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极具争议的网站“维基揭密”收集并发布机密文件和视频。据传被美国政府传唤问询的其建立者Julian Assange,向TED主持人Chris Anderson讲述了该网站的建立和成就——以及他的动机。该采访包含近期美国在巴格达的空袭镜头 Article/201508/391171According to the Mayo clinic来自马约诊所的信息表明often celiac disease appears after a bout of trauma通常情况下乳糜泻会在发生外伤之后出现including infection, a bodily injury, stress比如感染,身体创伤or stress of pregnancy.以及压力或者期抑郁If you have a close relative with celiac disease如果你有近亲患有乳糜泻it is important to be aware of the symptoms of你应该意识到celiac disease and complete regular screens乳糜泻的症状for the diagnosis.并进行全面的常规排查According to the American diabetes association根据美国糖尿病协会公布的数据about 1 in 20 people diagnosed with celiac disease1/20的乳糜泻患者have type 1 diabetes.也同时患有I型糖尿病Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas does not make当胰腺不能分泌胰岛素insulin for the body which allows cells无法促进葡萄糖的to take up glucose and氧化分解therefore must be obtained from an outside source.那么体内缺少的物质就需要从外界来获取It is also an autoimmune disease and is thought to这也是一种自身免疫性疾病develop the same way celiac disease does;原理与乳糜泻相同a genetic disposition with an environmental factor患病原因与基因相关such as viral infection, stresses, etc.以及受到外界因素的影响So it makes sense that one may比如病毒性感染以及压力等等,所以一者elicit the others response.可能会引发另外一者的反应也是说得通的This depiction is of the three components这里显示的是引发自身免疫性疾病的that cause an autoimmune disease;三种因素a genetic disposition shown by the pink circle用粉色圆圈显示的基因因素an environmental trigger shown in blue用蓝色圆圈显示的外界因素的引发作用and a defective immune system regulation以及用黄色圆圈显示的shown here in yellow.有缺陷的免疫系统调节According to gastroenterologist澳大利亚墨尔本的Dr. Robert Anderson著名胃肠病学专家果who is a leading gastroenterologist罗伯特,安德森士from Melbourne Australia在寻找and has dedicated a lot of his work to治疗乳糜泻的finding treatment options for people方法领域with celiac disease.有许多研究成果One possible treatment for people根据他的设想,治疗乳糜泻的一种可能的with celiac disease is the development of a pill方法就是研制一种药剂that contains enzymes that will break down gluten.这种药剂中含有可以分解麦胶蛋白的酶Theoretically a person with celiac disease理论上来说,乳糜泻患者可以在食用could take this pill含有麦胶蛋白的食品before consuming a meal containing gluten.前吃这种药This would then allow celiac disease sufferers这样的话乳糜泻患者the ability to eat gluten at least就可以至少在有些时候可以吃some of the time without having adverse effects.含有麦胶蛋白的食品,而不会发生危害作用Other research being conducted by Dr. Anderson安德森士进行的另一项研究includes immunotherapy.包括免疫疗法Immunotherapy means training the免疫疗法是指让免疫系统immune system to tolerate gluten.可以适应麦胶蛋白This would be done by having injections of这种方式可以通过皮下注射gluten peptides under the skin蛋白肽来使得免疫系统对麦胶蛋白to desensitize the immune system to gluten不再敏感so the body would no longer have a gluten然后身体也就不会induced immune response.再出现由麦胶蛋白引发的免疫反应This treatment would be similar to这种治疗方法与严重过敏的治疗方法how people with severe allergies are treated.有些类似Although these treatment options sound promising虽然这些治疗方法看起来they are new to research很有发展前景,但是它们还是比较新的研究and there are no conclusions that can yet be made.对于是否可行并没有确定的结论After following this presentation听完这些之后you should now be aware of celiac disease你应该已经对乳糜泻and the implications it has on those who have it.以及乳糜泻的患病预兆有所了解Be sure to see a doctor如果你出现了一些可能if you have unexplainable symptoms与乳糜泻有关的that may be caused by celiac disease无法解释的症状,或者or if an immediate family member has celiac disease.你有近亲患有乳糜泻,记得一定要去看医生 Article/201506/378520栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201510/402098

