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And one more thing I#39;m,there is a new study from我还有一件事 有一项新的发表在a journal Trends In Genetics. I don#39;t know基因遗传趋势的杂志上的研究 虽然我也不知道what it is either. But they suggest that humans它是什么 但是他们提出may be getting dumber, and get this they spell dumber with a ;b;人类可能越来越笨 并且 他们通过这一点 把b作为组成愚笨的字母Morons. Anyway.Umm.真是白痴 无论如何 嗯Some geneticists believe we no longer have the evolutionary need to be smart.一些遗传学家认为 从进化角度来讲我们不需要变得更聪明So we#39;re appearently humans lose intelligence as they gain所以很明显地 我们人类失去了一些智慧 就像他们所采访的reality shows about the toddlers wearing makeup.有关小孩化妆的真人秀and... But don#39;t worry we are still getting factors.然后 不用担心 我们仍在收集信息That we#39;re doing. we thought this study在我们所做的研究中 我们认为这个研究would be a good basis for one of our pedestrian questions.中提问路人的部分非常棒So we went out onto Hollywood Boulevard today.And we所以今天我们来到好莱坞大马路 并且我们ask a bunch of people on the street are you stupid在街上问一群人“你笨吗”Ok. And the way this works is好的 还有接下来的流程是We together will see a person introduce him or herself我们先一起看一个人自我介绍We#39;re all guess if they think they are stupid.然后一起猜他们是否会认为他们笨All right. It#39;s a yes or no. Let#39;s begin好的 是笨还是不笨 让我们开始吧we#39;re asking people on the street today.今天我们正在街上采访一些人Are you stupid? yes or no yes你笨吗?笨或者不笨 笨Almost everyone says yes,all right.几乎每个人都说;笨; 好吧Keep in mind this is in her opinion,all right?请记住这是她自己的观点 好吗?Here we go. yes. Yes,I am. OK.我们开始吧 笨 是的 我笨 好吧Uh,who else do we have?啊 我们的采访还有谁呢?What#39;s your name? Jeff corlons你叫什么名字?杰夫可伦Where are you from,jeff? Tulsa Oklahoma杰夫 你来自哪里?塔尔萨奥克拉荷马Jeff,are you stupid? no No.Yes.all right.Let#39;s see.杰夫 你笨吗?不笨 笨还是不笨 好吧 让我们接下来看Mostly yes. All right.Thank you ,Jeff.大多时候是笨的 好吧 杰夫 谢谢你Uh-huh,that#39;s all you need? Yeah, what are you, stupid? Yes,I am啊哈 这就是你所需要的内容?是的 怎么样 笨吗?是的 我笨Alright. Thank you enough. Next up.好的 非常感谢 下一个What#39;s your name,sir.Michael. Michael,where are you from?先生 您叫什么?迈克尔 迈克尔 你来自哪里?I#39;m from England.Michael,are you stupid? no yes我来自英国 迈克尔 你笨吗?不笨 笨And the glasses would indicate it no.But有学问的人会说不笨 但是who knows his opinion of himself is.Let#39;s find out.谁知道他自己的观点呢 让我们看看No. No,I#39;m not stupid. Why do you ask?I#39;m not stupid.不 不 我不笨 你为什么这么问?我并不笨Never have been.Maybe will be.过去从来不笨 可能将来会笨Superman,superman.oh,hoho That was really corlorful. Reactionary.All right超人 超人 噢 哈哈 那真的很精 很保守 好吧Hello,young lady.What#39;s your name?Aron graif你好 年轻的女士 你叫什么?艾绒格莱夫And where are you from? Umm,Hickory,North Carolina.你来自哪里?嗯 希科里北卡罗拉纳州And are you stupid? yes no Hey hey hey.Yes.Wow Take it easy. All right.你笨吗?笨 不笨 嘿嘿嘿 笨 哇 放松 好吗Sometimes.Yes, I can be and I make really stupid或许吧 是的 我笨而且我真的做了很傻的decisions.But it#39;s cool,because you only live once.yolo.决定 但是这很酷 因为你只能做一次 你只能做一次Oh,yes.But she is right. YOLO. Who else do we have there.噢 是的 但是她是对的 你只能活一次 接下来我们会采访谁呢What#39;s your name,sir.I#39;m john selse.先生 你叫什么名字?我叫约翰赛尔斯where are you from,john? Buffalo New York. Jone,are you stupid?约翰 你来自哪里?布法罗 纽约 约翰 你笨吗?Is jone stupid? No Everyone says no,ok?约翰笨吗?不笨 每个人都说不笨 是吗?No,not at all. What makes you not stupid?Oh book smarts.不 当然不笨 是什么让你不笨?What sorts of book do you ?