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栏目简介:Shanghai#39;s first ever Czech Culture Week takes part this week with 21 free performances at Jing#39;an Park. Huang Yue takes a peek... Article/201701/488462

It#39;s a land of gorges, canyons and barren rock那里到处是峡谷,溪谷和废石covering thousands of square miles.大概四千平方公里的区域It#39;s known as the Scablands.这里是著名的火山地带Vic Baker is a geologist who has spent 40 years维克贝克是一位地质学家他花了四十年时间trying to discover exactly what took place here.探索这里发生了什么The landscape creates this impression of something fantastic that happened,这里的地貌不禁让我们产生这样的想法:这里发生了什么奇妙的事情and as you drive through it, you can have a sense你开车经过这里,你就会感觉到that you#39;re following the path of that great catastrophe.你正开在发生过可怕的大灾难的地方Around 16,000 years ago, a giant lake formed, Lake Missoula,一万六千年前,一个巨大的湖泊--密苏拉湖形成了that was held back by nothing more than a wall of ice,那时候当地只有如围墙般的冰层a part of what#39;s known as the Cordilleran ice sheet.它是著名的北部大冰原的一部分Behind me would be the ice dam我的背后便是冰坝that was holding in glacial Lake Missoula那是冰河时期的密苏拉湖and it was holding back a phenomenal amount of water.它含有相当大量的水资源As the huge mass of water built up behind the dam year after year,the dam began to weaken.一年接着一年,大量的水资源成为水坝的一部分 水坝开始变得脆弱Until the ice gave way in a catastrophic failure.而后冰层灾难性的塌陷A mass of water larger than lakes Eerie and Ontario combined.爱尔兰海大量的海水The force of water rushing forward was like releasing a bomb.无所阻挡的奔腾水流的冲击力如同炸弹般It generated a Shockwave of air.产生一种空气冲击波 Article/201510/404431

To investigate the relationship为了探究饮用咖啡与between coffee consumption and colo-rectal cancer结肠直肠癌之间的关系a team of researchers from Harvard Medical School一组来自哈佛医学院的研究人员compared data from the nurse#39;s health study对比了护理健康研究和健康专家随访研究中的which was comprised of women, and the health相关数据,这俩个研究分别以女士和男士professionals study which was comprised of men.作为各自的研究对象These large data sets allow for a high level of这些庞大的数据集考虑到了用有高度说力statistical power to determine correlations among的数据统计来确定dietary factors and disease occurrence.饮食因素与疾病发生的相关性The conclusion of the work was that the这项研究的结果是consumption of caffeinated coffee, tea with caffeine饮用含咖啡因的咖啡,茶或仅仅摄入咖啡因or caffeine intake alone had no effect on risk of对患结肠或直肠癌的风险没有任何影响either colon or rectal cancers in either men or women.这一结果均适用于男士和女士Of interest the researchers did find that consumption出于兴趣,这些研究人员确实发现of 2 or more cups of decaffeinated coffee per day每天喝两杯或两杯以上不含咖啡因的咖啡significantly reduced the risk of rectal cancers.明显降低了患直肠癌的风险As with all human studies it is not possible to同所有的人类研究一样determine what specific components of coffee要想确定咖啡中哪些特定的成分may be responsible for these effects.具备这些作用是不可能的Many lifestyle factors impact risk of cancer and很多生活方式的因素影响了患癌症的风险although the research factors these into尽管该项研究将这些因素都考虑在他们的their statistical analysis it is not fully possible to数据分析中,但不可能完全eliminate the impact of all these factors.排除所有这些因素的影响Coffee, tea and other caffeinated beverages do not咖啡,茶和其他含咖啡因的饮品appear to increase the risk of any forms of cancer好像不会影响患任何类型癌症的风险and in fact may provide a protective effect on事实上在某些类型的癌症方面还可能发挥some forms of cancer. Coffee containing beverages,一定的保护作用,含咖啡的饮品,咖啡coffees and teas are widesp in the market place.和茶广泛遍布于市场中Children and teens are increasing consuming更小年纪的儿童和青少年对这类产品的these products at younger ages. These products may摄入正在增加,这些饮品中糖的含量可能较高contain high amounts of sugar and low amounts of the咖啡和茶中所包含的有益成分beneficial compounds found in coffee or tea.的含量却相对较低It is always wise to labels carefully and to仔细阅读标签并重点监督儿童糖monitor sugar and caffeine consumption和咖啡因的摄入总是明智的especially in children. The impact of lifelong exposure终身饮用的影响还没有被评估has not been assessed; however caffeine has been然而咖啡因的饮用consumed by humans throughout history.贯穿于人类的历史Further research will be needed to more fully进一步的研究需要更充分的了解understand the many compounds in coffee咖啡中的各种成分to identify its role in the cancer process.以确定其在癌症过程中的作用Coffee is considered safe for most people but should be对大多数人来说咖啡是安全的,但是avoided with any adverse side effects.如果出现任何不利的副作用应当停止饮用Moderate consumption of these beverages适当饮用这类饮品can be part of a healthy lifestyle.可以成为健康生活方式的一部分 Article/201502/358617

