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金门大桥1933年初开始动工,1937年5月下旬正式通车。75年来,这座总长2737米的桥梁已成为旧金山乃至美国最具知名度的地标之一,每年吸引来自世界各地游客约1000万人次。Exactly 75 years ago San Francisco’s most famous landmark - the Golden Gate Bridge - opened to the public. On Sunday, the city is marking the event with celebrations and fireworks. Distinguished by its unique color known as ;International Orange;, the nearly 3 kilometer long bridge is 27 meters wide.Its two towers reach nearly 750 feet above sea level. The bridge is now one of the most internationally recognised and most photographed symbols of the US. It attracts some 10 million visitors each year. But decades ago, the project met lots of opposition during its four-year construction and many said the project would never be achieved.201205/184060As important an accessory as a handbag, a belt doesn’t just hold up your pants or pull in your tummy. Change your look by creatively matching your belt with your outfit.像手袋一样,腰带也是重要的配饰,而不仅仅用于束住裤子或肚子。巧妙搭配腰带和外套,改变你的形象。You Will Need你需要A measuring tape卷尺A variety of belts各种各样的腰带A selection of outfits全套装A mens tie (optional)男士领带(可选)Velcro (optional)尼龙搭扣(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Try outfit first1.试穿装Try on the outfit and decide where you want the belt to sit – hips or waist. Use a measuring tape to determine the proper belt length.试穿装,决定腰带佩戴在哪个位置——臀部还是腰部。用卷尺测量一下来决定合适的腰带长度。Belts generally come with five holes; a comfortable fit will use the third hole. Tightening further can cause an unattractive ;muffin top; effect.腰带通常有五个孔;舒适的腰带一般使用第三个孔。再紧的话可能造成不那么美观的“松饼”效果。Step 2 Determine width2.宽度Determine the width you need. A belt worn over a dress or shirt can be any width. If you’re wearing it around your hips, use a belt that is narrow at the top and follows the contour of your hips.决定所需要的宽度。佩戴在裙子或衬衣上的腰带可以是任何宽度。如果是佩戴在臀部,可以使用顶部较窄,符合臀部轮廓的腰带。Step 3 Choose a color3.选择颜色Select a belt that is the same color as your outfit. Or, if you choose a belt for contrast, make sure it complements colors or design elsewhere in the outfit.选择与外套颜色相同的腰带。或者,如果选择造成鲜明对比的腰带,一定要选择在颜色上或款式上对衣起到补充作用。Step 4 Enhance but don’t clash4.强调但不冲突Enhance your outfit with a fancy-cut or textured belt, but avoid clashing. For a conservative ensemble the belt should be less noticeable.用有剪裁别致的腰带或编织腰带来强调你的着装,但要避免腰带与衣冲突。一个保守的穿法就是,弱化腰带在整体造型中的地位。Create a belt using a men’s tie, fastening it with three-inch strips of adhesive Velcro.试试用男士领带来做腰带,在一头的3英寸处用尼龙搭扣固定。Step 5 Highlight your waist5.强调腰部Highlight your waist when wearing separates by tucking your shirt in. Add a belt that best fits the belt loop width.把衬衫束进裤子中,这样分体装扮时要强调腰部。选择腰带和腰带环一样宽的腰带最好。Step 6 Try fun alternatives6.选择有趣的腰带Wear metal belts with segments, Indian beads and leather, fancy fabric weaves, even scarves, for a fun look when going casual.休闲装扮时佩带金属质感腰带,印度珠带,皮带,有个性的编织腰带,甚至是围巾做的腰带,这样看上去活泼有趣。Did you know? Belt buckles date back to the Bronze Age.你知道吗?腰带扣的起源要追溯到铜器时代。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/235314

