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探索世界奥秘之万里长城 7And many never returned home, ending up in graveyards like this one. Large tombs for generals, small ones for the soldiers, and all of them died defending the Great Wall. But the soldiers' misery did benefit someone. Their presence provided safety from attacks to traders and travelers. Hugging the wall for protection from bandits, caravans left China laden with silk, furs, pottery and rhubarb(大黄), a plant unknown in the West and highly prized as a medicine. This was the famed Silk Road. The traders returned with gold, ivory and coral. It was a dangerous route, running through some of the world's worst deserts, but at least the wall and its guards stopped raids by nomadic bandits along much of its length. And it wasn't just trade goods that flowed up and down the Silk Road, Along with the commodities came ideas and inventions: from China came the magnetic compass, an invention that made it possible for Columbus to find America, and from the West came religion, early forms of Christianity and most important for the Chinese, Buddhism. The art that came with Buddhism revolutionized China. Accustomed to building on a massive scale, the Chinese applied what they had learned from building the wall to the new religious art, and the result was colossal. These giant carved stone Buddhas are among the largest sculptures ever created, a mixture of native artistic talent and foreign ideas. But the art wasn't always on such a grand scale. The little desert oasis of Dunhuang(敦煌) is where the travelers on the Silk Road sheltered by the Great Wall rested and prepared for one of the toughest stretches of their journey. Soon they passed through the Jade Gate(玉门关), the last gateway in the Great Wall and headed for the terrors of the Taklamakan Desert(塔克拉玛干沙漠), the worst desert in the world. To help ensure their safe journey, travelers paid local artists to paint Buddhist shrines in the cliffs around Dunhuang. Shrines in which they had their own portraits painted, a reminder to the gods of their help they would require in the next few weeks.hug: stay close to200707/15847

to put something on the back burner ———— 将某事搁置(成语)英文释义 (IDIOM) To delay something by making it a low priority. (NOTE: ;burner; refers to the heating element of a stove)例句 I was disappointed when our management team decided to put my favorite project on the back burner, because I knew it would be a full year before they reconsidered their decision.管理团队决定把我钟爱的项目搁置,我很失望,因为我知道要过整整一年,他们才会重新考虑他们的决定。 /201606/450534

  Remember that other phrase – ;I just want to check…;记得另一个说法“我只是想核对……”OK.Now, I just want to check what was sent to Cocoline Limited – it should have been fifteen mangos...好的。我只是想核对一下给Cocoline Limited公司送的是什么,应该是15个芒果……Yeah. Thats right.是的,没错。Great, and just to be absolutely clear, you sent the soft mangos, not the plastic ones?太好了,只是想百分百确认一下,你送的是软芒果,不是塑料芒果吧?Yes, just like I was told to.是的,就像他们告诉我的那样。Good. One thing I wasnt sure of was whether we had enough yellow bananas in stock – I know there are some purple ones, but...好。有一件事我不太确定,我们是否存了足够多的黄香蕉。我知道还有一些紫色的香蕉,但是……Yeah well, we do need more yellow bananas.是的,我们确实需要更多的黄香蕉。Okay, Ill just write that down. Thank you Mr Ingle.好的,我记下来了。谢谢你,安格尔先生。By the way, I like your overalls! Oh thanks.顺便说一下,我喜欢你的工作! 谢谢。 /201612/483618

  What do we think Ben Bernanke is going to say today and how closely will the market be listening?First of all, the market is going to listen very carefully, and secondly, we have to compare what Bernanke is going to say when compared to the interest rates statement which was delivered last Wednesday. Now as you know, the interest rates statement was putting the Federal Reserve at a neutral interest rates stance. And I guess that after the statement have been released, there have been a lot of negative news, not so much on the economic front but it had been on the financial sector. So he is going to be asked by people participating in that joint committee, what the Fed believes is going on in the financial sector and he has to give an answer. I guess that overall, his statement today is going to be more dovish than the interest rates statement and that is going to be the key for the foreign exchange market. So I assume the US dollar has more weakness ahead.Well I was going to ask you, is there anything that he can say or indeed do that can stop this slide on the dollar?Well, we have to figure out where the problem is. We have so far a US-centered problem which has to do with the housing market and has to do with related financial sectors and mortgage market and so forth. And that means the ed States do need higher net exports as a buffer to support the economic growth to make sure that that economy is not slipping into a recession.What about the oil prices? We are seeing record highs once again today really gonna be touching clearly I would expect 100 dollars a barrel some time soon. How worrying is that?Well, as far, oil prices did not really play in a lot typically because oil prices are still lower in the real terms than they were in the 80s. So if you do the inflation adjustments, then the price of oil in the 80s was higher than the current oil price. That's smooth change when we are seeing oil prices moving above 105. The second point is that we are using less oil relative to GDP and relative to disposable income. But of course the pace of the increase is a matter of concern. It's working inflationary. It does paralyze central banks to some extent. And therefore, it is a point of worry and I am a bit surprised that the equity markets are holding up so well. We have to consider what are the economic consequences of that and obviously it does not look too good to if you have a forecast of rise of about 6 months or a year.Notes: Dovish: Dovish refers to an economic outlook which generally supports lower interest rates. Doves take the position that inflationary pressures are low enough for low interest rates to be desirable200807/43622。

