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A:Hello! How can I help you, sir? 你好!有什么可以帮你吗,先生?B:I want to take out a loan school. What kind of interest rate do you offer? 我想办理助学贷款你们的利率是多少?A:Do you qualify any of the Federal loan programs? 你具备联邦政府的贷款资格吗?B:Yes, but I need to borrow some more money. 是的,但是我要借多一些钱A:Well. In that case we can offer you a private educational loan. 好的这样的话,我们可以为你提供私人教育贷款B:What the interest rate? 利率是多少?A:It 7.%, fixed-rate loan. 7.%的固定利息贷款B:How do I go about taking it out? 我获得这种贷款要怎么做?A:Just fill out this application. We can let you know right away if you qualify. 填这张表格就好了如果你符合资格,我们可以马上通知你B:All right, thank you!好的,谢谢你! 78

An -year-old schoolgirl has survived after one of her classmates threw a ninja star into her head by accident, according to media.据媒体日前报道,在被同学扔出的忍者飞镖意外打穿头骨之后,一名岁的女孩竟然幸存了下来A blade was said to be stuck in the pupil head by two centimetres (0.8 inches) as she was taken to the hospital in eastern China.该女孩随即被送往中国东部的某家医院,据说当时刀刃插入女孩的颅骨有厘米(0.8英寸)深Surgeons removed the sharp object after operating on the girl an hour.在一个小时的手术之后,外科医生将该锐器从女孩的头上取下The incident took place at a school in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, on June 7, according to the provincial television broadcaster.据浙江广播电台报道称,此次事故发生在6月7日的杭州某所学校里The girl, nicknamed Wenwen, was said to be working on her school assignment when she was hit by the metal ninja star.据说当时这个女孩雯雯正在做作业,但是却被突如其来的忍者飞镖打中了头部The object is said to have flown into the classroom through the window and hit the sixth-grade pupil. The sharp object struck her head from the left side and became lodged in her skull.据悉,这个飞镖是从窗户飞进教室的,不幸击中了这位6年级女生锐器击打在了她头的左边,并陷进了头骨It reported that a classmate of Wenwen was playing with the ninja star, which has been described as a toy by Chinese media. The classmate threw the toy into the classroom by accident.据报道,当时雯雯的一个同学在玩这个忍者飞镖--而中国媒体将这件锐器称之为“玩具”这位同学是在无意间将这个“玩具”扔进了教室Dr Shen Zhipeng, a neurosurgeon, told a reporter: The ninja star is made of metal and it certainly does not look like a children toy.神经外科医生沈志鹏告诉记者:“这个飞镖是由金属制成,很显然不是孩子的玩具”Dr Shen did a computerised tomography (CT) scan Wenwen. The scan confirmed that the blade had been stuck in Wenwen skull about two centimetres.沈医生给雯雯做了一个CT扫描,结果实飞镖的刀刃雯雯的头骨大约厘米深We provided two suggestions to the parents. One was surgical debridement, which is to pull out the ninja star directly; and the other was craniotomy, which is to open the skull and carry out a thorough inspection, said Dr Shen.沈医生说道:“我们向病患的父母提出了两条建议其一是清创手术,就是直接把锐器拔出来其次就是开颅手术,打开头骨彻底检查” 5539

