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铜川市妇幼保健院胃病胃肠属于几级西安中心医院消化病地址查询ed States美国Replacing Obamacare: Cost-sharing is caring废除奥巴马医改:成本分摊令人关注The paroles of replacing Obamacares subsidies for the poor.替换奥巴马医改法案对穷人补贴的口号。As republican congressmen were berated by constituents this week for their desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act , wonks in Washington continued to work on a replacement.当希望废除平价医保法案的共和党议员在本周饱受选民责备时,华盛顿的政策专家们仍在致力于拟定一项替代方案。Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, has promised a health-care bill soon after politicians return from their districts on February 27th.众议院议长保罗·瑞恩(Paul Ryan)承诺政客们2月27日从选区返回后不久就会推出新的医疗保健法案。If they are to cool the protesters zeal, Republicans must keep health insurance affordable for everyone who aly has it.要想平息众怒,共和党人必须使每一个已经拥有健康保险的人负担得起。That means deciding what to do about the subsidies Obamacare gives to 10m low- and middle-earners who buy coverage through government-run websites.这意味着要妥善处理一千万中低收入者从奥巴马医改计划中获得的补贴,他们之前从政府网站购买了保险。Mr Ryan promises to replace the laws means-tested tax credits with a discount for everyone, varying not with income but with age.瑞恩先生承诺用给予个人的优惠——其额度不随收入而随年龄有所变化,来替换基于收入的税收抵免政策。Would such a switch work?这样的转变会有效果吗?Republicans have always hated the ACAs handouts.共和党人一贯讨厌ACA的政府拨款。Because they shrink if people earn more, they discourage toil.因为如果人们收入越多,拨款就越少,他们不鼓励辛勤的劳动。The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that Obamacare reduces the total number of hours worked by 1.5-2%, which is equivalent to 2.5m full-time jobs by 2024.国会预算办公室估计,奥巴马医改计划使总工作小时数减少1.5-2%,相当于250万份做到2024年的全职工作。Making tax credits universal would lessen that number.推行税收抵免会减小此数字。And because the old pay more for health insurance than the young—a gap that will widen if the Republicans loosen restrictive pricing regulations—increasing subsidies with age makes some sense.而且和年轻人相比,老年人会花更多钱买医疗保险,如果共和党人放宽对价格规定的限制,差距还会扩大,因此根据年龄增加补贴就显得合理。Such a tax credit, though, would not be generous enough for all buyers.然而,这样的税收抵免对所有投保人来说都不够慷概。The average Obamacare subsidy adds up to about ,600 per person.奥巴马医疗计划的人均补助是3600美元。Many receive much more.许多人可以拿到更多。Two non-smoking 55-year-olds together earning ,500, the median household income, get ,800 each just to help pay for premiums, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a think-tank.根据凯瑟家庭基金会——一个智囊机构所说,两个55岁的非吸烟者,其总工资按中等家庭收入56500美元来算,每人可以获得4800美元以付保险费。According to The Economists calculations, if Mr Ryan sp the cash around all 22m Americans who buy health insurance directly, rather than through their employer, it would average only about ,000 each.根据经济学人的计算,如果瑞恩先生不通过雇主,而是直接给2200万购买过医疗保险的人发放现金的话,人均只能得到2000美元。That is close to what Tom Price, the new health secretary, proposed in 2015 for 35-to 49-year-olds (older folk would have got ,000).这接近于汤姆·普莱斯(Tom Price)——新的卫生部长在2015年提出的为35到49岁人群提供的补贴水平(年纪更大的人本来可以得到3000美元)。Republicans say it is enough, because costs will fall once insurance is deregulated.共和党人说这就足够了,因为一旦保险放松管制,成本便会下降。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201705/506065汉中市中医院消化内科消化科 Subject:if you just explained yourself clearly, no one will flame you. 迷你对话A: My boss blamed me, but it’s not my fault.我的老板批评了我,但是又不是我的错误。B: As far as I am concerned, if you just explained yourself clearly, no one will flame you.就我看来的话,如果你解释清楚了,没人会责怪你。 地道表达 flame 1. 解词释义Flame做动词用,表示“似火焰(的颜色)般地闪耀”或是“燃烧; 发出火焰”的意思。例如:They are wooded hillsides that flame red in autumn。( 长满树木的山坡, 在秋季红如火焰。)The burning coals started to flame yellow and orange. (燃烧着的煤开始发出了黄色与橙色的火焰。)