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Sometimes, one second requires everything you#39;ve learned in your whole life.有些时候,你需要穷尽一生的努力才能完成一秒钟的成就All your dreams.你所有的梦想。Everything you achieved.你达成的每个目标。Everything that put you to the test.每样考验你的事物。All the commitment.所有投入的心血。Everything that kept you ticking.你专注的每分每秒。All the failures.或是所有的失败。And all your perseverance.以及你所有的坚持。All for that one second.全都是为了那一秒钟。That decides... Everything.而这决定了...一切。 Article/201703/499887As the freshwater of Greenland#39;s ice sheet gradually seeps into the salt water of the oceans, low-lying lands around the globe are threatened.当格陵兰的冰原淡水慢慢渗入海洋的咸水。地球各处低洼地区将受到威胁。Sea levels are rising.海平面正在上升。Water expanding as it gets warmer caused,in the 20th century alone, a rise of 20 centimeters.单是上世纪因海水暖化膨胀,海水升高了二十毫米。Everything becomes unstable.一切变得不稳定。Coral reefs, for example, are extremely sensitive to the slightest change in water temperature.例如 珊瑚礁对海水温度的,轻微变化非常敏感。Thirty percent have disappeared.三成已消失。They are an essential link in the chain of species.它们是生物链中重要一环。In the atmosphere, the major wind streams are changing direction.在大气层主要的季风已改变方向。Rain cycles are altered.雨水循环被改变。The geography of climates is modified.气候地理也被更改。The inhabitants of low-lying islands here in the Maldives,for example, are on the front line.住在像马尔代夫这样的低洼岛屿的居民处于最前沿。They are increasingly concerned.他们越来越感到忧虑。Some are aly looking for new, more hospitable lands.有些开始寻找新的 更适宜居住的土地。If sea levels continue to rise faster and faster,what will major cities like Tokyo,the world#39;s most populous city, do?如果海水上升越来越快,像东京这样人口最多的大城市会怎样做?Every year, scientists#39; predictions become more and more alarming.每一年 科学家的预测越来越令人担忧。Seventy percent of the world#39;s population lives on coastal plains.全球70%的人口住在沿海平原。Eleven of the 15 biggest cities stand on a coastline or river estuary.十五个最大城市有十一个位于海岸线或河口。As the seas rise, salt will invade the water table, depriving inhabitants of drinking water.如果海水上升咸水会侵入地下水令居民失去饮用水。Migratory phenomena are inevitable.人口迁徙已无可避免。The only uncertainty concerns their scale.唯一不能肯定的只是其规模。In Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is unrecognizable.在非洲 乞力马扎罗山已面目全非。Eighty percent of its glaciers have disappeared.它的80%冰川已经消失。In summer, the rivers no longer flow.在夏天 江河已断流。Local peoples are affected by the lack of water.当地人受缺水影响。Even on the world#39;s highest peaks, in the heart of the Himalayas,eternal snows and glaciers are receding.即使在喜马拉雅山的世界最高峰终年积雪和冰川也在减少。Yet these glaciers play an essential role in the water cycle.这些冰川在水循环中扮演重要角色。 Article/201411/341636栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。 Article/201509/399240

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher of the Zhou dynasty, whose teachings of moral, social, political, and philosophical behavior and theory would later become the foundation of a system known as Confucianism.孔子是中国周朝的一位思想家,他在道德、社会、政治、及哲学行为与理论的教诲,后来成为一个被称做儒家的体系其根基。The teachings of Confucius was studied and written about from the time of his death until the founding of the first Chinese empire in 221 B.C. His teachings included humanist towards others, ritual and etiquette, love of parents for their children and of children for their parents. An emphasis was placed on self-cultivation and skilled judgment, rather than a knowledge of rules.孔子的讲学从他辞世到西元前 221 年首个中国帝国建立期间被研究及写下。他的教诲包括对他人的仁、仪俗及礼节、父母对子女的爱及子女对父母的爱。重点被放在自身修养和熟练的判断力,而非对规则的了解。His ethical ideals in teachings were also communicated through metaphor, innuendo, and anecdote or story. One of his most well-known teachings is—what you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others. Confucianism rose to prominence during the Han dynasty around 200 B.C. Many followers practiced his teachings as a religion. However, because it lacks a metaphysical aspect, most consider Confucianism as an influential social philosophy.他教诲中的道德理想也透过隐喻、讽刺、轶事或故事来传递。其中一个他最广为人知的教诲是--己所不欲,勿施于人。儒学在西元前约 200 年汉代时始达兴盛。许多追随者把他的教义当作一种宗教来实践。然而,因为儒学缺乏一种纯哲学的面向,大多数人视儒学为一个具影响力的社会学。Confucius avidly promoted an autocratic social structure. In the years after his death, rulers looked to scholars of Confucianism for assistance in managing their empires and governing their people. Confucianism was appealing to rulers who found that its principles would essentially help society become self-regulating. These principles of behavior and their implementation are thought to have later influenced strong central rule, and the absence of rigidly enforced legal structure.孔子热烈地提倡一个专制的社会结构。在他逝世后,统治者靠着儒家学者来协助管理他们的帝国及统治他们的人民。对于那些发现其原则实质上会帮助社会变得自律的统治者而言,儒学很吸引人。这些关于行为和其施行的原则被认为后来影响了中央集权统治、及严格执法体系的缺乏。Confucius spent his final years teaching his followers and communicating his wisdom.These dialogues would eventually become a set of texts called the Five Classics.孔子利用他的最后几年教导他的弟子和散播他的智慧。这些对话最终变成一系列称作《五经》的文本。 Article/201411/341596