5.The Redwood Loggers5.遭砍伐的大红杉The oldest living giant sequoia (giant redwood) on record was 3,500 years old. It was aged based on its trunk rings, so it had to die to get the record.据记载,目前世界上最古老的大红杉树龄已达3500年由于我们只能通过树的年轮来判断其年龄,所以只有在树木死后,其树龄才会被记录在案The giant redwoods of Calinia are an iconic image of Americana, nearly as much so as the fleets of trucks weighed down by redwood logs larger than the trucks themselves. A single truck could carry ,500 meters (5,000 ft) of boards in raw lumber.Prior to the Calinia gold rush of 1850, Calinia redwood groves were pristine and untouched. Since then, over 95 percent of the old-growth est has been cut timber. The ests from which these trees came had been around so long that theyd med an evolutionary symbiosis with the wildfires that have historically swept through Calinia. The redwood bark is highly fire-resistant, so it takes minimal damage while competing species are completely wiped out.加利福尼亚的大红杉是美国的典型象征,同样让人印象深刻的或许还有那些被比车身还大的红杉原木压得步履蹒跚的卡车车队平均每辆卡车要承载足足500米(5000英尺)长的原木板加州的红杉林原本一直处于无人开发的原始状态,直到1850年的淘金热来临,超过95%的古老红杉林遭到砍伐并被用于制造木材历史上,此地曾被野火横扫,片甲不留而这些长久扎根于此的红杉与这野火逐渐形成了一种共生关系:红杉木的树皮高度抗火,当其竞争种群都被大火烧个精光的时候,红杉树林却几乎毫发无损.The Mark Twain.;马克吐温;Even an image of 3-meter-wide ( ft) redwood logs stacked on a truck doesnt drive in the sheer size of these massive trees like this photo taken at ground zero of the felling of the ;Mark Twain; redwood in 1891. This was an example of a trophy tree, a tree cut down as an expression of settlers conquest over the primeval landscape of the American West. A lot of those photos made their way into era postcards, usually with men with axes assuming casual ;no-big-deal; poses.这张照片摄于1891年,是伐倒;马克吐温大红杉;的伐木工人在树底下拍的,照片里可以见到的是被堆在大卡车上的直径达三米(英尺)的红杉原木,即便这样,人们据此也无法想象这些巨木的原型有多大;马克吐温;被砍倒了,人们视其为人类;征;了美国西部大自然的战利品男人们手里拿着斧头,以漫不经心的姿势站立着,仿佛在诉说砍掉这样一颗树;根本没什么大不了;——一张张与此类似的照片,形成了那个时代的明信片Since giant sequoias were prone to shattering when they fell, the loggers who took down Mark Twain spent eight days digging a trench that they lined with feathers to keep the tree intact when it crashed to the ground. Two cross-sections from the base were sliced out to go to museums, and the rest was broken up fence posts.巨杉树被伐倒的那一瞬间是震撼人心的,此前负责砍伐;马克吐温大红杉;的伐木工人们花费了整整八天时间来挖沟渠,以确保巨树倒地时是完好无损的巨树的两端被锯下送往物馆珍藏,其余的都被做成了篱笆桩3.Iraq Roman Arch3.伊拉克的半圆;拱门;This stone arch in modern-day Iraq is certainly large—impressive, maybe, but not necessarily breathtaking. What incredible about it, though, is how something so large and seemingly frail could still be standing after nearly 1,500 years.这座石拱门在当代的伊拉克无疑是一座大型建筑,虽然令人印象深刻,却不至于让人惊叹不已但令人难以置信的是,据说这座看似脆弱的石拱门已有00多年的历史,而它至今仍能屹立不倒Identified only as a Roman bridge over the Wadi Al-Murr by its photographer, archaeologist Max von Oppenheim, it was likely built during the reign of Roman emperor Justinian I. The Wadi Al-Murr is a waterway running through the Ninawa Province of northern Iraq, just under the border of modern-day Turkey. In the sixth century, Justinian built a series of bridges and dams in that region to prevent flooding in the Mesopotamian city of Dara. While most of those structures were decidedly more impressive, this lone arch is one of the few remaining complete structures from the Roman occupation of Iraq. And as of , it was still standing.而经近代考古学家马克斯·冯·奥本海姆拍照研究后实,此拱门实为建于古罗马时期查士丁尼一世执政期间的一座石拱桥桥下的瓦迪艾尔·穆尔河流经伊拉克北部的尼尼微省,与现在的土耳其接壤公元六世纪,查士丁尼一世(东罗马帝国皇帝)大量建桥筑坝以防洪水侵袭达拉地区美索不达米亚市虽然伊拉克的大多数建筑物都令人印象深刻,但是,这座长拱桥却是伊拉克地区为数不多的始建于罗马统治时期、却保存比较完整的建筑物这一时至如今,它依然屹立不倒.The Alaska State Fair.阿拉斯加州的;巨型蔬菜展;Cabbages wider than a wheelbarrow, pumpkins so heavy they collapse under their own weight—there something softly arrogant about giant vegetables, as if theyre using space that shouldnt be theirs. In the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, neck-deep in the Land of the Midnight Sun, giant vegetables are a heritage, one fiercely protected by its resident farmers.你见过连手推车也装不下的卷心菜吗?你见过成堆的南瓜因撑不了自身的重量而轰然倒塌吗?——这些巨型蔬菜天生;骄傲;,好像整个生长空间都是它们的,想长就长在马塔努斯卡-苏西特纳谷这样一个高纬度地区,巨型蔬菜是一种物质遗产,受当地民众极力保护The Alaska State Fair is where the goings-on get festive, and it there that youll find the -centimeter (89 in) gourds, the 500-kilogram (1,0 lb) pumpkins, and the largest cabbages in the world. Why do they get so big? A lot of it comes down to geography: Since that part of Alaska gets upward of hours of sunlight per day in the summer, vegetables just sort of keep trucking, feeding on the endless dawn of the Alaskan soul.在阿拉斯加州农产品展览会上,你可以看到厘米(89英寸)长的葫芦、500千克(10磅)的南瓜,以及世界上最大的卷心菜它们为何如此之大?很大原因在于其特殊的地理位置:此地夏季每天有长达小时的光照,所以只要交通顺畅无阻,这些巨型蔬菜可以保人们熬过阿拉斯加漫长的冬季1.Building The Nagarjuna Sagar Dam1.建造纳格尔久讷萨格尔大坝In a world packed with machinery and automation, the impact of sheer manpower is often overlooked in favor of a more technological approach. It hard to believe, but the seemingly chaotic wooden scaffolding and hive-like workce in the photo above was just a piece of the carefully planned construction of the largest masonry dam in the world.在机械和自动化盛行的今天,随着科技的进一步发展,纯人工的影响力往往被忽视难以置信的是,上图中展示的看似混乱无序的木质台架和如蜜蜂般密密麻麻的劳工,其场景实则是建造精心规划的世界上最大的石坝——纳格尔久讷萨格尔大坝的施工片段之一Located on the Krishna River in India, the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam spans 1.6 kilometers (1 mi), stands 0 meters (90 ft) tall, and the reservoir it creates is one of the world largest man-made lakes—and all of it was built with human labor. The dam is considered the first of India ;modern temples,; structures meant to reduce India dependency on eign imports, and plenty of people can be proud of that: In its years of construction, there were never fewer than 50,000 people working on it at any given time.位于印度克里希纳河的纳格尔久讷萨格尔大坝完全由人工建造而成,它长1.6千米,高0米,在它建成的同时也围造了是世界上最大的人工湖该大坝被誉为印度第一座;现代庙宇;,它意味着印度对国外势力依赖性的减小,很多人以此为荣:在建造该大坝的年里,至少有5万人参与建造橘子 前十网 0

