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襄阳保康县人民中心医院检查能用医保卡吗中航工业襄阳医院有人工授精吗Jon Huntsman洪培Picture perfect完美无瑕的人But can Utah’s impressive ex-governor catch up with the front-runner for the Republican nomination, his fellow-Mormon Mitt Romney? 不过这位让人钦佩的犹他州前州长,能在共和党提名竞选中追上暫居领先的门教教友米特#8226;罗姆尼么?May 26th 2011 | DURHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE | from the print edition “I’M A margin-of-error guy,” Jon Huntsman cheerfully admits to an audience of a few dozen at a grand lakeside home in New Hampshire. Support for his putative presidential bid, he explains, registers in the low single digits in most polls—a level so low as to be meaningless. He and his family are “grateful that anyone would want to show up and shake our hands”.“我是民意调查报告中可忽略的误差值”乔恩#8226;亨茨曼在新罕布什尔州的一座豪华湖边别墅的家里很高兴的对几十位听众的承认说。大多数民调显示,假定他竞选总统的话,持他的选民数只是很小的个位数。他解释说这样低的持率不是没有任何意义的,他和家人真诚的感谢那些站出来持他的人。Yet most pundits count Mr Huntsman as one of the leading contenders for the Republican nomination, alongside his fellow former governors Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty. In part, that is because the field is steadily narrowing: Mitch Daniels, another governor with a strong following among fiscal conservatives, bowed out of the race this week. Apart from Mr Huntsman himself, who says he will decide definitively whether to run next month, there are now only two possible entrants of any stature still on the sidelines: Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. There is talk that Mrs Bachmann, in particular, is about to join the fray, but both she and Mrs Palin are right-wing firebrands with a limited, albeit devoted, following.不过,大多数专家把他和他的同事前麻州州长米特#8226;罗姆尼还有蒂姆#8226;帕兰提一样视为共和党的主要竞选者之一。这在一定程度上是因为竞选战场的在稳步缩小。另一位在财政上带有浓厚保守色的州长米齐#8226;丹尼尔斯(印州州长)在本周已退出竞选。除了亨茨曼很确切地说他将在下个月决定是否参加竞选外,还有两位颇有声望的潜在竞选人萨拉#8226;佩林(阿拉斯加州长——译者注)和米歇尔#8226;巴克曼(明尼苏达州共和党参议员——译者注)仍在旁观。有传言特别提到巴克曼夫人说她将参与竞选,不过她和佩林女士都是右翼煽动分子,并且有一批虽然忠诚但数量有限的追随者。201106/139091宜城市妇幼保健院中医院治疗龟头炎多少钱 Hung Out To Dry As some line-dry their laundry to conserve, others say it's an eyesore. There is some New Hampshire residents who want to do their part to help the environment, and this A’s David Curley reports their efforts to go green are being complicated by the neighbors down the block. Remember these days, “What a wonderful sight when your wash is done!”Hang on! Clothes lines are making a comeback. And it smells good, smells better than anything that would come out of the drier. It’s a green comeback. Steven M. White hoped to cut their carbon footprint by hanging out their socks. “One of the things you can do easily is you can hang your laundry out.” American families spend at least 100 dollars a year drying cloth. Electric driers account for 6% of home electricity use. So save money, save the planet, what’s not to like?