  Change vs. Experience Key Themes in US Election Campaign变革与经验是美国总统竞选主题  The U.S. presidential election is more than four months away. But the contest between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain is aly shaping up as a clear choice between change and experience.  离开美国总统大选还有四个多月。但是在民主党人奥巴马和共和党人麦凯恩之间的选战已初步成型,就是要在变革和经验之间作一抉择。With the primary battles over, Barack Obama is focused now on his Republican opponent, John McCain, and the quest to become the first African-American president. 随着初选的结束,奥巴马如今把矛头集中指向他的共和党对手麦凯恩,争取成为第一位非洲裔美国人总统。"There are independents and Republicans who understand that this election isn't just about the party in charge of Washington, it's about the need to change Washington," Obama said. 他说:“有些独立人士和共和党人明白,这次选举不仅是为了什么政党入主华盛顿,而是为了有必要改变华盛顿。”Senator McCain, if he wins in November, would be the oldest first term president in history, but he hopes to emphasize his extensive experience in the military and in Congress.  如果麦凯恩参议员在11月取胜,他将是美国有史以来最年长的第一任总统。而麦凯恩希望强调的是自己在军中及国会内的广经验。"I admire and respect Senator Obama," McCain said, "but he does not have the knowledge, background or judgment to lead this nation in these difficult and challenging times, and I do." 他说:“我赞赏并尊重奥巴马参议员。但是他并不具备在目前的艰难复杂时期领导这个国家的知识、背景经验或者判断力。而我却具备这一切。”Obama heads into the election campaign with a slight lead in the polls. Voter worries should benefit Obama, says Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institution.  奥巴马展开竞选时,民调显示他略微领先麦凯恩。而民主党人与共和党人相比能量更为充沛。有专家说,选民对众多议题的关注对奥巴马有利。设在华盛顿的布鲁金斯学会的政治学者托马斯.曼说:"Because of a very unpopular Republican president, a public that believes overwhelmingly that the country is off on the wrong track, deep concerns about the health of the economy and an unpopular war in Iraq," he said. “由于一位非常不得人心的共和党总统,绝大部分公众都认为这个国家如今走错了方向,他们为经济景况以及失去民心的伊拉克战争深感忧虑。”Polls also show Obama gaining, in some states, with white working-class voters. They preferred Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries. 民调也显示,在某些州奥巴马正逐步得到白人劳工阶层选民的持。他们中许多人在民主党初选阶段都更拥护克林顿参议员。Quinnipiac University pollster Clay Richards believes, "At this point, an awful lot of those working class voters see Senator Obama as the best candidate to turn the economy around, and that is the most important issue in their mind and overcomes their tendency to vote for the GOP [Republican] candidate in other races." 在康涅狄克州的琴尼派克大学的民调人员克莱.理查德说:“在目前阶段,有相当多的选民把奥巴马看作是扭转经济逆境的最佳人选。这是他们心目中最重要的问题,经济问题压倒了他们在其它竞选中选举共和党候选人的趋势。”Senator McCain says he has an uphill climb to the White House.  鉴于总体的政治气氛,麦凯恩参议员承认他入主白宫的道路艰难。He adds, "I know I have to out-campaign my opponent in every respect, and so I do not underestimate. I consider myself an underdog."  他说:“我明白我必须在每一方面都争取胜过我的对手,所以我不低估对方的力量,我认为自己是占下风的一方。”McCain has a history of appealing to political moderates and that will make him competitive, says Thomas Mann.  然而麦凯恩向来在政治温和派中颇得人心。专家托马斯.曼说,这一点使他在大选中具有竞争力。Mann says, "Because of his fascinating biography, his reputation for character and independence."  他说:“由于他引人入胜的个人经历,众所周知的性格和独立精神。”McCain's status as a war hero could appeal to voters concerned about protecting the country from terrorism. That could give him an advantage over Obama.  麦凯恩的战斗英雄身份可能对关心保护国家不受恐怖分子侵害的选民很有吸引力。托马斯.曼说,这可能是他胜过奥巴马的有利因素。"Some people have doubts about his qualifications as commander in chief," says Mann. "So, he has a hurdle to clear, a threshold to reach that he is trustworthy on matters pertaining to national security."  托马斯.曼说:“有些人对奥巴马担当统帅的资格抱有疑虑。所以奥巴马要扫除这个障碍,跨越这个门槛,要实自己在国家安全事务上是值得信赖的。”The economy, rising fuel prices, health care and Iraq are expected to be the major issues in the campaign. Americans will elect their next president on November 4. 预计,美国经济、飞涨的油价、健康保险和伊拉克等问题是竞选中的主要议题。美国人将在11月4号选举下届总统。200806/42720

  Anchor: Today's reaching for more focuses on the love shared by older women and younger men. Some of Hollywood's top leading ladies are paving the way when it comes to these unconventional relationships. But older women everywhere are following suit, like Lynn Snowden Picket, who is 13 years older than her husband Bronson, and they're here along with Peggy Northrop, the editor-in-chief of More magazine, good morning to you all. Bronson: Good morning. (Morning.)Anchor: You guys, first of all, I think you guys are so great together. When I first met you, I thought: Oh, look, they look like they fit. You fit well together. Yeah! Now is that true that you met, met at a black- tie, (yes) event of New York city?Lynn: Well, love at first sight. I didn't know very much about him at all.Anchor: But you did think: Oh, gosh, I hope he's at least thirty.Lynn: Yeah, yeah, I did. Well, I'd just been with a guy who was 24, and, that lasted about a year and we had broken up, then