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惠州泌尿系统在线咨询惠州市医院男科医生For a century or so, the shopping ritual at dealer showrooms for new and used vehicles hasn#39;t changed much, apart from more comfortable chairs and the addition of latte machines.一个世纪以来,在经销商的展厅里购买新车或二手车的程序基本上没有什么变化,只是多了一些舒的椅子和咖啡机什么的。But the Internet is unraveling the essence of new-car retailing, arming shoppers with more information than ever about features and prices, as well as expert reviews. Will shoppers soon be able to take the next step and order new cars online, like books, laptops and shoes?但互联网正在解构新车销售的本质,它让消费者了解到更多有关汽车性能和价格的信息,同时还有专家的评测与看法。那么,不久的将来,消费者是否会像买书、买鞋、买笔记本电脑一样,开始在网上订购汽车呢?The debate over Internet vehicle sales rages, since automakers see it as a way to slash distribution costs by hundreds, and perhaps a few thousand dollars per vehicle. Dealers are aghast: They have shielded their franchises in every state with legislation. Many view Internet sales as a means of undermining them. Dealers assert that ;cars aren#39;t books or shoes; and are best sold in person by their sales staff, a process that allows the shopper to test the vehicle, as well as explore financing and trade-ins.关于汽车能否在互联网上销售的争论已然十分激烈。汽车厂商们认为,网上卖车可以大幅降低渠道成本,光是卖一辆车的渠道成本就可减少几百、甚至几千美元。而经销商们则惊慌失措,他们已经在美国的各个州通过法律巩固了自己的经营权,许多经销商认为网上售车会对他们的业务造成严重损害。他们坚称“汽车不是书也不是鞋”,最好还是通过与销售员面对面沟通的方式来购车,因为消费者可以通过这个环节试驾车辆,同时办妥贷款和打折等有关的事宜。Tesla Motors (TSLA), the groundbreaking electric-vehicle manufacturer founded by Elon Musk, takes orders for its Model S sedan, which starts at , 000, on its website. The cars are delivered either at one of its 30 company-owned stores or can be drop-shipped to a buyer#39;s home. Tesla, clearly, is bucking law and tradition. ;In Texas, where the law precludes delivering directly to customers, we do so through third-parties, ; said Shanna Hendriks, a Tesla spokesperson. ;We#39;re not saying we#39;ll never have dealers; but that model doesn#39;t make sense for us now.由艾伦#8226;马斯科投资的电动汽车制造商特斯拉汽车公司(Tesla Motors)已经开始在官网上接受Model S的订单了,这款车型的起价为7万美元。这些车辆既可以运到这家公司拥有的30家商店里,也可以直接运到消费者的家门口。显然特斯拉并不怕挑战法律和传统。特斯拉公司的发言人莎娜#8226;亨德里克斯说:“德克萨斯州的法律禁止厂商把汽车直接运到消费者家里,所以我们是通过第三方这样做的。我们并不是说我们永远都不需要经销商,但就眼下来说,那种模式对我们没有意义。”Seth Berkowitz, president and chief operating officer of Edmunds.com, said ;the current franchise system makes it difficult to imagine a time when consumers can order new cars online completely separate from a specific showroom experience.; Berkowitz said Edmunds is offering a feature that would allow shoppers to know exactly what a specific car will cost before they come to the dealership.汽车网站Edmunds.com的总裁兼首席运营官塞斯#8226;伯克维茨指出:“在目前的特许经营体系下,很难想象一旦消费者完全脱离了经销商的展厅,转而在网上订购汽车会是什么情形。”伯克维茨表示,Edmunds.com打算提供一项新功能,告诉消费者一款车型在到达经销商展厅之前的成本是多少。Because the market for used cars isn#39;t protected by new-car franchise laws, it may provide a more promising opportunity for online vehicle sales. eBay Motors, a division of eBay (EBAY), offers thousands of vehicles online for sales between private parties. Many used-car dealers also use the digital platform and pay a listing fee.由于二手车市场不受新车特许经营法保护,因此这个领域对于在线卖车来说可能更有前景。比如eBay旗下的eBay Motors就在网络上发布了成千上万辆车型信息,方便私人进行二手车交易。很多二手车经销商也利用这个数码平台进行交易,而且还要付一定的展示费用。Carvana, a venture sponsored by DriveTime, one of the nation#39;s largest used-car operations, has begun selling late-model used premium and luxury models on its own website. Carvana operates for the time being only in Atlanta and its environs but hopes to expand nationwide. ;What we#39;ve learned from our early experience is that shoppers like our on-line tools and money-back guarantee, ; said Ernie Garcia Jr., Carvana#39;s chief executive officer. Barely in business for eight months, Carvana declines to specify how many vehicles it has sold, except to say that the rate is accelerating.Carvana是美国最大的二手车交易商之一DriveTime投资的一家公司,已经开始在自己的网上销售最新款的二手豪车和高端车型了。