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Zhongwei, China, Zhongwei Welcome, 1980"'We were overwhelmed,' says author Rick Gore, when thousands turned out in Zhongwei to greet the first American visitors in at least thirty years. A sign s 'Proletarians of the world e,' but ideology is no longer a barrier to curiosity." —From "Journey to China's Far West," March 1980, National Geographic magazine 当中卫成千上万的人出来欢迎30多年里的第一批美国客人时,作家里克· 格尔说:“我们感到非常震惊”墙上的标语写着“全世界无产者联合起来”,但是意识形态不再是好奇心的障碍 ——摘自1980年《国家地理杂志3月号《中国的西部旅行 作者: Bruce Dale 来源:《国家地理杂志 75576

When planning a vacation with your partner, the list of destinations are endless! So to help you decide where to go, here are the top 5 perfect places that are ideal a honeymoon or any romantic getaway.当和另一半一起做旅行计划时,目的地多到我们都列不完,为了帮助你决定去哪里,我们提供了适合蜜月或者浪漫之旅的五个最完美地点1. Aspen, Colorado 阿斯本,科罗拉多What better way to feel all warm and fuzzy with your partner than to be on a cold getaway, cuddling by a fire. If you and your partner enjoy snowboarding then you will have the time of your life! And if not, they have snowmobiles and sleigh rides. Aspen is not just great winter, come down in the summer to enjoy their Food amp; Wine Classic, a fun festival with a great view.在寒冷的天气,没有什么比和伴侣相拥在火炉边,更能让人觉得温暖温馨的了如果你和你的伴侣喜欢滑雪,那你就可以在那里享受欢乐时光如果不喜欢,那里还有雪地车和雪橇阿斯本不只是在冬天很美,你也可以在夏天过去,参加那里举办的食物和葡萄酒经典活动,这是当地非常有趣的节日 7950英国公主扎拉·菲利浦斯:热爱马术British Princess Zara Phillips: Equestrian expert 88593;The situation in Syria is terrible - so terrible that I think it stops kids from dreaming. But it their dreams that one day will make Syria good again,; says Obada Kassoumah.“叙利亚的情况非常糟糕,糟糕到那里的孩子已经没有梦想但是,只有他们有梦想,叙利亚未来才会再次好起来,”奥巴达?凯瑟马说;I wish I could just give them a little bit of hope and make them believe that yes, they can have dreams.;“我希望我能带给他们一丝希望,让他们相信,他们可以拥有梦想”Obada is a Syrian student in Tokyo who, by a mixture of chance and determination, has become the translator of Japanese manga comics into Arabic.奥巴达是在东京留学的叙利亚学生,运气和决心让他成为一名日本漫画的阿拉伯语翻译And by another twist of fate, many of these Arab editions of football saga Captain Tsubasa have been donated to aid agencies and are being handed out to Syrian refugee children across Europe and the Middle East.在命运的安排下,他翻译的众多阿拉伯文版《足球小将漫画被捐赠给救助机构,并送到欧洲和中东的叙利亚难民儿童手中 Obada, the project started as an unexpected translation job but has become something very personal and important.对于奥巴达来说,这项公益活动起源于一份意外的翻译工作,但却对他个人具有重大意义A narrow escape死里逃生As a student of Japanese at university in the Syrian capital, Damascus, Obada received a scholarship to go to Japan an exchange programme. That was in , and the unrest in the country had aly started.年,奥巴达在叙利亚首都大马士革的大学学习日语时拿到了一个日本交换项目的奖学金那一年,这个国家已经爆发动荡The situation got worse and worse and often he would be stopped by the police in the street suspecting that as a young man he might be a rebel fighter.