I thought, well...Anchor: Wait a minute, you had dated an older man who's twenty.., I mean a younger man who's 24? (yeah) Really? OK!Lynn: uh-huh! And it turned out Bronson was 6 months younger than the guy I just broke up with. So, uh, it was, you know...Anchor: I see what happened to you.Lynn: Yeah! Well, really, I was going for people who were more in sync with what I like to do. You know, I don't want a guy who's in a rut, who's going to look at my CD collection and go: Wow, you like this band, woo,(Right.) You're so a little crazy. You know, I just want somebody who is active, athletic, who wanted to go out, who had fun, who was interesting, and..Anchor: And Bronson, what was your first reaction when you saw Lynn? Bronson: Wow. Basically Well,May while I was sitting at a table, at this black- tie, unfortunately because at that moment I was in a tuxedo, look to girls terribly good. And my head was just like this on the table, so / my eyes were cast down, lower just little bit, and I just saw these legs coming toward the table. And I looked up the legs, kept going, and they went up to this.Lynn: I'm so glad I wore a dress like that. (yes) It wasn't a long black tie thing as it was.Bronson: So, yeah, it was definitely love at the first sight for both of us, it's still a small world, we are going to admit it later.Anchor: Now, now, Peggy, what's going on here? Because of course, I think the couple that we talked a lot about, Demy Moor and Ashton Kutcher, other, there's also Goldie Hawn. You guys, you have a whole list of More magazine this month, why is it becoming more acceptive for an older woman to be with a younger man?Peggy: I think that, really women are catching up to men. I admit, now we have all of this economic independence. There's, like, a kind of confidence that comes when you're in your forties and in your fifties, and men find that incredibly attractive. I know a lot of women who say: I'm not seeking a relationship like this. I'm not like I'm on the prowl of younger guys, but younger guys are, all of a sudden, interested in me, and you know, they, because these women feel so good about where they are, and they have economic independence, they can make these choices. And also we're no longer tied as much to fertility issues. So the issue of, you know, are you young enough to have kids with this guy is less of a, of a fraud issue, I think.Anchor: Uh, are you guys, you've been married for five years, right? And would you like to have children? (Right.)Lynn: Yes.Bronson: We're actually looking to adopt right now until.... Anchor: Looking to adopt.Lynn: Yes!Anchor: OK. She mentioned, Peggy mentioned the confidence level. Was that big for you, Bronson, the fact that here with Lynn, and she was aly established in her career and really was it looking for a man to, sort of make her complete?Bronson: Yeah. Actually yeah, confidence makes all the difference in the world, and I would imagine that till they respect the life of sex, but it is true is women get older, they do tend to get more confidence, even more so, I think than men. And It does make an extraordinary difference because a lot of sexiness come out of confidence.Anchor: You got a lot of flak from other men , / like, (Oh, yes, yes, yes) about this. When they fed up you were seeing a younger guy, what? What is that settled about?Lynn: Well, they don't like to think that a fancy car and a salary at some boring old jobs is going to impress. You know, they like to think that's what's going to allure in anyone they choose. Interestingly enough, I know they wouldn't consider me as a dating material, because I'm too old. So, but they don't wanna hear that someone they don't wanna date is dating someone who's younger, because that sort of means: Oh my gosh! she mean looks count. And you know, it's just not the norm.Anchor: Are there potential pitfalls in a pairing like this though?Peggy: Well, I think that there are pitfalls in any relationships. (that's true) look at that divorce rate. So, you know, the fact that, and in fact, it's women over 40 who are driving the divorce rate, that's the only place where the divorce rating is going up. I think the pitfall as always, you know, are the couple going to be in sync, and I think anybody can experience that. And what I hear from our ers is that women in their forties are with men who're about their age, and they're really on this trajectory of you know feeling ever more confident and more adventurous, and the guys become more and more in that rut you're talking about. Somebody said to me once that, you know, find a guy a rut, he'll lie down in it, (yeah) so, I mean, I would say, It wasn't me who said it. (it's true) but I would say that is, that's the pitfall for any relationship. The guy's gonna keep up.Anchor: OK. Wait. I hav...Before I go, I have to say that's one question, because every older woman out there is thinking: The sex must be great. So, I mean, I have to, as a journalist, I have to ask, I mean, is, is, can you in a nice way, in this morning television, tell me..., you know.Lynn: In a nice way, yes. How's that? But I think chemistry is what makes any relationship great, sexual, anything else. And...Bronson: Actually I was gonna tell you a thing before about being in sync, one of the great things is about a couple that is in sync is that, despite the