目前Carvana的业务还仅限于亚特兰大及周边地区,但它希望尽快将业务扩展到全美。公司CEO 小欧尼#8226;加西尼说:“我们从早期的经验中了解到,消费者喜欢我们的在线工具和金融担保。”目前这家公司的业务刚刚开展8个月,不过它没有透露已经售出了多少辆二手车,只是说销售速度正在加速。Garcia did say that the first hundred vehicles sold by Carvana reflect what he called a ;promising; trend of high satisfaction among buyers. Four buyers of the first hundred weren#39;t satisfied with their purchase and exercised their right to trade the vehicles they bought for another. Only one of the hundred demanded a refund.加西亚介绍,Carvana公司首批卖出的100辆二手车在客户中的满意度很高,预示了光明的前景。这100个客户中,只有4个人对他们购买的车辆不满意,而且行使了换车的权利,另外只有1名客户要求退车返款。Garcia said that sales of new and used vehicles at dealerships, in the conventional manner, reflect about ;, 000 a car; in sales, general and administrative cost. He regards that amount as margin that can and will eventually shrink as online attracts more vehicle shoppers.加西亚表示,在传统的销售方式下,无论是卖新车还是旧车,每辆的销售成本、一般成本与管理成本加起来,都高达2,000美元左右。他认为,随着网络售车的模式吸引更多的消费者,这部分金额最终会缩水,转化成利润。Jeff Jones, Internet director for Al Serra Auto Plaza, a new-car dealer in Grand Blanc, Michigan, said his company is cooperating in an on-line pilot program with General Motors (GM). Visitors to GM websites can ;build; a vehicle and equipment online -- the last step, the transaction, takes place at the dealership. ;It still takes a human element to make sure the customer is eligible for financing and to see if the customer is choosing the right vehicle for him or her, ; said Jones.密歇根州大布兰克市的Al Serra Auto Plaza汽车行的网络总监杰夫#8226;琼斯表示,他的公司正在与通用汽车公司(General Motors)合作进行一项试点项目。用户可以访问通用官网来在线“制造”一辆车及其相关配置,但最后一步、也就是交易的过程仍然在经销商的门店里进行。他说:“要确保购车者的确具有贷款的资格,以及他是否选择了适合他的车型,人的因素仍然是必要的。”New-vehicle sales online haven#39;t arrived, and perhaps may never. Yet that day feels as though it#39;s drawing closer, especially for consumers who will choose anything and everything -- including a spouse -- using keypad or mouse.新车的在线销售虽然还没有成为现实,而且说不定永远都将是纸上谈兵,但是给我们的感觉却是这一天已经离我们越来越近了。特别是有些消费者已经习惯了用鼠标和键盘挑选和购买一切东西,甚至包括挑选自己的人生伴侣。 /201308/253332惠州男科哪个医院最好 Last fall, work on my coding side projects came to a head: I wasn’t making adequate progress and I couldn’t find a way to get more done without sacrificing my ability to do effective work at Khan Academy.去年秋天我的业余编程项目(coding side projects)到了一个紧要关头:没有充足的进度,也不能够找到一种方法在既不牺牲我可汗学院(Khan Academy)高效的工作的前提下完成更多的事情。There were a few major problems with how I was working on my side projects. I was primarily working on them during the weekends and sometimes in the evenings during the week. This is a strategy that does not work well for me, as it turns out. I was burdened with an incredible amount of stress to try and complete as much high quality work as possible during the weekend (and if I was unable to it felt like a failure). This was a problem as there’s no guarantee that every weekend will be free – nor that I’ll want to program all day for two days (removing any chance of relaxation or doing anything fun).如何处理我的业余编程项目是有一些严重问题的。我最主要是在周末或者某些工作日的晚上编写代码。如同结果一样,这种策略并不适合我。周末我拖着巨大的压力尝试完成尽可能多的高质量代码(如果我没能完成我会认为自己很失败)。这样想有一个问题,因为没有什么能够保我每个周末都有空,并且想整个周末都写程序而不是抓紧机会放松或。There’s also the issue that a week between working on some code is a long time, it’s very easy to forget what you were working on or what you left off on (even if you keep notes). Not to mention if you miss a weekend you end up with a two week gap as a result. That massive multi-week context switch can be deadly (I’ve had many side projects die due to attention starvation like that).每周写代码之间空挡太长也是个问题。你很容易忘记在做什么、什么还没做完(即使做记录也于事无补)。更不用说如果你错过一个周末,你就会面对长达两周的间隔。大量两周或者更多周的思维转换可是致命的(我的很多业余项目都由于精力不足而终止)。