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2019年10月17日 15:53:43 | 作者:服务养生 | 来源:新华社
Nowadays loneliness has become many people's daily cup of coffee—they sip the bitterness out of it every day. They suffer from what the pure black liquid does to them—it sits people up in the middle of the day, feeling unsettled. Some feel lonely from living many years alone, becoming isolated that they feel like staying miles away from the rest of the world. Some live right in the heart of a hot tribe, but still feel a foreigner there, detached from others. As loneliness is often described as a negative emotion, people feel as blue as they are supposed to be, while experiencing it. They feel empty inside, they walk hollow all the way, and they live with a shadowed face and spirit. Loneliness has become a common flu of the modern society. So how does one fix it to reinvigorate their health and happiness? Prescription 1: Don't blame it. Even if it's a real flu, focusing on the the problem does little to rectify the situation. Blaming how I made myself this lonely and miserable hardly helps either. It only emphasizes the point that you are left alone, makes you feel even desperate. You should realize that whatever result you have right now, is all accumulated little by little from your previous choices. You made the choice, and You are the one responsible for your current life. Accept it, and start changing it. Every positive thing starts with an acceptance. Prescription 2: Don't compare. Most of the pain comes from comparing, from our own tricky mind, rather than the lonely situation itself. When ing books, thinking about how spending time with a loved one eating or watching movies could be 10 times more fun, would ruin the lovely moment of ing alone. When walking in an exotic place, imagining only if I could come with a romantic companion, would take away the very romantic moment you are sharing with yourself. There will be always better things to do, more interesting stuff to play with, if you make yourself think so. By comparing all the time, you make yourself stuck in the vicious circle of never getting happy enough. Stop comparing, try to enjoy the delicious pie in your hand right now, rather than worrying about what if there's bigger pie or more delicious one out there. Read the books in your hand peacefully, it's wonderful. Walk the scene surrounds you leisurely, it's incredible. Whatever you are doing right now is one beautiful thing in the world. See that, and live fully in the present. Prescription 3: Enjoy it. Nietzsche once said, "Whoever cannot spend two-thirds of the day alone, doing what he pleases, is a slave."Proper amount of loneliness is good for people living a self-conscious life. When you are alone you will have the room to think independently, without others' perspectives interrupting, even without you noticing. When you get comfortable with being yourself, you will learn to listen to the voice inside, and follow the personal legend that your heart resonates with. Enjoy the golden opportunity to be alone, to behave your true self, and search the very answers you always chased outside but actually exists inside. Prescription 4: Tweak while living. Accept your current situation and adjust your life towards a more balanced one, by changing gradually. If the pie you are holding can really be improved upon, experiment persistently till you can come up with a better tasting pie. Get more socialized, join the groups you feel a belonging to and interact with