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安徽芜湖妇幼保健人民中医院有治疗前列腺炎吗芜湖龟头炎自己怎么治疗In 13 seasons nobody has brought the fire marshal to our stage more times than our next guest.在13季节目中 没有人能超越接下来的这位嘉宾 只有他带多次带领消防队出现在我们的舞台上Please welcome back our science guy, Steve Spangler.欢迎我们的科学达人史蒂夫·格勒的再次到来I was in West Virginia training teachers to be better science teachers,我在西弗吉尼亚周进行教师培训 以成为更好科学教师and there#39;s a lot of history of coal mining in West Virginia.西弗吉尼亚有悠久的煤矿历史Mm-hmm. And so, they showed me this. This was a miner#39;s hat... Mm-hmm.嗯哼 所以 他们向我展示了这个 这是一个矿工的帽子 嗯哼And then they gave me this, and this was very cool. This is an antique.然后他们给了我这个 这个非常酷 这是一个古董This is, like, a miner#39;s lantern.这是 呃 一个矿工的灯So, look at what happens. This is long before they ever had batteries. Right.那么 看看会发生什么 在他们有电池之前的很长一段时间 对They would actually put a chemical in the bottom...他们会在底部放一点化学品Uh-huh. And then drip water in and light this on fire. On their head?啊哈 然后他们向其中滴水 点着它 在他们的头上?On their head. Wow. So, that#39;s what we#39;re gonna do.在他们的头上 哇 所以 这就是我们将要做的All right, so put on your safety glasses. This is gonna--no, no we#39;re gonna do it in here.好吧 带上你的安全镜 这是要…不 不 我们要在这里进行So, watch what happens. The secret is, this stuff here called calcium carbide--look at the little rocks.那么 看看会发生什么 秘密就是 这里的东西 叫做电石 看这个小石头Mm-hmm. See #39;em? Yeah. Those little rocks, when they get added to water,嗯哼 看到他们了么?嗯 这些小石头 当将它们加入水中时produce acetylene gas--eh, kinda smell weird. Very strong smell. Yeah.会产生乙炔气体 呃 闻起来有点奇怪 很强烈的气味 对And the water goes in like this, so that#39;s perfect.把水像这样放进去 就很完美了So now--here hold out your hand. You#39;re gonna hold on to the acetylene.那么现在 伸出你的手 你要抓住乙炔I mean, you#39;re gonna hold on to the calcium carbide.我的意思是 你要抓住电石Okay, when I ask you to, you#39;re gonna dump it in here, and then I...好 当我发出命令时 你要把它丢进这里 然后我Am gonna light it on fire. Great. Okay? All right, so dump it in.我就会点火 很好 好么?好的 那就把它丢进去How far do I run after that? No, you don#39;t have to run.做完之后我得跑多远 不 你不用跑Okay. Okay. Okay, just stick--you#39;re gonna be okay. Okay.好的好的 嗯 只是伸出… 你不会有事的 好吧See, it#39;s just bubbles. See, it#39;s nothing. All right, yes. Nobody cares.看 这只是泡沫 看 没什么 好吧 没人在意的Okay. And see you just--you li--See how you light it on fire? Wow.好吧 看 你只要 你 看怎么点火 哇Now here#39;s the craziest thing. Imagine that on your head.现在是最疯狂的事 想象一下在你的头上So, this thing is burning on your head... Yeah. Which is crazy.那么 他要是在你的头上燃烧 好吧 太疯狂了Yeah. But that#39;s what they had to go through. Here I can do this.是啊 但是这是他们必须经历的 我可以在这做See, isn#39;t that great? Mm, wonderful. Okay, perfect. So, I was just thinking--看 是不是很棒 恩 很精 好的 完美 嗯 我在想Thank you. All right, so, that#39;s not reallyI know that you#39;re not--谢谢你 好的 那么 这不是真的 我知道你不是Well, it doesn#39;t really last long, I mean...嗯 他不会持续很长时间 我的意思是I mean, no. They have to keep doing that and walk another foot. Yeah, no, no, no.我意思是 不是 他们得一边干这个 一边用另一只脚走路 嗯 不 不 不It was much better. It was a beautiful flame, but I was thinking this would be more fun.这个更好 它有美丽的火焰 但是我在想这样可能会更有趣So, look, I#39;m gonna do it now with a juice container.恩 看啊 我要用一个果汁容器做实验So, if we put some water in this juice container,恩 如果我们在果汁容器内放入一些水and then we add the rocks... Mm-hmm. We#39;re gonna produce acetylene gas.然后加入电石 嗯哼 我们会生产出乙炔气体Now I have to wait for the perfect amount of oxygen现在我们等等让它里面充满足够的氧气to get in there, and then, you are gonna light it on fire.然后 你来点火Great. Okay, so I just wanna make sure--here. Make sure that you can strike it. Ready? So, it#39;s--yeah.好的 恩 我只是想要确定 这 确定你能 使用它 准备好了么?