The people here are obsessed with chillies,这里的人们对辣椒很着迷claiming they have a medicinal quality,他们认为辣椒有药用价值driving out the cold, wet climate.能驱寒祛湿You really feel like trying all of them,真想尝遍所有辣椒because some, I#39;ve never seen before.因为一些辣椒 以前见都没见过I hope they#39;re right, because it really is damp here.希望他们是对的 因为这里气候实在是太潮湿了Even the seeds of the chilli,即使是辣椒种子which we tend to avoid in the West,这种在西方我们不吃的东西are sold here as a garnish.在这里也当配头卖They take the seeds out of the ones that are slightly off colour,种子是从那些颜色不是很红that aren#39;t as desirable, 差强人意的辣椒里取出来的so that#39;s a lot of chilli!这袋肯定是好多辣椒的种子了Oh, so they stir-fry it, so it#39;s dry toasting.噢 把种子烘干 爆炒You would think this assault你可能认为辣椒对味蕾的轰炸on their taste buds would be unbearable,让人难以忍受but it#39;s not all about chillies.但调味料并不只有辣椒So big! Where do you start?这么大 从哪里开始走啊There#39;s a second key第二种关键调味料ingredient that absolutely defines Sichuan food.从根本上定义了四川美食This innocent looking这种纯净的香料husk from the berry of the prickly ash bush是花椒灌木的果实外壳is called the Sichuan flower pepper.叫做四川花胡椒 又称花椒It creates an incredibly intense numbing sensation它能带来强烈的麻木感that balances the chilli heat of the food.以平衡食物中的灼热辣感It stimulates the taste buds,它刺激味蕾unleashing an explosion of flavours.释放一种爆炸性的味道I don#39;t know why I#39;m actually a little terrified of trying it,不知道我怎么会有点怕尝它because I#39;ve cooked with it so many times.因为我可是很多次用它做菜的啊Wow!哇!Oh, my God!噢 天那It#39;s really strong, really numbing heat,太强烈了 特别的麻much stronger than what we have in the UK.比英国的花椒烈多了It#39;s these authentic local flavours这种正宗的当地风味that I#39;ve come here to cook with and master.正是我到此地需要熟练使用的烹饪佐料The fragrance of lavender taste is unbelievable.还带有薰衣草香味 真是难以置信I know. Lavender and a little citrus spice to it.我知道 有薰衣草和一点陈皮的香味I haven#39;t been here for almost 24 years我差不多有二十四年没回来了and now I realise how much I miss this fragrance.现在我终于意识到我有多想念这种香味 Article/201507/385816

But, at ground level, there were other threats. There were always potential rebels within the state, the aristocrats who had been forced to live in Kyongju for example, and on the coast there were Japanese pirates.但在地面上还有别的威胁:反叛势力一直蠢蠢欲动,那些被迫住在庆州的王公贵族就是其中之一,而沿海还有来自日本海盗的威胁。龙也许能保佑家宅平安。Here again, as on our tile, a dragon would provide security, but every Silla king had to negotiate one great and ongoing political predicament-how to maintain freedom of action in the lowering shadow of his mighty neighbour, Tang China.但每一任新罗王都不得不应对这些瓦当龙也无法解决的困境:如何在强大的邻国中国唐朝的阴影下保持独立自主。The Chinese had supported the Silla in their campaign to unify Korea, but only as a preliminary to China taking over the new kingdom itself, so the Silla had to be both nimble and resolute in holding the Chinese emperor at bay while maintaining his political alliance. In cultural terms, the same subtle balancing act between dependence and autonomy has been going on for centuries, and continues to this day, and we can see it in our tile.中国曾在新罗统一朝鲜半岛的战争中持过他们,但这只是中国吞并朝鲜的前奏罢了。因此新罗国王一方面要摆出谦卑的姿态以巩固同盟关系,一方面又要严阵以防中国皇帝出兵。这种依赖与自主间的微妙平衡在朝鲜半岛持续了千余年,至今仍是影响韩朝两国外交政策的主要因素。The tile is very similar to ones made in Tang China at the same time, but this is emphatically not a Chinese object. Unlike the broad grin of a Chinese dragon, the mouth here is small and aggressive, and the modelling of the tile has a rough vigour that#39;s very un-Chinese.在朝鲜半岛历史上,位于丝绸之路末端的统一繁荣的新罗王国开辟了一个重要的创新与学习的时代,这也是建筑、文学、天文和数学发展的“黄金时代”。And it#39;s this robust energetic engagement with the clay that made Korean ceramics so appealing to twentieth-century Europeans, and especially to potters. Here#39;s Jane Portal again:威猛的龙瓦当一直留在庆州的屋桅上,流传至今今天 在韩国仍能看到新罗国留下的遗产。韩国国家物馆馆长崔光植告诉我们:;All throughout Korean history, Korean ceramics tend to be lumpier, less perfect, more sort of spontaneous, whereas Chinese ceramics are perfect-and dead, in a way. And this is what attracted people in the twentieth century-folk potters, such as Bernard Leach-and they copied them, made studio pots which were very influenced by Korean ceramics.;瓦当所表现的文化因素至今仍留在韩国文化里。现在庆州市区的街道上仍能看到它们的身影。因此,从这方面看,这些物品虽然巳经算是古物,却仍然存活在文化中。 Article/201510/405121

