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onerous ———— 繁重的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing something that causes significant, troublesome and unpleasant obligations; burdensome.例句 Every year I d the onerous task of preparing my taxes.每年,我都害怕繁重的报税工作。 /201606/450527安庆哪里治疗生殖器疱疹国家地理:Surviving Alcatraz 走险恶魔岛During his days of crime, Darwin Coon was a reckless young man. He robbed five banks in the Midwest and escaped from the Nevada State Penitentiary. At Alcatraz, the isolation and boredom worn Coon down. "This is 127. This is where I've spent four years of my life.""And it just starts to squeeze you, starts to close in on you. And I guess it's from the fact that you are in such a small area and not allowed to go any further. You, ah, you lose the sense of reality and, er, you wonder whether you are part of the real world."Each of these convicts hunger to survive, each struggle for ways to beat the odds and beat the time. For Darwin Coon, his felony sentence meant long hours in his cell."Er, there really wasn't much to entertain yourself with on Alcatraz. There were very few guys pace in their cell because it was so small. They, that's all they ever did to themselves. They just lay back and, and, and, and look at the ceiling. "To keep sane, Darwin books from the highly-censored library, painted and played an instrument. He also fought the isolation by interacting with his fellow inmates. He even played chess with cell neighbors. "You have a new chessboard set up. And your opponent would make a move.""Queen to D4.""When you caught what he moved, you make the move on the board and then you call your move."And to communicate with more distant inmates, Darwin discovered some secret survival techniques that inmates kept to themselves. One, use the talking pipe built right in the cell."Yeah, Tony, ah? Tonight, it's gonna happen.""Er, flush your toilet, and then you scoop all the excessive water out, so that you got a clear line, and if he does the same thing upstairs, you have just like a telephone, you know.""Alright, see you tonight."But he and all the inmates knew the guards were always listening. To keep their secrets to themselves, Coon and his cell neighbors had another trick- a whistle that told everyone, a guard's on the way."Coming Around the Mountain was a, our signal that there was an officer on the tier."200709/17266安庆做包皮过长手术费用要多少Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 1Europe, an ancient continent. Within its borders lies unrivalled richness of both natural and human wonders.At its northern limits, Europe reaches into the icy wastes of the high Arctic. To the south and west, its fringes have been shaped by the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Far to the east, it is bounded by the primeval forests of Russia, rubbing shoulders with Asia. These boundaries enclose an area just half the size of North America, yet 713,000,000 people make Europe their home. It's hard to find a space unmarked by human occupation. The Europe that we see today is the product of a long and complex history. Thousands of years of settlements, invasions, revolutions and inventions have allowed us to reorder nature's ancient patterns to suit our needs. On a human time scale, the story of the changing face of Europe seems immense, but there is an even more extraordinary story to be told, one that stretches back half a billion years, and tells of the events that have really shaped the continent. 8,000 years ago, the skyscrapers of Frankfurt would have risen over endless primeval wildwood, stretching from Lisbon to Leningrad. Over the last 2 million years, Europe has seesawed between perishing cold and stifling heat. During the Ice Ages, Amsterdam and London would have been smothered by huge glaciers.words and expressionswastes:large areas of land that are not cultivated and have few living animals or plants荒地fringe:the outer or less important part of an area, group or activity边缘,四周rub shoulders with sth:和...接触also: rub shoulders with sb.rub elbows with sb.to meet and spend time with:与某人有来往eg:She claims that she rubs shoulders with royalty all the time.tell of:讲述seesaw:vi.to change repeatedly from one emotion, situation, etc. to another and then back again交替;起伏200809/47158安庆妇幼保健医院男科

