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It#39;s not unusual for Dota 2 fanatics like myself to perceive the game#39;s logo in innocuous everyday objects, but when it comes to the new Apple News logo, I think even laypeople will have to agree that it bears a striking resemblance.对于像我这样的Dota 2发烧友来说,在日常生活中看到这款游戏的图标可说非比寻常。不过在见到了苹果新闻的新图标之后,我想即使是外行人都会觉得二者确实惊人的相似。Both marks feature a square bisected by a diagonal line descending from left to right. Both have a pair of rough triangles filling the open corners. Both are red!这两个图标的外观都为正方形,中间是一条由左至右的对角线,两侧空白部分各有一个三角形图案。还有,它们都是红色的!Now, I#39;m not about to suggest that Apple copied Valve#39;s global sensation of a game. As I say, those of us who play Dota are stupidly passionate about it and we#39;d notice an infraction of this kind pretty much instantly. Much more likely is that Apple simply didn#39;t know.我的意思不是苹果抄袭了维尔福软件公司出品的游戏的图标。正如我所说的,像我们这样无法自拔的Dota玩家,对如此违和的图案是及其敏感的。苹果公司对此可能毫不知情。I guess 12 million active players each month, millions of Twitch viewers, and tournament prizes that overshadow pro sports aren#39;t quite enough for Dota to register on Apple#39;s radar. Seriously, Apple works on a scale of billions, not millions, and it#39;s not like the company has ever shown itself particularly interested in PC gaming.我认为,即便Dota 2每个月有1200万活跃玩家,Twitch上的观众达到数百万之多,比赛奖金令传统体育相形见绌,那恐怕也难入苹果的法眼。说真的,苹果公司的生意动辄便是数十亿,而不是数百万,并且苹果也从未对电脑游戏表现出特别的兴趣。The inspiration for the two logos is rather divergent. Apple#39;s News app is going for a stylized ;N; whereas the Dota 2 mark is a representation of the one and only map on which the game is played: the diagonal represents the river splitting the Dire and Radiant sections and the corner elements are the bases that each team has to defend (the ;Ancients; in the original Defense of the Ancients game title).两个图标的设计灵感可谓截然不同。苹果新闻的图标代表大写字母“N”,而Dota 2的图标代表游戏地图:中间的对角线其实是天灾军团和近卫军团的分界河,角落里的图案则代表双方各自的基地(Dota1中的字母A代表上古遗迹)。 /201606/451031

Studies show that imagining your own demise can even change your biases and politics. (Read more: “Why contemplating death changes how you think”).研究表明想象自己的死亡有助于改变偏见和政治。There’s a concept in psychology called Terror Management Theorythat suggests that when humans are subconsciously presented with the concept of their own deaths, they become less tolerant and more aggressive. One of the classic studies in this theory involves judges presented with a court case in which they have to set a bond for the defendant. Judges who were not subconsciously reminded of their own death before the fake trial set an average bond of . Those who were reminded of their mortality set an average bond of 5.心理学上有一种理论叫做恐怖管理理论,这个理论认为当人们意识到自己面临死亡时,他们的行为会变得不宽容,更具攻击性。这一理论中的一个典型案例研究涉及一名法官当面临在一场官司中为被告设置保释金的限额的情况。在虚拟庭审中,当法官并没有被告知死亡相关信息时他们普遍设置额度为50美元的保释金,当被告知死亡相关信息时法官判定的保释金额平均在455美元。All of this raises an intriguing possibility: if in the future, medicine allows us to know the date of our death with greater clarity (see sidebar: “The day you will die”), then it could change us in more ways than we realise. 所有这一切都提出了一个有趣的可能性:如果在未来,人类可以通过医学的进步了解到准确的死亡日期,那么这个信息会在更多的我们意识不到的方面影响着我们的生活。Still, it’s one thing to think about death in the abstract, distant sense, and another to be faced with the possibility of your own happening suddenly today. Hagberg Fisher likens it to when a close friend or family member dies. You might know they are going to die soon, you might try to prepare for it, but when the news hits, there’s a kind of grief that you can’t really get y for. You can’t understand what it’s like until it happens. 然而,将死亡看作是遥远的抽象的事情与真切面临今天就会死亡的可能性是完全不同的。哈格伯格#8226;费舍尔把这种事情类比于一个亲密的朋友或家庭成员的死亡。你可能会知道他们会很快死去,你也许会努力准备,但你永远无法准备好的是当事件发生时所带来的真正的悲伤。有些事情你无法真正理解,直到它发生。For Hagberg Fisher, the possibility of death hung over her for nearly a decade. No-one could tell her what the prognosis was or what was making her sick. Often they wouldn’t even say the words “cancer” or “tumour.” When she was re-diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White, the risk of sudden death consumed her. She found herself frozen in yoga poses, afraid to move, lest she bring upon her own death.对于哈格伯格#8226;费舍尔来说,死亡的可能性已经在她身边挥之不去将近十年了。很多时候没有人能告诉她确切的是“癌症”或者“肿瘤”。而当她再次被诊断出患有沃尔夫-帕金森-怀特氏症候群时,有可能面临猝死的恐惧席卷了她,在做瑜伽时她几乎不敢扭动身体,恐惧使她无法行动,唯恐会由此导致死亡。There are plenty of famous es about living like it’s your last day. Steve Jobs once said: “I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ;If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?; And whenever the answer has been ;No; for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” These es might seem cheesy, but Hagberg Fisher says that living in death’s shadow for so long truly has changed her outlook on life. She is adamant about living in the moment. She rarely makes plans beyond a few weeks out.很多著名的至理名言指导人们珍惜当下。史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯曾经说过:“我每天早上都在问镜子里的自己:”如果今天是我生命中的最后一天,我想做我今天要做的事吗?”当是“不”,一连几天都是这样,那么我知道我需要做出改变了。”这些名言听起来似乎很俗气,但哈格伯格#8226;费舍尔说,长期在死亡的阴影下生活的确改变了她的人生观。她坚持活在当下,很少做出几个星期以外的计划。And when she’s laughing, she says she makes sure to take a note of it. “Every time I find myself hysterically laughing I call attention to it, I am experiencing laughter and joy and this is beautiful and I am going to soak it up because I know so well its opposite. The lows and lower and the highs are higher, and the highs are really beautiful.”当她每次大笑的时候她说自己一定会记下这个时刻。“每一次我发现自己歇斯底里的大笑时,我一定会特别的注意到这个现象,我症状经历欢笑和快乐这些美丽的瞬间,我要充分的享受这样的时刻,因为我深知不能够欢笑的痛苦。碰见低点的时候,就会更悲伤,但是碰见高兴的时候,就要更高兴,因为这些高兴的时候才是真正美丽的瞬间。” /201606/451544