If you have a friend who sometimes acts more like an enemy, you may have a frenemy on your hands. These guidelines will help you sort it out.如果一个朋友有时的表现更像敌人,或许他就是友敌。下面的指引会帮助你鉴别出这样的朋友。You Will Need你需要Self-awareness自我意识Honest appraisal诚实的评价Steps步骤STEP 1 Gauge their reactions1.衡量他们的反应Notice how they react when you have good news. Do they seem genuinely happy for you, or do they respond with barbed comments and backhanded compliments?注意一下当你有好消息的时候他们如何反应。他们真诚地为你感到高兴,还是尖刻的和讽刺挖苦的赞扬?STEP 2 Assess their supportiveness2.评估他们的持Assess their supportiveness. Do they sabotage your self-improvement efforts -- perhaps even egg you on to be self-destructive? A true friend has your best interests at heart.评估他们的持。他们是否会妨碍你的自我提高——甚至鼓励你自我破坏?真正的朋友心中总是记着你的最佳利益。STEP 3 Misery loves company3.不幸需要陪伴Ask yourself if your misery attracts their company. Frenemies like you best when you#39;re at your worst.问一下自己,你的不幸是否吸引到他们的陪伴。当你处于最糟糕的状态时,友敌最喜欢你。STEP 4 Note how you feel around them4.注意和他们在一起时自己的感受Note how you feel after you#39;ve spent time with them: Good friends are uplifting; frenemies leave you feeling annoyed with them or bad about yourself. Or both.注意一下和他们在一起之后自己的感受。好的朋友是使人开心的;友敌会让你对他们感到气愤,或者对自己感到糟糕。或者两者皆有。If you both cancel plans more than you keep them, you might be frenemies.如果你们两人之间取消计划的次数多于遵守计划的次数,你们或许是友敌。STEP 5 Note how you behave around them5.注意在他们身旁时自己的行为Note how you behave around them. Do they bring out the best or worst in you? Frenemies do the latter.注意在他们身旁时自己的行为。他们会激发你内心最好的一面还是最糟糕的一面?友敌是后者。STEP 6 Examine your own conscience6.审查自己的良知Examine your own conscience. Do any of the preceding bad behaviors apply to the way you treat any of your pals? If so, my friend, you yourself could be a frenemy!审查自己的良知。你是否以上述这些坏的行为对待其他任何一个朋友?如果是这样的话,我的朋友,或许你自己就是一个友敌!The word ;frenemy,; which originated in 1977, was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2009.“友敌”这个词源于1977年,由韦氏大辞典2009年收录。 Article/201502/360726

原味人文风情:You#39;re gonna guess where this is from.你要猜这是从哪里来的。Fried chicken, fried chicken, fried chicken, fried chicken, fried chicken...炸鸡、炸鸡、炸鸡、炸鸡、炸鸡...All right, open your eyes.好,把你的眼睛打开。This is not what you call fried chicken!这又不叫炸鸡!Can I open my eyes?我可以张开眼睛吗?Mmm...嗯...Justin!Justin!Lobster? Lobster?! Lobster?!龙虾吗?龙虾?!龙虾?!I don#39;t know what that is, and I don#39;t wanna know.我不知道那是什么,而且我不想知道。I kinda see, like, little spikes.我好像有看到小小的刺。It looks like there#39;s eyes in here!这里面看起来好像有眼睛!Give it a little bite. See what you think.咬一小口看看。看看妳觉得怎样。It feels like shrimp, and I love shrimp.感觉起来像是虾子,我最喜欢虾子。Yum!好吃!Don#39;t get poked.不要被刺到了。Hey! It#39;s not alive, Justin.嘿!Justin,这不是活的。