岳西县医院男科预约安庆市立医院男科专家挂号onerous ———— 繁重的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing something that causes significant, troublesome and unpleasant obligations; burdensome.例句 Every year I d the onerous task of preparing my taxes.每年,我都害怕繁重的报税工作。 /201606/450527Pakistan Denies Involvement in Karzai Attack阿指责巴策划暗杀巴称指责无根据 Pakistan has rejected as baseless and irresponsible Afghan allegations that its spy agency was behind a recent assassination attempt on President Hamid Karzai. The two countries are allies in the U.S-led war on terror, but accusations that Taliban insurgents are using sanctuaries on the Pakistani side of the border for attacks against Afghan targets have long strained bilateral relations. 巴基斯坦驳斥说,阿富汗指责巴基斯坦情报机构策划了最近对阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊的暗杀企图,这种指责毫无根据,不负责任。巴基斯坦和阿富汗都是美国领导的反恐战争中的盟友,但是长期以来,一直有人指责说,阿富汗的塔利班暴乱分子把边界那一侧的巴基斯坦当做袭击阿富汗的的避难所,这使双方的关系一直比较紧张。Afghan officials often blame elements within Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency for fueling the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan.  阿富汗官员经常指责巴基斯坦三军情报局的一些部门纵容塔利班在阿富汗的暴乱行动。But, on Wednesday, the Afghan government accused the Pakistani spy agency of a role in the failed attempt to assassinate Afghan President Hamid Karzai during a military parade in Kabul two months ago. An Afghan intelligence service spokesman said evidence collected by investigators and confessions from 16 suspects detained after the attack show the Pakistani spy agency was involved.  不过,阿富汗政府星期三指责巴基斯坦三军情报局介入了两个月前针对阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊的未遂暗杀行动,当时卡尔扎伊正在喀布尔阅兵。阿富汗情报部门发言人说,调查人员收集的据以及从16名在押嫌疑人那里得到的口供都显示,巴基斯坦三军情报局卷入了这起未遂暗杀。Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammed Sadiq says such statements will not help joint efforts to root out terrorism and extremism from the region. 巴基斯坦外交部发言人萨迪格说,这种言论无助于从该地区铲除恐怖主义和极端主义的共同努力。"These allegations suggest that responsible members in the Afghan government perhaps wish to re-ignite the blame game. Pakistan rejects these baseless and irresponsible allegations and the attitude and proclivity behind them. We hope the Afghan government would adopt serious attitude and desist from vitiating the atmosphere of bilateral relations with Pakistan," said Sadiq. 萨迪格说:“这些指称说明,阿富汗政府的一些负责人也许希望再次玩这种指责游戏。巴基斯坦拒绝接受这些缺乏依据和不负责任的指责、以及这些指责背后的态度和倾向。我们希望阿富汗政府把态度严肃起来,打消那种损害与巴基斯坦双边关系的念头。”Tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan have been rising in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Afghan President Hamid Karzai threatened to send troops into Pakistan to fight Taliban militants responsible for cross-border attacks.  巴基斯坦跟阿富汗之间的紧张关系最近几个星期有所升级。这个月早些时候,阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊威胁要派部队进入巴基斯坦,打击越境袭击阿富汗的塔利班激进分子。Taliban insurgents have stepped up attacks in Afghanistan and critics have questioned the government's ability to maintain law and order in the country.  塔利班暴乱分子加强了对阿富汗的袭击,批评人士对阿富汗政府维护国家法制的能力提出质疑。Pakistan is being criticized for failing to prevent the sp of extremist forces on its side of the border and for its attempts to strike peace deals with Pakistani Taliban in the volatile tribal regions bordering Afghanistan. 人们也指责巴基斯坦政府没有防止极端分子在其边界一侧的蔓延以及巴基斯坦政府试图跟与阿富汗接壤的动乱的部落地区的塔利班达成和平协议。