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Kremlin Urged to Free Russian Political Prisoners俄罗斯人权人士促总统释放政治犯 Russian human rights activists are urging President Dmitri Medvedev to act on his call for legal reforms by freeing individuals considered to be political prisoners. The activists say their case is supported by Mr. Medvedev's recent acknowledgement that justice in Russia may be bought with money or influenced through powerful connections. In Moscow news conference where the appeal was made public. 俄罗斯人权活动人士敦促总统梅德韦杰夫释放那些被认为是政治犯的被囚禁的人,从而实现他自己要求司法改革的呼吁。这些政治活动人士说,梅德韦杰夫最近承认俄罗斯的司法公正可以被金钱和权势所左右,正好印了他们的观点。这些政治活动人士在一个记者会上公开发出上述呼吁。Activists representing several of Russia's major human rights organizations have sent an open letter to President Dmitri Medvedev urging him to pardon 15 individuals serving long prison terms based not on criminal violations, but what they say is political persecution. The activists note, however, the imprisoned individuals represent only a portion of the 100, and perhaps many more political prisoners in today's Russia. They include scientists charged with espionage, Muslims accused of terrorism, and businessmen charged with economic crimes.  来自俄罗斯几个大型人权组织的活动人士向梅德韦杰夫总统发出公开信,呼吁他赦免15名没有刑事犯罪、却在长期刑的犯人。活动人士称这些人受到政治迫害而刑。不过他们指出,上述15个人只是目前关押在俄罗斯的100名,甚至更多的政治犯的一部分。这些人包括被指控犯有间谍罪的科学家,犯有恐怖主义罪行的穆斯林,以及犯有经济罪的商人。The activists, however, say the businessmen were targets of government officials interested in seizing their assets or eliminating political opponents. One of the imprisoned businessmen is Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a billionaire and Kremlin foe, whose Yukos Oil Company was dismantled by the Russian government. The Muslims, say their defenders, were innocent victims of anti-Islamic or anti-terrorist hysteria. And the scientists merely maintained routine professional relations with foreign colleagues or used open source materials to publish scientific papers.  活动人士说,商人成为那些希望攫取他们财产或是消除政治对手的政府官员的打击目标。以被囚禁的霍尔多科夫斯基为例,他是一位亿万富翁,也是克里姆林宫的政敌。他的尤科斯公司被俄罗斯政府解散。而那些穆斯林,他们的辩护者说,他们只是歇斯底里的反伊斯兰和反恐行动的无辜受害者。那些被囚禁的科学家只是和国外同行保持例行的工作联系,或是使用可以公开的材料发表科学文献。Activist Ernest Cherniy, representing the Public Committee to Protect Scientists, says scientists were singled out after President Putin told Parliament in 2000 that any relations with foreigners would constitute a criminal act, although such activity is not forbidden by law. 来自保护科学家公共委员会的活动人士切尔尼说,2000年,俄罗斯前总统普京在议会说,与外国人保持联系就是犯罪,之后,这些科学家被起诉判刑,虽然俄罗斯法律并不禁止与外国人保持联系。The reason, says Cherniy, was simple; to show the political situation in the country was tense, that spies and subversives were everywhere. He adds that later, former Federal Security Service Director Nikolai, Patrushev, was able to report catching 100 spies each year. But the activist scoffs at the notion that entire battalions of spies had suddenly appeared in Russia. 切尔尼说,原因很简单,就是想明俄罗斯政治局势非常紧张,间谍和颠覆者随处都有。 切尔尼补充说,后来,俄罗斯前联邦安全局局长帕罗舍夫每年都报告说抓获了大约100名间谍。但是,活动人士对俄罗斯突然出现大批间谍的说法嗤之以鼻。On Tuesday, President Dmitri Medvedev added to his growing list of statements about the need for legal reform in Russia. 这个星期二,梅德韦杰夫在他一连串的政见声明中加上了司法改革的必要性。Mr. Medvedev says everyone knows that when justice fails in Russia it is often because of various pressures, including phone calls from powerful officials and money, which he referred to as a sin that cannot be disguised. 梅德韦杰夫说,每个人都知道,俄罗斯的司法体系不起作用常常是因为各种各样的压力,包括有权有势的人打电话以及金钱的压力。梅德韦杰夫指出,这是无法掩饰的罪行。Lev Ponomarev of the For Human Rights organization says the Medvedev statement implicitly acknowledges that innocent people are imprisoned in Russia for political reasons. 来自“为了人权”组织的帕诺马尔雷夫说,梅德韦杰夫的声明间接承认无辜的人因为政治原因被关押。Ponomarev says that if the president acknowledges the existence of telephone justice in Russia; if people are imprisoned because of phone calls from the government, then human rights activist present him with an initial list of well-known victims of such justice and call for their release. Ponomarev adds that a presidential pardon would be a sign that the legal reform process is truly under way.  帕诺马尔雷夫说:“如果总统承认俄罗斯存在电话司法,如果由于政府的电话就关押人,那么人权活动人士就可以向他递交因为这种原因被关押的人士的最初名单,并呼吁释放他们。他补充说,总统赦免这些人将显示真地是在进行司法改革。”Former Czech President Vaclav Havel is listed on the letter to Mr. Medvedev as a supporter of a pardon. And human rights activists say they are prepared to meet with the Kremlin leader to discuss the issue. 前捷克总统哈韦尔的名字也出现在持总统赦免政治犯的信函中。人权活动人士说,他们已经准备好与梅德韦杰夫会晤,讨论这个议题。 200805/39845。

