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乌鲁木齐米东区做隆鼻多少钱新疆医科大学校医院胎记多少钱Within the next 1,000 years,未来的1000年内we will see unprecedented changes in our physical capabilities.我们将见史无前例的身体能力的进化Genetic engineering will give us longer lifespans基因工程将延长我们的寿命and greater intelligence.并提高我们的智商Modifying our genes could give us skin更改基因结构可以让我们的皮肤that protects us from radiation,具备抵抗辐射的能力the ability to breathe poisonous atmospheres,能够在有毒的大气环境中呼吸resistance to infection.抵御感染侵袭We may even develop sophisticated artificial life force,我们甚至可能利用人工合成的DNAusing synthetic DNA,开发成熟的人工生命custom designed for the challenges of space travel.设计并用以太空旅行These advances would allow us to survive long journeys这些蜕变能让我们顺利挺过长距离航行and inhospitable worlds.与恶劣的环境I imagine a time when our descendents我想像着,当我们的后代sp to planets orbiting other stars all over our galaxy.分散到系的各个星球上And perhaps further still,或许,更远一些carrying their biological cargo to solar systems we have yet to discover.载着各类生物探索尚未发现的太阳系Ships like this one could be designed to split up and sp out.这样设计下的飞船能够自由分离和散开A true diaspora of life一次真正意义上的生命迁移that would have started with us.在人类的带领下展开了 Article/201511/407078乌鲁木齐县切双眼皮多少钱 Oh,dogs!A best friend that always has your back-In fact,studies have shown that men are 3 times more likely to get a girls phone number if they have a dog by their side!And do you ever feel like your dog just ;gets;you? It turns out that humans and dogs both respond to emotional sounds.哦,是永远持你的好朋友,事实上,有研究表明,当男性带条在身边时,要到姑娘电话的可能性会增加3倍!你是不是曾经觉得你的很“懂你”?事实明人类和都会对情感做出响应。When your dog hears you crying or laughing,the response in their brain is similar to that of a human#39;s.In fact,they interpret your crying as another dog whining.Which may make you want to cuddle your buddy-but did you know that dogs often curl up into a ball when sleeping to conserve body heat and protect their most vulnerable organs in the abdomen from predators?当听到你哭泣或大笑时,它们的脑活动跟人类非常接近。它们会把你的哭泣理解为其他在对着它哀嚎。这会让你觉得贴心想抱它,你知道吗,在睡觉时蜷成团,一是为了保持体温,二是为了防止下腹脆弱的器官受捕食者攻击?Comfy!If you#39;re not always around to cuddle,leaving them some clothes that smell like you will actually help them with separation anxiety.And while you may think you have the smartest dog,animal psychologists believe most dogs are about as smart as a 2 year old human.Dogs can understand more than 150 words,count up to 5,and notice simple errors such as 1+13.舒!如果你不常陪在身边。那么丢给它们一些带有你味道的衣物,这会有助于减轻它们的分离焦虑。或许你觉得你家特聪明。但动物心理学家认为大部分的智商仅相当于2岁的孩子。可以理解150多个词,可以数到5,可以发现简单的错误,例如1+13。Dogs are also capable of solving spatial problems;they learn the location of hidden treats,find the fastest route to the park and operate mechanisms such as latches and simple machines.And by the way,dogs aren#39;t completely colourblind as many people think!But unlike the three specialized receptors in our eyes to distinguish colours,dogs only have two.还能解决一些空间问题;它们会玩“藏硬币(粮)游戏” 能找出去公园的捷径,还会操作类似门栓这类简单的机械。另外,并不是如大家所认为的那样是纯色盲!它们不像我们拥有3种不同受体用于区分颜色,它们只有两种。Because of this,they see blace,white,blue and yellow.Meanwhile,their brains don#39;t interpret red and green,but instead see grey.Of the 75 million domesticated dogs in America,labradors are the most popular,but the most intelligent dog breeds are Border Collies,Poodles,and German Shepherds.However,these are measures of intelligence that compare to our own;dogs are amazingly smart in other ways.所以它们能看到黑色,白色,蓝色和黄色。它们的大脑无法分辨红色和绿色。取而代之看到的是灰色。美国的7500万家养中,拉布拉多最受欢迎,但最聪明的是边境牧羊犬,贵宾犬和德国牧羊犬。不过,这些所谓的智商使用的是我们人类的标准;则聪明在其他方面。