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武汉去哪家医院割包皮好武汉市中心医院男科It wasn’t long ago that the main selling point of a piece of luggage was its durability — think American Tourister and its rather excitable gorilla.不久之前,行李箱的主要卖点还是耐用性——想想美旅箱包(American Tourister)广告里那只爱激动的大猩猩吧。Not for Kevin Harwood.凯文·哈伍德(Kevin Harwood)却不这么想。Like many travelers today, he is looking for technology to go along with durability. He stumbled across a carry-on bag controlled by smartphone — with a Bluetooth-enabled lock, GPS tracking and a USB port for recharging a device. It has a built-in scale, too.和如今的很多旅行者一样,除了耐用,他还追求科技含量。他偶然发现了一款可用智能手机操控的随身行李箱,它有蓝牙锁、GPS定位务以及可以给电子设备充电的USB接口。它还有一个内置秤。“I’m a little bit of a geek, always looking for products that extend from my phone, that connect my world and me,” said Mr. Harwood, a 30-year-old software developer from Austin, Tex.“我有点像极客,总是在寻找手机的延伸产品,把我的世界和我联系起来,”30岁的哈伍德说。他是得克萨斯州奥斯汀的一名软件开发工程师。Why should luggage be any different?行李箱为什么要有特别之处呢?At the crowdfunding site Indiegogo he was among the first to buy into a start-up called Bluesmart that is developing a connected bag. Mr. Harwood has plenty of company. Bluesmart raised more than million from more than 10,000 backers, far surpassing its goal.哈伍德是最早在众筹网站Indiegogo上持创业公司Bluesmart的人之一,该公司正在开发一款能与手机相连的箱包。有很多人想得跟哈伍德一样。Bluesmart从一万多名持者那里筹集了200多万美元,远远超出筹款目标。Bluesmart, which expects to deliver its first bags in October, is part of what has become a stampede of businesses — both start-up and established — into the nascent connected luggage industry.Bluesmart计划今年10月推出第一批箱包。一大批公司正在涌入新兴的智能箱包产业,既包括创业公司,也包括知名企业。On Tuesday, Samsonite will introduce a new line of GeoTrakR suitcases, containing a cellular-enabled baggage-tracking system from LugLoc, at the Travel Goods Association trade show in Las Vegas. Andiamo will introduce a new carry-on with a Wi-Fi hotspot, battery charger and other features.周二,新秀丽公司(Samsonite)将在的旅行用品协会(Travel Goods Association)展销会上推出新的GeoTrakR系列手提箱,它装备有LugLoc公司的手机操控行李追踪系统。Andiamo箱包公司将推出一款新随身行李箱,它具备Wi-Fi热点和电池充电器等功能。Delsey has been soliciting feedback since late last year for its Pluggage line of smart suitcases.法国大使箱包公司(Delsey)从去年年底开始征集对它的Pluggage智能手提箱系列的反馈意见。Even telecom companies are interested. ATamp;T is researching development of a smart bag, described in a YouTube posted last summer, that tracks a bag from airport to airport. Rimowa, a German luggage manufacturer, is jointly developing a smart suitcase line called Bag2Go with Airbus and Deutsche Telekom. The new bags, expected to be available next year, will interact with sensors in the cargo holds of Airbus aircraft to identify their location.甚至连电信公司也对此产生了兴趣。根据去年夏天发布在Youtube上的一段视频,ATamp;T电信公司正在研发一款智能手提箱,它能在机场之间追踪行李箱。德国行李箱制造商Rimowa正与空客公司(Airbus)、德国电信(Deutsche Telekom)携手开发Bag2Go智能手提箱系列。这些新手提箱计划明年上市,它们可以同空客飞机货舱中的感应器互动,以确定位置。“Adding electronic capability and communications to baggage makes a lot of sense,” said Frank Gillett, an analyst at Forrester Research. “What you’re seeing is the first round of innovation that will take time to evolve. The goal is to improve the travel experience.”“让行李箱具备电子和通讯功能很有意义,”弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)的分析师弗兰克·吉勒特(Frank Gillett)说,“你现在看到的是第一轮创新,它需要时间继续发展。