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Business商业报道Facebook and WhatsAppFacebook与WhatsAppGetting the messages即时通讯,拿下!Why Mark Zuckerbergs social network is paying such a whopping sum for a messaging startup马克?扎克伯格的网络帝国为何花这么大笔钱收购一家初创的即时通讯公司?THE rivalries among the tech industrys giants have often resembled a Game of Thrones, in which companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple constantly try to invade one anothers online kingdoms.科技巨头们的对抗往往跟权力的游戏里所呈现的相差无几,就像Facebook、谷歌、亚马逊和苹果一样,他们彼此之间都不停地尝试着入侵对方的网络王国。On February 19th Facebook took a dramatic step to defend its turf, saying it would pay 19 billion for WhatsApp, a messaging service that had also attracted the attention of Google and almost certainly other suitors.为了捍卫自己的领地,有家企业则于2月19日迈出了惊人的一步:Facebook宣布将以190亿美元的价格收购WhatsApp。而这是一家同时吸引了谷歌以及几乎可以肯定其他一众追求者的即时通讯应用公司。Even veterans of Silicon Valley goggled at the staggering sum of money changing hands, which comprises a mixture of cash and shares in Facebook.这笔交易涵盖了现金和Facebook的股权,而其数额之大就算是在硅谷打滚了多年的行家也为之侧目。WhatsApps price tag is the most ever paid for a venture-capital-backed company and gives a startup founded in a valuation that is greater than that of household names such as Southwest Airlines and Sony.这是有史以来针对风投持的创业公司规模最大的一笔收购交易,同时,这次交易也让年创立的WhatsApp估价比诸如西南航空、索尼之类家喻户晓的企业更高。The deal marks the coming-of-age of messaging apps, which let people send text messages and share photos and other stuff without incurring charges from telecoms firms.这笔交易标志着即时通讯软件的成熟。通过WhatsApp,人们不需要向电话运营商付费,就能够发送信息、分享照片以及一些其他东西。WhatsApp is free to use for 12 months and then costs a mere 99 cents a year.人们可以免费使用这款软件长达12个月,接着每年仅需99美分便可继续使用。Plenty of other such apps have sprung up, including Viber, which Rakuten, a Japanese internet giant, recently bought for 900m, and the immensely popular WeChat, which belongs to Tencent, an innovative Chinese company.许多相类似的应用已经在市场中涌现,例如最近被日本网络巨头Rakuten以9亿美元收购的应用Viber,以及受到极大欢迎的微信,而这是一个由中国创新企业腾讯公司所开发的应用。All of them have benefited from two profound trends that are transforming the technology landscape.以上的所有应用均得益于两大影响深远的,正改变着科技格局的趋势。The first of these is the rapid growth of web-connected smartphones, which has allowed WhatsApp and its rivals to sp like wildfire.首先便是能够连接互联网的智能手机迅速普及。这一趋势让WhatsApp以及其对手们能够像野火一般飞快地蔓延开来,获得大量的用户。Announcing the deal Mark Zuckerberg, Facebooks boss, said WhatsApp had reached 450m users much faster than any other web service.在宣布交易之时,Facebook的老板马克?扎克伯格表示,目前WhatsApp已经拥有了4亿5千万用户,远比其他任何网络应用务的用户要多。It has also made itself addictive: 72% of its users are active on it every day.与此同时,它也成功地使用户们沉溺其中:每天的活跃用户数占总数的72%。And the viral nature of its appeal means it has achieved all this without spending a penny on marketing.如此强烈的病毒式吸引力意味着这家公司没有在市场营销上投入过一分钱,便取得了这一切成就。Casual-gaming apps are also sping rapidly on mobile devices.同样地,休闲游戏类应用正迅速地攻占着人们的移动电子设备。King.com, which filed for an IPO in New York on February 18th, is a case in point.英国移动游戏公司King.com于2月18日在纽约提交的IPO申请书,便很好地印了这一点。The company, which makes the hit game Candy Crush Saga, saw its monthly active users soar from 67m in the fourth quarter of 2012 to 408m in the same period last year.这家公司便是知名游戏《糖果粉碎传奇》的开发商,而他们的每月活跃用户数量从2012年第四季度的6千7百万上涨至去年同期的4亿8千万。Its revenues soared too, hitting 1.9 billion last year compared with 164m in 2012.公司利润也在飞涨,其数额从2012年1亿6千4百万美元上涨至去年的19亿美元。The second trend behind WhatsApps success is the dramatic decline in the cost of building start-ups.WhatsApp成功背后的第二个趋势便是创业成本的大幅降低。Thanks to things such as cloud computing, which lets young firms buy vast amounts of cheap computing capacity, entrepreneurs can create globe-spanning businesses on shoestring budgets.