Inspired by the incredible work that Jennifer Dewalt completed last year, in which she taught herself programming by building 180 web sites in 180 days, I felt compelled to try a similar tactic: working on my side projects every single day.我被Jennifer Dewalt去年完成的工作震惊了,她在180天内构建了180个网站以学习编程。受到她的启发,我强迫自己尝试一个相似的策略:每一天都要进行我的业余项目。I decided to set a couple rules for myself:我决定给自己制定一些规则:1.I must write code every day. I can write docs, or blog posts, or other things but it must be in addition to the code that I write.1.我必须每天都写代码。我可以写文档,客或其他的东西。但必须依附于我所写的代码。2.It must be useful code. No tweaking indentation, no code re-formatting, and if at all possible no refactoring. (All these things are permitted, but not as the exclusive work of the day.)2.代码必须是有用的。不能代码微调,不能代码重排,且尽量不要重构。(这些事情都是允许的,但不作为当天特有的工作。)3.All code must be written before midnight.3.所有代码必须在午夜前写。4.The code must be Open Source and up on Github.4.代码必须开源且放在Github上。Some of these rules were arbitrary. The code doesn’t technically need to be written before midnight of the day of but I wanted to avoid staying up too late writing sloppy code. Neither does the code have to be Open Source or up on Github. This just forced me to be more mindful of the code that I was writing (thinking about reusability and deciding to create modules earlier in the process).其中的一些规则有点武断。虽然从技术上来讲代码没必要非得在午夜前写,但我想要避免熬夜太久写糟糕的代码。而且代码没必要开源放在Github上。这只是强迫我写代码时多上点心(想想重用以及决定开发过程早点写模块)。Thus far I’ve been very successful, I’m nearing 20 weeks of consecutive work. I wanted to write about it as it’s completely changed how I code and has had a substantial impact upon my life and psyche.到目前为止我进行得很顺利,我已进行了20周的连续工作。我想要写下这些是因为这方法完全改变了我的编码方式并且对我的生活以及心智都有实质性的影响。With this in mind a number of interesting things happened as a result of this change in habit:有这些规则后,习惯的改变导致了很多有趣的事情发生:Minimum viable code. I was forced to write code for no less than 30 minutes a day. (It’s really hard to write meaningful code in less time, especially after remembering where you left off the day before.) Some week days I work a little bit more (usually no more than an hour) and on weekends I’m sometimes able to work a full day.最少可行代码(Minimum viable code).每天我被强迫写至少30分钟的代码。(少量时间内很难写出有意义的代码,尤其是在记起前一天写到哪里后)有一些工作日我写得多点,但通常少于1小时。而周末,我有时候能一整天当程序猿。Code as habit. It’s important to note that that I don’t particularly care about the outward perception of the above Github chart. I think that’s the most important take away from this experiment: this is about a change that you’re making in your life for yourself not a change that you’re making to satisfy someone else’s perception of your work. The same goes for any form of dieting or exercise: if you don’t care about improving yourself then you’ll never actually succeed.编码即为习惯(Code as habit).其实重要的一点是我并不特别在意Github上的(负面)聊天内容是如何被他人理解的。我认为这是从这个实验中我学到的最重要的东西:这是关于在你一生中为了你自己而进行的改变而非为了让你的工作能讨好他人而进行的改变。这也适用于任何形式的节食或锻炼:如果你不在意提高自己,你是永远也不会成功的。Battling anxiety. Prior to starting this experiment I would frequently feel a high level of anxiety over not having completed “enough” work or made “enough” progress (both of which are relatively unquantifiable as my side projects had no specific deadlines). I realized that the feeling of making progress is just as important as making actual progress. This was an eye-opener. Once I started to make consistent progress every day the anxiety started to melt away. I felt at peace with the amount of work that I was getting done and I no longer had the over-bearing desire to frantically get any work done.抵抗焦虑(Battling anxiety).在开始这个实验之前我经常担心不能够完成足够多的工作量或者取得足够的进展(这两点很难度量,因为我的业余项目没有明确的截止日期)。我发现想要取得进展与实际取得进展是同样的重要。这让我豁然开朗。一旦我开始每天取得持续的进展,焦虑就开始消失了。我对我不断完成的工作量感到欣慰,并且我不再过度疯狂地期望完成更多的工作。