你读什么样的书?Ahm,Whoreson:The story of a ghetto pimp嗯 私生子:一个贫民窟皮条客的故事Whore super ghetto pimp.Those do make him smart.超级贫民窟皮条客 这确实能够让他变得聪明All right.A recent study came out from Stanford University好吧 斯坦福大学最近出了一个研究saying that hunam beings aren#39;t as intelligent as they发现人类不如以前聪明了once were. May I Ask you a question.我能问你一个问题吗Are you stupid? YES This is very interesting. All right everyone says你笨吗?笨 这很有趣 每个人都说yes.I#39;m not stupid. I#39;m very intelligent Can you prove it? Umm.笨 我不笨 我很聪明 你能明这一点吗?嗯Sure,shoot,ask me a question. Are you stupid? I#39;m not stupid.当然 啊 开始问我问题吧 你笨吗?我不笨Alright,we have another. Are you stupid? no... wait a minute好吧 我们再看另一个 你笨吗?不笨...等一下Pretty,pretty sure that#39;s Casey Abrams from American Idol非常 非常肯定这是美国偶像亚当姆斯OK? Let#39;s see what he says好了 让我们看看他说了什么Yeah,I think,I think so.是的 我认为 我认为我是笨的I think,umm...Everything is there is a lot of things in the world that make you stupid.我认为 嗯...世界上有很多事会让我们变笨You know like Internet,TV and things.你知道像网络 电视和很多东西we would find him on the Internet and TV,didn#39;t we?我们将会在网络和电视上找到他 不是吗?all right.What#39;s your name,sir? Thomas.好了 先生 你叫什么名字?托马斯Thomas,where are you from? Kansas托马斯 你来自哪里?堪萨斯Thomas,are you stupid? Is Thomas stupid?托马斯 你笨吗?托马斯笨吗?Most people say yes,a couple of nos. No.大部分人说笨 有几个说不笨 不笨What#39;s your major? Umm,Kansas Oh,thank you.你是什么专业?嗯 堪萨斯 噢 谢谢Sometimes things are really going downhill at Harvard. Thank you so much很多时候哈佛是真的在走下坡 非常感谢 Article/201706/512374。

You has spent this past weekend at a water park, right? That#39;s right.你上周去了水上乐园玩,是吗?是的A water park is basically agreeing to go and just bathe in 1,000 other people#39;s filth. Yes, 100 per cent.去水上乐园是一家人的意思,但我们只是去呼吸了那么多游客呼出来的浊气。没错。So after a couple of hours, I was like I#39;ve got to get us out of here. I#39;ve got my two kids and my wife. I said we#39;re going.所以没几个小时,我就说我们得离开这儿。我叫上我的两个孩子和妻子。我说我们走吧We have to go. We have to find a changing room. We got to get the hell out of here.我们得离开这儿。我们要先去找更衣室。准备离开这个鬼地方We found that it#39;s so crowded and hot.这儿太挤了,天气又热。And there#39;s these changing rooms and there#39;s a long line for the changing rooms.然而更衣室就那么几个,而且都排着长队This is like the 19th line of the day. So I make an executive decision to be an...那大概是我们一天里要排的第十九次队。所以我立马决定——And figured out just to find a fitting room and forget about the line. I had to get my kids out of this place.我觉得我们必须先找到更衣室,我得让孩子们离开这里Shove them in the changing room. Get my wife, everybody in there. We closed the door.我把他们推进更衣室,又把妻子拉进来一起,关上门。And my kids go, daddy, daddy, daddy,然后孩子一直喊,爸,爸,爸and we look and on the floor there#39;s a discarded pair of women#39;s—women#39;s bottoms of a bikini我们低头一看,地板上有一件被遗弃的女式比基尼的下装,and right next to it is a full-sized human turd—旁边是一堆尺寸超大的人类粪便——I mean, the use of the phrase full-sized.“尺寸超大”这个词用的真是——So you know a child had nothing to do with it.孩子们跟这事是无关的。They were next to each other. You know they were part of the same story.些便便就在他们旁边,但现在就感觉这事像是他们干的一样But where did she go? She was out of there. She was gone.那掉这件衣的女人在哪?她早就离开了,不见了。And every time I had to get my kids dressed and every time I got down I was closer to it.