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A guide to goodness良品导购Values for money价廉物良Want to know if a product is virtuous? Therersquo;s an app for that想知道一个产品是否货真价实?有个软件能帮你Someone spilled hypocrisy on aisle five有人在5号货架的走道上洒了虚伪产品AS HE applied sunscreen to his young daughterrsquo;s face, Dara Orsquo;Rourke, a professor of environmental and labour policy at the University of California, Berkeley, found himself wondering if the lotion was safe. He realised there was no ily available answer. The result;two years, a team of chemists, lots of testing and a chunk of venture capital later;is GoodGuide.com. Launched in 2008, this is a website and smart phone app that rates 140,000 consumer products (currently only in America) according to their safety, environmental sustainability and the ethics of the firms that make them. Now GoodGuide has created a new ;purchase analyser; app designed to inform consumers not just about the values embedded in products, but also about whether they are the virtuous shoppers they say they want to be.当加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校的环境与劳工政策教授多拉bull;欧罗克往他年幼的女儿脸上抹防晒霜时,他发现自己在怀疑这种防晒霜是否安全。他意识到这个问题没有现成的。历时两年,一批化学家进行了大量的测试及后期风险投资,成果是建立了指南网(GoodGuide.com)。这个成立于2008年的网站有配套的智能手机软件,它根据安全性、环境可持续性及生产厂商的道德操守对十四万种消费品(目前仅限于在美国的产品)进行了评估。现在,指南网已开发了一个新的;购物分析家;软件,此软件不仅旨在告诉消费者产品的内在价值,也旨在告诉消费者他们是不是自己所说的希望成为的良心购物者。Using the new app requires selecting a series of characteristics, which can range from whether the user favours organic products to buying only from firms with a good human-rights record. (It also rates how competitively things are priced, via a partnership with Price Grabber.) The consumer then scans the bar code on a product with the camera in their smartphone. The app identifies it and checks in a database to score how it shapes up.使用这个新软件需要对一系列特性进行选择,这些特性涵盖了从用户是否喜欢有机产品到只从人权记录良好的公司购买产品等方面。(通过与Price Grabber合作,指南网还能评估产品的定价有多少竞争力。)然后,消费者用其智能手机中的摄像头扫描产品上的条形码。软件识别条形码并在数据库中进行检索,从而为产品评分。Much therefore depends on the quality of the data, which GoodGuide gathers from various sources, including government reports and scientific studies, and research by its own staff. If the product scores badly, the app will recommend an alternative item which is rated more highly. The app also tracks a consumerrsquo;s purchases to see how well they fit with their selected values, giving a sort of personal virtue (or hypocrisy) rating.因此,评分结果在很大程度上取决于数据的质量,这些数据是指南网从各处搜集而来的,来源包括政府报告、科学研究及其员工所作的调查。如果产品得分很低,软件就会推荐另一种得分更高的替代产品。软件还会追踪消费者的购物记录,看看他们的购物行为在多大程度上符合自身赞同的购物观,然后给出一种个人的购物美德度(或虚伪度)等级。So far, GoodGuide has mostly been used by shoppers who are aly keen to know about any issues connected with products they buy. They are mothers concerned about a childrsquo;s health, older people facing a chronic illness or supporters of a cause, such as animal rights. The hope behind the app is that the idea of finding out about a productrsquo;s background will become mainstream.到目前为止,使用指南网的大都是这样的购物者:他们已热衷于了解任何关于其购买的商品的问题。他们是关心子女健康的母亲、身患慢性疾病的老年人和某项事业(如维护动物权利)的持者。这个软件背后的期望是:;查清一种产品的背景信息这个理念;会变成主流。Consumers rarely change their buying habits, even when confronted with scientific and other data, says Mr Orsquo;Rourke. So he has drawn on insights from behavioural economics, which show shoppers can be greatly influenced by peer pressure and by information passed on to them by people they know. The app tries to take advantage of these pressures. The virtue rating will inform a consumer how well they are doing according to the values which they espouse. That measurement gives an incentive to do better. Soon, the rating will be able to be shared with others on social-media sites such as Facebook, which could inspire (or pressurise) a shopper to consume more thoughtfully. It might even, believes Mr Orsquo;Rourke, turn being a good shopper into an online game.欧罗克先生说,即使面对科学数据和其他数据,消费者都几乎不会改变他们的购物习惯。于是他利用了行为经济学的观点来开发这个软件。这些观点表明,同辈压力及购物者认识的人传递给他们的信息都能对购物者产生很大的影响。这个软件尝试利用这些压力。购物美德度评估会根据购物者所赞成的购物观来告知他们其购物表现如何。这种评估会促使购物者改善其购物行为。很快,人们就能够在如脸谱网(Facebook)的社交媒介中与别人分享这种评估,这将鼓励(或施压)购物者更加理性地消费。欧罗克先生认为,这个软件可能甚至会将;做一个优秀的购物者;变为线上游戏。hypocrisy n.伪善lotion n.化妆水embedded adj.植入的database n.数据库chronic adj.