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赣州俪人整形医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱龙南县自体脂肪填充多少钱On May 29, the Chinese public was put on alert by a notice issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission.5月29日,国家计生委的一条消息让中国民众警觉起来。It was about China’s first case of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). The unnamed 44-year-old man who contracted the infectious disease is South Korean. He flew from Seoul to Hong Kong on May 26 after his father was diagnosed with the MERS, and then traveled to Huizhou, Guangdong province, ignoring instructions from doctors to stay at home, Xinhua reported.这是关于中国首例(输入性)中东呼吸综合征(MERS)患者的消息。据新华社报道,这位韩国籍患者今年44岁,在父亲确诊患MERS之后,不顾医嘱,于5月26日从首尔飞抵香港,随后进入广东省惠州市。Currently hospitalized in Central Hospital in Huizhou, the man’s condition was worsening, yet his vital signs were stable. A total of 67 people who had been in close contact with the man in China had been quarantined, but another 10 had remained out of contact by Tuesday.据悉,该男子已进入惠州市中心人民医院接受治疗,虽然病情尚未好转,但各项生命体征稳定。在中国,与该男子密切接触的人中已有67人已被隔离,截止上周四仍有10名接触者“失联”。The infected man’s insistence on traveling to China despite the opposition of his doctor has sparked criticism in South Korea and China, with lots of legal experts and members of the public asking to punish him.该男子不顾医生反对执意前往中国也引起了中韩双方的谴责,很多法律专家和公众都呼吁应严惩。“Deliberately sping infectious diseases and endangering public security is subject to civil and criminal laws in China,” Han Xiao, a lawyer with the Beijing-based Jingrun Law Firm, told The Beijing News.在接受《新京报》采访时,北京京润律师事务所律师韩骁表示:“故意传播传染性疾病,危害公共安全已经违反了中国的民法与刑法。”What is it?MERS是什么?The MERS is a respiratory tract illness caused by the MERS coronavirus that was first discovered in Saudi Arabia in 2012, according to China Daily.据《中国日报》报道,MERS是由一种新型冠状病毒(MERS-CoV)引起的病毒性呼吸道疾病,这种病毒于2012年在沙特阿拉伯首次被发现。The virus can lead to fevers, coughing, difficulty in breathing, pneumonia, kidney failure and death.该病毒可能引起发热、咳嗽、呼吸困难等症状,导致肺炎、肾衰竭、甚至死亡。The MERS is transmitted through close contact and respiratory droplets. Patients with diabetes, kidney failure, chronic lung and immune problems are the highest at-risk groups. The source of the virus remains unclear, but some suspect it comes from camels.MERS可通过密切接触以及飞沫传播。糖尿病、肾衰、慢性肺炎以及免疫系统疾病患者都是该疾病的高危人群。虽然MERS病毒的来源尚不完全清楚,但是,一些研究怀疑骆驼是来源之一。By May, 1,150 MERS cases had been reported in over 20 countries, including Saudi Arabia, the UK, France, Malaysia and the US, The Beijing News reported.据《新京报》报道,截至今年5月(16日),全球共有20多个国家报告总计1150例MERS病例,包括沙特阿拉伯、英国、法国、马来西亚以及美国。MERS is considered deadlier than SARS, which killed hundreds of people in Asia in 2003, and there is currently no vaccine or treatment plan for the virus. Of the infected, 431 people have died, which means the fatality rate stands at 37.5 percent, three times that of SARS, said Wang Linghang, an expert with Beijing Ditan Hospital.2003年SARS在亚洲夺去了成百上千人的生命,而MERS的致死率比SARS还要高,而且目前还没有可用的疫苗和药物治疗方法。北京地坛医院的专家王凌航表示:在被感染者中,目前已有431人死亡,由此可见MERS的致死率达37.5%,是SARS的三倍。