Weekends. Getting work done on weekends use to be absolutely critical towards making forward momentum (as they were, typically, the only time in which I got significant side project coding done). That’s not so much the case now – and that’s a good thing. Building up a weeks-worth of expectations about what I should accomplish during the weekend only ended up leaving me disappointed. I was rarely able to complete all the work that I wanted and it forced me to reject other weekend activities that I enjoyed (eating dim sum, visiting museums, going to the park, spending time with my partner, etc.) in favor of getting more work done. I strongly feel that while side projects are really important they should not be to the exclusion of life in general.周末(Weekends).在周末完成的任务曾今对于推进进度是绝对重要的。的确有地表性地,这是我完成业余项目显著代码量的唯一时间。但现在并非如此,不过非常好。在周末完成我一整周所期望的有价值的内容只能以让我以失望告终。我极少能够完成我想要完成的所有工作,而这强迫我放弃其他周末我喜欢的活动(例如,吃中式点心,参观物馆,去公园以及和我的小伙伴在一起玩等)以完成更多的工作。虽然我非常相信业余项目真的很重要,但总之,他们不应该阻碍你的平时生活。Background processing. An interesting side effect of writing side project code every day is that your current task is frequently running in the back of your mind. Thus when I go for a walk, or take a shower, or any of the other non-brain-using activities I participate in, I’m thinking about what I’m going to be coding later and finding a good way to solve that problem. This did not happen when I was working on the code once a week, or every other week. Instead that time was consumed thinking about some other task or, usually, replaced with anxiety over not getting any side project work done.发呆(Background processing).每天都写业余项目的一个有趣的副作用就是当前业余项目的任务会频繁地在你大脑中浮现。这导致当我走路,洗澡或则进行其他不耗费脑力的活动时,我总是在想接下来我要写些什么代码并且寻找好的方法来解决问题(译者注:别人看来就是发呆)。这在我每周或隔一周写一次代码的时候从未出现过。相反这些时间花费在了思考其他的一些任务上,通常是懊恼自己上周没能完成业余项目的工作量。Context switch. There’s always going to be a context switch cost when resuming work on a side project. Unfortunately it’s extremely hard to resume thinking about a project after an entire week of working on another task. Daily work has been quite helpful in this regard as the time period between work is much shorter, making it easier to remember what I was working on.思维转换(Context switch). 继续业余项目时总是会有思维转换代价的。不幸的是,当一整周都在干其他任务的工作时,这转变是及其困难的。就每天都写代码而言是非常有利的,因为工作间歇时间更短。这使得回忆起正在做什么更容易。Work balance. One of the most important aspects of this change was in simply learning how to better balance work/life/side project. Knowing that I was going to have to work on the project every single day I had to get better at balancing my time. If I was scheduled to go out in the evening, and not get back until late, then I would need to work on my side project early in the day, before starting my main Khan Academy work. Additionally if I hadn’t finished my work yet, and I was out late, then I’d hurry back home to finish it up (instead of missing a day). I should note that I’ve been finding that I have less time to spend on hobbies (such as woodblock printing) but that’s a reasonable tradeoff that I’ll need to live with.工作权衡(Work balance). 这个改变最重要的一方面是直接学会了如何更好地权衡工作/生活/业余项目。由于明确了我每天都会工作在业余项目上,我必须更好地平衡我的时间。如果我计划晚上外出并且会很晚才回来,那么我会在一天中早些时候,既在开始我的可汗学院的主要工作前,完成我的业余项目的工作量。而且如果我没有完成我的任务,并且在外待得很晚,我会赶回家完成他而不遗漏一天。我应该注意到了我拥有更少地时间可花费在爱好上(例如版画),但这是我需要面对的合理的折衷。Outward perception. This has all had the added benefit of communicating this new habit externally. My partner understands that I have to finish this work every day, and thus activities sometimes have to be scheduled around it. It’s of considerable comfort to be able to say “Yes, we can go out/watch a movie/etc. but I have to get my coding in later” and have that be understood and taken into consideration.他人看法(Outward perception). 把这个新的习惯告诉别人让我更受益。我的小伙伴理解我需要每天完成这个工作,因此有的时候活动安排也很迁就我的工作。