people authentically. Open up your mind and deliberately meet more people. By the law of chance, the more people you meet the higher chance you have to dig your soul mates out. You can add more activities and social buzzes to your current life, little by little, till you find out the best channel to express yourself and interact with the incredible others. It's part of life. When traveling, we will meet some paths that are scenic, some paths that are just blank. They are all parts of the journey. Don't consider only beautiful passages deserve to be enjoyed, and the plain un-exotic route shall be dead walked. Walk both paths mindfully. When there's a bright day, there comes a grey evening. Both are golden moments of our day. Live lively during the day, and enjoy the peacefulness out of the night. Every moment of life is living. Don't live alive in some moments and stay dead in the other. Accept whatever scenario life has to offer, and act the drama out of it. Although coffee is bitter, it is one of the most favorited drinks in the world. Rather than resisting the bitter beverage, try to blend it with right amount of sugar and cream. Mix it to the perfect flavor that meets your taste and boosts your life. You will learn to enjoy the coffee.重点注释:suffer from 遭受痛苦suffer from 与......分离all the way 一直,完全,一路上reinvigorate 使再振作,使复兴rectify 改正,矫正accumulate 累积exotic 吸引人的vicious 恶的, 邪恶的resonate 产生回声、共鸣或共振come up with 追赶上;提出,想出;准备好 "Whoever cannot spend two-thirds of the day alone, doing what he pleases, is a slave.":“不管谁独处三到四天,即使是做他最喜欢的事情,也会变成一种煎熬。” /201110/156759Science and technology.科技Psychology心理Snot fair!太不公平啦!Exactly when is something perceived as ;not fair;?究竟在什么情况下人们会觉得;不公平;?AS THE bankster phenomenon has so eloquently illustrated, Homo sapiens is exquisitely sensitive to injustice. Many people grudgingly tolerated the astronomical incomes of financial traders, and even the cosmological ones of banks#39; chief executives, when they thought those salaries were earned by honest labour. Now, so many examples to the contrary have emerged that toleration has vanished.强盗家的现象已经有力地明,人类对于不公平是敏感至极的。过去,许多人对于操盘手高到天上去的收入,甚至是高管天文数字一般的薪酬,虽愠愠不平,但尚能忍耐,他们曾以为这些收入是靠诚实劳动赚来的。但如今,随着大量反例的出现,公众的忍耐已经不复存在。Surprisingly, however, the psychological underpinnings of a sense of injustice-in particular, what triggers willingness to punish an offender, even at a cost to the punisher-have not been well established. But a recent experiment by Nichola Raihani of University College, London, and Katherine McAuliffe of Harvard, just published in Biology Letters, attempts to disentangle the matter.然而让人惊讶的是,心理学上对于不公平感的成因尚未能做出很好的解释,尤其是为何人们不惜付出代价也要惩罚侵犯者。但是,英国伦敦大学学院的尼古拉·雷汉尼(Nichola Raihani)和哈佛大学的凯瑟琳·麦考利夫(Katherine McAuliffe)最近进行的一项实验尝试对这个问题抽丝剥缕,这一实验的结果发表在了最近的《生物学快报》上。Dr Raihani and Ms McAuliffe tested two competing hypotheses. One is that the desire to punish is simple revenge for an offence. The other is that it is related to the offence#39;s consequences-specifically, whether or not the offender is left better off than the victim.雷汉尼士和麦考利夫女士对两种对立的猜想进行了验。第一种猜想认为,惩罚侵犯者的欲望只是一种报复心理。另一种猜想则认为这与侵犯的结果有关--具体来说,即侵犯者的境况是否比受害者更好。Until recently, the temptation would have been to advertise for undergraduate volunteers for such a project. Instead, Dr Raihani and Ms McAuliffe decided to follow a new fashion in psychology and recruit their human guinea pigs through a system called Mechanical Turk. This arrangement, run by Amazon, a large internet firm, pays people registered with it (known as Turkers) small sums of money to do jobs for others. That allowed the two researchers not only to gather many more volunteers (560) than would have been possible from the average student body, but also to sp the profile of those volunteers beyond the halls of academe and beyond the age of 21.