在种种因素的作用下,企业家们可以用极低的成本在全球扩展业务。例如云计算,这便是一种能让新公司廉价购买大量运算能力的方法。WhatsApp has just 32 software engineers, which means that each one supports some 14m users.WhatsApp仅有32名软件工程师,也就相当于每一位工程师要维护接近1千4百万用户的运作。And the volume of messages it is handling is said to be the equivalent of all the SMS messages transmitted by the worlds telecoms companies.据称,WhatsApp所处理的信息总量已相当于全世界所有电话运营商所处理的短信量总和。Indeed, WhatsApps success in many ways mirrors that of Facebook itself, which came from nowhere to dominate social networking.诚然,WhatsApp的成功或多或少复刻了Facebook自身的发展模式,他们同样地是从默默无闻小公司起步,建立起了自己的社交网络帝国。Recently, however, Facebook has been losing some of its cool, especially among younger users.然而,近期Facebook已不再像从前一样那么吸引人,这一情况在更加年轻的用户群体中尤为明显。That may explain why the famously paranoid Mr Zuckerberg is willing to pay a kings ransom for a company that might ultimately eclipse his own creation.这或许能解释为何众所周知的偏执狂扎克伯格愿意付出一笔巨资去购买一家可能会完全超越自己Facebook的公司。He has spent lavishly before, paying around 1 billion for Instagram, a photo-sharing app, in 2012.而在此之前,他也做过一掷千金式的事情:2012年付了约10亿美元收购。But does the whopping price tag for WhatsApp make sense?但是,对WhatsApp进行如此高价的收购真的合理吗?Assuming it keeps adding users at its current rate of 1m a day—and they end up paying for its service—it could generate hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue.假设它依旧能保持每天1百万的用户增长速度,接着这批用户最终将付费使用这款应用,而这能够为公司带来成千上万的收益。Twitter, which reported 665m of revenue last year, has a market capitalisation of 30 billion.据称,去年利润为6亿6千5百万美元的Twitter总市值为300亿美元。Much will depend on how well Mr Zuckerberg gets on with Jan Koum, the boss of WhatsApp, who is joining Facebooks board and will run the app as an independent business.这笔交易的最终收益情况如何,很大程度上将取决于扎克伯格是否能与简?库姆进行良好合作。这位WhatsApp的老板将加入Facebook董事会,并且会继续独立运营这款应用。Mr Koum, who has a well-known aversion to collecting peoples data and plastering advertising over his app, seems an odd bedfellow for Facebook.虽然这位以不采集用户个人信息以及回避应用广告推广而闻名的库姆,对Facebook来说似乎格格不入。But the deal was clearly one that he couldnt refuse.但很显然,这确实是一笔让他无法拒绝的交易。 201402/277474

Its now late summer and four months since Samus birth.现在是夏末,莎木已经快4个月大了。Shark numbers are still at their peak.鲨鱼的数量还是很多。Across the Bay, theyve been feasting on scores of dugong and dolphin corpse.它们在鲨鱼湾里屠杀儒艮和小海豚。Has Samu survived his first, most critical moments?在这最关键的几个月里莎木会存活下来吗?Janet is out on patrol, looking for Puck and her baby.珍妮特外出寻找帕克和它的孩子。She catches up with the family on the Monkey Mia Flat.它和家庭成员在蒙克米亚海滩。I am just really anxious to see them, you know! Oh, look, theres Samu.我真的很想见到它们,看,那是莎木!And finally she sees Samu. Not only is he thriving, but he has a new playmate.她见到莎木了,莎木有了新玩伴,This is exciting, we have the whole Puck family here.太激动了,整个帕克家庭都在这里。Here it come the kids. Hello!孩子们过来了。Samu is now almost a meter long.莎木现在差不多有一米长。He is looking very strong. His young playmate was born shortly after him.看起来很强壮,它的新玩伴,比它迟了一点点出生。Look at them.看它们玩的。Thats Pals.它们是最好的朋友。here thats Pals.它们是最好的朋友。 201406/305374

bond markets债券市场A big number from VerizonVerizon的大手笔Companies are still taking advantage of low yields to raise debt各公司仍在利用低收益率提高债务水平Sep 14th 2013 |From the print editionDEBT crisis? What debt crisis? The biggest corporate-bond issue ever was completed this week. Verizon Communications, an American telecoms group, issued a whopping billion of bonds in order to finance the buy-out of Vodafone’s stake in its wireless operations. That shattered the previous record, Apple’s paltry billion issue earlier this year.债务危机?什么样的债务危机?史上最大的企业债券发行本周完成了。一家美国电信集团Verizon通讯为了付沃达丰持有的无线业务股权买断费用,发行了高达490亿美元的债券。这打破了此前的纪录,苹果在今年早些时候发行了现在看来微不足道的170亿美元的债券。