“I don’t wanna see any other. I hope, I want to see nature. Um, sheets are not nature”. Richard Jacques Homeowners’ Association and thousands like it ban clothes lines as unattractive all that underwear, and a threat to property values. I states in a very clear way that outside clothes lines are not permitted. So down the street, Mary Lucier hangs her wash inside on doors and from light fixtures. Is this decoration? No, haha, it is not decoration, it is serious. Others had figured out /the/ ways around the rules. So essence, you are hiding hanging your laundry. I am/ discreet.And unlikely, activist is trying to line up support to change the rules on clothes lines, hoping states will force associations to allow their residents the right to dry. Laundry has totally taken all over my life. 33-year-old bachelor lawyer, Alexander Lee/s/ is trying to empower those who want to hand and believe it or not, 3 states have enacted right to dry laws, 7 others are considering it. I mean these are several power plants that we can shut down if everybody would make a switch. That’s if he can convince Americans there is art in hanging out laundry, a beautiful way to help save the planet. David Curley, A news, right, New Hampshire参考中文翻译:有的人说用晾衣绳晒衣的传统应该保存,另外一些人却说这非常刺眼。New Hampshire的一些居民想为当地的环保出一份力。但是他们为绿化所做的努力被这个街区上的邻居弄得复杂了。A记者David Curley报道。想起这些天,“当你洗完衣晾晒的时候,是多么美丽的风景啊!”挂出去晾着!晾衣绳正在卷土重来。晾衣的味道闻上去很好,比用烘干机哄出来的味道好多了。这是绿色的回归。Steven M. White 希望不要再有炭黑脚印,而是把我们的短袜晾出去。“其实洗完衣之后晾出去是很简单的事情。”美国家庭每年要花费至少100美元来烘干衣。烘干机的用电量占家庭用电的6%。既省钱,又环保,何乐而不为呢?“我不想看到其他任何东西。我希望我能看到大自然。而被褥不是大自然。”Richard Jacques业主联合会和千千万万类似的协会都禁止用晾衣绳晾衣,因为到处晾晒的衣影响美观,对财产价值造成威胁。我明确表态,禁止户外晾衣。所以在整条街上,都像Mary Lucier 一样,把衣晾在室内一些小店装置上面。是做装饰之用吗?不,不是装饰,这是很严肃的事情。其他人想出来应对这个规定的办法。本质上来说,你是在藏起来晾衣。我非常谨慎的。一下积极分子正在徒劳的试图改变关于晾衣绳的规定,希望政府给业主联合会施压,给予居民晾衣的权利。晾衣贯穿了我的整个生命过程。33岁的单身汉律师Alexander Lees正为了居民的这一权利而努力。信不信由你,已经有3个州颁布了关于晾衣方面的法律,其余7个州正在考虑。如果他能说所有美国人,晾衣是一项艺术,是拯救地球的美丽的途径。我的意思是,如果我们每个人都做一点点改变的话,我们就可以关闭几个发电厂。200811/57189Dealing with Russia a Key Challenge for Obama奥巴马面临美俄关系重大挑战  According to three former senior U.S. government officials, one of the central foreign policy questions facing the incoming Obama administration will be how to deal with a resurgent Russia. 即将上任的奥巴马政府面临的一个主要外交政策问题是如何应对重新崛起的俄罗斯。三位前美国政府高级官员讨论了美国和俄罗斯之间的关系。Most experts agree that relations between Washington and Moscow are not good. Some analysts use words such as "poor," "strained" and "at a low point" to describe the relationship.  大部分专家都同意,美国和俄罗斯之间的关系并不好。一些分析人士用“糟糕”“紧张”和“处于低谷”来形容两国间的关系。Former National Security Adviser [1974-77; 1989-93; retired Air Force] General Brent Scowcroft says the relationship is tense despite meetings over the years between President George Bush and then Russian President - now prime minister - Vladimir Putin. 曾担任美国国家安全事务顾问的空军退休将军斯考克罗夫特说,虽然布什总统和原来担任俄罗斯总统、现在担任总理的普京在过去几年中举行了多次会晤,但是两国的关系依然紧张。"Nothing really has ever resulted from it. I think we are in part talking past each other," he said. "I think we have never really sat down and developed a strategy for dealing with Russia following the end of the Cold War. The collapse of the Soviet Union has sort of liberated Russia from its history. Now I think it's struggling, in a way, to figure out who it is, what it is, where it's going. I think they feel that we have taken advantage of them in their period of weakness and confusion." 他说:“两人的这些会晤其实没有产生任何实质性的结果。我认为,从某种意义上说,我们在会谈中忽略了彼此。