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武汉治男性生理性武汉男科专家US Defense Secretary: Burma's Aid Delays Cost 'Thousands' Of Lives美:缅甸拒外援可能使数万人丧生   U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the Burmese military government's rejection of aid soon after the May second cyclone may have cost the lives of 'tens of thousands' of people. The concern expressed by the defense secretary comes amid concern Burma's military is attempting to force local populations out of shelters and back to devastated villages. 美国国防部长盖茨表示,缅甸军政府在五月二号的强热带风暴之后拒绝国际援助的做法,可能导致数万人因此而丧生。就在国防部长盖茨发表上述讲话之际,缅甸军政府正强迫当地居民撤离临时搭起的住宅,回到被风暴洗劫一空的村庄去。Speaking to a regional Asian security and defense seminar in Singapore Saturday, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates' assessment was blunt. He accused Burma's military government of being "deaf and dumb" to offers of foreign aid. 美国国防部长盖茨星期六在新加坡举行的亚洲安全大会上,对缅甸的局势做出了直截了当的评估。他谴责缅甸军政府对国际社会的援助意愿“充耳不闻。”He said Burma's rejection of international and regional assistance stood in sharp contrast to the response of other nations to similar tragedies, such as the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia and the cyclone that hit Bangladesh in 2007. 盖茨说,缅甸政府拒绝国际社会和地区的援助,和其他国家处理类似灾情的方式和方法形成鲜明对照。他举例说,印度尼西亚在2004年的海啸之后、孟加拉国在2007年的强热带风暴之后所采取的措施,与缅甸截然不同。"With Burma, the situation has been very different - at a cost of tens of thousands of lives," he said. "Many other countries besides the ed States have also felt hindered in their efforts." 盖茨说,“缅甸的情况非常不同,而结果是,成千上万的人丧失了生命。除了美国之外,其他很多国家也都感到他们的救援努力受到了阻挠。”International aid workers say they continue to face bureaucratic delays over access to the regions in the Irrawaddy Delta region that bore the brunt of Cyclone Nargis. 国际救援人员表示,他们继续面对官僚机制的拖延,难以进入灾情最严重的伊洛瓦底江三角洲地区。At least 77,000 people have died with a further 56,000 still reported missing, while over two million people are still in need of food, shelter and medicine. 至少有七万七千人在这次风暴中丧生,另外有五万六千人仍旧下落不明;目前还有200多万人需要食品、住房以及医疗救治。The ed States, Britain and France dispatched naval vessels with emergency aid to the Bay of Bengal but the offers were rejected by the Burmese military. The military had also rejected offers by Asian regional partners to supply military helicopters to assist in the immediate aftermath of the cyclone. 美国、英国和法国分别派遣了海军舰只,携带紧急救援物资前往孟加拉湾,但是这些国家的援助被缅甸军方拒之门外。在强热带风暴刚刚过去之后,对亚洲区域夥伴主动提供协助救灾的军用直升机,缅甸方面也予以拒绝。Regional countries have backed Mr. Gates' concerns over the delays, restrictions on aid and access to populations devastated by the cyclone. 该地区其他一些国家也和盖茨一样,对缅甸政府拖延救援、限制救援、限制接近强热带风暴灾民的做法感到担忧。International aid organizations say less than 30 percent of the more than two million people most seriously affected by the cyclone have received adequate assistance.  国际救援组织说,受强热带风暴打击最严重的两百多万人中只有不到百分之三十的人得到了足够的救援。Australian Ambassador to Thailand, Bill Paterson, in an interview with VOA, said Burma needed to provide "unfettered access" on humanitarian grounds to assist the populations still in desperate need. 澳大利亚驻泰国大使帕特森在接受美国之音采访时说,缅甸需要本着人道主义精神取消对国际救援的各种限制,帮助依然急需救助的灾民。"