叙利亚的情况越来越糟糕,作为一名年轻男性,他经常在街上被怀疑他是叛军的警察拦住When the situation got too dangerous, his parents decided to send him to live with his aunt in Jordan until he could leave Tokyo.当情况实在太危险时,奥巴达的父母决定在奥巴达前往东京前,将他送到约旦和阿姨一起生活It was almost aly too late - it was only through personal connections that he managed to cross the border.但那时已经太晚了,他只能动用一些人脉关系才成功出国When his scholarship ended a year later, he was able to stay in Japan by enrolling as a regular student, and picked up a part-time job translating Captain Tsubasa.一年后,奥巴达的奖学金结束了,他被录取为普通学生,得以留在日本,并接下了翻译《足球小将的兼职工作;I myself watched Captain Tsubasa as a kid on TV and I loved it,; says 6-year old Obada.6岁的奥巴达说:“小时候,我很喜欢在电视上看《足球小将,我很喜欢这个漫画”;It a story about a kid having a dream to become a professional football player and working hard to make that dream come true.;“它讲述的是一个小孩儿梦想成为职业足球运动员,并为实现梦想而努力的故事”;And that something beautiful, that something you should make these kids see.;“这个故事很美好,应该让叙利亚的孩子们看到”Initially, adapting the books the Arab market was a mere business decision by a Japanese publisher.最初,将《足球小将翻译成阿拉伯文版只是一家日本出版商的商业决策But they were then approached by Prof Masanori Naito, a Middle East specialist at Doshisha University in Kyoto.但随后,京都同志社大学的中东问题专家内藤正则教授联系到他们Prof Naito had spent several years in Damascus as a doctoral student in the 1980s and was looking ways to help people affected by the conflict.上世纪80年代,内藤教授在读期间曾在大马士革待过几年,他正在寻找帮助难民的方法He suggested the publisher could donate some of the manga books to refugee kids.他建议出版商可以向难民儿童捐赠一些漫画书;The tragedy of Syria,; he says, ;is a very serious concern to me. Back then I worked in villages that are now held by the rebel ces.;他说:“我非常关心叙利亚发生的悲剧当年我工作的村庄现在已经被反政府武装控制”The original copyright holders in Japan, Shueisha publishers, were immediately y to fund the donations, he said.他说,该漫画的原著版权持有者日本集英社立刻准备资助捐赠活动Through co-operation with a number of international NGOs and Unicef, the books are now being distributed to young Syrian children in camps across Europe, Turkey and the Middle East who have escaped the terror and trauma of the civil war ravaging their home country.在多个国际非政府组织和联合国儿童基金会的帮助下,这些漫画书被分发给欧洲、土耳其以及中东难民营里的叙利亚儿童他们为摆脱内战带来的恐惧和创伤背井离乡;It is very far from the reality they know,; Prof Naito explains. ;But kids it is very important to be able to escape from reality a while. And these books can also give them some hope their own future.;内藤教授说:“书中的描写和他们所知道的现实差距很大,但是对于孩子们来说,能够从现实中逃离一段时间是非常重要的而这些书籍也能给他们的未来带去一些希望”Manga he says, could even be ;a tool of soft power against despair and radicalisation;.他说,漫画甚至可以成为“对抗绝望和激进行为的软实力工具”A surprise from Japan来自日本的惊喜One of the places where Captain Tsubasa now provides a small escape from reality is a refugee home in Berlin where just last week, the copies were handed out by German-Turkish NGO Wefa to around 60 refugees.《足球小子为柏林的难民之家提供了一处逃避现实的小小港湾上周,德国和土耳其共同建立的非政府组织Wefa将这些漫画书分发给约60名难民;It was really something quite unique and we got a completely different reaction from normal,; Ismet Misirlioglu of Wefa told the B from Berlin.