美国从来没有认真坐下来制定一个处理冷战后同俄罗斯关系的战略。苏联的解体把俄罗斯从自己的历史中解放出来。我认为,目前的俄罗斯在挣扎着确定自己是谁,要走向何方。俄罗斯人觉得美国在俄罗斯虚弱和迷惑的时期占了俄罗斯的便宜。”Former Secretary of Defense [1973-75] James Schlesinger agrees. 曾在1973年到1975年担任美国国防部长的施莱辛格同意这种观点。"The ed States has tended to, in the years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, ignore Russian sensitivities," he said. "But the Russians have of late demonstrated a degree of brutality that is not conducive to pleasant conversations. Whether that will change is unclear." 他说:“自从苏联解体以来,美国一直忽略了俄罗斯感到敏感的一些问题。不过,俄罗斯最近也展示了一定程度的野蛮,这不利于展开健康的对话。这种情况是否会改变目前还不清楚。”Schlesinger was referring to the August five-day war between Russia and Georgia - a conflict that cooled relations between the ed States and Russia even further. Washington strongly criticized Moscow's massive military incursion into Georgia in response to Tbilisi's abortive attempt to take over the capital of the breakaway region of South Ossetia. 施莱辛格所说的“野蛮”是去年8月俄罗斯同格鲁吉亚之间进行的5天交战。那次冲突进一步使美俄关系降温。在格鲁吉亚夺取分离省份南奥赛梯首府的企图失败后,俄罗斯大举军事入侵格鲁吉亚,遭到美国的强烈批评。Experts say there are other major disagreements between Washington and Moscow. One of those is the Bush administration's backing of Georgia and Ukraine to become members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Moscow is against that. President-elect Barack Obama has indicated he favors NATO membership - but only when those two countries are y.  有关专家说,美国和俄罗斯之间还存在其它重大分歧。其中之一是布什政府持格鲁吉亚和乌克兰加入北约,而俄罗斯对此表示反对。美国当选总统奥巴马表示,他持格鲁吉亚和乌克兰加入北约,但是只有在这两个国家具备条件后才能加入。Another point of disagreement is the U.S. plan - also strongly opposed by Moscow - to put an anti-missile defense shield in Eastern Europe - 10 missile interceptors in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic. Mr. Obama's advisers say he supports the missile defense system, but only when the technology is proven to be workable. 另一个分歧是美国计划在东欧部署导弹防御系统,即在波兰设置10个导弹拦截器,在捷克共和国建立一个雷达站。俄罗斯对此表示强烈反对。奥巴马的顾问们说,奥巴马持建立导弹防御系统,不过前提是要明这些防御技术能发挥作用。"From my perspective, and I know everyone will be horrified now, particularly my conservative friends - but I do think we bear some responsibility for the less friendly relationship we now have with them," said Former Secretary of State [1992] Lawrence Eagleburger. "If you are going to bring about alliances along Russia's border and you end up putting anti-ballistic missile launchers and so forth, it seems to me what the Russians have to take away from that is that we intend to isolate them. And our eastern European friends and allies, which used to be puppets to the Soviet Union - they are happy to go along with this as well because they see this as protection from the monster that governed them for so long. But the Russians have to, I think, look at that as an attempt at isolation." 曾在1992年担任美国国务卿的伊格尔伯格说:“我知道我的想法会让很多人吃惊,特别是一些保守主义者,不过,我的确认为美国要为不太友好的美俄关系负一定责任。如果你要沿俄罗斯边界建立联盟,最后还在那里放一批反弹道导弹发射器,我认为,俄罗斯一定会把这理解为美国要孤立它。而我们在东欧的朋友和盟国曾经是苏联的傀儡,他们愿意持美国的做法,因为他们觉得这样可以保护他们,使他们逃离统治他们多年的俄罗斯的魔爪。不过俄罗斯一定会觉得这是美国孤立俄罗斯的企图。”Analysts say despite the bad relations, Washington and Moscow are cooperating in such areas as fighting terrorism, energy security and nuclear arms control and nonproliferation.  