目标是改善旅行体验。”Hanif Perry, a 32-year-old New York-based marketing consultant who also participated in Bluesmart’s Indiegogo campaign, said he liked its bag’s laptop pocket. The carry-on, he said, “is more purposefully designed for the younger traveler who carries all devices.”32岁的哈尼夫·佩里(Hanif Perry)是纽约的营销顾问,他也参与了Bluesmart的众筹活动。他说,他喜欢这种行李箱的手提电脑口袋。他说,这种随身行李箱“更针对携带各种电子设备的年轻旅行者”。Bluesmart is not the only luggage venture raising money through crowdfunding. Trunkster collected .4 million from 3,500 investors through Kickstarter, easily surpassing its goal. Jesse Potash, a co-founder, said it would release a carry-on and a suitcase in late summer.Bluesmart不是唯一一家以众筹方式筹集资金的箱包公司。Trunkster公司通过Kickstarter网站从3500名投资人那里筹集了140万美元,轻松超出筹款目标。该公司的联合创始人杰西·波塔什(Jesse Potash)说,该公司将于今年夏末推出一款随身行李箱和一款手提箱。Trunkster’s bags will have a tracking system, a scale and a battery with two USB chargers, Mr. Potash said, as well as a roll-top entry providing quick access.波塔什说,Trunkster的行李箱将配备追踪系统、秤、含两个USB充电器的电池,以及能快速打开的卷盖。The push for the connected bag solves one of the most vexing problems for travelers — lost luggage.智能行李箱的开发能解决最令旅行者烦恼的一件事——行李丢失。“The last thing that you want to have happen is an unwelcome surprise of a suitcase disappearing,” said Henry Harteveldt, travel analyst for Atmosphere Research Group. “This is peace-of-mind technology.”“行李丢失是人们最不希望发生的,这种意外特别讨厌,”大气研究集团(Atmosphere Research Group)的旅行分析师亨利·哈特维尔特(Henry Harteveldt)说,“这项技术能让人放心。”Need a speaker in your suitcase? Hontus Ltd. is slated to introduce its Space Case 1 smart luggage this fall through its Planet Traveler USA unit. Besides cellular-enabled tracking, features will include a digital lock, built-in scale and Bluetooth speaker, said its chief executive, Harry Sheikh.你的行李箱需要一个扬声器?Hontus箱包公司计划今年秋季通过它的星球旅行者美国分部(Planet Traveler USA)推出太空箱1号智能行李箱系列(Space Case 1)。该公司的首席执行官哈里·谢赫(Harry Sheikh)说,除了手机操控的追踪系统外,这款行李箱还有数码锁、内置秤和蓝牙扬声器等功能。Samsonite said its new line of smart suitcases, made of ballistic-weave nylon, would be in stores by late summer and come in four models.新秀丽公司说,它的新智能手提箱系列由防弹尼龙制成,将于夏末上市,共推出四个款式。Catherine De Bleeker, global marketing director for Paris-based Delsey, said her company planned to offer its Pluggage line of three smart bags in the first half of 2016, with a possible price of 0 for a 24-inch model; she said Delsey is still collecting feedback from the public about what features these should have.巴黎法国大使箱包公司的全球营销主管凯瑟琳·德·布勒克尔(Catherine De Bleeker)说,该公司计划于2016年上半年推出Pluggage系列,它包括三款智能手提箱,24英寸款的售价可能是600美元。她说,该公司仍在征集公众反馈,以决定让手提箱具备哪些功能。She also said that Delsey was exploring possible collaboration on the suitcases’ tracking capability with Air France, with which it aly has a licensing agreement for co-branded luggage, and with airports.她还说,公司正在考虑与法国航空公司(Air France)及各大机场合作,开发手提箱的追踪功能。该公司已获得生产法航联名行李箱的特许权。Travelers who want to track their bags but not replace luggage they aly own, or who are concerned about a suitcase’s embedded tracking system possibly malfunctioning, have another option: free-standing devices.有些旅行者想进行定位追踪,但是不想更换现有行李箱;也有人担心手提箱的内置追踪系统可能失灵,他们还有另一个选择:独立设备。