Take a bite of your shrimp.咬一口你的虾子。But those eyes are looking at me.可是那些眼睛在看我。Is that shrimp?那是虾子吗?Find out.吃了就知道。Yes. Okay, nope, it#39;s greasy. Okay.好。嗯,不好,这好油。嗯。I#39;ve seen my mom peel the shrimp a lot of times, so I#39;m gonna see if I can remember how to do it. So, okay, do that—and then I give up.我看过我妈妈剥虾子超多次,我来看看我记不记得怎么剥。好,那样用--然后我放弃。Why do you think people barbecue their Christmas meals in New Zealand?你觉得纽西兰人为什么要烤他们的圣诞大餐?To celebrate the birth of Jesus?庆祝耶稣诞生?Yeah.对。Is this meat or something?这是肉肉还是什么?What#39;s it taste like?吃起来像什么?It tastes like it#39;s meat.吃起来像肉肉。Oh, okay. So you chewed it, spit it out, and then you#39;re chewing it again.噢,好。所以你把它嚼一嚼、吐出来,然后你又把它拿来嚼了。Yum!好好吃!Sweet mama! A water, please!妈妈咪啊!请给我水!This is Christmas still?现在还是圣诞节吗?Mmm-hmm.嗯哼。Where do you think it#39;s from, though? What part of the world?不过你觉得这是哪来的?世界上的哪个地方?Japan? I hope I#39;m right for this one.日本吗?希望我这次猜对。It#39;s actually from a place called the Dominican Republic. You ever heard of that place?这其实是来自一个叫「多米尼加共和国」的地方。你有听过吗?The donkeys and the elephants. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I think Donald Trump#39;s the elephant, and Hillary Clinton#39;s the donkey.多驴子和大象。希拉里?柯林顿和唐纳?川普。我觉得唐纳?川普是大象,然后希拉里?柯林顿是驴子。Close.很接近了。Close, yeah.很接近,没错。Close?!很接近?!No. It#39;s called the Dominican Republic. It#39;s the name of a country.才不。那叫多米尼加共和国。那是一个国家的名字。You can take this away now.你现在可以把这拿走了。Why? Just because of the name?为什么?只因为名字吗?No. Because I don#39;t like it.不是。因为我不喜欢。Yes! Yes! This is happening! This is happening!好耶!好耶!这是真的!这是真的!Now open your eyes.现在张开你的眼睛。Is this...KFC chicken?!这是...肯德基炸鸡?!Santa Claus! I#39;m not gonna eat the Santa Claus.圣诞老公公!我才不要吃掉圣诞老公公。It#39;s chocolate.那是巧克力。You can eat Santa.你可以吃掉圣诞老人。Sorry, Santa.抱歉,圣诞老公公。My...my tummy#39;s pretty big.我...我的肚肚好大。No, it#39;s not. It#39;s small still.不会,没有很大。它还是小小的。No, it#39;s not. Look!不,才不小。你看!We#39;re still doing Christmas food.我们还在吃圣诞食物。Yum!好吃!This is happening! Yes! This is happening! This is happening! This is happening! This is my favorite piece.这是真的!好耶!这是真的!这是真的!这是真的!这块是我最喜欢的。I wish your mom was here.我希望你妈在这。I wish my dad.我希望我爸在这。I am your dad.我就是你爸。Okay, I think... It#39;s a brilliant country that eats chicken for Christmas!嗯,我觉得... 这是个超棒的国家,吃炸鸡过圣诞节!What country?什么国家?A brilliant country!超棒的国家!So this is from Japan. This is what Japanese kids eat for Christmas.这来自日本。日本的小朋友圣诞节就吃这个。They have to go to the other half of the world to just get this?他们得大老远跑到世界另一边来买这个?Yeah. We went to Japan this morning and got that chicken.对啊。我们今天早上才跑去日本买炸鸡。I#39;m gonna get really hyper after this.我等一下会变得很嗨。Inside the cake, there#39;s more strawberry.蛋糕里面还有更多草莓。What do you think about Japanese people eating fried chicken and cake for Christmas?你对日本人圣诞节吃炸鸡和蛋糕有什么想法?I think that#39;s a smart idea.我觉得那是个很聪明的点子。I agree.我同意。Japan rocks!日本超赞!Every time you say, ;Japan rocks,; I scoot it away from you.每次你一说:「日本超赞」,我就要让蛋糕从你那溜走。 Article/201703/493267