能够说“没问题,我们可以出去玩/看电影/等,但我等会儿要当会儿程序猿”并且能够被理解和考虑在内是相当欣慰的。How much code was written? I have a hard time believing how much code I’ve written over the past few months. I created a couple new web sites, re-wrote some frameworks, and created a ton of new node modules. I’ve written so much I sometimes forget the things I’ve made – work from even a few weeks prior seem like a distant memory. I’m extremely pleased with the amount of work that I’ve gotten done.能写多少代码?我简直不敢相信我上个月写了多少代码。我制作了一堆新的网站,重写一些框架,并且创建了大量新的节点模块(node modules)。我写了如此的多,以至于我有时候都忘记了我到底干了些什么,前一周的工作都好像是很遥远的记忆样。我对我所完成的工作量是及其满意的。I consider this change in habit to be a massive success and hope to continue it for as long as I can. In the meantime I’ll do all that I can to recommend this tactic to others who wish to get substantial side project work done. Let me know if this technique does, or doesn’t, work for you – I’m very interested in hearing additional anecdotes!我认为这个习惯改变是一个很大的成功并且希望能尽可能地继续下去。与此同时,我将倾尽所有将这个策略推荐给其他希望让其业余项目有实质进展的人。无论这个技术对于你是有用或者没用,请告诉我。我会非常乐意听更多的趣事的! /201411/342612惠州治疗阳痿

仲恺医院是正规吗?The estimated cost of an MBA for a single student who lives off campus at Stanford University is slightly more than 2,000. Add to that tidy sum the opportunity costs of quitting a job at Google that paid about ,000 a year, and your all-in cost for the Master of the Universe degree comes to a formidable, if not mind-numbing, number: nearly 0,000.在校外居住的学生就读斯坦福大学(Stanford University)MBA的成本,大约超过212,000美元。再加上从谷歌(Google)辞职所产生的每年约75,000美元的机会成本,攻读这种被戏称为“宇宙之王”的学位的总成本累计接近390,000美元,这样一笔庞大的费用,恐怕会令许多人目瞪口呆。That’s the kind of hole Amanda Bradford dug for herself when she graduated from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business just three months ago. So what is she doing with that world-class education?三个月前刚刚从斯坦福大学商学院毕业的阿曼达o布拉德福德,便为自己挖了这样一个大坑。那么,她接受如此顶级的教育是要做什么?She is launching an app on iTunes. Not just any app, mind you. It’s yet another dating app, a Tinder-like application for super picky people who want to meet other super picky people. In a world cluttered with the likes of OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, and Zoosk, there are more than 200 entries listed under dating apps on iTunes alone.她正在iTunes上发布一款应用程序。注意,这可不是一款普通的应用。这是一款约会应用,类似于交友应用Tinder,专为超级挑剔的人找到同样挑剔的约会对象。如今同类产品多如牛毛,比如OkCupid、Coffee Meets Bagal、Hinge、Plenty of Fish和Zoosk等,仅iTunes上便有200多款约会应用。Do we really need another app for people who can’t get dates on their own? And does it really take an MBA from Stanford to launch an app company?在这样的情况下,我们真的有必要为那些靠自己无法找到约会对象的人再推出一款新应用吗?成立一家手机应用公司,真的需要有MBA学位吗?Probably not. But none of that seems to have deterred 29-year-old Bradford, whose resume at least makes her prime dating material on what she is calling The League. Among other things, the app allows would-be daters to see the educational and work backgrounds of The League’s members, hooking them into the LinkedIn profiles and Facebook pages of users.可能并不需要。但这并没有让29岁的布拉德福德打消念头。至少,在这款被她称为The League的应用上,布拉德福德的履历可以让她成为优质约会对象。这款应用允许想要约会的人查看The League会员的教育和工作背景,诱导他们进入用户的LinkedIn个人资料和Facebook页面。A glimpse of Bradford’s CV would lead most to wonder why she would waste her time with an app in a highly crowded field. After all, she graduated in 2007 from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in information systems, a somewhat rare young woman with a STEM credential. Bradford then landed a job as a sales engineer and later account executive at salesforce.com. After a three-year stint there, she moved to one of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley: Google, first as a “pre-sales engineer” and finally in a business development role, working with Google product and engineering teams. Bradford even spent nine months at Sequoia Capital, the high-flying Silicon Valley venture capital firm, as an investor.