Beside LugLoc — which uses Bluetooth and GSM technology and costs , plus additional search fees — there is Trakdot, whose GSM device texts and emails users the location of their checked suitcase when their plane lands and costs , plus an annual service fee of .比如LugLoc和Trakdot。前者用蓝牙和GSM技术定位行李箱,设备费70美元,搜索费另付。后者的GSM设备会在飞机落地后给用户发短信或邮件告知托运行李箱的位置,费用是50美元,外加20美元的年费。Franck Dubarry, founder of Lev Technology, said his company would introduce a Smart device this summer that will tell users where their bags are after flights. It will cost , plus activation and other fees.列夫科技公司(Lev Technology)的创始人弗兰克·迪巴里(Franck Dubarry)说,今年夏天他的公司将推出一款智能部件,它能在飞行结束后告诉用户行李箱的位置。设备费为99美元,外加激活和其他费用。To comply with regulations governing personal electronic devices, the tracking systems are generally designed to automatically shut down once they are stored and to automatically turn back on once a plane lands.为了遵守个人电子设备的管理规定,箱包追踪系统通常会在行李存放妥当之后自动关闭,飞机落地后自动开启。Experts say this new smart baggage represents just the first wave of this equipment.专家们说,这种新智能行李箱只是这类设备的第一波浪潮。“Products that make travel easier and better for customers quickly sp throughout the market,” said Michele Marini Pittenger, president of the Travel Goods Association. “To use recent examples, we’ve seen lightweight bags, expandable cases and four-wheeled luggage rapidly become the new normal,” she said.“让旅行更轻松、更舒适的产品通常会快速席卷市场,”旅行用品协会主席米歇尔·马里尼·皮滕杰(Michele Marini Pittenger)说,“以近些年的一些产品为例,我们已看到,轻型箱包、可扩容箱包和四轮行李箱很快成了新的常规产品。”And what about that American Tourister commercial with the gorilla (actually, a man in a gorilla suit)? Those commercials lasted 15 years, ending in 1985 — quite durable, as ad campaigns go.那么,美旅箱包的那有大猩猩(实际上是一个穿着大猩猩装的人)的广告呢?它播出了15年,1985年停播,和它的广告卖点一样,是够持久的。 /201503/366172武汉大学中南医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱 武汉哪家有看男科

武汉男科包皮过长The Use of Fractional Number and Decimal Number分数和小数的最早运用Fractional number分数The first appearance of fractional numbers(fen shu in Chinese ) was a result of dividing two numbers. A fraction number was considered a part of a whole number, and in Chinese,the word fen means to split or divide.Later,in the process of calculation,fractional numbers also appeared to denote the ratio of two whole numbers. Systematic fractional number algorithm appeared in the ancient math classic Jiuzhang Suanshu(Nine Chapters on Mathematical Art)in the Eastern Han Dynasty around the 1 st century,which was about 1,400 years ear-tier than in Europe.最初分数的出现,并非由除法而来。分数被看作一个整体的一部分。“分”在汉语中有“分开”“分割”之意。后来运算过程中也出现了分数,它表示两整数比。在中国古代,东汉时期的《九章算术》中有系统的分数运算方法,这比欧洲大约早1400年。In the annotated version of Jiuzhang Suanshu by Liu Hui,it clearly shows the algorithm of the subtraction,addition,multiplication,and division of fractional numbers,which is identical to todays fractional calculations. Besides, other knowledge about fractions, including how to compare two fractions,and how to calculate the average of fractions,were also included in the book, making Jiuzhang Suanshu the earliest monograph that systematically discussed fractional numbers.从后来刘徽所作的《九章算术注》可以知道,在《九章算术》中,讲到约分、合分(分数加法)、减分(分数减法)、乘分(分数乘法)、除分(分数除法)的法则,与我们现在的分数运算法则完全相同。另外,《九章算术》还记载了课分(比较分数大小)、平分(求分数的平均值)等关于分数的知识,是世界上最早的系统叙述分数的著作。