And sure as day by the time evening comes然后白天都很坚定 而一旦晚上来临they#39;ll have another drink.他们又会去喝Once it#39;s got its hooks into you you really do know.只有你自己上钩了 才会真正明白It#39;s become my mate.酒已经变成了我的伙伴So the answer to ;How much should I really drink?;对于;我应该喝多少酒;这个问题来说is in some ways very simple.非常简单21 units for a man 14 for a woman.男士21个药剂单位 女士14个单位But what I#39;ve learnt in making this film is但我做了这个影片后对此的理解是that the answer is complicated.其实很复杂Each of us has a particular relationship with alcohol from childhood我们每个人从小就和酒精有特殊的联系and the important thing I think is to try and look at我认为重要的是要试图注意这种联系that relationship and ask some simple questions.并质疑一些简单的问题What its for? Why do I do it?喝酒为了什么 我为什么要喝Could I do without it?我能不能不喝Because only then can you really answer the question for yourself.因为只有回答了这些 才能真正决定喝多少So where does that leave me?那我自己是什么呢Well I like alcohol. I can#39;t deny it.好吧 我喜欢喝酒 没法拒绝酒精I dont want to deny it.我也不想拒绝But what I realise is that I have an uneasy relationship with this drug但我明白 我跟酒精这种毒品 关系危险because in order to not get into difficulty with it为了不陷入饮酒造成的麻烦重点解释:1.by the time 到…时候例句:By the time I came on the scene, it was all over.我来到时,一切都结束了。2.in order to 为了例句:He lit a cigarette in order to calm his mind.他点燃一香烟,镇定一下情绪。3.look at (仔细地)看;着眼,考虑例句:That#39;s the way I look at it, too.我也是这么想。 Article/201508/394943

The piece of meat processed by the more recent human ancestor在晚些出现的人类祖先咬过的肉上has a hole virtually all the way through it,可以清楚地看到一个几乎穿透的洞whereas the piece of meat processed by Australopithecus而南方古猿咬过的肉上barely has an indentation.几乎未留痕迹The teeth of our meat-eating ancestors我们食肉祖先的牙齿had become smaller and sharper,已变得更小 更锋利 just like our own.就像我们的牙一样Evidence reveals that the eating of meat据显示 食肉永远地改变了changed our evolution forever.我们的进化历程Our ancestors learnt to hunt,我们的祖先学会了打猎 developed sharper teeth,进化出了更锋利的牙齿and, above all, grew bigger brains.特别是 更大的大脑But if meat provided a powerful impetus for change,若肉类为这种改变提供了强大推动力it was nothing compared to what happened next.相比接下来发生的 它就微不足道了Cooking is huge.烹饪作用巨大 I think it#39;s arguably the biggest increase我认为在整个生命长河之中in the quality of the diet in the whole of the history of life.它带来了饮食质量的最大飞跃Cooked food lights up all our senses.熟食唤醒了我们所有感官The smell, the sight,嗅觉 视觉the touch触觉and of course, the taste当然还有味觉are amongst the great pleasures of existence.都沉浸在极大的愉悦之中 Article/201505/373824

Apollo Robbins:The art of misdirection表演大师破解扒手秘技Do you think it#39;s possible to control someone#39;s attention? Even more than that, what about predicting human behavior? I think those are interesting ideas, if you could. I mean, for me, that#39;d be the perfect superpower, actually kind of an evil way of approaching it. But for myself, in the past, I#39;ve spent the last twenty years studying human behavior from a rather unorthodox way: picking pockets.你觉得控制某人的注意力是有可能的吗?不仅如此,那预测人类的行为呢?我认为那些是很有趣的想法,如果你可以的话。我是说,对我而言,那会是很完美的超能力,事实上有点像是接近它的邪恶方式。但我自己本身,在过去,我花了过去二十年研究人类行为,用的是一种颇非正统的方式:扒窃。