嗯 是的That#39;s perfect. So, when I ask you to, you#39;re gonna touch that little hole that#39;s back there.很好 那么当我发出命令时 你要接触这个后面的小洞Mm-kay? Like--No! Not yet. Not yet. No, no, I know, but--Yeah, that#39;s it.好么 就像… 不 还没好 还没好 嗯嗯 我知道 但是 是 就是这样That#39;s what you#39;re gonna touch. So, watch. See how the rocks go in.这是你将要接触的地方 然后 看 当把电石放进去So, you see the bubbling action that#39;s inside?你看到里面正在冒泡了么?Yeah. Right. So, it#39;s building that up, but then I thought I#39;d make it do something fun,嗯 对 他正在发生反应 我觉得我应该做些有趣的事情so that#39;s why the bandana gets shoved down inside like this.我要将这个大手帕像这样塞进去#39;Cause we gotta build up some pressure. Ha! You oughta wear the...来帮我们创造一点压力 哈 你需要戴Should So, now. Can I wear something? They said it#39;s gonna be loud.应该 那么 现在 我能戴一些东西么?他们说这个可能会很吵Oh, you can wear those if you want. Yeah, that#39;s fine. All right. Okay.噢 如果你想的话你可以戴这个 好 很好 好的Well, they told me I should. Well, that#39;s good.嗯 他们说我应该戴 嗯 很好I#39;ve lost my he--okay, light it. Uh-huh. Okay, and now, light it on fire. Ready?我失去了我的…好的 点燃它 啊哈 好 现在 点火 准备好了么?See how it goes? What? Huh? See, now this is useful看我说的怎样 什么 啊? 看 这个是有用的because it#39;s not just shooting a bandana in the air.因为它不仅可以发射大手帕You have been so nice. Every time I#39;m on, you give me underwear.你一直很好 每次我来 你都会给我内衣Yep. So, now, I have 18 pair of underwear, and I brought them back, so--and we#39;re just gonna use #39;em.是 现在我有18条内裤 我把他们带回来 我们要用他们来做实验Yeah. These are--Yep. I didn#39;t wear all of these. No, thank goodness. Just one.好的 这些是 嗯 我没有穿过他们哦 还好 谢天谢地 只有一个Okay. So, here#39;s what we#39;re gonna do.好吧 这个是我们将要做的All right. In just a second, I put water in all of these, and then I#39;ve got好吧 第二 我要把水 都倒进这里面去our little calcium carbide rocks that are here.然后这里是一些小电石So, you and I are gonna drop those in all the way across. Mm-hmm.那么 咱俩要把他们扔进 这些通道里 嗯哼And then we#39;re gonna jam the underwear down inside.然后我们要把这些内衣塞进这里面去And then--yes that#39;s very good. That#39;s gonna be even louder. Yes.恩 这样很好 这个的声音会更大And then--here. I brought this for you as well.然后 这里 我把这个给你Here#39;s your torch. Okay, so you need a torch. Where#39;s that going?这是你的火炬 好 你需要一个火炬 它要用在哪Well, the torch is gonna touch the hole that#39;s right there,恩 火炬需要接触这里的洞but then we#39;re gonna aim #39;em down to the audience like this. Perfect. You got it? Yeah.但是我们得把它们像这样瞄准台下的观众 完美 你明白了么? 当然All right, so why don#39;t you stand on this side of me好的 你为什么不站在我的这一边呢?over here like this. This is not the way they want to get Ellen underwear. This is not--像这样站在这里 这不是他们 想要得到艾伦的内衣的方式 这不是It#39;s a great way to get Ellen underwear.这是得到Ellen的内衣的好方式All right, so here#39;s what we#39;re gonna do.好吧 这是我们将要做的Watch this--so, this is gonna go down inside.看这个 我们得把它扔进去They#39;re bubbling right now, so here#39;s the little bubbling.他们现在在冒泡 这里有小泡泡Good, and now you#39;re gonna put on your headphones.好的 现在你得戴上你的耳机Okay, sorry to stand in front of you, but that#39;s great, and so, now--here.好吧 抱歉站在你的前面 但是很好 现在 这里If you don#39;t mind, hang onto those and just--yeah.如果你不介意 抓住那些 只要 对A color at a time will be perfect, so here we go.一种颜色一次将会很完美 那么我们开始吧A little bit of black underwear in this one. This is perfect.这个是有点黑色的内衣 这很完美These are always fun at school. All right, so this is good.这些在学校里总是很有趣 好的 这很好Kids love--oh, that#39;s a party at home. All right, so this is good.孩子们喜欢 噢 这是在家里的一个派对 好的 这个很好Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam. Ellen, hit that one.嘣 嘣 嘣 嘣 嘣 艾伦 点这个Light it like this and then touch it, y? Okay, touch it.像这样点燃它 然后接触它 好了么?