It was not until the 15th century that calculations with fractional numbers be-came popular in Europe. It is generally believed in Europe that the algorithm of frac-tional numbers originated in India,while the fact is the earliest Indian book on the algorithm of fractions appeared in the seventh century,in which were introduced the same rules as the those in Jiuzhang Suanshu .And even the annotated version of Jiuzhang Suanshu by Liu Hui was completed in 263 in the Wei Dynasty(220-265),which means that the algorithm of fractions is at least 400 years earlier than its counterpart in India.分数运算,大约在巧世纪才在欧洲流行。欧洲人普遍认为,这种算法起源于印度。实际上,印度在7世纪的著作中才开始有分数运算法则,这些法则都与《九章算术》中介绍的法则相同。而刘徽的《九章算术注》成书于魏景元四年(263 ),所以,即使与刘徽的时代相比,印度也要晚400年左右才有分数运算法则。Decimal number小数Also in the annotated version of Jiuzhang Suanshu by Liu Hui,the notion of the decimal number was first raised up. Liu invented the decimal number to denote the approximate number value of root extradions. Around the year 1300,Liu Jin in the Yuan Dynasty wrote the number 106368. 6312 as 一 □ ⊥ Ⅲ ⊥ Ⅲ M _ⅡIn his book Lulu Chengshu.The notion of decimal number appeared in the West in 1585 and the expression is rather difficult.For instance,the same number mentioned above would be expressed as (0) ① ② ③ ④or106368 06①3②l③2④刘徽在(九章算术注》中介绍,开方不尽时用十进分数(徽数,即小数)去逼近,首先提出了关于十进小数的概念。到公元1300年前后,元代刘瑾(公元1271一1368年)所著《律吕成书》中,已将106368.6312写成:一 □ ⊥ Ⅲ ⊥ Ⅲ M _Ⅱ。而西方直到1585年才有十进小数的概念,且表示方法很复杂,如上述小数,写法为:(0) ① ② ③ ④或106368 06①3②l③2④。 /201512/410701湖北武汉汉阳看男科好吗 仙桃男科咨询

武汉哪里有前列腺按摩Wal-Mart Stores is teaming up with Alibaba to roll out the Alipay mobile payment service in China — its latest move to increase sales in a tough, but potentially lucrative international market.为了在中国这个形势严峻但潜在利润丰厚的海外市场提升销售额,沃尔玛迈出了新一步:它宣布与阿里巴巴合作,开始持付宝付款。Ant Financial, a financial affiliate of Alibaba, said on Wednesday that the partnership with the world’s biggest retailer would start with 25 stores in Shenzhen, including one of its Sam’s Club locations, and be accepted at all 410 Wal-Mart stores in China by the end of the year.阿里巴巴子公司蚂蚁金表示,沃尔玛在深圳的25家分店将率先参与这一合作,其中包括一家山姆会员店。今年年底,双方合作范围将扩大到沃尔玛在中国的全部410家分店。The tie-up with China’s leading e-commerce company comes as Wal-Mart looks to dramatically improve its performance in the world’s most populous country. Last quarter, Wal-Mart’s net sales fell 0.7%, while comparable sales, which strip out the effect of newly opened or closed stores, were down 2.3%.这场与阿里巴巴的合作来的恰逢其时,沃尔玛正急于快速提升在这个全球人口最多国家的业绩。上个季度,沃尔玛在中国的净销售额下降了0.7%;剔除新开和已关闭分店的影响,可比销售额下降2.3%。Wal-Mart has grappled with the perception in China that its prices are not the lowest, among other challenges.沃尔玛在中国面临的挑战之一就是,消费者认为其商品售价并不是最低的。Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon told investors in February that the company is “taking the right steps to solidify a foundation for long-term growth.”今年2月份,沃尔玛首席执行官董明伦曾告诉投资者,正“采取适当措施为长期增长奠定基础”。One of those steps has turned out to be working with China’s leading mobile payments service: last fiscal year, ended June 30, 2014, Alipay settled 8 billion in transactions, and had some 190 million active users for its mobile app as of last fall.