No need to panic无需恐慌There is good news, though, which is that the MERS is less infectious than SARS. “The MERS has been around for three years, but there has been no massive outbreak, and only sporadic cases were reported,” Wang said.庆幸的是,MERS的传染性要低于SARS。王凌航同时表示:“MERS出现已有3年之久,但是并没有大面积爆发过,只有零星的病例确诊。”“As lots of cases were reported in regions with poor medical resources, the current fatality rate does not represent the whole picture,” he said.“加之很多病例出现在医疗条件较差的地区,因此当前的致死率也不能代表全部情况。”He cited SARS as an example. “At the early stages of the SARS outbreak, the fatality rate was high, but after research and treatment, it dropped.”王凌航还以SARS为例,他说:“(就像)SARS,爆发初期致死率居高不下,但是随着研究和治疗,死亡率逐渐降低。”Better news is also on the way. China has developed some experimental drugs to fight the virus, which, however, are not y to be put into clinical use, The Beijing News reported.好消息接踵而至,据《新京报》报道:中国已研制出一些(治疗性抗体和多肽)实验药物,但目前还无法应用于临床。 /201506/379326赣州丽人做隆胸手术多少钱 At Taipei’s Ningxia Road Night Market on a cool evening last spring, the local food blogger known as Peray showed me his favorite stalls among hawkers selling food like milkfish, charred cuttlefish and sea snails. Like many of Asia’s markets, the Ningxia Road is a neon-lit cabinet of curiosities teeming with unimaginable marine life hauled from the surrounding sea. “Where’s the shark fin soup?” I asked, assuming nothing was off-limits. “That’s been banned here,” Peray said with a proud grin. “We love seafood in Taipei, but on an island you quickly understand the ocean’s limits.”去年春天的一个凉夜,在台北市宁夏路夜市,一个网名Peray的当地美食主向我展示他最喜欢的摊铺,这里的小贩售卖各种食物,比如遮目鱼、碳烧墨鱼和海螺。和亚洲的很多市场一样,宁夏路像个霓虹闪烁的陈列室,充满从附近海域运来的各种不可思议的海鲜。“鱼翅汤在哪里?”我问道。我以为这里没有任何限制。“这里禁止销售鱼翅,”Peray自豪地笑道,“我们喜欢台北的海鲜,但是在岛上你很快就能理解海洋的限制。”Asia’s environmental movement is often described as “on-again, off-again,” but in 2012, Taiwan was the first in Asia to ban shark-fin soup, a dish especially beloved by mainland Chinese. The ban, intended to curb the overfishing, led to Taiwan’s subsequent barring of marine mammal meat (seals, whales and dolphins), signaling a green era of pride that’s made profound island-wide changes. Recent years have seen stricter animal conservation efforts, new eco-parks, deeper recognition of indigenous cultures and a new high-speed rail system estimated to have significantly reduced automobile emissions since its 2007 opening and linking travelers to Taiwan’s rain forests, aquamarine mountain rivers and hot springs. The changes created a substantial spike in visitors — Taiwan saw a 26.7 percent increase in international tourist visits during the first half of 2014, making it the world’s largest tourism increase recorded in 2014, according to the ed Nations World Tourism Organization.亚洲的环保行动经常被描述为“时断时续”,但是2012年,台湾在亚洲率先禁止销售鱼翅汤,它是中国大陆人特别喜欢的一种食物。这项禁令意在遏制过度捕捞,台湾后来又禁止捕捞海洋哺乳动物(海豹、鲸鱼和海豚),这标志着骄傲的绿色时代的到来,给整个岛屿带来深刻变化。近些年,台湾采取更严格的动物保护措施,新建生态公园,更重视本土文化,并兴建了一条高速铁路,据估计,从2007年这条高铁线路开通起,汽车尾气排放有了大量减少,游客可以乘坐它到达台湾的雨林、碧绿山溪和温泉。这些改变使游客人数迅速上涨——联合国世界旅游组织称,2014年上半年,台湾的国际游客人次增长了26.7%,成为2014年游客人数增长最多的地区。