来自Wefa的伊斯梅特在柏林接受了B采访,他说:“这些漫画书非常独特,孩子们的反应和平时完全不同”;What the children usually get are of course clothes and food and so they were really surprised when we suddenly had Japanese manga books - in their own language,; he says, laughing.他笑着说:“通常孩子们得到的是衣和食物,所以当阿拉伯语的日本漫画书出现时,他们感到非常惊喜”;And you really could tell that from their eyes!;“你从他们的眼神中就能看出来!”Wefa in Berlin is planning to give out more of the books in the coming weeks.柏林Wefa组织打算在未来几周发放更多的漫画书A duty to help帮助他们是我的义务Back in Tokyo, Obada Kassoumah is still at work putting ever more adventures of Captain Tsubada into Arabic. He is currently translating volume seven out of 37.在东京,奥巴达?凯瑟马仍在努力把更多《足球小将的冒险故事翻译成阿拉伯语目前,他已经翻译了37卷中的7卷 him, going back to Syria is not an option.对于奥巴达而言,他无法回到叙利亚Instead, he will stay in Japan now and finish his degree - he knows Syria will need his skills in the future and he hopes he can have a bigger impact if he works building links between the two countries.目前,他将留在日本完成学业他知道,将来叙利亚将需要他的技能,而他希望通过自己的努力发挥更大的影响,在两国之间架起一座桥梁;I have friends who are fighting with the government and other friends who are fighting with the rebels,; he says with a heavy voice.奥巴达语气沉重地说:“我有朋友在和政府战斗,也有朋友在和叛军战斗”;We are all one family - and now they wish death to each other, trying to kill each other.;“我们都是一家人,而现在他们却希望对方去死,他们试图杀死对方”But he hopes his translations will put a smile on the face of a Syrian child somewhere, trying to get the terror of the past.奥巴达希望,他翻译的漫画能给某个试图忘记恐怖过去的叙利亚儿童带去一丝笑容;As a Syrian it like my duty to help - and through this thing I can help.“作为一名叙利亚人,我有义务帮助他们,而我能通过这件事帮到他们”;This way the children can - at least a bit - get all the bad memories they have from the war.;“这样可以让孩子们忘记战争留下的糟糕记忆,就算不是全部,至少可以有一点帮助” 5861

Upcoming 3D animation The Angry Birds has unveiled its release date the Chinese mainland.即将上映的3D动画电影《愤怒的小鸟近日宣布了其在中国大陆的上映日期This game-based film will greet fans in China on May th, the same day as it opens in theaters in the US.这部由游戏改编的电影将于今年5月日于中国粉丝见面,这也与美国影院上映日期是同一天And the ;red; Angry Bird is set to headline the Beijing International Film Festival, by walking the red carpet with its best friends, the yellow and black Angry Birds tonight.此外,“怒鸟大红”将会成为北京国际电影节的头条它将会和它最好的朋友“飞镖黄”、“炸弹黑”一起,在今晚走上红地毯It will also team up with Panda Po and baby monster Huba, to give a permance at the opening ceremony.此外,它还将与熊猫阿宝和小怪物胡巴组队,在开幕式上为观众奉献表演The Angry Birds have entertained millions of people around the world as a game. Now as a 3D comedy, it portrays an island where the birds come into contact with mysterious green pigs.《愤怒的小鸟在全世界有数以百万计玩家现在的这部3D喜剧电影讲述的是一个岛上的鸟类与神秘的绿色猪之间发生的故事Earlier, Sony Pictures announced Demi Lovato will sing the film, giving a rendition of Gloria Gaynor classic I Will Survive with her soulful voice. Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad and Danny McBride will join the voice cast as the main trio of Angry Birds.