You#39;re probably heard of drug sniffing dogs,but did you know that dogs can sense seizures,detect low blood sugar and can sniff out cancer?In one study,dogs were able to identify 30 of 33 cases of prostate cancer by smelling partcipant#39;s urine.It is believed that dog#39;s highl sophisticated sense of smell can detect variation and the presence of volatile organic compounds.你可能听说过毒品嗅探犬,但你知道还能用来查癫痫,低血糖和癌症吗?在一项研究中,们通过嗅参与者的尿液,识别出了33个前列腺癌患者中的30个。据说高度发达的嗅觉,可以察觉挥发性有机物的存在和变化。Their sense of smell is 10,000 to 10,000,000 times more sensitive than humans depending on the breed.A secreted fluid from their nose helps them smell by capturing scent chemicals in a thin layer of wet mucous on their nose.In fact,for a dog,breathing is different than smelling.A small fold of tissue called the alar fold separates the flow of air depending on whether they are sniffing or breathing.不同品种的,嗅觉敏感度是人类的1万到100万倍。它们鼻子的分泌液能够将气味分子吸附在鼻头那层,薄薄的湿润粘液上帮助它们识别气味。事实上,对而言,呼吸和嗅觉是两码事。一个称为鼻翼襞的小褶皱组织,它可以根据嗅觉和呼吸,将气流分开。Which also allows them to pick up pheromones in the air to help locate and determine the iness of possible mates.Tinder for dogs! On top of it all,humans really do love dogs! A recent study found that dogs activate the same hormonal response that triggers us to love and care for our own babies,Accompany that with studies showing decreased stress and anxiety.and it#39;s clear why they have become such an important part of our lives.这让它们可以察觉空气中的荷尔蒙,帮助它们定位和找到那些潜在伴侣。堪称催情剂!最重要的是,人类真的爱惨了!最近一项研究发现可以刺激人类分泌荷尔蒙,就是我们在关心爱护孩子时分泌的那种,研究表明陪伴可以减轻压力和焦虑。这也说明了为什么在我们的生活中显得如此重要。They truly are Woman and Man#39;s best friend! Unless you#39;re a cat lover in which case you should watch our scientific debate on Cats vs Dogs.where we try and figure out which precious pet is truly the best! Head on over to that to help us decide which side wins!它们确是男男女女的好朋友!除非你是猫控...那你应该去看猫VS那期视频。那期视频里我们试图明确哪种宠物才是最好的!快去看完给,你的喜欢动物投一票! Article/201509/397569Rebel-organized elections break Minsk agreement反叛组织选举破坏明斯克协议Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has denounced the weekend elections held in eastern Ukraine.乌克兰总统佩德罗·波罗申科谴责周末在乌克兰东部举行的选举。He called them a ;farce conducted under the barrels of tanks and machine guns;, and said they violated Ukrainian law, and undermined a two-month old cease-fire deal reached in Minsk.总统表示此次选举是“在坦克炮口及机口下进行的闹剧”。而且总统称他们亵渎了乌克兰法律,而且破坏了达成两个月的明斯克停火协议。 Article/201411/340584乌鲁木齐市治疗脸部脱皮医院

新疆医科大学附属肿瘤医院激光祛斑多少钱As we journey across interstellar space,随着我们穿梭于星际空间I#39;m sure we will unlock nature#39;s deepest secrets.我相信,我们将揭开自然深藏的秘密My greater is that we will discover how the universe will end最大的成就将是发现宇宙如何终结and solve the ultimate mystery:并揭开终极谜团:why the universe ever existed at all.即宇宙究竟为何会存在I once gave a lecture in Japan我有一次在日本讲座时where I was asked not to mention the end of the universe被告知不能提及宇宙终结的问题in case it affected the Japanese stock market.以防引发日本股票下跌I don#39;t know if or when the universe will end,我不知道宇宙是否或何时会终结but for those of you who are nervous about your investments,但我想对为自己投资感到紧张的人说I think it#39;s a bit early to sell.我认为还是早一点抛出为好At 13.7 billion years old, our universe is still in its youth.137亿岁,我们的宇宙仍旧年轻朝气The earliest date we cosmologists think it could end宇宙学家认为,宇宙的终结最早也要在is 30 billion years from now.300亿年后There is still plenty of action to come.但世事难料Even long after our sun has died, new stars will be borned,即使我们的太阳消亡了,还有新的恒星形成some of which will have new planets around them,它们中的一些也会有自己的行星made of the same atoms that make you and me.这些行星上也会由组成你我的原子组成Maybe we will end up as part of some future alien ecosystem,或许我们最终将变为外星生态系统的一部分although that#39;s probably a bit of a long shot.