分析人士说,虽然美俄关系不佳,但是在反恐、能源安全、核武器控制和核不扩散等领域双方正在进行合作。Former National Security Adviser General Brent Scowcroft says he is encouraged by President-elect Barack Obama's willingness to discuss issues with friends and foes alike. 前美国国家安全事务顾问斯考克罗夫特说,美国当选总统奥巴马愿意同朋友和敌人都进行谈判的态度让他受到鼓舞。"That's one of the reassuring aspects of his approach to foreign policy, for me, that you maximize your chances of making progress if you're talking to people," he said. "In the deepest, darkest days of our conflict with the Soviet Union - or our confrontation with the Soviet Union - we talked to them. We had talks on the most sensitive issue of all and that is nuclear arms - and I think it helped a lot." 他说:“我认为,这是奥巴马处理外交政策方法中的一个积极方面,那就是,如果你和别人谈判,你就能有最大的机会取得进展。在我们同苏联的冲突最深、最黑暗的日子里,也就是我们同苏联对峙的时期,我们还是和他们进行了谈判。我们谈判的内容是所有问题中最敏感的,那就是核武器问题。我认为,那些谈判发挥了很大作用。”Many experts are calling for a summit meeting between President Obama and Russian leader Dmitri Medvedev in the early months of the new U.S. administration. They say such a meeting would provide a solid basis for improving a relationship that needs a positive jolt. 许多专家呼吁奥巴马和俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫在美国新政府上任后不久就举行首脑会议。他们说,美俄关系需要积极的推动,而这样的首脑会议能为改善两国关系提供坚实的基础。01/61047襄樊人民医院男科专家

襄阳市第三人民医院好不好?Swapping gems for cash宝石交易What next for South Africas foremost mining family?南非最有影响力的矿业家族,下一步会如何?MOST people would be overjoyed to pocket .1 billion. But Nicky Oppenheimer, the chairman of De Beers, said that it was with a heavy heart that his family had decided to sell its remaining 40% stake in the worlds biggest diamond miner to Anglo American, a mining behemoth. The deal marks the end of an era for South Africas foremost mining dynasty.在大多数人眼里,获得51亿美元是一件高兴的事。然而对于尼克 奥本海默而言,这位德比尔斯(全球最大,历史最悠久的钻石矿业公司)主席却不那么轻松。其家族海默家族已经决定向矿业巨头英美资源集团出售剩余的40%德比尔斯的股份。而这次交易也标志这个南非矿业巨头辉煌时代的结束。The Oppenheimers have been in the diamond business for more than a century, including over 80 years with De Beers. Nickys grandfather Ernest settled in South Africa in 1902, having been posted to the diamond-boom town of Kimberley at the age of 22 as an agent for a London-based firm of gem traders. By 1917 he had set up his own mining company, Anglo American. A few years later he won control of De Beers, a diamond miner that had been founded in 1880 by Cecil Rhodes, a British-born colonialist. By the time Rhodes died in 1902, De Beers controlled 90% of the worlds diamond production. Rhodess immense fortune still pays for people like Bill Clinton to study at Oxford.海默家族涉足钻石业已超过一个世纪,其中80年在德比尔斯工作。尼克的祖父欧内斯特在1902年定居在南非。在他22岁那年,作为一家总部在伦敦的钻石交易公司的代理,他外派到钻石业繁荣的小城金伯利。1917年,他已有了自己的矿业公司,英美资源集团。几年之后,他又掌控了德比尔斯,一家由英国殖民者塞西尔?罗兹于1880年创立的企业。1902年,也就是罗兹去世时间,德比尔斯钻石产量占据世界份额的90%。至今,罗兹的巨额财富仍在付美国前总统克林顿在牛津大学学习的费用。Since 1929, when Sir Ernest (knighted for war services in 1921) took over as chairman, the Oppenheimers have led De Beers almost without interruption, massaging the price of diamonds by hoarding them and occasionally selling part of the firms stockpile. The family has wielded political influence, too, mostly bankrolling liberal causes. Both Ernest and his son Harry served in South Africarsquo;s parliament: Ernest for 14 years in the run-up to the second world war, and Harry for nine years as a member of the anti-apartheid opposition.1929年,欧内斯特爵士成为德比尔斯主席。