Such a lively, diverse city needed strong leadership.一个如此多姿多、生气勃勃的城市需要强有力的统治者。When Ptolemy V#39;s father died suddenly, leaving the boy as king, the dynasty and its control of Egypt looked fragile.而当托勒密四世骤然去世,年幼的男孩成为国王,他们的王朝与对埃及的管理开始显得脆弱不堪。The boy#39;s mother was killed, the palace was stormed by soldiers, and there were revolts throughout the country which delayed the young Ptolemy#39;s coronation for years.男孩的母亲遭到杀害,宫殿被士兵捣毁,全国范围内的叛乱此起彼伏,以至于托勒密五世的加冕仪式拖延了数年之久。It was in these volatile circumstances that Ptolemy V issued the Rosetta Stone, and others like it.托勒密五世颁布罗塞塔诏书及其他法令之时,社会便是如此动荡。The Stone is not unique; there are another 17 similar inscriptions quite like it, all in three languages and all proclaiming the greatness of the Ptolemies.这块石碑并非独一无二,另外还有十七块类似的石碑被保存了下来,每块石碑都用三种语言赞美了托勒密诸王的伟大成就。These were put up in major temple complexes across Egypt.它们被安置在埃及各地的大型神庙里。The Rosetta Stone was made in 196 , on the first anniversary of the coronation of Ptolemy V, by then a teenager.罗塞塔石碑制作于公元前一九六年,为的是纪念托勒密五世加冕一周年,It#39;s a decree issued by Egyptian priests, ostensibly to mark the coronation and to declare Ptolemy#39;s new status as a living god-divinity went with the job of being a pharaoh.这道诏书由埃及的祭司颁写,表面上是为了周年纪念,宣布托勒密是埃及法老,人间之神:The priests had given Ptolemy a full Egyptian coronation at the sacred city of Memphis, and this greatly strengthened his position as the rightful ruler of Egypt.此前,祭司们在圣城孟菲斯为托勒密五世举行了一套完整的埃及登基仪式,极大地巩固了他作为埃及合法统治者的地位。But there was a trade-off.但这是一场交易。Ptolemy may have become a god, but to get there he#39;d had to negotiate some very unheavenly politics with his extremely powerful Egyptian priests.托勒密答应了这些位高权重的祭司们许多政治条件,才被加冕为神。Dorothy Thompson, Emeritus Professor at Cambridge University, explains:剑桥大学的多萝西汤普森士解释道。 Article/201411/341261

Chaos rules.混乱主宰世界Trade dries up.贸易停滞终结Supplies of bronze,青铜供应受阻The lifeblood of civilization, dwindle to nothing.文明的根源几近枯竭Mankind faces the collapse of thousands of years of progress.人类数千年发展进程岌岌可危But on an island in the eastern Mediterranean然而在地中海东岸的岛屿上A group of pioneering metal workers金属工人中的一批先驱Uncovers one of the keys to our future.发现了一把开启未来的金钥匙What they discover will arm new peoples,他们的发现将武装新人类Give power to new ideas,新思想有了新动力Send mankind across the world,使人类可以在地球上漂洋过海穿行陆地And transform the planet.然后改变这个星球The Age of Iron.这就是铁器时代An age we still live in today.我们至今依然活在这个时代Alashiya, Cyprus.塞浦路斯的阿拉什亚 An island named after its rich resources of copper.一个因盛产铜而得名的岛屿But the supply of rare tin to make bronze from copper因用于冶炼青铜的锡供应稀少Has dried up.岛屿不再兴旺发达Faced with ruin, metalworkers make a discovery行业衰败 金属工人只能另谋生路That will change the future of mankind.这将改变人类的未来Rusty red rocks, found all over the island.红锈斑斑的岩石遍布整个岛屿They contain one of the most important raw materials它们是人类历史上最重要的原材料之一:In history: iron.铁 Article/201509/397724

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