1:45 AM, the 38th parallel, along the border of North and South Korea. The 148-mile-long border is the most heavily militarized in the world. This joint South Korean-American platoon is on constant alert for infiltrators from the North. Behind these fences, North Korea has a million-man army, and now nuclear weapons, which they could use or possibly give away to terrorists. The soldiers can monitor every sound and movement close to the border, but what makes this place so dangerous is the uncertainty of what lies on the other side of the divide.North Korea is one of the most secretive countries on Earth. It's regarded as an intelligence black hole. But we know some basic facts. North Korea is roughly the size of Mississippi. It has 23 million people, a showcase capital Pyongyang, and is completely controlled by Kim Jong-il. The Dear Leader is an absolute dictator, worshiped in a personality cult perhaps more extreme than any other in history."Kim Jong-il is the Son of God in North Korea. He is the state. The notion of questioning his ability to rule or what he does doesn't enter into things."Everyone is trained from birth to love the Dear Leader. And no outside sources of information are allowed. Newspapers and television are controlled by the state. There is no Internet. Cell phones have been banned. And many don't even know a man has walked on the moon."There is no freedom. It's a country run in tyranny and dictatorship. I don't think anyone can understand North Korea until they experience it."North Korea is known as the "hermit kingdom" because of its extreme isolation from the rest of the world. But on the other side of Asia, one man is literally planning to bring light to the darkness of North Korea. Nepalese eye surgeon Dr. Sanduk Ruit travels the world setting up eye clinics in developing countries. Dubbed "a miracle doctor" by the media, Ruit trains local doctors in inexpensive and effective treatments for cataracts. North Korea may be his biggest challenge yet. Thousands of people go blind due to a lack of even the most basic medical facilities."The annual number of surgeries performed is just, just very little, and the blindness magnitude is one of the highest in the world."Ruit plans to travel from Nepal to North Korea to do more than 1,000 surgeries in less than 10 days. His mission is purely humanitarian. What the North Koreans don't know is that our camera crew is going with him."So what do you think of the cameras so far, Dr. Ruit?""I think it's big.""You think these cameras are big?"Our camera crew is posing as members of Dr. Ruit's medical team. We are going to document his work and show the world what life is like inside North Korea. (Send it back. Be sure you won't be in trouble.) This meeting in a Katmandu hotel room will be the last time our team can converse in private."So there would be a North Korean man traveling with us the entire time (yes) from here to Pyongyang.""From here to Pyongyang and back to Katmandu."infiltrator: someone who takes up a position surreptitiously for the purpose of espionagecataract: opacity of the lens or capsule of the eye, causing impairment of vision or blindness200709/17487。

We had a very small budget and I had to make decisions on what to buy.我们的预算很小,所以我必须决定买什么。I like it! ;Im particularly proud of; - Positive but not boasting.我喜欢!“我特别自豪”——积极但又不是在吹嘘。Youre doing well.你做的很好。Very impressive – so youre a good planner Anna!真厉害,那么安娜,你是一个好的规划者!We like organised people here...ooops, silly me.我们喜欢有条理的人……哎呀,我真笨。I seemed to have spilt tea over your CV.我似乎把茶洒到你的简历上了。Oh, do you need some help?你需要帮助吗?Oh no…Im sure itll dry out… carry on please…没事,它肯定一会儿就干了,请继续。Also… timekeeping is important to me…而且,守时对我很重要。;Timekeeping is important to me; – thats good!“守时对我很重要”——说的好!I always try to complete my work on time.我总是努力按时完成工作。At university I never handed my assignments in late.在大学里,我从不晚交作业。Thats good to hear. We like punctuality here…听你这么说太好了。我们这里喜欢守时的人。Excuse me Paul. Sorry its a bit late – but I thought you might like a biscuit with your tea.打扰了,保罗。不好意思有点晚了,但是我想你可能喜欢就着饼干喝茶。 /201611/479858。