那么,可以引申为“暴跳如雷,大发雷霆,发火”的意思。 2. 拓展例句e.g. I dont flame you and I think your action was justified.我并没有不怪你,反而我认为你做得有道理。e.g. If you fail the exam youll only have yourself to flame as it will be your own fault.你若考试不及格, 只能怪自己,因为那是你的过错。e.g. She flamed him for the failure of their marriage on him.她把婚姻的触礁归咎于他。 Ps 1:express oneself的意思是“表达自己的思想,自我表白”。例如:He is still unable to express himself in English.他仍然不能用英语表达自己的意思。I can not think of proper words to express myself facing the audience .面对观众我不知道如何表达自己。 Ps 2:as far as sb. is concerned的意思是“据某人所知”。例如:As far as I am concerned, your paper is fine as it is.对我来说,你的文章这样写就可以了。As far as I am concerned, hes nothing but hot air.我看他只会讲空话。 /201411/342503听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):;She is five tons of gray, ponderous beauty.;Thats how Rex G. White of the Detroit News described the now-forgotten treasure of the Belle Isle Zoo: Sheba the Asian elephant.She arrived in Detroit in 1923 and lived at the Belle Isle Zoo until she died on Jan. 2, 1959.And it all began with a letter written by a schoolgirl.Lori Feret, who is writing the first comprehensive history of Belle Isle, joined Stateside to tell the untold story of Sheba. It goes something like this:A little girl wrote a letter to the Detroit News and asked if there was a way for schoolchildren to work together and buy something the Belle Isle Zoo didnt have: an elephant. The zoo started in the late 1800s with smaller animals, but as the 20th century approached, the animals in the zoo got bigger – more like a modern-day zoo.The News saw this as an opportunity for some good publicity, so a campaign was launched to have an ;elephant day,; where children across the city could contribute their lunch or milk money to the cause. 150,000 schoolchildren pooled their money together to raise about ,000 to help cover the ,750 price tag (more than ,000 by todays money) of the 600-pound elephant.The News sent a reporter to New York City to travel alongside the young elephant as she made the journey to Buffalo. After some adventures in Buffalo, they took a boat to the elephants new home in DetroitWhen she arrived, Sheba was tremendously popular. She was dubbed ;The School Childrens Elephant;.More elephants would follow her to Belle Isle in later years, but Sheba remained a star until the zoo closed in 1956.Listen to the full interview above to hear about the trouble Sheba got into on the way to Detroit, and what happened when a drunk man snuck into the elephant house and tried to take a nap with the elephant.201701/490060高陵区肠胃炎胃肠功能紊乱肠易激综合症肠息肉

西安市妇幼医院直肠炎肠炎十二指肠溃疡Subject:My brain does not work.迷你对话A: I have a problem about my paper that I cannot solve. Please have a look at it.我有一个关于论文的难题,请看一下。B: Okay, let me see... Sorry my brain does not work.好的,让我想想...... 不好意思,我搞不清楚。地道表达 My brain does not work.解词释义My brain does not work. 这句俚语非常实用。在日常生活中,我们常常会说话说到一半舌头就打结,或者讲到不知所云时,就可以说:“My brain does not work.”或者有时候你跟一个人在讨论问题的时候,问题的本来就知道,可是却在那是偏偏就想不起来了,这时候也可以用这句话:“My brain does not work.”还可以说:“I don’t recall.”这种表达很传神。Ps 1:have a problem的意思是“遇到难题”“遇到问题”。如果表示在......方面遇到问题或难题,在短语后面用上介词with即可,即为:have a problem with something。例如:If you have a problem, a real problem, something I might help with, will you call me? 你要是遇到了难题,遇到真正难以对付的事情,而我又说不定能助你一臂之力,那时会来找我吗?I really like my work but I have a problem with it. 我很喜欢的我工作,但我有个问题。Ps 2:have a look 的意思是“看看,看一下”,表示“具体看什么东西”,在短语后面用介词at即可,即为:have a look at something。例如:He is on edge to have a look at it 他急于想看一看这东西。Please have a look and tell me your opinion. 请看一下并把你的意见告诉我。 /201402/274666陕西省妇幼保健院胃病胃肠电话号码 高 high-speed train attendant 高铁 high-speed train乘务员 train attendant试运行 trial operation实名制购票 real-name purchasing system 豪华座 luxury train seats商务座 business class普通座 standard seat纯净水 purified water◎点击播放器下方“进入MP3进入下载界面”可下载音频◎ /201108/147600陕西省森工医院治疗老胃病多少钱