New shoots and first blooms are nature#39;s signal that spring has arrived - even if warmer weather hasn#39;t made an appearance.  新生的嫩芽和初绽的花朵是大自然的信号,预示着春天已经到来——即使更温暖的天气还没有出现。  As these vibrant photographs show, cherry blossom trees are set to create glorious floral displays around the world.  从这些充满生机的照片中,我们可以看出全世界的樱花树都会营造出美伦美奂的花景。  These stunning images, taken in Japan and in South Korea, show their picturesque landscapes being transformed into a sea of pink as cherry trees bloom.  这些惊艳的美图摄于日本和韩国,盛开的樱花把这两个风景如画的国家变成了粉红的花海。  Japan has celebrations for cherry blossoms every year from about the end of March to the beginning of April.  日本每年三月底到四月初都会庆祝樱花盛开。  Yoshiki Fujiwara, a photographer based in Japan, has travelled to different parts of the country, including Kyoto, Kansai and Honshu, to capture the cherry blossom in 2015.  藤原喜章(Yoshiki Fujiwara)是一位日本摄影师,他曾在2015年到京都、关西和本州等不同地区拍摄樱花。  Some of his images showed the surreal landscape covered in pink while in others, the bright flowers arenestled amongst forest green trees.  他的作品有的展示了大地一片粉红的超现实美景,有的则是鲜艳的花朵静栖于绿色的树林之中。 /201604/435510

Research has shown that a mother#39;s lifestyle and age affects her offspring, but now science is concluding what common sense has held true— the father can also contribute to the health status of children.研究已经表明,母亲的生活方式和年龄会影响其后代。但是现在,科学实了另一个常识的正确性--父亲也会影响孩子的健康状况。;We know the nutritional, hormonal and psychological environment provided by the mother permanently alters organ structure, cellular response and gene expression in her offspring,; senior study investigator Joanna Kitlinska, an associate professor in biochemistry, and molecular and cellular biology at Georgetown University Medical Center, said in a news release.美国乔治城大学医学中心生物化学与分子细胞生物学副教授、资深研究员Joanna Kitlinska在一场新闻发布会上说道:;我们知道,母亲怀期间的营养、激素和心情会改变孩子的器官结构、细胞反应和基因表达,;;But our study shows the same thing to be true with fathers — his lifestyle, and how old he is, can be reflected in molecules that control gene function,; Kitlinska said. ;In this way, a father can affect not only his immediate offspring, but future generations as well.;;但是我们的研究表明,父亲也会对孩子产生相同的影响--父亲的生活方式和年龄会影响控制基因功能的分子,;Kitlinska说。;这样的话,父亲不仅会影响他的下一代,也会对未来的子孙后代有所影响。;The study, published in the American Journal of Stem Cells, is a review of human and animal evidence published to date on the link between fathers and heritable epigenetic programming.《美国干细胞杂志》目前发布的研究,回顾了人类和动物中父亲与表观遗传之间的联系。For example, a newborn can be diagnosed with fatal alcohol syndrome (FASD) even if the mother never consumed alcohol. A ;Up to 75 percent of children with FASD have biological fathers who are alcoholics, suggesting that preconceptual paternal alcohol consumption negatively impacts their offspring,; Kitlinska said in the news release.比如说,即使母亲从来不喝酒,新生儿也可能会患有胎儿酒精综合症。Kitlinska在新闻发布会上说:;在患有胎儿酒精综合症的孩子中,父亲饮酒的比例高达75%。这表明在受之前,父亲饮酒会对后代产生负面影响。;Researchers also found that advanced paternal age is correlated with elevated risks of schizophrenia, autism and birth defects in his children. Fathers who had a limited diet in pre-adolescence were linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular death in his children and grandchildren.此外,研究人员还发现,高龄父亲会增加孩子患有精神分裂症、自闭症和先天畸形的风险。如果父亲在青春期之前限制饮食,那么子孙后代心血管死亡的风险就会大大降低。;This new field of inherited paternal epigenetics needs to be organized into clinically applicable recommendations and lifestyle alternations,; Kitlinska said in the news release. ;And to really understand the epigenetic influences of a child, we need to study the interplay between maternal and paternal effects, as opposed to considering each in isolation.;;我们建议将父亲影响表观遗传的新发现应用于临床,而父亲也应该相应地改变他们的生活方式; Kitlinska在新闻发布会上说。;为了能真正理解表观遗传对孩子的影响,我们需要了解母亲和父亲对孩子的相互作用,而不能将父母双方对孩子的影响分开考虑。; /201605/446552

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