慢性的, 习惯性的confront v.遭遇201111/162129Fasion at Emmys A look at what the stars were wearing at the 60th Emmy ceremony. It’s a big thing, take the pictures when everyone’s walking and GMA’s own fashion cop and ambassador of fun Terren Winterberg was there and she’s at the New York Theater when in the latest morning, Terren.Look in good Terron, look in good.Yea, sure.Woo, thank you. I like the sound that like fashion cop. Fashion cop.Very cool, the good news is I didn't, fashion carp, the good news is I did not make any rest last night, but it is the biggest night of the television industry. But everybody knows what really matters, it’s all about the fashion. Take a look at the red carpet / recap. The red carpet was in a word, bright. I thought yellow was gonna be a little risky, but apparently I mistake.The sun was shining. It’s very warm.I am melting, but it’s worth it. And the jewelry, sparkling. Kind of looks like a grape .It’s good enough to eat, but it’s not. It’s a kind of a grape that could tell you if you ate it, or if you losted it.But these fashions are no joke.Get to keep your mind when you dressing for this these things, what’s not gonna wrinkle, it’s not gonna show your penny line s. What’s gonna be floras from the beginning to the end of the night. To be try on 700 dresses at the end of the one just thing you need, you go if you like.Like my mom sums up when I look into the mirror, she says "OK, girl, you are right."Isn’t it hard to navigate in the carpet in New York ceremony with this behind you.It’s allowed me to turn around, it’s not pretty, but that’s not //you just have to pretend you do this everyday. I wear this to bed. Ah, and just like Brooke, I too wore my warm emmy dress to bed. No actually, I 've dressed up all night, but the greatest part is I think that everybody play it pretty safe on the red carpet, but that means they really wore any fashion Misses. But I do want to mention the guys, the guys side the joy. Because they can be put the fashion forward. Who’s suck out to me was pd, he’s wearing a velvet bow tie, a velvet lapel and even a velvet shoes. Sort of that was pretty unique, guys back in New York. What is it? Velvet?Taking notes,Velvet tie, velvet shoes. What was your favourite?Yes, I /What was your favourite?Er,, my favourite, I would say it was // yellow, one shoulder. I thought she looked so elegant and it just fit her like a // which is absolutely stuning. What was yours?Er.. I really did like//. I like //her shirt was really./Her figure is amazing, and // looks great every year.Every year. But we got to say, yeah, it was beautiful, what’s on the big hair? Cathy //, what’s up with the big, big hair. I know.You know it’s funny you ask that. It’s she looks like Marshall Cross that she said it was an inspiration.///200810/54444Brown-headed cowbirds are robin-sized black birds whose range covers most of North America. From a people’s point of view cowbirds are what we might call deadbeat parents. Cowbirds lay their eggs in the nests of other bird species, and the cowbird nestlings are raised by the foster parents. Since the cowbirds spend their formative months with birds of an entirely different species which has separate habits, songs, etc., “How does a cowbird know it’s a cowbird?” A good question, since singing the right songs and making the right moves are essential to establishing territory and attracting mates, it’s vital that one do these things right. One would think that the cowbird’s behavior would be “hardwired”, that it would just know what it is. But work done by Meredith West and her colleagues has shown that this is not the case.【生词注释】cowbird n.北美产的燕八哥robin-sized 知更鸟般大小的deadbeat a.游手好闲的formative a.影响发展的territory n.领地hardwired adj.天生的棕头色的燕八哥是知更鸟般大小的黑鸟,它便不再北美的大部分地区。在人们看来,燕八哥是游手好闲的父母。它将蛋缠在其他鸟类的我中,幼鸟是由其他鸟类养育的。因为燕八哥在发育阶段是和完全不同种类的鸟在一起生活,那些鸟的习惯和叫声都不一样。“燕八哥如何知道那是燕八哥吗?问得好,因为适当的叫声和合适的动作对于建立领地和吸引配偶来说都是基本的。燕八哥能正确地做这些事很重要。人们可能认为燕八哥的行为是“天生的”, 燕八哥天生就知道该如何做。但是Meredith West和同事的研究表明事实并不是这样。 201110/156432

