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德国艺术大师丢勒的展览在他的家乡德国纽伦堡开展。An exhibition of one of Germany#39;s most famous artists, Albrecht Duerer, has opened in his hometown of Nuremberg. The collection focuses on the popular Renaissance artist#39;s early work, and brings together an unprecedented number of his paintings.Albrecht Duerer was born in Nuremberg on May 21st, 1471 and passed away in his hometown on April 6th, 1528. He was one of the great artists of the Northern Renaissance.He is best known for his vast body of religious works, including altar pieces, copper engravings and woodcuts.A true Renaissance man, whatever Duerer turned his hand to, he enjoyed success - from his watercolor landscapes and theorist texts to printmaking and mathematics.Now - for the first time - a large exhibition in his hometown of Nuremberg is celebrating his early life and work up to the year 1505.Curator Daniel Hess explains why the years before 1505 are the most important ones in Duerer’s artistic life.Daniel Hess, curator, said, ;It made a lot of sense for us to focus on Duerer’s development until the year 1505. During this period of time the important developments of his artistic work took place. At this time, Duerer stopped painting self portraits and aquarelle. Aly in the year 1500 Duerer had begun his theoretical work and wrote more than ten books about painting.;The exhibition brings together over 200 masterpieces from some of the most important museums around the world - the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the British Library in London and the Uffizi in Florence are just three of the 51 lenders from 12 countries.Duerer’s artworks are virtuoso examples of narrative and dramatic staging and enjoy unprecedented popularity. Article/201206/185020。

  • 欣赏独具创意的英语广告!边听边看边学,品味世界名牌的风范,从细微之处感受英美社会的文化 Article/200809/47431。
  • Bangladesh has the highest population density in the world. Half the population don#39;t have any kind of toilet, so they have to go outside wherever they can. Sp around by livestock and people, faeces ends up contaminating homes and food. The resulting diarrhoeal diseases, according to Water Aid, kill 125,000 children under the age of 5, every year. In the International Year of Sanitation, Earth Report travels to Bangladesh to discover changing attitudes to hygiene. 孟加拉国人口密度堪称世界之最。一半以上的人口甚至没有像样的卫生间,所以他们不得不到外面去。望眼过去人和牲畜交汇在一起,最终家园和食物受到污染。由水源引发的肠道疾病每年使125000名五岁以下儿童致死。值此国际卫生年,地球报道节目探访孟加拉卫生的改观情况。 Article/201110/158903。
  • The forests that lie south of the Black Dragon river位于黑龙江南面的森林are bound up in snow for more than half the year被冰雪覆盖超过半年了It#39;s deathly silent死一般的寂静Most of the animals here are either hibernating这里大多数动物都已经冬眠or have migrated south for the winter或因寒冬得到来迁徙到南边去了But there is an exception但是这里有一个例外Wild boars roam the forests of the northeast野猪漫步在东北的森林里Like the Hezhe people正如赫哲人一样the boars find it difficult to gather food in winter野猪们发现在在冬天觅食是件非常困难的事情To survive, they follow their noses为了生存,在激烈的动物界among the keenest of the animal kingdom它们凭着嗅觉觅食They will eat almost anything they unearth它们吃几乎所有发掘出来的东西but one energy-rich food source is particularly valued但是有一种高能食物尤其重要walnuts核桃When a lucky boar finds a walnut当一只幸运的野猪发现核桃后thers is bound to be trouble总会产生麻烦But despite the squabbles尽管有争抢wild boars are social animals and gather together in groups野猪是群栖动物,它们仍然成群聚在一起生活Staying close together may help them to keep warm在严寒的环境里in the extreme cold靠近点儿能让他们暖和点儿But there is another reason for group living还有一个群居的理由more ears to listen out for danger就是更能留意着周围的危险 /201208/196583。
  • How To Make Yourself Irresistible To Guys on HowcastStep 1: Don't starve yourselfDon’t starve yourself. Study after study proves that men prefer curvy over skinny.第一步:不要使自己挨饿不要使自己挨饿。很多研究表明:男孩喜欢女孩的曲线美胜于喜欢女孩的瘦弱。Step 2: Grow out hairIf your hair is short, grow it out. Surveys say that men love long, full, wavy manes.第二步:留长发如果你的头发很短,让头发长出来。调查表明男孩喜欢长发,质感的,波浪状的头发。Tip:Use volumizer to boost your hair, and lip plumpers to pump up your pout, since pillowy lips denote youth.贴士:使用浓发剂来使头发长得更好,用正装唇使嘴唇更丰润,因为柔软的嘴唇是青春的体现。Step 3: Make eyes appear largerHave a makeup expert show you how to make your eyes appear larger. Large peepers are universally appealing.第三步:让眼睛看起来更大让化妆师给你演示如何让眼睛看起来更大。大眼睛有着让人无法抗拒的魅力。Step 4: Be choosyBe choosy. People who are picky are actually more desirable to the opposite sex than those willing to give everyone a shot.第四步:要挑剔要挑剔。挑剔的女孩事实上比那些每个人都给机会的女生更加吸引男孩。Step 5: Be informed amp; well Be informed and well . A pretty face may get you that first date, but in fact men aren’t as shallow as we think—for the long haul, they want a woman they can talk to.第五步:要闻或是览群书要闻或是览群书。漂亮的脸蛋可能会让男孩主动约你,但实际上男孩并不像我们想象那样浅薄——长久考虑,他们想找一个能有话可说的女孩。Step 6: Flatter himFound a special guy? Use targeted flattery. Figure out how he likes to think of himself—does he fancy himself an intellectual? A jock? A good-time Charlie?—then reinforce that perception.第六步:取悦他想找个特别的男孩?那就要用有针对性的“恭维”。了解他是如何评价自己的——他是得意于自己的智商还是擅长运动?或是好社交与享乐的人?——然后要使他增强自己的看法。Step 7: Laugh at his jokesLaugh at his jokes. While women want a man who can make them laugh, men want a woman who will appreciate their wit.第七步:他讲笑话时要笑他讲笑话时要笑。女孩想找一个能使她们开心的男孩,而男孩则像要女孩能够欣赏他们的才智。Step 8: Enjoy yourselfEnjoy being the belle of the ball!第六步:享受乐趣享受成为舞会美女的乐趣。 Article/201011/117796。
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