age disparity, when you all are so in touch with one another, the disparity just disappears. (Yeah.)Lynn: Yeah, that's true.Bronson: Like the disparity was never there before.Lynn: You know what? Anchor: Yeah, well. I said it before, I really do feel you guys, you look like you fit. That so does.Bronson: Oh, that's nice. We look so good for the pictures.Anchor: Yeah. Lynn and Bronson Picket, thanks a lot you guys for sharing this story. Peggy, good to see you as always. I appreciate it. To more about today's topic, log on to the early show website at cbsnews.com. 200807/43963Obama Addresses Racial Divisiveness in Presidential Campaign奥巴马谴责他的牧师发表不妥言论Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama sought to defuse a brewing political controversy Tuesday when he condemned inflammatory statements made over the years by his former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright of Chicago. Obama's remarks came during a speech on race in America delivered in Philadelphia.  角逐美国民主党总统候选人提名的巴拉克.奥巴马参议员星期二谴责他在芝加哥多年的赖特牧师所做的煽动性言论,寻求以此来减轻酝酿中的政治争议。奥巴马在费城发表的关于美国种族问题的讲话中做出了上述。Senator Obama condemned racially charged comments made by Reverend Wright in some of his sermons, calling his view of the ed States profoundly distorted. 奥巴马参议员谴责了赖特牧师在布道中所做的一些充满种族色的,说他对美国的看法严重地扭曲。Over the years, Reverend Wright accused the U.S. government of being the source of the AIDS virus and said the 2001 terrorist attacks on the ed States were retribution for U.S. foreign policy. 多年以来,赖特牧师谴责美国政府是艾滋病的根源,并说2001年美国遭受的恐怖袭击是对美国外交政策的报复。Obama is seeking to become the first African-American president and said Wright's comments offended both blacks and whites and have the potential to widen the racial divide in America. 奥巴马正在寻求成为美国的第一位非洲裔总统。他表示,赖特的既伤害了黑人,也伤害了白人,有可能会在美国进一步扩大种族分歧。"Did I know him to be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreign policy? Of course," Obama said. "Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes. Did I strongly disagree with many of his political views? Absolutely, just as I am sure many of you have heard remarks from your pastors, priests or rabbis with which you strongly disagreed." 奥巴马说:“我是否知道他偶尔会强烈地批评美国国内和国际政策呢?当然知道。我在教堂里是不是曾经听到过他发表可以被认为是有争议的观点呢?听到过。我是否非常强烈地不同意他的很多政治观点呢?绝对是。就像我肯定你们当中有很多人听到自己的牧师、神父或者教士的观点也非常强烈地表示难以苟同是一样的。”Wright retired recently and was known for fiery sermons, like this one in 2003 that focused on what he believed were U.S. government efforts to mistreat blacks. 赖特最近退休,他激烈的布道是出了名的,就像2003年他关注他所认为的美国政府虐待黑人那样。"The government gives them drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing God Bless America," Wright said. "No, no, no, not God Bless America, God damn America! That is in the Bible for killing innocent people. God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human!" 赖特说:“政府给他们毒品,建造更大的监狱,通过了从严的惯犯法,然后还想让我们高唱上帝保佑美国。不,不,不。不是上帝保佑美国,是上帝谴责美国!圣经中有关于杀害无辜的记载,上帝谴责美国,因为它对待我们的公民不像对待人那样。”Obama met Wright more than 20 years ago and described him as someone who helped introduce him to his Christian faith. 奥巴马20多年前就认识了赖特,他说是赖特把他引上了基督徒的道路。Despite his criticism of Wright's racially-tinged comments over the years, Obama said he will not disown his former minister. 尽管他批评了赖特多年来富有种族色的,奥巴马说,他不会抛弃他过去的牧师。"As imperfect as he may be, he has been like family to me," Obama said. "He strengthened my faith, officiated my wedding and baptized my children. I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother." 奥巴马说:“尽管他可能不够完美,但他曾像我的家人一样。他加深了我的信仰,主持了我的婚礼,为我的孩子行洗礼。我无法脱离他,就像无法脱离我的黑人社区一样。我无法脱离他,就像我无法脱离我的白人祖母一样。”Obama also attempted to spark a frank discussion of race as an issue in U.S. politics. Obama acknowledged that blacks and whites had different views of the state of the problem, but said the answer was openly confronting those differences to bring the country together. 奥巴马还试图要激发一次关于种族的坦诚讨论,种族问题是美国政治中的一个问题。奥巴马承认黑人和白人对问题的状态有不同的观点,但是他说,是,公开地面对这些分歧,把国家团结起来。"I would not be running for president if I did not believe with all my heart that this is what the vast majority of Americans want for this country," Obama said. "This union may never be perfect, but generation after generation has shown that it can always be perfected."The controversy over Wright's comments has been a major distraction for the Obama campaign in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination with Senator Hillary Clinton. 有关赖特牧师言论的争议在奥巴马和克林顿参议员竞争民主党总统候选人提名的选战中成了对他的主要干扰。Obama and Clinton next face off in the Pennsylvania primary on April 22. A new poll gives Clinton a 12 point lead in Pennsylvania as she tries to overcome Obama's continuing lead in the delegate count. 奥巴马和克林顿下一次的竞争是4月22号在宾夕法尼亚州的初选。新的民意调查显示,克林顿在努力克奥巴马在党代表名额上持续领先的局面时,她目前在宾州领先12个百分点。