When we think of misdirection, we think of something as looking off to the side, when actually it#39;s often that things are right in front of us. They are the hardest things to see, the things that you look at every day that you#39;re blinded to.当我们想到错误指引,我们想到一些像是看向一旁的事,然而实际上事实通常是事物就在我们面前。它们是最难看到的东西,你每天都注视着、却视而不见的东西。For example, how many of you still have your cell phones on you right now? Great. Double-check. Make sure you still have them on you. I was doing some shopping beforehand. Now you#39;ve looked at them probably a few times today, but I#39;m gonna ask you a question about them without looking at your cell phone directly yet. Can you remember the icon in the bottom right corner? Bring them out, check, and see how accurate you were. How#39;d you do? Show your hands. Did we get it?举例来说,你们有多少人现在还随身带着你的手机?很好。再确认一次。确保你还随身带着它们。我是在事前物色一下。现在你今天大概已经看过它们几次了,但在你还没有直接看手机的情况下,我要问你一个关于它们的问题。你可以记得底部右下角的图标吗?把它们拿出来,检查,看你有多正确。你做得如何?举起手。我们有猜对吗?Now that you#39;re done looking at those, close them down, because every phone has something in common: No matter how you organize the icons, you still have a clock on the front. So, without looking at your phone, what time was it? You just looked at your clock, right?既然你看完那些了,把它们关上,因为每手机都有一些共同之处:不论你怎么组织那些图标,你在前方还是有个时钟。所以,不要看你的手机,那是几点?你刚看了你的时钟,对吧?It#39;s an interesting idea. Now, I#39;ll ask you to take that step further with a game of trust. Close your eyes. I realize I#39;m asking you to do that while you just heard there#39;s a pickpocket in the room, but close your eyes. Now, you#39;ve been watching me for about thirty seconds. With your eyes closed, what am I wearing? Make your best guess. What color is my shirt? What color is my tie? Now open your eyes. By showing hands, were you right?这是个很有趣的想法。现在,我要请你更进一步来玩信任游戏。闭上你的眼睛。我理解就在你们才听到这房里有扒手时我还要叫你们做这件事,但闭上你的双眼。现在,你们已经看着我看了大约三十秒。闭上你的双眼,我穿什么?尽你所能去猜。我的衬衫是什么颜色?我的领带是什么颜色?现在睁开你的眼睛。举起手,你答对了吗?It#39;s interesting, isn#39;t it? Some of us are a little bit more perceptive than others. It seems that way. But I have a different theory about that: that model of attention. They have fancy models of attention: Posner#39;s trinity model of attention. For me, I like to think of it very simple, like a surveillance system. It#39;s kind of like you have all these fancy sentries, and inside your brain there#39;s a little security guard. For me, I like to call him Frank.这很有趣,对吧?我们有些人比其他人更敏锐一点。似乎是这样的。但关于那个我有不同的理论:那注意力的模式。他们有很花俏的注意力模式:Posner的三种注意力模式。对我来说,我喜欢把它想得非常简单,像是一个监视系统。有点像是你拥有所有这些花俏的哨兵,而在你脑中有个小小的保安人员。我呢,我喜欢叫他Frank。So, Frank is sitting at a desk. He#39;s got all sorts of cool information in front of him, high-tech equipment. He#39;s got cameras. He#39;s got a little phone that he can pick up, listen through the ears: all these senses, all these perceptions. But attention is what steers your perceptions. It#39;s what controls your reality. It#39;s the gateway to the mind. If you don#39;t attend to something, you can#39;t be aware of it.所以,Frank正坐在桌前。他面前有各种很酷的资讯、高科技的装备。他有相机。他有可以接起来的小电话、可以用耳朵聆听的:所有这些感官能力、所有这些知觉。但注意力是掌控你知觉的东西。它是控制你现实的东西。它是通往内心的途径。如果你不专注于某件事,你就无法察觉到它。