Afghan officials and commanders of the NATO-led forces say those deals will help militants re-group to launch more cross-border attacks. But Pakistani officials say they are talking to tribal elders in the hope they will press the militants to end violence in the under-developed border regions. Foreign Ministry spokesman Sadiq defends the Pakistan's policy.  巴基斯坦外交部发言人萨迪格为巴基斯坦的政策辩解说:"There is a certain advantage, which will accrue because of those talks. It will allow the government of Pakistan to engage in the socio-economic development of the area, and we believe that the use of force alone cannot resolve this issue," he added. "The militancy and extremism could be addressed by a three-pronged strategy, which includes, of course, the presence of troops there and the use of force, if and when required, but as well as the socio-economic development and the political dialogue."  “跟塔利班的谈判当然会产生对我们有力的因素,将使巴基斯坦政府得以参与该地区的社会经济发展,而且我们相信,光靠武力解决不了问题。通过三管齐下的战略才可能解决激进主义和极端主义问题。当然这项战略包括向那个地区派军队,而且在必要的时候动用武力,以及发展社会经济和展开政治对话。”The government has deployed tens-of-thousands of soldiers in an effort to secure the border with Afghanistan in tribal areas that are havens for al-Qaida and Taliban operatives. But the Islamic fighters have extended their extremist activities to some of the urban centers in the northwestern province, which borders Afghanistan.  巴基斯坦政府在跟阿富汗接壤的部落地区部署了数万人的部队,以保那里的边境安全。那一带是基地组织和塔利班分子的避难天堂。不过,伊斯兰战斗人员已经把他们的极端活动延伸到跟阿富汗接壤的西北部省份的一些城市中心。Police in the troubled Swat Valley said Taliban militants have burned down a state-run hotel in the country's only ski resort at Malam Jaba. In separate attacks in the region this week, militants burned down several schools for girls. 动荡的斯瓦特山谷警方说,塔利班激进分子烧毁了位于马拉姆贾巴的阿富汗唯一的滑雪度假地的一家国营饭店。这个星期在该地区发生的其它袭击事件中,激进分子烧毁了几所女子学校。The security situation in the northwestern Pakistani region has been deteriorating, despite a month-long peace deal between the provincial government and a pro-Taliban Pakistani cleric, Maulana Fazlullah. 尽管省政府跟持塔利班的神职人员法兹鲁拉之间的和平协议已经签署一个月,但是巴基斯坦西北部地区的安全局势一直在恶化。200806/42878安庆远大医院割包皮图片EU Defense Ministers Agree to Phase Out Peacekeeping Mission in Bosnia欧盟防长:逐步停止波斯尼亚维和  European Union Defense ministers have wrapped up a two-day meeting in France focused on beefing up the bloc's defense capabilities and looking at EU missions in Bosnia, Chad and elsewhere.欧洲联盟国防部部长在巴黎结束了为期两天的会议,会议着重讨论了加强欧盟国防实力,以及欧盟在波斯尼亚、乍得和其他地方的任务等问题。EU ministers meeting in the northern French city of Deauville agreed to phase out their peacekeeping presence in Bosnia, although they did not set a deadline to do so.在法国北方城市多维尔开会的欧盟各国国防部长同意逐步停止他们在波斯尼亚的维和任务,但他们没有确定完成这项任务的期限。French Defense Minister Herve Morin called the four-year-old peacekeeping operation a success. The 2,000-member mission has been involved in military tasks in accordance with a deal ending Bosnia's 1992-1995 war. 法国国防部部长莫兰说,欧盟在波斯尼亚的四年维和行动是成功的。有两千名成员组成的维和部队,根据结束波斯尼亚1992年到1995年战争的协议,参与了多项军事任务。Morin said several options were now on the table, including phasing out the operation and turning the tasks over to civilians and Bosnian soldiers.莫兰说,现在摆在我们面前有几个选择,包括分阶段停止维和任务,以及将任务移交给平民和波斯尼亚士兵。Eight EU countries also volunteered to create a maritime security force to fight piracy that has been rampant off the coast of Somalia. In perhaps their most audacious act, Somali pirates have boarded a Ukrainian ship carrying arms. The maritime initiative still needs approval - probably during another EU defense meeting in Brussels next month.8个欧盟国家还自愿组织了一海上安全部队来打击索马里海岸线外十分猖獗的海盗活动。索马里海盗最近登上一艘载有武器的乌克兰船只,这可能是他们至今采取的最嚣张的行动。组成海上安全部队的提议尚待批准,可能会在下个月在布鲁塞尔再次举行欧盟国防部长会议时获准。Morin also said the EU ministers had made strides on ways to improve Europe's military capabilities in cooperating more closely. Among other ideas, they are pushing a plan to allow officers to study in military schools across the 27-member block.莫兰还说,欧盟国家的部长已经通过加紧合作,在改善欧盟军事实力方面取得了长足的进展。另外, 他们正在推动允许军官在欧盟27个成员国的军事学校就读的计划。200810/51519安庆医院怎样配送

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