These people are living in terrible conditions with the risk of disease outbreaks," he said. "They have lost their homes, they have lost their families. It's terribly important we get in there quickly. A lot of them probably have lost their lives since the cyclone because aid has not been able to be distributed." 帕特森说:“这些人生活在恶劣条件下,有突发疾病的危险。他们失去了家园,失去了家庭。我们及时赶到那里很重要。很多人在强热带风暴袭击之后可能因为救援物资无法分配到他们手里而已经死亡。”The ed Nations, along with the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), reached agreement with Burma's military for access for international aid workers during the lead up to a donor's conference last weekend. 联合国与东盟上周末在捐助国会议召开之前与缅甸军方达成协议,允许国际救援人员进入灾区。But human rights groups Saturday accused the military of evicting victims from emergency shelters currently housing thousands of people in a bid to force them to return to their devastated villages in the Irrawaddy delta region. 但是人权组织星期六指责缅甸军方把成千上万的灾民赶出他们居住的临时避难所,强迫他们返回伊洛瓦底江三角洲地区被风暴摧毁的村庄。 200806/40702武汉华夏医院看男科预约挂号 US Sees No Change From Hamas After Carter Talks 美国认为卡特会晤哈马斯没有收获  The U.S. State Department says it sees no policy changes by the Palestinian militant group Hamas in the wake of former President Jimmy Carter's meetings with Hamas leaders. The Bush administration counseled Mr. Carter against meeting Hamas. 美国国务院说,它认为前美国总统卡特和哈马斯领导人举行会晤后巴勒斯坦激进组织哈马斯没有作出任何政策上的改变。布什政府建议卡特不要会晤哈马斯。 Bush administration officials were irate over Mr. Carter's plans to meet Hamas, arguing it would undermine a political boycott aimed at forcing U.S. designated terrorist organization to accept international terms for Middle East peace talks. 布什政府官员对卡特计划会晤哈马斯表示愤慨。他们认为这会削弱一项政治抵制,该抵制的目的在于强迫哈马斯组织接受有关中东和平会谈的一些国际条款。美国认定哈马斯组织是恐怖组织。Now that the former U.S. president has met key Hamas figures, the State Department is downplaying Mr. Carter's suggestion that Hamas is, at least conditionally, prepared to accept Israel as a neighbor in the region. 既然前总统卡特已经会晤了哈马斯的主要领导人,美国国务院目前对卡特提出的哈马斯至少准备有条件地接受以色列为中东地区的一个邻国的看法采取了淡化处理的态度。Mr. Carter said Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and other members of the group he met with in Damascus said they would accept a peace agreement with Israel negotiated by moderate Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, if the accord was later approved by Palestinians in a referendum. 卡特说,他在大马士革会晤了哈马斯组织的领导人迈沙阿勒和该组织的其他成员。这些人说,他们会在巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯的调停下接受和以色列达成的一项和平协议,如果这项协议晚些时候能够在巴勒斯坦人的公民投票中得到通过的话。In a talk with reporters, State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey said there are aly contradictory statements by other Hamas officials, suggesting the group would reserve the right to reject results of a referendum. 美国国务院副发言人凯西对记者说,哈马斯组织的其他官员已经发表了互相矛盾的声明,这意味着哈马斯组织将保留否决公民投票结果的权利。Casey said U.S. officials would be delighted if there really was movement by Hamas toward accepting terms the international Middle East Quartet set for Hamas in 2006 for entering peace talks, but said he sees no fundamental change coming from the Carter contacts: 凯西说,如果哈马斯真的采取行动,接受2006年国际中东四方协议中的相关条款而参加和平谈判的话,美国官员会为此感到高兴。但是凯西说,他认为,卡特总统和哈马斯的接触没有带来任何根本改变。"