Being ladylike doesnt mean being girly, weak and submissive - you must show intelligence, inner strength and impeccable manners. If that sounds a little too much for you dont worry, Videojugs here to show you how to be graceful, gracious and get what you want.做淑女并不代表要扮萝莉、软弱或顺从,你应该表现出智慧内在的力量和无可挑剔的行为规范。听上去有点复杂?别担心,下面我们就来告诉你,如何成为一名优雅、亲切的淑女。Step 1: Dress the part1.注重仪表Channel you inner glamour queen: think Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly and Natalie Portman. Your clothes must fit, show off your shape, and be spotlessly clean and pressed, so out with the jeans, sloppy tees and Uggs and in with the skirts and high heels. Dont display too much flesh, and for jiminis sake, wear knickers - koochy flashing is not a ladylike pastime.看看那些内在魅力无限的女王们:杰奎琳·肯尼迪、格蕾丝·凯莉、娜塔莉·波特曼。你的着装必须合身,凸显出你的身材,而且一定要干净无瑕、熨烫整齐,所以牛仔裤、宽大的T恤和雪地靴就不要考虑了,裙装和高跟鞋才是王道。别穿的太暴露,穿短裤可一点儿也不淑女。Grooming is also crucial - in every area. Nails, hair and make up have to be immaculate. Its high maintenance, but as Helena Rubinstein said,;there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.;仪表也很重要,不管是在哪一部分。指甲、头发和妆容必须要洁净无瑕。虽然打理起来很费神,但正如赫莲娜·鲁宾斯坦所说的,“没有丑女人,只有懒女人。”Step 2: Encourage Chivalry2.鼓励绅士风度When you are with your young gentleman, hold back a little as you approach the door, this will force him to open it, then naturally hold it open for you. Remember to thank him demurely as you go through.当你和年轻男士同行而且来到门前时,别急着开门。这会迫使男士上前去开门,并很自然地帮你把门拉住。这时候别忘了优雅地说声谢谢。When it comes to sitting down, use the same tactic. If he takes his chair without holding yours out, stand just long enough for him to notice his mistake, then sit, keeping your knees together at all times of course. Smile, sulking is for petulant teenagers, he will be relieved you have brushed over his embarrassment and wont forget again.当你们准备落座时,也可以采取相同的策略。如果他只抽出了自己的椅子而忽略了你的,你只需要站在那不动,直到他意识到自己的错误。坐下以后始终保持双膝并拢,并对他报以微笑。只有任性的小年轻才会生闷气。你对他的失误一笑而过会让他倍感释怀,下次再也不会忘记了。Step 3: Talk the talk3.注意言谈All your good work could come undone if your mouth runs away with you, a lady doesnt divulge too much about herself or talk coarsely about the latest sexual position. Only swear if you absolutely must, try replacing offensive words with words like ;Drat;, or ;Heavens to Betsy;.如果你管不住自己的嘴,那以上所有的努力都会白费。一位淑女绝不会对自己的事情夸夸其谈,也不会俗不可耐地去议论花边轶事。只有在绝对必要时才会轻声咒骂,而且要用“见鬼了”“老天啊”这样的词语来代替那些脏话。Listen carefully and flatter him when appropriate. Never play dumb, if you dont agree with his opinions say so, but with a smile as you state your reasons to curb getting drawn into an argument.要仔细聆听他人,并在合适的时候加以褒奖。千万别装聋作哑,如果你不同意他人的看法,说出来就好,但在表达自己的理由时记得面带微笑,这样就可以避免陷入争论。Dont slouch, fidget, or drink too much - its not a good look.不要无精打采、坐立不安,也别让自己喝醉:这都会影响你的形象。Ultimately the key to being treated and respected as a lady is to be cool, calm and in control at all times. And it takes a lot of balls to pull that off.最后,想要成为一名公认的且受人尊重的淑女,关键在于冷静、淡定,并且在任何情况下都能自我控制。想要做到这些还需要多加修炼。201209/202296

The idea that we can understand barking我们可以把的叫声当作一门语言来理解almost like a language has always been dismissed by scientists.但这却从未引起科学家的关注But in Hungary, they are trying to see if而在匈牙利 我们尝试研究theres any evidence to back up the claims made by dog owners.能够持那些主人言论的据Here, at eotvos lorand university in budapest,这里是布拉佩斯的俄塔斯罗兰大学Is the worlds first research facility这是世界上首个研究dedicated to investigating the human/dog relationship.人之间关系的实验室Dr Adam Miklosi wants to see亚当·米克洛斯士想知道if we humans really can understand dogs barks.人类是否真的可以理解的叫声Today, hes out on a field expedition collecting recordings.今天他将在旷野上收集相关的记录Scientists used to think that barking is科学家总是认为吠只是随意的声音a random noise without any specific information or content.并不具备任何明确的信息或内容However, we have a different idea.然而 我们有了不同的意见Dogs might tell us something about their emotions,可能试图和我们分享他们的情绪anger, fear, happiness, despair.愤怒 害怕 高兴 失望These are basic emotions which I think我认为这些是最基本的情绪humans might be able to recognise in the barking sound.人们可以通过的叫声识别出这些To test this idea, Adam and his team acted out为了实该观点 亚当和他的团队a number of scenarios, provoking dogs to bark in different ways.设想了许多方法刺激用不同的声音吠叫But when the recordings are played back to people,但是当这些记录放回给人们听时will they be able to match the bark to the emotion?他们能够察觉到吠叫时的情绪吗201302/224232


  UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Todays Shoutout goes out to Mr. Martins American government classes at Minden high school in Minden, Nebraska.今天的大声喊出来来到了美国政府课堂。What is the name of the computer coding system that uses zeros and ones?用0和1的电脑编程系统的名字是什么?Here we go. Is it binary, HTML, Linux or Metacarpal? Youve got 3 seconds, go.开始!它是二进制,超文本链接标示语言,宏内核还是掌骨?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Binary means made of two parts, and binary code is made up of two things, zeros and ones.二进制由两部分组成,二进制编程由两部分组成,0和1。Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: If you translate the word ;hi; to Spanish, its ola.如过你把这个单词“HI”翻译为西班牙语,它是hola.To German, its hallo.翻译成德语,它是hallo.To binary, its 0110100011101001.翻译成二进制,它是0110100011101001。I had to practice that.我得练习这一段。Seems kind of complicated, but it also could be more lucrative.这看起来好像很复杂,但它也可以很合算。It could pay you more down the road.它在今后将大有益处。Laurie Segall looks at the coding in the classroom.Laurie Segall在课堂中编程。 /201211/206958。

  Feel exhausted just thinking about the environment? If the energy you want to save is primarily your own, try these close to effortless actions.仅仅想到环境问题就身心疲惫?如果你想节约的能量主要是自己的,可以尝试以下这些毫不费力的方法。You Will Need你需要Webcam网络摄像头Microwave微波炉Dishwasher洗碗机Steps步骤Step 1 Have a conference1.召开视频会议Its bad enough going to work, but having to take a business trip? Good grief! Get a webcam for your computer and conference instead from your office or, even better, your home. Youll save the energy that would have been expended on the flight, rental car, and hotel stay while saving yourself the hassle of having to put on pants.去上班已经够糟糕了,但是去出差呢?更麻烦!可以在电脑上安装网络摄像头,在办公室召开视频会议,在家中就更好了。你将节约耗费在航班,租车和酒店的能源,同时也省去了穿衣打扮的麻烦。Step 2 Use the microwave2.使用微波炉Cooking a meal? Forget gas and electric ovens and make it in a microwave; it uses up to 9.5 percent less electricity, produces fewer indoor pollutants, and decreases temperature changes that affect your thermostat. Plus, youll have lots of extra time for your favorite activity -- doing nothing.要煮饭?不要使用煤气炉或电炉,使用微波炉,耗电量可以节省9.5%,产生的室内污染更少,而且降低了会影响恒温器的温度变化。此外,你将有更多空余时间来进行最喜欢的活动——什么都不用做。Step 3 Wait to shave3.节约剃须时间Shavings so annoying and it uses a gallon of water on average. So, men, grow a beard; ladies, wear pants or proudly sport hairy legs. If you dont like the wild look, fill the sink halfway and rinse your razor, rather than running it under the tap; it doesnt take that much effort to turn off the faucet.剃须非常繁琐,而且平均要费好一加仑水。男士们,可以留胡须;女士们,可以穿裤子或自豪地露出腿毛。如果你不喜欢这种粗野的外观,可以充半水池水来清洗剃刀,而不是在水龙头下冲洗;关闭水龙头不需要费太大力气。Step 4 Turn to the dishwasher4.使用洗碗机When its time to wash the dishes, dont. Leave them in the sink until you have a full load; then, use a dishwasher rather than washing them by hand -- youll save yourself a lot of work along with an average of 5,000 gallons of water per year. No need to unload either -- just take clean dishes out of the dishwasher until the sink is full; then, load it up again.要洗碗碟的时候,先不要洗。放在水槽中,攒到全负载的时候;随后,使用洗碗机,而不是手洗——你将节约很多工作,而且平均每年可以节约5,000加仑水。也不需要把碗碟取出来——只要等到水槽装满的时候从洗碗机中拿出干净的碗碟;然后再把要洗的碗碟放到洗碗机中。Step 5 Leave the clippings5.不要清理剪下的杂草When you finally get around to mowing the lawn, don’t bother picking up the clippings; they add nutrients to the soil and wont take up space in landfills. Plus, you can stop doing yard work sooner and get back where you really belong -- the couch.修剪草坪的时候,不要清理剪下的杂草,它们可以为土壤增加养分,也不在垃圾场占用空间。此外,你将很快可以结束后院工作,回到沙发上。A recent study found that if every person who could work from home did so half the time, it would save 50 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.最近一项调查发现,如果每个可以在家中工作的人花费一半的时间在家中工作,每年可以减少5,000万吨温室气体排放。视频听力栏目译文属。201305/240693