一直到最近,像这样的项目往往会通过广告吸引大学生志愿者。但是雷汉尼士和麦考利夫女士决定采取心理学界新近流行的一种方法,借由一个叫做;机械土耳其;的系统招收他们实验的小白鼠。这一系统由网络巨头亚马逊公司组织,注册用户(被称作;特客(Turker);)为别人工作后可以领到小额的酬劳。通过这个系统,两位研究者不仅找到了比普通学生群体更多的志愿者(560名),还得以将志愿者的范围扩大到了学术界以外和21岁以上的人群。Dr Raihani and Ms McAuliffe asked their Turkers to play a game. In it, the volunteers were paired and given small sums of money. One member of a pair could then take a predefined sum from the other, or not, as he chose. After that the other could, at a certain cost to himself, impoverish his opponent to a greater degree.雷汉尼士和麦考利夫女士请参与实验的特客玩了一个游戏。在游戏中,志愿者以两人一组一一配对,并各自获得一小笔钱。组里的一名志愿者可以选择是否从另一名组员那里拿走预定数量的钱。之后,另一位组员在自己付出一定代价的前提下,可以大量减少对方的财产。The first player might receive ten cents, 30 cents or 70 cents. The second player always received 70 cents. The first player was then allowed to take 20 cents of the second player#39;s money. Finally, the second player could reduce the first player#39;s total sum by 30 cents, but at a cost of ten cents to himself-in other words, he lost money too by doing so.每一组的游戏者甲最开始可能会收到10美分、30美分或是70美分作为起始财产。而游戏者乙则总会收到70美分。然后甲被允许先从乙处取走20美分。最后乙可以选择使甲的财产减少30美分,但是作为代价他自己也必须拿出10美分--换句话说,这么做乙自己蒙受了损失。The crucial point of the game is that in all three cases the second player suffers the same absolute loss if the first chooses to take money from him. The offence, in other words, is identical. But in the first version of the game he remains ahead if he does not retaliate (50 cents v 30 cents), in the second he comes out equal (50 cents v 50 cents), and in the third he ends up behind (50 cents v 90 cents).这个游戏最关键的一点在于,无论甲的起始财产是多少,只要甲选择拿走乙的钱,乙都要蒙受完完全全的损失。也就是说,不论哪种情况,乙所受到的侵犯总是一样的。但在第一种情况中(即当甲的起始财产是10美分),如果乙不采取反击,他还能保持领先(50美分比30美分),第二种情况下(甲的起始财产为30美分)甲乙平局(50美分比50美分),而第三种情况(甲的起始财产为70美分)中,乙则会以落后告败(50美分比90美分)。The upshot was that in the first two cases about 15% of second players chose to retaliate if they had money taken. This was more or less the same as the number in all three versions of the game who ;retaliated; even though they did not have money taken (a course of action allowed by the rules). In the third version, though, more than 40% of second players retaliated when money was taken from them-even though the outcome was still that the first player ended up ahead, with 60 cents to the second player#39;s 40 cents.游戏的结果显示,在前两种情况中,只要钱被拿走,15%扮演乙的志愿者会选择反击。而综合三种情况来看,乙在钱没有被拿走的前提下依然选择向对方进行反击的现象也大概占15%。但在第三种情况中,一旦钱被拿走,超过40%扮演乙的志愿者会采取反击--即便甲仍然会以60美分比40美分的优势取得游戏的胜利。On the face of things, this result suggests that what really gets people#39;s goat is not so much having money taken, but having it taken in a way that makes the taker better off than the victim. That will clearly bear further investigation, for example by looking at the case where the first player begins the game better off than the second. It is intriguing, though, that even such trivial sums of money can provoke thoughts of revenge. In light of this, the fate awaiting those astronomically paid bankers could be a particularly nasty one.乍一看,这样的结果意味着真正让人感到愤恨的不是自己的钱被拿走,而是拿走钱的人在拿走钱后财产比受害者多。显然这个结论需要更多的调查加以明,比如假如从一开始甲的钱就比乙多,结果会如何。有意思的是,就是这么不起眼的几十美分也能激发人的报复心理。从这一点看来,等待着那些拿着超高薪待遇的家们的命运颇为险恶。 /201207/192794