The scale of Verizon’s offering may be unprecedented, but its foray into the bond markets is anything but. In the first eight months of this year .4 trillion of corporate bonds were issued worldwide, according to Dealogic, a data provider, compared with .3 trillion in the same period of 2012. Firms have been keen to lock in long-term financing at low yields, particularly since borrowing costs started rising after the Federal Reserve hinted in May at slowing its asset purchases.Verizon的发行规模可谓是前所未有的,但是这不是其首次尝试债券市场了。根据数据提供商Dealogic的数据,今年前8个月世界范围内有1.4万亿公司债券发行,2012年同期金额为1.3万亿。各公司一直热衷于以低收益率参与长期融资,尤其是自从美联储五月暗示放缓其资产购买之后,借贷成本开始上升。Oil and gas companies have been particularly enthusiastic issuers, according to Marcus Hiseman of Morgan Stanley, especially in the “Yankee” market where foreign businesses sell bonds, priced in dollars, mainly to American investors. Previously many foreign firms would issue debt in euros and swap the proceeds into dollars, but regulatory restrictions on banks make that much more expensive these days. This year 72% of investment-grade issuance has been in dollars, compared with 58% in , according to Morgan Stanley.据根士丹利的Marcus Hiseman表示,石油和天然气公司一直是特别积极的发行者,尤其是在美国市场,外国公司主要向美国投资者售卖以美元计价的债券。此前,许多外国公司用欧元发行债券,之后将受益转换成美元,但是对的监管限制规定使得这种做法在现在变得很昂贵。根据根士丹利的数据,今年72%的投资级发行都是以美元计价,相比之下去年只有58%。If companies fear that bond yields are set to rise (meaning that bond prices will fall), why are investors so keen to buy? There was plenty of demand to absorb the Verizon issue, for instance: orders reportedly reached 0 billion. One reason is that corporate bonds offer a sp (excess interest rate) over government bonds that is still attractive in historical terms. The average yield on ten-year investment-grade debt is 3.5%, compared with just 2.95% on Treasury bonds of the same maturity. The sheer size of the Verizon issue required it to be more generous towards investors, as did its BBB+ rating from Standard amp; Poor’s, towards the bottom end of the investment-grade category. The firm offered a yield of over 5% on its ten-year bonds, for example, more than two percentage points above the equivalent Treasury issue.如果企业担心债券收益率上升(这意味着债券价格会下跌),那么投资者为何这么热衷于购买呢?买入Verizon发行的债券需求很大,例如,据报道订单达到了1000亿美元。一个原因是企业债券相比国债提供一个差额(更高的利率),从历史上看,仍然具有吸引力。十年期投资级债券的平均收益率是3.5%,而相同期限的国债收益率只有2.95%。Verizon发行债券的规模如此之大,这要求其对投资者提供更高的收益,标准普尔对其作出的评级是BBB+,是投资级类别的最低等级。该公司十年期债券的收益率超过5%,比国债的收益率高了两个百分点。Many central banks, which hold a large part of their reserves in dollars, remain enthusiastic buyers of corporate debt. In addition, many investors in corporate debt are specialist fund managers who aim to beat the benchmark specific to their asset class, points out Paul Young of Citigroup; they care more about whether they pick the right bonds, as they are able to hedge the underlying interest-rate risk.许多持有大量美元储蓄存款的中央仍然热衷于购买企业债券。此外,花旗集团的样子刚指出,许多企业债券的投资者是专业的基金经理,他们的目标是打破特定资产类别的基准,他们有能力抵消相关利率风险,所以他们更关心是否挑选了正确的债券。The influx of money nonetheless causes some to worry. The corporate-bond market is a lot less liquid than it used to be, thanks largely to the effect of regulations on the willingness of banks to hold large inventories of corporate debt. This could cause a problem should bond investors want to sell their holdings in a rush. For the moment, however, that does not seem likely. Corporate balance-sheets look strong and the default rate over the past 12 months, even on speculative debt, was just 2.9%, according to Moody’s, another ratings agency.资金潮仍然引起了一些担忧。企业债券市场比起以前流动性变差了,这在很大程度上是由于对持有大量企业债券所出台的法规限制。这可能会导致债券投资者想要急于出售其所持债券。然而,就目前而言,看起来不是这样。企业资产负债表看起来很漂亮,根据另一评级机构穆迪的数据,在过去的12个月,就算是投机性债务的违约率也只有2.9%。 /201309/257345

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