我得给孩子们穿好衣,但每次蹲下来我就离那些便便近了一点儿。And the kids were like, no, no, no. And I was like yeah, we#39;ve got to get you dressed and get out of here.然后孩子们就,不要不要不要,我说,我要给你穿上衣我们好出去We#39;re just going to have to live with this turd for like seven minutes. Oh, god. That#39;s why you shouldn#39;t go to a water park.所以我们就和这堆粪便共处了大概有七分钟。天哪,就是因为这个你也不应该去水上乐园。If you looked like Wilmer Valderrama, you go to Wilmer Valderrama...if I looked like you...Are you kidding? Look how healthy he is.如果你长得跟维尔·瓦尔德拉玛一样的话,你就是咯...如果我长得跟你一样...你在开玩笑吗?看看他多健壮。 Article/201706/513094。

He smiled from ear to ear when he received this birthday gift.当他收到这生日礼物时笑得合不拢嘴。当中的smile from ear to ear是指因开心而笑得合不拢嘴,也可用grin from ear to ear。He grinned from ear to ear when his father gave him a new bike.当他父亲送给他一辆新自行车时他笑得合不拢嘴。 /200802/27383。

Fifty Shades of Grey How many of you saw this movie this week?《五十度灰》 你们这个星期有多少人看了这个电影啊?Set a record at the box office - earned 94 million dollars创造了9400万美元的票房记录。which is the biggest opening ever for the month of February并且是在二月份里首映票房最多的电影。I wonder how many people went to see that movie alone. Because I... the thing about it...我想知道有多少人是打光棍去看的这个电影。因为我在想......I cannot imagine any sentence more depressing than #39;1 ticket for Fifty Shades please.#39;我完全无法想象出比;请给我一张五十度灰门票;还要惨的话。But they expected they perjected it would make around 60 million dollars可是他们原本的预期是在6000万美元左右。It went way over that and I#39;ll tell you something不过他们远远超过了预期 而且我告诉你If these people who lined up to see this movie ever find out about Internet porn如果曾在网上找过小的人 在线观看了这部电影的话They#39;re gonna go nuts. You know we#39;ve been hearing a lot about this Fifty Shades of Grey.他们会美滋滋的 我们已经听说了很多关于五十度灰的事情The books, the movies lately. It#39;s a phenomenon. There#39;s no two ways about it.书籍,电影.这是现象级的So I thought it might be a good subject for tonight#39;s pedestrian question所以我认为这是在今晚平淡问题当中的一道好菜。We went out onto Hollywood Boulevard and we asked people a simple question. We asked #39;Are you kinky?#39; Ok?我们去到了好莱坞大道进行采访 并且问了他们一些简单的问题 ;你有性怪癖吗?;So here#39;s how this works. We#39;re gonna see somebody introduce himself of herself所以拭目以待吧。我们来看看他们回答的And then together as a group. We will try to guess if that person is kinky or says they are, alright?我们一起组个小组 我们试着来猜猜这些人的,好伐?Ok? Let#39;s begin. James from Riverside. Katelin from Riverside. Are you guys kinky?走你!来自河滨市的詹姆斯.来自河滨市的卡特琳 你们俩有性怪癖吗?Ok that was James and Katelin from Riverside Ok almost everyone says yes they are No.好吧,这是来自河滨市的詹姆斯和卡特琳 好吧,几乎所有人都说是的!不是No. Not really. Why not? Just not into that kind of stuff Not really不,俺可不是。为什么?我只是不喜欢这种调调。我也不喜欢Wait. Define #39;kinky#39;. Just into weird fvcking. No. No等等,解释下#39;kinky#39;就是那种很奇怪的啪啪啪 不不不不 并没有The weirdest thing he does is this Ok so you have it. Alright. Who#39;s next?最奇怪的东西就是 好啦,看了一个,谁是下一个呢?Julius from Arkansas. Hot Springs, Arkansas. Are you kinky? Is Julius...来自阿肯色州的朱利叶斯.“泉国家公园” 阿肯色州的著名景点。你有性怪癖吗?朱利叶斯.....Everyone says Julius is kinky. Let#39;s see. What? Are you kinky? Yeah I like doing some freaky stuff.每个人都说他有性怪癖,拭目以待。啥?你有性怪癖吗?有啊,我喜欢做些怪怪的事。Next up is Miranda Rawson. And I#39;m from Montana. Are you kinky?