Two old friends got together after many years and soon fell to discussing their husbands#39; faults.;We#39;ve been married fifteen years,; one woman said, ;and every night after dinner my husband always complains about the food.;;How terrible!; exclaimed the other.;Does it bother you?; ;Why should it bother me?; her friend replied.;if he can#39;t only stand his own cooking?;两个老朋友分别多年之后又见面了,很快就开始谈起各自丈夫的缺点。“我们结婚十五年了,”一个妇女说道,“每天晚饭后,我丈夫总要抱怨饭菜。”“真可恶!”另一个惊呼道。“难道你不烦吗?”“我烦什么?”她的朋友答道。“他不过是忍受不了自己的烹调技术。” /201209/199423

You#39;ve just won an Olympic gold medal, the culmination of a lifetime of training and sacrifice. You#39;re standing on the podium, the flag is rising and the national anthem is blaring. How are you going to react? Are you going to stand stoically? Or are you going to turn into a blubbering mess of mucus and tears?你刚赢得了一枚奥运金牌,长久以来的训练与牺牲都是为了成就这巅峰的一刻。你站上了领奖台,看着国旗升起,听着国歌在耳边奏响,你会作何反应?你会坚持住站在那儿,还是会开始抽泣,眼泪与鼻涕齐流?To find out what happens most often, the Journal reviewed the tape of 129 gold-medal winners from the London Games. About 16% of them cried at some point during the ceremony. Another 16% either bit or kissed their medal on the podium, while 44% sang along with their anthem—sometimes through a stream of tears.奥运会上到底那种情况最常见?《华尔街日报》回顾在此次伦敦奥运会上129位金牌得主的录像带后发现,约有16%的金牌得主会在颁奖礼上哭泣,另有16%的金牌得主会在领奖台上咬或者亲吻他们的金牌。44%的人会跟着音乐哼唱他们的国歌,有时候他们会边唱边流泪。Women cry more than men-25% compared to 8%-but many of the men who did cry seriously lost it. South Africa#39;s Chad le Clos needed tissues after he beat Michael Phelps in the 200-meter butterfly, while the Dominican Republic#39;s Felix Sanchez was a complete wreck after winning the 400-meter hurdles.女选手比男选手更爱哭。25%的女运动员会哭,而在男运动员中这个数字仅为8%。但也有很多男人会哭得无法自持。南美选手查德-勒-克洛斯在击败菲尔普斯获得200米蝶泳金牌后,哭得声泪俱下需要纸巾。而多米尼加共和国选手菲利克斯-桑切斯在赢得400米栏的比赛后,更是失声嚎啕大哭。Among the three countries with the most gold medals thus far, China cries the least, with only 7% of its athletes succumbing to tears. More than 17% of American winners cried, while a whopping 37.5% of athletes from host country Great Britain cried. And since they weren#39;t crying, the Chinese also sang the most: 92% of their athletes belted out the anthem, compared to 61% from Great Britain and 44% from the U.S.在目前奖牌榜上的前三名国家中,中国人最不容易哭,只有7%的中国运动员会忍不住流泪。超过17%的美国人在得到金牌后会哭,而这在主办国英国,赢得比赛后会哭的运动员则多达37.5%。在国歌响起的时候,由于中国人哭得比较少,92%的中国运动员就会伴着音乐唱起国歌,是唱国歌比例最高的国家。61%的英国选手会跟着唱国歌,而在美国选手中,只有44%的选手会跟着唱国歌。 /201208/194485

There is another major job opening in fashion. Kering, the French luxury goods conglomerate, announced on Friday that the designer Alexander Wang was leaving the helm of Balenciaga after less than three years by “joint decision.”时尚业又出现了一个重大职位空缺。周五(7月31日),法国奢侈品集团开云(Kering)宣布,设计师王大仁(Alexander Wang)将不再执掌巴黎世家(Balenciaga),称“这一决定是双方共同做出的”。王大仁在巴黎世家供职不到三年。Mr. Wang will concentrate on his namesake brand, based in New York, which he maintained during his time as creative director at Balenciaga. A search has begun for his successor in France.王大仁将专注于自己在纽约的同名品牌;在担任巴黎世家的创意总监期间,他同时经营自己的品牌。集团已经开始在法国寻找他的接任者。No specific reason was given for the split, though according to a person close to the negotiations who spoke on the condition of anonymity, Mr. Wang is about to announce a minority investment in his own brand.声明中没有说明双方终止合作的具体原因,不过据一位了解谈判内情的匿名人士说,王大仁即将宣布有一笔少数股权投资到他自己的品牌。Mr. Wang was named to the top design post in 2012 after Nicolas Ghesquière, who had revitalized the brand since taking over in 1997, left over creative differences with Kering’s management.1997年,尼古拉斯·盖斯奇埃尔(Nicolas Ghesquière)接管巴黎世家,使之重获新生,2012年,因与开云集团管理层在创意方面的分歧,盖斯奇埃尔离开该品牌,之后王大仁获任该顶级设计职位。The appointment surprised the fashion world, as Mr. Wang, then 28, was known for the hip, downtown aesthetic embodied by his own brand, as opposed to a couture sensibility.