好的 接触这个Hit that one! Go! Get that one right there! Bam! Ta-da! Wow.点这个 继续 点这边这个 嘣 哒哒 哇So, look what we#39;re gonna do here.那么 看看这里我们将要做的Now watch this, I just want you--if you don#39;t mind, stand right here. I don#39;t mind.看这个 我想要你 如果你不介意的话 站在这里 我不介意Okay, so here what#39;s gonna happen. See the liquid nitrogen that#39;s here?好的 这是将要发生的 看到这里的液氮了么?So, now the liquid nitrogen goes into the bucket.现在把液氮倒进桶里Now, we#39;ve taken the liberty of putting liquid nitrogen in all of those other buckets.关于这个我们已经获得许可 把那些液氮都倒进其他所有桶里So, there#39;s 20 liters in each of those buckets.这里每个桶都有20升Look at--they#39;re frozen. The cans are frozen. They#39;re very very very very very cold.看这个 他们冻住了 罐子被冻住了 他们非常 非常 非常冷So, now the next part is gonna be the best part,下一部分将是最精的一部分and that#39;s this, is that we have really hot water他是这样 我们的桶里有非常热的水in the buckets, right? So, now the hot water will be对么 那么现在 热水将被in the buckets and then I#39;m going to--on three. I go, ;Three, two, one, go.;倒进桶里 然后我将要 在数三声之后 我说;3 2 1开始; 然后开始We#39;re gonna dump the hot water in the bucket. Mm-kay? Uh... All right, so, good.我们要把热水倒进桶里 好吧? 呃 好的 那么 很好Haven#39;t you been through enough aly? Hey, hey! Put your safety glasses on.你没过够么?嘿 嘿 带上你的安全镜I#39;m in here. Well, I#39;d still put #39;em on if I were you. All right this is awesome.我在这里了 嗯 如果我是你的话 我还是会带上它 好吧 这很可怕You guys y? We#39;ll commence as I#39;m gonna go, ;Three, two, one, go,; and we#39;re gonna do it.你们都准备好了么?我喊开始我们就要开始了 三 二 一 开始 然后我们就这么做Got it? Ready? Don#39;t they put their things down? Shields down. Okay...明白了么?准备好了么?他们不把他们的那个放下来么?放下防护罩 好的Pick up your water. Are you feeling good? Feeling good? Here we go. Count us down.拿起你们的水 你们感觉还好么?感觉可好?我们开始了 开始倒数Three...two...one...go! Freaking so cool! Wow. Now... Uh...三 二 一 开始 太他妈酷了 哇 现在 啊Go to our website to learn more about Steve and his science kit of the month club.在我们的网站上可以了解更多关于史蒂夫的事 以及他的月俱乐部的科学装备 Article/201707/516012芜湖市芜湖县男科医院在那儿 I#39;m in the Canadian wilderness,and I#39;m taking two rookie survivors on the experience of a lifetime.我正身处加拿大的荒野 带着两名探险新手 体验生活We#39;re kind of two different individuals.我们应该算是两种完全不同的人He comes from a big city. I come from a small town.他来自大城市 而我来自一个小镇So our lives are, you know, polar opposites.我们的生活基本没有交集This is Bear#39;s office right here.这里就是贝尔的办公室This is where he punches in and punches out.这就是他每天进进出出的地方It#39;s amazing to think he does this for a living.每当想起他以此谋生就感觉很奇妙It#39;s dawn,and we#39;re finally beginning to thaw out around the fire.黎明了 而我们围着火 终于不那么冷了Definitely need warming up after last night.经过昨晚 我们可得好好热热身Frigid.Wet, and it was cold.But this spruce tea will do the job.冷死了 又潮又冷 但喝点云杉茶很有好处Spruce tea contains 20 times more vitamin C than an orange.云杉茶含有的维生素C是橘子的二十倍It literally tastes like I have a car freshener in my mouth right now.It#39;s that bad.尝起来就像 车用空气清新剂在嘴里 就那么糟If the guys don#39;t rate the O.J., I#39;m pretty sure they won#39;t think much of the rest of our breakfast.如果这些家伙喝不到橙汁 我敢肯定 他们对早餐也没多大兴趣了We#39;re gonna forage under rocks and see what grubs and worms we can find.我们要看看岩石下能不能找到粮草 看能不能找到一些幼虫和蠕虫Check this one out.Oh, man.Bear breakfast.看看这里 天哪 贝尔早餐Worms are around 60% protein,which is around the same as a sirloin steak.蠕虫里含有60%的蛋白质 跟沙朗牛排里蛋白质含量差不多We are cooking these,right?我们要把它们弄熟吧Seriously, we#39;re cooking these?说真的 我们把这些东西弄熟了吧Less cooking, more scrubbing.不用 洗干净就行了Okay, look. Get these. Stick them in the spruce tea.Then we#39;ll wash off.看着 把它们放到云杉茶里 这样就能把它们洗干净Then just pull them out, and probably the easiest way.把它们拿出来 或许这是最简单的方法Oh, man.just pop it in.