自此之后,海默家族一直经营着德比尔斯,并通过控制库存量来调控钻石价格。与此同时,海默家族为一些南非的自由事业提供资助,在政界也有一定的影响。另外,欧内斯特和儿子哈利也曾为南非议会务:欧内斯特在14年里为二战提供持,哈利也是种族主义的持者。Of late, however, the familys influence has waned. Some wonder whether Nicky and his son Jonathan have the same drive and acumen as their swashbuckling forebears. And Anglo American, the firm their family founded (and in which it now has a stake of 2%), moved its headquarters to London in 1999. Nicky Oppenheimer insists that the family will stay connected with South Africa: they are still based in Johannesburg.近来,海默家族的影响力却日渐衰弱。一些人就质疑尼克和他的儿子是否拥有先驱的进取心和洞察力。而且英美资源集团,这个曾经海默家族一手打造的企业也在1999年把总部迁到了伦敦。而尼克 奥本海默却坚持家族应该要立足于南非:其总部仍在约翰内斯堡。What will the Oppenheimers do with their new pile of cash? The deal will take months to complete, so they have time to ponder. Under its terms, they are barred from dabbling in diamonds for two years. But other possibilities abound.奥本海默家族又如何运用这笔钱?这次交易历经数月才能完成,因而海默家族有着足够的时间来考量。条款规定,他们在2年内禁止从事钻石行业。但不排除有其他可能他们将再次干起老本行。The family has two investment arms. One, called Stockdale Street Capital, invests largely in medium-sized firms in South Africa. The other, Tana Africa Capital, is a joint venture with Singapores sovereign-wealth fund, Temasek, and invests in the rest of Africa. Among other things, it holds a stake in a Nigerian firm that sells powdered milk, and it plans to build up five to ten substantial firms over the next decade.海默家族有2个投资分部:斯托克代尔街资本,主要投资南非的中型企业。非洲塔纳资本,这家与新加坡淡马锡(主权财富基金公司)成立的合资公司则负责其余非洲的业务。除了这些之外,家族还拥有一家尼日利亚的奶粉厂,并计划在近十年中投资在新建5到10个新工厂。At the moment, Tana is focused on fast-moving consumer goods and agriculture, and to a lesser extent on building materials, health and education. The new money could go into any or all of these areas, says James Teeger, a family spokesman. And the Oppenheimers may also look at infrastructure and energy, two of the hottest businesses south of the Sahara. Nicky Oppenheimer is said to be furiously jetting around looking for shrewd places to inject his cash.与此同时,塔纳资本愈发重视投资日益繁荣的消费品和农产品行业。同时,也在慢慢涉足建筑材料领域、健康领域和教育界。娜塔丽珍,这位家族的发言人声称,家族获得的资金会投资到这些行业中。除此之外,基础设施和能源领域是作为撒哈拉沙漠南部最热门的行业,海默家族也在考量着对这两个领域进行投资。据说,尼克四处打探消息,寻找可以投钱的最佳场所。162926襄阳市第三人民医院男科预约 The head of the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) in Ethiopia says the country's emergency food stocks are almost completely exhausted, with drought conditions expected to worsen before they improve. There are also growing concerns about food shortages in Ethiopia's reclusive neighbor, Eritrea. 联合国世界粮食计划署埃塞俄比亚负责人说,该国的紧急粮食储备几乎完全耗尽,目前的干旱灾情预计会进一步恶化。人们对塞俄比亚的邻国厄立特里亚的粮食短缺问题也日渐担忧。WFP's Ethiopia Country Director Abdou Dieng says despite a good response to international appeals for food aid, Ethiopia faces a critical shortfall in emergency supplies. He says the reserve established by the government to prevent a recurrence of past food crises is almost empty. 联合国世界粮食计划署埃塞俄比亚办公室主任阿卜杜·迪昂说,尽管国际社会对粮食援助的请求作出很好的回应,但埃塞俄比亚的紧急粮食供应依然面临严重短缺。