布拉德福德的简历会让大多数人产生一个疑问——她为什么浪费时间,在一个高度饱和的领域里开发一款应用?毕竟,她在2007年毕业于卡耐基梅隆大学(Carnegie Mellon),取得了信息系统专业的学位,而能取得STEM(科学、技术、工程与数学)学位的女性可谓凤毛麟角。毕业后,布拉德福德成为一名销售工程师,后来在企业云计算公司salesforce.com担任客户经理。在这家公司工作三年之后,她又前往硅谷最热门的公司之一:谷歌,最初担任“售前工程师”,后来进入业务开发部门,与谷歌的产品和工程设计团队共事。布拉德福德甚至还在硅谷著名的风险投资公司红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)做了9个月的投资者。You’d think someone with that kind of resume, topped by a Stanford MBA no less, would think up a more substantive business than a dating app. Last year, a record 18% of Stanford MBAs founded companies, but few of those startups were created to do launch an app.你肯定会想,有如此了不起的履历,再加上毫不逊色的斯坦福大学MBA学位,一个人应该想出更实质性的业务,而不是一款约会应用。去年,斯坦福大学MBA学生创立公司的比例达到创纪录的18%,但几乎没有几家初创公司是专门开发一款手机应用的。Nonetheless, the path to app-dom was clear when Bradford and her first-year classmates downloaded Tinder and became increasingly intrigued–and appalled–by what they saw.然而,布拉德福德与一年级同学当初下载Tinder的时候,便已经明确了进入手机应用行业的目标。因为这款应用让她们越来越着迷,越来越震惊。“We would send each other the most horrifying Tinder pictures we’d seen that day, guys doing asinine things, half-naked people,” Bradford says in an interview at her San Francisco office. And though she and her friends would laugh about the awful material on the dating app, she was struck toward the end of 2013 by something else: just about everyone she knew was using it.布拉德福德在位于旧金山的办公室接受采访时说道:“我们会在彼此之间发送当天看到的最恐怖的Tinder图片,男孩子们做的蠢事,以及人们半裸的照片。”虽然她和闺蜜们时常嘲笑这款约会应用里糟糕的约会对象,但在2013年底,另外一件事却令布拉德福德感到震惊:几乎所有人都在用它。“What I saw was a huge consumer behavior shift in my demographic,” Bradford says. “Guys and girls in my network who I’d never seen on a dating app … all of a sudden had this Tinder app installed on their phones. It was kind of this fun thing that everyone in my generation was doing.”布拉德福德说道:“我发现同龄消费者的行为发生了巨大的转变。我交往的男孩和女孩以前从来不会选择约会应用……但突然之间,所有人都在手机上安装了Tinder。我的同龄人都在使用这款软件,这是一件有趣的事。”But she saw problems with Tinder. There was the sleaze factor. There were millions of users, making it hard to sort out who might be compatible. Also, dating apps had a stigma, “this reputation for a one night stand, or a hookup,” she says. Furthermore, getting on such an app made a user’s search for love—or whatever—public. Many successful people didn’t want their personal and professional brands potentially tainted by association with a dating app.不过,她也看到了Tinder的问题所在。这款应用上存在一些不端行为。Tinder有数以百万计的用户,筛选出一位能够共处的约会对象并不容易。此外,约会应用都有一个污点,“通常都以一夜情或约炮著称,”她说道。此外,使用这种应用会让一个人寻找爱情或其他任何对象的过程公开化。许多成功人士不希望与约会应用有任何关系,以免自己的个人和职业品牌受到影响。“There was this kind of mismatch: the more successful you were, the less likely you were to be on a dating app,” Bradford says.布拉德福德说道:“现在有一种不匹配的现象:一个人越成功,就越不可能使用约会应用。”The light switch was thrown. Instead of creating another app for the masses to clutter with offensive comments and tasteless photos, she would create an alternative to be populated by “a high caliber community” of smart, well-educated, successful people.于是她产生了灵感。她没有选择为大众开发另外一款充斥着无礼言论和粗俗照片的手机应用,而是要创建一款面向“高素质人才社区”的约会应用,这些人都受过良好教育,是精明的成功人士。With The League, most new membership will come via referrals, and the app will use an algorithm to evaluate applicants’ educational and professional qualifications. The app will have privacy settings to regulate who sees a member’s profile, barring, for example, colleagues. “You don’t have to worry about being the talk of the water cooler at work,” Bradford says.The League的大多数新会员将来自老会员推荐,该应用会通过一种算法对申请者的教育与职业等级进行评估。这款应用还将提供隐私设置,限制会员资料的访问权限,比如禁止同事查看。布拉德福德说道:“你不必担心会成为公司同事闲聊时的话题。”