下一个是....我是来自蒙大拿的米兰达罗森 你有性怪癖吗?Alright how do we feel about Miranda from Montana? Well everyone says no好吧,我们感觉米兰达罗森有性怪癖吗?好吧,每个人都觉得没有Except for one woman who#39;s nodding very... Well, let#39;s see Yeah除了一位点头的女士。好吧,我们来看看。有!What#39;s the kinkiest thing you#39;ve ever done? Uh I had...你做过最怪的啪啪啪是什么?额,我曾经Those are my parents I had sex on uh.. It#39;s a Small World After All我父母在这....我曾经在,额....就是一个迪士尼小世界啪啪啪。Ah.. thier baby girl really grew up I would have liked to have seen the parents#39; reaction to that one. Next.啊....他们的宝贝女儿真的长大了。我是真的想看看他父母的反应,下一位!My name is Uzzi from L.A. Are you kinky? Is Uzzi kinky? Yes? Ok.我叫祖滋,来自洛杉矶。你有性怪癖吗?他有吗?是的?好吧。Am I what? Kinky Not really Why not? I don#39;t know Why are you holding cereal? I#39;m hungry我啥?性怪癖 不会的 为啥 我也不知道 你为什么拿着燕麦?我饿了.I#39;m eating it He#39;s not kinky. He#39;s munchies that#39;s what he is.我正在吃 他没有性怪癖,他就是一饿货,仅此而已。I believe we have another Lorren, Brentwood Are you kinky? Is Lorren from Brentwood...我相信还有 罗恩,来自布伦特伍德。你有性怪癖吗?这是来自布伦特伍德的罗恩Interesting. Everyone says yes. Okay. Sometimes What#39;s the kinkiest thing you#39;ve ever done?有趣,每个人都说她有,好吧。有时候吧 你做过最怪的啪啪啪是什么?Uh... I dressed up like a kangaroo once Cause he#39;s an Australian guy Australian guy额....我曾经穿的像个袋鼠。就因为那货是个澳大利亚人 澳大利亚人..Well that is the custom. The local cust. It#39;s not kinky. It#39;s just polite (that) is what it is.好吧,只能算当地特色,不算怪癖。这仅仅是出于礼貌,就是这样。I think we have one more Um Marcus Gliney. I#39;m from Kansas City, Missouri.我认为还有...我来自密苏里,我叫马库斯.盖里恩Are you kinky? Alright. Let#39;s find out. I am kinky How so?你有性怪癖吗?好吧,我们来一探究竟。我有性怪癖 从何谈起?Uh... I could show you better than I could tell you Ok let#39;s go Ok额,说不如做,我可以给你演示的。好啊,走就走。好吧。She called him on his kinkiness and then... We#39;re expecting a baby她看中了他的性怪癖,然后....然后我们期待着生一个小宝贝!It#39;s one way we bring people together Thank you for playing鸡毛秀是我们让大家欢聚一堂的方法。谢谢观看And thanks to all the kinky people for sharing that with us同时欢迎那些个有性怪癖的人跟我们一起分享你们的事迹。I#39;m Jimmy Kimmel Thanks for watching. It means a lot to me.我是鸡毛。谢谢你们的观看,这对我来说意味着很多。And if you#39;d like to take our relationship to the next level如果你还想观看我们的下一期节目Click the subscribe button below I#39;ll wait for you点击旁边的订阅按钮 我等你哟! Article/201706/514218。

Spray-painted subway cars, tagged bridges, mural-covered walls.喷满颜料的地铁 写满文字的桥梁 绘满图案的墙壁Graffiti pops up boldly throughout our cities.涂鸦在我们的城市中陡然盛行It can make statements about identity, art, empowerment, and politics, while simultaneously being associated with destruction.它可以展示人们对身份 艺术 权利 政治的看法而同时又被认为是一种破坏活动And, it turns out, it#39;s nothing new.这其实并不是什么新鲜事Graffiti, or the act of writing or scribbling on public property, has been around for thousands of years.涂鸦或者在公共物品上乱写乱画的行为已经存在数千年了And across that span of time, it#39;s raised the same questions we debate now: Is it art? Is it vandalism?随着时间的推移 同样备受争议的问题产生了 这是一种艺术 还是一种肆意破坏公物的行为In the 1st century E, Romans regularly inscribed messages on public walls,公元前1世纪 罗马人就常常在公共墙壁上刻写信息while oceans away, Mayans were prolifically scratching drawings onto their surfaces.而在大洋彼岸玛雅人也经常在墙面上画画And it wasn#39;t always a subversive act.