他表示,该国政府为防止再度发生粮食危机而建立的粮食储备几乎已经耗尽。"There is food reserve, but today it's almost at zero level. We cannot count on that. Now what we are trying to do is increase the level of the food which can be kept in the reserve. We can go up to one million tons [and] we're talking about 80 million people here who need food, so this is exactly where we are working together to try to increase the food reserve," noted Dieng. 迪昂说:“我们有粮食储备,但是现在已几乎处于零的水平。我们不能依靠储备。现在我们正设法提高能用作储备的粮食数量。最多能有100万吨,这里有8千万人需要食物,所以我们正在合作设法提高粮食储备。”Of Ethiopia's 80 million people, Dieng says between 13 million and 14 million are receiving some sort of food assistance. The government estimates 4.5 million need emergency food aid, but experts expect that number to keep rising until the rains come, allowing farmers to plant and harvest life saving crops. 迪昂说,在埃塞俄比亚的8千万人口中,1300万到1400万人正获得某种粮食援助。政府估计,450万人需要紧急粮食援助,但专家预计这一数字将持续上升,直到降雨来临,使农民得以种植和收割救命的粮食。The WFP official says 0 million in donations has been received since the onset of the current drought. Dieng estimates another 0 million will be necessary to meet Ethiopia's needs until the end of the year. 这名世粮署官员说,自从发生这次干旱以来,已经收到了2亿美元的捐助。他估计,从现在到今年年底,还需要1亿美元以满足埃塞俄比亚的需要。201108/147520湖北化学纤维厂职工医院几点营业

襄阳在线咨询粉刺专家Barack Hussein Obama Becomes 44th US President美国新总统:承担责任果敢行动 Barack Obama has become the 44th President of the ed States, taking the oath of office on the steps of the U.S. Capitol before a crowd of more than one million people who had gathered in frigid temperatures to see the first African American become president. 巴拉克.奥巴马就任美国第44任总统。奥巴马在100多万美国民众面前于美国国会大厦的台阶上宣誓就职。这些人冒着寒冷的气温在国会前亲眼目睹第一位非洲裔美国总统宣誓就职。Immediately after President Obama took the oath of office, a military color guard fired off a 21-gun salute as an enormous and diverse crowd cheered, waved American flags and chanted the new president's name. 奥巴马总统宣誓就职仪式一结束,军方仪仗队就鸣礼炮21响。成千上万不同肤色、种族、信仰的人群高声欢呼雀跃。他们挥舞着美国国旗,呼喊着新总统奥巴马的名字。In his inaugural address, Mr. Obama said he is entering the White House at a time when the nation is in the midst of crisis.  在就职演说中,奥巴马说,他走进白宫之际,美国正处在危机之中。"Our nation is at war, against a far reaching network of violence and hatred," Mr. Obama said. "Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age."  “我们的国家正在作战,我们正在同广泛的暴力和仇恨的网络进行战争。我们的经济受到严重削弱,这是一些人的贪婪和不负责任造成的后果,但同是也是我们大家未能做出艰难的选择,为美国新时代做好准备的后果。”Mr. Obama says the state of the economy requires bold action to create new jobs and end the recession. 奥巴马说,美国的经济状况需要我们采取果敢的行动,创造新的就业机会,结束经济衰退。The 47-year-old president is the son of a black Kenyan father and a white American mother. He grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia. 奥巴马现年47岁,他的父亲是一位肯尼亚黑人,母亲是一位美国白人。奥巴马在夏威夷和印度尼西亚长大。Mr. Obama held out a friendly hand to those watching his address from overseas.  奥巴马还对那些在海外观看他就职演说的人们表示致意。"And so to all other peoples and governments who are watching today, from the grandest capitals to the small village where my father was born, know that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity and we are y to lead once more," Mr. Obama said.  “希望现在在观看今天就职典礼的各国人民和政府都知道,无论他们来自雄伟的首都,还是来自我父亲出生的小村庄,美国是每个国家、每个男女、儿童的朋友。