导购口语:This tie blends with your striped suit.这条领带同你那套条子衣很匹配The tie goes along with the suit.这套领带和这件衬衫很搭配A neutral tie can be worn with a shirt of any color.暗灰色的领带配什么颜色的衬衣都行 语句:Bleng with…与……融合,这里的意思是“与……相匹配”;go along with…和……一起,这里的意思也是“与……相匹配”;a neutral tie暗灰色的领带,neutral本意是“中立的”,这里是指“非色的,会带灰色的” 情景再现:I want to buy a tie that goes well with the suit. Can you recommend one me?我想买一条领带来配那套西装,你可以替我选一条吗?Id like to see the tie in the showcase.我想看看陈列柜里的那条领带 1

Russian police discovered the dismembered remains of six children killed with an axe after the alarm was raised when the youngsters failed to appear at kindergarten.日前,俄罗斯警方接到报警,称几名儿童未出现在幼儿园,随后警察发现了六名儿童的碎尸以及一把斧子Officers broke in to the family flat through a window to find the dead youngsters - aged between one and seven - and the body of their pregnant mother in Nizhny Novgorod, east of Moscow. All had been hacked to pieces with an axe and bundled into plastic bags, said police.在诺夫哥罗德,警察们通过窗户进入公寓,发现了孩子的尸体这些孩子的年龄均在1岁到7岁,除此之外,警方还发现了一名怀母亲的尸体所有的尸体均被斧子砍碎,装进了塑料袋Locals said the father had been ex-communicated from the Seventh Day Adventists religious group allegedly committing adultery, according to major Russian news website LifeNews. The children 51 year old father, named as Oleg Belov, is suspected of killing his family at their home in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, 50 miles east of Moscow, said official sources.据俄罗斯媒体报道,几名孩子的父亲此前曾是“第七日耶稣复临教会”的成员,后因通奸被驱逐出这个团体而正是这名名叫奥列格的51岁男子,被指控在莫斯科以东50英里的诺夫哥罗德的家里杀害了全家The children were named as Alyona, seven, Fyodor, six, Sonya, five, Niki, three, Ilya, two, and Daria, one. Their mother was named as Zinaida, a lecturer in advanced mathematics at a local university.几名孩子分别是7岁的长女Alyona,6岁的Fyodor,5岁的Sonya,3岁的Niki,岁的Llya和1岁的Daria妈妈Zinaida是当地大学一名高等数学的讲师The alert had been raised by the kindergarten and Zinaida mother Valentina Zaitseva, 69, after the children were not seen a week, after not attending classes since 5 July. The Kremlin children ombudsman Pavel Astakhov said that it appeared the mother intended to deprive Belov of his paternal rights, barring him from raising the youngsters.孩子们从7月5日就没有上课,之后一周都未出现,幼儿园的工作人员及Zinaida69岁的母亲随后报警检察官Pavel称,遇害几个月前,该母亲曾向法庭提起诉讼,要求剥夺父亲对孩子的监护权Police yesterday launched a murder probe with reports emerging last night that the father may have been found in a mental hospital.警方之后马上对疑犯展开搜索,有消息称是在一所精神病院发现的奥列格 5

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