It does not recognize Israel's right to exist, it has not eschewed or walked away from terrorism and violence. Nor has it said it will honor any of the previous agreements that have been made with the Israeli government. All of which were conditions from the Quartet for the international community to engage with Hamas. I have seen a lot of contradictory statements out there in light of some of his meetings. But it is pretty clear to us there is no acceptance on the part of Hamas of any kind of negotiated settlement," said Casey. 凯西说:“哈马斯组织既不承认以色列的存在权,也没有放弃恐怖主义和暴力活动。哈马斯组织也没有说他们会遵守和以色列政府以往签订过的任何协议。这些都是中东四方协议所规定的国际社会和哈马斯进行接触的条件。我已经看到,在卡特和哈马斯举行的一些会谈中存在许多互相矛盾的声明。但是,很清楚,哈马斯方面不会接受通过谈判达成的任何形式的协议。”Mr. Carter also met Syrian officials in Damascus and said both Syria and Hamas would have to be involved in order to make progress toward peace.  卡特还在大马士革会晤了叙利亚官员。他说,要想取得和平进展的话,叙利亚和哈马斯都必须参与进来。Casey said Syria, with which the ed States has diplomatic relations, was invited to and attended last November's Annapolis conference on the Middle East hosted by President Bush. 凯西说,叙利亚接受美国总统布什的邀请,参加了去年11月在安纳波利斯市举行的中东会议。叙利亚和美国有外交关系。He said the Damascus government has a history of making positive statements, but its stated good intentions are belied by its actions including interference in the internal affairs of Lebanon. 他说,叙利亚政府一向发表正面的声明,但是它的行为却违背了它所声称的良好意图,包括叙利亚干涉黎巴嫩的内部事务。The State Department's chief Middle East policy official, David Welch, counseled former President Carter against having the meetings with Hamas.  美国国务院主管中东政策的官员韦尔奇建议卡特不要和哈马斯举行会晤。Nonetheless, spokesman Casey said if Mr. Carter wishes to brief Assistant Secretary Welch or other officials about his meetings, they would be happy to hear from him. 尽管如此,美国国务院副发言人凯西说,如果卡特希望向美国副国务卿韦尔奇和其他官员汇报有关他会晤哈马斯的情况,他们将乐意听取卡特的报告。Mr. Carter, a Democrat who held the White House from 1977 to 1981, has been active in international conflict resolution through his Atlanta-based Carter Center and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. 民主党人卡特于1977年到1981年担任美国总统。一直以来,他通过亚特兰大的卡特中心积极致力于解决国际冲突。卡特在2002年被授予诺贝尔和平奖。 200804/35987South Korean Military Chief Says North Seeks Nuclear Warhead韩国称北韩希望发展导弹携带核武 South Korean military officials say they believe North Korea is hoping to develop a nuclear weapon that can be delivered by missile. The unusually frank public statement was made amid reports North Korea has conducted a routine test of its short range missiles along its western coast.韩国的军事官员表示,他们相信北韩希望发展能够用导弹携带的核武器。就在韩国官员做出这项不寻常公开声明的同时,有报导说,北韩在其西部海岸试射短程导弹。South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Kim Tae-young, says he believes North Korea is trying to produce a nuclear warhead small enough to be carried on a missile.韩国参谋长联席会议主席金泰荣表示,他相信北韩正试图发展体积小到能够用导弹携带的核弹头。Kim made the comment Wednesday in a parliamentary hearing. Such a direct statement is rare, because senior South Korean officials usually keep quiet about North Korean security matters in public. Kim added, he believes North Korea has enough plutonium to produce as many as seven nuclear weapons.金泰荣是星期三在国会作时发表这项的。这样率直的说法十分罕见,因为韩国官员通常在公开场合对北韩的安全事务保持缄默。金泰荣还补充说,他相信北韩已经有足够的金属钸能够生产多达7枚的核武器。Despite being impoverished, North Korea has invested heavily for decades in ballistic missile technology. It has hundreds of short and medium range missiles capable of reaching all of South Korea and most of Japan. North Korea test-fired a medium range missile directly over Japanese territory in 1998. In 2006 - just months before it tested a nuclear explosive underground - the North conducted a failed test of a long range missile hypothetically capable of reaching the ed States.