显然,其中一项措施就是和中国主要的移动付务商合作。在截至2014年6月30日的财年中,付宝完成的交易金额达7880亿美元;去年秋季,其移动应用活跃用户数约为1.9亿。The Alipay deal won’t entail new capital spending by Wal-Mart. Its cash registers won’t need extra equipment to accept Alipay Wallet mobile payments, given that basic barcode scanning guns will do the trick. Customers will be able to check out by having their smart phones scanned.而且,与付宝合作不会增加沃尔玛的资本出。超市收银机自带的扫码就能完成付宝付,无需添加其他设备。消费者只需拿出智能手机,轻轻一扫就可结账。“Alipay will help us serve our customers better by allowing mobile payment in seconds. Increasingly, our customers want convenience,” Wal-Mart spokeswoman Marilee McInnis told Fortune in an e-mailed message. This is all the more important given how prevalent mobile payment has become in a country with such limited credit card use.沃尔玛发言人玛丽莉o麦金尼斯通过电子邮件向《财富》杂志表示:“移动付几秒钟内就能完成,与付宝合作有助于我们更好地务消费者。顾客越来越希望享受便捷的体验。”这点特别重要,尤其在中国这样一个移动付格外流行,信用卡使用却非常有限的国家。For Alipay, working with the world’s largest retailer can help it increase adoption of the mobile payments service.对付宝来说,和全球最大的零售商合作则有助于扩大其移动付业务的覆盖范围。Last month, McMillon told journalists on a trip to Beijing that his goal was not to make Wal-Mart the biggest retailer in China, but rather the most trusted, eschewing a previous strategy anchored on aggressive store expansion. So the company is pulling back on the pace of store openings and in fact is closing many underperforming stores in China.董明伦上个月在赴北京途中向记者透露,他的目标并不是让沃尔玛成为中国规模最大的零售企业,而是最受信任的一家,不能再延续过去大量开分店的策略。所以沃尔玛正放慢设立新店的速度,实际上还关闭了不少表现欠佳的门店。The retailer, which first came to China in 1996, plans to open to open 115 new stores by 2017, which would bring its store count in China to 530 locations. By contrast, Wal-Mart has nearly 5,200 in the U.S. across its various banners.沃尔玛1996年登陆中国市场,计划到2017年再开115家新店,届时其在中国的门店数量将达530家。而在美国,沃尔玛旗下各子品牌分店已接近5200家。 /201505/375660 A Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed Tuesday morning in the French Alps, with approximately 150 people on board. In a statement to the press, French President Francois Hollande articulated the worst fears of the friends and relatives of those on board.24日,德国之翼航空公司一架载有150人的空客A320飞机在法国阿尔卑斯山区坠毁。在面向媒体的声明中,法国总统奥朗德谨慎地请机上人员的亲友做好最坏打算。“The conditions of the accident, which have not yet been clarified, suggest that there might not be any survivors,” he said.他说:“目前尚不清楚空难发生时的情况,但现状显示可能没有生还者。”Now that one of the plane’s black box recorders has been found, authorities stand a better chance of determining what exactly went wrong. These devices document radio transmissions, pilot voices and such information as the plane’s altitude and speed. They are required on all large commercial aircraft by the Federal Aviation Administration, and they are often critical to uncovering the cause of a crash.现在遇难飞机的一个黑匣子已经找到,权威机构更有把握来确定到底哪里出了问题。黑匣子会记录下无线电通信、飞行员声音以及飞机的飞行高度和速度等信息。美国联邦航空要求所有大型商用飞机上都必须配备黑匣子,对揭晓事故原因,黑匣子通常是关键所在。Despite their importance, black boxes use technology that is hardly state-of-the-art. Older units store data on magnetic tape, and while newer units use digital technology, they still have to be found at the crash site, which is not an exact science by any means. For example, after Air France Flight 447 crashed in 2009, the flight data recorder wasn’t recovered until 2011.