The expanding rail has brought more exposure to Taiwan’s biodiversity, and may have led to more serious animal conservation policies. A mass rapid transit link to Taoyuan Airport opens in 2015, followed by new high-speed connections to Miaoli, near Shei-Pa National Park, and Changhua and Yunlin — jumping off points to explore Taiwan’s wilderness. That wilderness is home to some of the world’s highest concentrations of butterfly and bird species. Populations of purple milkweed butterflies — one of 400 butterfly species on the island and once sold to black market dealers for its worth as a collectors’ item — have rebounded thanks to the rerouting of expressway trucks that cut across their ancestral migratory paths. In January, the Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association sponsored an exhibit on the endangered Formosan bear, often overshadowed by China’s panda. And in May, Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau protected 300 square miles of shoreline for the critically endangered white dolphin. It was Taiwan’s first protected marine habitat and said to be the world’s first white dolphin reserve.铁路扩建更好地展示了台湾的生物多样性,或许也带来了更严格的动物保护政策。与桃园机场衔接的捷运线路将于2015年开通,之后会开通与苗栗县、彰化县和云林县相连的新高铁。苗栗县离雪霸国家公园不远,云林县是探索台湾荒野的出发点。这片荒野里有世界上最密集的一些蝴蝶和鸟类聚居地。这里的紫斑蝶是台湾岛的400种蝴蝶之一,因其收藏价值曾被卖往黑市。高速公路曾切断它们古老的迁徙路线,高速路改道后,这种蝴蝶的数量开始回升。台湾黑熊经常被中国的大熊猫盖过风头。今年1月,台湾黑熊保护协会主办了一个关于濒危台湾黑熊的展览。今年5月,台湾林业局为严重濒危的白海豚设立了300平方英里的海岸线保护区。它是台湾的第一个海洋栖息保护地,据说是世界上第一个白海豚保护区。Taiwan’s sovereignty is not recognized by China, which creates tension between the two countries. So as China’s pollution made headlines, Taiwan began making responsible environmental changes. When China marginalized its ethnic groups, Taiwan reintroduced indigenous Formosan languages to its schools. In April, atomic energy opponents in Taiwan halted the development of a nuclear plant, urging the president to call for a public referendum on energy, while China has 28 nuclear reactors under construction. When Beijing’s smog levels became hazardous, Taiwan announced a network of ecotourism routes peppered with green buildings like the solar-paneled Beitou Library, the Daan Forest Park metro station, with a sunken garden, and new eco-parks like Jou Jou, which opened in August to promote art and environmental protection.中国不承认台湾的主权,制造了两国之间的紧张局势。中国的污染问题频频成为头条,台湾却开始了负责任的环保行动。中国在使少数民族边缘化,而台湾把本土台湾话重新引入学校。今年4月,台湾的原子能反对者阻止了一个核电站的开发,敦促总统对能源问题进行全民公决,而中国正在建设28个核反应堆。北京的雾霾水平已达危险级别,而台湾公布了一个生态旅游路线网,里面散布着绿色建筑,比如使用太阳能的北投图书馆,带有下沉花园的大安森林公园地铁站,以及一些新的生态公园,比如今年8月开放的九九峰生态艺术园区。It wasn’t that long ago that Taiwan’s lush green mountains were obscured by clouds of smog. “Back in 1991, I saw Taiwan’s interior mountains once or twice a year,” said Steven Crook, a longtime British expatriate and author of the Taiwan Bradt Travel Guide. “Now I see them dozens of times each year. Air quality improved thanks to N.G.O.s like Society of Wilderness and Wild at Heart that educated people, preserved locations, and continue to ensure that government and corporations don’t get away with nonsense.”