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If you really want to know the truth about your cubicle behaviours ask your cubicle-mate. He or she may tell you that they dont like your perfume or aftershave, or they may not like your bangles and bracelets that you wear every day. That can be very annoying for people. You might find out that your cubicle-mate doesnt like your fingernail polish remover that you use twice a week, indeed youd be amazed. Again if you ask your cubicle mate, ;How is my cubicle behaviour? Is there anything I can do to improve?; they may tell you that they dont want you to pop your chewing gum, or any number of human things that you do. Yawning is also a common problem, especially people that just lean back and yawn in their cubicle. Yawning is contagious, not in the real sense but its a human behaviour to mimic yawning and doctors dont even know why yawns happen. Indeed you may be yawning now as I say this, but in your office cubicle you may want to avoid letting people hear your yawn, or having body functions that are unappealing to your cubicle-mate. Remember if you ask them, you have to be willing to listen, and you cant get your feelings hurt because you asked. But a good office will run through some lists once in awhile of good cubicle behaviours, and make sure everybody knows what those good office cubicle behaviours are. And then everybody can sign an agreement and put it in the coffee room.[qh]如果你真想知道自己在办公室格子间的表现如何,问一下你隔壁的同事就可以了。他或她可能会告诉你他们不喜欢你的香水或须后水,或者他们不喜欢你每天戴的手镯和脚链。这对任何人来说都是很烦恼的。你或许会发现你的同事不喜欢你每周两次使用的卸甲油,你确实大为惊奇。然后,如果你问你的同事,“我在格子间的行为如何?我有什么需要改进的吗?”他们或许会告诉你不想看你吹泡泡糖,或者你做的某件事情。打哈欠也是一个常见的问题,尤其是那些歪向椅子后背在格子间打哈欠的人。瞌睡是会传染的,不是真正意义上的困倦,但是打哈欠很容易让人模仿,医生甚至不知道人们为何会打哈欠。实际上,或许我在说这些的时候你正在打哈欠,但是在你办公室的格子间里,你最好避免让其他人听到你打哈欠,避免让你身体的表现影响你的同事。记住,如果你问他们的话,一定要乐意倾听,不要因为问了别人而使自己的感情受到伤害。但是一个好的办公室应该列出好的格子间行为,确保每个人都知道什么样的行为才是比较好的。然后,每个人都签署一份协议,张贴在咖啡室。[qh]Thanks for watching How To Know If You Are A Good Office Cubicle Mate.[qh]感谢收看“你在办公室格子间的行为得体吗?”视频节目。[qh]视频听力栏目译文属。[qh]201307/248194黑龙江省维多利亚医院评价What you eat and drink before running a 5K race can affect the health benefits of running -- as well as determine how you feel during your run. Get the most out of your race with the right diet.五千米长跑比赛前的餐饮状况会影响健康状况,同时也会决定跑步过程中的感觉。选择正确的饮食,从长跑中获得尽可能多的益处。You Will Need你需要Fluid replacement drinks液体替代饮料Simple carbohydrates and proteins简单的碳水化合物和蛋白质Low-fat and low-fiber breakfast低脂肪低纤维早餐Watered down sports drinks稀释运动饮料High-protein高蛋白食品high-carbohydrate meal高碳水化合物餐饮Steps步骤Step 1 Keep hydrated1.补水Keep yourself hydrated for 24 hours before the race. Fluid replacement drinks are better than water because they aid in electrolyte balance.长跑比赛前24小时内及时补水。液体替代型饮料比水更好,因为可以帮助电解质平衡。Monitor your fluid intake. Excessive fluid consumption can throw off your electrolyte balance.监督液体摄入情况。过多的液体消耗会破坏电解质平衡。Step 2 Avoid fat and fiber2.避免脂肪和纤维Avoid high fat and high fiber meals that are slow to empty from your stomach in the 24 hours before the race. Simple carbohydrates and proteins, such as pasta and fish, are popular with endurance athletes.比赛前24小时内避免食用高脂肪和高纤维食品,这些食品饱腹的速度比较慢。简单的碳水化合物和蛋白质,例如意大利面和鱼比较受耐力运动员欢迎。Finish your last big meal at least 12 hours before you run the race so you has time to digest.比赛前至少12小时内结束最后一次大餐,这样你就有足够的时间来消化。Step 3 Decide on breakfast3.早餐Determine whether your body will perform better with a solid or a liquid breakfast. Many runners prefer a liquid breakfast on race day because the calories are more easily digested, and the liquid helps with hydration. If you eat solid food, make it low calorie and low fiber, and be sure to finish eating at least two hours before start time.确定早餐食用固体还是液体食物可以让你表现更好。许多运动员比赛当天偏好液体早餐,因为热量更容易消化,而且液体可以补水。如果食用固体食物,选择热量和脂肪含量比较低的食品,而且保在比赛开始前至少两小时内结束早餐。Step 4 Stay hydrated4.持续补水Drink watered-down sports drinks right up to race time to stay hydrated. Dehydration may be the most important issue that could negatively impact your time.比赛即将开始时饮用稀释运动饮料。脱水是对你的时间造成负面影响的最重要的因素。Running burns more calories per minute than any form of cardio-respiratory activity except for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.长跑比其他任何一种有氧运动每分钟消耗的热量都多,越野滑雪和雪鞋健行除外。视频听力译文由。201402/275282黑龙江哈市第三医院收费怎么样哈尔滨武警部队医院妇产科生孩子检查怎么样