他们为未来实现和平与尊严而努力,我们则准备再次领先”。President Obama called on all Americans to accept personal responsibility for trying to solve the challenging tasks confronting the nation.  奥巴马总统呼吁所有的美国人在设法解决美国面临的具有挑战性质的任务时承担他们个人的责任。"What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility, a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world," Mr. Obama said. "Duties that we do not grudgingly accept, but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task."  “我们现在需要一个勇于负责的新时代,每一个美国人都要认识到我们对自己、对国家、对世界负有责任,我们不是不情愿地接受这些责任,而是欣然接受,坚信没有什么比全力以赴完成艰难工作更能得到精神上的满足,更能展示我们的性格”。Many African American families attended the inauguration of the country's first black president. 很多非洲裔美国家庭参加了美国第一位黑人总统的就职典礼。One woman from Pennsylvania said she was overwhelmed to be taking part in the historic event.  一位来自宾州的妇女说,能参加这次历史盛会她激动不已。"I could not be happier or more proud. I am an 81-year-old black lady who has seen an awful lot in my lifetime," she said. "And never, in all my years, did I think that this day would come and one of us would be in the White House."  “我从来没有如此幸福,如此自豪。我是一名81岁的黑人老太太。我的一生目睹了许许多多的事情。但是在我毕生之年,我从来没有梦想过这一天能到来,我们黑人当中的一员将入主白宫。”Polls show many Americans are optimistic about the nation's future now that President Obama has been sworn in. Laverne Feaster, who traveled to the inauguration from Little Rock, Arkansas, says the opportunities with the new administration are endless.  民意调查显示,奥巴马总统已经宣誓就职,很多美国人对美国的未来表示乐观。费斯特来自阿肯色州的小石城。他说,新政府有无穷无尽的机会。"This country recognizes with the president we have that all of us can be anything we want to be. It is not just a few," Feaster said. "We do not have to have rich, poor. We can have everybody to be what they want to be."  “这个国家认识到,奥巴马成为总统这件事本身就表明,我们所有人只要心想就能事成。这决非是为数不多的几个人。我们不须富有,即使是穷人,每个人都能实现他们的理想愿望。”Presidential historian Allan Lichtman says President Obama will bring major changes, in both style and substance, to the White House.  总统历史学家利希特曼说,奥巴马总统将给白宫带来重大变革,无论在风格上,还是在实质内容上。"Barack Obama represents and celebrates not only the diversity of America, but the diversity of a knit-together global world," Lichtman said. "In addition, I think, so far Barack Obama has indicated that he is likely to take American foreign policy in new directions as part of this new political era."  “奥巴马代表并颂扬的不仅仅是美国的多元化,而是紧密结合的世界的多元化。另外,我认为,奥巴马已经表示,他可能要改变美国外交政策的方向,作为新政治时代的一部分。”President Obama, a Democrat, campaigned on a theme of change, inspiring millions of people both at home and abroad. 奥巴马总统是民主党人。他的竞选主题“变革”激励了数百万海内外的民众。Mr. Obama's inauguration brings to an end eight years of Republican rule under George Bush. 奥巴马的就职典礼标志着乔治.布什八年共和党执政的结束。01/61335 Rice Warns Against Foreign Aid Cuts, Protectionism赖斯告诫不要削减对外发展援助 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is appealing to wealthy countries not to cut development aid or resort to protectionist trade practices in the face of the global economic crisis. Rice was the opening speaker at a White House-organized summit on international development. 美国国务卿赖斯呼吁富裕国家不要削减发展援助,也不要在面对全球经济危机时诉诸贸易保护主义的做法。在白宫组织的国际发展峰会上赖斯发表了开幕讲话。