涂鸦并不总是一种破坏行为In Pompeii, ordinary citizens regularly marked public walls with magic spells, prose about unrequited love, political campaign slogans,庞培古城里的普通民众也常在公共墙面上刻写咒语 单相思的情诗 政治运动口号and even messages to champion their favorite gladiators.甚至是留言给他们喜欢的角斗士加油Some, including the Greek philosopher Plutarch, pushed back, deeming graffiti ridiculous and pointless.以希腊哲学家普鲁塔卡为代表的一些人 反对涂鸦认为这是荒谬和毫无意义的But it wasn#39;t until the 5th century that the roots of the modern concept of vandalism were planted.不过 直到公元5世纪才出现了蓄意破坏公物这一现代概念At that time, a barbaric tribe known as the Vandals swept through Rome, pillaging and destroying the city.那时 一个叫做汪达尔的野蛮部落侵袭了罗马 一路劫掠 破坏罗马城But it wasn#39;t until centuries later that the term vandalism was actually coined in an outcry against the defacing of art during the French Revolution.几个世纪后 蓄意破坏公物一词才正式出现 用于反对法国文艺复兴时期毁坏艺术品的行为And as graffiti became increasingly associated with deliberate rebellion and provocativeness, it took on its vandalist label.而随着涂鸦 和蓄意反叛与挑衅之间的联系愈发紧密它也被贴上了蓄意破坏的标签That#39;s part of the reason why, today, many graffiti artists stay underground.那就是现在很多艺术家仍然不敢明目张胆地出现的原因Some assume alternate identities to avoid retribution, while others do so to establish comradery and make claim to territory.涂鸦者们改名换姓 有的是为了逃避责罚 有的则是为了联立同盟 划分活动范围Beginning with the tags of the 1960s, a novel overlap of celebrity and anonymity hit the streets of New York City and Philadelphia.从20世纪60年代开始 一种新的名人和匿名画家共存的形式在纽约和费城街头盛行Taggers used coded labels to trace their movements around cities while often alluding to their origins.涂鸦者在城市各处的作品上留下独有的标签来暗示自己的身份And the very illegality of graffiti-making that forced it into the shadows also added to its intrigue and growing base of followers.正式由于涂鸦的非法性使得其不得不隐藏在暗处这一点更加增加了涂鸦的神秘感 从而带来了越来越多的追随者The question of space and ownership is central to graffiti#39;s history.空间和所有权问题是涂鸦史上的核心问题Its contemporary evolution has gone hand in hand with counterculture scenes.当代涂鸦与反主流文化潮流并驾齐驱While these movements raised their anti-establishment voices, graffiti artists likewise challenged established boundaries of public property.后者吹响了反建制的号角 涂鸦者同样也挑战了公共财产的传统底线They reclaimed subway cars, billboards, and even once went so far as to paint an elephant in the city zoo.他们的画布扩展到地铁 和公告牌 甚至动物园里的大象Political movements, too, have used wall writing to visually sp their messages.政治活动也能利用墙上涂鸦来大胆地传播他们的信息。During World War II, both the Nazi Party and resistance groups covered walls with propaganda.二战期间 纳粹党和抵抗组织都在墙壁上写满了他们的宣传语And the Berlin Wall#39;s one-sided graffiti can be seen as a striking symbol of repression versus relatively unrestricted public access.而柏林墙的单边涂鸦使其鲜明区别于自由开放的普通出入口成为了压迫的象征As the counterculture movements associated with graffiti become mainstream, does graffiti, too, become accepted?随着跟涂鸦有着紧密联系的非主流文化运动成为主流 涂鸦也随即为人们所接受Since the creation of so-called graffiti unions in the 1970s and the admission of select graffiti artists into art galleries a decade later,graffiti has straddled the line between being outside and inside the mainstream.一直以来 涂鸦徘徊于主流的边缘And the appropriation of graffiti styles by marketers and typographers has made this definition even more unclear.