不久之前,台湾的葱翠群山也笼罩在烟雾之下。“1991年,我每年只能看到一两次台湾的内陆山脉,”史蒂文·克鲁克(Steven Crook)说。他是长期定居台湾的一位英国侨民,是《布拉特台湾旅游指南》(Taiwan Bradt Travel Guide)的作者。“现在,我每年能看到几十次。空气质量的改善得益于荒野保护协会和台湾蛮野心足生态协会等非政府组织,它们教育民众,保护栖息地,不断努力确保政府和公司的胡作非为受到处罚。”At the root of Taiwan’s environmental movement are its indigenous cultures. Wulai, a mountain township and a protected water reservation area 25 minutes from Taipei by taxi, is known for its mountainous hot springs, river-tracing excursions, a combination of hiking, climbing and swimming up the turquoise Nanshih River, and the 8,000-year-old aboriginal Atayal community whose lifestyle is being touted as a more carbon-efficient model. Taiya Popo, a restaurant on Wulai’s main drag, serves traditional Atayal cuisine, much of it vegetable-based like pumpkin dumplings, rice-stuffed bamboo and stir-fried fern. To capture a growing eco-travel niche, the Volando Spa amp; Resort recently started aboriginal-inspired performances pieces like Miling’an, a musical fire ceremony and elaborate drumming rituals embedded with aboriginal conservation messages.台湾的环保运动起源于本土文化。离台北25分钟车程的乌来乡是个水资源保护区,以山间温泉和沿河远足闻名,既可远足、攀登,也可沿碧绿的南势溪游泳。这里的土著泰雅族有8000年历史,他们的生活方式被奉为更加低碳的模式。乌来乡主道上的泰雅婆婆美食店供应泰雅传统美食,大多是蔬菜,比如南瓜饺子、竹筒饭和炒蕨菜。为了迎合不断增长的生态旅游市场,馥兰朵度假酒店最近推出土著表演节目,比如火光闪动的音乐剧《米灵岸》,里面有精心编排的击鼓仪式,传达出土著保护的信息。“The biggest shift is with the attitude of Taiwanese people,” Mr. Crook said. “The countryside is no longer seen as backwards and boring, but rather a place where people can relax, exercise, learn about ecology and better understand what makes Taiwan Taiwan.”“最大的变化是台湾人的态度,”克鲁克说,“乡村不再被认为是落后、无趣的,而被视为可以放松、锻炼、了解生态、更好地理解台湾特色的地方。” /201412/348604CyD!j5*Ut%wif~+LerR*iAw8IIfI love taking people to eat dim sum for the first time.我喜欢带人初试中式点心mNti#tG-O。Most people in the US, have no idea what dim sum actually is or the etiquette behind it. It#39;s fun to watch their eyes glaze over at the million tapas-like choices laid out before them._Nq^Uzv)g8G0Vk-Y]U5在美国,大多数人都不知道中式点心到底是什么,也不知道其背后的风俗民情GczTA*tOd1|wT。看着他们对摆在面前的各种点心露出如痴如醉的表情,我觉得特别好玩B-_7.m;-tn*O。]JF_Cndtgnb#dSsc5Y|Wf5kR;Us]ClevSmiling and nodding as they look over the — as though anything you pick it fine by them — you can visibly watch as the overwhelmed feeling washes over them.7wLdQg!dE-5他们边浏览菜单边微笑点头,喜悦之情溢于言表,好像你点的任何东西他们都会喜欢#HqGhXJ!25。I get it.我的目的达到了p6(((GDLIN!d6BPUr。Dim sum in fact, can be quite overwhelming! Add in s with limited English, rowdy Chinese families shouting all around, and people spitting bones out on the table, it#39;s definitely not an experience most Westerners are accustomed to.说实话,吃中式点心有时非常让人无语!除了菜单上的英文很蹩脚外,就餐的人拖家带口闹哄哄地又喊又叫,还把骨头吐在桌子上,这氛围大多数西方人肯定都受不了E;8;lp%JUbXqM%[I。But I love it.但我喜欢ZJdnl3bWybv,4x。Going to grab dim sum on a Sunday morning quickly became one of my favorite rituals in Hong Kong, and one I still try to fit in at least once a month here in Chicago. So to help sp that love I#39;ve decided to outline my favorite dim sum items, in hopes that you#39;ll be more confident in ordering and will want to go give dim sum a try!周日早晨去中式点心店饱餐一顿,这是我去香港没多久就培养出来的嗜好之一9ohK#94HmK。现在在芝加哥这边,我也至少每月要抽时间去大快朵颐一次60(jPTk%qT5VGbTK(2+。所以呢,为了跟别人分享这种热爱,我决定简单描述一下我最喜欢的几类中式点心,希望能为你前去点餐增加些底气,同时也希望能唤起你品尝的欲望![;V|ldtH*~~9KJJ*d|Q3k.pRysRNe88T,1xN-i@ /201507/383493赣州最好的祛疤整形医院