But ironically, you can attend to something without being aware of it. That#39;s why there#39;s the cocktail effect: When you#39;re in a party, you#39;re having conversations with someone, and yet you can recognize your name and you didn#39;t even realize you were listening to that. Now, for my job, I have to play with techniques to exploit this, to play with your attention as a limited resource. So if I could control how you spend your attention, if I could maybe steal your attention through a distraction...但讽刺的是,你可以在没有察觉到的情况下致力于某件事。那也就是为什么有鸡尾酒效应:当你在一场派对上,你正与某人谈话,然而你可以分辨出你的名字,且你甚至没有意会到你正在留神听着它。现在,为了我的工作,我必须耍些技巧来利用这个,把你的注意力当作是种有限资源来耍弄。所以如果我可以控制你投入注意力的方式,如果我也许可以透过分心来偷走你的注意力...Now, instead of doing it like misdirection and throwing it off to the side, instead, what I choose to focus on is Frank: to be able to play with the Frank inside your head, your little security guard, and get you, instead of focusing on your external senses, just to go internal for a second.现在,我不要做得像错误指引一样,把它丢到一旁,反之,我选择要注意的是Frank:要能够和你脑中的Frank玩,你的小小保全,且让你不要专注在你的外部知觉上,就只要专注于内部一会儿。So if I ask you to access a memory, like ;What is that?; ;What just happened?; ;Do you have a wallet?; ;Do you have an American Express in your wallet?; And when I do that, your Frank turns around. He accesses the file. He has to rewind the tape. And what#39;s interesting is, he can#39;t rewind the tape at the same time that he#39;s trying to process new data.所以如果我请你存取一段记忆,像是“那是什么?”“刚发生了什么事?”“你有钱包吗?”“你钱包里有美国运通卡吗?”当我这样做的时候,你的Frank转过身。他取得档案。他需要回转影带。有趣的是,他不能在试着处理新资料的同时回转影带。Now, I mean, this sounds like a good theory, but I could talk for a long time and tell you lots of things, and they may be true, a portion of them, but I think it#39;s better if I tried to show that to you here live. So if I come down, I#39;m gonna do a little bit of shopping. Just hold still where you are.现在,我是说,这听起来像是个好理论,但我可以讲上好长一段时间并告诉你很多事,它们也许是真的,它们其中一部分,但我认为如果我试着在现场展示给你们看会比较好。所以如果我走下来,我要物色一下。就在你们的位子不要动。Hello! How are you? It#39;s lovely to see you. You did a wonderful job onstage. You have a lovely watch that doesn#39;t come off very well. Do you have your ring as well? Good. Just taking inventory, you#39;re like a buffet. It#39;s hard to tell where to start. There are so many great things. Hi! How are you? Good to see you.哈喽!你好吗?见到你真好。你在台上做得很好。你有一非常不容易脱下来的漂亮手表。你也有戴戒指吗?很好。只是清点一下,你像自助餐一样。很难判断要从何处开始下手。有太多好东西了。嗨!你好吗?见到你真好。Hi, sir, could you stand up for me, please? Just right where you are. Oh, you#39;re married. You follow directions well. That#39;s nice to meet you, sir. You don#39;t have a whole lot inside your pockets. Anything down by the pocket over here? Hopefully so. Have a seat. There you go. You#39;re doing well.嗨,先生,你可以为我站起来吗,拜托?就在你坐的地方。喔,你结婚了。你很会遵循指示。很高兴认识你,先生。你在口袋里面没有很多东西。在口袋那里下面有任何东西吗?希望如此。请坐。就这样。你做得很好。Hi, sir! How are you? Good to see you, sir. You have a ring, a watch. Do you have a wallet on you? I don#39;t. Well, we#39;ll find one for you. Come on up this way, Joe. Give Joe a round of applause. Come on up, Joe. Let#39;s play a game. Pardon me.