US to Shift Pakistan Counter-Terrorism Aid for Fighter Jet Upgrade美实为巴提供反恐资金转移用途  The Bush administration confirmed Thursday it plans to reallocate counter-terrorism aid money for Pakistan to allow that country to upgrade U.S.-supplied F-16 fighter planes. The move is drawing criticism from some members of the U.S. Congress. 布什政府星期四实重新分配给巴基斯坦的反恐资金的计划,为了使巴基斯坦能更新美国提供的F-16型战斗机,这一行动招致某些美国国会议员的批评。The Bush administration, in advance of next week's Washington visit by Pakistani Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani, says it has agreed to shift aid money earmarked for counter-terrorism to an upgrade of Pakistan's aging fleet of F-16 fighter jets. 布什政府说,它已同意把给巴基斯坦的反恐专用款项改而用于更新巴基斯坦老旧的F-16型喷气式战斗机。布什是巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼下周到访前发表以上讲话的。At issue is about 0 million in aid money approved by Congress for military equipment and training that had been earmarked for law enforcement and counter-terrorism purposes. 所涉及的款项是国会批准用于军事设备和训练的两亿三千万美元的援助资金,这笔经费是指定为执法及反恐的目的所用。Under the proposed re-programming, Pakistan could use the money to upgrade about 40 old-model F-16's in its arsenal for several years. U.S. officials say the planes would get new avionics and equipment to put them on a par with new F-16's Pakistan is buying under an arms deal approved in 2006. 根据提议中的重新分配计划,巴基斯坦可以使用这笔钱来更新已在武库内若干年的大约40架老型号的F-16型飞机。美国官员说,这些飞机会得到新型的航空控制系统和设备,使之相当于新式的F-16型飞机。巴基斯坦正在根据2006年批准的协议购买这类新型的飞机。The U.S. Congress could block the change and initial reaction has been negative, with leading Democrats questioning the utility of fighter planes in counter-terrorism operations. 美国国会可能会阻挠这一拨款的变动,而且国会对此的初步反应是负面的。主要的民主党人对战斗机在反恐行动中的实用性表示怀疑。But in a talk with reporters, Acting State Department Spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos said Pakistan has used F-16's in fighting insurgents along its border with Afghanistan.  但是,国务院代理发言人加列戈在与记者谈话时说,巴基斯坦已经在和阿富汗接壤的边境地区使用了F-16型战斗机打击叛乱分子。He said the aid shift was raised by Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi in his Washington visit earlier this month, and that the administration believes it is a way to both enhance the Islamabad government's anti-terrorism capabilities, and ease its financial burden in the face of soaring energy and food prices. 他说,这笔援助资金的转移是巴基斯坦外长古瑞西在本月初访问华盛顿时提出的。布什政府认为,这样做能提高巴基斯坦政府反恐能力并在能源及食品价格上涨的局面下减轻他们的财务重负。"We took at look at this and decided that, because these [planes] could be used in this way, and because it was so necessary to continue this fight against the extremists, that this was good opportunity for us to, number one, assist the government with the request - this new democratically-elected elected government with the request that they made to us. And number two, to help to support their capability and our capability to fight extremists in the area," he said. 加列戈说:“我们考虑到这些飞机可以用于继续和极端分子作斗争,而这是非常有必要的,因此我们决定,这样做对我们来说是很好的机会来满足巴基斯坦政府提出的要求;其次,这样做也有助于持他们以及我们在该地区向极端分子斗争的能力。”In comments Wednesday, Senate Democrat Patrick Leahy and House Democrat Nita Lowey, both of whom chair key foreign affairs appropriations subcommittees, expressed reservations about the aid shift. 参议院民主党人莱希和众议院民主党人罗伊星期三发表,对这笔资金转移用途表示有保留意见。这两位议员都是重要的外交事务拨款小组委员会的主席。Lowey said it is incumbent on both the State Department and the Pakistani government, if they want Congress to support the action, to demonstrate clearly how the F-16's would be used to fight al-Qaida and the Taliban. 罗伊说,如果要美国国会持这项行动,那么,美国国务院和巴基斯坦政府就有责任来明确地展示这些F-16型飞机是如何能用来打击基地组织和塔利班的。The New York Times reported Thursday that Pakistan has used the F-16's against the extremists only on rare occasions, because of concern about potential civilian casualties. 据纽约时报星期四报导,巴基斯坦很少使用F-16型战斗机打击极端分子,因为担心会伤害平民。It said U.S. officials believe the upgrade would greatly enhance the planes' ability to strike insurgents more accurately and reduce the risk to others. 纽约时报说,美国官员相信更新的飞机能提高飞机打击叛乱分子的命中率,并减少他人承受危险的可能性。The Bush administration has provided Pakistan with more than billion in military and economic aid, since it sided with Washington in the war on terrorism after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the ed States. 2001年9月11号美国遭受恐怖袭击后,巴基斯坦持华盛顿的反恐战争。从那时以来,布什政府已向巴基斯坦提供了100多亿美元的军事和经济援助。Some members of Congress believe the program has been weighted too heavily toward security assistance.  某些国会议员认为,这一援助方案过于偏重于安全方面的援助。President Bush is to meet Prime Minister Gilani at the White House next Monday for talks expected to be dominated by aid and security issues. 布什总统下周一将在白宫与吉拉尼总理会谈,预计会谈的主题是援助和安全问题。200807/44778。

探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 13Silk realized that the energy from this newly formed quasar would create intense temperature changes in the surrounding gas. This would cause the gas around the black hole and its newly formed quasar to condense into stars, which means, in effect, that the black hole could have helped to trigger the birth of the galaxy. We think of black holes normally as being destructive influences on their surroundings. In this case they're creative, they're having a very positive impact on the formation of the galaxies.But there was more. This theory predicted when and why the black hole would eventually stop feeding and go quiet. They calculated that this would happen when the feeding black hole