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For the first time, astronomers have discovered a world nearly the size of Earth orbiting a far star where water might exist as a life-giving liquid, the scientists announced Thursday. 科学家周四宣布,在围绕一颗遥远恒星运行的轨道上,天文学家首次发现了一颗大小与地球相近、并且可能存在水这种生命液体的行星。Using the Kepler space telescope, Elisa Quintana of The SETI Institute at NASA#39;s Ames Research Center in California and her colleagues detected the planet around a relatively cool red dwarf star in the constellation Cygnus, located about 459 light years from Earth. 通过使用开普勒(Kepler)太空望远镜,美国国家航空及太空总署(NASA)艾姆斯研究中心(Ames Research Center)地外文明搜寻研究所(The SETI Institute)的昆塔纳(Elisa Quintana)和同事发现了这颗行星。这颗行星环绕天鹅座(Cygnus)中一颗温度相对较低的红矮星运行,距离地球大约459光年。Known officially as Kepler-186f, the planet is the outermost of five Earth-sized worlds orbiting in that star#39;s solar system, the scientists said at a news conference held Thursday by the space agency. They also reported their findings in the journal Science. 科学家周四在NASA举办的新闻发布会上说,这颗行星的正式名称为开普勒-186f (Kepler-186f),其所处的太阳系有五颗地球大小的行星,它是最外面的一颗。《科学》(Science)杂志刊登了这些科学家的发现。In the search for worlds where life might take hold, scientists so far have detected 20 potentially habitable planets around other stars. But this one is the first so close in size to Earth that is located within its star#39;s so-called habitable zone, where it receives the right amount of solar radiation so that water there wouldn#39;t boil or freeze, the researchers said. 到目前为止,在搜寻可能存在生命的星球过程中,科学家已经发现了20个有育生命潜力的行星围绕其他恒星运转。但这次还是科学家们首次发现尺寸与地球如此接近,并位于所谓恒星“宜居带”的行星。研究人员们说,恒星“宜居带”是指行星所处位置能接收到不多不少的恒星辐射量,从而使行星上的水维持在液态。#39;This is the first validated Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of another star,#39; said Dr. Quintana. #39;We can now say other potentially habitable worlds the size of Earth can exist.#39; 昆塔纳士说,这是首次在另一个恒星“宜居带”确认发现地球大小的行星。她说,现在可以这样说,还有与地球大小类似、可能育生命的星球存在。Other experts, though, cautioned that the planet orbits at the outer edge of that habitable zone, where it likely receives about the same amount of light as Mars in our own solar system. Kepler-186f could easily be so cold that any water there is frozen, unless it has a greenhouse-like atmosphere that can trap heat, they said. 不过,其他专家提醒说,这颗行星的运行轨道位于“宜居带”的外缘,那里接收到的光线可能与太阳系里的火星接收到的光线一样多。他们说,开普勒-186f很可能非常寒冷,水是冰冻状态的,除非那里有一个类似温室的环境,能够使热量滞留。#39;It is Earth-sized, but not Earthlike,#39; said Abel Mendez, director of the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico, who wasn#39;t involved in the research effort. #39;The main point of this discovery is the size of the planet. So far, all potentially habitable planets were big ones.#39; 波多黎各大学(University of Puerto Rico)星球宜居性实验室主任门德斯(Abel Mendez)说,这颗行星的大小与地球类似,但环境与地球不同。门德斯没有参与这项研究。门德斯说,这项发现的主要一点是行星的大小,目前为止,全部可能宜居的行星体积都较大。Given its small size, the researchers believe that Kepler-186f is most likely a rocky planet, but they don#39;t have enough information to calculate its actual composition or mass. The researchers cannot see the planet directly, but detected it by measuring the periodic dip in light as it passes in front of its star. 鉴于开普勒-186f的体积较小,研究人员认为它最有可能是一颗岩态行星,但他们没有足够多的信息来计算出其实际成分或质量。研究人员无法直接看到这颗行星,而是通过测量它在其恒星前面经过时光线的周期性减弱而探测到它的。Once the stuff of science fiction, such habitable planets may be common in the cosmos--as many as 40 billion Earthlike planets in the Milky Way, researchers estimate. 这类宜居行星过去都只是在科幻小说中才会出现。它们在宇宙中可能有很多,据研究人员估计,在系有多达400亿颗环境与地球类似的行星。 /201404/289533。