老天 扔到嘴里去Tastes horrible.Well done, Sean.难吃要命 做得好 肖恩 Article/201706/512863Walpole sat at the controlling centre of a vast empire of patronage.沃波尔奉谕旨坐镇于帝国的权利中心The jobs at his disposal conferred honour as well as cash on the holder他所分派的职位不仅位高权重 且油水十足and they were dangled on a string by the great political puppeteer.而他任用的官员一举一动都由他幕后操控In retrospect, we can see that Walpole built Britain#39;s, in fact the world#39;s,回顾历史 我们不难发现 沃波尔建立了全英 乃至世界first modern party political machine.首个现代政党体制He had placemen in parliament primed to vote as he directed.他操控议员按照他的意志投票He had George I and then George II eating out of the palm of his hand.并将乔治一世和之后的乔治二世 玩弄于股掌之间And in case anyone was tempted to flirt with the Opposition,为防止有人与在野党相勾结he had the kind of information that could make life really difficult for them.他搜集了众多 对在野党不利的情报In short, Walpole had the goods.总之 沃波尔权倾朝野 风光无限The goods, in fact, in every sense of the word.他的风光实际上涵盖了各个方面For as well as looking after the country#39;s interest,最大化国家利益的同时Walpole made sure he looked after his own.沃波尔也努力扩充自己的财富Just how much of a fortune he made for himself其敛财数额之巨is spectacularly on view here at his country house in Norfolk, Houghton Hall.仅从他位于诺福克的霍顿府邸就可见一斑Houghton was the Whig Xanadu, the last word in opulence.霍顿府邸是辉格党的圣地 堂皇富丽Anything that riches could buy, Walpole bought.只要钱能买到的 沃波尔都会买Marble, mahogany, figured damask,shimmering silks and satins, classical sculpture,大理石 红木 花纹锦缎 绚丽丝绸 传世雕像glorious Renaissance and Baroque art,all shipped to his East Anglian pleasure dome.甚至文艺复兴的杰作 巴洛克时期的珍品 都被珍藏于他的东盎格鲁圆顶珍宝室中 /201705/510067芜湖男性男子男科医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱

芜湖东方男科医院男科大夫芜湖那个医院可以割包皮过长 从零开始学口语 第16讲:就餐(下) 相关专题:英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐日常口语会话120分钟 /200808/45880芜湖皮肤科专家QQ

芜湖人民医院男性割包皮Oftentimes I#39;m asked do you have to be ruthless to be very successful?经常有人问我是否一定要冷酷无情才能获得成功And I say, you do not have to be ruthless, you have to be smart.我说并不一定 但一定要聪明Smart is the key word.聪明才是关键字You have to be smart.你必须有聪明的头脑Rockefeller hires a team of scientists to try to find a use for the toxic substance.洛克菲勒雇了一个科学家团队 尝试找到这种有毒物质的用途First they create small products....like synthetic beeswax and petroleum jelly.首先 他们得到了一些小产品 例如合成蜂蜡和凡士林But Rockefeller becomes convinced gasoline has a bigger potential.洛克菲勒坚信汽油还有更大的潜能The quest to create a more powerful motor leads to the development of the internal combustion engine.为了创造出更强的马达 人们发明了内燃机The exact properties that make gasoline so dangerous, also make it the perfect fuel to power this engine.让汽油非常危险的那些性质 现在却让它成为了内燃机的绝好燃料You#39;re always looking for the next innovation.你总需要寻找下一个创新点The next niche. The next product improvement. The next service improvement.下一个有利可图的市场 下一个产品改进 下一个务改进You#39;re always trying to get better.你需要一直努力去变得更好The timing is perfect for Rockefeller.时机对于洛克菲勒而言再好不过了Aly in possession of the world#39;s largest supply of gasoline, he starts using gasoline powered engines to run machines in his refineries.作为世界上最大的汽油供应商 他开始使用汽油为炼油厂的机器提供动力The efficiency and power of the engine quickly make it the standard in factories across the country.效率和动力的优势很快让这种引擎成为了全国工厂的标配But when the engine is put on wheels......creating what#39;s being called ;the horseless carriage;.....Rockefeller realizes that gasoline could be even bigger than kerosene.之后这种引擎又被连到轮子上 创造出了所谓的;无马四轮车; 洛克菲勒认识到汽油比煤油具有更广阔的前景 Article/201606/449585 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201608/460638芜湖有割包皮的不芜湖哪个医院看性病好



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