嗨,先生,你好吗?很高兴见到你,先生,你有一枚戒指、一表。你身上有钱包吗?我没有。好的,我们会找一个给你。从这边上来,Joe。给Joe一轮掌声。上来,Joe。来玩个游戏。不好意思。I don#39;t think I need this clicker anymore. You can have that. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Come on up to the stage, Joe. Let#39;s play a little game now. Do you have anything in your front pockets? Money. Money! All right, let#39;s try that. Can you stand right over this way for me?我不认为我还需要这个遥控器了。你可以留着。非常谢谢你。我很感激。上来舞台,Joe。现在来玩个小游戏。你前口袋里有任何东西吗?钱。钱!好的,来试试。你可以请你站过来这边吗?Turn around and let#39;s see. If I give you something that belongs to me...this is just something I have, a poker chip. Hold out your hand for me. Watch it kind of closely. Now this is a task for you to focus on. Now you have your money in your front pocket here? Yup. Good. I#39;m not going to actually put my hand in your pocket. I#39;m not y for that kind of commitment.转过去,来看看,如果我给你某些属于我的东西...这只是某个我有的东西,一枚扑克牌筹码。帮我伸出你的手。仔细一点看看它。现在这是一件让你专注的任务。现在你在前方口袋那里有钱?是的。很好。我事实上没有要把我的手放进你的口袋。我还没准备好做出那种承诺。One time a guy had a hole in his pocket, and that was rather traumatizing for me. I was looking for his wallet and he gave me his phone number. It was a big miscommunication. So let#39;s do this simply. Squeeze your hand. Squeeze it tight. Do you feel the poker chip in your hand? I do. Would you be surprised if I could take it out of your hand? Say ;yes.; Very. Good. Open your hand. Thank you very much. I#39;ll cheat if you give me a chance. Make it harder for me. Just use your hand.有一次有个人在他的口袋有个洞,而那对我来说精神受创蛮深的。我在找他的钱包,而他给了我他的电话号码。那是次很重大的传达失误。所以来简单点做这件事。紧握你的手。牢牢地握紧。你有感受到扑克牌筹码在你手里吗?有。如果我可以从你手中将它取走你会很惊讶吗?说“会”。非常惊讶。很好。张开你的手。非常感谢你。如果你给我个机会我会作弊。让我难做一点。就用你的手。Grab my wrist, but squeeze, squeeze firm. Did you see it go? No. No, it#39;s not here. Open your hand. See, while we#39;re focused on the hand, it#39;s sitting on your shoulder right now. Go and take it off. Now, let#39;s try that again. Hold your hand out flat. Open it up all the way. Put your hand up a little bit higher, but watch it close there, Joe. See, if I did it slowly, it#39;d be back on your shoulder.抓住我的手腕,但紧握着,牢牢地紧握。你有看到它跑掉吗?没有。不,它不在那。张开你的手。你瞧,当我们专注在手上时,它现在正坐在你的肩膀上。去把它拿下来。现在,再试一次。伸出你的手平放。整个张开。把你的手举高一点点,但仔细看这里,Joe。瞧,如果我慢慢地做,它会回到你的肩膀上。Joe, we#39;re gonna keep doing this till you catch it. You#39;re gonna get it eventually. I have faith in you. Squeeze firm. You#39;re human; you#39;re not slow. It#39;s back on your shoulder. You were focused on your hand. That#39;s why you were distracted. While you were watching this, I couldn#39;t quite get your watch off. It was difficult. Yet you had something inside your front pocket. Do you remember what it was? Money. Check your pocket. See if it#39;s still there. Is it still there? Oh, that#39;s where it was. Go ahead and put it away. We#39;re just shopping. This trick#39;s more about the timing, really. I#39;m gonna try to push it inside your hand. Put your other hand on top for me, would you? It#39;s amazingly obvious now, isn#39;t it? It looks a lot like the watch I was wearing, doesn#39;t it?Joe,我们要一直做这个直到你理解它。