  Steps步骤Step 1 See how it hangs选好礼Look for a strapless dress that retains an hourglass shape even when its on the hanger. This ensures an hourglass shape for your figure, too.选择沙漏形的礼,即使是礼还挂在衣架上,还没穿上身。这样的礼才能保你穿上后是沙漏型的迷人身材。Step 2 Look for boning带骨紧身衣Make sure the bodice has boning — stiffening material that helps support the bust.带骨架紧身胸衣,硬挺的材质可以撑你的胸部。Step 3 Find the right bra选好罩杯Find the right bra. Options include a strapless push-up or a longline — one whose material extends to the waist, helping prevent slippage.选择合适的胸衣。选择有胸部塑形作用或是延伸到腰际的长款可防止裙子下滑。Tip: With a strapless push-up, try on both your regular size and one cup bigger.小贴士:选择有塑形作用的胸衣的时候,试试自己平时的尺寸和再大一号的尺寸。Step 4 Put the dress to the test检验礼Try on the dress with different bras and put the combinations through lots of gyrations, especially if you plan to dance in the dress. Make sure it doesnt slip, pinch, or create unattractive lumps anywhere when you sit, bend, or move your arms.换不同的胸衣来检验礼是否牢固,特别是你要穿着礼跳舞的话。确保不管你是坐下还是弯腰,或是活动手臂,礼不会滑脱,夹疼你,或是在身上形成不好看的隆起。Step 5 Wear the right accessories配搭饰品Wear either chandelier earrings or a necklace that complements a bare neck and decolletage, like a choker or Y-drop design. Donning both will overwhelm the dress. Carry a clutch or small evening bag.佩带大吊灯形耳环或项链来遮掩光裸的脖子,用它们来搭配袒胸露背的衣最佳,如宽项链或Y字型项链。项链和耳环都戴则会过犹不及,再拿上小手包或是晚宴包就齐全了。Step 6 Top it off披上披肩Top with a shawl or cardigan if youll need more coverage. Now go knock some socks off with your sexy dress!如果你想肌肤暴露得再少点儿,就披上披肩或开衫。现在就穿着你的性感礼让众生为你神魂颠倒吧!Fact: In 2001, there was still a law on the books in the city of Miami that made it illegal for men to appear publicly in a strapless gown.小常识:2001年,迈阿密明文规定男人在公共场合穿着裸肩晚礼是违法的。You Will Need你需要Well-constructed garment优质礼Bodice with boning紧身胸衣The right bra合适的内衣Right accessories精选配饰201209/198212How To Treat Bags Under Your EyesEveryone wants to know how to treat those bags under your eyes, so here is a great film showing you how. Treat your bags properly and leave your eyes looking healthy and bright with VideoJug's help.You will need A mirror Cool, moist tea bags A cucumber Eye cream with Vitamin K and retinol A light, concealing makeup and brush Step 1: Get Some Sleep(睡眠充足)If Dark Circles run in your family or are due to allergies, see a doctor for treatment. Otherwise the easiest step to treat those sad sacks is to make sure you're getting enough sleep at night and drinking plenty of water during the day. And remember that alcohol, smoking and drug use can contribute to bags under the eyes.Step 2: Natural Remedies(食补)Believe it or not, cucumbers have long been used as a natural way to reduce puffiness and freshen the area around the eyes. In the morning, cut two thin slices of cool cucumber, lie down and place them on your eyes. Leave them for 10 or 15 minutes. You might also try using two fresh, cool and moist caffeinated tea bags. The tannin in tea is thought to help reduce swelling and discoloration. Careful not to get it in your eyes!Step 3: Wash Your Face(勤洗脸)Wash your face with cool to cold water and mild soap or face wash. The cold cool water will help restrict blood flow to the area around the eye and decrease swelling.Step 4: Use Creams(用眼霜)Look for eye creams that contain Vitamin K and retinol. Both are considered effective in treating bags and dark areas under the eyes. Hemorrhoid cream can also reduce swelling – just be careful to keep it from getting in your eye.Step 5: Cover It Up(用粉遮盖)For any lingering discoloration, brush on a little light, reflective tone concealer under your eyes.Step 6: Skip The Salt(少吃盐)Now that you have a happier, healthier looking face, let's keep it that way. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and avoid salt, which can make you retain water and puff up those bags.201003/97477

  vx]hbNz(Eq!~!iMAjeJy**kHZ;0DY+2+VToday in History: Wednesday, September 12, 2012历史上的今天:2012年9月12日,周三On Sept. 12, 2001, President George W. Bush labeled the previous days terrorist attacks ;acts of war; and asked Congress for billion to rebuild and recover.2001年9月12日,美国总统乔治·布什宣布前一天的恐怖袭击;战争行为;,要求国会提供200亿美元重建和恢复#|*h6;N.Bq+|On3[p。1609 English explorer Henry Hudson sailed into the river that now bears his name.1609年,英国探险家亨利·哈德逊驶入现在以他名字命名的河流v.%H9bw5~cvl5xQ;O。1880 Journalist and critic H.L. Mencken was born in Baltimore.1880年,记者和家H.L.门肯在巴尔的出生|yJdex)QE6I。1938 In a speech in Nuremberg, Adolf Hitler demanded self-determination for the Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia.1938年,在纽伦堡的一次演讲中,阿道夫·希特勒在捷克斯洛伐克要求苏台德德意志民族自决)nfD(XhO+RC。1943 German paratroopers rescued former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini from the hotel where he was being held prisoner by his own government.1943年,德国伞兵从被自己政府关押的宾馆拯救出意大利前独裁者墨索里尼Bt5]MDHX5;7-83)gZ。1944 U.S. Army troops entered Germany for the first time during World War II, near Trier.1944年,第二次世界大战期间,美国军队进入德国特里尔附近dkJHb+gDJb(b+Fb9.。1953 Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in Newport, R.I.1953年,马萨诸塞州参议员约翰·肯尼迪在纽波特与Lee Bouvier结婚X7)kgU60TWC0w。1954 ;Lassie; made its TV debut on CBS.1954年,;灵犬莱西;电视在哥伦比亚广播公司首次亮相7@O@8]FKpmt.G。1959 ;Bonanza; premiered on N.1959年,;Bonanza;首次在美国全国广播公司首次公演;nZ.tI1ANcFWi.+yY%Y。1974 Emperor Haile Selassie was deposed by Ethiopias military after ruling for 58 years.1974年,君王海尔·塞拉西一世在统治58年后被埃塞俄比亚军队废除Tb9Y6tv2i,#~e|q。1977 South African black student leader Steven Biko died while in police custody, triggering an international outcry.1977年,南非黑人学生领袖史蒂芬肯特在警察拘留期间惨死,引发国际社会的谴责ChNMGq(.7VEIH。2000 Dutch lawmakers gave same-sex couples the right to marry and adopt children.2000年,荷兰立法者同意同性夫妇结婚以及收养孩子o]FOwj5AP,]XPZ。2002 President George W. Bush told the ed Nations to confront the ;grave and gathering danger; of Saddam Husseins Iraq or stand aside as the ed States acted.2002年,乔治·布什总统告诉联合国要直面伊拉克萨达姆;严重和逐渐增长的危险;或避免干涉美国的行动VGbkVC0!7R。2003 Country musician Johnny Cash died at age 71.2003年,乡村音乐家约翰尼·卡什去世,享年71岁NfD^Y7zOW)o。2005 Federal Emergency Management Agency director Michael Brown resigned, three days after losing his onsite command of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.2005年,在未能现在指挥好卡特里娜飓风救援工作三天后,联邦紧急措施署署长迈克尔·布朗辞职q]Fl_^vNw!v。2006 In a speech in his native Germany, Pope Benedict XVI ed from an obscure medieval text that characterized some teachings of Islams founder as ;evil and inhuman,; unleashing a torrent of rage across the Islamic world.2006年,教皇本笃十六世在他家乡德国的一次演讲中,引用从一个默默无闻的中世纪文献描绘伊斯兰教的创始人是;邪恶和野蛮的;,引发了整个伊斯兰世界的强烈愤怒GZzKkxp77y0h5B[,ag。2008 A commuter train engineer ran a red light while text messaging on his cell phone and struck a freight train head-on in Los Angeles, killing himself and 24 other people.2008年,在洛杉矶,一名市郊火车司机因开车发短信闯红,与一辆正面的货运列车相撞,造成包括自己在内的25人死亡v.aawQZFV3_sa0。N!qAFPj8_LcGi[lzM#an*ej1_()udS)FppSw-sRNpI1aX(Y /201209/199351