200803/31230探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 06When the results came down from the telescope he saw something that was completely unexpected. The picture from the active galaxy where he hoped to find a black hole was unable. NGC 1068 was just too far away for the telescope to get a clear picture. The surprise came from Andromeda, the quiet, normal galaxy right next to us.I was astonished when I found what I was looking for, but not where I was looking for it. This jog in this dark band shows that on one side the stars are moving very rapidly away from us at 150 kilometers a second which is 500,000 kilometers an hour.Dressler thought there could only be one thing that would cause the stars to move this fast: a supermassive black hole and he wasn't alone. Fellow Nuker John Kormendy had found exactly the same thing.The moment I could see that wiggle, so I knew essentially instantly that there was a very good chance this would be a supermassive black hole. When you see something like that, you know you are on to something.They'd found evidence of the most terrifying force in nature. But worryingly it wasn't in some far-off active galaxy. This supermassive black hole was in the very ordinary galaxy right next door to us.Andromeda seemed to have a black hole but no bright quasar.If there was a supermassive black hole, why wasn't it shining? That suggested that there was not stuff falling in. Maybe lots of galaxies could have a dormant phase where they had a supermassive black hole but they weren't being fed so they weren't shining.A few theorists had predicted this very thing: supermassive black holes could exist in two states.wiggle: move with short movements up and down or from side to side.be on to something: have an idea that is likely to lead to an important discoverydormant: temporarily inactive200807/45205

  Obama Wins Oregon Primary, Declares Nomination 'Within Reach'奥巴马放眼大选克林顿不放弃竞选   Hillary Clinton won the Kentucky primary election, Tuesday, by a margin of more than two to one, but Barack Obama won the race in Oregon and passed a milestone in the Democratic Party's presidential contest. Clinton has vowed to stay in the race, while Obama is looking ahead to the presidential election in November. 希拉里.克林顿星期二以超过二比一的优势赢得肯塔基州的民主党初选。同一天,巴拉克.奥巴马赢得了俄勒冈的初选,并在民主党总统候选人提名的竞争上跨过了一个里程碑。克林顿誓言要继续竞选,而奥巴马则放眼于11月的总统选举。Hillary Clinton won the Kentucky primary by 35 percentage points. According to exit polls, she did well among women and white voters.  希拉里.克林顿以超过35个百分点的优势赢得肯塔基民主党初选。根据在投票站出口所做的调查显示,克林顿在女性和白人选民中最受欢迎。 Barack Obama scored well among educated voters to win the primary in the more liberal West Coast state of Oregon. 在西岸自由派占优势的俄勒冈州,巴拉克.奥巴马得到了教育程度较高的选民的拥护。The primaries and caucuses determine the delegate count to the party's nominating convention, and Senator Obama celebrated another victory Tuesday as he passed the halfway point in committed delegates for the Democratic Party's August convention. Obama spoke in Iowa, where he won his first contest on a cold January night. 民主党的初选和党内基层会议决定参加民主党代表大会的代表人数,奥巴马星期二的胜利使他在8月民主党代表大会上持他的代表人数上超过了半数。奥巴马在爱奥华州发表演说,那里是他在1月一个寒冷的夜晚首战得胜的地方。"And, tonight Iowa, in the fullness of Spring, with the help of those who stood up from Portland to Louisville, we have returned to Iowa with a majority of delegates elected by the American people and you have put us within reach of the Democratic nomination for president of the ed States of America," he said. 奥巴马说:“今天,爱奥华州春意盎然,在从波特兰到路易斯维尔的持者的帮助下,我们带着美国民众推选的党代表的多数持回到了爱奥华,你们的选票让我们更接近了获得民主党总统提名的目标。”Speaking to her supporters, Clinton celebrated her lopsided win in Kentucky and promised that she will stay in the race. 克林顿参议员向持者讲话,庆祝她在肯塔基获得的压倒性胜利,并承诺要继续竞选下去。She said "This continues to be a tough fight, and I have fought it the only way I know how, with determination, by never giving up and never giving in." 克林顿说:“今后的竞争仍会艰难,我充满信心,以我所知的特有的方式竞选,不放弃,不屈。”Clinton is pegging her hopes on disqualified delegates from Florida and Michigan, two states not counted in the total because they broke party rules by holding their primaries early. She hopes to have their votes counted and their convention delegates seated. 克林顿希望拿回失去资格的佛罗里达和密西根的党代表票,他们的票数没有计入总数,因为这两个州提前举行了初选,破坏了民主党的规则。克林顿希望恢复这些选票的效力,恢复这两个州民主党全国代表大会上的席位。She promises to stay in the race through upcoming contests in Puerto Rico June 1, and Montana and South Dakota June 3. 克林顿保会继续参加6月1号波多黎各和6月3号蒙塔那以及南达科他州的竞选。"I'm going on now to campaign in Montana, South Dakota, and Puerto Rico, and I'm going to keep standing up for the voters of Florida and Michigan," she said. 克林顿说:“我现在就要到蒙塔那、南达科他和波多黎各展开竞选,我要继续为佛罗里达和密西根的选民说话。”Obama turned his attention beyond the Democratic primaries to urge unity against expected Republican candidate John McCain. He had words of praise for his fellow Democrat, Senator Clinton. 奥巴马开始把精力从民主党的初选转移,他敦促民主党人团结、抗衡共和党预期推选的总统候选人约翰.麦凯恩参议员。奥巴马对本党竞争对手克林顿也表达了赞誉之辞。"We've had our disagreements during this campaign. But we all admire her courage and her commitment and her perseverance. And, no matter how this primary ends, Senator Clinton has shattered myths and broken barriers and changed the America in which my daughters and your daughters will come of age and for that we are grateful to her," he said. 奥巴马说:“我们在竞选中有分歧,但是我们都钦佩克林顿的勇气,她的执着,她坚韧不拔的精神。不论初选的最终结果如何,克林顿参议员已经打破了神话,消除了障碍,改变了美国, 改变了我的女儿和你们的女儿们将长大成人的这个国家,为此我们要感谢她。”Both Clinton and Obama are wooing several hundred of the so-called super-delegates -- party officials and officeholders -- who remain uncommitted and have the power to support either candidate.  克林顿和奥巴马都在寻求几百位所谓的超级代表的持,他们是党内官员和民选官员,都不必承诺持特定候选人,有权在代表大会上投任何一方的票。Obama is the leader in another important race, for campaign contributions. He reported donations of million in April alone. 奥巴马在另一项竞赛中也占据了领先地位,那就是竞选筹款。有报导说,仅在4月份期间,他就筹得了3100万美元。200805/39720Afghanistan, Expansion to Top NATO Summit in Bucharest北约将讨论阿富汗局势及东扩问题  Leaders from the 26-member North Atlantic Treaty Organization hold their summit this week in Bucharest, Romania. Topping the agenda will be what to do to help stabilize Afghanistan and what additional countries NATO may invite to join the alliance.  