  • I am typing this paragraph remotely on my home Windows PC, using an iPad in the middle of a Macy#39;s in a mall, over the Internet. I am using the latest PC version of Microsoft Word for Windows, which doesn#39;t run on the iPad. Yet I have full access to all of its features and to the computer#39;s file system and other programs, and I am able to use them via the iPad#39;s touch gestures and keyboard, without a stylus. The iPad is controlling the PC, which is a couple of miles away. 你现在看到的这段话,是我在一家梅西百货(Macy#39;s)店里,通过网络用一部iPad在我的Windows家用电脑上打出来的。我还使用了不与iPad兼容的最新的Windows PC版Microsoft Word文档,不过我却能使用它的所有功能,也能访问电脑上的文件系统和其他程序,而且还能不用手写笔、而是通过iPad的触控手势和虚拟键盘来使用它们。是的,我是在用iPad控制几英里外的PC电脑。 This feat was made possible by a new iPad app I#39;ve been testing called Parallels Access, released Tuesday, which can remotely control either a Mac or a Windows PC. It isn#39;t the only iPad app that can remotely control computers, but of the ones I#39;ve tested, it does the best job of treating the computer programs it accesses as if they were iPad apps, without sacrificing functionality. The programs continue to reside on the computer. 让这一创举变成可能的是一款名为“Parallels Access”的新款iPad应用,最近我一直在测试它。这款应用于8月末发布,它可让你远程操控Mac或Windows PC电脑。它并非唯一一款可远程操控电脑的iPad应用,但在我测试过的应用中,它在像处理iPad应用一样顺畅处理它访问的电脑程序、同时又不牺牲功能这方面是表现最好的。那些程序都继续保留在电脑中。 Parallels, a company based in Seattle that#39;s best known for its namesake program that allows Macs to run Windows, calls this #39;appifying#39; your computer programs. What it means by this is that it adapts them to the iPad#39;s familiar interface, including app launching, touch gestures, scrolling and text selection. 它的开发商是西雅图Parallels公司,该公司最知名的产品是可使Mac电脑运行Windows程序的Parallels软件。该公司称Parallels Access就是将你的电脑程序“苹果化”,意思就是使那些程序适应iPad的常见界面,包括应用的启动、触控手势、页面的滚动和文本选择等。 Unlike many others, it doesn#39;t force you to constantly try and emulate the precise mouse pointer for which most of these computer programs were designed. It runs them like iPad apps, in full screen, and at the iPad#39;s resolution, yet preserving full functionality and the ability to switch among open apps and windows on the computer. It works over both Wi-Fi and cellular connections. 与其他许多应用不同,它不会强迫你不断去尝试和模拟为大多数电脑程序设计的精确的鼠标指针。它像运行iPad应用一样运行这些电脑程序,用全屏并且以iPad的分辨率将它们显示出来,同时它还保留了完整的功能和在打开的电脑程序和窗口之间进行切换的功能。它在无线网络和蜂窝网络的环境下均能运行。 Despite some drawbacks, Parallels Access is a very good way to make your iPad more of a productivity tool and to integrate it with your computer, without forcing you to use your iPad the same way you would use a computer. 尽管它存在一些缺陷,Parallels Access仍不失为一个加强iPad的实用功能并使它与电脑融合的非常好的方法,而且它也不会强迫你以使用电脑的方式去使用你的iPad。 The two biggest drawbacks involve price and file transfers. Access costs a hefty per computer per year, though there#39;s a two-week free trial for every Mac you use. For Windows machines, it#39;s free for 90 days because compatibility with Windows is still in the beta phase (though it worked quite well in my tests). Parallels Access最大的两个缺点是价格和文件传输问题。它的价格高达每台电脑每年80美元,不过每台Mac电脑能有两周的免费试用期。至于Windows电脑,由于与Windows的兼容功能仍处于测试阶段(尽管它在我的测试中运行得非常不错),它的试用期达90天。 Also, the app cannot yet directly move files from computers to your iPad, though the company is working on it. For now, to get a file from the computer to the iPad, you have to remotely call up the computer#39;s email program and send it to yourself on the iPad, or upload it via a file-sharing service like Dropbox on the computer, and then retrieve it from the Dropbox or similar app on the iPad. 此外,尽管Parallels公司正在努力解决这个问题,但该应用现在还无法直接将文件从电脑传到你的iPad上。