北韩现在拥有几百枚能够打到整个韩国和大部分日本的短程和中程导弹。1998年,北韩试射了一枚中程导弹直接飞越日本领土。2006年,就在北韩试爆地下核装置前几个月,北韩还进行了一次失败的远程导弹试射。那枚远程导弹的假设目标是美国本土。South Korean media ed Seoul defense officials Wednesday as saying the North has conducted a test firing of at least two short range missiles. The missiles were apparently fired Tuesday afternoon off North Korea's western coast.韩国媒体星期三引述首尔国防官员的话说,北韩已经进行了至少两次短程导弹试射。这些导弹显然是星期二下午的时候在北韩西海岸以外发射的。South Korean Unification Ministry Spokesman Kim Ho-nyoun did not confirm the launch Wednesday, but said the test was probably not cause for alarm.韩国统一部发言人金浩庸星期三没有对导弹发射作出实,但是表示,没有必要对这样的试射赶到惊慌。He says if it was in fact short range missiles North Korea launched, it is probably part of a routine drill. He says North Korea is known to conduct two sets of routine missile tests each year.他说,如果北韩真的发射了短程导弹,那可能只是常规演习的一部分。他说,北韩据悉每年进行两次常规性的导弹试射。Even small military movements by North Korea attract attention here in the South - perhaps especially at this point in time. It remains unconfirmed whether leader Kim Jong Il, believed to be recovering from a stroke, is actually in control of the country. Pyongyang threatened earlier this month to resume reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel into material useable in weapons. And, this week marks several key anniversaries in the North - including that of the country's communist-party founding, and of its nuclear test two years ago.即便是小规模的北韩军事动作,尤其在这个时间,都会在韩国引发关注。目前还无法实据信在中风后恢复阶段的北韩领导人金正日是否在亲自掌权。平壤本月早些时候威胁说,要恢复将核废料处理成可用于武器的材料。此外,这个星期在北韩有几个重要的纪念日,其中包括北韩共产党成立纪念日和北韩进行核试验两周年等。200810/52434武汉黄陂区不孕不育收费好不好

汉川市人民医院男科咨询Idiot. I bet he actually spent hours preparing he just cant admit it.白痴!我打赌他其实花了几个钟头做准备,他只是不承认罢了。Well, maybe youre right. I cant think clearly anymore, Im so tired.也许你是对的,我再也没法正常思考了,我太累了。I need to sleep properly otherwise Ill end up trying to sell bananas instead of lemons.我需要好好睡一觉,否则我最后卖的会是香蕉,而不是柠檬。Anna has finally got the message: shes realised shes been working too much.安娜终于知道了,她意识到自己工作的时间太长了。She needs to be realistic.她需要现实一点。Heres a reminder of some of the phrases we heard to talk about how much Anna had been working.这是一些关于安娜加班工作的表达用法提示。Burning the candle at both ends.过度劳累。Doing overtime.加班。Putting in the hours.花费很多时间。Burning out.累死了。Lets hope shes thinking clearly by the time she has to do her presentation.我们希望她作报告时能思路明确。Join us next time to find out! Bye.下次和我们一起去看看!再见。 /201701/483825武汉念珠菌性龟头炎怎么治 South Korean President Says Renewed Threats from North Are 'Undesirable'韩总统批评北韩威胁:态度不可取  In his first personal response to recent threats from North Korea, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has criticized Pyongyang's recent attitude. Amid reports of potential military measures by the North, Mr. Lee is calling for a new, more "straightforward" relationship between the two sides.  韩国总统李明第一次对北韩最近的威胁作出反应,批评了北韩最近的态度。最近有报导说北韩可能采取某些军事对抗措施。在另一方面,李明总统呼吁南北韩之间建立更为坦诚的新关系。 