庆阳市市中心医院肠胃科在哪个区迷你对话:A: Ann! Don’t you see the children are making so much noise here? Why don’t you keep them occupied and out their mother’s hair?安!你没看见这些孩子在这里这么吵吗?你为什么不让它们做点什么事情,别人他们在这里烦他们的母亲!B: OK! What about taking them outside and flying a kite.好的!带他们出去放风筝如何?A: Good idea! Well, Joan, I have something important to tell you.好主意。那么,琼,我有重要的事情告诉你。地道表达:out of one’s hair双语释义:If you get someone out of your hair, you get them to stop bothering or annoying you. 译为:使某人不受打搅语法用法:它作谓语时,通常和get连用,即:get out of one’s hair。跟它相近的一个短语是get someone out of one’s hair,意思是to stop annoying someone,译为“不打搅某人”。持范例:Shes been crying for hours. My God, how can I get her out of my hair!她已哭了几小时了,我的天哪,我如何才能摆脱她对我的烦扰! What do I have to do to get this guy out of my hair?我做些什么让这个家伙不烦扰我呢?Will you get out of my hair! You are a real pain.你不要烦扰我,行吗?你真让头疼。联想记忆:in one’s hair:不断地烦扰某人持范例:The children kept getting in my hair. 孩子们不停地惹恼我。情景口语:1. 表达让某人忙碌起来,做些事情,可以套用这个句型:Sb keeps someone occupied.注释:occupy的意思是“使忙碌,使从事”。例如:Only half her time is occupied with politics.范例:The most important thing is to keep yourself occupied.最重要的是你自己要使自己忙碌起来。2. 表示征询对方意见,可以套用这个句型:What about+名词(动名词)?范例:What about making an early start? 早点开始怎样?特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为可可编辑原创,如有出入,请给予指正。 /201302/223900 特别声明该文章中迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。迷你对话A: I don’t know why Mark often comes to me and asks me for advice. I smell some rat in it.我不知道马克为何总来找我征求意见,我绝对有点猫腻。B: He is sly. He is actually angling for compliments. But he may have got the crush on you.他很狡猾,他实际上是在寻求比人对自己的赞美,但是也有可能喜欢上你了。A: Nonsense! There’s no indication that he’s in love with me.胡说!根本就没有爱上我的迹象。B: Keep your fingers crossed. He may pop the question one of these days.等着吧,他终有一天回来想你求婚的。对话精讲第一、地道表达【核心短语】angel for compliments【解词释义】angel for为动词短语,喻指“用暗示,手段,诡计等猎取,谋求或得”,compliments做名词,意思是“赞美”“赞美的话”。因此,此短语的意思是指“故意引起比人说恭维的话”。 Angling for compliments is one of his weaknesses. 爱听恭维话是他的毛病之一。 Dont pay any attention to him.He is obviously angling for compliments. 别理他,他显然是想要别人恭维他。 Theres no need to fish for compliments——I really do like your new hair style. 没有必要故意恭维你-我真的很喜欢你的新发式。 I am not a very good cook. Nonsense, you are merely angling for compliments . 我不是个好厨子,废话,你只不过是为了取别人恭维而这么说的吧。第二、词海拾贝smell some rat:感到不对劲Henry Porter always smells a rat before anyone could.哈利波特总能在众人之千预感大事不妙了。get the crush on:(稚气地)爱着,迷恋上......;深深地爱上......(指少年早恋)【典型范例】Some of the girls have a crush on one of the teachers. 有的女孩子稚气地爱着一个老师。 in love with:与......相爱He would most probably have fallen violently in love with her. 他十有八九会炽热地爱上她的。 Every guy in class thinks hes in love with that little tart.班上的每一个家伙都认为自己爱上了那个小骚货。 keep one’s fingers crossed:祈愿,祈求成功Good luck with your driving test: I keep my fingers crossed for you. 希望你驾驶考试顺利,我祝你成功。 Its hard to say that you can win. Youd better keep your fingers crossed. 这很难说你可以赢,你最好祈求上苍保佑吧。 We must just keep our fingers crossed that the weather will stay fine for tomorrows game. 为了明天的体育活动,我们必须祈求天气继续放晴。 Lets keep our fingers crossed that he will arrive on time.让我们祈祷他会按时到达。 /201308/250938铜川妇幼保健院胃肠科收费贵吗固原市市中心医院肠胃科要预约吗



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