grew so large that the vast amount of energy spewing from its bright quasar would literally force the rest of the galaxy out of its reach. It has the effect of pushing (in) a wind against the surrounding gas and driving the surrounding gas away like a snowplough?With only its hot whirling quasar within its reach, the black hole would swallow that up and then stop feeding. It would be left invisible at the center of the galaxy. Silk and Rees calculated that this moment when the black hole pushed the surrounding galaxy away would depend bizarrely on how fast the stars in the outer galaxy were moving. The faster these stars were circling, the harder it would be to push them away and the bigger the black hole would need to grow to produce enough energy to overcome the motion of the circling stars, which means the size of the black hole in the end depends on how fast the stars are moving in the newly formed galaxy around it. If our theory is correct, there should be a simple relation between the mass of the central black hole and the speed or the sigma of the stars in the newly formed surrounding galaxy. And this is exactly what has just been found.spew: expel or be expelled in large quantities rapidly and forciblysnowplough: an implement or vehicle for clearing roads of snow200808/46190。

…cold conditions that earth has to offer. Professor Freeman believes these rugged microorganisms are probably capable of surviving on Mars. Mars is certainly our best bet for finding life in the inner solar system. But the chances of life existing in the outer solar system have never been more promising than at present. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are the gas planets of the outer solar system.In Massachusetts at MIT, Heidi Hammel has investigated the unforgiving environments of the gas giants. She is not optimistic about finding life on the planets themselves. "Even though those planets do get somewhat warm deep inside them, at the pressures and temperatures of the outermost clouds, they are just too cold ,they are too cold and it's too dark .There is just not enough sunlight there , there is no liquid water, and that's what we need to sustain life. So it's not likely."Artists and science fiction writers may image that there are weird jellyfish floating around Jupiter, but it's most unlikely.Freezing Pluto on the other hand is a world of rock and ice, not a ball of gas like the 4 giant planets. The outermost planet Pluto is certainly too cold and dark to be a serious candidate for finding life. There are nearly 60 moons in the outer solar system. Research so far shows that most of them are inhospitable to life as we know it, but there are 2 exceptions. One is Titan, Saturn's largest moon. In November 2004, the Hoygan's probe will parachute though the clouds of Titan. It could splash down in a bitterly cold ocean or a lake of liquid hydrocarbons or even on a solid surface. Titan is like a frozen early earth.It has many substances that were around on earth before life began. The Hoygans probe will explore whether Titan has the potential to spring to life. "Well, the organic chemistry in the atmosphere of Titan is particularly interesting and may provide us some real interesting insights into the nature of prebiotic chemistry. It may have also produced life ,we just don't know.In the future, Titan could look like this. When our sun expands to 50 times its present size,5 billion years from now, Titan will receive as much energy as earth does today. For a short time it might well become a blue ocean world, where life thrives. In the meantime, Jupiter's rocky moon Europa is the most exciting candidate for finding life in the outer solar system. In 1996 the Galileo Space Craft returned the most exciting evidence yet, that Europa has oceans, oceans that could teem with life. Galileo's images revealed areas where ice fragments have broken and moved apart like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The cracks suggest that the ice is shifting on a dynamic surface.words in this passagebest bet:Your best bet is the action which is most likely to be successful.最好的办法例句:If you want to get to the station before 10 o'clock, your best bet would be to take a taxi.Uranus:the planet seventh in order of distance from the Sun, after Saturn and before Neptune天王星hydrocarbon:a chemical combination of hydrogen and carbon, such as in oil or petrol烃, 碳氢化合物jigsaw puzzle:a picture stuck onto wood or cardboard and cut into irregular pieces which must be joined together correctly to form the picture again七巧板, 智力拼图玩具 200808/46469。