赣州垫下巴哪家便宜赣州专业去除妊娠纹 DUBLIN — The morning after Ireland learned it had become the first nation to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote, Diarmuid Martin, the archbishop of Dublin, looked out at the future of the Roman Catholic Church.都柏林——爱尔兰成为世界上首个通过全民投票将同性婚姻合法化的国家,次日清晨,都柏林总主教迪亚姆德·马丁 (Diarmuid Martin)思索着罗马天主教的未来在何方。It could be found at St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral here, in downtown Dublin, as two rows of children awaited confirmation before him in the lofty, column-lined church.这个未来也许就在都柏林市中心的圣玛利亚临时主教座堂(St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral)里。孩子们正分列两排,在高大威严、立柱高耸的教堂里等待领受总主教的坚振圣事。“Boys and girls, I made my confirmation 60 years ago,” he told them, adding, “Your world is different from mine.”“男孩们、女孩们,我是六十年前领受坚振的,”总主教告诉他们,接着又说,“你们的世界和我的不同。”Not far away, the streets were quiet after a long night of celebrating. Revelers filled the bars, beeped horns, waved rainbow flags and drank Guinness after the result was announced on Saturday. The size of the victory energized supporters, with the referendum affirmed by 62 percent of the electorate and passed in all but one of Ireland’s 43 districts.不远处,整夜欢庆后的街道十分安静。周六投票结果公布后,欢庆的人挤满了酒吧,把喇叭按得哔哔作响,挥舞着虹旗,畅饮吉尼斯黑啤。这次的大胜让人兴奋不已,62%的选民投了赞成票,爱尔兰的43个区除一个区外都同意同性恋婚姻合法化。After the votes were counted, the carefully planned and executed campaign by activist groups seemed as much about putting behind a past entrenched in theocracy and tradition as it was about marriage for gays and lesbians. And it underscored how different Ireland is today for the young, who turned out in droves to vote. In a little more than a generation, Ireland has both distanced itself from the church and sharpened its secular identity.计票结束后再来看待这场由活动人士精心计划并实施的运动,它的目标除了争取同性婚姻,似乎还要将一个与神权和传统密不可分的过去抛诸脑后。对于成群前去投票的年轻人来说,结果也凸显了如今的爱尔兰有多么不同。不过一个世代多一点的时间,爱尔兰不仅与教会疏远了,还强化了自己的世俗身份。At St. Mary’s, the results of the referendum, as one might expect, did not come up — the archbishop instead quipped about his first experience with a cellphone. But afterward, speaking at a house next to the church, he conceded that much had changed.如人所料,投票结果并未在圣玛丽教堂被提及——总主教反倒是打趣谈起自己第一次用手机的情形。但事后在教堂附近的一栋房子里发言时,他承认许多事情已经改变了。“The church needs to take a reality check,” Archbishop Martin said after the Mass, repeating a comment he had made Saturday. “It’s very clear there’s a growing gap between Irish young people and the church, and there’s a growing gap between the culture of Ireland that’s developing and the church.”“教会需要认清现实,”马丁总主教在弥撒后重申了他在周六做出的。“很明显,爱尔兰年轻人和教会的隔阂越来越大,处在发展中的爱尔兰文化和教会之间的隔阂也越来越大。”The country’s cultural evolution reflects a blend of disaffection with the church, and Ireland’s willingness to embrace a wider vision of itself in the world. As the church lost many people in its scandals and its unwillingness to yield to sexual freedoms, the European Union found itself with a willing and eager member.