点解密最内层的加密revealing the content of the communication.这样就能显示通讯内容了However - importantly - the identity of the user is hidden.然而最重要的是 用户的身份是被隐藏的Somebody who wants to look at things around the Web想上网浏览的人and not necessarily have people know what hes interested in.未必有人知道他真正喜欢什么It might just be the local internet services provider,也许只是个本地互联网务供应商he doesnt want them to know which things hes looking at,他不想让别人知道他在网上看什么内容but it might be also the destination.但他也可能成为通讯终点Syversons system worked.赛福森的系统起作用了It was now possible to surf the net without being watched.不被人监视着上网变成了可能重点解释:1.a series of 一连串例句:The student always asks his teacher a series of questions.这个学生总是问他老师一连串的问题。2.look at (仔细地)看例句:Please raise your head and look at the blackboard.请抬起头来,看黑板。3.be interested in 对 ... 感兴趣例句:I think you may be interested in our new product.我想贵公司可能会对敝公司的新产品感兴趣。201701/490032

  Some of Elizabeths anguish may have been genuine remorse,伊丽莎白的苦恼中有一些是发自内心的自责some of it was downright fear and she was right to worry.还有一些是明显的不安和恐惧 确实如此Even before Marys execution,King Phillip of Spain had accelerated his plans for the ;Enterprise; Of England,就在玛丽的死刑之前 西班牙国王菲利普 就开始着手他的;进军英格兰;的计划了and with Mary now dead, there would be no stopping him.现在玛丽已去 没什么能阻挡他了Suddenly, Elizabethan England looked very small, very vulnerable.突然间 伊丽莎白统治下的英格兰变得 如此渺小 如此脆弱This was always Elizabeths worst nightmare,伊丽莎白一生中最可怕的噩梦a full-scale Catholic invasion,and now Phillip was launching one.便是一次全面的天主教入侵 而现在菲利普将其变为现实了The Spanish admirals, however,were deeply pessimistic about the chances of success.但是西班牙的海军将领们 却不对此战报有很大胜算They knew english ships had a massive edge in speed and manoeuvrability.他们深知 英国的战舰 速度极快 操作灵活The miracle was not that England was saved奇迹并不是英格兰在此战中胜利but that the Spanish came so close to pulling it off.而是西班牙就差一点就将其击败Only a few miles of the Channel and an unhelpful wind direction made the difference.就在英吉利海峡几海里远的地方 一阵不利西班牙的海风扭转了整个战局The weather, as usual, batted for England.But it was a close thing.天气 一如既往地 向着英国 但那确实很惊险The English were right to be scared in the summer and autumn of 1588.1588年夏季至秋季 英国的境况确实岌岌可危What do you do when weepy and terrified ?You cry out for Mummy.当你啜泣恐惧时怎么办呢 你会寻求母亲的庇护That, courtesy of Robert Dudley dying of cancer now,罗伯特·达德利的谦恭 他正受癌症的折磨but still the great impresario of Elizabeths shows但却是伊丽莎白所展示的is how she appeared to the troops at the armed camp at Tilbury这就是她出现在提尔伯里军营前的情景the mother at last, the virgin mother of England最后的母亲 圣洁的英格兰女王and the kind of mother youd want on your side,那个人们希望与他们并肩的母亲a mother dressed in a breastplate of steel.一位穿着铁甲的母亲 /201606/449428


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