此前,索尼影业宣布了黛米·洛瓦托将会用她深情的嗓音为这部电影献唱葛洛莉亚·盖娜的经典曲目《I Will Survive 此外,杰森·苏戴奇斯、乔什·盖德和丹尼·麦克布将会为《愤怒的小鸟三大主角配音 376据英国媒体日报道,利比亚执政当局武装攻占卡扎菲家乡苏尔特的战事仍在激烈进行,然而就在遍布战火硝烟的苏尔特市内街道上,一名手抱吉他,弹奏乐曲的士兵装扮的利比亚人引起了摄影记者的注意只见这名相当淡定的男子就在他正在激烈交火的同伴们身旁弹着“小夜曲”,令人大为折Now that's a real guitar hero: Libyan soldier strums away as battle Sirte rages around him真正的吉他英雄:苏尔特激烈的战火中,利比亚士兵“淡定”弹吉他 This fighter is clearly keeping calm amidst the fierce battle to take control of the Libyan town of Sirte, one of the last strongholds of fugitive leader Muammar Gaddafi. 身处攻占利比亚苏尔特城的激烈战斗中,很显然这名士兵表现的相当“淡定”苏尔特是利比亚逃亡领导人卡扎菲的最后几个要塞之一 As he stands surrounded by gunmen in front of a pock-marked wall, the area around his feet strewn with bullet casings, the man seems to be simply playing his guitar while his comrades attempt to gain ground from pro-Gaddafi ces. 这名“淡定哥”站在苏尔特一处街道拐角处布满弹坑的墙壁边,身边都是手握武器的正在战斗的士兵,他的脚下布满了子弹弹壳只见他手抱吉他,皱着眉头,一边注视着正在持开火的几名同伴与效忠卡扎菲武装激烈交火(他一边弹奏着乐曲,似乎在用“战歌”为战友们鼓劲加油子弹横飞、声激烈的场面,对他来说似乎已经稀松平常,不足畏惧这名在战场上还如此镇定的“淡定哥”才称得上是真正的“吉他英雄”)其他信息: 利比亚当局“过渡委”主席贾利勒日访问了市内部分地区仍在激战的苏尔特,他表示,当局武装要完全攻占苏尔特,至少还需要两天时间 随着当局武装的步步推进,目前,卡扎菲残余部队的掌控范围越来越小,只控制着苏尔特部分地区和拜尼沃利德 71

A photographer has made a real meal out of a selection of classic th century paintings by recreating them using fruit and vegetables.一位摄影家通过水果和蔬菜重新创作世纪的古典画作,成就了一顿美画大餐New York based photographer Klaus Enrique Gerdes was inspired by Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo who created real-life portraits using fruit, vegetables, meat and flowers. He then painted his creations on to canvas creating a selection of unique artworks between 7 and 93.纽约摄影家Klaus Enrique Gerdes受意大利画家Giuseppe Arcimboldo启发创作了这些作品,后者曾于7-93年间利用水果、蔬菜、肉类和鲜花拼凑出现实画像,随后他把这些独特的创作画在了画布上Klaus Enrique Gerdes now does the same, except that photography allows him to capture his subject instantly - bee any of the ingredients begin to wilt.Klaus Enrique Gerdes现在做了同样的事情,只不过现在照片使他有机会在原料枯萎前抓住这一主题Getting his five a day: A portrait of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II as the Roman God of the seasons Vertumnus by photographer Klaus Enrique Gerdes, left, and the original painted in 90 by Italian Giuseppe Arcimboldo, right.左边为Klaus Enrique Gerdes创作的圣罗马帝国鲁道夫二世画像,右边卫意大利画家Giuseppe Arcimboldo90年的原作get ;hair of the dog;. After a big night out, you need to rehydrate and replenish your body’s lost vitamins and minerals and restore plummeting blood sugar levels. So bee you grab some pain killers and go back to bed, try one of these natural hangover-curing foods.忘记“解醉酒”通宵之后,你需要补充水分,身体失去的维他命和矿物质,重新恢复骤然下降的血糖水平在你抓起去痛片上床睡觉之前,尝试一种自然的宿醉治疗食物 1 drink water喝水Alcohol dehydrates the body, which explains your pounding headache, dizziness and dry mouth. After a big night out, drink water bee bed and re-hydrate by drinking eight glasses of water slowly over the course of the morning.酒精会使身体脱水,这就是你感到头脑昏沉,眩晕,嘴唇干裂的原因通宵之后,上床之前要喝水,在早晨的时候慢慢喝8杯水,补充身体的水分 5683

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