就眼下而言,若要把文件从电脑传到iPad上,你得远程调用电脑上的邮件程序,然后在iPad上把它发给你自己,或者在电脑上通过Dropbox这样的文件共享应用将文件上传,然后在iPad上用Dropbox或类似的应用检索文件。 Another limitation: It doesn#39;t work on Android. The company says it is considering an Android tablet version of Access, but has no immediate plans to release one. 它的另一个局限是,现在它还无法在安卓系统(Android)上运行。Parallels公司称它正在考虑开发安卓系统平板电脑版的Parallels Access,但暂时还没有发布该应用的计划。 Here#39;s how it works. First, you download the free app to your iPad, then you install a small companion utility on your Mac or PC, which runs in the background. Then you fire up the Access iPad app and you see a home screen with all of the available computers. Just click on one and the iPad takes it over. The link is established over a secure, encrypted connection, and you can opt to lock the computer and blank out its screen during the remote-control session. You can also opt to require the use of the computer#39;s login credentials. 现在就介绍一下Parallels Access的运行方式。首先,将免费应用下载到iPad上,然后在你的Mac或PC电脑上安装一个在后台运行的配对小程序。接下来,启动iPad上的Parallels Access后,你就会看到一个显示所有可连接电脑的主屏界面,点击选定一台电脑,你就可以通过iPad来操控它了。你可通过安全的加密连接方式来连接电脑,也可选择在远程操控期间锁定电脑,让屏幕显示为空白。你还可选择要求使用电脑的登录凭。 Once you have the computer on your iPad screen, you don#39;t see its normal desktop, with tiny icons generally meant for a mouse pointer. Instead, you see a Launcher screen in which your Mac or PC apps are presented like large, iPad app icons. You can add or remove app icons. 开始在iPad屏幕上操控电脑时,你看到的并非平常那种电脑桌面:桌面上排列着一个个通常用鼠标指针来点击的小图标。在你看到的主界面上,你的Mac或PC电脑上的应用显示成了像iPad应用那样的大图标。你可以添加或删除应用的图标。 You tap an icon and the program -- like iPhoto or Microsoft Excel -- appears in full-screen view on the iPad. I tested a wide variety of Mac and PC apps and all worked fine via Access, with almost no lag, even over a 4G cellular connection. 点击图标后,对应的程序(比如iPhoto或Microsoft Excel)就会在iPad上全屏显示。我测试了大量不同的Mac和PC应用,它们通过Parallels Access都运行得挺顺畅,几乎没有滞后,在4G网络环境下也是如此。 Access places a small toolbar at the edge of the screen, which can be moved or hidden. This can take you back to the Launcher, bring up a bar at the bottom that lets you switch among apps and windows, and brings up the iPad keyboard, which is augmented with special keys the iPad lacks, but computers use. These include Escape, Tab, function keys, Control, Alt, arrow keys and the Window key on PCs or the Command key on Macs. Parallels Access在屏幕边缘设计了一列小工具栏,它可被移动或隐藏。它可以让你跳转至主界面,调出屏幕底部一列可让你在各应用和窗口间进行切换的图标,还可调出iPad虚拟键盘,它增加了iPad缺乏、但普通电脑采用的特殊键,包括Escape、Tab、各功能键、Control、Alt和方向键,以及PC上的Windows键或Mac上的Command键。 The toolbar can bring up settings, which allow you to go into mouse mode, just like a PC; reveal the whole desktop; and display the special keys without the whole keyboard. 这个工具栏可让你进行设置:你可以选择进入鼠标模式,就像在PC电脑上一样;可以显示整个桌面;可以显示特定的键而不是整个键盘。 I was able hear the sound on the iPad from audio and files, and select various items and icons. Access invisibly modifies things like small toolbar icons so that, even if you tap on them imprecisely, they still activate. I even dictated text using the iPad into a program on the remote Windows PC. 我能在iPad上听到音频和视频文件的声音,还能选择不同的菜单项和图标。Parallels Access还悄悄修改了工具栏小图标这样的东西,以便让你在即使没点准图标时仍能启动程序。我甚至还通过iPad向远程Windows PC上的一个程序口述输入了文本。 Parallels Access really shines when typing. I was able to type easily on the remote programs. Parallels Access在打字方面确实有出众表现,我能在远程程序上轻松地打字。 When you select text, it brings up the standard iPad selection handles and the standard black iPad control bar for things like copying and pasting, just as if you were in a standard iPad app. For more precise selection, it brings up the standard iPad magnifying glass feature, and if held down a bit longer, it even places a mouse pointer inside the magnifier. I used this to resize a photo in a Word document. (This particular task takes some practice.) 