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南充市妇幼保健院口腔修复口腔正畸怎么样好吗成都中医药大学附属医院看儿童口腔牙病牙周炎牙龈炎价格广元市第四人民医院口腔科 Its shocking to realize that only 28 percent of American adults你们或许会惊讶于,只有28%的美国成年人have even a very basic level of science literacy,具备基本的科学知识,and this was tested by asking simple questions like,而测试用的问题都是非常简单的:;Did humans and dinosaurs inhabit the Earth at the same time?;例如“人类和恐龙是生活在一个时代的么?”and ;What proportion of the Earth is covered in water?;“地球表面有多少部分覆盖着水?”Once scientists became members of a professional group,一旦科学家变成一个专业的团体,they were slowly walled off from the rest of us.他们就开始慢慢的跟大众脱离了。This is the unintended consequence of the revolution that started with our four friends.这是我们这四位朋友开启革命时没有想到的。Charles Darwin said, ;I sometimes think that general and popular treatises达尔文说过:“我时常想到,通俗和大众的科普文章的重要性are almost as important for the progress of science as original work.;跟科学领域的原创工作应该是同等重要的。”In fact, ;Origin of Species; was written for a general and popular audience,事实上,《物种起源》面向的就是通俗和普通的读者,and was widely when it first appeared.并且在初次发表之后得到了广泛传阅。Darwin knew what we seem to have forgotten, that science is not only for scientists. Thank you.达尔文知道我们似乎忘记了一点:科学不仅仅是科学家的事情。谢谢。201610/471371四川牙齿美白的价格

四川新桥口腔医院半口全口种植牙多少钱VOA流行美语 22: couch potato; nutsMichael是个美国学生,在纽约上大学。他囊桓鲆?猛谴又泄?舐嚼吹睦罨?=裉霱ichael刚好在校园里碰到李华。李华会在谈话中学到两个常用语:couch potato和nuts。L:嗨,Michael, 你上哪儿去呀?M:I'm going to meet Jon at the subway. You've met Jon, haven't you?L:嗯,是不是上次在一次party上你给我介绍的那个带眼镜的人?M:Yes. I want to drag him out to do something. You know, he's such a couch potato.L:他是什么? Couch potato? 什么是couch potato? 他爱吃土豆?M:No, couch potato is an expression used to describe someone who sits in front of the TV all the time eating junk food, such as potato chips.L:噢,原来coach potato是指一个人老坐在电视机前吃零食。 这个常用语挺有趣。那couch potato是不是只能指人呀?M:Yes, it is only used to describe people, those who are lazy and unmotivated.L:噢,只能指人,指那些懒懒散散,没有动力的人。好,下回我就叫我哥哥couch potato。他老是看电视,一看就看到三更半夜,吃的东西撒在地毯上,沙发上,到处都是。M:My father's like that too. My mother is always angry with him. But he doesn't care.L:哟,你爸爸也是这样呀!要我是你妈,我也会生气的。M:But sometimes, after a really hard week at school, I also just want to collapse and be a couch potato.L:一个星期在学校念书实在很累了,回家当一回couch potato, 我想这还是可以的,只要不是每天这样就行了。M: Yes, I agree. Li Hua, would you like to join us? Jon and I are going to play tennis.L:你们要打网球呀,那太好了,我正在学打网球呐。M:That's wonderful. You know, some people think I'm nuts to have a friend like Jon.L:有的人认为你是什么? Nuts?Nuts不是花生,杏仁那样的果仁吗?你跟Jon交朋友跟吃花生有什么关系呀?M:No, nuts here means someone who is crazy.L:原来nuts在这里是说一个人做的事很怪。大概就象中文里说的:你疯啦!对吗?M:That's right. Jon can be rude, and he also argues a lot. Sometimes he does drive me nuts.L:他看起来不象会对别人无礼,爱跟人争论的人哪!你刚才说drives me nuts 是什么意思啊?M:Drives me nuts means he makes me crazy.L:噢,还可以说drive me nuts, 或者是drive someone nuts。嗨,Michael, 那天我上移民局去办手续,排队好长,我站了一小时,我真是火死了。我能说:They drove me nuts 吗?M:Of course. You know, my mother used to make me clean my room every night when I was in high school and that drove me nuts.L:你念中学的时候你妈妈每天晚上要你打扫房间?那是有点受不了。嗨,Michael,你认识我的朋友张红吗?M:Oh, yes, she is nuts. She spent 0 for a dress, and it's ugly.L:对,张红这个人是有点问题,化两百美元买件难看的衣。不过,Michael,你总是批评别人买的东西。 You sometimes drive me nuts too.M:Li Hua, I think you are learning these words too fast.今天李华学了两个常用语,一个是:couch potato,指那些常坐着看电视,吃零食的人;另一个是:nuts,就是说一个人不正常,做的事很怪。今天的[流行美语]就到此结束, 再见。 /200601/3093绵阳市第四人民医院超声波洗牙好不好 【中文这样说】如果你决心要在入学考试中成功,你必须加倍努力学习。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style——If you determine to make the grade in the entrance examination, you must work extra hard.American Style— If you are determined to make the grade in the entrance examination, you must work extra hard. /200604/6461川北医学院第二附属医院治疗地包天隐形矫正怎么样好吗