北大西洋公约组织26个成员国的领导人本星期在罗马尼亚首都布加勒斯特召开首脑会议。议事日程中最紧要的问题是如何帮助稳定阿富汗的局势以及北约还可能邀请哪些国家加入这个国际组织。There have been dire reports in recent months about the situation in Afghanistan and warnings of potentially disastrous consequences if NATO does not pull together to send more troops and equipment.  有关阿富汗的局势,最近几个星期以来出现了一些令人担忧的报导,这些报导还警告说,如果北约不集中力量派遣更多的部队和输送武器,阿富汗将可能出现灾难性的后果。Afghanistan will be the main issue at the Bucharest summit and NATO spokesman James Appathurai told VOA in an interview that NATO members are expected to reaffirm their long-term commitment and to stress the importance of getting the Afghans and the larger international community more involved. 阿富汗问题将成为在布加勒斯特召开的北约首脑会谈上的首要问题,北约发言人詹姆斯.阿帕修雷在接受采访时对美国之音说,北约成员预期将重申他们长期的承诺,并强调让阿富汗人和国际社会更大范围参与的重要性。"NATO is not alone in Afghanistan, we should not be alone in Afghanistan, and we alone can not provide the solutions for Afghanistan," he said. "We need the U.N., we need the EU, we need the World Bank, we need the Afghans all to do more and we all need to do more together. The comprehensive approach will be to look at Afghanistan in a regional context. That includes very much a relationship with Pakistan and deepening our relationship with the new government in Pakistan as we go forward." 他说:“北约在阿富汗并不孤单,我们也不应该单独在阿富汗,只有我们自己并不能为阿富汗提供解决方案。我们需要联合国,我们需要欧盟,我们需要世界,我们需要阿富汗人民都来作更多努力,我们所有的人都需要共同作出更多努力。这种综合的方式需要把阿富汗放在一个区域环境中看待。这在很大程度上包括和巴基斯坦的关系,以及在我们的进程中加深我们和巴基斯坦新政府之间的关系。”Appathurai said NATO welcomes the expected announcement by France that it will send additional troops to Afghanistan.  阿帕修雷说,北约欢迎法国即将宣布将派更多部队驻扎阿富汗的决定。The summit will also focus on NATO enlargement - what countries get in and which ones get the nod of approval to begin the membership process.  本届北约首脑会谈也要关注北约扩展的问题,哪些国家可以加入,哪些国家获准开始取得会员资格的程序。"There are three countries in the Western Balkans that are aspiring to join. That is Croatia, Albania, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia," Appathurai said. "We will see in Bucharest if zero, one, two or three will get invitations. Georgia and Ukraine both made public their aspirations to enter the ante-chamber as it were, join the membership action plan, which does not mean membership, but they are on the membership track without any specific timeline for when they can get in." 阿帕修雷说:“有三个巴尔干西部国家有意加入北约,它们是克罗地亚、阿尔巴尼亚和前南斯拉夫的马其顿。我们将在布加勒斯特看到到底是零、一、二还是三个都得到邀请。格鲁吉亚和乌克兰两国都公开表示它们愿意成为准成员,加入成员行动计划,当然这并不等于是北约正式成员,但也是在‘没有明确时间框架的前提下最终将成为会员’的轨道上。”Albania and Croatia are widely expected to get a formal invitation to join NATO while the status of Macedonia is less clear. 阿尔巴尼亚和克罗地亚都被广泛期待获得北约正式邀请加入这个组织,但是马其顿的地位还不那么明朗。NATO enlargement has been a contentious issue at times, not only among NATO members, but also with Russia, which sees the expansion of the alliance eastward as a threat. 北约扩展的行动已经多次引发争议,不仅在北约成员之间,还和俄罗斯发生争论。俄罗斯将北约向东扩展的行动看成是一个威胁。NATO spokesman Appathurai says Russia need not worry, but should be brought into discussions on the issue. "It is true that Russia is concerned about this," he said. "Our point of view is the successive rounds of NATO enlargement have clearly demonstrated that NATO enlargement builds stability and security where it takes place. So we believe it is the right thing to do for all of Europe and that any other country, even outside of NATO, benefits from it. That being said, Russia has concerns. We should talk to Russia about those concerns and we do to try and assuage them."NATO leaders will get a chance to discuss the issue with outgoing Russian President Vladimir Putin, who will be at the Bucharest summit. 北约领导人将有机会和即将离任的俄罗斯总统普京讨论这个议题,他将前往布加勒斯特出席首脑会谈。U.S. President George W. Bush has said he is in favor of Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO. Germany and France are among the member states against the idea, fearing it would hamper efforts to improve relations with Russia.  美国总统布什已经表示,他持乌克兰和格鲁吉亚加入北约。德国和法国都站在反对这个想法的北约成员的一边。他们担心这会阻碍和俄罗斯改善关系的努力。 200804/33099

  Experts Say US Voters Withholding Judgment on Obama美选民意向未决 奥巴马小幅领先With less than 100 days until the U.S. presidential election on November 4, public opinion polls show most Americans disapprove of the job President Bush is doing and would generally prefer a Democrat to succeed him in the White House next year. But the polls also show that the presumptive Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama, is only slightly ahead of his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain. 距离11月4号美国总统大选只有不到100天了,民意调查显示,多数美国民众对布什总统的工作不满意,希望明年能有一位民主党人来担任下一任总统。不过,民调也显示,几乎肯定会获得民主党提名的总统候选人奥巴马参议员目前只是以微弱优势领先共和党对手麦凯恩参议员。Three months before Election Day, the presidential race between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain appears to be close. 离选举只有三个月了,奥巴马和麦凯恩之间的竞争似乎很激烈。卡伦·鲍曼是美国企业研究所研究公众观点的专家。"The structure of the race has been remarkably stable all summer," said Karlyn Bowman, who monitors U.S. public opinion at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. "In Gallup's national daily tracking [poll] for June and July, Obama has averaged a three percentage point lead over John McCain." 她说:“整个夏天,竞选格局一直非常稳定。根据盖洛普在全国范围内进行的每日民意测验,六、七两个月里,奥巴马平均领先麦凯恩三个百分点。”But many experts say that three points seems a small lead given polls that show Americans are weary of the Bush administration, increasingly concerned about the economy and generally favor Democratic approaches on many issues. 