你最后会理解的。我对你有信心。牢牢地握紧。你是人类;你并不迟缓。它回到你的肩膀上。你专注在你的手上。那也是为什么你分心了。当你看着这个时,我不能完全把你的手表取下。那很困难。然而你在前面的口袋里有一些东西。你记得是什么吗?钱。检查你的口袋。看它是否还在那。还在那吗?喔,那是它的所在。去把它收起来。我们只是在物色。这个把戏更注重于时机,真的。我要试着把它推进你的手。把你的另一只手放到上面,可以吗?现在这变得令人惊讶地明显了,不是吗?它看起来非常像我正戴着的表,对吗?But it#39;s only a start. Let#39;s try it again a little bit differently. Hold your hands together. Put your other hand on top. Now if you#39;re watching this little token, this obviously has become a little target. It#39;s like a red herring. If we watch this kind of close, it looks like it goes away. It#39;s not back on your shoulder. It falls out of the air, lands right back in the hand. Did you see it go?但这只是开始。稍微不一样地再试一次。把你的手握在一起。把你另一手摆到上方。现在如果你正看着这个小代币,这很明显地变成一个小目标。它像一个转移注意力的东西。如果我们这么仔细地看它,它看起来像是它跑走了。它没有回到你肩上。它从空中掉落,正好降落在手中。你有看到它跑掉吗?Yeah, it#39;s funny. We#39;ve got a little guy. He works up there all day. If I did it slowly, if it goes straightaway, it lands down by your pocket. I believe it is in this pocket, sir? No, don#39;t reach in your pocket. That#39;s a different show. So that#39;s rather strange. They have shots for that. Can I show them what that is? That#39;s rather bizarre. Is this yours, sir? I have no idea how that works. We#39;ll just send that over there.对,这很好笑。我们有个小伙子。他整天在上头工作。如果我慢慢地做,如果它直接跑掉,它会降落在你的口袋里。我相信它在这口袋里,先生?不,不要伸进你的口袋。那是不同的表演。那有点怪怪的。他们尝试过了那个。我可以给他们看这是什么吗?那有点怪异。这是你的吗,先生?我不晓得那如何运作的。我们就将这送过去那儿。That#39;s great. I need help with this one. Step over this way for me. Now don#39;t run away. You had something down by your pants pocket. I was checking mine. I couldn#39;t find everything. But I noticed you had something here. Can I feel the outside of your pocket for a moment? Down here I noticed this. Is this something of yours, sir? Is this? I have no idea. That#39;s a shrimp. I#39;m saving it for later. You#39;ve entertained all of these people in a wonderful way, better than you know.那很棒。这个我需要帮助。请站过来这边。现在别跑开。你在裤子的口袋下面有些东西。我在检查我的。我找不到每件东西。但我注意到这里你有些东西。我可以感受一下你的口袋外面吗?在下面我注意到这个。这是你的某个东西吗,先生?这是吗?我不晓得。那是只虾子。我留着待会吃。你用很棒的方式了所有这些人,比你所知的还要棒。So we#39;d love to give you this lovely watch as a gift. Hopefully it matches his taste. But also, we have a couple of other things: a little bit of cash, and then we have a few other things. These all belong to you, along with a big round of applause from all your friends. Joe, thank you very much.所以我们会很想把这漂亮的手表送你当礼物。希望它符合他的品味。但同样地,我们有几件其他的东西:一点点现金,然后我们有几个其他东西。这些全属于你,连同来自你所有朋友的一轮响亮掌声。Joe,非常感谢你。So, same question I asked you before, but this time you don#39;t have to close your eyes. What am I wearing? Attention is a powerful thing. Like I said, it shapes your reality. So, I guess I#39;d like to pose that question to you: If you could control somebody#39;s attention, what would you do with it? Thank you.所以,我之前问过你们的相同问题,但这次你们不需要闭上双眼。我穿着什么?注意力是一个很强大的东西。就像我说过的,它形塑了你的现实。所以,我猜我想要丢这个问题给你:如果你可以控制某人的注意力,你会用它做什么?谢谢你。 Article/201503/366652

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