攀枝花市妇幼保健院美容冠要多少钱Thank you all. I will try not to make this too long. I know its wet out there. Its drier up here, so were luckier. But I truly want to thank President Bravman for that kind and very generous introduction. And thank you to the Board of Trustees, to the distinguished faculty and to the entire Bucknell community for this extremely warm welcome back home. If I had gotten such an overwhelming reception at my own graduation, I might never have left.To all of todays new graduates, your loving families and valued friends, congratulations to you all. Believe me when I tell you I share your Bison pride. This is your big day. And while it is the culmination of something very, very important, it is also the beginning of a lifetime of learning that lies ahead.Today also may be a day when, on the verge of leaving it, you fully appreciate this place the most. You suddenly recognize that youve had the thrill of spending these past years in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth – a lovely bubble in which you felt safe and protected.I remember sitting out there, even though it was 45 years ago, and during my own graduation from Bucknell, and wondering – What is this ‘real world that I keep hearing about? What is it really going to be like? Could it possibly measure up to the 4 years I spent at Bucknell? And how am I going to deal with it? I finally got used to this place!So, mixed in with your excitement there may be a healthy serving of fear. You know what? Thats normal. It suggests that you are pretty intelligent.But as you sit there, perched between your college days and your future life, there is one thing I want you really to know.You guys are y. You are absolutely y.The education that you got here, the people you met, the ideas you shared, the community that you were part of, you are y.Ready for what? Ready for all of it! For whatever comes. For life, a little bit more liberty, and most importantly – the pursuit of happiness.Happiness, you ask? Really? Happiness is that important?I believe it is.Today, wiser heads than mine here at Bucknell have generously given me a Doctor of Humane Letters. I want to offer very humble thanks for that. It means my parents, who God bless are still alive, can start bragging to all their friends that hes finally a doctor. Its a fulfillment of a lifelong dream – more specifically, my parents lifelong dream.Im sure many of you are feeling that today, as you fulfill one of your parents dreams.What makes this moment even sweeter for me is not only that I am a genuine honorary doctor, Im apparently a humane one as well – which actually may surprise a few of my show business colleagues in New York and Hollywood.But as I stand before you as a new, humane doctor, I cant help but reflect upon my long and twisty path to getting here.Let me tell you a story: When I was an undergrad an unmentionable number of years ago, as I said, my parents were emotionally prepared for me to go to medical school. And as a former pre-med student, I like to believe that I could have become a great physician – Dr. Leslie Moonves, MD.And I might have, if only one horrible thing had not happened to me sophomore year – and that horrible thing was organic chemistry. The chemistry people.As John Lennon once put it, “Life is what happens when youre busy making other plans.” Once Organic Chemistry happened to me, it was pretty clear these “other plans” were going to become very necessary. For better or worse, there would be no Dr. Leslie Moonves – at least not until today.So after I failed to make the grade in Organic Chem, I went from pre-med to undeclared and, more accurately, unfocused. And, like a few of you out there, I was not a perfect student here. Come on, you know who you are.If you would have asked my Bucknell classmates who would be standing here today giving this address, I guarantee you I wouldnt have been on the top of the list. In fact, its possible I wouldnt have even made anybodys list.I must say, for instance, that its great seeing from right here the outside of Bertrand Library today. I remember it well because thats mostly what I saw of that building when I went here. The outside of it.201607/453848 乐宁外教口语天天练No.51She's a pro at playing the pianopro意指 someone who's really goodat something/ a professionalShe's a pro at playing the piano她钢琴弹得非常好!谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200610/9538青羊区妇幼保健院超声波洗牙好不好成都镍铬烤瓷牙价格



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