  How To Buy Wallpaper on HowcastAdd texture and color you will love to any room with this advice.You Will NeedRoom that needs updating Measuring tape Camera Magazine samples Fabric and color swatches Internet access Time to shop Step 1: Determine the room to wallpaper(根据房间的大小选墙纸)Decide which room you want to wallpaper and measure the walls, top to bottom and side to side, to determine the square footage you need.Step 2: Take pictures(拍下房间的布置)Take pictures of the room and collect pictures from magazines that appeal to you and inspire you to decorate.Step 3: Collect samples(收集小样)Collect fabric and color samples of paint, upholstery, and wall coverings that will be used in the room.Step 4: Start shopping(准备购买)Start shopping. Leaf through wallpaper sample books to determine the texture, color, and design that will compliment your room.Shop in stores before shopping online.Step 5: Order samples(订购小样)Order large samples and hang them in the room. Study them at different times of the day and in different lighting conditions.Step 6: Choose your favorite(选择自己最喜欢的)Select your favorite and comparison shop. Shop in stores and online to find the best prices and customer service for achieving your room’s new look.Did you know? Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf invented the first machine that printed wallpaper in 1785.201005/104809

  Clean A Fridge. Dont put it off any longer. Watch, learn and get cleaning. A clean fridge will tempt you even more to open it!清洗冰箱。不要再推迟了。观看这段视频来学习怎样清洗冰箱。干净整洁的冰箱让你更有打开的欲望。Step 1: You will need1.你需要a bowl or dish,bicarbonate of soda,a jay cloth,and a tea towel一个碗或盘子,小苏打,棉布,擦拭盘子的抹布Step 2: Remove the food2.取出食物Take everything out, its no good trying to clean around you food items. This wont get the job done.把冰箱里所有的东西拿出来。冰箱里装满食物的时候不要试图清洗,你不可能清洗干净的。Step 3: Mix a cleaning solution3.配置清洗溶液Fill a tray with warm water and add 2 heaped teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda. This makes a great solution for cleaning fridges as it cuts through dirt but is non toxic and wont scratch.在一个托盘中装满温水,加入2茶匙小苏打。这种溶液非常适合清洗冰箱,可以清除污垢,但是不含任何有毒成份,也不会刮坏冰箱。Step 4: Get wiping4.擦拭Take the cleaning solution to the fridge for easier access. Dip in a jay cloth and start cleaning from the top. Dip the cloth in the solution. Start at the top of the fridge and work your way down, making sure every shelf is thoroughly clean.把配置好的溶液放在冰箱附近比较溶液够到的地方。把一块棉布浸入溶液中,从顶部开始向下清洗,确保每一层彻底清洗干净。To make the job easier remove the trays one at a time and thoroughly wipe both sides.为了让清洗工作更加简单,每次把隔离板取下来,对两面进行彻底擦拭。Then move onto the inside of the doors. Again starting at the top and moving downwards. Remove any detachable trays to clean behind.然后清洗冰箱门内侧,还是从上往下开始清洗。拿掉所有可分离的托盘,清理冰箱门背后。Step 5: Salad drawers5.色拉屉Take the salad drawers to the sink. Rinse with warm water, leaving a couple of centimetres in the bottom. Sprinkle over a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and give it a good wipe. Dry them off with a tea towel and replace.把色拉屉取下来,浸入水中。用温水清洗,色拉屉底部水深大约几厘米,加入1茶匙小苏打,认真擦拭。用抹布擦干净。Step 6: Replace the food6.放回食物Now you fridge is spotless you can return the food.现在,你的冰箱已经没有污垢了,可以把食物放回去了。Thanks for watching How To Clean A Fridge.感谢收看“怎样清洗冰箱”视频节目。201210/206251。