很多专家认为,美国民众普遍对布什政府感到厌倦、对美国经济日益感到担忧、多数人持民主党在很多问题上的立场。在这种情况下,三个百分点实际上是很微弱的优势。Quinnipiac University pollster Peter Brown says there is one main reason why many voters seem to be holding off in deciding between candidates McCain and Obama. 格林尼匹亚大学负责民调的彼得·布朗恩说,很多民众在麦凯恩和奥巴马之间迟迟不能作出选择,主要是出于这样的原因:"Candidly, I think this election is about Senator Obama," he said. "And he has a threshold to cross in order to close the sale. He is ahead. We know that. A number of voters are not sure yet whether they want to vote for him. They do not necessarily want to vote against him. In fact, voters want to elect a Democrat. They are just not sure they want Barack Obama." “坦率地说,我认为这次选举的关键问题是,是否选奥巴马。他必须跨越一个门槛,才能赢得这次选举;他目前领先,这一点大家很清楚。一些选民目前还不确定他们是否要投奥巴马的票。这并不一定意味着他们会投他的反对票。事实上,人们希望选一位民主党人,但是他们还没有最后决定是否要选奥巴马。”The McCain campaign is doing what it can to raise questions about Obama's experience and leadership capabilities. In effect, McCain is trying to define Obama for voters, and not in a positive way. 与此同时,麦凯恩的竞选班子在尽一切可能,对奥巴马是否有足够的经验和领导能力提出质疑。麦凯恩阵营实际上是在为奥巴马定位,而且不是正面的定位。It is a tactic that has been effective in recent presidential elections. Democratic candidates Michael Dukakis in 1988 and John Kerry in 2004 were unable to overcome Republican depictions of them as so-called tax and spend liberals from Massachusetts. Senator McCain has stepped up his attacks on Senator Obama in recent days on a range of issues, from his iness to be commander in chief to his stand on tax cuts and energy prices. 近几天来,麦凯恩在领导军队的能力、税收政策以及能源价格等问题上,加紧了对奥巴马的攻击。"Senator Obama says he is going to change Washington, but his solution is to simply make government bigger and raise your taxes to pay for it," he said. "We have been doing that for years, my friends, and it has not worked." 麦凯恩参议员说:“奥巴马参议员说他要改变华盛顿,但是他提出的解决方式只是要让政府机关膨胀,提高税收,来持庞大的政府。朋友们,这种做法已经实施多年了,可是它根本行不通。”Polls show voters generally prefer Obama to handle the weakened U.S. economy, but place more trust in McCain to handle the war in Iraq and national security in general. 民调显示,选民们更愿意让奥巴马来管理美国经济,不过在伊拉克以及各种国家安全问题上,他们更信任麦凯恩。"The question of whether Obama is a suitable commander-in-chief is one which I think voters will continue to mull over the course of the campaign," said Michael Barone, a Washington-based political analyst and author. "He is clearly at a disadvantage to John McCain on this dimension at the moment."For his part, Senator Obama is trying to depict Senator McCain as someone who would continue the policies of President Bush, mindful of public opinion surveys that strongly suggest Americans are looking for change this election year. 而奥巴马则在把麦凯恩描述成要想继续布什总统的政策。奥巴马认为,民意调查强烈显示,美国人希望这个选举年能带来变化。In recent speeches, Obama has become more forceful in rejecting McCain's attacks and a television ad that compares Obama's celebrity status with pop culture icons Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. 奥巴马在最近的演讲当中,更强有力地反击了麦凯恩的攻击。麦凯恩阵营在一份电视广告里,把奥巴马在公众心目中的形象说成是和流行歌星布兰妮·斯皮尔斯以及扉闻人物帕丽丝·希尔顿同出一辄。对此,奥巴马予以反击。"They know their [Republican] ideas are used up, he said. "That is why they are spending all their time talking about me. And that is why they are spending all their time trying to convince you that I am a risky choice. But the real risk is doing the same thing." 他说,“共和党人知道他们已经没有什么新招数了,所以就把全部时间和精力都用来谈论我,把我说成是一个风险系数很大的选择。但是,实际上,维持现行政策才是最大的风险!”Obama and his supporters had hoped his recent trip to the Middle East and Europe would bolster his credentials in foreign policy and national security issues. 奥巴马阵营本来希望他最近出访中东和欧洲地区能够为他在处理外交政策和国家安全问题的能力方面树立良好的形象。But Quinnipiac pollster Peter Brown says that so far, there is little evidence to suggest that Obama got much of a public relations boost, or bounce, out of his trip.  不过,格林尼匹亚大学的民调专家彼得·布朗恩说,到目前为止,没有据显示,奥巴马的这次外交之旅,在公关方面有很大收获。Senator Obama had a good trip by all accounts to the Middle East and Europe," he said. "He met with leaders. They said nice things about him. He drew a huge crowd in Berlin. But he may have been making friends in Berlin, Germany, but he may not be doing as well in Berlin, New Hampshire.To many experts, the 2008 race is starting to look like the election of 1980 between President Jimmy Carter and his Republican challenger Ronald Reagan. 在很多专家看来,2008年的美国总统大选有点像1980年民主党人卡特和共和党人里根之间的竞争。Analyst Norman Ornstein says like this year, voters were in a sour mood in 1980 and looking for change, but unsure about putting Reagan in the White House. 分析人士诺尔曼·欧恩斯坦说,像今年一样,1980年的那次选举,人们也是对现状不满,盼望着变革,但是不能确定是否应该让里根入主白宫。"And I believe fundamentally that in 1980, the election was all about Ronald Reagan," he said. "People did not want another four years of Jimmy Carter. But they were not clear or comfortable for much of the way with whether Reagan got over the bar of acceptability to be commander in chief and president of the ed States." 欧恩斯坦说,“我认为,1980年的选举,归根到底,是要不要选里根。人们不希望卡特再执政四年,不过人们对里根是否能够胜任三军司令和美国总统一职,也有很多顾虑。”Could 2008 be a repeat of 1980? Public opinion analyst Karlyn Bowman says we should have a better idea after the major party political conventions in late August and early September. 2008年的总统大选会不会是1980年大选的重演呢?美国企业研究所的鲍曼女士说,等到民主党和共和党八月底、九月初的提名大会之后,局势将进一步明朗。"The last time we had an open contest, in 2000, around 60 percent of those surveyed by the University of Michigan said that they made up their minds at [during] the convention or after it," she said. "Of the candidate's supporters, one quarter still say that they could change their minds. So stay tuned." 她说,“上一次、也就是2000年大选,在竞争结果不明朗的情况下,接受密西根大学民调的选民当中,大约有60%说,他们是在提名大会期间或者是在那之后,才做出决定的。目前,选民当中,有四分之一的人说,还没有最后决定选谁。所以还要再等等看。”Experts do seem to agree that Obama does have one advantage over McCain at the moment - Democrats seem much more energized to turn out and vote this year than Republicans. 专家们似乎一致认为,奥巴马目前在一个问题上比麦凯恩要占有优势,那就是,民主党人比共和党人的选举热情更高,因此他们到时候投票可能会更踊跃。200808/45402


