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陕西西京医院胃肠科收费贵吗安康市第一人民医院消化病电话号码是多少西安胃泰医院哪个大夫看消化不良看的好 广告意义:与其只是无力地说,不如去用心做,只要你用心,总会有人能够体会到,感受到,并从中获得力量。用心去做每一件事,不论是自己的事,还是别人的。广告双语文本内容:The Han River, Seoul, South Korea汉江,首尔,南韩The largest number of people have given up their lives in Mapo Bridge.最多人在麻浦大桥轻生。Mapo Bridge Save A Life麻浦大桥 挽救生命Raise the railing, so that its harder to climb over.加高围栏,如此要攀爬过去比较困难。Wouldnt it be better to close the bridge to pedestrians after dark?天黑之后将此桥对行人封闭不会比较好吗?Install a safety net.装一道安全网。But rather than trying to hinder people from taking their lives, we wanted to change their minds about it.与其阻止人们轻生,我们想要改变他们对此的想法。Samsung Life Insurance - Shining a Light on the Mapo Bridge三星人寿保险 - 在麻浦大桥上点一盏明灯A simple light is where our idea began. We wanted to light up each step as people walked by, surprise them and bring them joy.一盏简单的灯是我们构想开始的地方。当人们走过,我们想要点亮每一个步伐。;The lights turn on as someone passes by...;「当某个人经过灯会亮起...」We went to the bridge and walked on it to see for ourselves. We wanted to connect with people on the eye level. So we started to create sensors that reacted to people as they walked by.我们去麻浦大桥走在上面亲眼看看。我们想要在视线高度和人们连结。所以我们开始设计当人们走过时对他们有所反应的感应器。Samsung Life Insurance - Speak to you through the Mapo Bridge三星人寿保险 - 透过麻浦大桥对您发声We wanted this Bridge of Life to start a conversation with people, sometimes with a simple greeting, or with words of wisdom, or with a silly joke that will move their hearts. And where the conversation ends, we set up bronze statues of two friends, where one is patting the other on his back and pinching his cheek.我们要这座「生命之桥」和人们开启一段对话,有时用简单的一个问候,或用珠玑妙语,或用一个感动人心的蠢笑话。而对话结束的地方,我们竖起两个朋友的青铜像,一个人拍着另一位的背并捏捏他的脸颊。And so, Finally因此,终于1 year and 6 months of production一年六个月的制作142 staff members and participants142位职员及参与者A total length of 2.2km总长2.2公里2,200 LED lights and sensors2,200盞LED灯和感应器1.8km of messages on the railing围栏上长达1.8公里的短讯息September 26th, 20122012年九月26日The renewal of the Mapo Bridge as the Bridge of Life...麻浦大桥更新成为「生命之桥」...As if the bridge were talking to you like a friend...好像这座桥像个朋友般跟你说话...Helping people with these phrases to reconsider their situation...用这些短句帮助人们再次思量他们的处境...The Bridge of Life by Samsung Life Insurance...三星人寿保险的「生命之桥」...It would be great if even one life could be saved.若即使一条生命能够被拯救那就很棒了。My heart was really moved.我的心真的被感动了。The fun thing about this is once you start ing it, you dont notice how much time has passed.这有趣的事情是,一旦你开始阅读它,你不会注意到多少时光流逝。How have you been?你近来可好?Whats troubling you?什么在困扰着你?Just go and see the person you miss.就去看看你思念的人吧。Your best moments in life are yet to come.你人生中最精的时刻还在后头。A small first step by Samsung Life Insurance: to save lives, to give a new hope, to share a new dream, to encourage and to inspire. Even at this very moment, the Bridge of Life is speaking to someone.三星人寿保险小小的第一步:拯救生命、给予新希望、分享新梦想、鼓励并激励人心。即使就在这一刻,「生命之桥」正在对某人说着话。Human, Love, Samsung Life Insurance人性、爱、三星人寿保险201409/324969瑞秋苏斯曼展示了一些世界上最古老的尚存生物的图片---- 从已生存了2000多年的多巴哥海岸的脑珊瑚到人类开始农耕之前就存在至今的南非“地下森林”。201408/317091陕西省中医医院哪个大夫看消化不良看的好