虽说这多少有些天方夜谭What#39;s true is that we are only the temporary custodians of但不变的是我们不过是the particles of what which we are made of.组成我们的这些微粒的暂时占有者They will go on to need a future而它们将继续existence in the enormous universe that made them.在浩瀚的宇宙中寻求未来的存在方式Certainly gravity will continue its tireless incessant work.当然万有引力仍会孜孜不倦地发挥作用It will go on shaping the vast strings of galaxies就像大爆炸后一样as it has ever since the Big Bang.继续改变着巨大网系的形状Using super computers利用超级计算机 we can simulate how gravity even now我们可以模拟出万有引力是causes galaxies to be attracted to one or another, resulting in vast slow collisions.如何使各星系相互吸引,并最终缓慢碰撞Our galaxy will emerge with its nearest neighbour我们的系将在30亿年后the the Andromeda Galaxy in aroud three billion years,与近邻仙女座星系相撞a slow motion collision that will take place over two billion years.缓慢移动的碰撞将会持续二十亿年 Article/201511/407698新疆解放军474医院治疗疤痕多少钱 Dragon, phoenix ambassadors make debut故宫物院吉祥物亮相 “壮壮”“美美”首次与公众见面The Palace Museum unveiled its two brand new mascots in Xiamen, in southeast China#39;s Fujian province.中国东南部福建省厦门市故宫物院的两款全新吉祥物首次与公众见面。Donning Qing Dynasty costumes, the designs for Zhuangzhuang and Meimei originate from the traditional Chinese symbols of the dragon and the phoenix.身着清朝饰的“壮壮”和“美美”设计灵感来源于中国传统的龙和凤。The names of the mascots also bear special meaning.而它们的名字也有着特殊意义。;Zhuang,; which means strong in Mandarin, represents the gorgeous Forbidden City.“壮”在汉语意为强壮,代表着宏伟的紫禁城。;Mei;, the word for beautiful, stands for the more than 1.8 million treasures collected within its walls.而“美”则是美丽之意,代表故宫收藏的价值180多万件珍品。Sadly, the mascots did not receive unanimous applause, with some netizens saying Meimei looked more like a penguin than a phoenix.遗憾的是这对吉祥物并没有得到一致认可,甚至有网友吐槽“美美”更像一只企鹅而非凤凰。 Article/201411/344752乌鲁木齐治疗疤痕疙瘩

库尔勒市去黑眼圈多少钱栏目简介:Two young men donated their stem cells today in order to save two people with blood diseases. To encourage more volunteers to join the Chinese Marrow Donor Program, officials from Shanghai Red Cross say they#39;re introducing new measures to make the process easier as a majority of donors often hesitate when there is a match. Reporter Song Wenjing visited Shanghai No.1 People#39;s Hospital to find out more. Article/201702/490223 So let#39;s start with the basics我们从基础开始考虑What is an acid and a base? 酸和碱是什么One definition is that一种定义是acids are compounds that donate a hydrogen ion酸是一种化合物,它能贡献一个氢离子or H plus 或者说H+to another compound给另一种化合物and the compound that accepts that hydrogen ion is a base 而接受这个氢离子的化合物就是碱了So acids are hydrogen ion donors酸是贡献氢离子的物质and bases are hydrogen ion acceptors而碱则是接受氢离子的物质Here are some examples 我举一些例子Sodium hydroxide is a base氢氧化钠是碱It#39;s used to make soap 能用于制造肥皂And acetic acid which looks like this而醋酸是酸,它是这样的it makes vinegar sour 它让醋具有酸味Alright, let#39;s look back at our cylinders here好,我们再来回头看这些柱形容器This first set of cylinders contains the indicator bromothymol blue第一组柱形容器中装的指示剂是溴百里酚蓝Let#39;s take a look at the spectrum 我们来看看光谱Alright, so let#39;s take a look at bromothymol blue好,我们来看看溴百里酚蓝the indicator in the first set of cylinders 这是第一组柱形容器中的指示剂As you can see here, there#39;s a scale of numbers. This is the pH scale这里可以看到一些数字刻度,这些是pH值刻度The higher the number, the more basic the solution pH值越高,表示溶液碱性越强the lower the number, the more acidicpH值越低,表示酸性越强So our solution started off basic 我们的溶液最开始是碱性的It was blue and had sodium hydroxide in it它是蓝色的,其中有氢氧化钠And this is what the chemical structure of the molecule looks like when it#39;s blue 这是指示剂分子呈蓝色时的化学结构The chemical bonds in the molecule are