如果你想选择文本,它会调出标准的iPad文本选择抓取点,以及控制复制和粘贴操作的标准的iPad黑色控制列,它就和使用标准的iPad应用一样。若想进行更精确的选择,它还会调出标准的iPad放大镜功能,长按文本后,放大镜内甚至还会出现一个鼠标指针。我利用它在一个Word文档中调整了一幅图片的大小。(此任务需稍加练习。) The program includes many touch gestures and taps. A two-finger tap acts like clicking the right button on a mouse and other simple gestures allow things like dragging and dropping. 该程序包括许多触控手势和点击手势。例如,双手指点击相当于点击鼠标的右键,其他一些简单的手势可以实现拖放这样的操作。 For Windows 8, Parallels Access places both traditional programs and the Start-screen touch apps together in the Launcher, so you don#39;t have to switch modes. In my tests, it worked well with both kinds of programs. On the Mac, if you are using Parallels Desktop to run Windows programs side by side with Mac programs, both types of programs show up on the Launcher and can be used remotely. 针对Windows 8系统,Parallels Access将传统程序和开始屏幕上的触控程序一同安排在主界面上,这样一来你就不必切换模式。在我的测试中,它在这两种程序中均运行得不错。在Mac电脑上,如果你想在Mac程序之外再用Parallels Desktop来运行Windows程序,这两种程序都会在主界面上显示,而且均可远程使用。 I ran into zero glitches when controlling a Mac remotely. And even though the Windows access is in beta, I ran into only two glitches: a single instance of jittery scrolling in a photo program on the remote PC, and a single instance of lack of audio from the iPad when playing one of many s I tested remotely. 在远程操控Mac电脑时,我没有遇到任何故障。即使是在使用测试版的Windows程序的过程中,我也只遇到了两个故障:一个是远程PC上的一个图片程序在滚动时出现抖动;另一个是在播放我远程测试的众多视频时,iPad上有一个音频没有声音。 If you#39;re willing to pay the money, Parallels Access is an excellent way to make remotely controlling a Mac or PC from an iPad a frustration-free experience. 总之,如果你愿意花钱的话,Parallels Access是你顺心地通过iPad远程操控Mac或PC电脑的绝佳方式。 /201309/255856。
  • PATTON OSWALT, an American comedian, once told a story about a text exchange with his girlfriend. “I love you,” she texted. Mr Oswalt began to reply “I love you too.” Only the grouchy comic got as far as “I…” and the predictive texting program began to fill out the text based on his habits. “…hate…”, it provided. Mr Oswalt hit “send” before he could stop himself, and his poor girlfriend ended up receiving a rather offensive text.帕顿·奥斯瓦尔特是一名美国喜剧演员,他跟观众讲过自己与女朋友短信交流的故事。“我爱你”,女友在短信中写道。奥斯瓦尔特先生准备回复“我也爱你”。只有爱发牢骚的喜剧演员才懂得“我...”的句式效果,这时文字预测功能开始根据他的习惯自动填写短信,所写的内容是:“...恨...”。奥斯瓦尔特先生还没来得及反应,手一抖就按了“发送”键,结果他女友收到了这条冒犯意味十足的短信。Johnson would expect Mr Oswalt#39;s relationships to have moved on from such moments of communicative meltdown. Predictive texting was fairly new in 2009, when Mr Oswalt told his gag. But five years later, smarter and faster processors, plus better wireless broadband, have allowed smartphones to do much better at predicting what users mean, and what they are likely to say next. Apple has implemented new elements of language analysis and prediction in iOS8, its latest mobile operating system, for texting both with thumbs and with speech recognition.笔者约翰逊希望奥斯瓦尔特先生与女友的关系不要因为这种沟通失败而泡汤。2009年,奥斯瓦尔特先生向观众讲这个噱头时,文字预测还是比较新奇的功能。但是五年后的今天出现了更快更智能的处理器和更先进的无线宽带,使智能手机能更好的预测用户的心思以及下一句想要说什么。苹果公司为最新的手机操作系统IOS8提供了新的语言分析和预测元素,适用于手指打字和语音识别。Speech recognition relies on a big database of natural human English text. An unclear word can be disambiguated by the words around it, as the software tries to match a string of words to a string in its database. If the computer hears ;Four score and seven [mumble] ago;, it can scan its database and guess that the missing word is probably ;years;.