三门峡市中心医院消化不良恶心呕吐腹痛烧心遍刻着阿卡德人楔形文字,且有些破损的陶制圆柱就是塞鲁士圆柱,是宗教宽容和多元文化的有力象征。在这场引人入胜的演讲中,大英物馆馆长内尔·马克雷格,通过这件文物,追溯了2600年的中东历史。201407/310174陕西省森工医院OMOM胶囊内镜C14呼气检测仪 He just got the deal done and that was an incredible achievement.他们就这么成交了 这是一项惊人的成就That in pure business terms is deal-making,用纯商业术语来说 这是真正的交易which is a recognisable feature of your great tycoon.这也是这位商业大亨公认的长项In its first week, the iTunes store sold more than 1 million tracks.第一周内 iTunes商店就售出了超过一百万首歌曲It was so successful by the end of the first year,一年之后 iTunes商店就获得了巨大成功the leverage had shifted from the owner of the content to Apple.以至于苹果的利润比版权所有人还高Some artists believe Apple now wields too much power through iTunes,一些艺术家认为 苹果通过iTunes得到了太大的权力putting profits before musicians.将利益摆在了音乐人前头..whose works it bleeds like a digital vampire for its enormous commission,苹果就像一个数码吸血鬼 向这些作品榨取巨额回扣that it decides, you know, well take 30%.从中抽取高达三成的利润Its a bit of a pity that everyones online these days.有点遗憾 现在人人都上网But you cant blame them. Its just the modern world, innit?不过也没办法啊 现代社会就是这样 不是吗?But what a business it is.不管怎么说 这算盘打得真好IPods give Apple power over the music industry through the connection to iTunes,iPod与iTunes的连接让苹果在音乐产业也有了一席之地and, in turn, the appeal of iTunes boosts sales of iPods.而iTunes的吸引力也促进了iPod的销售If I can fulfil all your needs, then Ill get all your money,如果我能满足你所有的需求 那我就能赚走你所有的钱and thats Steves approach.史蒂夫的理念就是这样的He wanted to give people the devices they would use to consume and audio,他想给人们提供能播放音频和视频的设备then he wanted to give them and audio to consume.随后他又想自己来提供这些音频和视频Hes created the future of entertainment.他已然创造了界的未来Jobs was usually very guarded about his private life,史蒂夫通常不会向外界透露他的私人生活but in 2005 he chose a very public stage, a speech to graduating students,但在2005年 他在一场对毕业生的演讲中to reveal he had been battling serious illness.向公众透露自己曾身患重病 /201308/253673汉中胃窦炎肠部疾病结肠炎十二指肠炎肠胃炎

西安市胃泰专家咨询Clay may not seem to us the ideal medium for writing, but the clay from the banks of the Euphrates and the Tigris proved to be unbeatable for all kinds of purposes, from building cities to making pots, or even, as with our tablet, for giving a quick and easy surface to write on.黏土也许并非理想的书写载体,但来自幼发拉底和底格里斯河岸的黏土被明是十分珍贵的,它用途广泛,能修建城市、制作陶罐,还能像我们这块黏土板一样,迅速提供一个可供书写的表面。From the historians point of view, clay has one huge advantage: it lasts.从历史学家的角度来看,黏土具有巨大的优势:容易保存。Unlike the bamboo used by the Chinese to write on, which rots quickly, and unlike paper, which is so easily destroyed, sun-baked clay will survive in the ground for thousands of years-and were still learning from those clay tablets.中国人用于书写的竹子极易腐烂,纸张则易于销毁,而晒干的黏土却能在干燥的地方保存数千年,使我们今天还能阅读其上的文字。In the British Museum, we look after about 130,000 written tablets from Mesopotamia, and scholars from all over the world come to study the collection.在大英物馆,我们保存了超过十三万块来自美索不达米亚的黏土板,世界各地的学者都来此研究这批收藏。While experts are still working hard on the history of the script some points are aly very clear, and many of them are visible in this oblong of baked clay.对美索不达米亚早期文字史的研究还在持续进行中,但有一些事实已十分清楚,其中很多只要从我们这块长方形的黏土板上便可看出。You can see very clearly how a reed stylus has pressed the marks into the soft clay, which has then been baked hard so that it is now a handsome orange.你能清晰地看到芦苇笔是如何在柔软的黏土上画出痕迹,之后经过重度烘烤,使黏土呈现出一种漂亮的橘色的。If you tap i-you can hear that this tablet is very tough indeed, thats why it has survived; but one of our problems in the British Museum is that we often have to re-bake the clay, in order to preserve the information inscribed on them-indeed we have a separate kiln for re-cooking Mesopotamian tablets.轻轻敲击黏土板,能发现它的质 地十分坚硬,这便是它们能保存数千年的原因。但如果遇到潮湿的环境,即便是烘烤过的黏土也会毁于一旦。大英物馆的日常任务之一便是时 常用特制窑炉重新烘烤这批板子,以加固它们的表面,保存上面的文字。 201406/307186 安康市中医院胃部幽门螺杆菌急慢性胃炎十堰第一人民医院消化病怎么预约



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