当时这项任命震惊了时尚界,因为时年28岁的王大仁以时尚的城市审美闻名(他自己的品牌就是典型代表),而不是高级定制时装的那种感觉。Balenciaga is considered one of Kering’s “emerging luxury brands,” along with Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane and others. Analysts estimate that Balenciaga alone has annual revenue of 350 million euros (7 million), which would represent less than 5 percent of Kering’s overall luxury revenue, based on results released this week.巴黎世家被认为是开云集团的“新兴奢侈品牌”之一,其他类似的品牌包括斯特拉·麦卡特尼(Stella McCartney)、亚历山大·麦昆(Alexander McQueen)和克里斯托弗·凯恩(Christopher Kane)等。分析师们估计,巴黎世家的年收入为3.5亿欧元(约合3.87亿美元)。根据本周发布的数据,这占开云集团奢侈品总收入的不到5%。Reports that Mr. Wang was about to leave the 96-year-old brand surfaced this week in Women’s Wear Daily.本周(具体来说是7月29日——译注),关于王大仁即将离开这个有96年历史的品牌的报道最早出现在《女装日报》(Women’s Wear Daily)上。In a statement on Friday, Isabelle Guichot, chief executive of Balenciaga, said: “We are all at Balenciaga extremely grateful to Alexander for his important contribution to the style and history of this iconic house. The dynamic growth of the brand over the last years bears testimony to his successful creative work.”在周五的声明中,巴黎世家的首席执行官伊莎贝拉·吉绍(Isabelle Guichot)说,“巴黎世家的所有人都十分感激亚历山大为这个标志性的时装公司的风格和历史做出的贡献。该品牌在过去几年里的蓬勃发展是他成功的创造性工作的明。”According to Thomas Chauvet, an analyst covering luxury goods at Citi Investment Research, the growth at Balenciaga was slower than that of similar smaller brands, and that may have contributed to Kering’s decision to make a change.据花旗投资研究公司(Citi Investment Research)的奢侈品分析师托马斯·肖韦(Thomas Chauvet)称,巴黎世家的增长速度慢于类似的更小的品牌,这可能是开云集团决定做出改变的原因之一。Still, Mr. Chauvet said, “it is a shame Alexander Wang is being replaced, because it will take another 12 months to get a new creative direction and products in place.”不过,肖韦说,“王大仁被换掉挺可惜的,因为要找到新的创意总监并推出新产品需要再花12个月的时间。”Mr. Wang’s appointment was counter to industry wisdom about the demands of maintaining one’s own brand while overseeing another. When John Galliano was fired from Dior in 2011 over anti-Semitic remarks, he attributed his behavior to the pressure of being responsible for two brands (his own as well as Dior).当年王大仁的任命与该行业的经验相悖——在经营自己品牌的同时监管另一个品牌是很大的挑战。2011年,约翰·加利亚诺(John Galliano)因反犹太言论被迪奥(Dior)解聘时称,自己做出那样的行为是因为同时负责两个品牌(他自己的品牌和迪奥)压力太大。After Mr. Wang’s appointment, however, many young designers took on dual roles, including Jonathan Anderson at Loewe, Zac Posen at Brooks Brothers and Jeremy Scott at Moschino.不过,王大仁获得任命后,很多年轻设计师都担任了双重职位,比如乔纳森·安德森(Jonathan Anderson)兼任罗意威(Loewe)的设计师,扎克·波森(Zac Posen)兼任布鲁克斯兄弟(Brooks Brothers)的设计师,杰里米·斯科特(Jeremy Scott)兼任Moschino的设计师。Mr. Wang’s 10 collections for Balenciaga met with a generally positive reaction, though no single look or accessory proved a blockbuster. “Wang has done an O.K. job, but not the super job Kering was hoping for,” said Luca Solca, head of luxury goods research at Exane BNP Paribas.王大仁为巴黎世家设计的十个系列总的来说获得了正面反响,但没有哪个造型或配饰曾引起轰动。“王大仁的表现还可以,但是没有开云集团期望得那么卓越,”巴黎(Exane BNP Paribas)的奢侈品研究主管卢卡·索尔卡(Luca Solca)说。The end of the relationship may revive the case for having a designer who can devote creative capital to a single house.这段合作关系结束后,寻找能把全部创作精力用于一个时装公司的设计师可能会成为新的潮流。“Kering needs a designer that can really propel it to a higher level,” Mr. Solca said. “It should be next in line to blossom into a bigger business.”“开云集团需要一个真正能把巴黎世家推向更高层次的设计师,”索尔卡说,“巴黎世家应该是下一个成就更大事业的时装公司。”Mr. Wang’s last show for Balenciaga will be on Oct. 2 in Paris.王大仁为巴黎世家设计的最后一个时装秀将于10月2日在巴黎举办。 /201508/390847

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