Chinese financial scandals中国金融丑闻When it matters关键时刻Markets in China are barely fazed by scandal, unless the state is involved中国市场几乎不受丑闻影响,除非有政府干涉时Aug 20th 2011 | HONG KONG | from the Economist editionSHORT-SELLERS have been feasting of late on a crop of Chinese companies whose shares have collapsed on foreign markets amid allegations of deceptive accounting. Take Sino Forest, a forestry firm listed in Canada, whose shares slumped from C.30 () in March to as low as C.99 in June after a research outfit questioned its accounts (Sino Forest has denied the claims and has commissioned a review by an independent committee).在账目作假的指控声中外国市场上一批中国公司股票大跌,这让卖空者欣喜不已。如在加拿大上市的嘉汉公司,在一研究机构对其账目提出质疑后(嘉汉林业否认这一指控,并已提交由独立机构的出具的复查报告),其股票从三月的 25.30跌至七月的1.99.A sharp fall in a company’s share price after allegations of deceptive accounting is hardly unexpected, except perhaps in China. What matters in a scandal there is a little different from in most other places.公司在被控告账目作假后引起其股票的大跌是平常之事,或许在中国是例外。同大多数其他地区相比,在中国丑闻中的决定因素略有不同。A recent study by three academics* looks at several hundred scandals linked to companies traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges between 1997 and 2005. Their results are striking. Revelations of financial fraud and various other similar crimes, such as embezzlement and kickbacks, are not entirely irrelevant to a company’s share price. But to trigger the sort of collapse in a company’s stock, the loss of short-term financing and the managerial and board changes that occur in America or other developed markets requires another element in China: the involvement of the state.三位学者最近做的一份研究聚焦于近百起丑闻,这些丑闻涉及1997年至2005年期间在上海和深圳股票市场进行交易的公司。他们的研究发现引人注目。对财务诈骗和各种类似罪行,如盗用公款,收取回扣等的揭露势必对该公司的股票价造成影响。但如要引起一家公司股票的暴跌,除了短期资金的缺失,管理和董事会的变动,像美国或其他发展完善的市场发生过的那样,在中国还需要另一元素:即政府的参与。201108/150685

But Steven Jobs was increasingly gone and getting sicker.但是史蒂夫;乔布斯却逐渐淡出了人们的视野,他的病越来越严重。But he remained firmly at the head of his company.但他仍然是公司的决策者。We got really exciting staff to share with you.我们将和你们一起分享非常刺激的东西。Ah, before we do, I just want to mention this.啊,但在此之前,我首先想请各位注意一下这个。New fear set in, could apple be apple without him?新的恐惧即将来临,没有他的苹果还会是苹果吗?Occasionally the stock fell, prove positive that he and his company were one.有时股票下跌,这明他和他的公司已经融为一体。But Steve Jobs continue to plan for the future.但是史蒂夫;乔布斯仍然为将来作着打算。You works gonna fill a large part of you life and the only way be truely satisfy it is do what you believe its great work.你的工作占据了生活的很大一部分,唯一的办法就是相信你在从事着伟大的工作。The only way to do great work is to love what you do.做伟大的事情的唯一途径就是爱你所做的。词语解释:1. excite v. 激动2. occasional a. 偶然的164469

China's film industry中国电影产业Kung fu propaganda中国功夫的大肆宣传There’s a ton of easy money in praising the party 赞美共产党就可以轻松大量获利Jul 14th 2011 | HONG KONG | from the print edition THERE are two ways to make a box-office smash. One is to take an exciting script, hire famous actors, shoot a rollercoaster of a film, distribute it widely and market it deftly. This is the Hollywood way, and it worked pretty well for Harry Potter. 创造轰动票房记录的方法有两个:一是采用刺激的剧本、巨星演员、出色的电影拍摄手法、广泛发行以及成熟的市场运作。这是好莱坞方式,《哈利波特》就是靠这种方式运作的很成功。The Beijing way shares some features with the Hollywood way, such as hiring lots of stars and distributing the film widely. But the magic ingredient behind China’s latest blockbuster was one unavailable to the mightiest Tinseltown mogul. It was the power of the party.北京方式于好莱坞方式有些特征是相同的,诸如邀请很多明星以及广泛发行。但中国最新一部巨作中神奇的成份就连最伟大的好莱坞大师也无法做到,那就是共产党的力量。 “The Beginning of the Great Revival”, a celebration of the founding of the Communist Party, opened at every cineplex in China on June 15th, in time for the party’s 90th birthday. Competing films with a shred of drawing power were blocked, even the awful “Transformers 3”. Many state-owned firms ordered their staff to attend. Schools organised trips so that pupils could watch and learn from the exploits of a youthful Mao Zedong. Government departments deployed waves of bureaucratic bottoms to fill seats. Online reviews alleging that the masterpiece was rather dull were censored. Success was assured. 庆祝共产党成立的《建党伟业》于6月15日在中国所有电影城公映,恰恰赶上建党90周年。任何对观众有一丝丝吸引的竞争电影都被拖延,即使是《变形金刚3》。很多国有公司都组织员工观影,学校也同样组织学生们观影,让他们学习年轻时代毛泽东的丰功伟绩。政府部门安排一波波基层官员将电影院填满。网上声称该巨作很无趣的也被删除。影片成功得到保。201107/144849

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