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佛山割包皮哪个医院较比较好Executive pay高管薪资The final reckoning死后算账When bosses die in office, their true value is revealed经理意外翘辫子了,他们的真正价值才浮出水面Worth every penny 一分钱一分货IN HIS book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, Thomas Piketty argues that it is impossible to find an “objective basis” for the high salaries of senior executives in terms of their individual productivity: they pay themselves such exorbitant sums simply because they can. However, in a forthcoming paper in Management Science, an American journal, two academics claim to have found such an objective measure, and conclude that most bosses are not overpaid.托马斯·皮克提在他的《二十一世纪的资本论》一书中有这样的论述,即就高级管理人员的的个人生产力而言,实在是找不到他们能获得高额薪水的“客观依据”:他们为自己开出这么高的薪水,纯粹就是因为他们有权力这么做。然而,在即将发表在《管理科学》的一篇论文中,两位学者宣称他们发现了一种客观的衡量标准,并由此得出大多数高管的薪水并没有多付。In their study, Bang Dang Nguyen of the University of Cambridges Judge Business School and Kasper Meisner Nielsen of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology looked at how firms shares react when the chief executive or another prominent manager dies suddenly. They identified 149 cases of this happening at American companies between 1991 and 2008.该论文的作者分别是贾吉商学院的Bang Dang Nguyen和香港科技大学Kasper Meisner Nielsen,他们研究着眼于当企业的总经理或其他高管意外死亡后公司股价的变动情况。他们从1991至2008年间的美国公司中甄选出了149家发生此类情况的公司进行研究。They deem a boss to be overpaid if he gets more than his peers at firms of a similar type and size, but fails to boost his companys stockmarket value by at least the amount of his pay premium. They then assume that when an overpaid boss dies, investors will expect his successors pay to revert to the average, and will mark up its shares in anticipation of getting back the excess amount they had been handing to the deceased.这两位研究者认为,判断一名总经理薪资过高的标准是:如果一名总经理的薪水高于与他所在公司同类型、同等大小公司的总经理的薪资水平,但他给公司市值带来的提升却低于其薪资的溢价。他们继续假设,若一名薪资虚高的经理去世,股东们会预计他的继任者薪资将回归正常水平,于是就可以收回原先由死者多占有的那部分财富,进而抬高了股价。So, if the shares rise on an executives death, that means he was overpaid; if they fall, he was not. By this measure only 42% of the bosses studied were overpaid; furthermore, those with the most eye-popping rewards were found to be giving the best value for money, as measured by the share-price slump when they passed away.所以说,如果一名经理去世后,其公司的股价上升了,那就说明该经理的薪资过高了;股价降低的话,则没有。依据这种判断方法,作为研究样本的总经理中薪资过高的比重只有42%了。此外,那些报酬高的令人咋舌的经理人,他们给公司带来的价值完全对得起他们的薪资—他们去世后公司股价往往会大幅下跌。The study also reckons that of the increase in value that results from a firm hiring an executive, he gets 71% and the shareholders therefore get 29%. In the sense that investors at least get some positive reward from the relationship, executives as a whole are not overpaid.研究还计算出,一家公司雇佣的高管为其创造的价值提升中,该高管获得其中的71%,其他29%则是股东的收益。在这场雇佣关系中,股东是受益方,从这一层面讲,整体上来说高级管理人员的薪资并不过高。Followers of Mr Piketty are unlikely to be convinced. They would say that even when bosses add more value than the amount by which their pay exceeds the average, they are still overpaid because the average is itself excessive; and that it is inherently indecent for bosses to get such a big share of the gains from their relationship with their firms. But at least the study has added a bit of light to a debate that usually generates little but heat.也许,皮特提的追随者们不会就这么被说。他们会说,即使高管们创造的价值要比他薪资高于平均水平的数额还高,他的薪资仍是不合理的,因为这个平均水平本身就太高了;而且,一名从雇佣者那里捞走在收益中的这么大一部分,这件事本身就不很光。但不管怎样,这项研究还是这个雷声大雨点小的争议领域的一场新雨。 /201409/327427顺德区妇幼保健医院电话号码是多少 佛山包茎手术总共要多少钱

顺德区男科大夫 Weightlessness and zero gravity are two different things. 失重和零重力其实是两种完全不同的概念。Think about it,the earths gravity keeps the moon in orbit. 想想看,地球的重力使月球绕轨运行。And astronauts are generally much closer to earth than the moon is, which means that the earths pull on them has to be much stronger.通常,宇航员其实比月球更为接近地球,这就意味着地球作用于他们的地心引力更强。While were on Earth, we feel our weight because, as the Earths gravity pulls us into its center, the ground pushes back against our feet.我们站立于地面上可以感受到重力,是因为地球本身的引力将我们拉向地心,但同时力又反作用于我们的双脚。When astronauts orbit the earth, theyre still subject to gravity, 宇航员绕地飞行时,他们仍然受到重力的作用。but theyre moving sideways so quickly that even though theyre being pulled towards the earth, theyre not getting any closer to the center of the planet. 但是由于他们始终侧向移动,而且速度如此之快,所以即使他们受到地心引力的影响,他们也并没有更接近地心。In other words, theyre basically in a state of constant free fall, and thats why theyre weightless.换而之,他们基本上是处于恒定的自由落体运动中,也就是他们失重的原因。It just gets weaker. 它只会减弱。And every object with mass, including you and me, has whats known as gravitational attraction. 每一个有重量物体,包括你我,都有万有引力。Although youre subject to all those forces, the Earths gravity masks their pull because the Earth is so large and so close.虽然所有物体都受到万有引力的作用,但是地球本身的庞大,而且我们离地球如此之近,这就使得物体的重力被掩盖。So moving away wont free you of the Earths gravity. 因而,离开地球并不能让你脱离地心引力的影响。All that would happen is that the Earths pull would be masked by the pull of some other object, like Mars.但有可能会是这样的情况,地球的引力会被诸如火星的物体所掩盖。 /201311/263577南海经济开发区人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱顺德区新世纪男科治疗睾丸炎多少钱



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