  Today in History: Sunday, March 17, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月17日,周日 On March 17, according to tradition, St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, died in Saul. Some sources list the year as 461, others say 493.3月17日,根据传统记载,爱尔兰守护神圣帕特里克在扫罗去世。一些来源称是在461年,另一些称是493在年。1776 British forces evacuated Boston during the Revolutionary War.1776年,独立战争期间,英国军队撤离波士顿。1905 Franklin D. Roosevelt married his distant cousin, Eleanor Roosevelt, in New York City. 1905年,富兰克林·罗斯福在纽约市迎娶了他的远房表埃莉诺·罗斯福。1910 The Camp Fire Girls organization was founded in Thetford, Vt.1910年,营火女孩组织在佛蒙特州塞特福德成立。1941 The National Gallery of Art opened in Washington, D.C.1941年,国家美术馆在华盛顿特区开放。1942 Gen. Douglas MacArthur arrived in Australia to become supreme commander of Allied forces in the southwest Pacific theater during World War II.1942年,二战期间,麦克阿瑟抵达澳大利亚成为西南太平洋战区盟军部队最高指挥官。1969 Golda Meir became prime minister of Israel.1969年,果尔达·梅厄就任以色列总理。1993 Actress Helen Hayes died at age 92.1993年,女演员海伦海斯去世,享年92岁。2003 Edging to the brink of war, President George W. Bush gave Saddam Hussein 48 hours to leave his country. Iraq rejected the ultimatum.2003年,濒临战争边缘,美国总统乔治W·布什要求萨达姆·侯赛因在48小时内离开他的国家。伊拉克拒绝了最后的通牒。2008 Rock musician Paul McCartneys divorce from Heather Mills was settled for .6 million.2008年,摇滚音乐家保罗·麦卡特尼和希瑟·米尔斯的离婚事件以4860万美元解决。 The Seattle Post-Intelligencer published its final print edition.年,《西雅图邮讯报》发布了最后的印刷版。2011 The U.N. Security Council voted to authorize military action to protect civilians and impose a no-fly zone over Libya.2011年,联合国安理会投票授权军事行动保护平民,并在利比亚建立禁飞区。本节目属 /201303/230357

  This film will show you how to negotiate a raise. If you think you have deserved that extra salary bonus, then watch this and learn how to ask your employer for a raise. VideoJug presents a short tutorial in how to request a raise in salary.这段视频将向你介绍怎样跟老板协商加薪问题。如果你认为自己应该加薪,观看这段视频,学习一下怎样向老板提出要求。 VideoJug为你打造的这个短片教给你怎样要求加薪。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Salary research for your profession.Your career performance.Analyses or on-the-job reviews.Once you have these things together, its pretty simple.你所在行业的薪资调查。你的工作表现。对所担任工作的分析或看法。一旦做好所有准备就很简单了。Step 2: Know your worth2.了解自己的价值Your research should tell you what your peers are making based on experience, seniority, market, and performance. This should give you an idea of the range that you should shoot for.你的调查研究会让你了解到基于经验,资历,市场和表现,同行的薪资状况。这让你有一个目标范围。Step 3: Schedule a meeting3.安排会面After you have your information together, ask your supervisor to discuss your salary with you.搜集了所需信息之后,邀请上司和你一起探讨薪资问题。You need to do the work for them and present a case thats ironclad and undeniable. Your performance reviews should provide some good evidence. Show areas where you excel, and point out areas where you have shown improvement.你提出的理由必须无懈可击,毋庸置疑。你对自己工作表现的评估必须有良好的据持。指出你擅长的方面和取得进步的方面。Many employers have policies for giving annual raises. Make sure you are aware of any such policy before heading in.许多雇主的政策是每年加薪。在向雇主提出要求之前一定要事先了解这一政策。Plead your case citing your evidences in a rational, business-like way, and respectfully present your new range of compensation.合理专业地引用据,提出要求,彬彬有礼地提出新的目标薪资。Step 4: Be flexible4.灵活性Instead of handing over more cash each week, your employer may offer other ways to increase your earnings by adding benefits,stock options, or they may simply give you more time off. Consider that although this may not look like immediate cash in your pocket, in a less direct way, it IS.你的雇主可能不会每周给你增加薪水,而是通过其他方法增加你的收入,例如增加福利,股票认购选择权,或者给你更多假期。你可以考虑一下,表面看上去尽管没有立即增加你口袋里钱的数量,间接来说,确实增加了。Thanks for watching How To Negotiate A Raise.感谢收看“怎样向老板要求加薪”视频节目。201211/211353

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