哈尔滨人流医院哪家比较好黑龙江省第七医院生殖中心Patagonia, Chile,智利,巴塔哥尼亚home to one of the most extraordinary of beetles.育着最独树一格的甲虫There are many kinds of beetles in the world,世界上有许多不同的甲虫but this one has some of the biggest jaws of all.但这种甲虫长了数一数二的大颚He is Darwins beetle.这是一只智利长牙锹形虫He is on his way to the forest to look for a mate.它正准备到森林里寻找配偶Whether he gets one or not will depend on his strength...至于能否如愿and on the size of his jaws.要看它的力气和它颚部的大小He starts his search.它开始寻寻觅觅A female is likely to be on a tree trunk.雌甲虫可能出现在树干上But trees, in this part of the world are very tall.不过这一带多半是参天巨木His search could be a long one.它可能要找上老半天Unfortunately for him, she is 25 metres above him near the top.它运气不好,雌甲虫在二十五公尺高处 就快到树梢了She has more normal-sized jaws.雌甲虫的颚部尺寸比较正常But then she only needs them for feeding.不过它的颚部只用来进食But he needs immense jaws forfighting...但雄甲虫需要极大的颚部来打架..because there are other males around with the same mission.因为附近还有其他雄甲虫 肩负着同样的任务201309/255076哈尔滨无痛带环多少钱If youre self-conscious about your glasses, a little makeup can boost your confidence.如果你因为戴眼镜而感到自卑,化一点妆可以增加自信。You Will Need你需要Kabuki brush多功能刷子Loose powder散粉Mineral foundation矿物粉底Eye shadow眼影Eyeliner眼线笔Lash curler睫毛夹Mascara睫毛膏Eye pencil眼线笔Blush刷子Lipstick唇Steps步骤Step 1 Cover circles1.掩盖细纹Cover circles under your eyes to avoid shadows that glasses can amplify. Brush loose powder on your nose since liquid makeup can smear on your nosepiece.掩盖眼部细纹,以防眼镜将其放大。在鼻子附近使用散粉,而不是液体化妆品,因为液体化妆品很容易被镜架会弄花。Step 2 Smooth on foundation2.涂抹粉底Use a mineral foundation to eliminate redness around your nose. It will prevent smearing, and covers where the glasses marks on the bridge of the nose normally appear.使用矿物质粉底可消除鼻子附近皮肤的红肿,它还可以防止妆容晕染,同时掩盖镜架通常在鼻梁上留下的印记。Step 3 Apply neutral3.中性色Apply eye shadow without exceeding the eye length. Since lenses can amplify everything, conservatively smooth on a neutral shade if you have colorful or bright frames, going from the middle out to the eye corners.涂眼影,但是不要拉长眼睛长度。因为镜片能够放大眼部,如果镜框颜色明亮,则使用保守中性颜色的眼影,从眼睛中部开始描画至眼角。Tip: Frosty or shimmery eye shadow can detract from or compete with frames.小贴士:冷色和闪光的眼影会与镜框相冲突。Step 4 Curl, separate lashes4.卷睫毛Curl your eyelashes to keep your eyes looking big and to keep them from brushing against your lenses. Using a thin formula mascara and wiggle the wand to prevent clumping for a doll look that the glasses will emphasize.夹一下睫毛,使眼睛看上去更大,而且不要让睫毛粘到镜片。使用纤长睫毛膏,在刷睫毛时抖动睫毛刷以防止睫毛凝结,免得被眼镜放大后像洋娃娃一样。Step 5 Frame the frames5.强调眉毛Frame your glasses with strong, full, darkened eyebrows that look natural without thickening or overdoing it.强调镜框的眉毛,使眉毛看上去自然健康,而不是修剪得过细或化得太浓。Tip: If you want to dramatize or enlarge the eyes, especially if your glasses make them look small, create a bold, crisp edge over and under your eyes with black eyeliner.小贴士:如果你想放大双眼,特别是眼镜使你的眼睛看上去很小的时候,使用眼线笔夸张大胆地描画眼线。Step 6 Highlight with blush6.刷子提亮Wear a luminous blush on your cheeks, nose, and chin. Highlight with soft color on the apple of you cheek to emphasize,rather than distract from, your glasses.在颧骨,鼻子,下巴处刷上散粉。用柔和的高光在脸颊上做强调,腮红和你的镜框和谐统一。Step 7 Finish with lipstick7.以唇结束Choose a light color lipstick to keep the attention on your eyes, and to avoid making the distance between eyes and lips too short. Lip liner should be consistent, and soft instead of bright in color. Now go and show em why four eyes are better than two.选择浅色唇以突出眼部的重点,避免两眼之间,或是眼唇之间距离过短。唇线应连贯柔和,不要用过于鲜艳的颜色。现在就去展示一下吧,戴眼镜比不戴眼镜更加妩媚动人!Fact: Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals.小常识:本杰明·富兰克林发明了近视和远视眼镜。视频听力由。201403/277903哈医大二院引产

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