The cost of our actions is high.我们的行为代价昂贵。Others pay the price without having been actively involved.其他没有积极参与的也会付出代价。I have seen refugee camps as big as cities,sprawling in the desert.我见过在沙漠上绵延的难民营,大得像个城市。How many men, women and children will be left by the wayside tomorrow?明天会有多少男女老幼又将流离失所?Must we always build walls.我们一定要筑墙。to break the chain of human solidarity,separate peoples and protect the happiness of some from the misery of others?来破坏人类团结,分隔人种维护某些人的幸福而不管其他人死活?It#39;s too late to be a pessimist.要悲观已经太迟。I know that a single human can knock down every wall.我知道一个人就可以推倒所有的墙。It#39;s too late to be a pessimist.要悲观已经太迟。Worldwide, four children out of five attend school.全世界 每五个小孩有四个在上学。Never has learning been given to so many human beings.从来没有这么多人受到教育。Everyone, from richest to poorest, can make a contribution.每个人无论贫富都能作出贡献。Lesotho, one of the world#39;s poorest countries,is proportionally the one that invests most in its people#39;s education.莱索托是世界上最穷的国家之一,他们投放在国民教育经费上比例最高。Qatar, one of the world#39;s richest states,has opened its doors to the best universities.卡塔尔是全球最富的国家之一,他们引进最优秀的大学。Culture, education, research and innovation are inexhaustible resources.文化,教育,研究,革新是无穷无尽的资源。In the face of misery and suffering.面对悲惨和痛苦。millions of N.G.O.#39;s prove that solidarity between peoples is stronger than the selfishness of nations.数百万非政府组织明人与人之间的团结比各国的自私自利更强大。In Bangladesh, a man thought the unthinkable and founded a bank that lends only to the poor.在孟加拉国 有人异想天开,想开只给穷人贷款。In barely 30 years, it has changed the lives of 150 million people around the world.三十年间,全球有一亿五千万人的生活得到改善。Antarctica is a continent with immense natural resources...南极洲有丰富自然资源。that no country can claim for itself,a natural reserve devoted to peace and science.它们不属于任何国家,其自然储备只作为和平和科学用途。A treaty signed by 49 states has made it a treasure shared by all humanity.一份49国签署的协定使其成为人类共享的宝库。It#39;s too late to be a pessimist.要悲观已经太迟。Governments have acted to protect nearly two percent of the world#39;s territorial waters.多国政府为保护地球上2%的水源已行动起来。It#39;s not much, but it#39;s two times more than 10 years ago.虽然不多 但已是十年前的两倍。The first natural parks were created just over a century ago.首批自然公园成立于一个世纪前。They cover over13% of the continents.占大陆面积的13%。They create spaces where human activity is in step with the preservation of species, soils and landscapes.它们创造了人类可以。保护物种、土壤和景观的空间。This harmony between humans and nature can become the rule,no longer the exception.人类和大自然的和谐成为定律,而不再是例外。In the ed States, New York has realized that nature does for us.在美国,纽约市已明白大自然的用心良苦。These forests and lakes supply all the drinking water the city needs.这些森林和湖泊为城市提供饮用水。In South Korea, the forests have been devastated by war.在南朝鲜,森林遭到战争破坏。 Article/201411/342773

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201505/375501

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