While many people, no doubt, have wished for a better dating app or thought about creating one, Bradford’s position at Stanford put her in a spot to do something about it. “The Stanford ecosystem is very, very supportive,” she says. “I’ve never been to a more entrepreneurial place. Half my classes were on entrepreneurship, and launching a company, and how to start a company—it’s in the water there. I went to a ton of people for advice, from faculty, to speakers on campus, to alums, to people on campus who had done startups.”肯定有许多人希望有一款更优秀的约会应用,或考虑自己创建一款这样的应用,而斯坦福大学为布拉德福德提供了先天的优势,让她能够把这个想法付诸实施。她说道:“斯坦福大学非常持我。我从来没有见过创业氛围如此浓厚的地方。我有一半同学正在研究创业或者正在创建公司,想知道如何创业——在斯坦福你会身临其境。我向许多人征求意见,包括老师、演讲嘉宾、校友以及曾经创业的同学。”She applied successfully to get into the Stanford Venture Studio, a facility in which graduate students from all disciplines can test and develop business ideas, take part in group sessions, get advice from successful entrepreneurs and alumni, and practice pitching.她成功加入了斯坦福创业工作室(Stanford Venture Studio)。来自不同学科的研究生都可以在这个工作室测试和开发商业创意,参与小组座谈会,向成功的创业者和校友取经,练习推销技能等。Bradford refined her idea by pitching it to BASES, the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students. And she sought constant feedback from her girlfriends, who were members of her target market of smart, up-and-coming young people. Her Stanford friends, she says, were “very instrumental in shaping the product and feature set.”布拉德福德通过向斯坦福大学创业学生商业协会(Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students,BASES)推销,对自己的创意进行不断完善。她还可以从闺蜜们那里得到持续的反馈,她们都是聪明进取的年轻人,也是这款应用的目标群体。她说道,她在斯坦福大学的朋友“在产品成形和功能设置方面给我带来了很大启发。”During a Stanford independent study course, Bradford built the app’s wireframes, essentially blueprints. She created the technical specifications. But when she outsourced prototype development to India, she ran into difficulties, as she found no effective way to create the prototype without working side-by-side with other developers.在斯坦福大学的独立研究课程期间,布拉德福德构建出手机应用的线框原型,并开发出应用的技术规格。但在将原型开发外包给印度时,她却遇到了麻烦,因为如果不能与其他开发者并肩工作,很难创建应用的原型。Ultimately, she joined forces with Derrick Staten, who received a BA in International Relations from Stanford, but has expertise in mobile operating systems and experience in venture capital.最终,她选择与德里克o斯塔恩合作。斯塔恩获得了斯坦福大学国际关系专业文学学士学位,并拥有手机操作系统开发的专业知识,以及为风投工作的经验。Now, the two are putting the final touches on the app and continue to gather would-be members onto a waiting list. They hope to launch within weeks, first in San Francisco and eventually in up to 10 major U.S. cities.现在,两人正在对应用进行最后修正,并继续收集潜在会员信息。他们希望在数周内上线,首先在旧金山,然后推广到美国10个主要城市。Will it be worth her big investment in a Stanford MBA? Who knows. But she’s aly getting plenty of publicity. Sex, after all, sells. And sex among elites may sell even better.布拉德福德为斯坦福大学MBA付出了巨额成本,换来的结果就是一款新的手机约会应用,这是否值得?目前还没有人知道。但她现在已经得到了许多人的关注。毕竟,与性爱相关的产品总可以大卖。而能够解决精英性爱问题的产品似乎更有市场。 /201410/332279惠州哪家医院做包皮比较好 It looks like Wall Street may have finally had its fill of bad candy—and bad tech stocks.看起来,华尔街可能终于吃到了“坏糖果”——这次是一些表现糟糕的科技股。King Digital Entertainment , maker of the (once) popular mobile gaming app “Candy Crush Saga,” saw its shares fall over 20% late Tuesday after the company reported sluggish growth and tepid earnings for the previous quarter. The mobile gaming kingpin’s new titles apparently failed to generate sufficient cash to cover the “unexpectedly” steep drop in revenue from its maturing Candy Crush franchise. With a fickle audience, rapidly changing technology, and almost no barriers to entry, King as well as the rest of the mobile gaming space have proven to be terrible equity investments. It may be time for them to head back to their garages in Silicon Valley and stay there until they are mature enough to come back to Wall Street.风靡一时的手游《糖果传奇》(Candy Crush Saga)开发商King Digital Entertainment周二宣布最近一个季度增长乏力、业绩平平,导致其尾盘股价下跌超过20%。