The White House summit was organized in part to highlight foreign aid efforts by the Bush administration, which Rice says collectively amount to the biggest U.S. international development initiative since the post-World War Two Marshall Plan. 组织这次白宫峰会的部分目的是为了强调布什政府所作的对外援助努力。赖斯说,这些援助努力加起来相当于第二次世界大战的马歇尔计划以来美国最大的国际发展项目。But the proceedings have been overshadowed by the global market and credit crisis and there is deep concern among participants that U.S. and other world development aid will fall victim to crisis-related austerity moves. 但是项目受到全球市场和信贷危机的阴影笼罩。与会者担心美国和其他世界发展援助将受到与危机相关的紧缩行动的制约。In her opening address, Rice said moves to trim foreign aid and protect home markets are understandable under the circumstances, but in the long run, counterproductive. 赖斯在开幕词中说,削减对外援助和保护国内市场的行动在目前情况下是可以理解的,但是长期看,会产生相反效果。"When times are hard, as they are now, every nation is focused on protecting its own interests. That is entirely legitimate and it is to be expected. But what we cannot do, what we must not do, is to allow our generosity and our concern for others to fall victim to today's crisis. Reneging on our commitments to the world's poor cannot be an austerity measure," she said. 赖斯说:“当局势艰难的时候,就像现在这样,每个国家会集中在保护自己的利益上。那也是完全合理的,而且是可以预料的。但是让我们把对他人的慷慨和关切受制于今天的危机,这是我们不能做的,我们不允许做的。放弃我们给世界上的穷国的承诺不能成为一种紧缩措施。”Rice said while recent foreign-aid budgets might now seem unaffordable, the world cannot afford not to come to the aid of poor, weak and poorly governed third-world states that could be sources of regional or global instability. 赖斯说,虽然最近对外援助的预算现在看来无法承受,但是世界不能承受不帮助穷人、弱者和管理混乱的第三世界国家。这些国家可能是地区或全球不稳定的源头。The secretary also warned of the slide into trade protectionism that economists believe made the economic depression of the 1930s even worse. She said completion of the stalled Doha round of international tariff-cutting negotiations would send a powerful signal that the world's response to the current crisis will be fundamentally different than the past. 赖斯国务卿还对贸易保护主义倾向提出警告。经济学家认为贸易保护主义让1930年代的经济萧条更为严重。她说,完成停滞的多哈回合国际削减关税谈判将发出一个强烈信号,那就是世界对当前危机的反应会和过去有根本的不同。Rice was followed to the podium by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who praised U.S. aid to her country following its civil war, and said the world looks to the ed States to lead the way out of the current crisis. 在赖斯之后上讲台的是利比里亚总统瑟利夫,她称赞美国在利比里亚内战后对利比里亚的援助。她说,世界指望在美国的带领下走出目前的危机。"Developing countries will be looking to the ed States to step up during these turbulent times and emerge as the true global leader for democracy, stability and expanding economic opportunities for the poor," she said. "Strong global leadership and vision, alongside local country commitment, is needed now more than ever." 瑟利夫说:“发展中国家将指望美国在这动荡时刻期间能够挺住,并且作为全球民主、稳定和为穷国扩大经济机会的领导者。现在比以往更需要坚强的全球领导和视野以及当地国家的承诺。”The elected Liberian leader said her country is now well on its way to stability and can be a model for a West African region known in the recent past for civil warfare, warlords, child soldiers and so-called blood diamonds. 这名通过选举产生的利比里亚领导人说,利比里亚现在正迈向稳定,利比里亚能够成为西部非洲地区的典范。这个地区最近因为内战、军阀、儿童士兵和所谓血钻石而出名。200810/53607襄阳早泄治疗大概多少钱襄阳第一医院男科怎么样



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