  US Military Seeks New Afghanistan Strategy美国军方谋求新的阿富汗战略  The top U.S. military officer says he has ordered the development of a new, more comprehensive strategy for the war in Afghanistan, including a plan to shift U.S. forces from Iraq to Afghanistan, announced by President Bush on Tuesday. 一位美军高级官员说,他已经下令在阿富汗战场上运用一种新的、更全面的策略,包括布什总统星期二宣布的把一部分驻伊美军部队调遣到阿富汗的规划。Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen says the decision to continue a slow reduction of U.S. forces in Iraq is justified by reduced violence and the increased capability of the Iraqi security forces. He says any risks created by the U.S. drawdown are "acceptable."  美军参谋长联席会议主席马伦上将说,美军决定继续从伊拉克缓慢撤军是因为伊拉克暴力活动下降以及伊拉克安全部队的能力有所增强。他说,任何由于美军兵力下降所产生的威胁都是“可以承受的”。But he indicated to the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives that he is more concerned about the situation in Afghanistan.  但他向众议院军事委员会表示,他对阿富汗的局势更加担忧。"I am not convinced we are winning yet in Afghanistan, I am convinced we can," Mullen said. "That is why I intend to commission, and I am looking at, a new, more comprehensive military strategy for the region that covers both sides of that border."  “我不能确信我们已赢得阿富汗战争的胜利,但我认为我们能赢。这就是为什么我打算、而且在寻找一个新的、更加全面的、可以涵盖巴阿边境两侧地区的军事战略。”Admiral Mullen said security in Afghanistan and Pakistan are "inextricably linked" because of what he called "a common insurgency" on both sides of their border. He said military force is not enough to win in Afghanistan, and he called for a broad Afghan and international effort to improve governance and economic development. But he said more troops are also needed, even beyond the deployment President Bush announced Tuesday.  马伦上将说,阿富汗和巴基斯坦的安全形势不可分割地联系在一起。他说,这是因为是“同一股叛乱分子”在边境两侧活动。他说,军事行动本身是不足以在阿富汗取得胜利的。他呼吁开展一个广泛的阿富汗和国际间的合作,以努力提高阿富汗政府的统治能力和经济发展。但他说,尽管布什总统星期二宣布了向阿富汗增派部队,阿富汗仍需要更多的部队。马伦说:"They are a good and important start," Mullen said. "Frankly, I judge the risk of not sending them too great a risk to ignore. My expectation is that they will need to perform both the training mission and the combat and combat support missions simultaneously until such time that we can provide additional troops. And I can not say at this point when that might be."  “这是一个良好而且重要的开端。坦率地讲,我断定不增援的风险太大,不容忽视,他们将要同时执行训练任务、战斗使命及战斗援任务。但在此时此刻,我还不能确定我们什么时候可以派增援部队。”President Bush said he will send about 4,500 troops to Afghanistan by February, but with other U.S. forces scheduled to leave the result will be a net increase of only about 15,000. The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan has asked for 10,000. 布什总统说,他将在2月份前向阿富汗派遣约4千5百名美军。但因为还有一些驻阿美军会离开,在阿富汗的美军人数实际上将只净增1千5百人。美军和北约驻阿富汗最高指挥官一直要求增派1万人的兵力。At the same hearing where Admiral Mullen spoke, Defense Secretary Robert Gates cautioned against withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq too quickly in order to address the need in Afghanistan, and the desire to give the troops more rest time between deployments.  在马伦上将讲话的听会上,盖茨国防部长提醒说,不能为了应对阿富汗的需要而过快地撤出驻伊美军,他也表示希望在调动前给予美军更多的修整时间。盖茨说:"I worry that the great progress our troops and the Iraqis have made has the potential to override a measure of caution born of uncertainty," Gates said. "Our military commanders do not yet believe our gains are necessarily enduring. And they believe that there are still many challenges and the potential for reversals in the future."  “我担心我们和伊拉克部队所取得的成绩还不足以排除所有不确定因素。我们的指挥官并不认为我们取得的进展必然是持久性的。他们相信他们仍面临很多挑战,而且未来情况发生逆转的可能性依然存在。”Secretary Gates said the conflict in Iraq has undergone a "fundamental change," but he repeated his view that the ed States and its allies must now "get the end game there right." The secretary is so concerned that he made a rare statement, for him, that could be interpreted as injecting his views into the presidential election campaign, where the U.S. troop commitment in Iraq is a major issue.  国防部长盖茨说,在伊拉克的战争正经历“根本性的变化”,但他重申美国及其盟国现在必须“妥善做好结束工作。”盖茨对局面如此担心以至于发表了他很少发表的,人们可能会把有关解读为他把自己的观点注入总统竞选运动中,而美军在伊拉克的行动是本次总统大选的一个重要议题。盖茨说:"I would urge our nation's leaders to implement strategies that while steadily reducing our presence in Iraq are cautious and flexible, and take into account the advice of our senior commanders and military leaders," Gates said. "I would also urge our leaders to keep in mind that we should expect to be involved in Iraq for years to come, although in changing and increasingly limited ways."  “我将敦促我们国家的领导人在从伊拉克逐步撤军方面采取一种谨慎、灵活的策略,并且考虑我们高级指挥官和军方领导人的建议。我还要提醒我们的领导人,我们在今后几年里还会继续参与伊拉克事务,尽管将会以不断变化、而且是日益有限的方式来参与。”Secretary Gates said although the country's top military leaders came at the question of Iraq troop levels from different perspectives, they all ended up agreeing to recommend the small withdrawal of 8,000 troops during the next five months that President Bush announced Tuesday, in order to ensure that security gains are not lost. 国防部长盖茨说,尽管美国军方高级领导人对美军驻伊拉克兵力水平上有不同看法,他们最终都一致建议,如同布什总统星期二所宣布的,在今后5个月内从伊拉克撤出一小部分部队,目的是确保不会失去在伊拉克安全形势方面取得的成绩。200809/48208



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