爱尔兰文化的演变既体现了人们对教会的不满,也表达了爱尔兰人希望能与世界更紧密联系的意愿。由于丑闻和对于性开放的不妥协态度,教会失去了很多持者,而欧盟因此获得了一个主动且热切的成员国。The shift didn’t happen overnight. After Ireland broke from Britain in 1922, it was a virtual colony to the Vatican, a theocracy in all but name.但改变并不是一夜间发生的。爱尔兰在1922年脱离英国后几乎就是梵蒂冈(Vatican)的殖民地,本质上施行神权统治。John Charles McQuaid, the longtime archbishop of Dublin, played a central role in drafting Ireland’s Constitution before he became archbishop, hewing to conservative church doctrine and closely involving himself in details as small as the placement of commas in the document. That kind of unchecked dominance by the church continued for decades.在成为总主教前,曾在位多年的都柏林总主教约翰·查尔斯·麦夸伊德(John Charles McQuaid)在《爱尔兰宪法》的起草过程中扮演了关键角色,在其中贯彻了保守教义,连哪里加逗号之类的细节都亲自过问。这种无以制衡的教会统治持续了数十年。In 1979, more than one million people turned out for Pope John Paul II’s visit to Dublin, a staggering crowd in a country with a population of about 3.4 million at the time. In 1983, by a two-thirds majority, Ireland hewed to church teachings and passed a referendum outlawing abortion except in cases where a mother’s life was at risk, after a divisive campaign.1979年,教皇约翰·保罗二世(John Paul II)访问都柏林,一百多万人前往瞻仰。对于一个当时只有约340万人口的国家来说,这个数量是惊人的。1983年,经过一场导致分歧的游说运动后,爱尔兰依循教义,以三分二多数投票通过立法禁止堕胎,只有产妇有生命危险时才能例外。But signs of resistance had aly been showing. In 1971, women’s rights activists organized a “condom train,” going over the border to Belfast and bringing back condoms to a country that outlawed contraception.但抵抗的迹象已经显现。1971年妇女权利倡导者们组织了一辆“避套列车”,穿越边境去贝尔法斯特,让避套回到这个视节育为非法的国家。Tony Flannery, a priest who was suspended in 2012 because of his criticism of the church’s views on women and homosexuality, said contraception was a seminal issue for a generation that became the parents of today’s youngest voters.2012年,神父托尼·弗兰纳里(Tony Flannery)因批评教会关于女性和同性恋的观点而被停职,他认为避对于一代人来说是一个重大的问题,而今天投票的年轻人则是那一代人的子女。And it “was the first time that Irish Catholics first questioned church teaching,” Mr. Flannery said. “That opened the door, and after that they increasingly began to question a whole raft of Catholic sexual teaching, and then the child sexual abuse scandal came along which destroyed church credibility in the whole area of sexuality.”“这是爱尔兰天主教徒第一次质疑教会的教义”,弗兰纳里说道。“这开启了一扇门,至此以后教徒们越来越多地开始天主教在性方面的教义产生全面质疑,之后又发生了儿童性侵丑闻,彻底摧毁了教会在这方面的威信。Even the reputation of Archbishop McQuaid, who died in 1973 after more than three decades at the helm of the Dublin archdiocese, crumbled in the tide of child sex scandals. In 2009, his role in covering up abuse was excoriated in a report commissioned by the Irish government and the headline of a commentary in The Irish Times likened him to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. By 2011, abuse allegations surfaced involving him.甚至连麦夸伊德总主教的声誉都在那一系列丑闻中崩塌了。在执掌都柏林总教区三十多年后,麦夸伊德于1973年逝世。2009年,爱尔兰政府发布了一份报告,严厉谴责麦夸伊德掩盖性丑闻的行为,而《爱尔兰时报》(The Irish Times)的一篇文章在标题中把他比作阿亚图拉鲁霍拉·霍梅尼(Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini)。