The South Korean media es a senior North Korean military official, Thursday, as warning that Pyongyang may take what it calls "military countermeasures" in an escalating exchange of rhetoric between the two sides. 韩国新闻界星期四援引北韩一名高级军事官员的警告说,在目前双方言词交锋日益激烈的形势下,北韩可能采取“军事对抗措施”。In less than two weeks, North Korea has expelled South Korean officials from a joint industrial zone; threatened to turn South Korea into a "sea of ashes"; and, labeled South Korean President Lee Myung-bak as a "traitor" with "sycophantic" policies toward the ed States. 不到两星期前,北韩从一个联合工业区内驱逐了韩国管理人员,并威胁要把韩国变为焦土。北韩还把韩国总统李明称为采取向美国献媚政策的“卖国贼”。Much of the North's anger is focused on recent testimony by South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Kim Tae-young, who told lawmakers there are contingency plans to strike North Korea's nuclear weapons sites, if it became clear the North seems poised to attack. North Korea has demanded an apology for those remarks. 北韩的愤怒多半集中在韩国参谋长联席会议主席金泰荣最近发表的讲话上。金泰荣对韩国议员说,如果有迹象显示北韩确实准备进犯,那么韩国也备有袭击北韩核武器场地的应变计划。北韩要求韩国就有关说法道歉。In his first public comments on the latest tensions, President Lee defended Kim's testimony. 李明总统在他第一次公开发表的中为金泰荣作辩护。He says what Kim said can be seen as a natural and ordinary reply, and the North should not interpret it differently. Therefore, says Mr. Lee, the North's attitude is "undesirable." 他说,金泰荣的这番话可被看作是自然和正常的回应,北韩不该对此作不同的解释,北韩的态度“不可取”。Mr. Lee's policy toward North Korea is considerably firmer than his two predecessors, who transferred billions of dollars in aid and investment to Pyongyang with few strings attached. He told a luncheon of top military officers, Thursday, he wants to transform the North-South relationship. 李明总统的北韩政策比前两任韩国总统要强硬得多,他的前任几乎不设任何条件地向北韩提供了几十亿美元的援助和投资。李明星期四在午餐会上对高级军事官员说,他希望改变南北韩间的关系。Mr. Lee acknowledges that North-South tensions have risen since his February inauguration, but says he does not expect them to get any worse. He says his administration wants a "more straightforward" dialogue with North Korea, and that the North should "open its mind." 他承认,自从2月上任以来,南北韩间越来越紧张,但是他预计南北韩关系不会继续恶化。他说,他希望与北韩开展“更为坦诚的”对话,而且北韩应当“开诚布公”。North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950. The resulting war was never formally concluded, only halted by a 1953 armistice. The ed States deploys about 28-thousand troops in South Korea to deter any repeat invasion by the North. 北韩1950年入侵韩国。随后爆发的战争从未正式结束,只是根据1953年的停火协议下暂停下来。美国在韩国派驻有2万8千人的部队,以遏制北韩不再入侵韩国。It is unclear precisely what North Korea may have meant Thursday, with its reported threat of "military countermeasures." However, U.S. General Burwell Bell -- Commander of American forces in Korea - warns the North should not make the mistake of using force against the South. 目前还不清楚北韩星期四有关“军事对抗措施”的威胁到底意味著什么。但是驻韩美军最高指挥官贝尔将军警告北韩,不要重蹈对韩国采用武力的覆辙。"Should North Korea attack, we will defeat the attack quickly and decisively, and end the fight on terms set by the alliance," General Bell said. 贝尔将军说:“一旦北韩进犯,我们会迅速将他们击败,取得决定性的胜利,并根据我们的停战条件结束战事。”Experts believe the North's military is unlikely to attack, but may be contemplating a restriction in North-South contact by closing off border access points which it controls. 专家认为北韩不大可能发动进攻,但是可能正在酝酿通过关闭边界来限制南北韩间的接触来往。 200804/33403武汉医保卡电话多少

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