而市场营销和印刷厂商对涂鸦风格的擅用则使得涂鸦的定位更加模糊The once unlikely partnerships of graffiti artists with traditional museums and brands,曾经看似遥不可及的传统物馆和品牌也开始向涂鸦艺术家敞开大门 寻求合作have brought these artists out of the underground and into the spotlight.这也将涂鸦艺术家带离暗处领到聚光灯下Although graffiti is linked to destruction, it#39;s also a medium of unrestricted artistic expression.虽然人们一想到涂鸦就会想到破坏这个词 但是它也是一种随意尽心的艺术表达形式Today, the debate about the boundary between defacing and beautifying continues.现在关于破坏和美化的分界点的问题人们仍然在争论不休Meanwhile, graffiti artists challenge common consensus about the value of art and the degree to which any space can be owned.同时 涂鸦者也在挑战着人们对艺术价值和空间所有权的传统认识Whether spraying, scrawling, or scratching, graffiti brings these questions of ownership, art, and acceptability to the surface.无论是以喷 乱涂乱画 还是刮的形式出现 涂鸦都将所有权 艺术和可接受性这些话题呈现在人们面前 Article/201706/512724。

零起点英语口语 第11讲 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200810/53319。

181. What are you doing?你在做什么?182. I'm ing a book.我在看书。183. What's your friend doing?你的朋友在做什么?184. He's studying his lesson.他在学习功课。185. I'm not doing anything right now.我现在没做什么事情。186. Where are you going?你到哪儿去?187. I'm going home.我回家去。188. What time are you coming back?你打算什么时候回来?189. I'm not sure what time I'm coming back.我不能肯定我将在什么时候回来。190. What are you thinking about?你在想什么呢?191. I'm thinking about my lesson.我在想我的功课。192. Who are you writing to?你在给谁写信呢?193. I'm writing to a friend of mine in South America.我在给南美洲的一个朋友写信。194. By the way, who are you waiting for?那么,你在等谁呢?195. I'm not waiting for anybody.我没在等谁。 /200604/6106。

Okay, I#39;m down.Bear, you all right?好的 我下来了 贝尔 你还好吗Sean, what#39;s going on?He#39;s good.He#39;s good?Lean back and put your weight on it. Down you come.肖恩 怎么样了 他没事 没事吗 向后仰 重心靠后 下来吧Nice and steady.This is a pretty scary situation.慢慢来 不要晃 这真是非常恐怖的情况I didn#39;t want to go down there. You feel very alone.我不想往下走 感觉孤立无援You just got to trust Bear and his experience.你只能相信贝尔 还有他的经验Okay, Joe! We got Sean down!Oh, man.好的 乔 肖恩下来了 老天啊Okay, we#39;re going down, Joe. Let#39;s go.下来吧 乔 来吧 This is really gonna push Joe,and will make him confront his fear of rappelling.这对乔来说是一大难题 他得面对他最怕的索降Who#39;s guarding the rope?You got me, Bear?我下去了谁看着绳子呢 贝尔 你能保护我吗I got you 100%, brother.All right. I trust you.我全力保护 哥们 好吧 信你That#39;s good. That#39;s good.Keep it coming.Lean back.好极了 好极了 就这样下来 向后仰I reckon you can walk down this,so lean right out like you did on that first granite rappel.我保你能安全下来 向后仰 就像你第一次从峭壁上下来一样That#39;s it. Lean right back. Right back.就这样 后仰 对了Hips forward, remember.Feet flat against the ice...not to the ice.记住 臀部向前 双脚平放抵住冰面 不要离开冰面Crevasses are scary places.And this is really challenging Joe.冰裂缝是令人生畏的地方 对乔来说无疑是个巨大的挑战He#39;s gonna have to put his fears to one side and put his confidence in me.他必须抛弃胆怯 对我充分的信任Good job, Joe.Oh, good stuff.Bear helped me.干的好 乔 确实不赖 贝尔帮了我I mean, he told me everything#39;s gonna be fine.他告诉我任何事都会好起来的But, you know, he#39;s been saying that all day.但你也知道 他整天都这么说And I have been fine,so I guess I need to start believing him at some point.而事实上我确实毫发无损 所以一定程度上我想我该相信他 Article/201705/511614。