语音识别技术依靠普通人类英语文本大型数据库。当软件听到一连串单词时,会从数据库中搜索与之相匹配的语句。所以当软件遇到一个发音模糊的单词时,可根据其前后其他单词来消除歧义。例如,当计算机听到“四十七[发音模糊]前”,它会搜索数据库猜测没听清的那个单词可能是“年”。In iOS7, the user had to dictate an entire passage, hit “done”, and wait for the (usually quite accurate) text to appear after a second or two. In iOS8, though, things get more interesting: the words appear nearly as they are spoken. The real-time appearance of each word allows the curious language pundit to peer into the software’s mind. I tried a deliberate “Four score and seven rrrrs ago.” Each of the first four words appeared almost instantly. After the rrrrs, the system paused for a brief moment, before offering “years ago” on the screen. The software clearly thought “hmm, rrrrs sounds like nothing in my database. But this ‘four score and seven’ is almost always followed by the word ‘years’, and the ‘ago’ seems to prove it.”在IOS7系统中,用户必须先口述一整段语音,点击“完成”键,一两秒后语音被转化成文字,准确率一般都很高。在IOS8系统中,该功能变得更为有趣:语音和文字几乎是同步的。由于每个单词可以实时出现,因此语言专家可以分析软件的思维方式。我故意说了“四十七rrrrs前”,前四个单词中的第一个单词几乎立刻出现。当我说到rrrrs时,系统短暂停顿后在屏幕上显示出“年前”。软件明显在想:“嗯...我的数据库中找不到rrrrs的发音,但“四十七”后面经常出现“年”这个单词,而“前”这个单词似乎明了这一点。To check my intuition, I tried “rrrrs” for “years” in several situations where ;years; is not the obvious word, including a classic line from ;Raiders of the Lost Ark;: “It’s not the years, honey—it’s the mileage.” The software returned things like “It’s not the errors honey it’s the mileage,” and “It’s not Thursday honey it’s the mileage.” The line obviously isn’t in Apple’s training text as frequently as “Four score and seven years ago.”为了验我的直觉判断,我在多个情景中将“年(years)”说成了“rrrrs”,在这些情景中单词“年(years)”并不是显而易见就能推测出来的,包括《夺宝奇兵》中的经典台词:“关键不在于车龄,宝贝,而在于行驶里程”。这时软件显示出的文字是:“关键不在于错误(errors),宝贝,而在于行驶里程”,以及 “关键不在于周四(Thursday),宝贝,而在于行驶里程”。这句话在苹果数据库中出现的频率明显不如 “四十七年前”。Another much-touted advance in iOS8 is predictive text for typing. When composing a text or e-mail, users see three words above the keyboard at any given time—the three words Apple reckons they are most likely to use next. As with speech recognition, the software must first be trained on a bunch of actual English text. But Apple also claims that the software learns from each individual user over time.苹果IOS8系统中另一个备受追捧的进步是打字预测功能。当用户在编辑文字或电子邮件时,随时能看到键盘上会浮现出三个单词,苹果认为这三个单词是你接下来最有可能用到的。与语音识别同理,这款软件也必须事先接受真实英语文本的训练。但苹果也表示该软件随着时间也会学习单个用户的使用习惯。iOS8 has had about a month to learn your columnist’s habits. At present, the three words Apple thinks Johnson is mostly to use to start a text are “I”, “The” and “I’m”. If that sounds depressingly ego-centric, remember that “I” is the most common word in spoken English. Pressing “I” reveals the three words most likely to follow “I”: “love”, “don’t” and “just”. Johnson is apparently not as disagreeable as Mr Oswalt.IOS8系统用了一个月时间学习笔者的习惯。现在苹果认为笔者在编辑文字时,开头最常用的三个单词是“我”,“这”,“我是”。尽管这种以自我为中心的感觉令人郁闷,但请记住“我”是英文口语中最常用的单词。在键盘上点击“我”会显示接下来最有可能用到的三个单词:“爱”,“不”,“仅仅”。笔者显然不像奥斯瓦尔特先生那般不友好。What is striking, however, is that though the software can pick words that are likely to follow the previous word, the trick does not produce great phrases. Repeatedly pressing the middle of the three choices on my phone results in令人惊奇的是,该软件能从先前出现过的预测结果中选词,但这种技巧无法产生令人满意的短语。