这家手游界标杆公司的新游戏显然未能创造充足的现金,无法弥补进入市场饱和期的《糖果传奇》游戏收入的“出乎意料地”大幅下降。由于用户喜新厌旧、技术迅速迭代以及准入门槛低到近乎不存在,King以及手游行业的其他公司已被明是糟糕的股权投资。或许,现在是时候让它们回到创业之初的硅谷车库里去了,直到它们足够成熟后再重返华尔街。The recent IPO boom has brought a lot of questionable companies to the public markets in the last couple of years. While none have boasted the absurd bubble-like valuations that characterized the Internet IPO boom of the late 1990s, a few have come pretty close. Of all the companies that went public, King Digital Entertainment, was clearly among the sketchiest. It was riding the wave of other “web 2.0″ properties that had recently gone to the market and garnered strong valuations.过去几年的IPO热潮已将很多有问题的公司引入公开市场。虽然还没有一家公司的估值达到上世纪90年代末互联网泡沫时期荒谬的估值,但有一些已经相当接近了。在所有这些公开上市的公司中,King Digital Entertainment显然是最草草上场的一家。该公司搭上了最近一轮“web 2.0”上市浪潮的便车,获得了高估值。King, as a maker of “mobile gaming” products, was pretty much the bottom of the tech barrel. It had explosive growth, with 2013 revenues up 11-fold over the previous year, yielding profits of around 7 million. But around 80% of that revenue came from only one of its various games—Candy Crush. King tried to sell investors on the notion that it could repeat and build on Candy Crush’s success, but few took the bait. Its stock fell 16% on its first day of trading.作为手游产品开发商,King几乎处于科技产业链的底端。该公司曾拥有爆炸式的增长,2013年收入较前一年增长了11倍,创造了近5.67亿美元的利润。但约80%的收入来自这家公司旗下的一个单一类别游戏——《糖果传奇》。King试图说投资者相信,该公司将重现《糖果传奇》的成功,但没什么人买账。其股票价格首日上市即下跌16%。Despite the odds, King posted some encouraging profits in its first quarterly earnings as a public company. It had been able to diversify its revenue so that Candy Crush only accounted for 68% of its revenue, instead of 80%. Maybe the market misjudged King after all? Its stock price rallied. The investment banks set lofty price targets and slapped a “buy” rating on the stock.尽管困难重重,King作为上市公司发布的首个季度业绩仍有些鼓舞人心的亮点。该公司在收入多样化上取得了进展,《糖果传奇》占其收入的比例降至68%。或许市场看错了King?它的股价大幅反弹。投资纷纷设定了高高在上的目标价,并给予“买进”评级。King Digital posted a profit on Tuesday and issued a sizable 0 million special dividend to its shareholders, but it failed to meet Wall Street’s aggressive price targets. Its other games still aren’t doing well, while revenues from Candy Crush have continued to fall. Deutsche Bank lowered its earnings target from a share to a share (the stock was trading around .50 in the after hours markets).King Digital周二公布实现盈利,并向股东派发1.50亿美元的巨额特殊股息,但股价未能达到华尔街激进的目标价格。该公司其他的游戏表现欠佳,来自《糖果传奇》的收入也持续下降。德意志(Deutsche Bank)将目标价从27美元降至12美元(该股周三盘后交易价格在14.50美元附近。)So, is this a case of Wall Street simply expecting too much, too soon, or does King Digital simply not have what it takes to compete with the big boys of the tech world? It seems to be a little bit of both.那么,这是因为华尔街期望太高太早?还是King Digital根本没有与科技巨头竞争的实力呢?看起来,两者皆有。Mobile gaming is in its infancy and there are a lot of questions about its ability to generate consistent profits for its investors. The sector may have great potential to grow, amid the proliferation of smartphones in Asia for example, but companies that have managed to produce hit games in the past may not reap the rewards of such future growth. Rival game maker Zynga , which at one point commanded a market valuation of over billion, has had a hard time repeating the success of its Farmville franchise and has seen its share price tumble month after month as a result—down 30% this year and down over 70% since its IPO in December 2011.手游业尚处于婴儿期,它能否为投资者创造持续收益仍有很多疑问。这一领域可能有巨大的增长潜力,比如亚洲的智能手机使用数量正在快速增长,但是那些曾经开发出热门游戏的公司或许无法从这些未来的增长中获得回报。市值一度达到70多亿美元的竞争对手Zynga也在试图重现其《开心农场》(Farmville)系列游戏的成功,结果并不顺利,为此该公司股价已连续多月下跌,今年已跌去30%,较2011年12月的IPO价格下跌超过70%。 /201408/323635惠州哪家男子医院比较好

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