absorbing分子中的化学键能够吸收colors of the visible spectrum that are not blue蓝色以外的可见光谱so blue is reflected back to our eyes 所以蓝色反射回我们的眼睛Now if a compound picks up a hydrogen ion 但如果该化合物结合一个氢离子which it would if you add an acid to it加入酸时它确实会这样the molecule changes color 此时分子会变色Now it absorbs blue and reflects yellow它开始吸收蓝光,并反射黄光Since the colors depend on the structure of the molecule由于颜色依赖于分子结构a chemist could reprogram the molecule to switch its color at化学家可以重新构造分子other pHs, other numbers on this scale 让颜色变化发生在其它pH值上That#39;s useful depending on the kind of reactions she may want to study这对于所要研究的化学反应很有用Now nature experiments with color all the time 自然界也在不断使用着颜色Animals use color to avoid predators, attracts mates动物使用颜色来避开捕食者,吸引配偶scare off enemies, etc 吓退敌人,等等Alright, so now let#39;s take a look at 好,我们再来看看what#39;s happening in the second set of cylinders that started off pink 第二组最开始是粉色的柱形容器中发生了什么The indicator in there is phenolphthalein 这里的指示剂是酚酞The same thing is happening as with our bromothymol blue 情况和溴百里酚蓝很类似but this time when the solution is basic, it#39;s pink 但这次,溶液呈碱性时,它是粉色and when it#39;s acidic, it#39;s colorless 呈酸性时,则是无色But why does adding dry ice那么为什么加入干冰change the solution from basic to acidic?会让溶液从碱性变为酸性呢Well, dry ice is solid carbon dioxide 因为干冰是固态二氧化碳When you add it to water, it bubbles 加到水中时,它会冒泡and part of every bubble of carbon dioxide dissolves每个泡泡中都会有二氧化碳溶解when it does, it forms carbonic acid. Let#39;s look at that equation这时就会生成碳酸,我们来看看方程式So there#39;s more and more carbonic acid in the water水中的碳酸越来越多and this acid reacts with the sodium hydroxide until there#39;s none left这种酸会同氢氧化钠反应,一直将其耗尽为止So the solution becomes acidic 于是溶液变成酸性So we saw our bromothymol blue 所以我们看到溴百里酚蓝turning from blue to yellow as a solution became more acidic 随着溶液酸性越来越强,从蓝变黄And we saw our phenolphthalein 而酚酞turn from pink to colorless as it became more acidic 随着溶液酸性越来越强,从粉色变为无色Now let#39;s watch again what happens in the final set of cylinders 下面再来看看最后一组柱形容器中的实验Alright, so now, I ask you to focus your attention on this cylinder好,现在我要求你们注意这个柱形容器Actually, you can focus your attention on anything you want to 实际上,你们也可以关注别的You can even not pay attention if you want to 甚至不关注任何东西都行We live in a free country我们生活在一个自由的国度But if you want to follow the experiment with me 但如果你想跟随我的实验步伐I want you to focus your attention on this one我希望你能关注这个and tell me, count them out how many different color changes you see数一下我加入干冰后有多少种颜色变化as I dropped the dry ice in there 数一下我加入干冰后有多少种颜色变化I#39;m listening to you on the radio 我是在收音机前听你们讲One, wow, I heard wow, what kind of account is that?一,哇,我听到有人说哇,这数的是什么Three so far目前我听到三了Three different color changes 三种不同颜色变化but you know I#39;m listening to you on the radio 但我是在收音机前听你们讲You want me to appreciate what you#39;re seeing 你们要让我理解你们看到了什么So what were the color changes that you saw?你们具体看到了什么颜色变化Why couldn#39;t you say those? 告诉我具体的You see how we have to help our brain make the right observations 你们应该知道如何帮助大脑作出正确观测and make the right reporting 并正确报告OK so, in the final set of cylinders 在最后一组柱形容器中Dr. Shakhashiri has a mixture of indicatorsShakhashiri士使用了指示剂的混合物This created the color changes that occurred as the solution became more and more acidic这样一来,随着溶液酸性变强,颜色会多次变化There were three changes that we saw 这里我们看到了三次变化It went from purple to blue 首先是从紫色变为蓝色to green 再变为绿色to yellow再变为黄色Alright, that#39;s it for me today好,今天就到这里I will see you next time我们下次再见 Article/201501/353337乌鲁木齐整形医院美容整形科点痣多少钱昆玉市去除川字纹手术多少钱



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