在我键盘上重复重复点击第二个备选单词,结果产生下面的文本:“The day I have a great way of the year and the other hand is the only thing that would have to go back and I don’t think that I have a great way of life and the day I have to go back and the other hand…”我以一年中良好的方式度过了这一天(The day I have a great way of the year),另一方面(the other hand),这一天是我必须要回顾的(have to go back),我认为自己没有良好的生活方式(I have a great way of life),这一天是我必须要回顾的(have to go back),另一方面(the other hand)...Curiously, sometimes the system repeats its own predictions (“and the other hand” occurs twice). But sometimes it doesn’t (“I have a great way of” is once followed by “the year”, and the second time followed by “of life”). And if I clear the whole mess and begin again, repeatedly tapping the same button gives me a different string. What is going on behind the scenes is unclear. (Apple did not respond to requests to clarify.)令人惊奇的是,系统有时会重复之前的预测结果(“and the other hand”出现过两次)。但有时又不会重复(第一次出现的“I have a great way of”后面跟随的是“the year”,而第二次出现时后面跟随的是“of life”)。如果我删掉这些乱七八糟的文字重新编辑,然后同样重复点击第二个备选单词,产生的一连串单词会与上次不同。这究竟是怎么一回事我不得而知,苹果公司对于澄清此事的请求未作回应。When this new predictive feature was announced, a few observers harrumphed: offering the next potential word allows a writer to skip the work of choosing words. Well, to choose just one word: nonsense. At the most, iOS8 will allow you to avoid typing some fairly long but frequent words. But it’s not y to appease your boss, apologise to your spouse or do your homework for you. In 1965 Michael Frayn imagined automating journalism in his novel The Tin Men, automatically generating catchy headlines and composing predictable stories (like ones on the royal family) with a string of clichés. Fortunately, half a century later, we hacks must still be paid to string out clichés by hand.当这种新潮的文字预测功能刚问世时,少数观察人士曾对此嗤之以鼻:预测下一个可能用到的单词会让写字的人越过选词过程。只能用一个词来形容:荒唐。IOS8系统最多就是让你不必重复写出冗长又经常使用的单词,但它没想代替你去安抚你的老板,向你的爱人道歉,或者帮你做作业。1965年,迈克尔·弗莱恩曾在他的小说《铁皮人》中畅想过新闻工作自动化的情景:自动产生朗朗上口的新闻标题;编写可预测的故事(比如皇室故事);一连串的陈词滥调。幸运的是,半个世纪后的今天,我们这些拿工资的雇佣文人仍需亲手编写陈词滥调。 /201411/340516。
  • Microchip Technology isn#39;t the biggest chipmaker in the world, but a warning from Steve Sanghi, its chief executive, has rattled the rest of the industry.美国微芯公司(Microchip Technology)并非全球最大芯片制造商,但该公司首席执行官史蒂夫#8226;桑吉(Steve Sanghi)发出的警告,令该行业其他企业感到恐慌。The company, which is worth bn, said on Friday that demand in the industry was on the cusp of a correction led weaker appetite in China. Mr Sanghi said:这家市值80亿美元的公司周五表示,在中国需求放缓的带动下,全球芯片行业需求将开始出现修正。We believe that another industry correction has begun and that this correction will be seen more broadly across the industry in the near future.桑吉表示:“我们认为,另一轮行业性修正已开始,近期行业性修正的规模将更为广泛。”The forecast from Microchip came alongside sales figures which fell short of Wall Street#39;s forecasts.在微芯公司做出此番预测之际,芯片行业销售数据未达到华尔街预期。Analysts at Credit Suisse said Microchip is historically an ;extremely good industry barometer; for its short lead-times and diversified client base.瑞信(Credit Suisse)分析师表示,由于生产周期短以及客户基础多样,微芯一直是一个“非常不错的行业晴雨表”。This event is NOT company-specific and has NEGATIVE implications for the sector. In addition, while the line between excess supply and disappointing demand is always blurred, the rapid pace of decline would argue a demand shock.此次事件并非仅影响个别企业,对于整个行业都会造成负面影响。另外,尽管供应过剩以及需求疲弱的界限总是很模糊,但此番销量下滑速度之快明了需求受到巨大冲击。Microchip last pre-announced weaker results in the second quarter of 2011, Citi analysts add, just ahead of an industry downturn.花旗(Citi)分析师补充称,微芯上一次预测业绩下滑是在2011年第二季度,恰恰就在该行业出现低迷之前。Shares of Microchip tumbled 11 per cent to .49. Rival Intel declined 4 per cent to .31, Advanced Micro Devices fell 4 per cent to .83 and Nvidia slipped 4 per cent to .22.微芯股价下挫11%至40.49美元。竞争对手英特尔(Intel)股价下滑4%,至32.31美元,Advanced Micro Devices下跌4%至2.83美元,英伟达(Nvidia)下跌4%至17.22美元。 /201410/335275。
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