但尽管它们如此重要,黑匣子采用的却并非最新技术。老式设备用磁带来存储数据,新一些的设备虽然采用了数字存储技术,但依然只有在事故现场找到才能调取数据,而搜寻黑匣子并非一门精密科学。例如,法国航空447号班机于2009年坠毁,但机上的飞行数据记录仪直到2011年才被找到。A company that’s currently addressing the deficiencies in this system is Canada’s Flyht Aerospace Solutions. It offers an Automated Flight Information System, which costs approximately 0,000 to install, can live-stream the airplane’s performance data, and sends updates from the cockpit every five to 10 minutes. Most importantly, the system can recognize such irregularities as deviations in the flight path, and responds by streaming data every second.一家加拿大公司Flyht Aerospace Solutions正在致力于解决这种系统缺陷。它推出了一种自动化飞行信息系统,安装成本约为10万美元,可实时传输飞机的性能数据,并每隔5-10分钟更新驾驶舱相关数据。最重要的是,该系统可识别航线偏离等异常状况,,一旦发生,它会立即传输每秒数据来报告。Other airlines are pursuing similar upgrades. In January, Bloomberg reported Qatar Airways plans to equip its fleet with an automatic tracking system amid an industry-wide push to prevent incidents such as the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 last year in the Indian Ocean.其他航空公司也在探索类似的技术升级。1月份,据彭社报道,卡塔尔航空计划为其机组配备一种自动追踪系统,并希望在全行业起到一定的推动作用,以避免再度发生去年马航MH370航班那样的失联悲剧。The technology is being tested now ahead of a fleet-wide rollout. It transmits data from a plane’s flight-data recorder to the airline operations center, Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker told Bloomberg.卡塔尔航空首席执行官阿克巴尔o阿尔o贝克对彭社表示,这项技术目前正在进行全面安装前的最后测试,它可将飞机飞行数据记录仪中的数据传输给航空公司的运行控制中心。Not many other airlines plan to follow suit, and the reason for the pushback is simple and predictable: money, notes Mary Schiavo, former inspector general of the Department of Transportation.然而,只有为数甚少的航空公司打算跟进。美国交通部前监察长玛丽o斯齐亚沃指出,航空公司拖延的原因显而易见:说白了就是钱的问题。“[Airlines] simply will not add additional safety measures unless mandated by the federal government,” she told CNN.她对CNN表示:“除非政府做出强制规定,否则[航空公司]不可能增加额外的安全措施。”A more cost-effective improvement is also up for consideration: black boxes that can be ejected from the plane.此外还有一种更具有成本效益的改进方法值得考虑:即可以弹出机外的黑匣子。In January, Reuters reported that the International Civil Aviation Organization, a specialized agency of the ed Nations, had proposed using them on commercial airliners, and they’re aly standard equipment on some U.S. Navy jets. But at approximately ,000 apiece, there’s still resistance to using them. After all, the widely-used, non-deployable recorders manufactured by Honeywell International cost about half that.1月份,路透社报道称,联合国下属的国际民用航空组织建议全世界的商业航班采用这种弹出式黑匣子,而且这种设备在美国海军喷气机上已经是标准配置。但每套弹出式黑匣子的成本约为3万美元,因此它的推行依旧面临阻力。毕竟,目前广泛应用的霍尼韦尔国际公司生产的非弹出式黑匣子价格要便宜一半左右。The Germanwings tragedy is still unfolding, and it’s possible that a considerable amount of time may pass before investigators can determine the probable cause of the crash. Until newer, better technology is adopted across the board in the airline industry, finding out what exactly went wrong in situations such as these is likely to remain a waiting game.德国之翼航空公司的悲剧远未落幕,各方确定事故原因或许仍需相当长的时间。而除非整个航空业采用更新更好的技术,否则,在类似情况下要想查明问题所在,人们依然要等下去。 /201503/367077武汉市江汉区男科专家武汉尿道炎治疗要多少钱



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