到了2011年,涉及麦夸伊德本人的性侵丑闻也浮出水面。“The people have changed their relationship with the Catholic Church because they’ve been disappointed and let down,” said Christina Breen, 54, who visited Dublin Castle on Saturday to see the results of the vote, a show of support because one of her sons is gay.“人民已经改变了他们同天主教会的关系,因为他们深感失望,”54岁的克里斯蒂娜·布林(Christina Breen)说到。周六,克里斯蒂娜来到都柏林城堡查看公投的结果,这是一种持的表示,因为她的其中一个儿子是同性恋者。Or, as Mr. Flannery put it, “The day when the church had the power to influence social debate in Ireland, or to swing it, is gone.”或者如弗兰纳里所说,“教会有能力影响或者动摇爱尔兰社会辩论的日子已经过去。”The legal system began to chip away at the laws restricting homosexuals. In 1988, a lawyer named Mary Robinson successfully argued a case in the European court system challenging Ireland’s law that made homosexuality a crime. Five years later, after Ms. Robinson became Ireland’s first female president in 1990, she signed a law decriminalizing homosexuality.法律制度开始瓦解那些制约同性恋的法律。1988年,一位名为玛丽·罗宾逊(Mary Robinson)的律师在欧洲法庭制度下做出了成功抗辩,向将同性恋定为犯罪行为的爱尔兰法律发起了挑战。五年后,也就是罗宾逊成为爱尔兰第一任女性总统五年后,她签署了一部将同性恋非罪化的法律。At the same time that the church’s moral authority was flagging, the Irish were finding a new identity within the European Union. They share the euro, and are more willing to take advantage of low-cost airfares for weekend jaunts to the Continent and beyond, broadening an outlook that for their parents and grandparents had been molded by the church and Britain.在教会道德权威衰落的同时,爱尔兰人在欧盟中找到了新的身份。他们和其他国家一起使用欧元,更愿意利用廉价机票到欧洲大陆以及更远的地方进行周末远足,开拓眼界,不像他们的父母、祖父母辈那样深受教会和英国的影响。Even as it widely celebrates the change that the same-sex marriage vote indicated, Ireland is not entirely beyond the kind of cultural battles that have led to far more contentious political campaigns in the past. Many believe there will be a much more fierce cultural debate over legalizing abortion.正当大批民众欢庆同性婚姻公投意味着的变革之际,爱尔兰仍存在着文化斗争,这类斗争在过去引发了许多具有争议的政治活动。很多人相信,未来有关堕胎合法化的文化辩论将会更多、更激烈。With the vote for the same-sex referendum going nearly two to one in favor, Archbishop Martin said Sunday that the church needed what he called “a new language that will be understood and heard by people.” Many young people, he added, “go in today and find a church that is for the like-minded,” as opposed to being inclusive.同性婚姻公投中赞成与反对的比例接近2:1,对此马丁总主教在周日表示,教会需要“一种能够被人们理解和听到的新语言”。他说很多年轻人“走进来,却发现这个教会只接纳志同道合者”,不具备包容性。But he did not offer a solution for attracting young people back to the church, and reiterated his opposition to same-sex marriage.但是他并没有给出如何吸引年轻人重返教会的方法,只是重申了自己对同性婚姻的反对。“For many, and I’ve said this before, inside the church becomes almost alien territory to them in today’s society,” he said. “If the leadership of the Irish Catholic church don’t recognize that, then they’re in severe denial. Have I got a magic formula? Certainly not.”“我之前也说过,在很多人看来,教堂成了一个与当下社会隔绝的地带,”他说道。“如果爱尔兰天主教会的领导人无法意识到这一点,那么他们会被大众背弃。我有什么妙方么?当然没有。” /201505/377479赣州市南康区第一人民医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱

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